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Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1-

Institutional Response
November 1999
Situational Analysis of Orphaned Children in Zambia
Institutional Response
Table of Contents
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"AR&!" *!N!+ICIARI!S((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,
IN"!RNA"IONA% $ONOR R!S-ONS!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,
N&O R!S-ONS!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( .
Identification of Community Needs and Community Mobilisation..................................................7
Issues of Direct Assistance................................................................................................................7
Income Generation Activities (IGA).................................................................................................
!ro"ramme #ustainability...............................................................................................................$%
!syc&o'#ocial Needs.......................................................................................................................$%
(I)*AID# Education A+areness.....................................................................................................$$
R!%I&IO/S INS"I"/"IONS((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 10
&OV!RN!N" R!S-ONS!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 10
CO/NI"' CAR! VS( INS"I"/"IONA%ISA"ION(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 11
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A$VOCAC' +OR C#I%$R!N(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1)
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ONI"ORIN& AN$ !VA%/A"ION(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1,
S"R!!" C#I%$R!N(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1,
SCA%IN& /-(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1.
CONC%/SION4R!CO!N$A"IONS((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1.
Distribution of #tudy.......................................................................................................................$
*RI"IS# #I&# COISSION((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 01
CANA$IAN IN"!RNA"IONA% $!V!%O-!N" A&!NC' 5CI$A6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((00
"#! !/RO-!AN /NION 5!/6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 01
"#! !*ASS' O+ +IN%AN$(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 0,
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IRIS# AI$(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 07
8A-AN IN"!RNA"IONA% COO-!RA"ION A&!NC' 58ICA6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((09
NOR2!&IAN A&!NC' +OR $!V!%O-!N" 5NORA$6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 09
S2!$IS# IN"!RNA"IONA% $!V!%O-!N" A&!NC' 5SI$A6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1:
/NI"!$ NA"IONS C#I%$R!N;S +/N$ 5/NIC!+6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 11
/NI"!$ S"A"!S A&!NC' +OR IN"!RNA"IONA% $!V!%O-!N" 5/SAI$6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((11
A$$I"IONA% +/N$S(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1)
2OR%$ +OO$ -RO&RA! 52+-6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1,
%!SSONS %!ARN!$(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1.
"#! 2OR%$ *AN3(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 19
A+RICAR!< ZA*IA((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 19
CAR!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( )1
C#I3AN3A"A CO/NI"' *AS!$ OR-#AN -RO&RA!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())
C#I%$ CAR! AN$ A$O-"ION SOCI!"' O+ ZA*IA((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((().
C#I%$R!N IN N!!$ 5C#IN6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( )9
C#RIS"IAN C#I%$R!N;S +/N$< ZA*IA((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,:
+O/N"AIN O+ #O-!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,0
3A*2A"A OR-#ANA&! = "RANSI" C!N"R!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,)
3AN'AA SA%VA"ION AR'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,.
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -0-
Institutional Response
November 1999
3ARA CO/NS!%IN&((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,7
3ASISI #O! OR-#ANA&!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ,9
3!-A ZA*IA((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( .:
OV!!N" O+ CO/NI"' AC"ION +OR -R!V!N"ION = -RO"!C"ION O+ 'O/N& -!O-%! A&AINS"
-OV!R"' $!S"I"/"ION< $IS!AS!S = !>-%OI"A"ION 5A-O$!6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((.0
/S%I CAR! OR-#ANA&! (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( .,
NA"IONA% 2O!N;S %O**' &RO/-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( .7
N&;O*! C#I%$ = +AI%' #!%-!R -RO&RA!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((.9
-%AN IN"!RNA"IONA% (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 7:
O>+A &* IN ZA*IA((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 71
-R!V!N"ION A&AINS" A%N/"RI"ION 5-A6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 71
-RO8!C" CONC!RN IN"!RNA"IONA% 5-CI6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 7,
RA' O+ #O-!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 79
SO/"#!RN A+RICAN AI$S "RAININ& -RO&RA! 5SA"6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9:
S!-O((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 90
SOCI!"' +OR 2O!N = AI$S IN ZA*IA 5S2AAZ6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 9)
2OR%$ VISION IN"!RNA"IONA% 52VI6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 9.
ZA*IA CO/NI"' SC#OO%S S!CR!"ARIA" 5ZCSS6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((99
ZA*IA O-!N CO/NI"' SC#OO%S 5ZOCS6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 9:
ZA*IA R!$ CROSS SOCI!"' 5ZRCS6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 90
AN&%ICAN C#/RC#? %/SA3A $IOC!S!((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 9)
"#! CA"#O%IC S!CR!"ARIA"(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 9.
C#RIS"IAN CO/NCI% O+ ZA*IA 5CCZ6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 99
C#/RC#!S !$ICA% ASSOCIA"ION O+ ZA*IA 5CAZ6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1:1
!VAN&!%ICA% +!%%O2S#I- O+ ZA*IA 5!+Z6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1:)
3A*2A"A -R!S*'"!RIAN C#/RC# 53*C6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1:,
%/"#!RAN C#/RC# O+ C!N"RA% A+RICA 5C!N"RA% A+RICA !$ICA% ISSION6((((((((((((((((((((((((1:.
N$O%A $IOC!S! O+ CA"#O%IC C#/RC#(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1:7
R!+OR!$ C#/RC# IN ZA*IA(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1:9
O++IC! O+ "#! VIC! -R!SI$!N"--$ISAS"!R ANA&!!N" = I"I&A"ION /NI" 5$/6((((((((((11:
INIS"R' O+ CO/NI"' $!V!%O-!N" AN$ SOCIA% S!RVIC!S 5C$SS6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((110
INIS"R' O+ !$/CA"ION(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 11)
INIS"R' O+ #!A%"# - "#! NA"IONA% AI$S CON"RO% -RO&RA! 5NAC-6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((11,
INIS"R' O+ S-OR" 'O/"# AN$ C#I%$ $!V!%O-!N" - $!-AR"!N" O+ C#I%$ A++AIRS(((((((((117
S/S"AINA*%! %/SA3A -RO&RA!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 119
A&A-AO C#I%$R!N;S INIS"R'(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 101
AN&%ICAN S"R!!" -RO8!C"(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 100
ASSOCIA"ION +OR R!S"ORA"ION O+ OR-#ANS AN$ S"R!!" C#I%$R!N 5AROS6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((101
*!"#AN' #O! AN$ S"/$' C!N"R!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 10,
CAR! +OR C#I%$R!N IN N!!$ OR&ANISA"ION 5CA+OC#IN6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((10.
C#!*A OR-#ANS C!N"R!(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 109
CO--!R*!%" #!A%"# !$/CA"ION -RO8!C" 5C#!-6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((109
C#I%$R!N IN $IS"R!SS -RO8!C" 5CIN$I-+#"6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((11:
C#I"SI! ASSOCIA"ION((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 111
C#RIS"IAN SOCIA% S!RVIC! OR&ANISA"ION(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 110
CI"' O+ #O-! 5SA%!SIAN SIS"!RS6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 111
$!V!%O-!N" AI$ +RO -!O-%! "O -!O-%! 5$A--6 C#I%$R!N@S "O2N((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((11)
#O/S!#O%$S IN $IS"R!SS((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 11,
IN"!R$!NOINA"IONA% CO/NCI% ON AI$S(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 11.
%IN3 ASSOCIA"ION +OR "#! R!%I!+ O+ C#I%$R!N 5%ARC6((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((119
%IVIN&S"ON! S"R!!" C#I%$R!N ASSOCIA"ION(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 119
NISSI CAR! C!N"R!S((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1):
SIS"!RS O+ "#! SACR!$ #!AR"(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1)1
S/--OR" OR-#AN +O/N$A"ION(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1))
ZA*IA C#I%$R!N !$/CA"ION +O/N$A"ION 5ZAC!+6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1),
ZA*IA OR-#ANS AN$ 2I$O2S ASSOCIA"ION 5ZO2A6(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((1)7
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Situational Analysis of Orphaned Children in Zambia
Institutional Response
Summary Report
"his report eAamines and analyses the Institutional Response to the Situation of
Orphans in Zambia and Bas ConduCted by -rofessional anaDement "raininD
Consultants 5-"C6< Bho ContraCted 3aren $oll anda< "eam %eader< !snart
8uunEa and Chipo BeetBa to undertaFe the Institutional Response Analysis of the
Situation Assessment of AI$S Orphans in Zambia( "his report serves as one
Component of a larDer Situation Analysis of Orphans in Zambia beinD manaDed by the
Study +und of the SoCial ReCovery -roGeCt on behalf of /NIC!+< SI$A and /SAI$<
under the DuidanCe of a SteerinD Committee BhiCh draBs its membership form
&overnment< N&Os< donors< /N aDenCies and researChers(
"he other Components of the larDer study are as folloBs?
%iterature RevieB4 Annotated *iblioDraphy
$ata RevieB
Community Response 5-artiCipatory researCh6
Assessment of -raCtiCes of Care
"he Response Analysis Bas ConduCted durinD a period from 1 8uly throuDh 1: 8uly(
&iven the late ContraCtinD of the Response Analysis Compared to the other three
teams< Considerable efforts Bere made to intervieB as many institutions as possible
durinD that time period( "ime did not permit travel outside of %usaFa( In
Compensation for the laCF of travel the team made efforts to telephone intervieB
orDanisations outside of %usaFa< Bhenever possible(
At the beDinninD of the assessment ., orDanisations Bere identified to intervieB(
$urinD this time the team suCCessfully intervieBed ,, of the tarDeted orDanisations(
AppendiA 1 lists the intervieBed orDanisations and the orDanisations unsuCCessfully
ContaCted( In most Cases< Bhere the team Could not Complete an intervieB< the
appropriate person to intervieB Bas out of toBn durinD the duration of the study(
Information< inCludinD obGeCtives and proDramme interventions< is provided on an
additional 01 orDanisations( A total of 79 of orDanisations are profiled in this report(
ContaCt information for 1. additional orDanisations is also provided(
"he team intervieBed donors< N&Os< reliDious institutions and Dovernment offiCials(
"he donor assessment Bas hindered by timinD( any proDramme offiCers Bere on
annual leave durinD the period of this study( In most Cases a proDramme offiCer at the
institution spoFe to the ConsultanCy team but Bas not alBays the person most involved
in the BorF related to orphans or Children in need( "herefore< some information in the
donor seCtion Contains limited detail(
"he purpose of the study Bas not to evaluate various proDrammes< but rather to Dather
an inventory of various institutions and their efforts related to orphans and vulnerable
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Children 5O4VC6( "he Hualitative researCh strove to unCover the various proDramme
interventions employed by institutions< their eAperienCes Bith these interventions<
issues of sustainability< methods of monitorinD and evaluation and perCeptions of
lessons learned and orDanisational struCture( AppendiA 0 provides the Huestionnaire
Duide for ConduCtinD intervieBs(
Tar3et 4enefi5iaries
Various definitions of orphans eAist< partiCularly in literature related to orphans( "he
Cut-off aDe of an orphan< aCCordinD to definition< Can ranDe betBeen 1, to 19 years(
Sometimes the definition reHuires that an orphan has lost both parents< Bhile other
definitions Hualify a Child to be an orphan after the loss of one parent( Additionally<
there are freHuently maternal and paternal orphan referenCes< BhiCh further define an
orphan as either havinD lost the mother or father( In some Cases< a Child may not be
Considered an orphan if he4she has lost the mother< but not the father( In Deneral< this
referenCe assumes that the father is the bread Binner and as lonD as he is alive< the
Child may not have suffered a sudden deCrease in livinD status(
ost institutions< 5donor< N&O< reliDious institutions and Dovernment6 intervieBed
durinD this study do not folloB a striCt definition< partiCularly if the orDanisation is
BorFinD at the Community level( &enerally< the proDramme Doal is to mobilise the
Community to Denerate a Community based response and solution to the orphan
situation( "his Community response usually reHuires that many institutions deal Bith
Children in need< rather than AI$S orphans eAClusively( /nder these CirCumstanCes the
definition of an orphan is broadened Considerably( +reHuently< if the Child is from a
very loB inCome family and has lost one parent< the Child is eliDible for partiCipation in
the proDramme( If the Child is from a very loB inCome household and has not lost
either parent< then the Child Can also be eliDible for inClusion in the proDramme(
Community BorFers are sensitive to CreatinD a situation Bhereby fortunate is the Child
Bhose parents died from AI$S sinCe they reCeive outside assistanCe Bith eduCation<
food< ClothinD and health Care and the Iunfortunate; Children< Bhose parents are both
alive< do not reCeive outside help( +urthermore< this inClusionary approaCh is
neCessary in order to aCHuire the support of the Community at larDe( In the early
staDes of orphan proDrammes< N&Os freHuently erred in providinD resourCes only for
orphan Children( &uardians and non-orphan Children often felt resentful ultimately
havinD a detriment to the overall Doals of the N&O;s proDramme( Some N&Os met
Bith outriDht resistanCe and at times near sabotaDe to their proDrammes from others
Bho Bere also in need< but not reCipients of the proDramme;s benefits( As a result<
althouDh an N&O;s internal strateDy may be to assist orphan Children< the reality of the
BorF on the Dround neCessitates that proDrammes inClude a larDer tarDet Droup of
Children in need(
$evelopment BorFers do not Bish to further stiDmatise AI$S orphans by Constantly
separatinD them from other Children throuDh the N&O;s proDramme efforts( AI$S
remains a hiDhly stiDmatised illness in Zambia( AI$S orphans tend to eAperienCe
uniHue emotional needs resultinD from BatChinD a parent5s6 die a sloB and aDoniEinD
death and eAperienCinD shunninD from the Community(
International (onor Response
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
In Deneral< the donors do not have eAtensive< ConCentrated orphan or Children-in-need
proDrammes( "hey fund a feB N&Os or reliDious institutions Bhose BorF is
supported beCause it fits Bith the Deneral donor proDramminD or philanthropiC poliCies
and not neCessarily beCause it is direCted at Children or orphans( "he fundinD appears
to be sporadiC Bith little DeoDraphiC or proDramme foCus( "he eACeptions to this trend
are /SAI$ and /NIC!+< both of Bhom have speCifiC orphan proDrammes Bith
defined strateDies(
"he donors< in Deneral< all reCoDnised the inCreasinD need for support to orphan
Children in Zambia and the Constantly and alarminDly inCreasinD numbers of orphans(
2hen prodded as to Bhy they did not support orphan Children throuDh their
proDramminD efforts< almost all unanimously stated that they felt the &overnment
should taFe the lead to develop a poliCy and a national frameBorF( "he donors are
Cautious as to appear to be direCtinD the Dovernment in its development efforts( ost
donors are BillinD to partiCipate in an orDanised effort to dialoDue Bith the
Dovernment< donors and N&Os and feel that funds Could be made available for
proDrammes foCusinD on Children in need< onCe a Dovernment lead is established( It
appeared that many of the donors are BaitinD for a leader 5Bhether from the
Dovernment< donor or N&O Community6 to beDin the dialoDue and Bhoever initiates
further dialoDue Bill most liFely have BillinD partiCipants(
any donors reCoDnise that Diven the eConomy of Zambia< it is unreasonable to eApeCt
proDrammes assistinD Communities to run finanCially independent of donor support(
"he taA base of the Country is not larDe enouDh to support larDe sCale soCial serviCes in
the lonD run( In reCoDnition of this reality< for most donors issues of sustainability are
more related to proDramme sustainability--the suCCessful manaDement of the
proDramme< developinD proDramme interventions Bith an impaCt< Community
partiCipation< etC( N&Os may benefit from additional dialoDue Bith donors over the
issues of sustainability and hoB it relates to their proDramminD sinCe many appear to
be under the impression that finanCial sustainability is a reHuired output of their efforts(
"*O Response
As in many Countries< the N&O Community is fillinD a role in a needed area Bhere
there is limited direCt Dovernment resourCes( "he N&O Community is direCtinD
resourCes and proDrammes at orphans and Children in need( "he Cornerstones of N&O
orphan proDramminD are Community mobilisation 5to foster Community oBnership and
responsibility6< eduCation 5namely Community sChools6 and inCome DeneratinD
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -7-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Identification of Community Needs and Community Mobilisation
It is perhaps in the areas of mobilisinD the Community to identify their needs and to
develop a response that most N&Os have a Comparative advantaDe< eAtensive eApertise
and a suCCess rate( &aininD the trust and support of a Community is sloB BorF(
Communities have eAperienCed many broFen promises by outsiders and freHuently are
Cautious reDardinD neB efforts( any N&Os speaF of the need to Create relatively
HuiCF tanDible outputs in order to maintain Credibility Bithin the Community in order to
Continue lonD term proDramme efforts(
In Deneral< the N&Os employ various partiCipatory methodoloDies to motivate the
Communities to identify issues and to develop responses( In Deneral< related to orphans
most Communities identify poverty as the main sourCe of their problems( Issues
stemminD from poverty inClude? inability to provide eduCation and health Care and
inadeHuate food and ClothinD(
After the issues are identified< the N&O BorFs Bith the Communities to develop
responses< to linF Communities Bith outside resourCes and to provide traininD for
Community leaders and members( ost N&Os strive to Create some sense of
independenCe and self relianCe Bithin their CatChment areas( "raininD Bill usually
inClude leadership< business sFills< monitorinD and evaluation and subGeCt areas suCh as
nutrition< health Care< AI$S eduCation< etC( "he linFs Bith outside resourCes are not
limited to donors and other sourCes of funds( N&Os may BorF Bith $istriCt
Dovernments to develop Cooperation betBeen Communities and Dovernment personnel(
Issues of Direct Assistance
Some N&Os provide direCt assistanCe to orphans and their families in the form of food
5reCeived from multi or bi-lateral donors6< ClothinD and sChool bursaries( "hose
orDanisations Bho provide food aid and other forms of direCt assistanCe< in Deneral<
feel that Diven the poor eConomy of Zambia< their BorF is neCessary( "hey Dive to the
poorest of the poor and to those Bho have no other means to provide for themselves(
#oBever< it should be stated that durinD this study the meChanisms for ChannelinD the
forms of direCt assistanCe to Duardians and the orphans Bere not Clarified
Other N&Os despise hand outs as a form of development and provide little to nothinD
of assistanCe BhiCh Does direCtly to an individual( It should be noted that most N&Os
admit that it is almost impossible to operate Bithout at some time durinD their BorF
havinD to Dive somethinD at no Cost( 2hen they provide somethinD for the Community
it is usually under speCial and speCifiC CirCumstanCes and they try to monopolise on the
moment as muCh as possible( +or eAample< a "-shirt may be provided in affiliation
Bith a speCial day( "hat "-shirt Bill be printed Bith a messaDe aimed at eduCatinD the
Deneral publiC on a partiCular issue(
any N&Os operatinD Bithin the same CatChment area Bith opposinD vieBs on the
issue of hand outs freHuently Clash over this issue( "he N&Os for Bhom hand outs
Counter their Deneral development philosophy arDue that direCt material assistanCe
undermines all their efforts and hinders any form of Community development( Some
Bill even state the eAtreme that they may as Bell pull out of the Community Completely
sinCe there efforts are undermined( Sometimes the N&Os are able to resolve and
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Compromise Bith eaCh other( At times they have toDether reaChed Creative
Compromises Bhere eaCh side alters their proDramme position to Create harmony
betBeen proDrammes( In other Cases< the N&O for Bhom direCt assistanCe is taboo
Bill move its proDrammes to a different Community(
!duCation is freHuently identified by Communities as one of the Dreatest needs of
Children( -arents and Duardians are often unable to provide sChool fees< uniforms and
booFs to send their Children to a Dovernment sChool( As a result many Children do not
reCeive basiC eduCation(
+reHuently N&Os assist Communities to develop Community sChools as a means to
provide eduCation( Community sChools Condense the 7 year Dovernment CurriCulum
into ) years( In the past Children Bho entered Community sChools 5never havinD
attended a Dovernment sChool6 Bere older< than their Dovernment sChool Counterparts<
and the ) year CurriCulum alloBed them to finish the eHuivalent Drade 7 at a similar aDe
as their peers in Dovernment sChools( SinCe larDer numbers of families are unable to
afford the reHuired fees and uniforms for Dovernment sChools< the aDe of Children
enterinD Community sChools appears to be beCominD muCh younDer than previously(
As a result< Children may remain in the same Drade in a Community sChool for an
additional year5s6 before movinD on to the neAt level(
"he teaChers of Community sChools are freHuently unsFilled teaChers Bho are members
of the Community and volunteers( "he N&Os provide teaCher traininD< freHuently
usinD the S-AR3 manual< developed by the Zambian Community SChools SeCretariat(
"he manual provides teaChinD methodoloDy< and outlines a syllabus inCludinD tips on
teaChinD the material( odel lessons are inCluded as Bell as teChniHues for monitorinD
student proDress( A seCtion also inCludes information to improve a teaChers
FnoBledDe base(
"he Zambian Community SChools SeCretariat strives to monitor the Huality of
eduCation provided in Community sChools( It Bas not apparent the manner in BhiCh
they fulfill this tasF( Community sChools freHuently sprinD up Bith little Coordination
Bith a Central body(
*ased on this study< it Bas not alBays evident Bhat happens to Children after they
Complete the four years in the Community sChool( Some may pass the &rade 7 eAam(
Juestions reDardinD provisions to provide fees for these Children Bere often met Bith
vaDue responses or evaded Completely( "he reasons for this evasion are not Clear< but
it is suspeCted that the immediate needs of Communities are tremendous and neither the
N&O nor the Community are able to plan eAtensively beyond the near future( "he
possibility also eAists that either feB Children pass the eAam or there is not suffiCient
money in the Community to pay the eAamination fees(
"he debate over the Huality of eduCation of the Community sChools and the promotion
of Community sChools at the eApense of Dovernment sChools is real( A positive note to
Community sChools is that it is a Community initiative and a step toBards self relianCe(
ost often the sChools are desired by the Community and supported by the N&O(
+rom a Community development perspeCtive< the N&Os support the development of
Community sChools often beCause they provide a tanDible delivery to help them
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
establish Credibility and trust in the Community and the Community is demonstratinD
Considerable unity and leadership< notable Community development benChmarFs(
Income Generation Activities (IGA)
In the issue of sustainability< N&Os BorFinD to mobilise Communities reCoDnise that
the Communities are dependent on fundinD< Diven the eConomy of Zambia and the hiDh
levels of poverty of most Zambians( #oBever< most N&Os are attemptinD to assist the
Communities to develop some form of finanCial sustainability throuDh the use of
inCome DeneratinD aCtivities(( any I&As inClude oil presses< ChiCFen runs and
DardeninD( In the rural areas< aDriCulture is a natural venture( "he money is
desiDnated to provide for the orphansK freHuently sChool fees and uniforms are listed(
It seems that tremendous efforts are eApended on I&A< both in the Community and the
N&O( &eneratinD inCome< throuDh a business venture< is freHuently not the
Comparative advantaDe or the eApertise of an N&O( At times it seems that muCh
effort< both Bithin the Community and the N&O< is eAerted on the I&A< sometimes at
the eApense of their soCial proGeCts(
"his partiCular researCh did not endeavor to evaluate various inCome DeneratinD
aCtivities 5I&A6( #oBever< Bhen N&Os Bere asFed to desCribe the speCifiCs of the
I&A< suCh as hoB the venture Bas deCided< hoB muCh money it had earned< the
Consultants Bere often met Bith vaDue responses( +reHuently the ansBer to a Huestion
reDardinD aCtual inCome Denerated Bas to state the intended uses of the money BhiCh
often inCluded sChool fees for the Community;s needy Children( 2hen probed further
as to the number of Children assisted throuDh the I&A< the Deneral response Bas that
those fiDures Bere not yet reCorded(
It seemed that deCisions to beDin a business are made Bithout ConduCtinD the
appropriate marFet assessment eAamininD Bhat the marFet Can support or the sFills of
Community members( In Deneral< the nature of the I&A Bas Copied from another
Community< Bithout adeHuate analysis of the dynamiCs of an I&A suCCess of that
partiCular venture 5or if that partiCular venture Bas indeed profit maFinD(6 N&Os and
Communities seem to laCF fresh ideas for business ventures and Bould most liFely
benefit from traininD reDardinD ConduCtinD marFet assessments(
any N&Os even seemed reluCtant to Call the I&A a business and appeared
unComfortable Bith that desCription( "his avoidanCe of labelinD the I&A as a business
indiCates a fundamental problem Bith many I&A aCtivities Currently beinD
implemented( "he N&O proDramme manaDers are adept at implementinD proGeCts< but
laCF business aCumen and are not neCessarily as Capable of advisinD a Community
reDardinD suCCessful business ventures( *oth N&Os and Communities Could probably
benefit from additional resourCes reDardinD business ventures and some Huantitative
Additionally< many Communities seem to be ICopyinD; eaCh other Bhen it Comes to
inCome DeneratinD aCtivities( "here seems to be a laCF of fresh ideas( It is assumed
that a proper marFet assessment Bould help introduCe fresh ideas and assure a more
praDmatiC approaCh to the business venture(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
*ased upon Huestions asFed durinD intervieBs< it seems that N&Os feel an eAtreme
pressure< Bhether direCtly or indireCtly speCified from their funders to develop finanCial
sustainability( "his ContradiCts Bith the Deneral impression of the donors Diven to the
Consultation team Bhereby the donors freHuently stated that they reCoDnised that soCial
proDrammes Could not be finanCially independent Diven the eConomy and laCF of taA
base for the Dovernment to provide soCial serviCes(
An additional reason for the Current trend to beDin I&A is that very feB donors are
alloCatinD siDnifiCant funds for N&Os or Communities to tap into to address their O4VC
issues adeHuately( "hrouDh an I&A< hoBever suCCessful or unsuCCessful< Communities
are attemptinD to address their finanCial needs Bithout usinD outside assistanCe(
"he danDer lies that N&Os and Communities are beCominD eAtremely foCused on
raisinD money to support the orphans at the eApense of their soCial proDrammes< BhiCh
is the Comparative advantaDe of most N&Os( AlthouDh developinD self relianCe is a
supported aCt< Caution needs to be eAerted( +irst< the approaCh to developinD a
business must be more praDmatiC( SeCond< the N&O or C*O should not eAert most of
its human resourCes on raisinD money at the eApense of its needed soCial proDramme
!ro"ramme #ustainability
N&Os taFe fervent strides to mobilise the Communities so that they are able to aCt for
themselves< identify problems< aCCess resourCes and develop solutions( In Deneral< the
N&Os BorF diliDently to promote Community independenCe< to build the CapaCity of
Communities throuDh various forms of traininD and to Create linFaDes Bith outside
institutions( In this area N&Os seem to be Huite suCCessful and have learned various
lessons to develop proDramme sustainability and to DalvaniEe a Community for aCtion(
!syc&o'#ocial Needs
Almost sinCe the inCeption of proDramme efforts related to orphans< the psyCho-soCial
needs of AI$S orphans have been disCussed( ost N&Os reCoDnise the needs to help
the Children Cope Bith Drief over the loss of parents< deal Bith the separation of
siblinDs and the stiDma of AI$S( In some situations these emotional needs inClude
beinD seCond Class CitiEens in their homes and issues of physiCal< mental and seAual
"he Deneral trend to respond to this issue is to develop life sFills traininD in Community
sChool CurriCulum( "his subGeCt Covers various aspeCts of life for Children from seA
eduCation to self ConfidenCe and self respeCt(
any N&Os are inCreasinDly realisinD that CareDivers of orphans also have uniHue
psyCho-soCial needs( "heir proDramme efforts noB attempt to inClude CareDivers by
traininD them to assist the Children to Cope Bith Drief< eduCatinD them on issues of
abuse and providinD CopinD sFills for the CareDivers to deal Bith the inCreased
eConomiC pressures of additional family members and the inability to provide
adeHuately for their family in this diffiCult eConomy(
(ealt& Needs
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11-
Institutional Response
November 1999
*ased on this study it seems that feB N&Os are addressinD health needs of the
Children< althouDh it is freHuently identified by Communities as an area of need( "he
N&Os may provide eduCation related to nutrition and other Common Childhood
illnesses< but it did not seem to be a Common aspeCt of proDramme interventions nor a
prime foCus(
ost N&Os reCoDnise the additional health Care needs of Children Bho are #IVL( It
seemed that Diven the diffiCulties that Communities have to openly disCuss #IV4AI$S<
this is an area Bhere the N&Os are not direCtinD their resourCes< perhaps beCause Diven
the silenCe surroundinD AI$S the disCussion Bould beCome a hindranCe to their overall
efforts to develop trust in the Communities( It is possible thouDh< that in the future<
after some of the other immediate needs of the Community are met< that the N&Os
Bould beDin to branCh into this area( "his is an inferenCe draBn from the disCussions
and Bas not mentioned direCtly(
(I)*AID# Education A+areness
2hen asFed most of the N&Os responded affirmatively to the Huestion reDardinD the
inClusion of #IV4AI$S aBareness and eduCation( #oBever< Bhen asFed to provide an
overvieB of their proDramminD efforts and Deneral strateDy< #IV4AI$S eduCation Bas
seldom mentioned( It appears that the N&Os are overBhelmed by the sheer number of
orphans and Children in need in the Communities and the tremendous immediate needs
of the Children and their families in BhiCh they operate that their foremost foCus is on
respondinD to that need( "he prime Cause for the orphan situation seems to have taFen
a seCondary position and at times appears to be reDarded as an after thouDht( It seems
that there miDht be a delinFaDe betBeen #IV4AI$S prevention and orphan Care(
"he eACeption to this situation is those feB N&Os Bhose primary proDramme purpose
Combines #IV4AI$S aBareness and orphan4vulnerable Children Care( Additionally<
those N&Os and reliDious institutions BhiCh linF home based Care and O4VC
interventions foCus on AI$S prevention as a Cornerstone of their proDramme
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -10-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Reli3ious Institutions
+or the purpose of this report< a reliDious institution is limited to those umbrella type
ChurCh related orDanisations and not the independent ChurChes or missions affiliated
Bith the ChurCh(
-erhaps the CatholiC SeCretariat provides the most Coherent and orDanised reliDious
institution response to orphans( "hrouDhout Zambia< the various dioCeses are involved
in developinD Community responses to orphan Care( "hese proDrammes have often
developed in assoCiation Bith the home based Care proDrammes( As the number of
orphans has inCreased< the home based Care proDrammes beDan to inCorporate
measures to address the ConCerns of orphans and the families CarinD for the orphans(
"he approaCh of the CatholiC dioCeses is similar to that of the N&Os( "hey linF
Community oBnership and responses to the Care for orphans( "he ChurCh strives to
Feep orphans in the Community and Bill employ orphanaDes as a last resort(
Community sChools often develop in order to address the eduCation needs of Children(
"he CatholiC ChurCh has eAperienCed finanCial diffiCulties as overseas fundinD has
deCreased Considerably and also enDaDes Communities in I&A(
AlthouDh other ChurChes do not have as larDe an outreaCh or Coordinated proDramme
as the CatholiC SeCretariat< many are enCouraDinD orphan Care amonDst their ChurCh
membership( +reHuently< the proDrammes attempt to provide food< ClothinD and
