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Spiritual Monthly


“u∫é§uãá ƒÀoÏå: @ ÆsÁ“|™ÏúÆÏ`\o: @
™Ï™ÏqÏuß úu∫nÆÁTÁz uå§|ãá: Nw˛…mé§ãáz
ƒ{∫ÁSÆÊ ¢˛¡TÏN˛·Æoz @@˛ ÆÏMoÊ ƒ{∫ÁSÆ™ÏXÆoz @@

Vol. LIII NOVEMBER 2009 No. 3


åÁ˘Áuú ú≈Æuo N˛tÁuúuåt∆|åÁÆ

uYnoz osÁzúuå tÁÊ ÃÏ–∆ÁÊ Ã“Ã¿™Ω @
à nƒÊ uY∫ÁãåÆåÆÁz∫åÆÁz: út√ÆÁÊ
ÀƒÁu™åΩ! N˛ÆÁ åÏ Nw˛úÆÁ ™™ ÃuãåánÃz ? ˛

O Lord, even up till now the thousands of shrutis with their

best in sight have not been able to have a mental glimpse of this
Form of Yours. By which grace has such Form of Yours come near
and stayed for long within the scope of these eyes of mine ?

-Sri Leelãshuka Bilvamangala


Pithy Precepts of Srila Prabhupâd
The love becomes purer to concentrate itself on the filial
Object and reaches the acme in the Object of Consort. The tone is
not changed, but the magnitude of service is augmented gradually
step by step.
Ramananda, in describing the loving nature of devotion, cited
a verse composed by him which showed the gradual increase of
felicity in things which are eatable and drinkable as per the degree
and quantity of hunger and thirst. This bears an analogy to adding
more sauce to our serving mood of true love, which brings more
enthusiasm. Ramananda went on to cite another verse which was
also his composition which purported to disclose the fact that no
luck arising out of our action could be compared with the intense aptitude for devoted
service to Krishna and this is the exchange value to be paid to secure in return the ripe
and soft relishing quality of Krishna's Devotion and this should be secured at all costs
when it could be had. Such a disposition is not to be compared with earned fortunes.
This is spoken of as the base of Prema Bhakti.
The Supreme Lord expressed His Approval of this and asked him to elucidate
further. Service with loving temper has got a conspicuous aspect as distinct from the
more base. In this world we invite the objects to serve us and we have got the inner
inclination of approving the adaptability of being served by others, as we are quite
unaccustomed to find out the All-love Who has concealed Himself from us through
our sensuous activities. So Ramananda exhibited the glaring phase of the Pure Service
to the Personality of Godhead as the most interesting function of the soul. The soul,
now lying n a dormant condition, has delegated powers to the mind in order to take
over the charge of meddling with the external world by lording it over mundane
entities. But the temporal activity can have the permanent function only if the loving
aptitude is directed towards the All-love Who is the One without a second. As regards
the aspects they will be dealt with later on along with the ameliorating functions of
love. To support his statement Ramananda culled a passage of the Bhagavatam
(IX.6.16) together with a passage from the hymns of Yamunacharya: "Nothing remains
unavailable to the servitors who are purified by the aural reception of the Transcendental
Name of the very Entity of Holiness". Alavandar, in his lyrics, gave expression to the
same idea when he sang:- "When will that day come when I will be in a position to
please my Master, considering myself as an eternal unswerving slave, having dispelled
all sorts of designs by my innate serving mood constantly."
The Supreme Lord approved this version of unalloyed service and solicited further
progressive elucidation. Ramananda's answer was that aiming at confidential service
of a friend to the Personality of Godhead is the highest aim of a devotee. The question
of neutrality is amplified in associating the Integral Absolute and the infinitesimal
potency in the same line. In support of his statement Ramananda culled a passage
from the Bhagavatam (X.12.11) which discloses the comparative situation of the
unexpected fortune that was received by the cowherd friends of Krishna which excelled
that of the ordinary servitors of the Absolute, the Object of the Transcendental Ecstatic
Felicity realised by the sojourners of the tract of knowledge.

Thus Spake Srila Âchâryadeva
I may have some produced by mind is defective. But the
liking to listen to the religious scriptures viz., Vedas,
shastras and to stay for Upanishads, Sutras etc. which are free
sometime at the from all these four defects, can safely
proximity of saintly be relied upon. Anyone who is desirous
persons, but all sorts of knowing the nature of self as well as
of difficulties arise God should study these religious
when I am required to scriptures in association with
observe the advice of Sadhupurushas, (devotees), who can
the Shastras and of the help us with spiritual knowledge, and
Sadhu are not to in the realisation of distinction between
indulge in the enjoyment but to be eternity and non-eternity. God is an
prepared to serve God. He is a traveller embodiment of sat, chit and ananda and
in the path of religion who can observe can manifest Himself in the world
those admonitions of the Shastras. This without the help of any instrument.
is the speciality of the Hindu Religion of Here in this world we find things are
India. Religion will not be practised till not eternal. They remain for a certain
the spirit of renunciation is developed. period and ultimately meet with
Whatever softness I may feel at heart destruction. This is the nature of
listening to the discourses on God, the material phenomena of this world. As
religion will not be practised till I act regards the mental phenomena, it is seen
according to the admonitions of the that the mind is wavering and flickering.
Shastras. Many thoughts come into the mind in a
Escape from the ills of births, rebirths moment and many thoughts pass away

