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The ANC lives, the ANC leads!

We extend a special welcome to the thousands who are joining us via video link from
stadiums in the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape, Western Cape and wa!ulu"Natal#
We have gathered here toda$, after an exciting and vi%rant election campaign, to declare
to the countr$ and the world at large, that the ANC is read$ to move &outh Africa
ANC leaders and volunteers have visited ever$ corner of the countr$ in the past few
weeks, hum%l$ engaging our people#
The people have told us that &outh Africa is a much %etter place to live in now than it
was %efore '((),thanks to the programmes and policies of the ANC#
At the same time, the$ identified areas of concern and told us where we need to
improve, as we deliver a %etter life for all#
We are concluding our campaign on a high note# Thereis lot to %e proud of a%out our
%eautiful countr$ as we mark *+ $ears of freedom#
We have worked together to %uild a new societ$ %ased on the foundations of human
rights, e,ualit$, justice, unit$ and reconciliation#
We have worked together to %uild a &outh Africa that trul$ %elongs to all who live in it,
regardless of colour, race, class or creed#
We are one nation, %orn out of the ashes of racial oppression#We are %uilding a common
We sing one national anthem, fl$ one national flag and em%race our cultural diversit$#
The ANC is hum%led to have led such a uni,ue nation since the dawn of freedom#
While we have done well over *+ $ears ago, the past five $ears have also pushed
development and transformation forward#
We had committed ourselves in *++(, to five priorities#
These are education, health, rural development and land reform, the fight against crime
and creating decent work# We will continue focusing on these five again in the next five
$ears, with an added emphasis on improving human settlements to ensure a %etter
,ualit$ of life#
We have made progress in the five areas since *++(#
We declared education an apex priorit$ in *++(, and we have put mone$ and action to
that commitment#
-overnment spends '#. %illion rand on Earl$ Childhood /evelopment centres,
su%sidi0ing toddlers from poor households# We are also growing our -rade 1 class, the
five and six $ear olds# -rade 1 learners have increased from sixhundred thousand in
*++( to over eight hundred thousand in *+') following a successful promotion#
-iven the success, the ANC will make -rade 1 compulsor$in the next term of
government# This means that all children will start school a $ear earlier, and will have a
good foundation for $ears ahead#
2hulumeni kahongolose ufuna i0ingane 0ifunde 0onke#30ingane e0ingu 4 million
e0iphuma emakha$a ampofu,0ifunda mahhala e0ikoleni#
Ngaphe0u kwalokho, i0ingane e0ingu ( million 0ithola ukudlae0ikoleni mahhala, uku0e
0ifunde kahle, 0inga%ulawa indlala#
5i$o njalo imise%en0i kahulumeni kahongolose, um%uthowa%antu# &ithuthukisa
iNingi0imu Afrika, si$i,hu%elapham%ili!
This successful National &chool Nutrition 6rogramme also promotes local economic
7ore than .+++ small %usinesses and 8'' local womens9cooperatives delivered food to
schools %$ &eptem%er last $ear#
7ore than 88 +++ volunteers cook the food at schools# Their monthl$ stipend has
increased from 1'8+ in *++) to 14*+ in the current financial $ear#
The ANC government invests in education while also empowering local communities,
economicall$ especiall$ women#
As part of povert$ alleviation, the ANC government also provides the child support grant
to support '' million children from poor homes#
We are doing all this to ensure that povert$ does not %ecome a hindrance to a child9s
2hulumeni we"ANC u$a%anakekela a%antu, u$a$ixoshaindlala#
At the secondar$ education level, s$stematic improvementshave led to an increase in
the matric pass rate from :'percent in *++( to ;4 percent in *+'.#
The ANC is now investing in improving performance in mathsand science and to
generall$ further improve the ,ualit$ of the passes#
<et me also share our impressive successes at the higher education level in the past five
=rom *++(, we have invested over ''8 %illion rand on >igher Education and Training# To
ena%le more students from disadvantaged homes to o%tain education, the %udget of
theNational &tudent =inance Aid &cheme has tripled, movingfrom .#' %illion rand in
*++( to just over (#: %illion rand in *+')#
-overnment provides %ursaries for students in critical fields as well#