eduCation to orphaned Children( "he number of orphans reaChed Can vary from 1:
orphans to a feB hundred( "hese proDrammes< althouDh Commendable attempts< in
Deneral seem to laCF larDe sCale fundinD and a foCused proDramme effort( "here is a
definite need to build the CapaCity of ChurCh orDanisations to better strateDise and
implement proGeCts(
any of the ChurChes are also developinD inCome DeneratinD aCtivities( "hey appear to
faCe similar hurdles in this area as the N&Os( "here seems to be a laCF of praDmatism
and business aCumen in the development of the business venture and a dearth of neB
"he reliDious institutions have an advantaDe in that they have a ready made audienCe
and have freHuently already established Credibility and trust( any use the pulpit to
foster Community responsibility and a foundation of reliDious obliDation to enCouraDe a
Community response to the orphan problem( "he ChurChes are also able to easily
identify needy families amonDst their Communities throuDh the involvement of
ConDreDation members(
*o6ernment Response
"he Dovernment seems to be limited in its proDramme efforts related to O4VC and
appears to be sloB to move beyond rhetoriC( AlthouDh relevant inistries have
developed poliCies reDardinD Children< the N&Os intervieBed do not seem to be aBare
of the Current poliCy environment< indiCatinD the need to Create routes to disseminate
information from Bithin the Dovernment to the outside( *udDet shortaDes Drossly limit
the aCtive role that Dovernment Can direCtly taFe to impaCt the situation of vulnerable
Children in Zambia( Nevertheless< Dovernment Can fill the important funCtion to
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11-
Institutional Response
November 1999
mobilise N&Os to respond to the needs of Communities and to develop and provide the
enablinD poliCy environment to promote the needs of O4VC( Overall Coordination of
the various efforts reDardinD vulnerable Children is desperately needed( &overnment
Could possibly fill this role(
It is not Clear Bhy the Dovernment has been sloB in the past in respondinD to the
loominD O4VC issues( -ositive efforts have been made in the formation of the
&overnment "asF +orCe on Orphans( "he tasF forCe is Comprised of the -ermanent
SeCretaries of the inistry of 'outh< Sport and Child $evelopment< inistry of
Community $evelopment and SoCial ServiCes< inistry of !duCation< inistry of
#ealth and inistry of %eDal Affairs( Additionally< there is a teChniCal Committee
Comprised of various professionals from eaCh of the ministries( "he "asF +orCe is a
reCent development< but is a positive step toBards an inCreased ConCentrated
Dovernment response to the O4VC issues(
Additionally< the $isaster anaDement and itiDation /nit 5$/6 at the OffiCe of
the ViCe -resident is CritiCally eAamininD that offiCe;s role in the Care for vulnerable
Children( "he $/ should be inCluded in future dialoDue reDardinD an orDanised
response to O4VC(
Community Care 6s Institutionalisation
In Deneral< most ContaCt persons intervieBed for this study overBhelminDly aDree that
Community Care is not only a better option than orphanaDes< but the best option based
upon past eAperienCes( Adult orphans Bho DreB up in an institution freHuently
eAperienCe a type of dysfunCtion upon their return to the Community( "hey have been
raised void of Zambian rituals and often feel disassoCiated from their Community(
+urthermore< institutional Care is eApensive and often perCeived to be a Baste of
resourCes in the lonD run(
#oBever< at times there are no other solutions for the Care of orphans than in an
institution( ost orphanaDes taFe tremendous efforts to alleviate the potential future
dysfunCtion throuDh Creative measures to inClude Community partiCipation in the
raisinD of the Children(
"ational Poli5y Issues
Very feB N&Os direCtly involved Bith orphan and Children in need are BorFinD on the
national poliCy either direCtly or indireCtly( In faCt< Bhen asFed to Comment on a
national poliCy frameBorF BhiCh Bould advanCe their BorF< the maGority had very little
response( "his indiCates tBo issues( +irst< the relevant Dovernment ministries have
poliCies related to Children;s riDhts( It seems apparent that this information is not beinD
disseminated out of the Dovernment to the N&Os( SeCondly< the laCF of response
indiCates that N&Os miDht not fully reCoDnise the manner in BhiCh national poliCies
Could advanCe their BorF(
A handful of N&Os artiCulated the need for an improved national poliCy frameBorF
and plaCed the onus on the Dovernment< notably the inistry of Community
$evelopment and SoCial ServiCes< to develop the poliCy( "he N&Os Bould liFe to be
involved in the development of the poliCy frameBorF sinCe their Community BorF
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Bould provide the appropriate benChmarFs to assure that adeHuate and effeCtive
poliCies are developed(
'e3al $rame7or8
"he Deneral perCeption amonDst the N&Os and reliDious institutions is that most laBs
reDardinD Children in Zambia are outdated and the laCF of enforCement renders the
laBs praCtiCally non-eAistent(
Some N&Os and reliDious institutions have embarFed on eduCatinD Community
members on various leDal issues 5despite the inadeHuaCy of the laBs and the laCF of
enforCement6< primarily issues of abuse and property DrabbinD( In Deneral< the Doal is
to deCrease issues of property DrabbinD and abuse throuDh providinD information to
Communities reDardinD individual riDhts and Bhere one Can turn for assistanCe(
Ad6o5a5y for Children
any N&Os indiCated the need for a stronD orDanisation BhiCh advoCates for Children(
"hey Bant this orDanisation to Feep Children;s issues in the publiC and Dovernment eye
and to Constantly promote Care for the nation;s Children( "hey reCoDnise that the
Comparative advantaDe of their institutions is in soCial BorF rather than advoCaCy(
#oBever< the perCeption of linFinD and netBorFinD Bith orDanisations involved in leDal
advoCaCy< suCh as the National 2omen;s %obby &roup< seems to be absent( "he team
ConduCted intervieBs Bith a feB advoCaCy Droups( It Bas evident that these Droups
have not inCorporated the riDhts of Children into their advoCaCy BorF in a manner
BhiCh Bould properly represent the maDnitude of the vulnerable Children in Zambia or
have an impaCt on the Country;s perCeptions< as is the role of an advoCaCy institution(
$ood Aid
+ood aid is perhaps one of the most Controversial of Community development efforts(
+or this survey both -roDramme ADainst alnutrition 5-A6 and 2orld +ood
-roDramme 52+-6 Bere intervieBed( &iven the hiDh levels of poverty< one Cannot
easily arDue that hunDer is not an issue faCinD many Zambian families( *oth -A and
2+- indiCate that their efforts are minute Compared to the need for food aid in
"he Controversy eAists betBeen N&Os Bho strive to limit direCt material assistanCe in
order to promote self relianCe and orDanisations suCh as -A and 2+- Bho appear to
MGust Dive food aBay(N *oth -A and 2+- remind the development Community that
food aid is desiDnated for the poorest of the poor and is meant to be one Component of
a larDer proDramme to promote development and independenCe( "he perCeption is
that someBhere a linF is missinD that employs food aid as a temporary intervention as
part of a larDer holistiC to effort development(
2+- has BorFed Bith N&Os Bhose poliCy differs from theirsK both sides have
Compromised to develop a Collaborative approaCh that meets the strateDies of both
orDanisations( In some inCidenCes< 2+- has alloBed a nominal fee to be ColleCted for
the food aid Bith the understandinD that the money ColleCted Bill be Channeled into the
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
"he area of monitorinD and evaluation is perhaps the most limited for almost all players
5donor< N&O< reliDious institution and Dovernment6 BorFinD to assist Children in need(
ost N&Os and donors readily share their monitorinD and evaluation teChniHues BhiCh
Denerally inClude Huarterly and annual reports< as Bell as< site visits( ost institutions
aDree that monitorinD and evaluation is a needed and effeCtive tool to improve
proDramme planninD(
!ffeCtive Community development N&Os stress the need for Community involvement
to develop a system for traCFinD proDress( It is throuDh this involvement that the
Community defines the suCCess of a proGeCt and taFes responsibility to ensure its
#oBever< it appeared that feB proDrammes have aCtually developed indiCators to see if
a proGeCt is havinD an impaCt or a system for reDularly ColleCtinD Hualitative and
Huantitative data( Very feB N&Os Bere able to provide information reDardinD the
number of Children assisted< perCentaDe of Children in need assisted or any real
indiCation of the impaCt the proDramme Bas havinD on the livelihoods of Children( In
the area of inCome Deneration little Huantitative information Bas available reDardinD the
amount of money Denerated from the aCtivity( Only a handful of orDanisations have
Dathered lonD term data on the proDress of Children they have funded(
It seems that all institutions 5donors< N&Os< reliDious institutions and Dovernment6
Could benefit from further dialoDue< Bith eaCh< sharinD information and eAamples of
Dood monitorinD and evaluation teChniHues( ore importantly it miDht be benefiCial to
Dain some Consensus on the Doals of orphan and vulnerable Children proDramminD(
Street Children
"he issues of street Children in urban areas is serious( In Deneral< orDanisations
BorFinD Bith street Children attempt to provide food and ClothinD as Bell as eduCation
throuDh Community sChools( "hey strive to provide either day or niDht shelters for the
Children( AlthouDh there is a mass of Children Bho have no ChoiCe< but to live on the
streets< there are many Children Bho have run aBay from home beCause of issues of
abuse at home or simply in searCh of food and money( Some orDanisations BorFinD
Bith street Children train soCial BorFers Bho provide outreaCh to the youth on the
street( "hey attempt to Dain the trust of the Children( In time the soCial BorFers try to
resolve the problems at home to enCouraDe a return to the families(
It seems that at times the N&Os BorFinD direCtly on orphan and Children in need and
those BorFinD direCtly Bith street Children are not CollaboratinD effeCtively( At times<
they almost seem to vieB eaCh other;s BorF as separate from their oBn( any street
Children N&Os Could provide valuable information to share Bith other N&Os
reDardinD the primary Causes of Children endinD up on the street and Could assist other
N&Os help prevent other Children from leavinD their homes( It does not appear that
the N&Os are unBillinD to Collaborate< but rather that the maDnitude of the problems
faCinD Children Consume most of the proDramme manaDers time that they are unable to
effeCtively beDin Collaboration(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
OrDanisations BorFinD Bith street Children are also in need of CapaCity buildinD(
+reHuently< the founders of these orDanisations are themselvse not neCessarily
professional N&O administrators< but rather people Bho have responded to a need in
their Communities( "hey have also eAperienCed similar results Bith I&A aCtivities as
their Counterparts BorFinD to mobilise Communities to raise revenue to support the
Collaboration bet7een Or3anisations
Very feB orDanisations are CollaboratinD Bith eaCh other on the issue of O4VC(
OrDanisations Bho find themselves operatinD in the same Community may Collaborate<
but more often eaCh orDanisation operates as a separate entity Bith individual proGeCts
rather than a Coordinated proDramme(
"he N&Os speaF rather openly about Clashes betBeen N&Os over their individual
philosophies of Community development< fund raisinD issues< CatChment areas< etC( It
is diffiCult to assess the freHuenCy< maDnitude and impaCt of these Clashes( It is evident
that everyone BorFinD on orphan and vulnerable Children issues Could undoubtedly
benefit from a forum BhiCh promotes Collaboration< disCussion of ContradiCtinD
philosophies and endeavors to Create a more Coherent approaCh to interventions(
S5alin3 Up
"he orphan and vulnerable Children situation is inCreasinD rather than abatinD(
Numerous faCtors Contribute to the diffiCulty of sCalinD up the interventions at
appropriate levels to meet the DroBinD need for O4VC interventions in Zambia(
"he Current response of N&Os< reliDious institutions and donors is random
Bith little Coordination betBeen institutions or DeoDraphiC foCus(
&overnment involvement is severely limited at the present time( "he laCF of
Dovernment presenCe is ContributinD to preventinD the donor Community from
beCominD seriously involved in O4VC(
$earth of adeHuate fundinD to address the maDnitude of the issue seriously and
at a larDe sCale(
"here is little to no broad Consensus on Bhat O4VC proDramminD should
"he use of proper analysis to evaluate the effeCtiveness of interventions is
laCFinDK thus ContributinD to the delay of development of effeCtive
Institutions are overBhelmed respondinD to the immediate needs(It seems little
effort is beinD made to CritiCally analyse Bhat is BorFinD or Bhat is repliCable<
muCh less hoB to sCale up efforts(
"he folloBinD are reCommendations based on the perCeived strenDths of Current O4VC
BorF and identified areas of BeaFness Bhere improvement is needed(
Community Mobilisation
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -17-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Continue to foCus on Community development efforts and trust the Community
to best define its needs< internal resourCes and solutions( "he Community
mobilisation response to O4VC problems< althouDh time and initially resourCe
ConsuminD< is an appropriate intervention( +urthermore< Diven the mass
numbers of O4VC DeneratinD Community responses and solutions are most
liFely the only means to address the issue on any larDe sCale(
Continue to foCus on Children in need rather than orphans eAClusively in order
to Continue to foster a Community response and oBnership(
AlthouDh many N&Os are effeCtive in mobilisinD Communities< it is not alBays
Clear hoB that mobilisation triCFles doBn to benefit Children( Analysis to
unCover the dynamiCs of interventions Bith impaCt Bould probably be
benefiCial to a Bide audienCe of O4VC players(
,*)C !ro"ramme
+oster the development of a Coherent O4VC proDramme rather than the Current
amalDamation of individual proGeCts( "his is not meant to imply the
development of one body overseeinD nationBide interventions( "he idea is to
develop some unity and synerDies betBeen eAistinD proGeCts(
"he O4VC problem is a multi-faCeted issue and should be dealt Bith at a multi-
seCtoral level(
$evelop a meChanism to improve Collaboration betBeen various O4VC players
to reDularly share information< resourCes< identify CatChment areas< etC( "his
forum should also foster the Creation of neB ideas for proDramminD< I&A< etC(
+oster a Consensus on Doals of O4VC interventions and to develop a more Clear
vision< defined strateDies and evaluation indiCators(
InClude reliDious institutions in O4VC strateDiC planninD and reCoDnise their
Contribution to the solution(
%obby the Dovernment for a more visible and aCtive role in O4VC( *oth
$isaster itiDation and anaDement /nity at the OffiCe of the ViCe -resident
and the inistry of Community $evelopment and SoCial ServiCes are Dood
startinD points(
StrenDthen a Current advoCaCy orDanisation to better advoCate for the riDhts of
!nCouraDe dialoDue Bith donor Community at larDe< Dovernment< N&Os and
reliDious institutions(
%inF #IV4AI$S eduCation Bith O4VC proDramme efforts either throuDh the
N&Os CarryinD out O4VC proDramminD or throuDh other means( !Aplore
further linFaDes Bith home based Care proDrammes and #IV4AI$S eduCation(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -19-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Ca-acity .uildin"
N&Os Cannot effeCtively address the maDnitude of the O4VC problem Bithout
adeHuate administrate support from their fundinD sourCes(
ReCoDnise that some N&Os and reliDious institutions need further CapaCity
buildinD to effeCtively administer their proDrammes 5this is not limited to
finanCial manaDement(6
Assist reliDious institutions to build their oBn CapaCity to better strateDise
O4VC interventions(
$evelop a more praDmatiC approaCh to business ventures desiDned to raise
revenue to support O4VC proGeCts(
ConduCt proper marFet analysis and eAtend I&A traininD to inClude marFet
researCh and Deneral marFetinD sFills and to move beyond booFFeepinD(
Monitorin" and Evaluation
-laCe a stronD foCus on Hualitative and Huantitative evaluation teChniHues(
-romote the development and sharinD of monitorinD and evaluation measures(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -19-
Institutional Response
November 1999
!nCouraDe dialoDue reDardinD alternative 5to Community sChools6 means to
eduCate the Children( 5i(e( adaptation of lonD distanCe eduCation teChniHues(6
CritiCal analysis of the Huality of eduCation provided in the Community sChools
and the additional merits beyond eduCation of Children is needed(
Distribution of #tudy
OverBhelminDly< those persons intervieBed for this study indiCated a stronD
desire to reCeive this study 5the four Components(6 "he SteerinD Committee is
stronDly advised to either distribute this study to the orDanisations inCluded in
this Component or to notify them that it is available(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -0:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
In6entory of Institutions
"he folloBinD paDes Contain an inventory of institutions intervieBed as part of a
Situation Analysis on AI$S Orphans in Zambia( "he institutions are divided up into
CateDories of International $onor< N&O< ReliDious Institution and &overnment( +or
the purpose of this study< the reliDious institutions are the umbrella type orDanisations
and as opposed to independent ChurChes Bith proDrammes or missions( Some
independent ChurCh or mission proGeCts are inCluded under the N&O seCtion(
+olloBinD the profile of intervieBed institutions< additional information reDardinD some
institutions Can be found(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -01-
Institutional Response
November 1999
International (onor Response
4ritish :i3h Commission
ContaCt -erson? &raCe pundu< Aid Assistant for $evelopment
"elephone? 0,1-111
+aA? 0,1-979
email? D-mpunduOdfid(Dov(uF
status? International $onor
"he *ritish #iDh Commission
has a small Drants sCheme of 0::<::: pounds to be used
at the disCretion of the #iDh Commissioner( "his year the foCus is?
to reduCe the spread of #IV4AI$S
to assist families affeCted by AI$S
to proteCt the environment
to improve the livelihood of the disadvantaDed
"he tarDeted benefiCiaries of the fund are Bomen< orphans and the disabled(
s( pundu;s sChedule did not permit a faCe to faCe meetinD( "his information Bas provided over
the telephone( +urthermore< she has only been employed at the Commission for the last month and
DraCiously provided the information that she Could(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -00-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Canadian International (e6elopment A3en5y ;CI(A<
ContaCt -erson? iyanda 3BambBa< $evelopment OffiCer
-hysiCal Address? ,199 /nited Nations Ave
ailinD Address? -O *oA 11111< %usaFa
"elephone 0,:-911
+aA? 0,)-17.
Status? International $onor
"he overall CI$A Zambia development proDramme has suffered as a result of CI$A
sBitChinD from Country foCused proDrammes to reDional foCused proDrammes(
Currently< CI$A Zambia is returninD to Country foCused proDrammes( "hey are
obliDated to Complete prior proDrammes before undertaFinD neB proDrammes(
Currently< CI$A does not foCus on orphans( "hey have supported various home
based Care efforts in the past in %usaFa< Cobberbelt< %ivinDstone and onEe and
eApeCt that orphan issues Bill most liFely be inCorporated into future phases(
CI$A has a Canada +und for %oCal Initiatives 5C+%I6( "here is a limit of Canadian
P):<::: per proGeCt( -referenCe is Diven to rural areas and Community involvement is
a reHuired Component of the proGeCt( Support should Compliment CI$A;s bilateral aid?
environment< human riDhts< Dood DovernanCe< basiC human needs 5health< eduCation
and Bater sanitation6< Dender and poverty alleviation(
CIDA/s .ilateral Aid
Zambia SoCial SeCtor Support is to support the soCial elements of onDoinD maCro-
eConomiC reform in health and eduCation( "he proGeCt provides reHuired finanCial
assistanCe to the inistries of #ealth and !duCation and SCienCe< "eChniCal !duCation
and VoCational "raininD(
-roDramme for AdvanCement of &irls; !duCation is desiDned to deliver Huality primary
eduCation to all Children< espeCially Dirls( It aims to enhanCe the CapaCity at all levels to
reduCe Dender disparities in primary eduCation enrollment< retention< Completion and
!nvironmental CounCil of Zambia assists Zambia in proteCtinD its environment as the
basis for future human< soCial and eConomiC development(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -01-
Institutional Response
November 1999
The European Union ;EU<
ContaCt -erson 8oan -ilCher
-hysiCal Address? %os AnDeles *lvd
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1)971< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,:-7114179K 0,1-1):K 0,0-11.41)1
+aA? 0,:-9:.
email? Goan(pilCherOEam(eudel(Com
Status? International $onor
"he !uropean /nion 5!/6 does not have a speCifiC proDramme related to orphans(
"hey sponsor a feB proGeCts related to orphans(
0ambia Education Ca-acity .uildin" !ro"ramme (0ECA.)
"he Zambia !duCation CapaCity *uildinD -roDramme 5Z!CA*6 is a five year
proDramme BhiCh parallels the development of *!SSI- and "!SSI-( "his
proDramme is sCheduled to beDin this year(
"he purpose of Z!CA* is to?
to promote effiCient and effeCtive manaDement of eduCation and traininD
to promote the inClusion of marDinalised Children and youth in non-formal and
formal eduCation and traininD(
ReCoDnisinD that a maGor deterrent to the partiCipation in eduCation of vulnerable youth
is the payment of sChool fees and user Costs< this proDramme Bill provide bursaries to
Children;s families(
/nder Z!CA* .::<::: Children betBeen the aDes of . and 11 Bho are not in sChool
Bill be tarDeted( SpeCifiC CateDories of Children to be supported under this sCheme
inClude orphans< Dirl Children and Children of the destitute( "he main foCus Bill be in
rural areas and the Dirl Child Bill reCeive the maGority of the foCus(
In 1999< small pilots Bill taFe plaCe in %uapula -rovinCe 5Samfya6< Northern -rovinCe
5piFa6 and %usaFa and 3itBe( "he pilots Bill test the meChanisms for the operation
of the sCheme before it is eApanded to support over 10<::: Children from the year
Z!CA* Bill also provide ConstruCtion of some Community sChools< but the details are
still in the planninD staDe(
"raininD for older Children in inCome DeneratinD sFills Bill most liFely be a part of this
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -0)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
NG, Co'1inancin"
Ndola $ioCese
"he !/ has provided past fundinD for the Ndola $ioCese AI$S proDramme( A seCond
five year phase is beDinninD for BhiCh orphans are a tarDeted Component( "his proGeCt
is Community driven and the orphans Component has been identified and defined by the
"he orphans proGeCt strives to find Community solutions to the overBhelminD problems
faCed as inCreasinD numbers of Children are orphaned( +urthermore< this proDramme
reCoDnises that IChildren in need4distress; is a better terminoloDy than orphan< sinCe
some orphaned Children are Bell looFed after by relatives 5and some are not6 and that
some Children of ChroniCally ill may be in need of support as Bell( "his proDramme is
eApeCted to maFe linFs Bith other institutions tarDetinD orphans(
"he Ndola $ioCese is Bell FnoBn for its ColleCtion of statistiCs related to AI$S( It is
eApeCted that they Bill also maFe eHually diliDent efforts to ColleCt statistiCs on
orphans( "he proGeCt has BorFed out a monitorinD system to ColleCt Huarterly
"he !/ has also supported a small orphanaDe in ishiFishe(
Community #c&ools
"he !/ is beDinninD a proDramme in affiliation Bith Volunteer ServiCes Overseas
5VSO6( A VSO volunteer Bill be affiliated Bith the Community sChool at *auleni
Street 3ids proGeCt and Bill BorF to improve the Huality of the teaChinD sFills and to
develop fund raisinD sFills and improve the manaDement ability of the sChool( "he !/
Bill also provide some basiC material(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -0,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
The Embassy of $inland
ContaCt -erson r( arFFu %aamanan< Counselor
-hysiCal Address? AnDlo AmeriCan *uildinD< 7) IndependenCe
ailinD Address? -O *oA ,:119< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,:-011K 0,:-011
+aA? 0,)-991
email? finembOEamnetEm
Status? International $onor
"he +innish !mbassy does not have an orphan proDramme( "hey are beDinninD an
#IV4AI$S proDramme related to eduCation( "his proDramme is primarily Deared at
AI$S aBareness and the improvement of manuals for teaChers and other behavior
ChanDe materials(
"he +innish !mbassy does have a small proGeCt fund available for Drants up to
/S$1:<:::( In the past this money has been used to support various missionary
aCtivities Deared toBards Children(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -0.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
ContaCt -erson &abriella &oetE
-hysiCal Address? .).9 3ariba Rd< 3alundu< %usaFa
ailinD Address? -O *oA 17A< %usaFa
"elephone? 091-919 to 0:
+aA? 091-9).
email? DtEpasOEamnet(Em
Status? International $onor
has not BorFed in the seCtor related to orphans( In September< they hope to
beDin a proGeCt in Southern -rovinCe dealinD Bith health( "here Bill be tBo
Components? AI$S and Dender( Additionally< they have an eduCation proDramme for
Children Bhere they attempt to train them for Gobs in the informal seCtor(
s( &abriella &oetE Bas unavailable for a meetinD< due to home leave( Another person at &"Z
provided this information over the telephone(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -07-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Irish Aid
ContaCt -erson $r( Oliver %ulembo< #ealth Advisor
-hysiCal Address? ...1 3atimo ulilo Rd
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1)901
"elephone? 09:-.,:K 091-10)K 09:-.,:
+aA? 09:-)90
email? irembOEamnetEm
Status? International $onor
Irish Aid does not have a formal orphans4vulnerable Children foCus( ReDardinD AI$S<
they foCus on the prevention of transmission(
SinCe 199.< they have funded CIN$I 3itBe and reCently aDreed to an additional three
year fundinD phase( #oBever< this Bill be the last fundinD provided to CIN$I 3itBe
primarily beCause Irish Aid does not Bish to support any N&O lonD term(
"he first phase funded Capital items inCludinD administrative Costs< BhiCh it is Denerally
not the poliCy of Irish Aid to Cover( "he seCond phase is providinD CapaCity buildinD
and inCludes attemptinD to improve resourCe mobiliEation and strateDiC planninD(
Irish Aid monitors CIN$I 3itBe throuDh partiCipation in Huarterly meetinDs( "hese
meetinDs have been opened to inClude all the various donors fundinD CIN$I 3itBe(
Irish Aid reHuires Huarterly aCtivity and finanCial reports and ConduCts field visits(
Irish Aid reCoDnises the maDnitude of the orphan problem< the dearth of resourCes as
Bell as the faCt that the problem is inCreasinD as opposed to abatinD( Irish Aid Bishes
the Dovernment to taFe the lead in developinD a plan for orphan Care as Bell as the
leDal frameBorF( Irish Aid perCeives the need for orphan Care but reCoDnises the need
for a national poliCy on both #IV4AI$S and Children( "hey are BillinD to partiCipate<
but Bish the Dovernment to lead(
3essons 3earned
In Deneral Irish Aid does not provide administrative Costs to N&Os( "hey feel that
CIN$I 3itBe beCame dependent on Irish Aid(
"he multi-faCeted problem of Care of orphans must be addressed from a multi-
seCtoral point of vieB(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -09-
Institutional Response
November 1999
=apan International Cooperation A3en5y ;=ICA<
ContaCt -erson !tsuGi 'oshimura< Assistant Resident Representative< +estus
%ubinDa< -roDramme OffiCer
-hysiCal Address? ,9* utandBa Rd(< Roma
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1::07< %usaFa
"elephone? 091-:7,K 090-779K 09)-))0
+aA? 090-.19
email? GiCaOEamnet(Em
Status? International $onor
8ICA does not Currently have an O4VC proDramme( "hey are beDinninD to eAplore the
possible avenues for their partiCipation in this area and are in the early staDes of
disCussinD their Comparative advantaDe( "he internal disCussions Bere too preliminary
to share for this study(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -09-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"or7e3ian A3en5y for (e6elopment ;"ORA(<
ContaCt -erson Anette +erdinand< -roDramme OffiCer Civil SoCiety
-hysiCal Address? Royal NorBeDian !mbassy
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1),7:< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,0-199
+aA? 0,1-91,
email? anette(ferdinandOlun(norad(telemaA(no
Status? International $onor
does not offiCially have an orphans proDramme( #oBever< they Bill support
N&Os4C*Os BorFinD in this area BhiCh meet the Deneral reHuirements for NORA$
support Bho apply for assistanCe( "his fundinD falls under the soCial serviCes division
Bithin NORA$( NORA$ funds both proDramme and administrative Costs<
reCoDniEinD that administrative Costs are linFed to the suCCessful implementation of
proDramme interventions( In the Case of orphanaDes and street Fids< NORA$ Bill also
on a short term basis provide food for the Children Bhile the orDanisation develops its
oBn means to feed its Clients(
In the past< related to orphans and #IV4AI$S they have supported
1( +amily #ealth "rust CIN$I
0( yumba 'anDa orphanaDe for younD Dirls(
1( A day Care Centre in bala throuDh the Sisters of the SaCred #eart
)( Zambia Open Community SChools
,( "asintha
.( *auleni Street 3ids
7( #ome based Care initiatives
9( On a small sCale< the buildinD of struCtures for street Children
NORA$ prefers to Channel funds throuDh umbrella orDanisations BhiCh in turn Bill
disburse funds to smaller N&Os and C*Os(
NORA$ Bould liFe to see a stronDer Dovernment initiative reDardinD the situation of
Children in need in Zambia(
'essons 'earned
NORA$ enCouraDes N&Os to enDaDe in inCome Deneration aCtivities< but not at
the eApense of that orDanisation CarryinD out its needed proDramme efforts(
NORA$ has learned that there is no short term support of orphanaDes( If a donor
beDins to provide food and mediCine to an orphanaDe< beCause the need is so Dreat<
it must be prepared to Continue the provision in the lonD term(
s( +erdinand Findly met Bith the Consultation in absenCe of her ColleaDue( She provided the
information she Could< but Bas not the most appropriate person at NORA$(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
S7edish International (e6elopment A3en5y ;SI(A<
ContaCt -erson ulenDa uleba< SoCial $evelopment OffiCer
-hysiCal Address? Royal SBedish !mbassy
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1:799< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,1-711
+aA? 0,)-:)9
Status? International $onor
SI$A does not have an offiCial orphans proGeCt per se( "hey are in the proCess of
eAamininD their Comparative advantaDe in this area and eAplorinD possible linFs Bith
other institutions( AlthouDh fundinD has not been alloCated for speCifiC orphans
aCtivities small Drants miDht be available in the future( In Deneral SI$A looFs to build
CapaCities of loCal institutions(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11-
Institutional Response
November 1999
United "ations Children>s $und ;U"ICE$<
ContaCt -erson? -eter C$ermott< Representative
-hysiCal Address? /N CompleA< AliCF NFhata Road
"elephone4+aA? 0,0:,,< 0,1.01<
ailinD Address? -(O( *O> 11.1: %usaFa
Status? /N ADenCy
/NIC!+ Zambia is a /N ADenCy aimed at helpinD underprivileDed Children settle in
life throuDh various interventions( It has a five-year proDramme of Cooperation Bith
&RZ and pertners - the aster -lan of Operations - BhiCh is developed into Annual
-lans of ACtion eaCh year< an update of the aCtivities they Bere involved durinD the
previous year(
Related to orphans< /NIC!+ provides support throuDh home based Care< youth
friendly health serviCes and Community sChools( "hese are proDrammatiC interventions
that have a broader CoveraDe than Gust orphans but havinD substantial relevanCe to
orphans( "hese are undertaFen throuDh /NIC!+;s mainstream proDrammes namely
#ealth and !duCation(
/NIC!+;s operations Cover urban< peri-urban and rural areas in ConGunCtion Bith
other CareDivers suCh as relevant N&Os< Dovernment departments and orDanisations(
"o support and help orphans and underprivileDed Children in areas of eduCation
and health in Collaboration Bith all other orDanisations that provide similar
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
/NIC!+;s interventions are undertaFen throuDh tBo mainstream proDrammes namely
#ealth and !duCation
(ealt& !ro"ramme
"he inistry of #ealth< throuDh an offiCe BorFinD Bith and situated at /NIC!+<
remains involved in the issue of orphans throuDh the National AI$S proDramme in a
number of Bays( At a national level the ministry Continues to advoCate for the
intensified aCtion for O4VC(
"hrouDh the CommissioninD of periodiC studies on the situation of Bomen and Children
the ministry maintains offiCial orphan estimates and uses this information to lobby for
additional resourCes BhiCh are Channelled to N&Os and C*Os(
At Community level< home based Care proDrammes provide an appropriate entry point
for support to orphans( "he provision of mediCal and food supplies is distributed in
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -10-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Collaboration Bith loCal N&Os and C*Os and is Coordinated by $istriCt "asF +orCes
on #IV4AI$S(
Education !ro"ramme
"he !duCation $epartment faCilitates and supports learninD opportunities in
Community sChools Bhere Children in additional to basiC sFills suCh as readinD
and BritinD< are tauDht life sFills to help them maFe informed deCisions in their
life after sChool( "here are at present 0,: Community sChools in Zambia
CaterinD for over 1:<::: orphaned and underprivileDed Children( "he
Community sChool CurriCulum runs for four years instead of the seven years
CurriCulum of Dovernment sChools( In Deneral Children enter Community
sChools betBeen the aDe of nine 596 years and 10 years(
"he folloBinD are the Current aCtivities beinD undertaFen by /NIC!+?
