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-Family unity
The nucleus of moral values, the family unit, is being invaded by outsiders (step or steps) and this
causes disharmony.
-Dealing with adversities
Young children and adults may find difficulties dealing with frustrations, fears and sadness.
-Being happy
Life has dealt us one hard blow, there is no reason for us to be unhappy for ever. For example,
Claudia realises it is not fair to hate her new stepmother, Stella.
-Think long enough before making a decision
Richard Harwick made a rash decision to run away and that had changed the lives of his stepfather,
mother and sister.
-Sibling rivalry
Resentful step-siblings cause burden and hostility in a home.
-Coping with change
All pain eventually heals and that we have the power to change things for the better.
-Being brave
Characters like Claudia and Pixie are brave as they confess to their own rotten behaviour.
-Dealing with Separation and Divorce
It deals with a social phenomenon that many people are experiencing, the idea of a divorce as
somehow horrible. Separation and divorce, and the events leading up to them, interrupts the stability
and predictability that children need.
1. It is important that children should tell their parents about their real feelings and vice versa.
2. One has to be brave when facing adversities.
3. We must not judge someone without knowing all the facts. We should weigh our pros or cons, and
study the facts.