Teacher graduates dou%led from :,+++ in *++( to '.,+++ in *+'*#
We also grant %ursaries to students in =ET colleges to increase the countr$9s technical
skills %ase# The num%er of ,ualif$ing artisans per annum increased from nine thousandin
*++( to over fifteen thousand in *+'*#
Another major achievement during this term of the ANC government is the esta%lishment
of three new universities and of '* new =urther Education and Training Colleges#
The 2niversities in the Northern Cape and 7pumalanga %egan initial operations this
We will %uild a science universit$ here in -auteng, incorporating 7edunsa#
The ANC will continue to expand access to education for all,especiall$ to the children of
the poor and the working class#
The ANC has also registered significant improvements inhealth care over the past five
Three hundred new health facilities have %een %uilt# We have %uilt ':+ new clinics and
ten new hospitals#
These new hospitals are in <ad$%rand, -ermiston,7amelodi, Natalspruit, eThekwini,
!ola in &oweto,?ojanala, @r$%urg /istrict, &wart 1uggens Ald >ospital,ha$elitsha and
7itchell9s 6lain#
3ndeed, the ANC, working with the people, has made &outh Africa a much %etter place to
live in#
Ane of the most dramatic achievements of the current administration has %een our
response to the >3@ and A3/&pandemic which has changed the lives of our people for
the %etter#
Through the successful >3@ Bprevention of mother to child transmission99 programme, the
num%er of %a%ies %orn >3@ positive was reduced %$ ::C %$ *+''#
A%antu se%ephila isikhathi eside ngenxa $emishangu0o$egciwane lesandulela ngcula0i#
As we expand treatment to at least )#: million people in the new term of government, we
will prioritise preventionprogrammes# The countr$ must achieve the 2nited Nations goals
of 0ero new infections#
3n the next term, we will implement the next phase of the National >ealth 3nsurance and
expand the free primar$ health care programme#
We will also improve the management of hospitals, and reduce the costs of private
health care#
We are happ$ that the econom$ regained the one million jo%s lost as a result of the *++4
glo%al economic crisis#
3mise%en0i $andile kulemin$aka edlulile# ?angu"'8 millionmanje a%antu a%a,ashiwe,
okuku,ala ng,a emlandweniwe0we lakithi#
5i0e kunjalo, %ase%aningi a%aswele imise%en0i#
5ingakho si0o,hu%eka si%am%isane ne0inkampani kan$ene0in$un$ana 0a%ase%en0i
ukuthuthukisa amathu%aemise%en0i#
<okhu si0okwen0a ngokwakha i0ing,ala0i0inda, siheheoso0im%oni %apheshe$a
na%akhona la ekha$a uku0e%atshale i0imali, kan$e nokuthuthukisa
&inohlelo futhi lokuthuthukisa amafemu ne0im%oni 0a%antua%amn$ama ngo%a sifuna
uku%ona ushintsho ekuphathwenikomnotho we0we#
&ifuna nokwandisa amathu%a emise%en0i emikhakheni$e0olimo, e0okuvakasha,
e0ima$ini ne0okwakha# 2masi%am%isene sonke, u0othuthuka lomnotho ande
To further advance development and economic growth, the ANC government has
invested more than one trillion rand in national infrastructure projects#
We have also %uilt dams, roads, pu%lic transport networks,and refur%ished ports# 7ore
importantl$, we are %uilding three %rand new power stations to improve electricit$ suppl$#
3n addition, just over one million new households were connected to electricit$, with
%enefits to more than four million &outh Africans over the past five $ears#
3n less than five $ears, we have installed half a million solar water heaters on rooftops of
&outh African homes#
This infrastructure programme of government is a large creator of new jo%s#
3n all, there are more than ';8 +++ jo%s in the main infrastructure projects coordinated
%$ the 6residential 3nfrastructure Coordinating Commission#
The two largest power station %uild programmes in the countr$ emplo$ more than ') +++
workers each, at 7edupiand usile, with more than half the workforces %eing $oung
&ome successes have %een made to produce infrastructure components locall$# These
include progress with the manufacture of %usses, train coaches and locomotives solar"
water heaters, condenser units for power stations and other e,uipment#
To further promote jo% creation in the new term, the ANC will direct government to %u$ at
least ;8C of its goods and services from &outh African producers#
-overnment will also support small enterprises and co"operatives including those run %$
the $outh#
&i$a0i ukuthi kuningi okusafanele sikwen0e, kodwa lokhuesesikwen0ile, ku$a%onakala,
seku0ishintshile i0impilo0a%antu#
<et me reiterate that economic transformation will %e a ke$ priorit$ area in the next