Supports ICASA Round "able on orphans
/ndertaFinD the orphan study Bith partners Q /S-AI$ and Study +und
-rovidinD teChniCal support to &RZ "asF forCe on orphans
SupportinD -hase II of ChiFanFata Community *ased Support proGeCt
#avinD disCussions Bith ChurChes on the orphan situation
-lans to train Child Counselors
-lans traininD Bith -oliCe ViCtims Support /nit 5VS/6 on abused Children(
-rovidinD support to C#IN
-lans to support partners5VS/< C$SS< '2CA6 settinD up a data base on Child
%obbyinD for inClusion of orphans in Census 0:::(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
onitorinD and evaluation is normally done throuDh the orDanisations reCeivinD the
support from /NIC!+ and throuDh reports
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11-
Institutional Response
November 1999
United States A3en5y for International (e6elopment ;USAI(<
ContaCt -erson Robert Clay< $ireCtor< -opulation< #ealth and Nutrition
-hysiCal Address? 1,1 IndependenCe
ailinD Address? -O *oA 10)91< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,)-1:1 to .
+aA? 0,)-,10
email? rClayOusaid(Dov
Status? International $onor
In 1999< /SAI$ beDan its support of -roGeCt ConCern International 5-CI6< its
CooperatinD ADenCy to Carry out BorF reDardinD #IV4AI$S and Orphans and
Vulnerable Children 5O4VC6( "he pilot proGeCts tooF plaCe in %ivinDstone and 3itBe(
/SAI$ strives to linF prevention of #IV4AI$S and Care( "he foremost Doal is to
prevent the spread of #IV4AI$S( ReDardinD orphans< the Doal is to faCilitate a
Community response in a sustainable manner so that the orphans are not at a later
disadvantaDed state as adult members of a Community(
2ithin /SAI$< the Doal eAists to mainstream orphans issues throuDhout /SAI$;s
proDramme efforts so that all seCtors 5Bithin the /SAI$ mission6 looF at the orphan
and vulnerable Children issue from the perspeCtive of their Contribution to
interventions( In this reDard< AI$S orphans are not seen as a health issue nor as a
separate entity Bithin /SAI$;s BorF(
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
AI$S aBareness and eduCation are linFed to /SAI$;s orphans BorF( "he foremost
Doal is to prevent #IV4AI$S( #oBever< /SAI$ reCoDnises the maDnitude of the
AI$S epidemiC on the nation;s orphans and is Committed to addressinD the needs of
the Children in a Community based response(
/SAI$ does not hold to a riDid definition of an orphan< hoBever< the fundinD for
orphan interventions oriDinate Bith the $isplaCed Children and Orphans +un 5$CO+6
and the BorF of /SAI$ Zambia must fall Bithin the $CO+ frameBorF(
/SAI$;s supported orphans interventions lie in 3itBe and %ivinDstone( SinCe many
street Fids in %usaFa oriDinate from outside the Capital< /SAI$ hopes to sloB the
miDration toBards the Capital throuDh interveninD in Communities outside %usaFa( "he
ethos of the response in 3itBe and %ivinDstone Centres around Community oBnership(
"he tBo sites employ a variety of interventions from Community sChools< inCome
Deneration aCtivities 5I&A6< Community empoBerment< etC(
/SAI$ supports miCroCredit proGeCts< distributes /NIC!+ eduCation materials to
Community sChools in its pilot distriCts< provides small Drants to C*Os4N&Os and
other appliCants throuDh -CI(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
/SAI$ is eAamininD their role Bithin the leDal frameBorF reDardinD Children( It is felt
that the enforCement of laBs reDardinD Children;s riDhts is the primary problem in this
area( #oBever< they are eAplorinD the possible options for their role in this area(
/SAI$ freHuently ConduCts internal revieBs of its orphan proDrammes( "hey have
developed monitorinD and evaluation indiCators for all their proDrammes Bithin the
mission( AlthouDh /SAI$ has made larDe efforts to develop monitorinD and
evaluation tools< they reCoDnise that more efforts are needed to Continue to develop
methods that assist them to effeCtively monitor their proDrammes(
$uture *oals
/SAI$ is CritiCally eAamininD the means to sCale up their Current small sCale
interventions( "his analysis involves eAamininD in BhiCh distriCts the model is most
adaptable as Bell as Bhere there is an absenCe of other proDrammes sponsored by
other institutions( /nder /SAI$;s Current heath proDramme< they are ConsiderinD
eApandinD to 11 distriCts durinD a three year time frame( /SAI$ is also in disCussion
Bith other donors to identify Daps in CoveraDe and to define Comparative advantaDes(
Currently /SAI$ has an annual budDet of /SP1 million for orphan issues( +or the
neAt fisCal year< they hope to have a budDet of /SP1 to 0 million(
Additional $unds
"hrouDh the /S !mbassy< there are available self help funds( /SAI$ has provided
small Drant support to the +ountain of #ope BhiCh tarDets street Children< inCludinD
'essons 'earned
"he approaCh of empoBerinD Communities taFes lonDer and initially may Cost more
but it is more sustainable in the lonD run(
It is CritiCal for orphans proGeCts to be linFed Bith other seCtors( !duCation<
aDriCulture< miCroCredit are Gust a feB eAamples( Orphans aCtivities Cannot
funCtion effeCtively in isolation of these seCtors(
/SAI$ has suCCessfully enCouraDed the eAChanDe of information betBeen various
Communities in different provinCes and also betBeen distriCt Dovernment and
Community members( "his sharinD of information Contributes to the Creation of a
Zambian solution to the orphans problem and a sharinD of lessons learned and
Creative solutions throuDhout the Country(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
0orld $ood Pro3ramme ;0$P<
ContaCt -erson $orothy NamuChimba< Robinah ulenDa
-hysiCal Address? /nited Nations *uildinD< first floor
ailinD Address? -O *oA 119..< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,)-110K 0,:-9::
+aA? 0,0-9,,
email? dorothy(NamuChimbaOBfp(EmK robinah(ulenDaOBfp(Em
Status? International $onor
2orld +ood -roDramme 52+-6 is in a four year planninD phase BhiCh Bill end 0::1(
"he budDet is /S$ 11(9 million(
"here are three Core areas of 2+- Country assistanCe?
1( /rban +ood for 2orF
0( Rural +ood for 2orF
1( Supplementary +eedinD
Additionally there are supplementary proDrammes? iCro -roGeCts< &irl Child
!duCation< RefuDee AssistanCe and $isaster anaDement and itiDation(
"he overall Doal is to raise the nutritional status of individuals(
1ood 1or 4or2
"he food for BorF proDramme tarDets benefiCiaries in food inseCure households( In
urban areas those households are loCated in unDraded areas( "he Doals are to uplift the
livinD Conditions of households and to improve aCCess to food seCurity( "his proDram
aCCounts for less than ):R of 2+-;s budDet(
In the past 2+- promoted proGeCts that built primarily roads( "hey are noB in the
proCess of reorientinD their BorF toBards a Mfood for assets(N "hese assets inClude
traininD in areas suCh as reproduCtive health< funCtional literaCy and entrepreneurism(
"his proDramme is administered throuDh -/S# 5-eri /rban Self #elp6( Community
$evelopment 2orFers toDether Bith Resident $evelopment Committees seleCt the
benefiCiaries of the proDramme( In Deneral< CharaCteristiCs of reCipients inClude food
inseCure< often are female headed households< often are CarinD for the ChroniCally ill
and have lost employment(
In the past< 2+- had a self seleCtion proCess for their benefiCiaries( 2+- found that
the people most in need did not neCessarily Come forBard to reCeive assistanCe and the
same people< almost indefinitely< reCeived the food for BorF assistanCe(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
#u--lementary 1eedin"
"he Supplementary +eedinD -roDramme aCCounts for ,:R of the budDet( It is
tarDeted at?
Severely malnourished under five Children Bho are hospitalised(
oderately malnourished under five Children under CliniCal Care(
-reDnant and nursinD Bomen(
"* patients
ChroniCally ill 5most of Bhom are #IVL6
"here are tBo types of rations for the ChroniCally ill( If the head of household is ill<
then the family reCeives a family ratio of food supplements( "his inCludes mealy meal<
pulses< CooFinD oil< dried sFim milF( "he patient reCeives heps 5hiDh enerDy protein
supplement(6 2hen the non-bread Binner is ill< then the patient reCeives heps only(
2+- has underDone ChanDes in the supplementary feedinD proDramme( -roGeCt
ConCern International 5-CI6 beDan a food distribution proDramme in the Cobberbelt
funded by the !/( #oBever< they tarDeted poor households and the entire household
reCeives food assistanCe despite Bhether the ill person is the head or not( 2+- is
adoptinD this approaCh in reCoDnition that AI$S affeCts the entire family(
Additionally< -CI is CharDinD a nominal fee( 2+- is not able administratively to aCCept
fees for the food( "hey have aDreed that money Can be ColleCted for their food aid as
lonD as the money is Channeled baCF into the Community throuDh traininD< CounselinD<
"hese approaChes Bill probably be adopted throuDhout the Country over time( +ood
distributors and reCipients need to be trained and sensitised in the neB methods and
ChanDe of poliCy( "here is no defined stateDy to eAtend implement this proDramme
nationBide< althouDh 2+- is Certain that it Bill adapt neB approaChes throuDhout the
+ifty tBo N&Os throuDhout the Country assist 2+- Bith their food distribution
proDramme related to home based Care( "hirty five N&Os assist Bith the food
distribution to orphans(
2+- stresses that food aid should be one Component of a proDramme( "hey reCoDnise
that over time they have beCome assoCiated Bith hand outs and destruCtive to
independenCe( "hey feel that people have often lost siDht that food aid is neCessary<
but should be vieBed as a temporary intervention< Bhile a Community;s CapaCity to
provide for itself is rebuilt(
'essons 'earned
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -17-
Institutional Response
November 1999
2+- learned throuDh eAperienCe that AI$S affeCts an entire household and food
aid should Do to the entire household and not to Gust the ill person(
Orphans; nutritional needs Do beyond hepsK supplementary food paCFaDes often
need to be provided(
"he demand for food aid is eAtremely hiDh and inCreasinD( Communities need to
looF beyond food aid and inBard to themselves to provide and develop
ReDardinD the implementation of the food proDramme< 2+- feels that its
DeoDraphiC spread miDht be too larDe and are ConduCtinD an assessment to see if
they are havinD an impaCt in their CatChment areas(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -19-
Institutional Response
November 1999
The 0orld 4an8
ContaCt -erson Clement SiamatoBe< SoCial SeCtor Coordinator
-hysiCal Address? AnDlo AmeriCan *uildinD< 7) IndependenCe Avenue
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1,)1:
"elephone? 0,0-911< 0,1-019401
+aA? 0,)-091
email? CsiamatoBeOBorldbanF(orD
Status? International $onor
"he 2orld *anF does not have a speCifiC orphan proGeCt or poliCy( "hey have
Contributed money to *!SSI- to be used as bursaries for needy Children( "his money
is manaDed throuDh the *!SSI- Coordinator at inistry of !duCation< rs( *arbara
ChilanDBa( Additionally< money is available to be direCted toBards the orphan
situation( #oBever< the money Cannot be released until the &RZ develops a plan of
aCtion and a reHuest for assistanCe reDardinD orphans(
"he SoCial SeCtor Coordinator is interested to see orphans proGeCts move forBard and
to eAplore a *anF response to the issue( "he 2orld *anF Bould liFe to see a
Dovernment led initiative reDardinD orphans and Children in need(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -19-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"*O Response
Afri5are@ Zambia
ContaCt person? -hyllis 8ones-ChanDa< Country Representative
-hysiCal address? -lot 1),< Bambula Rd(< unali< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O *oA 11901< %usaFa
"elephone? 091,1)K 091.1)K091.1.K091.17
+aA? 091.11
!-mail? afriCareOEamnet(Em
Status? N&O
AfriCare is a private< non-profit orDanisation BorFinD to improve rural livelihoods in
AfriCa( 2ith headHuarters in 2ashinDton< $C< it has field offiCes in 07 AfriCan
Countries inCludinD Zambia( SinCe it Bas established 07 years aDo< AfriCare has
provided assistanCe in aDriCulture< Bater resourCe development< environment
manaDement< health and emerDenCy humanitarian aid(
It has also supported proDrams in private-seCtor development and DovernanCe( In the
/nited States AfriCare BorFs mainly to foster understandinD of AfriCan development
throuDh publiC eduCation and promotional outreaCh(
AfriCare< Zambia Bas established in Zambia in 1979 and noB has proGeCts in four main
A"ricultural Q small holder aDriCultural meChanisation promotionK Southern
-rovinCe seed multipliCation proGeCtK North 2estern -rovinCe aDriCultural
eAtension and manaDement proGeCt and the !astern -rovinCe rural Credit faCility
4ater - dam rehabilitation proGeCtK rural Bater supply ComponentK small
holder irriDation and Bater use proDram(
(ealt& - ChonDBe distriCt family planninD inteDration proGeCt< rehabilitation of
strateDiC health sites proGeCt and /SAI$;s Zambia InteDrated #ealth
-roDramme 5ZI#-6 (
5efu"ees Q aFeni SFills development and traininD Centre proGeCt(
"o improve rural livelihoods in AfriCa(
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
"he orDanisation does not have any direCt orphan interventions( "he reCently
introduCed health Component< the ReproduCtive #ealth -roGeCt funded by the &ates
+oundation in the /nited States is part of a four Country reDional proDramme for
AfriCare involvinD Zambia< alaBi< ZimbabBe and South AfriCa( "he proGeCt BhiCh
started this year is a three year proGeCt tarDeted at youth and Bill provide teChniCal
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -):-
Institutional Response
November 1999
assistanCe and CapaCity buildinD support to loCal N&Os( It Bill also foCus on
vulnerable youth Droups BhiCh inClude orphans(
"he other indireCt intervention into orphans is the /SAI$ ZI#- 5Zambia InteDratd
#ealth -roDramme6 Component( "he Community partnership proDramme has direCt
impliCations for Community based interventions into orphans and is CritiCal to
addressinD the orphans situation throuDh a Community based approaCh( "he speCifiC
obGeCtive of AfriCare;s Community -artnership Component are to orDanise
Communities in formation of partnerships BhiCh Bill enable them solve their health
problemsK faCilitate Community linFaDes Bith $#"s and health Centres and faCilitate
Community linFaDes Bith other development orDanisations thus ensurinD a holistiC
approaCh to Community development(
'essons learned
-artiCipatory approaChes< involvinD the people from the very beDinninD has
produCed eACellent results
AfriCare has been BorFinD in the very remote parts of Zambia and has therefore
not eAperienCed ConfliCts of interest Bith other orDanisations partiCularly relief
orDanisations beCause feB reaCh that far out( #oBever Bhere there are other
orDanisations BorFinD in the same areas AfriCare has tried to Collaborate Bith
them Bith suCCess(
OfferinD the people Bhat they Bant and need has been their best reCord of
suCCess( AfriCare is mainly involved in aDriCulture and aDriCulture is the
mainstay of the rural people(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -)1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
ContaCt -erson 3evin CCort< Country $ireCtorK !liEabeth beBe< Assistant
-roGeCt anaDer< 2hole Child #ealth -roGeCt
-hysiCal Address? 1:0: osi-O-"unya Rd< 2oodlands ShoppinD Center
"elephone? 0.,-9:1 to 9
+aA? 0.,-:.:
email? FmCCortOEamnet(EmK embeBeOEm(Care(orD
Status? N&O
CAR! has many proGeCts Deared at Community mobilisation and poverty alleviation(
"Bo of its proGeCts are related to Children in need? Childhood #ealth -roGeCt and the
Infant and Child ortality -roDramme(
"he Childhood health proGeCt resulted from ) -RA in ) settlements in %usaFa? Chipata<
tendere< &eorDe and 3anyama< and identified the inability to pay sChool fees as one
Community priority area( As a result CAR! developed Community sChools and linFed
them Bith parent4Duardian assoCiations( "he Community sChools are affiliated Bith the
Zambia Community SChools SeCretariat( "his proGeCt beDan in 199.(
"he Infant and Child ortality -roDramme 5IC-6 seeFs to reduCe the under five
mortality rate throuDh BorFinD Bith health Care providers and parents to identify early
symptoms of Child illnesses( CAR! BorFs in %usaFa and the Cobberbelt in 1, CliniCs
and tarDets 0,:<::: Children(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
Community #c&ools
"he parent4Duardian assoCiations are involved in the monitorinD and development of
the sChools( In addition they are involved in inCome DeneratinD sChemes to help offset
some of the Cost of runninD the sChool( &eorDe Compound has beDun a pre-sChool and
CharDes 31<,:: per month( Other sChemes inClude the sale of CooFinD oil and pop
Corn and a ChiCFen run( #oBever these are in the development phase(
CAR! has developed a . BeeF traininD Course for teaChers identified by the
Community( $urinD the sChool holidays< the teaChers must attend refresher Courses(
"he CurriCulum inCludes ath< !nDlish< NyanGa< %ife SFills< Art< usiC< !nvironmental
Studies and SoCial Studies( "he CurriCulum is desiDned to help Children Cope Bith their
loss and to funCtion in soCiety Bith basiC sFills(
Infant C&ild Mortality !ro"ramme (ICM!)
"he IC- has eAisted sinCe AuDust 1999( It BorFs Bith distriCt and Community
orDanisations in %usaFa and the Cobberbelt to improve the ability to identify risFy
disease symptoms and to seeF appropriate traininD and treatment for the diseases( An
important aspeCt of this proDramme is to BorF Bith parents and Care Divers of Children
to help them identify illness and to enCouraDe them to seeF proper mediCal treatment(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -)0-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"hey also foCus on the health Care providers to sensitise them to the needs of the
parents( An eAample Bas Diven Bhereby a mother had been reluCtant to taFe her
Children to the CliniC beCause she Bas Chastised for their illness BhiCh freHuently
resulted from Conditions related to poverty( "he staff of the CliniC partiCipated in
traininD and this issue seems to have disappeared(
3e"al Issues
"hrouDh CAR!;s -ROS-!C" 5-roDramme of Support for -overty Alleviation and
Community "ransformation6 Community &ender +aCilitators have been trained( "hey
BorF to eduCate the Community on issues of property DrabbinD< abuse of Bomen and
Children and drunFenness( "hey are also trained to aCt as arbitrators in some disputes
Bhen they are reHuested to intervene by the Community( "his proDramme is in 11
Compounds in %usaFa 5Chipata< ChaEanDa< 3abanana Chaisa< aripodi< 8aCF< &eorDe<
ChunDa< atero< tendere< 3anyama< 8ohn< %ainD< Chibolya< andevu and alota6
and in alata Compound in %ivinDstone( A Chipata Compound evaluation shoBed that
the faCilitators had assisted in 01 Cases in one month and resolved 17(
Income Generation
CAR!;s -/%S! proDramme provides people Bith miCro Credit( In the past they tried
to unsuCCessfully tarDet youth( "hrouDh this venture they learned that miCroCredit
Cannot be Diven to people Bho do not have some type of business< no matter hoB
small( "hose Bith a small business venture have demonstrated some basiC business
sFills and savinD of profit to invest in a business( CAR! has found that people Bithout
businesses often have prior debts and the loan is used to pay the debt and not to
develop a business venture(
#avin"s #c&eme
CAR! is in the infant staDes of developinD a savinDs proDramme( SinCe the proGeCt is
rudimentary< CAR! did not provide more information at the time of this study(
Monitorin" and Evaluation
CAR! draBs on the eAperienCes of CAR! International;s proDrammes throuDhout the
Borld to develop best praCtiCe state of the art monitorinD and evaluation indiCators(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -)1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons 'earned
CAR! throuDhout its many years of Community mobilisation have learned many
In relationship to the development of Community sChools< it is better at the
inCeption of planninD to inCorporate plans for a permanent sChool shelter rather
than beDin Bith an improvised shelter( "he temporary shelter Caused delays in
"he use of netBorFinD betBeen other orDanisations< althouDh CreatinD a delay
in forBard movement of the proGeCt< is CritiCal to its suCCess(
2hile implementinD Community sChools< develop a proDramme to train
teaChers to train other teaChers( "his method is also helpful to monitor the
proDress of the sChool(
-artiCipatory assessments must start all the proCesses( *uildinD Community
oBnership and partnership are Fey(
"he CapaCity buildinD proCess of a Community must be linFed Bith tanDible
CAR! seldom offers inCentives for partiCipation in a proGeCt( If the proGeCt
itself does not Create interest and inCentive< then the proGeCt is not Borth doinD(
+rom a manaDement perspeCtive< CAR! Feeps tiDht Controls over the fisCal
manaDement of its proGeCts(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -))-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Chi8an8ata Community 4ased Orphan Pro3ramme
ContaCt -erson? -atriCF #aChintu
-hysiCal Address? "he Salvation Army 5ChiFanFata #ospital6
#ealth ServiCes
ailinD Address? -rivate *aD S0< aEabuFa
"elephone? 10-1:11:410-1:)19
+aA? 10-00.79)
Status? N&O
ChiFanFata Community based Orphan -roDramme is a pilot proGeCt BhiCh is funded by
/NIC!+( "he proGeCt has been in eAistenCe sinCe 199, and is ConCerned Bith Children
Bho have lost both parents( "he proGeCt supports Children from : -17 years old(
"o sensitise Communities on the problems and Care of Children in need
"o provide traininD for orphans on survival< praCtiCal sFills and assertiveness
"o provide information on the spread and prevention of #IV4AI$S to both
Children and parents
"o promote resourCe DeneratinD aCtivities
"o establish a sense of responsibility amonD families Bithin the Communities
toBards Care of under privileDed Children(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
"he proGeCt utilises members of the Communities< Bho have formed Committees( "hey
identify Children in need of support< draB up proDrammes to assist Children and they
taFe up responsibilities to looF after the Children(
Communities have orDanised and implemented inCome-DeneratinD proGeCts to assist
families Bho are looFinD after orphans( "he proGeCt supports eAistinD Community
shops< tailorinD proGeCt< DardeninD and settinD up of Community Committees and
provides money for inCome DeneratinD aCtivities(
ChiFanFata #ealth ServiCes< provides staff Bho are speCialists in various fields as
folloBs?- soCial BorFer Bho Carries out psyCho soCial CounselinD< adult eduCator Bho
trains parents on basiC sFills< nurse and CliniCal offiCer deal Bith health related issues(
"he proGeCt utilises Communities and Dets to Communities throuDh villaDe headmenK
provides information on the spread and prevention of #IV4AI$S< Child Care and
Children;s riDhts(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -),-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"he proGeCt is a pilot study< BhiCh is limited to only tBo villaDes( eanBhile< a lot of
Children in many villaDes are sufferinD Bithout proper interventions(
AlthouDh the proGeCt intends to eApand< the area is vast and the proGeCt does not have
the human resourCe CapaCity to do so(
'essons 'earned
embers of Community;s BillinDness to identify orphans and taFinD up
responsibilities is Huite amaEinD and they need to be enCouraDed(
"he proGeCt has assisted members of the Community to mobilise their oBn
resourCes and this has reduCed the dependent syndrome(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -).-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Child Care and Adoption So5iety of Zambia
ContaCt -erson? Irene unDa
-hysiCal Address? 2est of SoBeto arFet
Zambia National AssoCiation of the $isabled *uildinD 5ZNA$6
ailinD Address? - O *oA ,:0),
"elephone? 09.7).
+aA? 0997).
Status? N&O
Child Care and Adoption SoCiety Bas founded in 8une 19,. Bith a vieB of looFinD
after under privileDed Children Bith the aim to find foster homes and eventually find
adoptinD parents( "he soCiety has no fiAed funders< althouDh it Dets a small annual
Drant from the Dovernment( ost of the money Comes from individual donors(
"he soCiety has established offiCes and transit homes in %usaFa< %ivinDstone< 3abBe<
ChililabombBe and %uFulu( "he %usaFa offiCe is the headHuarters and has ten 51:6
members of staff amonD Bhom are?-
Child #ealth SpeCialistK
Child NutritionistK
Child !duCation OffiCerK
An offiCer responsible for fosterinDK
Child $evelopment OffiCerK
Child 2elfare OffiCerK and
!AeCutive SeCretary
"he SoCiety does not have an orphanaDe institution( All it has< are transit homes and
in %usaFa< it runs a transit home BhiCh is manned by nurses on day and niDht duties(
"o promote the interests of Children in Zambia
"o promote the Belfare of Children
"o eliminate the pliDht of Children and all soCial evils affeCtinD the Belfare of
"o enCouraDe and assist efforts throuDh proGeCts aimed at stabilisinD family life
and BhiCh improves the soCial and physiCal environment of Children(
"o BorF Bith Dovernment and other orDanisations
"o provide transit homes and arranDe for fosterinD and adoption(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
Child Care and Adoption SoCiety of Zambia has striven to taFe Care of the interest of
the Children in need( It has alBays maintained its motto of Children;s plaCe beinD in
the natural home 5Community6 and not in institutions( Of Course more and more
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -)7-
Institutional Response
November 1999
parents have died and this has plaCed a burden on eAtended families< Compounded Bith
poor eConomiC situationK henCe plaCinD of Children in either foster parents or adoption
has beCome inCreasinDly diffiCult(
"he interventions are orDanised and Coordinated by the %usaFa #ead OffiCe( "here is
a national nutrition rehabilitation Centre in aFeni( "his Centre has been assisted
finanCially by 2orld +ood -roDramme and 2orld #ealth OrDanisation( "he
proDramme is situated at aFeni !CumeniCal Centre( Its aim is to rehabilitate
malnourished Children(
"he Centre taFes on abandoned and abused Children( It plaCes them in a transit home
until foster parents are found( If no parent Comes forBard to Claim these Children< the
adoption arranDements are made and for those Bho Cannot be plaCed in foster homes
or adopted arranDements are made for them to be transferred to 3asisi OrphanaDe(
In the transit home< staff of different speCialties looFs after the Children( 2hile in the
homes< the Children Det food< ClothinD and eduCation( 2hen plaCed in homes for
fosterinD< then they are supported throuDh their foster parents(
AlthouDh the SoCiety has been BorFinD hand in hand Bith other orDanisations liFe
inistry of 'outh and Sports< inistry of Community $evelopment and inistry of
!duCation< there has not been proper Coordination of proDrammes for Children in need(
$uture Plans
"here are plans to build a national offiCe on a plot opposite 3amBala SeCondary
SChool( "he buildinD Bill Consist of a day Care Centre< Canteen< CounselinD rooms<
Children;s home< nutrition Centre< eduCation and traininD room( In Chamba Valley a
proGeCt is to be opened soon for inCome DeneratinD aCtivities and nutritional purposes(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
"he SoCiety BorFs very Closely Bith members of Communities( In faCt< *oard
members are all volunteers( "hey identify Children in need< and parents Bho Bould
liFe to foster or adopt Children( "he *oard notiCes Bhen there are problems Bith a
Child;s foster or adopted arranDements( Staff from the offiCe also visits these homes
reDularly and provides emotional and material support and to observe the Children and
their neB parents(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -)9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Children In "eed ;C:I"<
ContaCt -erson %ouis BeBa< $ireCtor
-hysiCal Address? Old Salvation Army *uildinD
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1:119< %usaFa
"elephone? 011-099
+aA? 00)-0.7
email? ChinOEamnet(Em
2eb? BBB(Chin(orD(Em
Status? N&O
"he Doal of Children in Need 5C#IN6 is to enable N&Os< C*Os and Dovernment
departments to be more effeCtive in their BorF Bith Children in need(
Children In Need 5C#IN6 is Comprised of 70 N&Os and C*Os BorFinD on issues of
orphans and vulnerable Children( "hese orDanisations pay a nominal membership fee(
+or the smaller N&Os and C*Os< C#IN serves as an umbrella orDanisation linFinD
members to serviCes< sourCes of funds< and traininD offered by various institutions(
Some of C#IN;s members are larDe internationally funded N&Os( "hese members do
not neCessarily need to be linFed Bith donors< but benefit from other serviCes offered
by C#IN(
C#IN BorFs to provide a netBorF betBeen its members< both larDe and small< to
promote the eAChanDe of information and the sharinD of resourCes reDardinD O4VC in
Zambia( C#IN feels that the promotion of this netBorF is its important Contribution to
C#IN beDan its BorF offiCially Bhen it beCame a reDistered N&O in 199.< but
operated IunoffiCially; sinCe 1991( $urinD that time C#IN has sloBly eApanded its
CoveraDe in various provinCes throuDhout Zambia( "hey have reDional representation
in the Copperbelt throuDh the %inF AssoCiation for the Relief of Children 5%ARC6< in
%ivinDstone throuDh the Street 3ids AssoCiation and in the Northern -rovinCe throuDh
the 3asama Street 3ids AssoCiation(
In order to be a member of C#IN< the orDaniEation must be in operation lonDer than .
