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... through Bertha Dudde

Free will must accept the light ....
I want to ring !ou light ecause !ou are li"ing in dar#ness .... I
want to lead !ou out o$ the dar#ness o$ night into the light o$
da!% I want to enlighten !our spirit and illuminate !ou with &!
light o$ lo"e% I want to ma#e !ou happ! ecause !ou are
miserale in !our spiritual dar#ness. I want the sun o$ &! spirit
to shine upon !ou .... I want to gi"e !ou that which !ou are
lac#ing' the pure truth $rom God ....
I &!sel$ want to teach !ou% $or then the dar#ness in !ou can no
longer reign% then the light o$ &! lo"e will radiate into !our
hearts and ma#e !ou liss$ull! happ!% $or then !ou will no longer
repel &e% as !ou did when !ou $ell awa! $rom &e% ut listen to
&e once again and accept the light o$ &! lo"e% as it was in the
eginning ....
(he $act that !ou humans are lac#ing light cannot e denied !
!ou% $or !ou ha"e no idea aout the meaning and purpose o$
!our e)istence% aout the reason $or !our earthl! progress% aout
the meaning and purpose o$ an! wor# o$ creation .... !ou ha"e
no #nowledge aout the correlations and especiall! not aout
!our relationship with !our God and *reator .... +ou don,t
recognise !our Father in &e and are unaware o$ the goal that !ou
ought to unite with &e as !our Father o$ eternit! in order to e
eternall! happ! again% as !ou were in the eginning.
-ll this is un#nown to !ou and neither do !ou .uestion it% and
thus !ou li"e in dar#ness and don,t loo# $or the light .... ut this
state is a wretched one $or !ou% ecause dar#ness also amounts
to death% onl! light is reall! li$e ....
But I want to awa#en !ou to li$e $rom !our li$eless state and
there$ore I ring !ou the light. -nd trust &e% this light will ma#e
!ou happ!% !ou will e glad when !ou #now aout e"er!thing and
can li"e !our earthl! li$e consciousl! ecause !ou want to reach
the goal which comprises eternal eatitude.
I do not want !ou to continue !our li$e on earth in this dar# state
nor do I want !ou to ta#e notice o$ the decepti"e lights which
neither spirituall! enlighten !ou nor gi"e !ou liss .... I want to
gi"e !ou true light% #nowledge which corresponds to the truth
and which must originate $rom &e ecause onl! I -m the primar!
source o$ truth% ecause I -m the light o$ eternit!.
+ou humans are &! creatures and there$ore possess &! lo"e
ecause !ou emerged $rom &! lo"e. But I alwa!s want to gi"e
pleasure to that which elongs to &e .... Dar#ness is not a
lessed state% onl! light can gi"e /o! to the eing% and I want to
gi"e this gi$t to !ou. +et I can onl! e"er /ust o$$er !ou &! gi$t o$
lo"e .... and then !our $ree will must e willing to accept this
gi$t ....
I can and want to do whate"er it ta#es in order to return !ou to a
state o$ happiness ut one thing I -m unale to do is to gi"e !ou
against your will that which !ou need to e happ!. I can
certainl! offer !ou light ut I cannot $orce !ou to accept it and
to let it shine into !our hearts .... +ou must open !our heart to
&e and allow the ra! o$ &! light o$ lo"e to enter it% then
e"er!thing will ecome right and clear within !ou and !ou will
e happ! ....
-nd since !our $ree will is the onl! decisi"e $actor as to whether
!ou mo"e in the dar#ness o$ night or in the light o$ da!% I can
onl! e"er enlighten !ou o$ the $act that this $ree will determines
!our destin!% !our $ate% in eternit! .... that !ou ha"e to direct
!our $ree will towards &e ! relin.uishing !our opposition and
stri"e towards &e with all !our mind .... -nd !ou will e rightl!
illuminated ! &! di"ine light o$ lo"e% then !ou will recei"e the
#ind o$ #nowledge which will ring !ou /o!% $or !ou will realise all
correlations and $ind out aout !our origin% aout !our process
across the earth and !our goal ....
-nd as soon as !ou ecome enlightened !ou will also $ind the
path which leads to &e .... -nd !ou will wal# it o$ !our own
"olition in order to reach &e% ecause in the light o$ truth !ou
$inall! recognise &e &!sel$% ecause then !ou will lo"e &e too
and aim to /oin &e $ore"er .... -nd I will ne"er e"er let go o$ !ou
again% $or &! lo"e rought !ou into e)istence and &! lo"e will
pursue !ou until !ou ha"e ecome &! Own eternall! ....
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