We will strengthen the enforcement of the provisions of the newl$ amended Emplo$ment
E,uit$ Act and the ?road"%ased ?lack Economic Empowerment Act#
&uccessful implementation will open more opportunities for African, 3ndian and Coloured
people as well as women, the $outh and persons with disa%ilit$, as we reverse the
apartheid legac$#
We reiterate that we will deliver six million work opportunities in the next five $ears# We
sa$ this %ased on experience and capacit$#
3n the past five $ears, since *++(, we have created .,( million work opportunities
through the pu%lic works programme# Aur target had %een ) million#
We will work with various communities to ensure the achievement of this goal#
Aver the last twent$ $ears the ANC -overnment has introduced laws to protect the
rights of workers, such as the<a%our 1elations Act and The ?asic Condition of
Emplo$ment Act to name a few#
These changes to our la%our regime have taken man$ vulnera%le workers out of povert$
and ensured that the promise of decent work is fulfilled#
Although we have made great strides over this period, there are still man$ workers who
are still emplo$ed as permanent temporar$ emplo$ees %$ la%our %rokers#
The$ get paid less than other workers doing the same jo%#
The$ have no access to social %enefits and are not unioni0ed#
When the new <a%our 1elations Amendment Act, passed %$ parliament, is enacted and
enforced in the new term of government, no worker in this countr$ will %e emplo$ed as a
permanent temporar$ worker#
The ANC government will also investigate the introduction of a national minimum wage
as one of the ke$ mechanisms to reduce income ine,ualit$#
The ANC will also take steps to ensure that collective %argaining takes place in all
sectors of the econom$ to ensure order and harmon$ in la%our relations and improve the
lot of workers#
We will expand the capacit$ of the /epartment of <a%our and related authorities in the
new term to ena%le it to enforce all the ANC9s progressive la%our policies#
Working together, we will move the land reform programmeforward#
6rogress has %een made#
Nearl$ 8,+++ farms, comprising )#* million hectares, have %een transferred to %lack
people, %enefiting over two hundred thousand families#
We underline our undertaking to accelerate the settlement of remaining land claims
su%mitted %efore the cut"off date of '((4#
<egislation to ena%le this process was passed %$ the outgoing parliament#
We will also codif$ the exceptions to the '('. cut"off date for the descendants of the
hoi and &an#
To fight hunger, we will expand the =ood for All programmewhile promoting agricultural
programmes such as =etsa Tlalaand 3limaDletsema#
30inga lo%uge%engu lehlile kakhulu kulemin$aka ngenxa$okuse%en0a kan0ima
kwamapho$isa e%am%isenenemiphakathi#
&i0okhuphula i0inga lokulwa no%uge%engu o%u%hekiswekwa%esimame ne0ingane,
ngoku%am%isana nomphakathi#
We will also intensif$ the fight against corruption in %oth the pu%lic and private sectors#
We reiterate that we will restrict pu%lic servants from doing %usiness with government,
and will hold pu%lic officials lia%le for losses incurred as a result of corrupt actions#
3n the private sector we will pursue action against companies involved in %id rigging,
price fixing and corruption in past and current infrastructure %uild programmes#
?e$ond our focus on the five priorit$ areas, we have also worked hard to improve human
Aver .#. million free houses have %een %uilt, %enefiting more than ': million people
since '(()#
Aver the past five $ears, around 48+ thousand free houses were %uilt#
Water has %een cited as a critical issue %$ our people during the campaign# The ageing
infrastructure in some of the municipalities causes water stoppages which frustrate
-overnment will prioritise the moderni0ation of this infrastructure in the next term#
To expand water suppl$, we have opened large dams such as &pring -rove in wa!ulu"
Natal and /e >oop in <impopo# Wehave also launched the construction of 70imvu%u
/am in the Eastern Cape# Work will continue to expand such infrastructure#
?akwethu, mangigci0elele ukuthi aman0i, ugesi kan$enoku,edwa kohlelo
lwama%hakede endle, $i0intoesi0o%hekana na0o ng,o, emva kokhetho, uku0e
i0impilo0a%antu 0i%engcono#
We extend our gratitude to Africa and the world for thesupport and partnerships during
the past five $ears#
2nder the leadership of the ANC, &outh Africa continues to pla$ its part to give meaning
to an Africa that is rising!