months and pay the annual membership fee of 31:<:::(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -)9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Pro3ramme A5ti6ities
C#IN provides its members Bith a Huarterly neBsletter BhiCh profiles the situation of
Children in Zambia< various proDramme interventions of member orDanisations and
information reDardinD ConferenCes< BorFshops< traininD opportunities and resourCes(
C#IN has BorFed diliDently to enCouraDe its members to BorF toDether and is sloBly
seeinD an eAChanDe of information< netBorFinD amonDst partners and inCreased
interaCtion( C#IN also feels that it is a reDional model for of a netBorF on behalf of
Children( Additionally< C#IN feels that despite the dearth of fundinD available to BorF
Bith needy Children< it has suCCessfully motivated its members to Continue their BorF
in this field and to BorF Creatively Bith limited resourCes(
C#IN maintains a Beb site at BBB(Chin(orD(Em( "his Beb site profiles eaCh member
orDanisation< provides a situation analysis of Children in Zambia and provides other
useful information( One of C#IN;s members reCeived fundinD from an outside sourCe
from ContaCt made throuDh the Beb site(
C#IN< Bith fundinD from /SAI$ funded -roGeCt ConCern International< has developed
a traininD of trainers manual on the psyCho-soCial needs of both Children and Care
Divers( "he draft manual Covers many issues of Child development and issues Bith
BhiCh Children Drapple Bhile DroBinD up and also Dives some DuidanCe to Care
providers Bho may be unComfortable dealinD Bith unComfortable issues( "he manual
moves beyond CopinD Bith death and dyinD and taCFles issues suCh as puberty<
seAuality< soCial pressures and abuse( "rainers Bill use this manual to train Community
C#IN is also sloBly attemptinD to addresses poliCy issues( C#IN feels that strides
have been made over reCent years to brinD Children;s issues into the forefront< but
reCoDnises that the BorF is not yet finished( C#IN attempts to inCrease the aBareness
of poliCy issues related to Children throuDh listeninD to C#IN members and their poliCy
needs and partiCipation in the National ReferenCe &roup on Child Abuse(
$undin3 Sour5es
C#IN reCeives fundinD from /NIC!+< 3indernothilfe and "aFsvarrFi r(y( -roGeCt
ConCern International has provided fundinD for speCial proGeCts and Street 3ids
International has provided an intern(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Christian Children>s $und@ Zambia
ContaCt persons? ViCtor 3oyi< Dr -roDrammes48oseph S Conteh< $ireCtor
-hysiCal address? -lot 91,9< %unsemfBa Rd(< 3alundu
ailinD address? - O *oA 10.90
"elephone? 091.9)
+aA? 09:1,)
!-mail? CCfOEamnet(Em
Status? N&O
"he Christian Children;s +und 5CC+6 Bas established in Zambia in 1991 to assist
needy Children throuDh the CC+ sponsorship proDramme( "he sponsorship
proDramme is a Dlobal sponsorship for the eduCation and health of a Child Bhere a
sponsor< from the North AmeriCa and !urope Iadopts; a Child and Contributes a
minimum of /SP01(:: per month toBards a pool fund(
SChool fees and other reHuisites< primary health Care and basiC mediCal Care are
provided for from the pool fund( +urthermore individual sponsors may also send a Dift
to their sponsored Child direCtly throuDh the loCal proGeCt offiCe( OnCe a Child is
enrolled for sponsorship that sponsorship Continues until the Child has left sChool Q at
seCondary or ColleDe4university level(
One of CC+;s suCCessful proGeCts is the ND;ombe +amily #elpers -roGeCt in ND;ombe
toBnship Bhere a sChool Bas ConstruCted and has been transferred to the Community
but support for the Community;s Children Continues throuDh the sponsorship
proDramme not only for those at the sChool in ND;ombe but for sponsorship to other
sChools< and ColleDes4university(
CC+ operates mainly in rural and peri-urban areas and poor urban settlements( It has a
siAteen member staff at it;s head offiCe in %usaFa and an annual budDet of
/SP1(0million( "he #eadHuarters are in the /nited States(
"o provide for the Deneral Belfare of a Child by offerinD that Child an opportunity to Do
to sChool< aCCess to health and mediCal Care and to live in an environment that Bill
Contribute to her4his Bell beinD and development(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
CC+ interventions are direCted at vulnerable Children and this may inClude orphans(
"he main aCtivity is the sponsorship proDramme( AlthouDh the proDramme is direCted
at vulnerable Children in Deneral< orphans Det priority over non-orphans in the seleCtion
proCess beCause they are reDarded as beinD more vulnerable(
iCro-enterprise - development sChemes are loan sChemes Diven to vulnerable Droups
to develop their eConomiC CapaCity to Hualify for Credit elseBhere( It is aimed at
developinD their eConomiC CapaCity to Care for their Children and dependents(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,1-
Institutional Response
November 1999

CC+ also provides traininD in basiC business manaDement to the reCipients of the loans
and other Community members to develop their entrepreneurial sFills( In Deneral the
orDanisation provides traininD in other areas as Bell liFe leadership traininD in order to
mobilise< develop and empoBer the Community(
Non-sponsorship funds Q these are funds used for speCifiC needs suCh as boreholes for
areas Bith aCute Bater problems etC( "hey are one-time funds and are not on-DoinD
liFe the sponsorship funds(
CC+ evaluates their proDrammes by looFinD at three impaCt indiCators? literaCy<
malnutrition and mortality in the CatChment areas operatinD in( It also uses eiDht
proCess indiCators BhiCh inClude enrollment in sChool for Children betBeen : Q 1,
years of aDe< malaria inCidenCe< immunisation etC(
$uture 3oals
"o foCus on AI$S orphans( "his is already in the CC+ Zambia plans(
'essons learned
CC+ plays the role of faCilitator in the development proCess and alloBs the
Community to define it;s oBn needs and direCtion(
Community empoBerment is ensured Bith the eduCation of it;s Children
Collaboration Bith the Community and &overnment at all levels of a proGeCt CritiCal
to it;s suCCess
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,0-
Institutional Response
November 1999
$ountain of :ope
ContaCt -erson RoDers BeBa< asiliso asiliso
ailinD Address? C4o C#IN< -O *oA 1:119
-hysiCal Address? 3amBala Community Center
Status N&O
+ountain of #ope started in 199.< by a Droup of volunteers seeFinD to Mdo somethinDN
about the street Fids in %usaFa( "he same Droup of volunteers Continue< Bithout pay<
to run this orDanisation for street Child( +ountain of #ope also BorFs Bith other
indiDent Children< primarily from the blind Centre in 3amBala( Currently< they offer
serviCes to approAimately ,:: Children and feed about 1,: in the eveninD( "he Children
CooF the food funded primarily by 2+-(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
+ountain of #ope provides an outreaCh proDramme for street Children< primarily boys(
It is not unCommon for the outreaCh volunteers to be on the streets as late as midniDht(
"hey talF to the boys< attemptinD over time to develop trust< helpinD them to believe
that there are alternatives to the street( +ountain of #ope enCouraDes the Children to
attend the Community sChool they are ConstruCtinD( 5Currently teaChers teaCh in an
open roofed Cement struCture(6 #oBever< if the street Children do not Bish to attend
sChool< the Centre offers a plaCe for them to stay durinD the day(
ost of the volunteers at +ountain of #ope have been trained by 3ara CounselinD to
help the Children Cope Bith their CirCumstanCes( OutreaCh BorFers have found that as
trust is established< the Children often beDin to Confide Bhy they are livinD on the
streets( "he +ountain of #ope also attempts to BorF Bith the family of Duardian of the
Children to help ease the situation at home and to enCouraDe the return of the Child to
SinCe their inCeption< the City CounCil provided them Bith a small Cramped offiCe
spaCe( "hey are in the proCess of buildinD Class rooms< paid for by the /S !mbassy<
and an ablution bloCF< paid for by -CI( "he +ountain of #ope hopes to eventually
build a FitChen< hostel type settinD to offer a safe plaCe to sleep and an administrative
+ountain of #ope has overCome huDe obstaCles Bith little outside fundinD( "he
volunteer staff remains motivated despite the overBhelminD and heart breaFinD
situation in BhiCh many of these Children liveK despite not reCeivinD any payment for
their dediCationK despite the inCreasinD numbers of street ChildrenK despite the little
traininD they have had to prepare them for their BorF(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons 'earned
-erhaps the Dreatest lesson the +ountain of #ope has learned is to develop first the
trust of the Children and to respeCt the foundation for the Children;s hardened
mistrust of people( It is only after trust is developed that the +ountain Can beDin to
Dive these Children hope(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Aab7ata Orphana3e B Transit Centre
ContaCt person? rs( AnDela iyanda< $ireCtor
-hysiCal address? *urma Rd(< neAt to Z!SCO offiCes
ailinD address? - O *oA ,1:,,< %usaFa
"elephone? 00):,947:9.,
Status? N&O
"he orphanaDe Bas established in ay 1999 by rs( AnDela iyanda as a personal
response to the pliDht of orphaned Children< espeCially those Bho have been abandoned
by their eAtended family members( "he Centre Currently has forty-tBo orphans all livinD
there( ost of the Children Bere abandoned by their families at the /niversity
"eaChinD #ospital as babies or siCF Children after their parents died< mostly from
AI$S( Some have one livinD parent but Bho is unable to looF after them< larDely
beCause they are terminally ill( Some Bere street Children Bith no traCeable family Bho
members of the Community have brouDht to the Centre( +ive are refuDee Children
Bhose parents died in refuDee Camps in Zambia and Bere brouDht to the Centre by the
/N#CR until their families in their Countries Can be traCed(
rs( iyanda aCHuired a disused and dilapidated %usaFa City CounCil buildinD in
3abBata and Bith support from Canadian< /nited States and Netherlands missions in
Zambia rehabilitated the eAistinD struCtures and added neB ones to Cater for the
DroBinD demand for spaCe( "he Centre noB has dormitories< an administration bloCF
and a ChiCFen run< BhiCh is not yet operational(
"o provide foster Care for Children Bithout family to Care for them< Bhether the family
is alive or deCeased< larDely in response to the AI$S Crises in the Country(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he Centre provides foster Care for sinDle or double orphans Bho have been
abandoned by family( "he Centre tries to provide this foster Care in a lovinD< family
environment Bhere eaCh Child is an individual and not a number as is often so in the
traditional orphanaDe(

Initially the Centre Bas a response to the AI$S epidemiC in the Country Bhere there
Bas a DroBinD number of orphaned Children at the /niversity "eaChinD #ospital Bho
Bere abandoned by relatives after their mothers died Q mostly from AI$S( "he
Centre;s emphasis has remained as an AI$S intervention althouDh a number of
street Children have been brouDht to the Centre by members of the publiC(
It Bas also intended as a Itransit home; Bhere Children Bithout one Could be taFen in
until a home Bas found for them( +or most of these Children hoBever it has been
diffiCult to find family or a foster home BillinD to taFe them in and they have therefore
been adopted by the Centre(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"he older Children are all plaCed in reDular Dovernment sChools< those in seCondary
sChool are in boardinD sChools(
+undinD is from donations from the international Community 5for ConstruCtion BorF6<
the orDanisations linFaDes abroad throuDh AnDels in $evelopment< the ChurCh
orDanisation Bith BhiCh the Centre is affiliated< and loCal businesses liFe Shoprite<
Nandos< Ovenfresh etC(
"he emphasis is on the Ihome; as opposed to the Centre beinD an orphanaDe( "he
volunteers Bho BorF there are enCouraDed to develop personal relationships Bith the
Children and Dive them as muCh of a home environment as possible shoBinD love and
personal Care(
$uture 3oals
"o Denerate their oBn inCome throuDh a ChiCFen business( "he Centre already
propaDates and sells potted plants(
'essons learned
"he Centre is run entirely by volunteers Bho Came to the Centre on their oBn
aCCord( "his ensures Commitment< personal love and Care and dediCation to duty(
OCCasionally a toFen sum of money or food is Diven to the volunteers as a form of
$ediCation and personal Commitment is evidenCed from the faCt that almost all the
volunteers have adopted4fostered a Child from the Centre(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Aanyama Sal6ation Army
ContaCt -erson? %t( AnDela #aChitapiFa
ailinD Address? *oA 1)1,0< %usaFa
"elephone? 070-:1.
Status? N&O
"he Salvation Army 3anyama
offers formal eduCation to 07: Children from their
Community( "hey have a nutritional feedinD proDramme CaterinD to 1.: Children and
train 1: mothers in nutrition( "hey also have an under five CliniC(
"he Salvation Army has also ConduCted needs assessments to determine hoB they Can
best assist five families Bith 0, orphaned Children( "hey have also intervened to assist
in Cases of property DrabbinD amonDst members of their Community(
"he 3anyama Salvation Army Bas not intervieBed( "his information Bas Dleaned from a doCument
provided by the Christian CounCil of Zambia(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,7-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Aara Counselin3
ContaCt -erson? 8ohn ImbBae
-hysiCal Address? /moyo &irls -roDramme
193m umbBa Road< %usaFa 2est
ailinD Address? - O *oA 17,,9< %usaFa
"elephone? 011)).4011,.0
3ara CounselinD &irls -roDramme has been in eAistenCe sinCe 199.( "he proDramme
assists Dirls from the aDes of 1)-19( "he proDramme foCuses on Dirls beCause they are
the more vulnerable Droups in terms of abuse< early marriaDes and ContraCtinD
#IV4AI$S( At the moment< the Centre has 11 Dirls(
$anish-ChurCh Aid funds the proDramme< BhiCh assists orphans in aCHuirinD basiC
praCtiCal sFills in various aCtivities( "he proDramme BorFs hand in hand Bith C#IN<
CIN$I< +oundation of #ope< City of #ope and Community at larDe(
Pro3ramme inter6ention
Communities identify the Children Bithin their oBn loCalities( "he proDramme taFes
Dirls aDed 1)-19< merely to eHuip them Bith basiC sFills so that they Can beCome
responsible CitiEens in future( "he proGeCt has trained Dirls from ChaBama< isisi<
8ohn %ainD< *auleni and &arden Compounds(
"he proDramme offers praCtiCal sFills to the Dirls in the folloBinD?-
"ie and $ye
ADriCulture sFills
ConstruCtion BorF and Carpentry
3nittinD and #ome !ConomiCs
*asiC SFills in assertiveness
At the end of the traininD proDramme< the Dirls are supported finanCially to start their
oBn proGeCts and the Centre folloBs up on the Dirls to see hoB they Det on Bith their
"he Centre also supports those Dirls Bho are still in sChools by providinD transport
money< sChools fees(
3ara CounselinD is Bell renoBned for its CampaiDn on #IV4AI$S issuesK health
eduCation< inCludinD #IV4AI$S aBareness is Diven to the Dirls(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Aasisi :ome Orphana3e
ContaCt -erson? Sister ariola
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA 11))1 %usaFa
-hysiCal Address? 1: 3ilometers !ast of %usaFa
"elephone4+aA? 01:,9,< 7:1..0< 7,9101
Status? N&O
3asisi #ome for Orphans has eAisted sinCe 190. and more than 0<::: orphans have
passed throuDh the home( "he institution is orDanised in suCh a Bay that orphans are
divided into Droups of ten and a Imother; is CharDed Bith responsibility to raise the
orphans simulatinD a home situation as muCh as possible( "he mother is responsible for
the Children under her Care throuDh to ColleDe or /niversity and not until the orphan
has settled doBn in his4her life Bill the institution Cease to disCharDe that responsibility(
A Sister is in CharDe of thirty orphans 5i(e( three Droups of ten orphans6 to supervise
and ensure that the Imothers; are fulfillinD their responsibilities and that the Children;s
problems are minimised as muCh as possible(
3asisi #ome for Orphans defines an orphan as a Child Bho has lost a mother and there
is nobody to taFe Care of him4her( "hey believe the mother is the most important
parent a Child has and Bhen she dies the Child Bill be reDarded as an orphan reDardless
of the faCt that the father may still be alive( #oBever< if the father insists that he is able
to looF after the Child< 3asisi Bill not interfere< but Bill send help to the father< as
If an orphan has relatives Bho are able to provide< 3asisi may leave the Child Bith
them but Bill still Dive help and ensure that the Child is truly Bell looFed after(
Orphans Come from all parts of the Country< both rural and urban< and from other parts
of AfriCa< liFe oEambiHue< the ConDo RepubliC< RBanda etC( also provides homes for
refuDee Children(
"o provide total mediCal Care and sChool faCilities to orphaned Children from 1 day
old to 0: years of aDe 5/niversity or ColleDe6
"o provide the orphaned Children Bith a home atmosphere in the absenCe of
"o find families that Can adopt some of the orphans< both in Zambia and abroad(
"o ensure that the orphaned Children DroB Bell and are Diven full Care as non-
orphaned Children(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -,9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
3asisi provides direCt finanCial help and sChool faCilities to orphans Bho are in foster
homes in Communities( At the moment there are approAimately 1:: Children Bith
families in villaDes and Compounds Bhom 3asisi provides Bith sChool fees< uniforms<
shoes and mediCal Care( "hey have eAperienCed Gealousy amonDst parents and Children
Bho do not reCeive assistanCe( 3asisi strives to dialoDue Bith the Community to
mitiDate these feelinDs and neDative reperCussions on its proDrammes(
/pon admission to 3asisi< Children are tested for #IV< but this FnoBledDe is not
passed on to the Children( "he administrators or the home are aBare of Children;s
status in order to meet proper mediCal and nutritional needs( It is estimated that 9:R
of the orphans CominD to 3asisi noB are #IV positive(
3asisi ConduCts AI$S eduCation and aBareness to orphans( "hey Counsel small ones
on the riDht Bay to live as soon as they are old enouDh to understand( "hose at
seCondary sChool are eAposed to videos on AI$S and other AI$S materials( "hey are
also Counselled and sometimes sent to 3ara CounselinD Centre for further and more
professional CounsellinD(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
"he SoCial BorFer seConded to 3asisi by the C$SS on proGeCts liFe plaCinD Children
in eAtended families and foster families does the monitorinD by visitinD these homes(
$iffiCulties and problems are analysed and resolved Bith the help of 3asisi(
Or3anisation Stru5ture
"here are .: members of staff and 10 Sisters at 3asisi #ome of Orphans( "hese are
assisted by trained nurses< teaChers< pre-sChool teaChers and other volunteers from
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
2orF Bith orphans reHuires a lot of Commitment and selfless serviCe( Orphans and
vulnerable Children are very sensitive people and anyone ChoosinD to BorF Bith
them must understand their pliDht and treat them Bith Compassion and Care(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Aepa Zambia
ContaCt person? 3ari *ottas< %iaison OffiCer
-hysiCal address? -lots 1.,-171 Roan Rd(< 3abulonDa< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O *oA 1.,0)< %usaFa
"elephone? 0.111949
+aA? 0.110)40.110.
!-mail? liaisonOEamnet(Em( or fvsEOEamnet(Em
Status? N&O
3epa Zambia is the +innish N&O partnership proDramme in Zambia BhiCh provides
linFaDes betBeen +innish and Zambian N&Os in development Cooperation and
provides development support to the Country throuDh loCal orDanisations( 3epa
#elsinFi 5+inland6 the mother body embraCes about 19: +innish N&Os BorFinD in
development and other Dlobal ConCerns and has field offiCes in oEambiHue< Zambia
and NiCaraDua and liaison offiCes in "anEania< /Danda< and *raEil(
In Zambia 3epa Bas established in 1997 as the suCCessor to the +innish Volunteer
ServiCe BhiCh Bas a volunteer plaCement aDenCy( SinCe its establishment 3epa has
instiDated siA maGor partnership proDrammes betBeen Zambian N&Os and their +innish
Counterparts? four small enterprise development proGeCts in !astern -rovinCe in
ChadiEa< Chipata< 3atete and %undaEi distriCts under the !astern -rovinCe 2omen;s
$evelopment AssoCiation 5!-$2A6K a Community *ased Rehabilitation proGeCt for
the mentally disabled under the "eChniCal = VoCational "raininD Authority
5"!V!"A6 and the +innish AssoCiation on ental Retardation 5+AR6K the Zambia
National AssoCiation for the $eaf 5ZNA$6 and the +innish AssoCiation of the $eaf
5+A$6 proGeCt and the !nvironmental Conservation AssoCiation of Zambia 5!CAZ6
and the International Centre for ResearCh on ADro +orestry 5ICRA+6 institutional
CapaCity buildinD support(
In addition to the partnership proDrammes betBeen Zambian and +innish N&Os 3epa
Zambia also provides support to loCal N&Os BorFinD in Cultural development suCh as
the 3amoto Community Arts< CiviC orDanisations liFe the AfriCan NetBorF on #uman
RiDhts and $evelopment 5A+RON!"6 and the CatholiC Commission for 8ustiCe and
-eaCe 5CC8-6 BhiCh is CoordinatinD the 8ubilee 0::: CampaiDn in Zambia BhiCh is
advoCatinD for "hird 2orld debt CanCellation(
3epa also supports aCtivities in Dender and development< CiviC eduCation and
advoCaCy< Community media and a Bide ranDe of developmental issues(
Support for orphans has been Bith the 3epa #elsinFi affiliate "aFsvarFFi ry BhiCh has
been supportinD CIN$I< 3itBe< apode< and C#IN( "aFsvarFFi ry is a
developmental N&O in #elsinFi Bith affiliates from trade unions< students and
sChoolChildren< peaCe movements and reliDious orDanisations amonDst others(
"aFsvarFFi fund raisinD CampaiDns inClude funds raised by sChoolChildren Bho BorF
for a day and donate their earninDs to the orDanisation(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
One of "aFsvarFFi;s Fey DuidinD prinCiples is eduCation Mfrom sChool Children to
sChool ChildrenN and most of it;s proGeCts are related to Children and eduCation(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"aFsvarFFi;s fundinD to Zambia for the year 1999 to 0::: has been for AI$S
information BorF< Beb and other publishinD BorF for C#INK ConstruCtion of a
support Centre for AI$S orphans for apode in tendere 5/SP):<:::6 and support
for the eduCation and health Care of AI$S orphans for CIN$I 3itBe 5/SP19:<:::6(
CIN$I 3itBe is ConsiderinD adoptinD some of "aFsvarFFi;s approaChes suCh as
sChoolChildren fundraisinD CampaiDns in their efforts to beCome self supportinD and
move aBay from beinD entirely dependent on donor support(
'essons 'earned
3epa has aCCess to Considerable lessons learned from its +innish orDanisations
reDardinD alternative fund raisinD efforts< improvinD advoCaCy efforts and
promotinD effiCient netBorFinD betBeen partners(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.0-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Mo6ement of Community A5tion for Pre6ention B Prote5tion of Youn3 people
a3ainst Po6erty (estitution@ (iseases B ECploitation ;MAPO(E<
ContaCt person? erab 3ambamu 3iremire< $ireCtor4Initiator
-hysiCal address? tendere< near tendere -oliCe -ost
ailinD address? - O *oA 19:.9< %usaFa
"elephone? 09:7714770,17409,7,:
+aA? 09:77140,)991
!-mail? FiremireOEamnet(Em
Status? C*O
apode Bas formed in 8une 1997 as a response to the DroBinD number of vulnerable
people liFe street Children< Dirl prostitutes< Child headed households and orphans due to
AI$S< BidoBs and families livinD in abGeCt poverty and unemployed youth( "he
drivinD forCe behind the proGeCt is the initiator erab 3iremire;s eAperienCe Bith the
"asintha -roDramme for Bomen and Children in prostitution BhiCh revealed that many
of the people livinD in risFy and haEardous situations suCh as those named above are
driven into them by CirCumstanCes rather than by ChoiCe and that their livinD
Conditions inevitably impaCt on the Community as a Bhole(
"o Counter this lonD term neDative impaCt on the Community reHuires prevention and
proteCtion measures that tarDet the Community as a Bhole( apode;s approaCh
therefore is a holistiC approaCh that seeFs to address as many of the ContributinD
faCtors as possible( "he Centre in tendere therefore is a multi-serviCe Centre offerinD
amonDst others life savinD sFills traininD< support< Care and eConomiC empoBerment
for abused< abandoned and orphaned Children 5street Children6< traininD and eConomiC
empoBerment for Bomen< Credit sChemes< rehabilitation of Child prostitutes< and
eAtension proDrammes liFe AI$S eduCation in sChools< researCh into areas related to
apode ConCerns and lobbyinD and advoCaCy for appropriate national poliCies and
laBs on youth(
It is run entirely by volunteers and Caters for Children< youths and Bomen from both
tendere and outside the toBnship( A number of the street Children livinD at the
Centre are from outside %usaFa(
apode has eAtensive international and reDional linFaDes and has reCeived a lot of
finanCial and material support in it;s tBo years of eAistenCe from the international
Community in Zambia and other international N&Os(
"he apode Centre BhiCh Bas rebuilt from a dilapidated set of %usaFa City CounCil
buildinDs has dormitories4 transit home for the street Children< sFills traininD
bloCFs4BorFshops< a Computer Centre and others(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
AmonDst apode;s obGeCtives is to support< Care and empoBer #IV4AI$S orphans<
empoBer eConomiCally Bomen in diffiCult CirCumstanCes suCh as BidoBs and advoCate
and lobby for youth friendly leDislation< eConomiC and soCial poliCies(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
apode has several interventions that relate direCtly and indireCtly at orphans? the
street Children proDramme< Dirl prostitute rehabilitation proDramme< vulnerable
Bomen;s sFills traininD and Credit sChemes proDramme< life savinD sFills traininD
proDramme for vulnerable Children and youth( In faCt all of apode;s proDrammes
impaCt on orphans one Bay or the other< partiCularly AI$S orphans(
#u--ort6 care and em-o+erment of AID# or-&ans is the most direCt intervention on
orphans( "hese inClude orphans Bho are in homes Bith Duardians or foster families(
"he Centre established an informal sChool BhiCh these Children and others from outside
Bho Can not afford to Do to a reDular Dovernment sChool attend and also assists in
plaCinD Children in sChools( "he sChool Currently Caters for )0: Children from pre-
sChool< Drade one and Drade tBo( !fforts are beinD made to establish this as a
Community sChool( "he Children are Diven Clothes Bhen donations are reCeived by the
#treet c&ildren -ro"ramme. /nder this proDramme street Children are taFen off the
streets< plaCed into the Centre< rehabilitated and re-inteDrated into soCiety(
4ido+s -ro"ramme is a preventive proDramme in BhiCh the BidoBs are Diven basiC
business traininD and a loan in Cash or Find to start a small business so that they Can
support the Children in their Care and thereby prevent street Children(
Adolescent mot&ers -ro"ramme Q trains younD mothers in voCational sFills so that
they Can looF after their Children and avoid havinD more Children Bho Bill beCome
street Children beCause their mothers Bill not be able to looF after them( "he
proDramme also Dives the younD mothers traininD in reproduCtive health and AI$S so
that they Can avoid ContraCtinD AI$S and leavinD orphans behind(
Girl -rostitutes re&abilitation is also an effort at not only reduCinD AI$S but
preventinD Dirl orphans from DoinD into prostitution in order to survive( "he
proDramme involves CounselinD< eduCation in AI$S and reproduCtive health and
traininD in a voCational sFill(
apode BorFs Closely Bith C$SS and 'SC$ in all the proDrammes and is noB
tryinD to establish linFs Bith the inistry of !duCation(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons learned

apode believes it is not possible to BorF in isolation from Dovernment and the
"he eAperienCe from the "asintha proDramme shoBed that Bhen a proGeCt is
detaChed from the Community it has a hiDher failure rate( -rostitutes rehabilitated
at the "asintha proDramme in the initial phase Bent baCF to prostitution after some
time beCause they failed to inteDrate into soCiety(
-lanninD should involve the Drassroots otherBise they do not taFe oBnership of
the proDramme(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Muslim Care Orphana3e
ContaCt person? +atima ubaraF< Coordinator
-hysiCal address? -lot 1:9< 3abBata Site = ServiCe
ailinD address? - O *oA 11::7< %usaFa
"elephone? 01,:,:
Status? N&O
"he uslim Care OrphanaDe is an eAample of a private initiative Carried out by a
business family in %usaFa( "he orphanaDe Bas established in OCtober 1997 by tBo
family members< Ahmed *adat and Ismail *adat< %usaFa businessmen( "he *adats
Bere initially moved by the hardships and even destitution that befell the orphans of
some of their employees Bho died from AI$S( "hey direCtly supported the orphans
and the CareDivers initially but deCided to establish the orphanaDe to provide better
Care for the Children( any of these Children Bere looFed after by aDed Drandmothers
Bho Bere looFinD after numerous other Children( "he *adats Banted to establish a
more personal Care system for the Children of their employees(
"he orphanaDe is run on a family sCale and based on a home4family model( It is small
5a three bedroom house in 3amBala6 Bith only tBelve orphans Currently( /ntil last
month it Catered only for boys< but noB has tBo Dirls(
"o provide a Ifamily; and a home for the Children Bhere their basiC needs for food<
shelter< ClothinD< eduCation and emotional support Can be metK better opportunities to
lead a normal life Bhere this Bould have been diffiCult after the loss of their parents(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he orphanaDe Currently Cares for tBelve Children from the aDe of siA months to
seventeen years( Children of sChool DoinD aDe have been plaCed in reDular Dovernment
sChools Bhilst those of pre-sChool and nursery sChool aDe are tauDht at the home by
the orphanaDe;s nursery sChool teaCher( "he nursery sChool faCility Currently only
Caters for the orphans at the Centre(
"he Children;s sChool fees and other eduCational reHuirements< their health Care< board
and lodDinD< ClothinD etC( are all taFen Care of by the *adats( In addition to providinD
for the Children at the home< the *adats Dive a small alloBanCe of 3,:<::: to eaCh
Child;s family per month(
"he Children live at the home and only Do out for day visits on BeeFends to their
families( "he Centre has tried to have the Children spend lonDer periods< suCh as the
sChool holidays< visitinD their families but both the Children and their families are
reluCtant( "he Children find life hard in the homes they Came from and their families
feel they have little to offer these Children and there are better off at the orphanaDe(
any of these families are often larDe and already stretChed( "here appeared to be
some reluCtanCe on the part of the founder to alloB the Children to spend more time
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -..-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Bith their families( It Bas not fully Clear Bhat the reason for this Bas( It is< hoBever<
evident that these Children have found a neB Ihome; Bhere they live a muCh better life
and find diffiCulty in fittinD in baCF into their oBn Communities(

"he Coordinator is a trained psyCholoDist Bho has run a Ihome-based; orphanaDe
similar to this one in "anEania( She ConduCts CounselinD for the Children herself<
partiCularly Bhen the Children are first brouDht to the Centre as most have emotional
problems as a result of the trauma of losinD their parents(
"he Bhole atmosphere at the Centre is deliberately that of a Ihome;( "he Children
move freely around the home< the older boys assist Bith the household Chores<
inCludinD CooFinD( "he Coordinator lives Bith the Children and is the mother-fiDure to
"he oBner also visits the Centre several times in a BeeF and eats Bith the Children
durinD their meal times( #e is the father-fiDure< althouDh he is Asian and the Children
are all indiDenous blaCF Zambian< Bith the eACeption of one Dirl Bho is Asian4Zambian(

$uture 3oals
In order to maFe the Centre self supportinD there are plans to open the nursery sChool
faCilities to outsiders to Denerate an inCome(
'essons learned
-hysiCal love and a home-based environment is the best alternative to a real home
for Children Bho have lost their home and their families(
Children Bho are Diven a IsurroDate; home are better adGusted emotionally and
psyCholoDiCally than those Bho DroB up in the traditional orphanaDe institutions(
3eepinD the Centre small also fosters a family environment Bhere eaCh Child Can be
treated as an individual rather than a number in an institution( It has been easier for
the Centre to Cater for eaCh Child;s individual emotional and psyCholoDiCal needs(
"he uslim OrphanaDe is an eAample of hoB muCh individuals Can do to help
needy Children in soCiety and respond to the AI$S Crises( r( *adat personally
reDards his initiative as a ChallenDe to his eHually Bealthy uslim brothers to also
do somethinD for soCiety as demanded by IslamiC teaChinDs in the #oly 3oran(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.7-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"ational 0omen>s 'obby *roup
ContaCt person? ADnes 3alunDu-*anda< !AeCutive $ireCtor
8ustina oonDa< board member< "el? 0,19:740.,::0
-hysiCal address? 1111 %ubu Rd
ailinD address? - O *oA 1:1)0< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,)),:
+aA? 0,,1,1
!-mail? nBlDOEamnet(Em
Status? N&O
"he National 2omen;s %obby &roup Bas formed in 8uly 1991 Bith the main
obGeCtive of inCreasinD Bomen;s partiCipation in deCision maFinD at all levels( "he
%obby &roup lobbies for poliCies that are Dender sensitive and proteCts Children;s
"he orDanisation is based in %usaFa but has Chapters all over the Country< at provinCial
and distriCt level( It is hoBever primarily urban based Bith no direCt representation at
rural or villaDe level( It is a membership orDanisation Bith a small seCretariat< a board
and a Deneral membership(
"he orDanisations aCtivities are Carried out mainly by the Deneral membership and
Coordinated by the seCretariat(
"he orDanisation has no direCt intervention into orphans but lobbies for the removal of
poliCies detrimental to Children;s Belfare( "he %obby &roup aCts as a linF betBeen
orDanisations direCtly involved in Children;s interventions and the deCision maFer by
lobbyinD on their behalf(
"he Deneral strateDy therefore the orDanisation has adopted on Children;s riDhts is to
lobby for more partiCipation by Bomen 5and Dender sensitive men6 in deCision maFinD
at loCal Dovernment and national Dovernment level to influenCe deCisions related to
Children beCause Children;s issues are Closer to their hearts(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
In order to inCrease partiCipation by Bomen in politiCs the orDanisation has established
a CampaiDn trust to provide finanCial assistanCe to Bomen Bho Bish to stand for loCal
and Deneral eleCtions but have no finanCial baCFinD( "he %obby &roup made a maGor
Contribution to the 1999 loCal Dovernment eleCtions throuDh this fund and siDnifiCantly
inCreased the number of Bomen Candidates(
"he orDanisation has also aCtively lobbied for the removal of Dender bias in eduCationK
it played a maGor role in ChanDinD the Content of the Zambian sChools CurriCula to
enforCe attitude ChanDe in stereotyped Dender roles( "his is siDnifiCant for the Dirl
orphan as eduCation Consistently Comes up as one of the orphans; Dreatest needs after
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
food( If the orphaned Child in Deneral is disadvantaDed Bhen it Comes to eduCation
then the Dirl orphan is even more disadvantaDed(
"he lobby Droup Constantly and Consistently tries to sensitiEe soCiety on the seA roles
and influenCe attitude ChanDe on those that disadvantaDe the Dirl Child both Bith
deCision maFers and the Deneral publiC(
"he orDanisations main aCtivities are advoCaCy CampaiDns< Dender sensitiEation
traininD proDrammes and leadership traininD for Bomen( It also undertaFes researCh
into Dender issues(
It netBorFs Closely Bith other Bomen;s N&Os throuDh the N&O-CC netBorF
providinD advoCaCy and Dender sensitisation support(
'essons learned
NetBorFinD has helped the lobby Droup reaCh a muCh Bider ConstituenCy than they
Bould have had BorFinD in isolation(
!AtendinD to the rural areas vital as the Dreatest needs are those of the rural
"he lobby Droup Bas initially and has Continued to be perCeived as an instrument of
the opposition by the rulinD politiCal party Q then /NI- and noB $( ChanDinD
this perCeption has been a ChallenDe but Fey to influenCinD ChanDe at deCision
maFinD level(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -.9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"3>ombe Child B $amily :elper Pro3ramme
ContaCt person? 8oseph !( usanGe< -roGeCt anaDer
-hysiCal address? "BiEa #ouse< -lot 1904:,< ND;ombe
ailinD address? -4*aD !1)< %usaFa
"elephone? 091,,:47:11:7
Status? N&O
"he proGeCt beDan operatinD in ND;ombe fourteen years aDo as a Christian Children;s
+und proGeCt offerinD health and eduCational support to needy Children in the toBnship(
AlthouDh the foCus is not neCessarily on orphans the proGeCt Dives priority to orphaned
Children Bhen enrollinD Children to the sponsorship proDramme(
"o improve the Deneral Belfare of Children of ND;ombe toBnship by providinD aCCess
to eduCation< health Care serviCes and nutrition(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he main aCtivity the proGeCt is involved in is the sponsorship proDramme in BhiCh a
Child in ND;ombe is sponsored by a donor in the developed Countries 5mainly the in
/nited States< !urope and Australia6( "his sponsorship Does toBards a subsidy for
eduCation or trades4sFills traininD< mediCal CheCF-ups and folloB-up treatment4primary
health Care and immunisations and supplementary feedinD(
"he proGeCt also undertaFes health eduCation< hyDiene and #IV4AI$S((
+urthermore the proGeCt provides a family CounsellinD serviCe usinD trained Counselors
from Bithin the Community and the proGeCts four full time soCial BorFers mainly for
distressed Children in ND;ombe(
iCro-enterprise development Bas reCently introduCed by CC+ to the proGeCt(
"hrouDh this sCheme< Credit is Diven for Community members to develop their business
to a level Bhere they have suffiCient Collateral to Hualify for Credit from lendinD
institutions( "o auDment this the proGeCt provides traininD in basiC business
'essons learned
-arents4family partiCipation is vital in Community development proDrammes(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -7:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Plan International
ContaCt person? -eter * utale< ACtinD -roDramme Support anaDer
-hysiCal address? -lot 9.1.< Central Street< ChudleiDh
ailinD address? -4*aD R2,19>< %usaFa
"elephone? 09,):941:
+aA? 09,1,1
Status? N&O
-lan International opened its proDramme in Zambia in 199,( It is a Community based
Child foCused N&O Bith an emphasis on early Childhood development and basiC
eduCation( -lan International operates mainly in the rural and peri-urban areas and
Currently has onDoinD proGeCts in aEabuFa and ChadiEa(
-lan International BorFs at developinD poor Communities throuDh the provision of
aCCess to food< Bater< health and sanitation< inCreased and seCure inComes and
ensurinD early Childhood development(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
-lan International sponsorship proDramme Currently has ,<,:: Children enrolled in
aEabuFa Bith priority for enrollment alBays Diven to orphans( -lan has built four
CliniCs in aEabuFa< tBo sChool bloCFs and sChool furniture for ten sChools(
Additionally< they also have a Bater proGeCt in aEabuFa(
In addition to infrastruCture -lan International undertaFes Community empoBerment
throuDh traininD and support to inCome Deneration and food seCurity aCtivity( -lan
International operates a savinDs and Credit sCheme Bhere family Droups are Diven
Credit on the basis of their savinDs( "he savinDs serve as a Duarantee for the Drants(
NeB emphasis is on providinD food seCurity and inCome Deneration support to family
Droups as opposed to tarDetinD Communities as a Bhole to ensure benefits triCFle doBn
to the individual(
'essons learned
-artiCipatory approaChes to planninD< implementation< monitorinD and
evaluation aChieve better results(
"arDetinD family Droups are more effeCtive than a more Deneral Community
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -71-
Institutional Response
November 1999
OCfam *4 in Zambia
ContaCt person? "imothy beBe< -roDramme Coordinator
-hysiCal address? -lot 0,: ZambeEi Rd(< Roma< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O *oA 1,.0)< %usaFa
"elephone? 091,194090:7:
+aA? 090)9.
