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Similarities Found In te A!!LACHIANS "OUNTAINS

Harold Bartle#
Te s$ort o% &i' 'ame untin' as &e(ome in(reasin'l# $o$ular in te
A$$la(ain "ountains due to a re(ent e)$losion in te &la(* &ear and +ild o'
num&ers %ound in te re'ion, Hunters are &e(omin' more a+are o% similarities in
te(ni-ue. 'ear. and o/erall e)(itement %ound in untin' tese %earless (reatures,
Te untin' te(ni-ue or metod used is $redominantl# te same %or &ot
animals, !re0untin' is essential &e(ause o% te immense amount o% tra/elin' a
&la(* &ear and +ild o' do durin' an# 'i/en da#. &ut tan*%ull# &ot animals
%eedin' and &reedin' a&its usuall# *ee$ tem in small ran'e o% ea( oter, I%
&la(* &ear and a +ild o's (om$ete o/er te same a(orn $at( it is usuall# +i(
e/er animal as te most $als +it im and 'ets teir %irst, Te &la(* &ear and
+ild o' a/e no %ear o% an# animal %ound in te A$$la(ain "ountains, Te
&la(* &ear and o' are &ot 'luttons and +ill eat tin's tat (ause &u11ards to
sield teir e#es %rom su( atro(ities, Bot &ear and o' lo(ate $la(es o% sa%e
a/en %or #earl# dens, A(tuall# +ild o's use mud +allo+s and stream&eds as
dens. &la(* &ears use ro(* (li%%s and (a/es lo(ated o%ten in $lain si't o% e)istin'
o' dens, Bla(* &ears and +ild o's &ot $re%er i'er ele/ations in te summer
monts and lo+land in te +inter monts, Ho+e/er &ot animals are i'l#
elusi/e and $re%er te more remote &a(*(ountr# to (all ome, Wen a unter
ste$s in eiter &ear s(at or o' %e(es and it sti(*s to is &oot it is time to &uild
is stand, It is a 'ood idea to (e(* %or (u& s(at and &a&# $i' sit tat mi't &e
(lose &#, Be /er# (autious +ile untin' in a 'round &lind %or eiter animal, A
(om$letel# insane e)0+i%e drin*in' !e$e Lo$e1 does not %ri'ten a unter te
+a# a so+ o' or &ear (an es$e(iall# i% #ou a/e 2ust sot one o% er &a&ies ears
Wen sele(tin' untin' 'ear %or te &la(* &ear #ou (an use te e)a(t same %or
+ild o' untin', Te untin' seasons are usuall# on te same dates. and %ound
in our (oldest monts, Gear %or (old +eater is a must. #ou sould do #our
+al*in' and stal*in' in te li'test (lotin' #ou (an +ear de$endin' on
tem$erature, Al+a#s (arr# e)tra in a da# $a(*. &e(ause to &e e%%e(ti/e in #our
unt %or &ear or o's #ou need to +al* in &e%ore da#li't and do not lea/e till
a%ter dar*, Food su( as sardines and $eanut&utter sand+i(es are $ersonal
%a/orites &e(ause &ot are 'ourmet smells %or &la(* &ears and o's, Ri%les o%
456,(ali&er or lar'er are re(ommended and &o+s +it 677%$s, Remem&er as +it
an# &i' 'ame unt tis side o% te /ideo ar(ade #our +ea$on and ammo is #our
most im$ortant 'ear,
No+ +e a/e (ome to te $re0unt $#si(al ne(essar# %or eart atta(*
$re/ention, Te si't o% eiter animal at a (lose enou' $ro)imit# to determine
se) (ould &e te last /ision o% te unt #ou e/er a/e, E)$e(t to a/e minor
(on/ulsions. trem&lin' +ill &e'in to sa*e #ou so &ad it ma# &e ne(essar# to
old #ou 'un +it #our &utt (ee*s8 2ust do not dro$ &arrel %irst (lo''ed &arrels
ma*e lous# %irst sots,
Well it seems to me tat te unt is %inall# ere, 9our %irst &la(* &ear and +ild
o' unt in te A$$ala(ian "ountains as arri/ed, 9ou a/e 'ot untin' 'ear
suited %or eiter animal. +ee*s o% $re0unt s(outin' (om$lete8 a/e am$le
medi(ation to *ee$ #our eart rate at least &elo+ r$m rates in te NASCAR $it,
9ou set a+aitin' da#li't ten a t+i' sna$s in te tree &eside #ou. and all ell
&rea*s loose, Instantl# #ou see te &ears #ello+ &arred teet3 A%ter te initial
&o+el mo/ement #ou slide s(reamin' do+n te tree #ou are in onl# to land on a
&a&# $i' loo*in' %or momma $i', Do not +orr#. someone +ill %ind #ou rater
-ui(*l# and i% it is a unter +o as unted &ot &la(* &ear and +ild o's in te
A$$la(ian "ountains is untin' te(ni-ue. 'ear. e)(itement le/el and smell
+ill $ro/e untin' &ear and o's are trul# similar,