Africa is the centerpiece of our foreign polic$#
Aur past and future and that of fellow Africans are inter"linked# 3n the next five $ears, we
will focus on peace"makingand post"conflict reconstruction and development#
We will also continue with infrastructure development as well as regional integration to
promote 3ntra"Africa trade#
&outh"&outh Cooperation remains critical for our development#
While the 3ndia ?ra0il &outh Africa /ialogue =orum remain relevant, our mem%ership of
the ?ra0il, 1ussia, 3ndia and China E?13C&F forum has ena%led us to contri%ute to the
realignment of glo%al politics and trade#
We will continue to deepen and give more meaning to our relations with countries of the
North and remain committed to the role we pla$ in the -*+#
We look forward to working with a transformed 2nited Nations to confront challenges
facing humanit$, particularl$ Africans and the developing world#
Aur thoughts and pra$ers toda$ are with the people of &outh &udan, Eg$pt, and the
Central African 1epu%lic as the$ work to turn a new leaf for the future of their people#
We also pa$ tri%ute to the mem%ers of the &outh African National /efence =orce
deplo$ed in the /emocratic 1epu%lic of Congo, for their %raver$ in protecting civilians
towards restoration of peace and sta%ilit$#
The situation in &$ria and the 2kraine re,uires urgent attention %$ the international
communit$ and we trust that solutions will %e found soon#
We call on the African 2nion and the international communit$ to rall$ %ehind our sister
nation, Nigeria, as it %attles a recent spate of terrorism attacks#
We condemn terrorism in ever$ shape or form and from whichever ,uarter it comes
We also pledge our solidarit$ with the people of 6alestine and Western &ahara, towards
the attainment of their independence and self"determination#
We appreciate our mem%ership currentl$ of the 2N Economic and &ocial Council and
our election in Ganuar$ this $ear, into the 2nited Nations >uman 1ights Council in
Ganuar$ *+')#
We pledge to continue working with our ke$ partners in Africa and the world in the new
term, towards the creation of a %etter &outh Africa and a %etter Africa in a %etter world#
=ellow &outh Africans
We have worked hard over the past five $ears to %ring a%out the &outh Africa that our
fore%ears dreamed a%out#
We are read$ to move &outh Africa forward, working with all our people#
The National /evelopment 6lan, one of the ke$ achievements of this administration,
outlines the t$pe of societ$ we envisage#
3nformed %$ the N/6, we will together %uild a &outh Africawith an econom$ that is
growing and which creates jo%s#
We will continue to %uild a &outh Africa where ever$ household has water, sanitation and
food on the ta%le#
The ANC will continue to %uild a societ$ where each communit$ will have decent schools
with teachers who love teaching and children who love to learn#
We are %uilding communities with police stations that havepolice officers who enjo$ the
respect of the people and withpeople who respect the police#
We are %uilding communities with clinics that have health professionals who love caring
for the people#
We are %uilding rural communities with roads, schools, clinics and all amenities#
We are %uilding a societ$ without the scourge of drug and su%stance a%use and without
criminals who pre$ on defence"less women and children#
Together, we are %uilding a &outh Africa that is without povert$, ine,ualit$ and
The ANC has the histor$, experience, political will, capacit$ and the determination to
meet all these goals, and take &outh Africa forward#
We extend our gratitude to all mem%ers, leaders, supportersand volunteers of the ANC
and Alliance partners for a vigorous and intensive campaign#
We thank all sectors for endorsing the ANC campaignincluding religious leaders,
traditional leaders, %usiness, musicians, actors, sports personalities and professionals#
We also thank all our people who had left the ANC, who responded to the call we made
that the$ should return home#We urge all others who are still in other parties, to make
the journe$ home# The$ will %e warml$ received#
The ANC is the home of all progressive &outh Africans#
Aur campaign does not end toda$# Aur real work is on Wednesda$ the ;th of 7a$#
We call upon our more than ',* million mem%ers as well asANC volunteers and
supporters to ensure that in ever$village, town and cit$, millions of our people go to the
polling stations in which the$ are registered to vote on the ;th of 7a$, to cele%rate their
hard won right to choose a government of their choice#
7akuphume ngisho nesinedolo ngomhlaka ; 7a$ si$ovotelaintuthuko e0olethwa
<et us vote for this movement of Nelson 7andela, Aliver Tam%o, Walter &isulu, Chris
>ani, &olomon 7ahlangu, >arr$-wala, 7itta &iperepere, /oroth$ N$em%e, 1uth =irst,
?ill$ Nair, ?raam =ischer, 1eg &eptem%er and a host of other illustrious leaders#
Comrades and friends,
The ANC lives, the ANC leads#
2hongolose u$aphila, uhongolose uphethe, uhongoloseusa0ophatha!
&i$an,o%a ngomhlaka ; ku"7a$!
TA-ET>E1, WE 7A@E &A2T> A=13CA =A1WA1/!