Status? N&O
OAfam is Currently BorFinD in 71 Countries BorldBide Bith a foCus on five Fey themes?
DovernanCe< eduCation< land< Dender and eConomiC imbalanCes(
OAfam does not have direCt interventions Bith orphans but BorFs mainly Bith
vulnerable Droups in soCiety to help alleviate poverty( OAfam does not BorF direCtly
Bith Communities but BorFs Bith a netBorF of N&Os Bho BorF Bith Communities(
"he Current five year plan for OAfam Zambia< BhiCh beDan in 8anuary 1999< has three
main ComponentsK the Copperbelt -roDramme for urban poor< %usaFa rural
proDramme supportinD N&Os involved in improvinD rural livelihoods< and the
nationBide advoCaCy proDramme(
"he Deneral obGeCtive of OAfam is to alleviate poverty BorldBide throuDh the Creation
of an enablinD environment Bhere people Can have aCCess to basiC human needs suCh
as shelter< food< Bater< health Care< eduCation etC( and the riDht to self-determination<
to realise basiC human diDnity(
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
"he main Criteria OAfam uses to seleCt their partners is the eAtent of the orDanisations
BorF Bith vulnerable Droups and in the Current five year plan their BorF Bith rural
Communities( any of OAfam;s partners have interventions for orphans(
OAfam provides Drants for development proDrammes< seed for food seCurity and
builds loCal CapaCity both Bithin the partner orDanisation and the tarDet Community(
/ppermost OAfam supports advoCaCy on poverty issues(
$uture 3oals
OAfam is ConsiderinD direCt involvement it orphans and AI$S throuDh Collaboration
Bith #arvest #elp Zambia(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -70-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons learned
OAfam has a holistiC approaCh to development support( any donors support
speCifiC aCtivities and not administration resultinD in orDanisations beinD unable
to eAeCute their proDrammes effeCtively< partiCularly in the rural areas(
any N&Os are faCed Bith a serious transport problem and Cannot reaCh out
to the rural areas( IroniCally a lot of donors have been CallinD out to N&Os to
move into the rural areas(
OAfam does not support orDanisations Bith a traCF reCord of poor
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -71-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Pre6ention A3ainst Malnutrition ;PAM<
ContaCt person? +reda %uhila< !AeCutive $ireCtor
-hysiCal address? -lot 171< -arirenyatBa Rd(< RhodesparF< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O boA 1:,99< %usaFa
"elephone? 01,9)140 or 771909
Status? N&O
"he -roDramme ADainst alnutrition 5-A6 Bas established by the Zambian
Dovernment in April< 1990 throuDh a Cabinet CirCular< Bith the support of the donor
Community< to looF into improved food seCurity in the Country(
-A;s primary obGeCtive is to prevent malnutrition in the Country by ContributinD to
inCreased nationBide food seCurity4reduCinD food inseCurity amonDst vulnerable
Droups and improved nutrition(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
-A has tBo main proDramme aCtivities? disaster response and seed distribution4or
drouDht rehabilitation(
/nder the disaster response proDramme the orDanisation BorFs Bith the $isaster
anaDement = itiDation /nit in the OffiCe of the ViCe -resident to respond to
natural or man-made disasters distributinD food relief Bith about 9: partner N&Os(
In the seed distribution proDramme the orDanisation BorFs in Crop diversifiCation
Bhere they provide vulnerable Communities Bith seed for roots< tubers and Cereals(
"hey also offer seed entrepreneurship providinD farmers Bith traininD in seed
multipliCation and storaDe manaDement(
-A does not have a direCt orphans intervention other than distribution of free food
to orphanaDes as part of the food relief proDramme to vulnerable Droups(
"hey reCoDnise AI$S diminishes labour output by the infeCted and CareDivers thereby
reduCinD produCtion and inCreasinD food inseCurity(
-A is rural based but it helped establish the #elp the Children +und to Cater for the
urban vulnerable Droups(
Areas Bhere -A has provided Crop diversifiCation and food relief aCtivities have
shoBn< aCCordinD to their surveys hiDher eConomiC aCtivity than those areas Bhere this
has not been available( Certain areas in Southern -rovinCe are noB DroBinD a variety
of foods for eAample( #oBever< development N&Os< suCh as OAfam< hold the
position that the distribution of relief food Contributes to people abandoninD
development proGeCts or eConomiC aCtivity in preferenCe for free food( -A does not
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -7)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
seem to be addressinD these tBo ConfliCtinD positions nor maFinD any efforts to resolve
the ConfliCt betBeen themselves and development aDenCies(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -7,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Pro?e5t Con5ern International ;PCI<
ContaCt -erson? *renda 'amba uhyila< -roDramme anaDer Orphans and
Vulnerable Children
-hysiCal Address? 01., 3atunGila Rd(< %usaFa
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1010:< %usaFa
"elephone? 00910.47K 00111)
+aA? 00,-7)1
email? brendaOEamnet(Em
Status? N&O
-CI has reCeived /SAI$ fundinD to develop the response to O4VC sinCe 8anuary
1999( AlthouDh< the orDaniEations BorF is relatively younD< they have made Dreat
strides to mobilise Communities to respond to the Crisis of AI$S(
In 1999< 3itBe and %ivinDstone Bere Chosen as the pilot proGeCts to beDin -CI;s
orphan response( "hrouDh various partiCipatory deviCes< -CI mobilises the Community
to vieB the orphan issue as a Community problem and to develop teChniHues to
respond to the problem( -CI BorFs Closely Bith the inistry of Community
$evelopment and SoCial ServiCes< their implementinD partner< to identify Communities<
C*Os< N&Os< ChurChes< Community leaders and others Bho Can unite efforts to
respond to AI$S orphans(
-CI;s multi-seCtoral approaCh utilises various players Bho have formed $istriCt
Orphans and Vulnerable Children Committees as Bell as Community Orphans and
Vulnerable Children "asF Committees( "he members of these Committees BorF Bith
the Communities to define orphans< develop their response and address the issues( In
Deneral< the Communities reaCh out to those Children Bho have lost one or both
parents< either from AI$S or other Causes of death< as Bell as< those vulnerable
Children Bho may not be orphaned but live in eAtreme poverty( Some serviCes tarDet
various aDe Droups suCh as under five years< or from aDe five to fifteen( "he peer
eduCation proDramme 5anti-AI$S6 tarDets youth from fifteen to eiDhteen years(
"o build the CapaCity of the Communities to respond to the issues of O4VC(
Cat5hment Area
AlthouDh -CI;s pilot proGeCts tooF plaCe in 3itBe and %ivinDstone< -CI supports
N&Os throuDhout the Country throuDh the small Drants proDramme( -CI provides
small Drant assistanCe to C*Os and N&Os BorFinD on AI$S related efforts(
In both pilot proGeCt Communities< -CI;s efforts are primarily peri-urban BorFinD Bith
sHuatter settlements( 2ithin 3itBe< -CI BorFs Bith 9 Communities and in
%ivinDstone< they BorFed Bith five and reCently eAtended their proDramme to three
additional Communities(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -7.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
"he Core of -CI;s BorF lies into tBo areas?
1( "o mobilise the Communities to address the issues of O4VC utiliEinD a multi-
seCtoral approaCh CombininD the efforts of distriCt Dovernment offiCes< N&Os and
C*Os and Community members
0( "o improve the national poliCy environment reDardinD the Child
In Deneral< the Communities Bhere -CI BorFs identified poverty as the main Cause of
all problems( StemminD from poverty< eduCation< health< food and psyCho-soCial
CounselinD and food are identified as the Dreatest needs of the orphans( "he Care
Divers of orphans struDDle to provide food and eduCation to the Children they looF
-CI strives to empoBer the Communities to provide for themselves( "hey linF
Community leaders and members Bith orDaniEations Bho Can provide assistanCe(
"hese inClude donor funded proGeCts< ChurChes< N&Os< etC( -CI trains Community
members in the areas of teaChers< business sFills< inCome Deneration aCtivities< fund
raisinD monitorinD and evaluation and psyCho-soCial CounselinD(
-CI has provided small Drants to CIN$I in %usaFa< S!-O in %ivinDstone and %ARC
5%inF AssoCiation for the Relief of Children6 in 3itBe( "hese orDanisations distribute
material Doods to Children and their families(
Community members in 3itBe independently formed Community sChools to attempt to
meet the eduCation needs of their Children( 2hen -CI learned of these Commendable
efforts< they provided assistanCe to train the teaChers(
-CI funded C#IN 5Children In Need6 to develop a traininD manual to deal Bith the
psyCho-soCial needs of Children and Care Divers( "his manual is in draft form and
available throuDh C#IN(
On the poliCy front< -CI tries to faCilitate the revision of various poliCy related to
Children( "hey funded meetinDs leadinD to the revision of the 8uveniles ACt< BhiCh Bas
Carried out by the %aB and $evelopment Commission( -CI partiCipates in the -oliCy
round table meetinDs and is a member of the ReferenCe &roup on Child Abuse(
-CI tries to help orphans to learn to finanCially support themselves throuDh inCome
Deneration aCtivities and CreatinD linFs Bith miCro-Credit proGeCts( Additionally< -CI
BorFs Bith the Care Divers of orphans to provide traininD in inCome Deneration
aCtivities< eduCation and Cleanliness CampaiDns( AI$S eduCation and prevention also
lie at the heart of -CI;s interventions( -rimarily they use peer eduCators and drama
Droups to raise the aBareness of and to enCouraDe AI$S prevention(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
-CI has BorFed Bith the Communities to develop Community based manaDement
information systems< BhiCh are developed by the Communities and distriCt Committees(
Information on eaCh orphan is ColleCted annually and entered into a Computer system(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -77-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"he attempt is to traCF aCtivities and impaCt on orphans throuDhout the life span of the
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
-CI;s proDrammes involve a variety of players 5traditional birth attendants<
ChurChes< neiDhborhood health Committees< business men4Bomen< teaChers<
Dovernment offiCials6 at the inCeption of the proGeCt( "he proGeCt is then
Community oBned and it is believed that this effort Bill Contribute to the lonD term
sustainability of the proDramme(
"hrouDh Constant CommuniCation and freHuents visits Bith the Community< -CI has
Dained the trust of the Community and Created an environment Bhereby the CitiEens
looF to provide for themselves rather than to Create a system of dependenCy(
Communities should have the stronDest say and voiCe in all the aCtivities and the
monitorinD and evaluation of the proGeCts(
Or3aniDational Stru5ture
-CI has 0. staff members( "he O4VC proGeCt Coordinator BorFs full time on the
orphans aCtivities( She is supported professionally by the other staff members BorFinD
on monitorinD and evaluation< small Drants assistanCe< the Country direCtor and deputy
Country direCtor( /SAI$ is the primary funder( %ast year< -CI operated Bith a
budDet of /S$7,:<:::(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -79-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Ray of :ope
ContaCt -erson? $orothy ( SiChambe
-hysiCal Address? aramba ConDreDation Q Coillard Road< %ivinDstone
ailinD Address? - O *oA .:900< %ivinDstone
"elephone? :1 Q 101)11
Status? N&O
aramba ConDreDation< is a ChurCh OrDanisation started supportinD under privileDed
Children throuDh a proDramme Called MRay of #opeN in 1999( Communities identify
the Children and they are supported Bithin their oBn Communities( "he proGeCt looFs
after Children from both urban and peri-urban areas( Ray of #ope;s proGeCt is limited to
the Children aDed betBeen ,-1, and is Currently looFinD after ten 51:6 Children( Ray of
#ope Covers a larDe area suCh as aramba< $ambBa and Bandi( "hese areas Bere
alloCated to the proGeCt by soCial Belfare department(
"he orDanisation;s obGeCtives are?-
"o find homes for the Children Bho are abandoned or have no one to looF after
them after the death of their parents(
"o provide food< Clothes and money to those Bho are plaCed in homes
"o find sChools for those Bho fail to find sChool plaCes or stop due to the loss of
parents and support them finanCially(
"o provide soCial serviCe amenities e(D( taFinD Children out to plaCes liFe aramba
Cultural VillaDe< &ame -arF< toDether Bith their adopted parents(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
"he staff is orDanised aCCordinD to their HualifiCations( "here are nurses Bho are also
CounsellorsK teaChers Bho assist in plaCinD Children in sChools and a spiritual father
Bho assists in spiritual support(
Ray of #ope finds homes for street Children and those Bhose parents died 5either both
or one parent6 provided the survivinD parent has finanCial diffiCulties( #oBever< this
approaCh of taFinD on those Bho have at least one parent has attraCted even those Bho
do not need help(
"he proGeCt may find it diffiCult to Continue runninD due to finanCial Constraints(
#oBever< they are embarFinD on soap produCtion proGeCt and are hopinD to Do into
miAed farminD(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -79-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons learned
"he issue of Children in need is a biD one and it reHuires proper orDanisation and
Coordination of proDrammes< BhiCh are aimed at assistinD them(
If Communities are assisted< they Can aCtually looF after the Children in need(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Southern Afri5an AI(S Trainin3 Pro3ramme ;SAT<
ContaCt -erson !mily %emisa< Zambia Country %iason OffiCer
ailinD Address? -O *oA 1:.1:< %usaFa
"elephone? 009-):7
+aA? 01)-111
email? elemisaOEamnet(Em
Status? N&O
"he Southern AfriCan AI$S "raininD -roDramme 5SA"6 is funded by the Canadian
-ubliC #ealth AssoCiation and has eAisted for , years( In Deneral SA" provides
fundinD and teChniCal support throuDh direCt small Drants fundinD to N&Os( "hey
BorF in AI$S areas related to advoCaCy for Children and Bomen;s riDhts< #IV4AI$S
prevention< home based Care and CounsellinD( ReDardinD Children;s issues their Doal is
to sensitise Community reDardinD the riDhts of Children< abuse of Children and
Children;s risF to #IV4AI$S and other S"$s(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
SA" provides small Drants overall to 17 to 0: N&Os annually( A feB proGeCts are
related to AI$S orphans(
%ivinDstone #ome *ased Care -roDramme
Sister of the SaCred #eart of 8esus and ary in Ndola
#arvest #elp -roGeCt on AI$S in SiavonDa
"hese three proDrammes all direCt their efforts throuDh the BidoBs; assoCiations and
provide miCroCredit loans( "he Bomen;s miCroCredit Droups are all provided Bith
business traininD and they are orDanised in the same manner as most miCro Credit
proGeCts( 2omen form Droups and poliCe eaCh other;s repayment efforts(
In SiavonDa< in an effort to develop a form of sustainability< the members donate
livestoCF( "he profit from the sale of the livestoCF Do into a speCial fund to pay for
emerDenCy needs in the Community(
SA" also provides eduCation to Community members reDardinD abuse of Children<
property DrabbinD and the leDal frameBorF for both these issues( "hey strive to
eduCate Community members reDardinD their riDhts( "hey hope that their Drass roots
efforts Bill mobilise the Community to Call for national poliCies(
In the Ndola proGeCt< volunteers are trained on the psyCho-soCial needs of Children(
"hey provide traininD and CounsellinD to the Care Divers in order to help them Cope
Bith the burden of raisinD additional Children and also to help the Children Cope Bith
SA" provides Drants for miCro-Credit to the '2CA and to the Zambia Red Cross(
"hese loans are provided to street Children( "he Children also reCeive business traininD
as Bell as information on #IV4AI$S prevention(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -91-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons 'earned
"he need eAists to Combine #IV4AI$S eduCation Bith interventions desiDned to
Cope Bith the impaCt of AI$S(
SA" does not ConduCt eAternal evaluations sinCe the eAternal evaluator often does
not understand the deliCate politiCal and soCial frameBorFs Bithin BhiCh the
proGeCt operates(
2hen mobiliEinD Community volunteers< the proGeCt must taFe into aCCount the
mobility of Community members and the freHuent turnover rate( In this sense it is
better to train more members loCally rather than taFinD a seleCt feB for eAternal
Street Fids beCome more responsible CitiEens and more able to taFe Care of themselves<
Bith proper traininD 5finanCial6 and aCCess to funds(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -90-
Institutional Response
November 1999
ContaCt -erson? 8osephine -hiri
-hysiCal Address $istriCt #ealth anaDement OffiCes< %ivinDstone
ailinD Address? - O *oA .:,)),< %ivinDstone
"elephone? :1 Q 10191.
Status? N&O
S!-O< in eAistenCe sinCe late 1997< aims to alleviate the sufferinD of the vulnerable
Children( "he proDramme Caters for : - 19 years that have lost both parents and no
one Comes forBard to taFe responsibilities( OCCasionally the proGeCt supports some
Children Bho have lost one parent provided the survivinD parent is unable to support
the Child finanCially and materially( #oBever< S!-O supports Children Bithin their
oBn Communities( Currently< the orDanisation is supportinD 79. Children(
S!-O;s obGeCtives are?-
"o alleviate the sufferinD of orphans by assistinD them throuDh relatives
"o promote Care Bithin the Community in order for Children to have proper
emotional and soCial Care
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
S!-O operates in %ivinDstone and 3aEunDula $istriCts< BhiCh are urban< peri-urban
and rural( "he proGeCt has various staff inCludinD volunteers from NORA$ and
members of Community(
"he main aCtivities of S!-O are to support Children throuDh their adopted4eAtended
families in eduCation< provision of food and Clothes( "he proGeCt also offers shelter to
a feB of them(
"he proGeCt ConduCts some aBareness traininD proDrammes on #IV4AI$S< &irl Child
eduCation< proteCtion aDainst property DrabbinD and Child abuse(
+or its aCtivities< the proGeCt Dets finanCial and teChniCal assistanCe from NORA$<
2orld +ood -roDramme and /nited Nations and it has an annual budDe of
'essons 'earned
"here are a lot of orphans Bho need assistanCe in %ivinDstone( S!-O has very
little CapaCity to support all Children in need(
AlthouDh S!-O BorFs hand in hand Bith Care International< there is very little or
no Coordination amonD other proGeCts BhiCh looF after Children in need in the area(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -91-
Institutional Response
November 1999
CarryinD out Community eduCation is very limited and there is need for Bell-
orDanised Community CampaiDn aBareness(
It is best to leave Children Bithin their Communities so that they Can be emotionally
and soCially supported(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
So5iety for 0omen B Aids in Zambia ;S0AAZ<
ContaCt person? &raCe umba< +ield Coordinator
-hysiCal address? -atholoDy = iCrobioloDy %ab< /"#(< Nationalist Rd(
ailinD address? - O *oA ,:07:< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,09:)477,)01
+aA? 0,)9:9
Status? N&O
"he SoCiety for 2omen = Aids in Zambia 5S2AAZ6 is the loCal affiliate of the
SoCiety for 2omen = Aids in AfriCa 5S2AA6< a reDional body aCtive in more than 1,
Countries in AfriCa S2AA Bas set up in 1999 by a Droup of AfriCan Bomen Bho felt
that the impaCt of #IV4AI$S Bould have a devastatinD effeCt on Bomen and Children(
"he orDanisation Bas established in Zambia on 2orld Aids $ay< 1 $eCember< 1999(
Country branChes develop their oBn interventions dependinD on the situation obtaininD
in that Country( An annual S2AA ConferenCe is held to revieB situations in eaCh
member Country< eAChanDe information on #IV4AI$S espeCially as it affeCts Bomen
and Children and lessons learned from eaCh proDramme(
In Zambia the loCal national branCh S2AAZ has over 0<,:: members Country Bide
Bith branChes in all the provinCes< inCludinD at villaDe level(
S2AAZ;s main aCtivities are eduCation CampaiDns in #IV4AI$S< psyCho-soCial
CounselinD< Community mobilisation and CapaCity buildinD and sFills traininD and
inCome DeneratinD aCtivities(
S2AAZ;s short term obGeCtives inClude support to vulnerable Droups liFe orphans and
BidoBs and eduCation and eConomiC empoBerment of Bomen to help them maFe
informed deCisions BhiCh Could reduCe their vulnerability to AI$S(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he main intervention tarDeted at orphans are the four family support homes in %usaFa
BhiCh Bere bouDht Bith Irish Aid support to serve as drop in Centres for vulnerable
Children( "he homes offer pre-sChool serviCes for pre-sChool DoinD Children< trades
traininD for adolesCents and a meal a day for the orphans( It offers soCio-psyCho
CounselinD for families affeCted by AI$S< and supports home Care for the siCF(
"he Centre has a uniHue feature to it;s I&A;s( /nliFe most proDrammes BhiCh operate
their oBn I&A;s in order to raise funds for their interventions the S2AAZ homes
offer faCilities to entrepreneurs to Carry out their aCtivities usinD their faCilities e(D( the
Carpentry< tailorinD etC( and 0: Q ,:R of the profits Do baCF to the Centre and the rest
Does to the individual entrepreneur(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"he sFills traininD is offered to members of the Community Bho then may operate from
the Centre or outside( "hose operatinD from the Centres are Diven further traininD
periodiCally to improve their sFill(
"he I&A;s are also ConduCted in other branChes all over the Country - in %uapula
-rovinCe there is a fishinD proGeCt< in Southern -rovinCe there are mostly aDriCultural
proGeCts and in North-Bestern provinCe there is a tailorinD proGeCt manufaCturinD
sChool uniforms(
Community mobilisation is beinD done usinD the Community -reventive "eams 5C-"6
ConCept Bhere members of a Community inCludinD Community leaders from business<
ChurCh< politiCal and traditional leadership< partiCipate in identifyinD their oBn
problems< developinD their oBn strateDies and partiCipatinD in interventions to prevent
an Control AI$S( "raininD in the C-" ConCept is ConduCted by teams from ChiFanFata
ission hospital( Areas Bhere the C-" method has been used have reCorded hiDher
response and results than those Bhere it has not been used(
"he orDanisation has only tBo full time paid staff at the seCretariat Bho Coordinate the
aCtivities Bhilst the rest of partiCipants are volunteers(
Of it;s approAimately 3,::million annual budDet most of it is supported by
international aDenCies liFe NORA$< -CI< /NIC!+< 2#O< 2+- and the !C( "he
I&A;s throuDhout the Country raise money mainly for orphan support< althouDh most
of the feedinD is supported by 2+-(
'essons learned
Volunteers sometimes don;t understand the ConCept of volunteerism< espeCially
those not oCCupied in formal or informal employment( "here is a Deneral laCF of
Commitment and the eApeCtation to be reBarded for any efforts made(
2orFinD Bith the Drassroots has produCed HuiCFer results as they are easier to
mobilise beCause of the soCial struCtures that hold them toDether( ChilonDa in rural
Southern -rovinCe has an orphan support proDramme and pre-sChool BhiCh
operates from a villaDe hut for eAample(
!ConomiCally empoBerinD Bomen lessens their dependability on men< improvinD
their soCial status and ability to maFe their oBn deCisions( In addition S2AAZ
not only offers traininD in AI$S eduCation but also neDotiation and CommuniCation
sFills to further strenDthen a Boman;s position(
'ou aChieve more in netBorFinD than in BorFinD in isolation(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
0orld #ision International ;0#I<
ContaCt -erson rs( &( NDoma
-hysiCal Address? 01A iddleBay< 3abulonDa
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA 11:91< %usaFa
"elephone 0.:700< 0.:70)4,
+aA 0.:701
Status N&O
2orld Vision International 52VI6 but has been in operation in Zambia sinCe 1991
Bith offiCes in all provinCes( "hey are involved in helpinD underprivileDed people<
inCludinD orphans< in urban and rural Communities to lead as normal and fulfilled a life
as possible by enCouraDinD the establishment of and manaDinD Community based
proGeCts for self sustainability(
2VI sponsors orphans and underprivileDed Children until the aDe of 1) years and Can
operate in an area4Community for more than ten years durinD BhiCh years they ensure
that systems are set for Continued self-sustainability( Orphans and Children identified
by the Community as reHuirinD support Det direCt support from 2VI Bhile the
Community as a Bhole also benefits throuDh proGeCts aimed at the Community at larDe(
"o see that the underprivileDed and disadvantaDed reCeive help for them to lead a
normal and fulfilled life(
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
2VI has observed that the Dreatest needs of orphans are parental love< aCCeptanCe<
eduCation< ClothinD and food and that those of the CareDivers are basiCally finanCial
support< CounselinD and food( 2VI meets some of these needs< suCh as eduCation<
health and ClothinD(
2orld Vision also supports the Communities throuDh teaChinD them< the orphans and
other disadvantaDed Children aDriCultural sFills so that they Can be self reliant Bhen
2VI is no lonDer supportinD them(
2VI has eAperienCed diffiCulties Bith foster parents and refusals to Cooperate and to
partiCipate in Community proGeCts( -rimarily this results from feelinDs of frustration
and inadeHuaCy to provide for their oBn Children( 2VI provides Care and support for
orphan Children BhiCh the parents often Cannot provide for themselves( Orphans
Complain of neDliDenCe by their CareDivers( Constant dialoDue is alBays attempted to
alleviate this problem< sometimes Bith suCCess and sometimes Bithout(
2VI utilises volunteers Bhom they train hoB to netBorF in their Communities( "hey
also provide CareDivers Bith traininD in Deneral FnoBledDe on Children;s relationships
in a home and on hoB to administer resourCes they reCeive from 2VI(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -97-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons 'earned
"he folloBinD are some of the thinDs the 2orld Vision has learned from its operations
in Zambia?
