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MiniCM7 and nAa-kernel installation

Installation Steps
0) Move the to the root folder of your sdcard and rename it to
Optionally, get gapps from here http!!cm".##aaf$.com!gapps!gapps-g%-#0&&0'&$ and
move it to your sdcard
&) (nloc) your %ootloader, if you haven*t already, using the stuff in unloc)! folder.
Chec) http!!!sho"thread.php+t,&#-.##- for a nice tutorial
#) /lash the n0a )ernel using /lashtool. 1o to this
- 1urn off your phone
- 2tart the /lashtool34&0/lash1ool.exe and select /lash. 1hen select the 5&06n0axxx )ernel
firm"are 7this flashes %oth the )ernel.sin and the loader.sin)
- 8eep the %ac) %utton pressed "hile connecting the us% ca%le. /lashtool should detect your phone
and flash the )ernel.
- Once done, disconnect the us% ca%le and po"er on the phone.
$) Once the logo appears, press the %ac) %utton repeatedly to enter C9M recovery
- 2elect *%ac)up and restore -: ;ac)up*
- 2elect *"ipe data!factory reset*
- 2elect *apply update from sdcard*
- /lash gapps
<isit pro=ect*s page at
no%ody0tall 01 xda-developers
>a?)6dOg 01 xda-developers
DDD MiniCM7-#.&..
E 2ensors are no" %uilt from source 7no compat mode). Ao sensor delays
E Many CM fixes related to sta%ility, %ugs and ne" features
E >isa%led automatic light sensor screen dimming
E 0utomatic %rightness no" "or)s 7select tic)%ox from display settings and also allo" light decrease from CM >isplay 2ettings)
DDD MiniCM7-#.&.$
E ;ased on CM-7.& release 70ndroid #.$.7)
E )ernel #.'.#F.'-n0a-0-
E (2; tethering
E Ae" us% drivers
E 2ome extra ?0M
E 2"itched to fa)e dual touch from andre=.-' 7seems to %e the %est choice for the mini)
E 0ntG support
DDD MiniCM7-#.&.#
E )ernel #.'.#F.'-n0a-0.
E Compcache support 7configura%le via CM 2ettings menu)
E 0udio recording Huality improvement
E ?ing loc)screen
E Cherry-pic)s Bree) dictionary, MI(I-li)e ;attery ;ar, Jreference to disa%le %ootanimation for faster %oot
E (pdated Jolish translations
E /ixed carrier detection and selection
DDD MiniCM7-#.&.&
E ?everted Custom carrier la%el since it %ro)e loc)screen unloc)ing
DDD MiniCM7-#.&.0
E )ernel #.'.#F-n0a-0#
E (pdated "ifi!0J modules
E /ixed *notification %ar difficult to pull up* issue
E /a)e >1 updated to doixahn*s 007 7in )ernel)
E Ma=or device re-organizing and clean up. 0llign "ith CM!ro%yn
E Custom carrier la%el in CM 2ettings -: Interface -: 2tatus %ar t"ea)s
E Clamp the duration of rotary animations
E ?eposition rotary loc)screen for *drag do"n to unloc)* to "or) easier
E Camera support for googles and other apps 74K)
E Coop ringtone option via 2ettings-: CM 2ettings -: 2ound
E /ixed C9M recovery detection in 0%out -: Jhone
DDD MiniCM7-#.0.7
E CM 2etting 7input settings) for %ac) %utton to end current call
E 0dded 2martass governor 7than)s to 0n>y4), not ena%led %y default
E 9pa6supplicant ! 9ifi from sources
E ?otary doesn*t cover caller*s name any more
E C5> flash via notification %ar
E Offline charging for 4K
DDD MiniCM7-#.0.'
E netcfg, li%%luedroid from sources
E Improved %luetooth ! /M ?adio functionality
E li%lights from sources
E ?eplaced Cauncher# "ith 0>9Cauncher
E /ixed !data getting filled up "ith failed do"nload files
E M>JI and several other fixes for 4K
DDD MiniCM7-#.0.-
E /ixed ddms screen capture
E /ull camera capa%ilities 7photos ! video ! 0/ ! /lash) using eclair li%camera
E /ixed chargemon script for multi%oot
E 2moother #> scrolling
DDD MiniCM7-#.0..
E 0ndroid version #.$.- 7B?LF0)
E ?emoved Cauncher pro 7you can do"nload latest rev. from mar)et)
E Optimize ap)s and strip do"n size
E (pdated Cive9allpapers
E (pdated C9M recovery to $.#.0.0-r- x&0mini 7multi%oot G encryption)
DDD MiniCM7-#.0.$
E Cyanogenmod 7.&.0-?C&
E 1heme updates for various parts
E ?adio app improvements
E /ixed (s% de%ugging notification icon
E %ac)uptool on installation that %ac)s up and restores google propriatery system files
7no need to reflash gapps if it "as already installed)
DDD MiniCM7-#.0.#
E Cloc)"or)Mod recovery v.$.#.0.0-r$ for x&0mini
E ;uild num%er B?L## 7almost CM7.&) - several changes from Cyanogen
E Many theme updates for MiniCM7 theme, ne" Orange@aze theme
E 2>card Cache size changed to &#K8 to avoid music players hiccups
DDD MiniCM7-#.0.&
E MiniCM (pdate notifications via c#dm 7CM 2ettings -: 2ystem -: (pdate notifications)
E Camcoder high Huality mode 7<B0 '.0x.K0)
E Many 1heme updates in numerous system places and applications
E Cyanogenmod no" has an option in CM 2ettings -: Coc) screen -: 2tyle options -: Incoming call style
E (ndervolting and Overcloc)ing handled CM 2ettings menu 7%y default none is active)
E Aotification led
E /ixed audio routing in /M ?adio app
E 0JA settings listing
E gralloc reverted to stoc) 7%etter performance)
E 2ensors fixed, "or)ing in compat mode
E Compass fixed
E /ixed Magic smo)e "allpaper
E Jermission Management for apps %y Cyanogenmod
E Cauncher Jro 0.K.'
DDD MiniCM7-#.0.0
E Cyanogen7.0.$ - 0ndroid #.$.. code %aseline
E ;uilt for C>JI
E MiniCM7 theme
E B2M!2M2!>ata7$B, 5>B5)
E 9ifi
E /M ?adio
E /ixed re%oots %ug
E 2toc) audio ?ecording
E /lash led 71orch app)
E 0>; at %oot
E 2ensors 7except proximity and light)
E OpenBC!$>
E 0udio Lac)
E <ideo decoder
E <ideo play%ac) support for $rd party apps
E <i%ration
E ;luetooth
E 0pp#sd 7storing to extE. >etect ext$!. partitions and mount as such)
E Aative 0pp#sd
E x?ecovery preinstalled
E (s% mass storage
E 0udio Mixer
E Camera 7<B0)
E 2toc) 25 )ey%oard
E Offline charging
E ?e%oot menu - %oot into x?ecovery
E tun module 7vpnc)
E /a)e >1 support 71han)s to doixanh, andre=.-')
E Overcloc)ing 71han)s to doixanh)
E Mddi lag fix 71han)s to doixanh)
E CM 2ettings performance menu for setting the 2dcard read cache size 7speed improvements for sdcard)
E CM 2ettings performance menu for CJ( Overcloc)ing
E CM 2ettings display menu for (ltra %rightness