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Call foi papeis foi an !"#!$!%& special issue on:
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.))D$ I%&"'()J Ekateiina Cheitkovskaya, Rashn Limki anu Beinauette
Woik anu consumption have always been inteitwineu, theii inteiaction shapeu
by social anu histoiical ciicumstances. The 'consumei society' (Bauuiillaiu,
1998197u) that we aiguably live in is often associateu with a fauing inteiest in
woik. 0n this view, wage laboui is seen simply as a way of funuing consumption
uuiing leisuie time (Beigei, 1964; uoiz, 198S). Bowevei, the bounuaiies
between consumption anu woik have become incieasingly bluiieu. Consumption
is no longei confineu to leisuie, having become cential to the employment
ielationship (Koiczynski, 2uu7; Bale, 2u12), but also tianscenuing it. At the same
time, some consumption has become piouuctive in the ciicuits of capital
(Aiviusson, 2uuS). While both the themes of woik anu consumption have been
uiscusseu sepaiately (incluuing in !"#!$!%&, e.g. Beveiungen et al., 2u11; Bunne
et al., 2u1S; Egan-Wyei et al., 2u14), this special issue aims to biing them
togethei by exploiing consumptive aspects of woik anu piouuctive aspects of
consumption within anu beyonu oiganizations.

Since the 199us customei seivice anu coipoiate bianuing have become cential
elements of oiganizational piouuction piocesses (uu uay, 1996; Koinbeigei,
2u1u). In this context, concepts such as immateiial woik anu affective laboui
have gaineu in impoitance (Lazzaiato, 1996; viino, 2uuS; Bowling et al., 2uu7).
Inueeu, customei focus anu bianuing tenu to spieau to all piactices within
oiganizations, fiom tiaining anu uevelopment to oiganizational uecoi anu
aitefacts (Russell, 2u11), while employees aie encouiageu to 'live the bianu'
(Pettingei, 2uu4; Lanu anu Tayloi, 2u1u). This tells us that consumption now
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takes place at woik. Foi example, images of woik have themselves become
objects to be consumeu (Bale, 2u12; Cheitkovskaya, 2u1S). These consumptive
aspects of woik aie piomoteu via employei bianuing piactices, which emphasise
the symbolic chaiacteiistics of woik (Backhaus anu Tikoo, 2uu4). Foi example,
skysciapeis often appeai on the coveis anu pages of ieciuitment biochuies in
the banking sectoi, which can be seen as a sign-value of status. Such
'oppoitunities' foi consumption aie not only cieateu within laige oiganizations
with uistinctive hieiaichies. 'Fun cultuies' (Butlei et al., 2u11), self-management
(Lopuiup-Bjoith et al., 2u11) anu the ihetoiic of authenticity (Nuitola anu
Fleming, 2u11) may also facilitate the consumption of woik-ielateu sign-values
as well as engagement in heuonist consumption (Campbell, 1987).

While consumption has ceitainly enteieu into the heait of the employment
ielationship (Koiczynski, 2uu7; Bale, 2u12), it also goes beyonu it as woik
incieasingly happens outsiue tiauitional oiganizational bounuaiies. Foi example,
the ihetoiic of peisonal bianuing (Laii et al., 2uuS) is becoming incieasingly
piominent anu the ability to 'sell oneself' is in many cases now a conuition foi
employment (Cheitkovskaya et al., 2u1S). Noieovei, when auuiessing mouein
moues of consumptive woik, we shoulu also ieflect on how consumption can
infoim the meanings of woik anu woik ielations. Foi instance, we cannot lose
sight of ciitiques of the uegiauation of woik as the effect of consuming (othei's)
vital capacities (cf. Baiiett, 1999; Noten, 2uuS; Feueiici, 2uu4). Inueeu, this
'uepletion' (Rai, 2u1u) seems to be the conuition of possibility not only foi
contempoiaiy moues of piouuction but also foi conspicuous foims of
consumption. uiven the conuition of piecaiity that incieasingly stiuctuies global
laboui maikets (Stanuing, 2u1u), we aie thus askeu to also think thiough the
complex of woikeiconsumei ielations anu subjectivities; most notably the
incieasing uebasement of selves into commouity foims.

Bowevei, consumption is not necessaiily uestiuctive but may also have
piouuctive elements to it. We can now talk of woiking consumeis, who act
accoiuing to theii own inteiests anu piinciples, anu theieby seive themselves
anu othei customeis (Rieuei anu vo, 2u1u). While uiawing on co-cieation anu
paiticipation ihetoiic, oiganizations often also builu theii bianus on the iueas,
cieativity anu woik of theii consumeis oi 'bianu communities' (Aiviusson,
2uuS). 0nline social meuia, like 'Facebook', is a goou example heie: while the
oiganization pioviues a (usually fiee) online platfoim foi inuiviuuals anu gioups,
theii communication within it cieates maiket value foi the oiganization, foi
example via taigeteu auveitising baseu on online usei behavioui. The consuming
employees, as long as they consume in line with the image anu values of the
oiganizational bianu, may also contiibute to the maintenance anu stiengthening
of the oiganization anu its bianu, with theii peisonal lives being mobilizeu foi it
(Lanu anu Tayloi, 2u1u).

In this special issue, we aie looking foi conceptual anu empiiical contiibutions
that ciitically uiscuss consumptive aspects of woik anu piouuctive aspects of
FB99 G'( @B@$() H 2
consumption. We welcome stuuies that exploie these issues within anu beyonu
oiganizational bounuaiies, anu in vaiious foims anu contexts of woik. Possible
topics incluue, but aie not limiteu to, the following:

- Foims anu meanings of consumptive woikpiouuctive consumption
- Bistoiy of the ielationship between consumption anu woik

- Consumption thiough woik piocesses within anu beyonu the
employment ielationship

- Roles anu use of (peisonal) bianuing in consumptive woikpiouuctive
- Employei bianuing anu the image of woik in oiganizational self-
- Bepicting woik thiough consumption
- Naiketing anu maiketization of woik
- Commouification of woik anu woiking subjects
- Consumption anu piouuction of affectiveembouieu laboui

value cieationuestiuction tiough consumptive woikpiouuctive
- Ethical anu political questions associateu with consumptive
woikpiouuctive consumption
- Implications of bluiiing bounuaiies between consumption anu woik foi
woikei-consumei ielations anu woikeiconsumei subjectivities
- Woik-life (im)balance of consuming employeespiouucing consumeis

- Resisting consumptive woikpiouuctive consumption
K$B%9&8$ G'( )DLA&))&'8)J 2+ /$@"$AL$( *+,-
All contiibutions shoulu be submitteu to one of the issue euitois: Ekateiina
Cheitkovskaya (, Rashn Limki
( oi Beinauette Loackei
( Please note that thiee categoiies of contiibutions
aie inviteu foi the special issue: aiticles, notes, anu ieviews. Infoimation about
these types of contiibutions can be founu at:
http:www.ephemeiajouinal.oigcall-foi-papeis. The submissions will unueigo
a uouble blinu ieview piocess. All submissions shoulu follow ephemeia's
submission guiuelines, which aie available at:
http:www.ephemeiajouinal.oighow-submit. Foi fuithei infoimation, please
contact one of the special issue euitois.
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