It is advisable to beDin Bith a small budDet and then inCrease as the proGeCt
develops( "his helps to develop Community support and foster independenCe as
opposed to dependenCe(
-eople Bho reCeive funds laCF finanCial manaDement sFills and traininD is
Some politiCians laCF FnoBledDe of N&Os; BorF( $ialoDue Bith them to alert
them the development efforts of N&Os in their areas(
any Community development proGeCts are diffiCult to embarF on due to the levels
of poverty of the people Bho must also have an input(
Sometimes some N&Os BorFinD in the same area find it diffiCult to BorF as a team
sometimes due to riDid finanCial and operational poliCies(
N&Os need to have a uniform Bay of approaChinD issues espeCially if they are
BorFinD in similar areas(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -99-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Zambia Community S5hools Se5retariat ;ZCSS<
ContaCt -erson s !uniCe Anamela
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA ,:.9.< %usaFa
-hysiCal Address? /niversity of Zambia< RidDeBay Campus
"elephone4+aA 0,:19)
Status N&O
"he Zambia Community SChools SeCretariat 5ZCSS6< BhiCh has been in eAistenCe sinCe
1997< is aCtinD as an umbrella body for affiliated Community sChools< and represents
them in various forums( It assumes the funCtion of IspoFesperson; on behalf of
Community sChools to Dovernment and donor aDenCies(
"he SeCretariat has ) members of staff< Bith no fiAed annual budDet as all assistanCe is
obtained throuDh unsoliCited funds or in Find(
"o see that orphans and underprivileDed Children also reCeive proper eduCation(
Cat5hment Area
ZCSS enCouraDes its Community sChool affiliates to enroll and help AI$S and non-
AI$S orphans until they are able to fend for themselves( ore than 0:R of pupils
enrolled in Community sChools in both urban and rural CatChment areas are orphans(
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
ost teaChers in Community sChools are untrained and serve on volunteer basis(
"eaChers are Diven speCial traininD in hoB to teaCh in Community sChools( "his
CurriCulum< S-AR3< Bas developed by ZCSS Bith assistanCe from /NIC!+( "he
S-AR3 manual provides DuidanCe for the teaChers on hoB to teaCh and outlines a
syllabus inCludinD hoB to teaCh the material( odel lessons are inCluded as Bell as
teChniHues for monitorinD student proDress( A seCtion also inCludes information to
improve a teaChers FnoBledDe base(
ZCSS has tauDht and enCouraDed Community SChools to Brite proGeCt proposals to
support small fund raisinD proGeCts in order to develop self relianCe( ZCSS
enCouraDes the Communities to develop inCome-DeneratinD aCtivities to assist Bith the
Costs of sChool< Bhile ChurChes and other CareDivers support the orphans throuDh
supply of food< ClothinD< some sChool fees and health Care(
Orphans are often made to BorF more than Children of their foster parents or
Duardians as if to Mbuy or pay for their board and lodDeN( "his has led the SeCretariat
to enDaDe in traininD the foster parents or Duardians on hoB to handle orphans( "he
SeCretariat Dives transformational traininD to CareDivers to help them looF after the
orphans properly(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -99-
Institutional Response
November 1999
ZCSS is seriously ConsiderinD DivinD orphans some basiC teChniCal sFills to help them
support themselves Bhen they are out of sChool(
ZCSS enCouraDes Community sChools to provide AI$S eduCation and aBareness(
Some sChools Currently enDaDe in suCh aCtivities(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
ZCSS is startinD to establish a data based manaDement information system to monitor
and evaluate as to Bhether the Community sChools syllabus is in line Bith the inistry
of !duCation syllabi(
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
ZCSS;s proDrammes involve usinD volunteer teaChers Bho may not alBays have
the reHuired teaCher HualifiCations( "hey have< hoBever< put a poliCy BhiCh
reHuires that the untrained teaChers should be sent for traininD in basiC teaChinD
methods and Child psyCholoDy(
"he Community is very involved in identifyinD people Bho are BillinD to volunteer
as teaChers( "he Community involvement is an effort to maFe them understand that
Community sChools are their oBn proGeCts BhiCh they must Continually support(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Zambia Open Community S5hools ;ZOCS<
ContaCt -erson? rs( R(3( unFombBe
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA ,:)09< %usaFa
-hysiCal Address? 17) %uanshya Road< #ope #ouse
"elephone4+aA? 007:9)
Status? N&O
"he Zambia Open Community SChools 5ZOCS6< established in 1990< is an umbrella
body supportinD a total of 0. Community sChools Q 00 in the urban area and ) in the
rural area--Bith a total of 1:1 teaChers(
About ,:R of Children supported by ZOCS are orphans Bhile the rest are Comprised
of underprivileDed Children( ost CatChment areas are the densely populated areas
suCh as Chibolya Compound of %usaFa( ZOCS has at present four Community sChools
in %usaFa rural areas Q in aFanDBe near ChilanDa< ChifBema< Chilumbila and
"he maGor donors are NORA$< Irish Aid< /NIC!+< and the *ritish CounCil(
"o Dive basiC eduCation to orphans and other underprivileDed Children so that they
are able to read< Brite and eApress themselves Bith a vieB to beinD self reliant later
in their lives(
"o enCouraDe behavioral ChanDe throuDh Child to Child health eduCation so that the
Children themselves are able to teaCh other Children aCCeptable and safe morals(
"o Dive sFills to the orphans after four years of basiC eduCation in fields suCh as
tailorinD< Carpentry< CooFery< Child Care etC(
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
"he Children are put into Community sChools under the sponsorship of ZOCS and
other donors( "he diffiCult of sponsorship< hoBever< arises Bhen an orphaned Child
Hualifies to enter Drade 9 in a &overnment sChool< sinCe the Community sChools only
provide eduCation eHuivalent to Drade 7( 2hen a Child passes the eAaminations for
Drade 9< ZOCS may assist in obtaininD bursaries from donor aDenCies and other
sympathetiC orDanisations(
"eaChers are Diven the S-AR3 traininD( 5See ZCSS6( In addition< ZOCS teaChers
reCeive life sFills traininD in order to help them assist the orphans to Cope Bith their
Drief and other emotional issues these Children faCe(
ZOCS provides AI$S eduCation< mostly to orphans Bho are in the final level< level )<
of the primary sChool eduCation( "hey are planninD to Dive CareDivers as Bell this Find
of traininD(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -91-
Institutional Response
November 1999
ZOCS Dives foster parents transformational traininD to help assure that orphans reCeive
similar Care to the bioloDiCal Children and to help the parents Cope Bith the added
burdens of more Children( +our parents per Community reCeive one year;s trainer
traininD in hoB to looF after orphans and train others in their oBn Communities(
ZOCS also intends to start leadership and supervisory traininD for CareDivers to help
them in the leadership of future Community based proGeCts(
ZOCS realiEes that the tasF of helpinD orphans is not for one orDanisation alone and so
they BorF hand in hand Bith all other orDanisations that offer similar help to orphans(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
"eaChers are often inspeCted and their performanCe is monitored throuDh assessments
of their delivery< preparation of lesson plans< sChemes of BorF etC(
"he sChool Children too are assessed in the same Bay as Children in Dovernment
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
ZOCS has learned?
"hat the &overnment should visibly spearhead proDrammes dealinD Bith the
Belfare of orphans(
"hat Community partiCipation is very diffiCult to obtain as some members of the
Community< espeCially those Bho do not have orphans< do not alBays see the
benefits they Can Det from proGeCts aimed at orphans(
"hat it is eAtremely important that all ChurChes partiCipate aCtively in helpinD
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -90-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Zambia Red Cross So5iety ;ZRCS<
ContaCt person? 3elvin ChiposBa< #ead of +inanCe = Administration
-hysiCal address? 0917 %os AnDeles *oulevard< %onDaCres< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O *oA ,:::1< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,:.:7< 0,1..1
+aA? 0,0019
!-mail? ErCsOEamnet(Em
Status? N&O
"he Red Cross movement Dlobally is involved in the provision of humanitarian
serviCes suCh as disaster relief< health and soCial proDrammes in addition to the
traditional role of providinD paramediCal serviCes in Bar time or disasters< aCCidents
etC( "he Zambia Red Cross SoCiety 5ZRCS6 also BorFs Bith street Children and runs
a transit home for homeless Children and a voCational sFills traininD Centre in &arden
Compound( It Bas set up four years aDo(

"o help those Bho suffer Bithout disCrimination and thus Contribute to peaCe in the
Borld(; 5International Red Cross definition6
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he transit home in &arden Compound for homeless Children taFes in street Children
some of Bhom are orphaned( Some of these Children are boarders Bhilst some Come
to the Centre durinD the day but return home in the eveninD( "hese Iday attendants;
are mostly Children Bho are neDleCted by their parents(
Community sc&ool Q the Centre operates an informal sChool offerinD Drades one to
seven( In addition they sponsor entry into a Dovernment sChool and for seCondary
)ocational s2ills Q suCh as tailorinD< Carpentry etC( are offered to Children no lonDer in
sChool to empoBer them eConomiCally(
(ealt& - the Centre also offers free sCreeninD annually to the Children at the Centre and
pays for mediCal sChemes at various CliniCs Bhen reHuired( +irst aid is offered at the
Centre itself( In addition health eduCation is Diven by the Centre;s CliniCal offiCer and
health eduCator in personal hyDiene< S"$4AI$S< druD and alCohol abuse etC(
S"$4AI$S is an important part of the health eduCation proDramme at the Centre
beCause it has been found that Children in that area and many other Compounds in the
City are seAually aCtive as early as nine years of aDe( "here is also a very hiDh rate of
druD and alCohol abuse amonDst adolesCents(
5ecreation Q to Feep the Children oCCupied the Centre has a number of sportinD
faCilities< netball< football< table tennis< drama etC(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -91-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Income "eneratin" activities - CI$A-SA" are supportinD a proGeCt offerinD small
loans in three phases to entrepreneurs over the aDe of 17 years( "he sCheme offers
start-up Capital and HualifiCation to the neAt phase is on the basis of full repayment of
the loan( After disbursement of the seCond loan HualifiCation to the third phase is also
upon repayment of the seCond loan( -ay baCF has been very suCCessful< up to 99R(
"he Centre also offers CounsellinD serviCes to street Children(
$uture 3oals
+oCus on AI$S as a man made disaster(
'essons learned
+oCus on AI$S has for a lonD time been on statistiCs rather than ConseHuenCes and
interventions( "he International Committee of the Red Cross 5ICRC6 has noB
reCoDnised #IV4AI$S as a disaster espeCially the ConseHuenCe of orphans( "he
ICRC is holdinD a ConferenCe in #arare< ZimbabBe in AuDust< 1999 to looF at this
ZRCS Bill develop its oBn strateDies for dealinD Bith the orphans epidemiC in
Zambia as a national disaster after the #arare ConferenCe(
ZRCS Bill rely on early BarninD indiCators to respond more rapidly to sloB onset
disasters liFe AI$S( "he earlier a disaster is dealt Bith the easier it is to manaDe
the problem(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Reli3ious Institution Response
An3li5an Chur5h/ 'usa8a (io5ese
ContaCt -erson? +eliA Bale
-hysiCal Address? %usaFa $ioCese Q 2addinDton Community Centre
ailinD Address? - O *oA ,:0))< %usaFa(
"elephone? 0,)99.
Status? ReliDious Institution
AnDliCan Street Children;s -roGeCt Bas established in 199. to looF after the interest of
all Children found in the streets irrespeCtive of Bhether both parents are alive or not(
As a ChurCh orDanisation< they felt that there Bas need to provide love and seCurity to
under privileDed Children(
"he orDanisation has a multi-seCtoral approaCh in utilisinD Community to identify the
Children in need< aCts as foster parents and eventually permanent parents< Bhen there
are no relatives for the Children(
"he orDanisation looFs after Children aDed betBeen 7-01 years( Currently the
institution has tBenty-tBo 5006 Children( Of the tBenty-tBo< tBelve 5106 are
supported Bithin the Communities< Bhile ten 51:6 are aCCommodated at the Centre(
"hose aCCommodated at the Centre are beinD fed and trained in basiC praCtiCal sFills(
+inanCial support is from donations from different people< primarily ChurCh members in
Zambia and abroad(
"o reduCe the number of street Children
"o train them in various survival sFills
"o provide shelter
"o support some of them Bithin their oBn Communities
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
"he institution aCCommodates< feeds and provides Clothes for the vulnerable Children(
"he proGeCt also provides basiC sFills in tailorinD< homeCraft< Carpentry< auto-
meChaniCs< auto eleCtriCal< radio and "V maintenanCe( At the end of their traininD< the
Children are assisted finanCially to Do and start their oBn businesses(
+or the tBelve 5106 Children Bho are based in Community< the Centre toDether Bith
members of Community found volunteers to looF after the Children( "he families are
assisted finanCially to help in buyinD food< Clothes and sendinD them to sChools(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
At the Centre the housemother and the psyCho-soCial Counsellor< monitor and evaluate
the aCtivities of the Children( In the Community the Counsellor and Community
members monitor and evaluate the Care of the Children< maintenanCe and aChievement
of the proGeCts for those Bho have been trained and assisted finanCially(
'essons 'earned
AlthouDh the ChurCh runs the proDramme< there is aCtive Community partiCipation(
"he Children Bho are piCFed from the streets Can aCtually be molded into
responsible CitiEens provided they have shelter< food< love< ClothinD and above all<
afford them Bith basiC eduCation and praCtiCal sFills(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -9.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
The Catholi5 Se5retariat
ContaCt -erson Sr( !llen ann< #ealth $esF Coordinator
-hysiCal Address? 3atunGila Rd( And +reedom 2ay
Status? ReliDious Institution
ost of the 1: dioCese 5Ndola< onEe< %usaFa< %ivinDstone< SolBeEi< ansa<
Chipata< 3asama< and bala4piFa6 of the CatholiC SeCretariat have orphans
proDrammes( Ndola< onEe< %usaFa< %ivinDstone< SolBeEi have Coordinated
proDrammes throuDh their dioCeses( In the remaininD dioCese< individual parishes
freHuently have proDrammesK but the efforts are not neCessarily Coordinated at a
dioCese level(
"he CatholiC SeCretariat is underDoinD some struCtural reforms( "his struCture is beinD
enCouraDed throuDhout all the dioCeses( "he seCretariat is divided into tBo main
areas? development and health( AI$S< home based Care and 'outh Alive Bill fall
under the responsibilities of the health desF( "hey are debatinD amonDst themselves
under BhiCh CateDory< development or health orphans should be plaCed< reCoDniEinD
the need for a multi-seCtoral foCus( It is unClear Bhether there Bill be a separate desF
handlinD the orphan4vulnerable Children proDramminD(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
!aCh dioCese or parish develops its oBn proDramme related to orphans( "he
prevailinD prinCiple is alBays a Community driven proDramme BhiCh fosters Community
response and self relianCe(
Orphans proDrammes often BorF to Baive sChool fees< provide ClothinD< food and
health Care for needy Children( In the sChools they have formed sub-Committees to
help monitor the proDress of orphans( Someone is appointed to BatCh for behavior
ChanDes< sudden ChanDes in aCademiCs and for other BarninD siDns of abuse( If needed
and possible< the Child is often moved to a different household(
"he CatholiC SeCretariat freHuently support Community sChools( "hey reCoDnise the
validity of the debate reDardinD the support of Community sChools at the potential
eApense of a Dovernment sChool( As Dovernment sChools Collapse< freHuently pressure
is plaCed on the CatholiC ChurCh to taFe over their pre-independenCe role to provide
eduCation( #oBever< the ChurCh< as feBer of its staff are eA-pats< faCe deClininD
overseas fundinD to support their BorF( "hey feel that Community sChools are a
Community response and assist to foster self relianCe(
!motional support to families is provided throuDh Christian Communities< Comprised
of members of the ChurCh Bho minister reliDious leadership and orDaniEe ChurCh
members( "hrouDh the Christian Communities< parents and Children Can Continue to
feel part of an eAtended family( Additionally< Counsellors have been trained throuDh
3ara CounsellinD( AlthouDh in the past< these people Bere trained primarily to help
the ChroniCally ill Cope< there is noB reCoDnition that CopinD sFills need to be provided
for the Care Divers of orphans as Bell as the Children(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -97-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Numerous ConDreDations have various inCome Deneration aCtivities( Notable
proDrammes inClude? &arden Compound in %usaFa< ChiFuni< ChiFinFata and
3atondBe( In eaCh Case the Community developed the aCtivity( In some Cases
veDetables are DroBn and sold( At times maiEe is DroBn< but stored( 2hen the
families; supplies diminish< people use the stored harvested maiEe( In this sense< the
Communities have Created food banFs( In %uanshya< a plot of land Bas aCHuired from
the City CounCil( +amilies have been Diven plots for their oBn use( "hey manaDe the
land< the harvest and the sale of the produCe(
!aCh dioCese has a 8ustiCe and -eaCe Commission( "he CatholiC SeCretariat has
produCed booFlets on the riDhts of the Child and of Bomen and holds numerous
traininD Courses(
"he Ndola $ioCese is Bell FnoBn for its eAtensive data ColleCtion related to
#IV4AI$S( Other dioCese are beDinninD to emulate the Ndola eAample in their oBn
'essons 'earned
"he CatholiC SeCretariat has eAperienCed lonD term problems from Children Bho
reCeived institutionaliEed Care in orphanaDes( "hese Children DreB up void of
Zambian Customs and traditions( As adults< they often feel isolated from their
peers Bhen they return to the Communities( "he CatholiC SeCretariat strives to
Feep Children in the Communities as muCh as is possible(
In the past< they Dave direCt support to orphans providinD ClothinD< sChool fees<
etC( +oster parents< unable to afford these items for their oBn Children< DreB
resentful( NoB the ChurChes BorF on issues of development for the Community at
larDe and do not Gust foCus on orphans(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -99-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Christian Coun5il of Zambia ;CCZ<
ContaCt -erson? rs( 8ennifer umba
ailinD Address? -(O( *O> 1:11,< %usaFa
-hysiCal Address? ChurCh #ouse< Cairo Road
"elephone4+aA? 009,,1< 00).00
+aA? 00)1:9
Status? ReliDious Institution
"he Christian CounCil of Zambia5CCZ6 is Comprised of 19 ChurChes in Zambia( "he
2omen;s $epartment of CCZ< BhiCh has been in eAistenCe sinCe 199)< has formed an
Orphan and Vulnerable Children Care 5O4VC6 -roDramme( "he primary Doal of this
proDramme is to enCouraDe and to faCilitate member ChurChes to praCtiCally and
effeCtively respond to the ever inCreasinD problem of O4VC by enterinD into
proDrammes in their Communities BhiCh Bill proteCt< eduCate< empoBer and prepare
orphaned and vulnerable Children for responsible adulthood(
"hey aim to reaCh and help 0<::: orphans by the year 0::: and enCouraDe all ChurChes
to be involved in providinD food< eduCation< parental Care and shelter to orphaned
"o seeF out the orphans and vulnerable Children 5O4VC6 in our ChurChes and
"o provide the neCessary basiC reHuirements and provisions for their livelihood
"o provide basiC eduCation
"o provide the foster parentinD role
"o Create a firm foundation by teaChinD the 2ord of &od
"he O4VC proDramme has in addition planned to?
Offer the neCessary traininD and teChniCal adviCe Bherever and Bhenever it is
onitor and evaluate the proDress of proDrammes in the ChurChes
ResearCh and doCument information as it relates to all areas of O4VC BorF in
-rovide the netBorF that ChurChes need to pull their BorF toDether for impaCt
and also to enhanCe and strenDthen the BorF by sharinD the suCCesses and
failures and to learn from eaCh other(
NetBorF Bith other orDanisations that are also involved in similar BorF(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -99-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
CCZ is an umbrella body overseeinD the other member ChurChes and enCouraDinD them
to looF after the orphans( It also taFes an aCtive part in ensurinD that the proDramme
CCZ believes that orphans in rural areas are better off than those in toBn beCause in
rural areas< they have relatives Bho taFe Care of them( /rban orphans tend to be more
abandoned( CCZ has therefore ConCentrated in urban areas< partiCularly in %usaFa
Bhere they have treated the proDramme as a pilot proGeCt(
$urinD 1999< CCZ intends to BorF Bith the folloBinD ChurChes? St( -aul;s< 3abBata<
atero 5/CZ6K 3abBata< tendere and St( Columbus 5-resbyterian6K 3anyama and
3abBata 5Salvation Army6K *ethel< atero< 3anyama 5A! ChurCh6 and tendere
5CCA-6K 3amBala and %ilanda 5RCZ6(
CCZ lobbies ChurChes to taFe on the orphan issues in their Community( CCZ provides
traininD in partiCipatory methodoloDies< psyCho-soCial sFills and resourCe mobilisation
sFills( CCZ assists the ChurChes to beDin orphan and vulnerable Children proDrammes
and supervises the implementation of these proDrammes( "hey also provide some
monitorinD and evaluation(
CCZ enCouraDes relatives to provide shelter for the orphans beCause that provides a
home environment( OrphanaDes do not provide the reHuired individual attention and
Contribute to a sense of dysfunCtion Bhen the Child returns as an adult to the loCal
At the beDinninD of the proDramme CCZ Bas very aCtive in providinD food< ClothinD<
and sChool fees to the orphans but later deCided to hand over this responsibility to the
ChurChes Bho are nearer in loCation to the orphans( CCZ is enCouraDinD ChurChes to
feed< Clothe and eduCate the orphans found in their loCalities(
In most ChurChes there are seminars and traininD sessions on the danDers of AI$SK and
there are home based Counsellors Bho are trained in hoB to taFe Care of orphans(
"hese in turn are supposed to train others as Bell(
"he ChurChes are BillinD to help the orphans but are limited by laCF of finanCial
resourCes( CCZ feels that this is sHuarely a &overnment responsibility and that the
&overnment should play a more aCtive and leadinD role in this proGeCt( It further
believes that the &overnment should strenDthen the laBs ConCerninD orphans and
BidoBs to inClude stiffer punishments on all those Bho Drab property and leave the
orphans and BidoBs in very diffiCult situations(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
"his is done throuDh monthly reports from various tarDeted ChurChes( "he reports
inClude number of foster parents< number of orphans< proDrammes beinD undertaFen<
Bhat Find of sFills are beinD offered to orphans and also hoB the ChurChes Det fundinD
for their aCtivities(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1::-
Institutional Response
November 1999
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
CCZ has observed?
that the &overnment should be more aCtive and beDin to fund efforts beinD made(
that the problem of Children Bho are orphaned throuDh AI$S is a serious lonD
lastinD problem(
that N&Os should Coordinate their efforts and rather than CompetinD aDainst eaCh
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Chur5hes Medi5al Asso5iation of Zambia ;CMAZ<
ContaCt person? 3aren ! SiChali SiChinDa< -roGeCt offiCer Q AI$S4S"$
-hysiCal address? CAZ #ouse< *en *ella Rd< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O *oA 1),11< %usaFa
"elephone? 0097:04017109
+aA? 001097
!-mail? CmaEOEamnet(Em
Status? ReliDious Institution
"he ChurChes ediCal AssoCiation of Zambia 5CAZ6 Bas Created in 197: as an
umbrella orDanisation representinD ChurCh administered or mission health institutions
in Zambia( It has 9: affiliates representinD 1. different denominations and ChurCh
orDanisations( Of the 9: affiliates 1: are hospitals and .: are rural health Centres(
ColleCtively these institutions Comprise ,:R of formal health serviCe in the rural areas
and 1:R of the total national health Care(
Some of the serviCes provided by member institutions inClude Curative and preventive
mediCal serviCesK traininD of nurses< midBives and laboratory assistantsK Community
mobilisation and disaster response(
CAZ is Doverned by a CounCil ComprisinD representatives from all member
institutions( "he CounCil eleCts an eAeCutive Committee BhiCh supervises the
AssoCiation and the SeCretariat and Advisory Committees BhiCh advise and provide
other forms of assistanCe to CAZ( "he SeCretariat is the main implementinD orDan<
assistinD member institutions in the development of health proDrammes(
"here are three main proDrammes at CAZ? -rimary #ealth Care< AI$S4S"$ and
-rimary !yeCare( "he #IV4AI$S aCtivities inClude eduCation< home based Care<
CounsellinD4testinD< S"$ Control< blood sCreeninD and more reCently Orphan Support(
"he Orphan Support Component Bas born out of the home based Care 5#*C6
proDramme Bhen the patients that the institutions Bere supportinD in their #*C died
and left orphaned Children( As the problem DreB the eAtended family system Bas
unable to Cope Bith the inCreasinD number of orphans and many turned baCF to the
health institutions for support(
It is therefore Closely linFed to the #*C proDramme ( +inanCial support for the entire
AI$S proDramme for the last siA years has been from $ANI$A the $anish
development aDenCy throuDh $ANC#/RC#AI$< a ChurCh aid orDanisation in
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:0-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"he AI$S -roDramme has a number of obGeCtives BhiCh inClude developinD orphan
Care proDrammes BhiCh liFe the #*C proDramme is home based FeepinD the orphan
Bith the eAtended family system( Other obGeCtives are to prevent #IV infeCtion<
promote home Care< provide traininD< strenDthen S"$4"* Control and promote
evaluation and researCh(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he Orphan Support Component at the SeCretariat Bas set up in 1991 althouDh
member institutions had already started their oBn interventions as a response to the
DroBinD problem resultinD larDely from AI$S(
"he main intervention at the SeCretariat is the !duCation +und BhiCh Bas set up four
years aDo( "he fund BhiCh Currently has an annual alloCation of /SP)<:::< is
disbursed to member institutions Bith orphans support proDrammes for sChool fees to
seleCted orphans Bhose families are unable to afford to pay for them(
ReHuests from the fund are usually made either by member institution;s #*C;s or
orphans support proDrammes or a sChool Bithin the institutions CatChment area(
CAZ has hoBever reCoDnised that the Current alloCation is Drossly inadeHuate Diven
the enormous demand for support(
"he Deneral strateDy the assoCiation has for orphans support is to support one or tBo
orphans in a family< often the oldest Bith the hope that onCe they are independent they
Bill taFe Care of their siblinDs( "his also reduCes on dependenCy on the assoCiation(
As a result the assoCiation does not have an aDe limit for orphans support limitinD
support instead to sChool DoinD or ColleDe4university DoinD orphans(
In addition to the eduCation fund CAZ also mobiliEes donations of ClothinD< booFs
and other sChool reHuisites for distribution to the orphans proDrammes< larDely from
outside the Country(
"he orDanisation;s definition of orphan is a Child that has lost one parent( "his
definition Bas made on the basis of the oriDin of their orphans support proDramme< the
#*C;s Bhere the survivinD parent of an AI$S patient that died Bas often siCF
themselves and unable to Care for the Children(
As an inteDral part of the AI$S proDramme CAZ undertaFes AI$S eduCation and
aBareness proDrammes< usinD drama in the rural settinD and traininD proDrammes in
psyCho soCial CounselinD for health personnel inCludinD doCtors and CliniCal BorFers(
CAZ really plays the role of faCilitator distributinD resourCes to it;s member
institutions< providinD teChniCal support and CoordinatinD betBeen the assoCiation and
the inistry of #ealth4Central *oard of #ealth( "he CAZ AI$S proDramme
Closely folloBs O# Duidelines set by the National Aids Control -roDramme(
"he implementers are the institutions Bho manaDe the interventions themselves(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons learned
CAZ has been able to reaCh remote areas of the Country throuDh the mission
health Centres< providinD support to orphans there Bhere &overnment and
other N&Os have not been able to reaCh(
CAZ Bere the pioneers of the #ome Care ConCept BhiCh Bas ConCeived in
199. and initiated by ChiFanFata ission #ospital( "he ConCept has noB been
adopted by &overnment as part of the inteDral health Care proDramme( "he
orphans support proDramme folloBs the same ConCept(
Collaboration Bith &overnment has yielded better results< the assoCiation
Complements rather than Competes Bith Dovernment< avoidinD dupliCation and
ensurinD more effeCtive utilisation of resourCes(
Collaboration Bith other N&Os has also yielded more positive results than
BorFinD in isolation(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
E6an3eli5al $ello7ship of Zambia ;E$Z<
ContaCt -erson %eah utale< $ireCtor< 2omen;s $epartment
-hysiCal Address? 3amloops Ave
ailinD Address? -O *oA 119.0< %usaFa
"elephone? 011-0)1
+aA? 091-00,
Status? ReliDious Institution
!vanDeliCal +elloBship of Zambia 5!+Z6 is an umbrella orDanisation for 70 evanDeliCal
ChurChes in Zambia( "hey partiCipate in the Interfaith NetBorF and have been BorFinD
on #IV4AI$S issues sinCe 199.(
Pro3ramme Inter6entions
"hey help their ChurCh members to define the most CritiCal needs in the Community
related to AI$S orphans( In Deneral< poverty is the underlyinD Cause( !+Z is Gust
beDinninD its efforts toBards orphans and have Britten a feB proposals( "hey have
mobilised ChurCh members to maFe a feB donations of ClothinD and have distributed
these to the poor(
!+Z has run sensitisation BorFshops in various Communities throuDhout Zambia for
ChurCh Bomen( "hese run from 0 to 1 days and strive to unite the Community to better
address the impaCt of AI$S( "hey Cover #IV4AI$S 5its Cause and prevention and
soCial impaCt6< helps the Community define orphan< eAamines issues of volunteers and
traininD in home based Care< CounselinD< respeCt of Confidential issues and spiritual
DuidanCe( !+Z has reCeived small Drants for these BorFshops from -CI and the
National AI$S< "* and %eprosy Control -roDramme(
As part of the Interfaith NetBorF< !+Z has Goined its ColleaDues to state that reforms
of laBs for Bomen and Children are neCessary( !+Z feels that Dovernment and N&Os
should toDether taFe the lead to develop a national response and plan of aCtion for
Children in need( N&Os< resultinD from their Drass roots BorF< Can provide the
neCessary information to move toBards the leDal reforms and a national poliCy(
'essons 'earned
$espite all the information reDardinD #IV4AI$S and the attempts to disseminate
that information< in the rural areas the need remains Dreat to Continue the eduCation
and to dispel various myths related to #IV(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Aab7ata Presbyterian Chur5h ;A4C<
ContaCt -erson? rs( "anDu aEaba
ailinD Address? *oA ,:1.7< %usaFa
Status? ReliDious Institution
"he 3abBata -resbyterian ChurCh 53*C6
has assiDned a member of the ConDreDation
to sensitise the members on issues of orphans and has orDanised for a BeeFly
testimony by an orphan durinD ChurCh serviCes( "hey have identified 11 orphans
Bithin their Community to provide finanCial and moral support( +ive orphans have
been provided Bith free plaCes at the ChurCh sChool(
%onD term plans inClude to empoBer families throuDh sFills traininD and to foster
stronD netBorFinD struCtures Bith other proDrammes(
"he 3abBata -resbyterian ChurCh Bas not intervieBed( "his information Bas Dleaned from a
doCument provided by the Christian CounCil of Zambia(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'utheran Chur5h of Central Afri5a ;Central Afri5a Medi5al Mission<
ContaCt person? arledene ohr< ediCal ission Rep4N FandaBire< CliniCal
-hysiCal address? BembeEhi %utheran CliniC< BembeEhi
ailinD address? - O *oA 11971< %usaFa
"elephone? 101-01:)9:4101-::0)
Status? ReliDious Institution
"he %utheran Central AfriCa ediCal ission is part of the %utheran ChurCh of Central
AfriCa providinD mediCal and health Care support to the mission and the loCal
Community( In BembeEhi the mission has a CliniC BhiCh Bas set up 1. years aDo
CaterinD for the loCal Community there providinD Curative and preventive Care< health
eduCation foCusinD on AI$S eduCation and AI$S orphans and traininD of health
BorFers 5volunteers6< traditional birth attendants etC(
"he CliniC and the traininD and eduCation serviCes are larDely supported by the
2isConsin %utheran 2omen;s ission SoCiety in the /nited States< BhiCh sends an
eApatriate nurse< druDs< mediCal supplies and eHuipment(
"he eduCation Component of the missions BorF Bas only reCently developed<
espeCially in relation to orphans and has therefore not yet been Clearly defined(
"o provide basiC eduCation and sFills to orphans and Care Bithin the eAtended family
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he missions orphan interventions are not yet fully developed( uCh of the BorF is
Currently health eduCation and psyCho4soCial CounselinD( "he mission has initiated a
proGeCt proposal for the aCtual orphans support proDramme in one of the Communities
in BembeEhi( "he Community Bas to develop aDriCultural proGeCts and use the
proCeeds for support orphans in their Community< mainly sChool fees(
On an individual level the mission brinDs the pliDht of orphans reHuestinD assistanCe to
it;s ChurCh members Bho on an individual level maFe some Contributions toBards the
"he mission does Contribute ClothinD< food 5supplementary feedinD6 and some sChool
reHuisites Bhen these Can be sourCes from the %utheran netBorF abroad(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:7-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"dola (io5ese of Catholi5 Chur5h
ContaCt -erson? +iFasa Chanda
-hysiCal Address? 3ansenshi- ChiniFa Area< Ndola
ailinD Address? - O *oA 7:0))< Ndola
"elephone? :0 Q .111).
Status? ReliDious Institution
3ansenshi OrphanaDe Came into eAistenCe four 5)6 years aDo Bith the finanCial
assistanCe of different !uropean orDanisations( "he institution Cares for Children Bho
lost one or both parents provided they are beloB 19 years of aDe(
Communities identify the Children in need and taFe them to the Centre for shelter< food<
Clothes and eduCation(
"he Centre provides emotional support throuDh talFinD to them and prayinD for them(
"he institution has professional staff Bho taFes Care of their health and soCial issues(
'essons 'earned
"he problem of orphans is biD and reHuires proper Collaboration and Coordination
by all staFeholders(
%ooFinD after orphans is very eApensive and reHuires a lot of money( $onated
money has its oBn Duidelines on hoB to use it< and not aCCordinD to the needs of
the Children(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Reformed Chur5h in Zambia
ContaCt person? 8aphet Ndhlovu< Synod oderator
-hysiCal address? -lot 90,1< Chilimbulu Rd(< 3amBala< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O *oA 101:1< %usaFa
"elephone? 0110:.K 01)1,0K779,97
+aA? 0110:.
!-mail? nGaphetOEamtel(Em
Status? ReliDious Institution
"he Reformed ChurCh 5formerly the $utCh Reformed ChurCh6 has a -roGeCts and
$evelopment $epartment Bhose purpose is to respond to the DroBinD soCial needs of
the ConDreDation and undertaFe aCtivities in eduCation< health and nutrition and small
enterprise development( "he $epartment has tBo branChes %usaFa and !astern
-rovinCe( In Deneral< the ChurCh foCus is on vulnerable Children< Bith a priority Diven
to orphans(
"o provide for orphans in the ChurCh eduCation< healthCare and other emotional
and materials support(
"o Feep orphans Bithin the eAtended family system(
"o empoBer Communities throuDh inCome DeneratinD aCtivities so that they are
able to Care for orphans other needy Children in soCiety(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he %usaFa 2omen;s NetBorF 4Reformed ChurCh OrphanaDe &roup provides
assistanCe to orphans in the CatChment areas Bhere a Reformed ChurCh is loCated( "his
is aCComplished by inCidental material support to orphans left by family members<
donations of sChool uniforms< sChool fees< ClothinD< food or money to the eAtended
family supportinD them(
"hese donations are larDely soliCited from the membership in the ChurCh itself( "he
ChurCh tries to plaCe the orphans Bithin the eAtended family as far as possible but there
have been Cases Bhere this has not been possible beCause the Children Bere abandoned
by their families and ChurCh members have adopted them as foster parents(
"he Reformed ChurCh has set up Bhat they Call IReformed Open Community
SChools; BhiCh provide eduCation for Children Bhose families are unable to send to
reDular sChools( "hey operate liFe other Community sChools providinD an aCCelerated
"he ChurCh provides inCidental support for sChool< many in rural areas< reHuisites liFe
booFs< pens etC( and have made donations of biCyCles 5over 1::6 for the BorFers in
these sChools( "he Reformed ChurCh has assisted over 1::<::: Children in these
sChools and althouDh there is no data to indiCate hoB many Bere orphans< the ChurCh
Dives priority to orphans for support(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1:9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
In the inCome Deneration arena the ChurCh has provided aDriCultural sFills traininD and
start up Capital mainly for small sCale farmers( "he sFills traininD BhiCh is also done
for other seCtors has been Bith the support of the /nited Nations International %abour
OrDanisation 5I%O6 and the Christian CounCil of Zambia(
"he ChurCh provides health eduCation primarily in the rural areas Bhere volunteers are
provided Bith traininD and mediCal Fits for the treatment of diseases liFe malaria<
diarrhea etC( *iCyCles have also been supplied to the Community health BorFers( "he
Community health BorFers also offer nutrition eduCation to the Community(
"he ChurCh reCeives finanCial and material support mainly from the Reformed 2orld
Relief Committee in the /nited States< the Reformed ChurCh in Netherlands and the
"ear +und in Australia( "hey netBorF Closely Bith the Christian CounCil of Zambia
and the %utheran 2orld +ederation(
$uture 3oals
"he ChurCh has reCoDnised the DroBinD problem of orphans in Zambia< espeCially
AI$S orphans( "hey ConduCted a snap survey in 1: toBnships in %usaFa< Bhere there
is a Reformed ChurCh( "he findinDs proved that they need to develop a more
struCtured approaCh to dealinD Bith the problem< but at this time there is no definite
planned strateDy(
'essons learned
"he Reformed ChurCh previously ran orphanaDes in the !astern -rovinCe but
deCided that institutional Care is not the best intervention for orphans( Its Costly
and removes Children from the family system to an artifiCial environment(
Community involvement from the planninD staDe in any intervention is CritiCal for
better Community partiCipation at implementation staDe( Constant Consultations
also provide for better results(
NetBorFinD is important( "he ChurCh has had eAperienCes Bith orDanisations
providinD similar serviCes in their CatChment areas suCh as the %uanDBa InteDrated
-roDramme Bhere eaCh orDanisation has BorFed in isolation< CompetinD Bith
others in the areas and BantinD to Claim oBnership and individual suCCess for
proGeCts involvinD the same Communities(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
*o6ernment Response
Offi5e of the #i5e PresidentEE(isaster Mana3ement B Miti3ation Unit ;(MMU<
ContaCt person? 8ones BanEa< $ireCtor
-hysiCal address? -lot .:)9< SibBeni Rd(< Northmead< %usaFa
ailinD address? - O *oA 199.1< %usaFa
"elephone? 091)114091)1947,,997
+aA? 091)19
!-mail? dmmuOEamtel(Em
Status? &overnment
"he $isaster anaDement = itiDation /nit 5$/6 loCated in the ViCe -residents;
offiCe Bas established in 1997 Bith /N$- and 2+- support as part of the /nited
Nations BorldBide CampaiDn on reduCtion of disasters( -rior to that disaster
manaDement Bas dealt Bith by a unit Called the ContinDenCy -lanninD /nit BhiCh Bas
set up in 19.. and abolished in 1990( "he $/ has a lean seCretariat Bith only
three teChniCal staff - the national Coordinator4direCtor< a systems analyst< and a
soCioloDistK and three support staff( "he reDional offiCes in Choma< Copperbelt< and
%usaFa are eaCh manned by a teChniCal person(
"he unit plays a CoordinatinD role betBeen all Fey players in a disaster Q drouDht< fires<
floods< aCCidents< Bater hyaCinth< pestilenCes< epidemiCs 5inCludinD AI$S6 etC(
It is Doverned by a National $isaster = Relief Committee at Cabinet Chaired by the
ViCe -resident< ComprisinD 10 ministries represented by the respeCtive ministers(
/nder the Cabinet Committee is a "eChniCal Committee BhiCh is Chaired by the
-ermanent SeCretary in the V-;s offiCe and ComprisinD permanent seCretaries and
some teChnoCrats of the 10 ministries represented in the Cabinet CommitteeK
representatives from the private seCtor< N&Os< media< international orDanisations
5inCludinD /N$- and 2+-6( "he teChniCal Committee has sub-Committees for health<
Bater and sanitation< finanCe etC( represented at provinCial< distriCt and villaDe levels(
"he $/ seCretariat Coordinates all these levels(
!AeCution is done by ContraCted aDenCies suCh as -A< CAZ< A$RA 5Adventist
ChurCh6< 2orld Vision International< CAR!< Zambia Red Cross SoCiety etC(
"o foreCast< manaDe and mitiDate disasters in the Country< natural or man made(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
"he unit does not have any interventions Bith orphans speCifiCally besides distribution
of food to orphanaDes Bhen it is available< but their Cardinal role of manaDinD and
mitiDatinD disasters inCludinD man made disasters suCh as AI$S orphans maFes it a
CritiCal offiCe in Current efforts to develop national strateDies for the manaDement of
the AI$S and orphans epidemiC(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -111-
Institutional Response
November 1999
At present the siDnifiCant interventions relatinD to orphans are the distribution of free
food to orphanaDes< vulnerable Droups BhiCh inClude Children< disabled persons< the
aDed etC( in Collaboration Bith CS$$(
$uture 3oals
"o foCus more attention on sloB onset disasters liFe AI$S( "o develop more aCCurate
and responsive meChanisms for determininD disasters 5early BarninD systems6 BhiCh
Can provide indiCators of a loominD sloB onset disaster< espeCially man made
'essons learned
"he $/ direCtor< 8ones BanEa< ConCeded that the problem of street Children
is a loominD national disaster BhiCh his unit intends to foCus Dreater attention on<
espeCially in vieB of the AI$S epidemiC( #e aCFnoBledDed that Countries liFe
*raEil BhiCh have deClared the problem of street Children a national disaster are
movinD ahead of Zambia BhiCh has an eHually serious problem(
#e indiCated that his unit Bould liFe to foCus its attention on ColleCtinD and
analyEinD data on orphans and street Children in order to develop national
strateDies for dealinD Bith the problem(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -110-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Ministry of Community (e6elopment and So5ial Ser6i5es ;MC(SS<
ContaCt -erson? rs( ( asisani
$epartment of SoCial 2elfare
-hysiCal Address? Community #ouse< SadEu Road
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA 119,9< %usaFa
"elephone? 001)70K 01,1)1
Status &overnment
"he $epartment of SoCial 2elfare< Bithin the inistry of Community $evelopment
and SoCial ServiCes 5C$SS6< Bas established to provide statutory and non statutory
serviCes to families and Children throuDh foster Care and adoption( "he $epartment
helps obtain Drants for underprivileDed parents and Children 5BhiCh inClude orphans6
throuDh -ubliC 2elfare AssistanCe SCheme(
"o assist families and individuals 5both adults and Children6 reduCe their destitution
and help them lead better lives(
Cat5hment Area
"he $epartment of SoCial 2elfare has offiCes in all distriCts throuDhout the Country<
in urban< peri-urban and rural areas( "he $epartment BorFs Bith all Children Bho are
needy suCh as Children of the blind< destitute and street Children(
In 1999 the $epartment BorFed Bith a total of 1<.)1 orphans( "hese Bere both AI$S
and non-AI$S orphans(
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
"he $epartment of SoCial 2elfare provides Drants from the Dovernment for sChool
reHuirements< food< ClothinD< and health Care to orphans and other needy Children(
"he department also provides alloBanCes to foster parents(
Children Bho are in Children;s #omes reCeive Drants from the $epartment of SoCial
2elfare to enable them have proper diet Bhile others are plaCed under Adoption and
+oster Care Bhere they are afforded a ChanCe to be loved and looFed after in a family
"he $epartment also provides CounselinD serviCes to help Children Cope Bith death and
loss of their parents( And Bhere there are no relatives to taFe Care of them< orphans
may be plaCed in Children;s #omes but this is the last resort as the $epartment
believes that Children DroB better in a foster home situation and enCouraDes that as
muCh as possible(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -111-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"he $epartment BorFs in harmony Bith all orDanisations that deal Bith orphans and
street Children( Its field offiCers also BorF Closely Bith the eAtended families in
assistinD orphans and needy Children(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
"he $epartment does the monitorinD throuDh formal monthly< Huarterly and annual
reports from $istriCts to the provinCes and finally to the #eadHuarters( "here is also
physiCal monitorinD throuDh tours and BorFshops(
Or3anisational Stru5ture
"he $epartment of SoCial 2elfare is a &overnment department( "here are about 170
professional BorFers in the $epartment and< as said already< the $epartment has its
presenCe in eaCh distriCt< and provinCe Bhere some speCifiC offiCers are assiDned to
deal Bith orphans(
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
"he $epartment has learned that the enormous problem of orphans Cannot be dealt
Bith by &overnment aloneK everyone in the nation< inCludinD N&Os and the ChurCh
should be involved( "he CatholiC ChurCh has already Dot aCtively involved in
helpinD the orphans and so other ChurCh orDanisations should also be involved(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Ministry of Edu5ation
ContaCt -erson? r( C umba< Chief #uman ResourCes $evelopment OffiCer
-hysiCal Address? ChurCh Road
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA ,::91< %usaFa
"elephone4+aA? 0,:9,,
Status? &overnment
"he 199. inistry of !duCation of !duCation national poliCy affirms that the inistry
Bill taFe positive aCtion to ensure that the eduCation system Caters satisfaCtorily for the
poor and vulnerable Children inCludinD orphans(
Currently a bursary sCheme has been set up for vulnerable Children in seCondary
boardinD sChools and is alloCated per provinCe aCCordinD to the number of boardinD
sChools in the area( 319 million has been disbursed for 1999(
"he inistry throuDh the *asiC !duCation Sub-SeCtor Investment -roDramme
5*!SSI-6 intends to establish a bursary sCheme tarDeted toBards the poor under the
eHuity and Dender Component of the proDramme(
Cat5hment Area
SChools have been asFed to identify needy< orphaned pupils Bho Can benefit from the
bursary( In many sChools Committees have been set up to looF into the issues of
orphans and other needy Children
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
-lans are underBay to develop a department to spearhead speCifiC orphan
proDrammes( SChools have been asFed to identify needy Children and -"As and
*oards are reHuested to pay for these Children and Drants are sent to them for
SChools provide AI$S eduCation and aBareness to orphansK there are full time and
trained Counselors Bho handle all the BorFshops( "here are Anti AI$S Clubs to
support the CounselinD and other AI$S BorFshop(
O! states that it has not failed to looF after the eduCational needs of the orphans but
reCoDnises that the responsibility is enormous and &overnment Cannot manaDe it alone(
"he help offered by N&Os and other institutions is very BelCome( O! eaDerly
supports Community sChools beCause they are maFinD the burden of eduCatinD orphans
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Ministry of :ealth E The "ational AI(S Control Pro3ramme ;"ACP<
ContaCt -erson? r( Clement Bale
-hysiCal Address? Central *oard of #ealth< NdeFe #ouse
"elephone4+aA? 09)::7 5ICASA6< 7:1991
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA 19719 5ICASA6< %usaFa
Status? &overnment
"he National AI$S Control -roDramme 5NAC-6 is a BinD of the inistry of #ealth
assiDned to looF after the interests of underprivileDed Children and orphans5 espeCially
those Bhose parents died due to AI$S sinCe some of these Children miDht also be #IV
$ue to the maDnitude of the AI$S problem< plans are aBaitinD approval by Cabinet to
turn the NAC- into a National AI$S CounCil and SeCretariat 5NACS6 and delinFinD it
from the inistry of #ealth(
"he NAC-;s aims are to
lessen or reduCe the transmission of #IV4AI$S
lessen the impaCt of #IV4AI$S
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
Attempts to reduCe the transmission of #IV4AI$S is done throuDh?
advoCatinD for behavioral ChanDe in all men< Bomen and Children(
informinD< eduCatinD and Constant CommuniCation reDardinD #IV4AI$S(
promotion of safe seA(
effeCtive treatment of S"$s(
promotion of voluntary CounselinD and testinD 5VC"6(
involvement of other ministries and N&Os 5multi-seCtoral approaCh6
Attempts to lesseninD the ImpaCt of #IV4AI$S are Channeled throuDh the Zambia
National AI$S NetBorF 5ZNAN6 Bhose responsibility is to Coordinate and monitor
the aCtivities of all N&O dealinD Bith #IV4AI$S
"he inistry of #ealth 5O#6 Dives finanCial and teChniCal support to all N&Os
BorFinD in the area of orphans( O# believes that orphanaDes are eApensive to
maintain and serve primarily as a delinFaDe betBeen the orphan and the Community to
BhiCh he4she Bill return to as adults( O# enCouraDes support Bhile the orphan is in
the Community( ediCal Care for orphans is free up to , years of aDe but Bhen they are
under #ome *ased Care ServiCes mediCal serviCes are free throuDhout up to the aDe of
01 years(
O# also Dives finanCial support to and teaChes CareDivers #ome *ased Care so that
they FnoB hoB to handle orphans in their areas(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"his year;s budDet standinD at /S$1::<:::< is beinD used to support N&Os and also
to train orphans in sFills that they Bill use for self-sustainability( Some of the funds
Come from /N$-< /NIC!+< /NAI$S< SI$A< /SAI$< $+I$ and 2orld +ood
-roDramme 52+-6
"he NAC- maFes use of CareDivers in the Community< traininD them on hoB to taFe
Care of the siCF< and hoB to train others as Bell in their Community( "he orphans<
alonD Bith other pupils in sChools are provided Bith AI$S eduCation throuDh Anti-
AI$S Clubs(
NAC- is of the opinion that there should be a deliberate poliCy that should
CateDoriCally state that no Child should be deClared an orphan and deClare that all
orphans should have free aCCess to eduCation and mediCal serviCes up to the aDe of 01(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
NAC- has mid-term revieBs Bhere eAperts from all over the Borld Come to evaluate
Bhat O# and other N&Os are doinD reDardinD the prevention of #IV4AI$S( "he
last revieB Bas done in 1997 and the neAt one is due in 0::1(
"he Zambia AI$S NetBorF also Feeps an eye on hoB N&Os manaDe the problem of
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
NAC- eApresses the feelinD that sinCe the problem of orphans is a dynamiC one<
CombatinD it reHuires serious and Committed efforts by all involved(
It is important to Do into the field to Bitness first hand the seriousness of the
situation and innovations to Cope Bith it(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -117-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Ministry of Sport Youth and Child (e6elopment E (epartment of Child Affairs
ContaCt -erson? r( 8ohn Zulu
-hysiCal Address? +reedom 2ay
"elephone4+aA? 01)9)7
ailinD Address? -(O( *oA 11091 %usaFa
Status? &overnment
"he $epartment of Child Affairs 5$CA6 is a &overnment department under the
inistry of Sport< 'outh and Child $evelopment( It is CharDed Bith the responsibility
of CoordinatinD< monitorinD and evaluatinD the BorF of the National -roDramme of
ACtion for Children and that of other implementors of the Convention on the RiDhts of
the Child(
"he $CA BorFs Bith other ministries suCh as inistry of !duCation5O!6< inistry
of Community $evelopment and SoCial ServiCes5C$SS6< inistry of %abour 5O%6
inistry of %oCal &overnment and #ousinD 5%&#6< inistry of #ome Affairs
5#A6 and inistry of %eDal Affairs 5%A6( "he $epartment also BorFs Bith
Children in Need 5C#IN6(
"he National Child -oliCy< approved in AuDust 199)< states that the overall aim is Mto
improve the standard of livinD in Deneral and the Huality of life for the Zambian Child(N
"his inCludes reduCinD infant and maternal mortality rates and reduCinD fertility ratesK
provision of universal primary eduCation by 0:::K reduCtion of adult literaCyK
eApansion of early Childhood CareK reduCinD malnutritionK inCreasinD aCCess to Clean
Bater and sanitationK reduCinD the number of street ChildrenK provision of support to
disabled and orphaned Children and the reduCtion of Child abuse(
"o formulate poliCies relatinD to Children;s issues
"o advoCate on behalf of Children 5orphans and other vulnerable Children6
Pro3ramme Inter6ention
"he $CA stronDly believes that all Children< inCludinD orphans< should be in the Care of
Communities< i(e( relatives< beCause that Dives them a sense of belonDinD< Barmth of
love and soCial aCCeptanCe( OrphanaDes and other institutions that Feep orphans
should only be transit homes or the last resort(
"he $CA Bith its CollaboratinD partners enCouraDe Communities to Feep the orphans
found amonD them( Is overall budDet< liFe for 1999< is 31(1 billion 5most of it CominD
from /NIC!+ and some of it from the &overnment6( A third of this money is
desiDnated for use in Children;s proDrammes althouDh it is not disbursed direCtly to the
orphans or their CareDivers but is Channeled throuDh N&Os and other institutions as a
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -119-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"he $CA throuDh the &overnment has established 1, Centres throuDhout the Country
Bhere various sFills are tauDht to the Children(
All the volunteers that Come to help Come throuDh N&Os and C*Os( "he $CA helps
to train them in psyCho-soCial CounselinD to effeCtively help the orphans( "hey are also
trained as trainers to train street eduCators and Community leaders( I+urther< both
orphans and CareDivers are provided Bith AI$S eduCation and aBareness(
"he $CA feels that a poliCy on hoB to effeCtively support families Bho Cannot support
orphans and their Children Bho run to the street needs to be made(
Monitorin3 and E6aluation
"his is done throuDh Huarterly and annual reports sent from provinCes( "he reports
Contain suCCesses and Cause of failures in eAeCutinD planned yearly proDrammes( *ut as
a more effeCtive Bay of monitorinD on the spot visits are also Carried out so that
problems eAperienCed in runninD the proDrammes are immediately resolved(
A55omplishments9'essons 'earned
"he $CA has learned
that orphans often suffer from marDinalisation and disCrimination Bherever they
are and that N&Os and CareDivers need to be properly trained to help these
Children overCome this(
that Child development is not for the &overnment alone but for many players(
that there needs to be Consultations amonD all CooperatinD partnersK Consensus
in planninD is neCessary
that the #IV4AI$S problem Cannot be resolved Bithout unlimited Commitment
and priority attention Diven to it( OrDanisations should not taFe helpinD orphans
as a CommerCial venture but as an eAerCise that should help these
underprivileDed Children lead a normal life( "he development of the Country
throuDh helpinD the orphaned CitiEens should be paramount in the minds of all
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -119-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Sustainable 'usa8a Pro3ramme
ContaCt person? +ranCis uBoBo< -roGeCt anaDer
-hysiCal address? %usaFa City CounCil< CiviC Centre Q NeB 2inD< IndependenCe
ailinD address? C4o /N$- - O *oA 119..< %usaFa
"elephone? 0,1)90
+aA? 0,1)7,
!-mail? slpOEamnet(Em
Status? %oCal &overnment -roGeCt
"he Sustainable %usaFa -roDrammme 5S%-6 is a %usaFa City CounCil proGeCt BhiCh
Bas set up in 8anuary< 1999 as part of the Sustainable Cities -roDramme 5SC-6 beinD
implemented Dlobally by the /nited Nations Centre for #uman Settlements 5/NC#S-
#abitat6( "he SC- faCilitates strenDtheninD and improvement of planninD and
manaDement CapaCities of muniCipalities and their partners in the publiC< private and
Community seCtors(
"he S%-;s foCus in attaininD the sustainable DroBth and development of %usaFa is
throuDh the inteDration of environmental planninD and manaDement of proGeCt
implementation aCtivities at Community level direCted initially at disadvantaDed
Communities in order to alleviate poverty and enhanCe overall eConomiC development(
2ith this foCus on disadvantaDed Communities the three themes of the S%- proCess are
CapaCity buildinD 5at individual< Community and City level6< enterprise promotion and
development manaDement and Co-ordination(
"he speCifiC foCus on disadvantaDed Communities in the S%- proDramme is the most
relevant to orphans( *y providinD opportunities for Communities Bith hiDh poverty
levels to initiate aCtivities for poverty alleviation throuDh sustainable aCtivities of
environment improvement< the proDramme strenDthens the Communities CapaCity to
address the orphans problem(
Pro3ram Inter6ention
Ca-acity buildin"? "he S%- identifies individuals Bithin the Community to be
trained as potential entrepreneurs in prioritised environmental issues( "hese individuals
are offered relevant traininD( N&Os< C*Os< R$Cs etC( are strenDthened to aCt as
faCilitators Bhilst at City level the CounCil is strenDthened to develop an improved City
development manaDement and Co-ordination frameBorF( !nterprise< suCh as the
Creation of small sCale businesses in environmental areas liFe Baste disposal< Bater
vendinD etC(< are promoted(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -10:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'essons learned
Community partiCipation from the planninD throuDh to implementation< monitorinD
and evaluation and Community oBnership is vital for the suCCess of any Community
based proGeCt(
"oBnship upDradinD proDrammes of some toBnships in %usaFa for instanCe Bere
not done Bith Community partiCipation nor Bith muniCipality involvement( As a
result faCilities BhiCh Bere ereCted suCh as roads< liDhtinD etC( deteriorated beCause
there Bere firstly not a priority to the Communities themselves therefore vandalism
etC( Bas hiDh and they Bere not maintained by the CounCil beCause they Bere not as
far as the CounCil Bas ConCerned their responsibility Q they Bere the responsibility
of national and not loCal Dovernment(
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -101-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Profile of Additional Or3anisations
"he information on the ensuinD orDanisations has been taFen from the C#IN Bebsite
5BBB(Chin(orD(Em6( OrDanisations Bith proDramme efforts most direCtly related to
orphans and vulnerable Children Bere seleCted to be inCluded in this seCtion(
A3apao Children>s Ministry
ContaCt -erson? +red umba< inistry $ireCtor
ailinD Address? -O *oA )1:10)< 3asama
-hysiCal Address? %uBinDu Rd< near %uBinDu bus stop
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o provide basiC eduCation to Children
"o afford parents an opportunity to do their BorF better
"o eApand Children;s Borld vieB
"O foster CharaCter development
"o maFe parents aBare of the neCessity of providinD basiC eduCation to Children
"o prevent malnutrition by hostinD seminars on Child Care
"o evanDelise to Children
"o impart Christian FnoBledDe so that Zambia Bill be a better Christian nation
Seminars for Sunday sChool teaChers
Short Courses for Sunday sChool teaChers
&ood neBs Clubs for Children on Saturdays
-arties and video shoBs for Children
Children aDed 1 to 1:
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -100-
Institutional Response
November 1999
An3li5an Street Pro?e5t
ContaCt -erson? +eliE Bale
ailinD Address? -O *oA ,:0))< %usaFa
-hysiCal Address? 2addinDton Centre< Corner of Nationalists and *urma Rd(
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o reduCe the influA of homeless Children on the streets of %usaFa< espeCially Dirl
Children Bho are eAposed to seAual abuse and left on the streets
"o provide ClothinD and health Care to these disadvantaDed Children for a healthy
"o provide an opportunity for Children to beCome useful CitiEens of our soCiety by
providinD them Bith eduCation and traininD sFills thus empoBerinD them to
effeCtively Compete Bith others and improve their Huality of life
"o provide the safety of a home to the younD and resCue them from possible abuse
"o provide a residential environment that enCouraDes relationships based on
mutual trust and understandinD< BhiCh is laCFinD on the streets
"o rehabilitate Children Bho have had traumatiC eAperienCes trouDh Christian and
psyCho-soCial CounselinD and restore their self-ConfidenCe so that they Can
positively respond to the environment around them(
SFills traininD
Residential home
CounsellinD< transit home
Tar3et Population
Street Children and orphans
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -101-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Asso5iation for Restoration of Orphans and Street Children ;AROS<
ContaCt -erson? *Balya utale
Address? -O *oA 70,:7< Ndola
-rofund #ouse< 9th +loor
"el? :0-.01-099
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o provide eduCational support and enhanCe development of orphans and street
"o provide sFills traininD and proGeCts for eConomiC development and self-relianCe
"o raise aBareness and promote Children;s riDhts in sChools and Communities
"o provide food< Clothes and shelter as initial steps to rehabilitate orphans and
street Children
"o provide CounsellinD to street Children and orphans for positive ChanDe of
"o raise aBareness in youths about the danDers and neDative effeCts of #IV4AI$S
on families and Communities and enCouraDe seAual abstinenCe as the best
preventative method
"o Curb the inCrease of street Children by BorFinD Bith Dovernment< N&Os and
other aDenCies
"o lobby the leDislature to enaCt laBs BhiCh proteCt Children;s riDhts and introduCe
stiffer penalties for violators of these riDhts
"o researCh into the problems and situations of orphans and street Children
"o Barn youths aDainst druD abuse and help those already in it
"o develop and motivate youth to taFe part in reCreational aCtivities
InteDratinD orphans and street Children in formal eduCation institutions and
Community sChools
"eaChinD sFills to orphans and street Children and involvinD them in inCome-
DeneratinD proGeCts to earn money throuDh proper methods
"eaChinD orphans and street Children about their riDhts and forminD Children;s
riDhts Clubs
-rovision of food< Clothes and shelter
CounsellinD and teaChinD
Removal of Children from the streets and plaCement in sChools and employment
%obbyinD for leDal reforms
-robinD into the sufferinD of orphans and street Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -10)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Spe5ial S8ills
Orphan Care
-syCho-soCial CounsellinD
CapaCity buildinD
Orphans and street Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -10,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
4ethany :ome and Study Centre
ContaCt person? 8ames Narrah 3undara< $ireCtor of -roDrammes
Address? ,,40) Chiulu< &arden Compound< %usaFa
tel? 001-:9.
faA? 00.-0.:
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o provide orphans< abused Children and BidoBs< espeCially in peri-urban and rural
areas Bith health Care< shelter< adeHuate food and adeHuate ClothinD(
"o provide basiC eduCation and praCtiCal sFills suCh as farminD< tailorinD<
Carpentry< BeldinD< briCFlayinD and domestiC and modern sFills(
"o inCrease aBareness about the pliDht of benefiCiaries throuDh loCal and
international BorFshops
"o Cooperate Bith other N&Os< Dovernment bodies and ChurCh orDanisations
BorFinD Bith needy Children(
-re-sChool< Drade 1 Classes< tailorinD for older Dirls and BidoBs< BeldinD for older
boys and BidoBers< shelter for the homeless Children< home based Care
proDrammes< CounsellinD
Orphans and BidoBs
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -10.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Care for Children in "eed Or3anisation ;CA$OC:I"<
ContaCt -erson InnoCent Chilupula< Coordinator
AddressK -O *oA ,1:0,1< %undaEi
*aha;i Orphan !duCation Centre< 'aFhobe VillaDe< Chief
aDodi< %undaEi North
"el? :.)-9:1,0 C4o rs( Christine *anda
*oal and Ob?e5ti6es
"he overall obGeCtive is to provide basiC serviCes to Children in need of a better future
and human diDnity Bithin their Communities(
"he speCifiC Doals are?
"o identify and address the problems faCed by the Children by developinD an
outreaCh proDramme and traininD volunteers Bithin the CatChment areas of the
C*#C proDramme
"o inCrease aBareness about various problems and the Children;s eAistinD talents<
throuDh dissemination< BorFshops an VillaDe and 2omen Nutrition Club eetinDs
"o assist Children in need to aCCess serviCes suCh as eduCation and health Care
"o provide universal aCCess to safe drinFinD Bater and basiC eduCation
"o reduCe adult illiteraCy espeCially female illiteraCy and to promote Dender
"o proteCt Children from the danDers of seAual abuse< druDs and alCohol
"o establish and develop means of DeneratinD inCome< e(D( tailorinD< Carpentry<
leather BorF and aDriCulture
"o eduCate the Community about #IV4AI$S prevention and home-based Care
CounsellinD for Duardians of orphans
Child proteCtion and development aBareness in Bomen;s Clubs and villaDes<
Dovernment departments and private Companies
#ealth eduCation proDramme on #IV4AI$S4S"$s< mental health< family
planninD4spaCinD< immuniEation< breast feedinD ORS 5in Consultation Bith
&ender in development and health Care eduCation in villaDes< nutrition Cubs and
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -107-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Spe5ial S8ills
+undraisinD and manaDement
AI$S CounselinD
#ealth Care serviCes
&ender and sustainable development
!nvironment eduCation
+ood seCurity
Spiritual enriChment
Community partiCipation and involvement
Orphans< street Children< disable illiterate Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -109-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Cheba Orphans Centre
ContaCt -erson? Reuben 3abindama< $ireCtor
ailinD address? -O *oA .:110< %ivinDstone
tel? :1-101-91.
faA? :1-101-91.
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o Care for O4VC and those Children livinD Bith #IV4AI$S in their oBn homes by
providinD food< ClothinD and shelter to those Bho need it< helpinD them Det health
serviCes and looFinD for interested donors
"o empoBer O4VC Bith life sFills< by supportinD them to Complete their eduCation<
traininD them in sFills suCh as Carpentry and briCFlayinD and eduCatinD them for
behavior ChanDe
"o offer CounsellinD serviCes
"o Carry out inCome Deneration aCtivities
!duCation for %ife
+riday meetinDs by Committee to revieB proDress
!duCation for Children
#ome visits
Orphans and vulnerable Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -109-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Copperbelt :ealth Edu5ation Pro?e5t ;C:EP<
ContaCt -erson? $r( %ynn 2alFer
Address? - O *oA 01,.7< 3itBe
-hysiCal Address? 9 $iamond $rive
"el? 5:06 009,10401:01)
+aA? 5:06 000701
email ChepOEamnet(Em
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o help people breaF the CyCle of poverty< iDnoranCe and disease throuDh the
development of FnoBledDe< values and life sFills that enable Creativity<
responsibility and healthy lifestyles
"o help form and maintain behaviour patterns< attitudes and lifestyles that deter
transmission of preventable diseases< espeCially S"$s and #IV< and reduCe the
prevalenCe of "*
"o help develop Care and support systems for those infeCted and4or affeCted<
inCludinD survivors< and thus reduCe the personal and soCial impaCt of ChroniC
"o develop the sFills of staff and Co-BorFers to ConduCt and faCilitate proDrammes
"o promote ConCerted effort in the Control of preventable diseases< inCludinD
#IV4AI$S< and in the development of appropriate Care and support systems< by
netBorFinD< CooperatinD and CollaboratinD Bith liFe-minded orDanisations at loCal<
national< reDional and international levels
"o sustain a ConduCive and BelCominD BorF environment< enablinD improved
administration< more effiCient and effeCtive preparation and implementation of
proDrammes< as Bell as spaCe for disCussion Bith visitors< CounselinD< study<
refleCtion< analysis of data< and report BritinD
Out of sChool youth inCludinD inCome Deneration
Child to Child
Community and peer eduCation
2omen;s proDrammes inCludinD CommerCial seA BorFers and alternative inCome
"raininD in pastoral CounselinD sFills
I!C for all speCifiC tarDet Droups
ass media BorF< inCludinD "V< radio< billboards< CommerCial shoBs< posters
piCture Codes< booFlets and leaflets< marFet plaCe and street drama
onitorinD and evaluation
-syCho-soCial CounsellinD sFills traininD
#ome-based Care
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Children in (istress Pro?e5t ;CI"(IE$:T<
ContaCt -erson? 8ohn usanGe< anaDer
Address? -rivate *aD !0)1< %usaFa
-lot No( ,010 aFishi Rd(
"elephone 5:16 001,99
+aA 5:16 00091)
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o provide for basiC needs of Children in distress
"o faCilitate and promote Community partiCipation in order to ensure sustainability
in meetinD the needs of Children
"o advoCate for the Belfare and riDhts of Children in distress in order to raise
aBareness and mobilise the support of Dovernment and other orDanisations
"o provide psyCho-soCial support to Duardians
"o Collaborate and netBorF Bith relevant orDanisations in order to enhanCe
support to CIN$Is and referrals to other aDenCies
!numeration of orphans
Needs assessment of orphans
"raininD of orphans and BidoBs
-rovision of seed money for inCome-DeneratinD aCtivities
-rovision of food supplements and CounselinD serviCes
+aCilitation of BorFshops
Report BritinD
Community mobilisation
Spe5ial S8ills
+aCilitation of BorFshops
Report BritinD
Community mobilisation
Materials Published
CIN$I &uidelines
CIN$I *roChure
Orphans and BidoBs4Duardians
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -111-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Chitsime Asso5iation
ContaCt -erson? Stephen Chanda Bape
Address - O *oA 1,.:1< %usaFa
"elephone 5:16 0199.,
+aA? 5:16 01,,1.
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o provide traininD for transformation and other traininD to youths and adults<
espeCially BidoBs
"o provide basiC eduCation for Children in need< and to provide opportunities for
youth and adult literaCy
"o provide nursinD and pastoral Care for the ChroniCally ill
"o provide life-sFills traininD opportunities for youths and others
"o support inCome-DeneratinD proGeCts
"raininD youth< BorFers< and adults in "raininD for "ransformation
!duCational serviCes for Children in need
Care for the ChroniCally ill
-astoral Care for youth and adults
+eedinD proDramme for malnourished Children
%iteraCy proDramme for youth and adults
%ife-sFills traininD for youth
Orphans< street Fids< malnourished Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -110-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Christian So5ial Ser6i5e Or3anisation
ContaCt -erson Rev( AleA +undafunda< Chairperson
Address -4* R2 09:>< %usaFa
&emini #ouse No( 0:
"elephone 5:16 01110:1
+aA? 5:16 00)))1
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o empoBer Zambian families Bith survival sFills
"o enCouraDe inCome-DeneratinD aCtivities
"o ensure Child survival and healthy development
"o establish Community Centers in eAtremely poor areas of Zambia< so that Be Can
offer basiC and sFills eduCation< provide Community health eduCation 5thereby
reduCinD the health Costs of the families as Bell as malnutrition levels6< and assist
BidoBs and orphans
"o establish Cooperatives and Credit unions to assist small-sCale business people
Bith miCrofinanCe
Cairo Road Credit /nion miCrofinanCe proGeCt
$rop-in and basiC eduCation Class for Child vendors 5suspended6
anaDement< resourCe aCHuisition and adviCe for a lady in ChilenGe Bho feeds
orphans BeeFly
Spe5ial S8ills
SoCial BorF< family CounselinD< basiC eduCation methodoloDies 5teaChinD materials
preparation< teaChinD methods< proGeCt manaDement6
NuClear familyK emphasis on Bomen and Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -111-
Institutional Response
November 1999
City of :ope ;Salesian Sisters<
ContaCt -erson? Sr( RysEarda -ieGFoK Sr( ADness NFosa
Address - O *oA 111,1< %usaFa
-lot No( ,,94+ ):1a aFeni
"elephone 5:16 07)91)
+aA? 5:16 07)91)
!-AI% afmproGOEamnet(Em
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o brinD hope
"o help Dirls develop adeHuate CopinD and soCial sFills throuDh a Dradual human<
psyCholoDiCal< eduCational and teChniCal formation
"o Dive neDleCted Dirls the information< eduCation and traininD they need to be self-
"o offer the MDirl at risFN the possibility of havinD a better future
"o develop Dirls; diDnity throuDh professional HualifiCations and human Christian
Open Community sChool for Dirls 9-17 years old
"Bo-year voCational traininD Course< inCludinD home manaDement< tailorinD<
aDriCulture and personal development
One-year Course in typeBritinD for Dirls Bho have Completed formal sChoolinD
ACCommodation for over ): Dirls< most of Bhom have been referred by the
$epartment of SoCial 2elfare< and most of Bhom are orphans
Spe5ial S8ills
-reventative eduCation
&irls at RisF
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11)-
Institutional Response
November 1999
(e6elopment Aid from People to People ;(APP< ChildrenFs To7n
ContaCt -erson r( oses Zulu< -roGeCt anaDer
Address - O *oA 17..1< %usaFa
alambanyama VillaDe< Chibombo $istriCt< Central -rovinCe
"elephone 5:,6 000110
+aA? 5:,6 000110
!-AI% ChildaidOEamnet(Em
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o Det street Children off the streets and into a safe< stable and lovinD environment
"o eduCate disadvantaDed rural Children Bho are at risF of never DoinD to sChool
"o nurture and rehabilitate Children CominD from abusive situations
"o impart the praCtiCal sFills Children Bill need to lead independent and produCtive
"o Dive Children a primary sChool eduCation and a Dood start in life
"o Dive Children a ChanCe to play and disCover the Borld around them
"o teaCh Children to have dreams to believe in themselves< to taFe responsibility for
their oBn lives and to BorF toBards a briDht future for themselves and their
"he proDramme lasts five years< durinD BhiCh time the Children have a half day of sFills
every day and a half day of aCademiCs( "hey also play sports and partiCipate in Cultural
aCtivities suCh as drama< danCe< musiC and Choir( At the moment< there are 9: boarders
and 109 day sCholars(
Street Children< orphans and other disadvantaDed Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11,-
Institutional Response
November 1999
:ouseholds in (istress
ContaCt -erson *ridDet SyamalevBe< $ireCtor of !duCation
Address - O *oA 7:09)< N$O%A
-lot ,.,.< ChiniFa #ouse< ChiniFa Road
"elephone 5:06 .):09:
+aA? 5:06 000701
Spe5ial S8ills
"raininD of Community4peer Droup leaders in life sFills
"eaChers< Bomen< Children and orphans
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -11.-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Interdenominational Coun5il on AI(S
ContaCt -erson !sther 3abaso< SeCretaryK Rev( oses Chibuye< -resident
Address - O *oA 01071< 3I"2!
"elephone 5:06 0).:0140).,,,
+aA? 5:06 0).:71
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o brinD toDether all Christian denominations in Zambia and Det them involved in
the eduCation of their Communities about AI$S and its related effeCts
"o establish and run an orphanaDe for Children Bhose parents have died as a result
of AI$S related Causes 5ARC6
"o start a home-based Care proDramme throuDh BhiCh AI$S-affeCted Children Bill
reCeive material< finanCial and spiritual support
"o provide support to already-eAistinD orphanaDes in Zambia
"o enCouraDe researCh for a Cure for AI$S
"o provide spiritual< soCial< psyCholoDiCal and physiCal ministry to #IV4AI$S
"o Collaborate Bith other Droups Bith similar obGeCtives< suCh as C#!-< National
AI$S Committee and other anti-AI$S Droups in Zambia and abroad
Visits to ChurChes and preaChinD the &ood NeBs
#ome-based Care Centre for #IV4AI$S viCtims
AssistanCe to sChool-DoinD orphans
Street Fids< orphaned Children< BidoBs and BidoBers
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -117-
Institutional Response
November 1999
A7asha Mu87enu 0omenFs *roup
ContaCt -erson -atriCia ( NDoma
Address C4o St( ary;s CatholiC ChurCh< -(O( *oA 110)1< %usaFa
"elephone 5:16 0)7,9,
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o aCt as CaretaFers to orphaned Children< espeCially those Bhose parents have
died of AI$S
"o fiDht for orphans; and Children;s riDhts
"o teaCh orphans life sFills and voCational sFills to enable them to be better CitiEens
Bho Can solve problems and earn a livinD
"o provide for orphans; basiC needs
*aFinD sCones< tie-dyeinD ClothinD for sale
#ealth sChemes V
voCational sFills traininD
+ood for needy families
Spe5ial S8ills
$ealinD Bith Communities
Orphans beloB 19 years of aDe
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -119-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'in8 Asso5iation for the Relief of Children ;'ARC<
ContaCt -erson aria erCedes Rossi< ACtinD Chairperson
Address - O *oA 7:0))< N$O%A
CatholiC $ioCese of Ndola
"elephone 5:06 .111).
!-AI% healdeptOEamnet(Em
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o Coordinate and establish ContaCts Bith N&Os< Community Droups< individuals
assistinD orphans and Children in distress in order to netBorF throuDhout the
Copperbelt -rovinCe
"o aCt as a liaison body Bith Dovernment and partners dealinD Bith Children in
distress and orphans
"o linF Bith C#IN at national level
SharinD of eAperienCes throuDh meetinDs
Centralised and updated reDister for all assisted and not assisted Children in distress
and orphans
Information Centre
Juarterly report forms
-romotion and faCilitation of surveys
AdvoCaCy for the riDhts of Children
+undraisinD assistanCe for partiCipants
Materials Published
anifesto of %ARC
Open letter on sChool uniforms and fees
Orphans and Children in distress
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -119-
Institutional Response
November 1999
'i6in3stone Street Children Asso5iation
ContaCt -erson &eorDe SipBapBa< $ireCtor
Address - O *oA .:)97< %IVIN&S"ON!
%inda Community $evelopment Centre
"elephone 5:16 10:090410117,
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o eApand early Childhood Care< eduCation and development aCtivities Bith
emphasis on Community-based interventions
"o provide aCCess to Complete primary eduCation CyCle and to ensure Dender
"o promote and provide basiC needs< survival means and proteCtion of the riDhts<
mental and physiCal development of all the street Children reaChed
"o initiate< implement and desiDn proDrammes Bith and for street Children
"o initiate< implement and aCComplish other aCtions or aCtivities ConCerninD
Children in %ivinDstone or elseBhere in Zambia< and to taFe full aCCount of their
interests Bithout any form of disCrimination
"o impart FnoBledDe and sFills for the street Children for improvement of their
Huality of life
"o identify< reaCh and inteDrate Children into loCally and nationally initiated
*asiC eduCation< sFills traininD< CounselinD< health eduCation< family life eduCation<
#IV4AI$S eduCation< alCohol and druD abuse eduCation CampaiDn< sChool
inteDration Gob opportunities< outreaCh< reCreation< sports aCtivities< drama and
poetry< dayCare Centre
+uture aCtivities? feedinD proDrammes< mediCal Care< leDal aid< refuDe4transit home
Child development Centre
Street Children and other Droups
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1):-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"issi Care Centres
ContaCt -erson rs( !( 3abamba< !AeCutive $ireCtor
Address - O *oA 70:1.< N$O%A
-lot No( 11)14
"elephone C4o -astor &eorDe *Benpe< 5:06 .101.9
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o provide a Barm and lovinD environment for orphans and displaCed younD
"o minister to the physiCal and spiritual needs of the people under the Care of the
"o restore the self-value and Borth of younD people by introduCinD them to the
love of &od throuDh Christ 8esus
"o build and run homes and various traininD faCilities in order to aChieve the above
"o raise funds throuDh donations< endoBments< and other bibliCally-permissible
fund-raisinD aCtivities
"o rehabilitate displaCed youth in order to eHuip them for a produCtive life
IntroduCinD displaCed youth to the full &ospel of 8esus Christ and enCouraDinD
those Bho believe to be faithful disCiples
"eaChinD displaCed youth inCome-DeneratinD sFills suCh as Carpentry< farminD<
pottery< dress-maFinD< tailorinD< dyeinD< baFery< needleBorF< Crafts< etC(
#elpinD youth to reCoDnise and develop their talents
CounsellinD to those Bith speCifiC individual problems
%oDistiCal and in some Cases finanCial support to families or individuals Bho are
BillinD to adopt orphans or foster maladGusted youth and Children
Orphans and BidoBs
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
"tumeni :omeE4ased Care and Community S5hool
ContaCt -erson &oliat oyo< Coordinator
Address - O *oA 1.< C#ON&2!
uyoba VillaDe
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o enhanCe Community development throuDh enCouraDinD Community partiCipation
and responsibility for health Care
"o provide better-inteDrated Care for the physiCal< psyCholoDiCal and spiritual needs
of the ChroniCally ill< espeCially foCusinD on #IV4AI$S patients and their families
"o prevent the spread of #IV4AI$S throuDh promotion of aBareness of
#IV4AI$S infeCtion and Control
"o provide basiC eduCation to orphans< foCusinD on Dirl Children
"o strenDthen and support Community initiatives and resourCes for taCFlinD
problems arisinD from #IV4AI$S
"o improve the nutritional status of patients and their families
ReDistration of 0.7 orphans< ,,1 patients< 99 BidoBs and 01, pupils
Voluntary partiCipation involvinD home-based Care Droup members in proGeCt
planninD< deCision-maFinD< and BorF responsibilities
"raininD to enhanCe the CapaCities of volunteers and health BorFers
!nCouraDement of behaviour ChanDe in the Community
NursinD and basiC home-based mediCal Care
ContinuinD appropriate support for survivors
-astoral Care and spiritual support
-ersonal and Community health promotion and basiC eduCation to orphans<
foCusinD on Dirl Children
ChroniCally ill patients< orphans< BidoBs< the underprivileDed< Dirl Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)0-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Senan3a :ome 4ased Care9Smart
ContaCt -erson Sr( Charles %unDu
Address - O *oA 90::17< S!NAN&A
"elephone 5:76 01:1.7
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o Create and strenDthen home-based Care at the Community level
"o raise aBareness and understandinD of Care for #IV4AI$S patients
"o eduCate Community volunteers about #IV4AI$S and home-based Care
"o reaCh out to Children on the streets and provide for their basiC needs
Visits to homes and hospitals
Care for siCF and orphans espeCially in homes and day Care Centre
-rovision of uniforms and sChool fees for double orphans
Community sChool
+eedinD Centre
Spe5ial S8ills
Nurse< midBife< health eduCator diploma from %eeds -olyteChniC
SiCF people< street Children< orphans and Bomen
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Sisters of the Sa5red :eart
ContaCt -erson Sr( ary Costello< ReDional Superior
Address - O *oA 1,.:1< %usaFa
-lot 1:9< 3abBata Site and ServiCe
"elephone 5:16 0199.,
+aA? 5:16 01,,7.
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o support households in distress
"o promote behaviour ChanDe for #IV4AI$S prevention
"o identify< assess< and help toBards intervention for Children Bith speCial
eduCational needs
#ome-based Care for the ChroniCally ill
-astoral Care
Care for orphans and BidoBs
Support for units for speCial eduCation
-rofessional traininD and CapaCity buildinD Courses
Spe5ial S8ills
SpeCial eduCation traininD 5for deaf and learninD disabled6
%eadership traininD
"raininD for CapaCity buildinD
#ouseholds in distress? ChroniCally ill< orphans< BidoBs< Children Bith disabilities<
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1))-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Support Orphan $oundation
ContaCt -erson &ertrude Chola< $ireCtor
Address - O *oA ):111< /+/%IRA
"elephone 5:06 )10:::4)10...
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o eduCate orphans about #IV4AI$S
"o assist orphans Bith their eduCation
"o provide orphans Bith food and material assistanCe
"o provide CounselinD
"o empoBer orphans Bith sFills to sustain themselves
"o traCe orphans and return them to sChools
"o Care for and support orphans at home
!duCational assistanCe
SFills DivinD
#ome based Care and support
+ood< material assistanCe
SChool replaCement
Spe5ial S8ills
+amily health
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1),-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Zambia Children Edu5ation $oundation ;ZACE$<
ContaCt -erson Annie Sampa-3amBendo< Chairperson
Address - O *oA 119,0< %usaFa
C4o -syCholoDy $ept(< /NZA< &reat !ast Road Campus
"elephone 5:16 090::9
+aA? 5:16 0,19,0
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o identify and address the problems faCinD Children in sChools throuDh
development of an outreaCh proDramme
"o Cooperate Bith the Dovernment and other orDanisations BorFinD Bith and for
the Children< to uphold the riDhts of the Child as Contained in the /N Convention
on the RiDhts of the Child< to BhiCh Zambia is a siDnatory
"o advoCate for eHual formal eduCation opportunities for boys and Dirls throuDh
CiviC eduCation
"o inteDrate the Community espeCially the Children;s families into the proDramme
development plan
"o formulate lonD-term strateDies to mobilise resourCes so as to initiate and sustain
various proGeCts and proDrammes
"o promote and provide basiC needs to vulnerable Children
"o provide CounselinD
&atherinD both Hualitative and Huantitative data to determine the pliDht of Children
in various sChools and Communities
!mbraCinD loCals into sChool Committees that Bill be formed to Create an enablinD
sChool environment for the Children by identifyinD needy Children< renderinD help as
may be neCessary 5material4finanCe4CounselinD6 and initiatinD and manaDinD loCally
sustainable proGeCts aimed at improvinD the Belfare of the Children in those
OverseeinD all proGeCts of all sChool Committees
AdvanCinD researCh reports to the Dovernment and other relevant orDanisations
involved in the formation of poliCies BhiCh Bill uphold the riDhts of the Child
aintaininD Close ContaCts Bith both loCal and international orDanisations BorFinD
for the Belfare of the Children
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1).-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Spe5ial S8ills
-roGeCt manaDement
Child psyCholoDy
$ealinD Bith Communities
,- to 19-year-olds 5espeCially sChool-DoinD Children6
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)7-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Zambia Orphans and 0ido7s Asso5iation ;ZO0A<
ContaCt -erson Rev( 3asoma Bansa< $ireCtor
Address - O *oA 7171,< N$O%A
Room 9:9< -rovident #ouse
"elephone 5:06 .1:)114,
*oals and Ob?e5ti6es
"o provide for the finanCial< material< psyCholoDiCal< soCial and physiCal needs of
orphans and BidoBs
"o provide eduCation and sFills traininD support and plaCement
"o enCouraDe self-relianCe and eConomiC empoBerment throuDh inCome-
DeneratinD proGeCts
"o stimulate Dovernment< private and publiC interests to support ZO2A and to
seeF representation on any bodies ConCerned Bith the Belfare of orphans and
BidoBs in Zambia
"o brinD aBareness to Zambian soCiety about the riDhts of orphans and BidoBs<
BhiCh must be upheld in Zambia and abroad
"o Carry out obGeCtive researCh into the problems of orphans and BidoBs in
"o provide food and nutrition to needy orphans
"o provide aCCess to mediCal serviCes and hyDiene
InteDration of orphans into primary and seCondary sChools
CounselinD and DuidanCe Bith love to enhanCe normal development
+ood distribution to orphans and BidoBs in the Community Centres
!nliDhtenment of orphans and BidoBs on the importanCe of riDhts
$ialoDue Bith Dovernment to improve laBs that affeCt orphans and BidoBs
Stimulation of SoCial 2elfare inistry to pay for mediCal serviCes for orphans and
$aily involvement of orphans and BidoBs in inCome-DeneratinD ventures to earn
+arminD for food produCtion and self-relianCe
ReCreational aCtivities
Orphans and BidoBs
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
Additional Institutions
"he folloBinD is a list of additional institutions< BhiCh Bere not ContaCted for this
study( any of these are orphanaDes(
alo AChiFulupilio 5other "heresa;s
Sister Snedheda
-O *oA 10:19:< %usaFa
tel? 0.1-179
#arold;s ApostoliC ission ChurCh
-astor "embo
-O *oA 9:019< %uanshya
aFeni !CumeniCal Center
"raCy #amuluBa
3alBelBe Settlement VillaDe
-O *oA ,:0,,< 3abBe Rural
tel? 070-9,1
faA? 070-)17
NeB *eDinninD Christian OrphanaDe
-astor and rs( alama
-O *oA 1)),0< %usaFa
tel? 091-179
faA? 09,-1.)
/nion ediCa issionaria Italian
$r( NaEario *evilaCHua
ishiFishi ission #ospital
-O *oA 0,:119< Ndola
Orphans for !aCh Other
Sara uyunda
C4o $iana Zulu
-O *oA 11)01< %usaFa
ChildCare and Adoption SoCiety--Ndola
r( 3evin Shone< Chair
Sarah %onDa< Child Care OffiCer
71 Chintu Ave(<< 3ansenshi< Ndola
tel? :0-.,:-0914777
faA? :0-.,:-11:
Christ inistries
rs( Christine ViCFy ataFa
3aonDa Residential Area
-O *oA .7:,7)< aEabuFa
.11 Cha Cha Cha Rd
tel? :10-1:1)0
Community ission 2ay to 8esus
Rev 2eluEani 8ere ission
3afubu *oCF Children;s #ome
+arm Nu )170 3afubu $am 2est
-O *oA 9:1)749:119< %uanshya
"he Children;s #ome
#illBood +arm
-O *oA ,:
IFelenDe< BinilunDa
St( Columba;s -resbyterian ChurCh
Rev( Robert #iDDs
Addis Ababa $r( And NanDBenya Rd(
-O *oA 11::)< %usaFa
Cell? 7:-1:-19
tel? 0,1-,)7
faA? 011-10:400)-17:
3Basha uFBenu
St( ary;s CatholiC ChurCh
atero< %usaFa
+amily in Christ
-O *oA .7:19.< aEabuFa
-O *oA .0::00< 3alomo
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1)9-
Institutional Response
November 1999
St( artin;s
-O *oA 0:19)< 3itBe
tel? :0-000-.19
+alConer Children #ome
-po *oA 1)::7,
3abulamena< 3abompo
5NorthBestern -rovinCe
St( 3iEito CatholiC ission
-O *oA 90
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1,:-
Institutional Response
November 1999
AppendiC )/ Or3anisations Inter6ie7ed
1( *ritish #iDh Commission
0( CI$A
1( "he !uropean /nion 5!/6
)( "he !mbassy of +inland
,( &"Z
.( Irish Aid
7( 8ICA
9( NORA$
9( SI$A
1:( /NIC!+
11( /SAI$
10( 2orld +ood -roDramme 52+-6
11( "he 2orld *anF
1)( AfriCare< Zambia
1,( AnDliCan ChurCh? %usaFa $ioCese
1.( CAR!
17( ChiFanFata Community *ased Orphan
19( Child Care and Adoption SoCiety of
19( Children In Need 5C#IN6
0:( Christian Children;s +und
01( Christian CounCil of Zambia 5CCZ6
00( ChurChes ediCal AssoCiation of
Zambia 5CAZ6
01( !vanDeliCal +elloBship of Zambia
0)( +ountain of #ope
0,( 3abBata OrphanaDe = "ransit Centre
0.( 3ara CounselinD
07( 3asisi #ome OrphanaDe
09( 3epa Zambia
09( %utheran ChurCh of Central AfriCa
1:( A-O$!
11( uslim Care OrphanaDe
10( National 2omen;s %obby &roup
11( Ndola $ioCese of CatholiC ChurCh
1)( ND;ombe Child = +amily #elper
1,( OAfam &* in Zambia
1.( -lan International
17( -revention ADainst alnutrition
19( -roGeCt ConCern International 5-CI6
19( Ray of #ope
):( Reformed ChurCh in Zambia
)1( ReliDious Institution Response
)0( S!-O
)1( S2AAZ
))( SA"
),( "he CatholiC SeCretariat
).( 2orld Vision International 52VI6
)7( Zambia Community SChools
SeCretariat 5ZCSS6
)9( Zambia Open Community SChools
)9( Zambia Red Cross SoCiety 5ZRCS6
,:( OffiCe of the ViCe -resident
,1( C$SS
,0( inistry of !duCation
,1( O#
,)( S'C$ - $epartment of Child Affairs
,,( Sustainable %usaFa -roDramme
Or3anisations Unsu55essfully Conta5ted
1( C*O#
0( CIN$I< +amily #ealth "rust
1( $istriCt O4VC Committee 53itBe6
)( $istriCt O4VC Committee 5%ivinDstone6
,( #ome of 8oy
.( 3ara CounselinD
7( %inF AssoCiation for the Relief of Children 5%ARC6
9( Zambia %aB and $evelopment Commission
9( $anish !mbassy
1:( Netherlands !mbassy
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1,1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
AppendiC %/ 2uestionnaire
Situation Analysis of Orphans in Zambia
Response Analysis
Background of Organisation
1( Name of OrDaniEation
0( -hysiCal Address of OrDanisation
1( "elephone4faA
)( ailinD Address
,( Status? N&O -rivate &RZ $onor Other
.( Name of person intervieBed
7( In a feB sentenCes hoB do you desCribe the essenCe of the BorF you doS
9( ObGeCtives of orDaniEation 5related to orphans6
9( &eneral strateDy of orDaniEation 5related to orphans6( 2hat do you hope to aChieve in
your BorF
Organizational Structure?
1:( #oB many staff membersS #oB many BorFinD on orphan issuesS
11( #oB is your staff orDaniEedS
10( 2hat is the siEe of your annual budDetS
11( #oB muCh of the budDet is proDrammatiCS
1)( 2hat are your primary fund sourCesS
1,( #oB lonD have you eAistedS
1.( #oB does your orDanisation define orphansS
17( 2hy do you Centre your BorF primarily around this definitionS
19( Is there an aDe limit to an orphanS
19( $o you BorF Bith non-AI$S orphansS
1( #oB many orphans do you BorF BithS ApproAimate perCentaDe of orphans do you reaChS
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1,0-
Institutional Response
November 1999
0( #oB many orphans in your CatChment area are not assisted throuDh your orDaniEationS
2hyS Are there other serviCes throuDh another orDaniEation available for these ChildrenS
Catchment rea
1( 2hat is your CatChment area5s6S
)( -rimarily urban< peri-urban or ruralS
,( Any uniHue attributes of CatChment areaS
Programme !ntervention
.( 2hat are the Dreatest needs of orphansS
7( 2hat are the Dreatest needs of the CareDivers of the orphansS
9( 2hat aCtivities< proDramme interventions does your orDanisation undertaFe to meet these
9( 2hat type of barriers do orphans faCe to Do to sChoolS #oB do you assist in this mannerS
1:( $o you provide material assistanCe to orphans to assist Bith food< ClothinD< sChool fees<
health CareS 2hat are your eAperienCes Bith this type of serviCeS
11( 2hat types of leDal issues do you deal Bith reDardinD orphansS 5InheritanCe< abuse6 #oB
do you assist orphans to deal Bith theseS
10( 2hat types of proDramme aCtivities do you do to help Children Cope Bith loss of parents<
siblinDs< death< ChanDe in the lives etC(S
11( #oB does your proDramme assist Children learn to finanCially support themselvesS
1)( Are orphans isolated 5from other non-orphan Children6 in your proGeCtS
1,( If there are no parental fiDures or relatives< hoB does the proDramme provide this needS
1.( #oB do you utiliEe the soCial struCtures Bithin your CatChment areaS 2hat has been the
reaCtion of or the impaCt on the eAtended family system or the Community in the assistanCe
of orphans 5Community involvement( $oes proDramme enhanCe or undermine eAistinD
soCial struCtures and CopinD ability6
17( $o you use volunteersS In Bhat CapaCityS Are they trainedS #oBS 2hatS
19( 2hat type of traininD4support do you provide CareDivers of orphansS 5non-material
5food4ClothinD for Children6 support< CopinD abilities to deal Bith additional burdens of
more Children6
19( $o you provide AI$S eduCation and aBareness to orphans and their Care providersS
0:( $o you liaise Bith other orDaniEations providinD similar serviCesS 2hat have your
eAperienCes beenS
01( 2hat type of national poliCies Bould aid your BorF Bith orphansS Are you BorFinD to
help develop poliCiesS
Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Zambia -1,1-
Institutional Response
November 1999
00( 2hat type of monitorinD and evaluation do you doS #oB oftenS Community involvementS
01( 2hat limitation to your proGeCts sustainability are thereS #oB are you attemptinD to
overCome themS
0)( After your orDanisation leaves< Bhat problems miDht the Community enCounter in your
0,( 2hat maGor proDrammatiC 5non-monetary6 obstaCles have you overCome and hoBS
0.( 2hat do you feel are your orDaniEation;s best praCtiCes or lessons learnedS