and deaths and enjoyment of inherent in the next moment. We are running
spiritual bliss are the goal which can be after a mirage in the desert to quench m.
reached only through the true knowledge our thirst which is never appeased, but
of God in His essence and through the on the contrary increases. Similarly our
transcendental process of Bhakti. endeavours to seek happiness in the
We have our immense wealth in the , b acquisition of material objects ultimately
scriptures and other religious books, such prove futile and on the contrary bring
as Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas etc. But miseries. It is therefore utter folly to seek
there is no adequate arrangement for pleasure in mundane objects which are
utilisation of this wealth. We believe in as transitory as bubbles on the surface
scriptures as they are self-revealed truths. of water. We find immense resources
All philosophic discourses are based on in life, still we are not happy, and we
empiricism and rationalism. These are are greedy after something else. That is
the products of human minds full of four the limit of our material ambitions. n
defects such as Bhrama, Pramada, Our body should be protected in
Karnapatava means defects of the senses relation to the service of God, since this T
and Vipralipsa means to induce others to body is a Temple of God. When we are
accept one's views. Therefore anything
p forgetful of this relation, we take care


of our body only for sensual enjoyments suffer. Therefore, we should not neglect
and as a result we are put to various bodily and forget His service which can only be
ailments. Our intellect, body, wealth and done by human beings, the paramount
mind are for the service of God Who is creation of God-head. The wise man does an
so kind to give us all these things to be not attach himself to the worldly objects.
utilised for His service and of His .
It is decidedly proved that peace cannot
servitors. If we fail to utilise them for the come out of material prosperity. They
true realisation of God, we shall have to should therefore make association with a
repent the day we have to leave this world Sadhupurusha to know the real source of
leaving behind all that we have gathered perennial peace - which is God, the source
for our self-enjoyment throughout the life. of all happiness. He is fortunate who is
As lord Byron has said: "The thorns anxious to secure mercy (Karuna) of the
which I have reaped are of the tree I Supreme Lord. People are generally
planted, they have torn me, and I bleed, I worldly-minded
ervic and can scarcely find
should have known what fruit would scope for service to Godhead. Out of His
spring from such a seed". God has given bounteous mercy for Jiva-Jagat God
man chances in the form of human beings sends His Own man to this mundane plane
to serve Him which His other created to carry His message to them, and a
beings have been deprived of; they, fortunate few take that opportunity and
having no intellect and no power of engage themselves in His service without
discrimination between right and wrong, which the jivas will fall victims to
innumerable miseries.

ALMANAC for the months of NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2009

12.11.2009 Thu Disappearance of Srila Narahari Sarkmâr Thmâkur

Demise of Srila Bhakti Pramod Muni Maharmâj
13.11.2009 Fri Utpannmm â Ekmm âdashi Fasting. Next day Pmârana between 5.53 and 9.32 .0329
a.m. Disappearance of Sri Kmâliya Krishna Dmâs Thmâkur
14.11.2009 Sat Disappearance of Srila Smâranga Thmâkur
16.11.2009 Mon Demise of Srila Jagabandhu Bhakti Ranjan
23.11.2009 Mon Odhana Shashti of Lord Sri Jagannmâtha Deva
25.11.2009 Wed Demise of Srila Madhusudan Dmâs Bmâbmâji Maharmâj
28.11.2009 Sat Mokshadmm â Ekmm âdashi Fasting. Next day Pmârana between 6.03 and
9.38 a.m. Demise of Srimad Bhakti Kusum Shraman Maharmâj

02.12.2009 Wed Concluding day of Kmâtymâyani Vrata

05.12.2009 Sat Disappearance day of Sri Srimad Bhakti Siddhmm ânta Saraswati
Goswmm âmi Thmm âkur, the Founder Achmârya of Sri Chaitanya Math and
its branches Sri Gaudiya Maths
12.12.20009 Sat Saphala Ekmm âdashi Fasting. Next day Pmârana between 6.12 and 9.45
a.m. Disappearance of Srila Devmânanda Pandit, Demise of Srimad
Bhakti Prakmâsh Aranya Maharmâj and Srimad Bhakti Smâdhaka 9.28
Nishkinchana Maharmâj


Sripad B.S.Narayan Maharaj
(Continued from October issue) that, he has digested the entire Gita.
Gita diclares that, those who Among these saintly explanations we can
misidentify themselves with their find variations (Vaividhya) of different
physical body and fickle mind are quite types, but there is no antagonism
stupid and despicable. Materialism (Vaishamya) among them. A sincere
knows nothing about the spirit or reader should never read Gita
consciousness. Those who entirely rely commentaries produced by materialists,
upon materialism or godless secularism politicians, atheists, sectarians, fanatics,
shall face frustration and destruction. mayavadis and commercial persons, as
All the individual living entities are the they shall misguide and deceive the
eternal servants of the Supreme Lord, readers.
Who is all-being, all-intelligence and GITA IS AMIDST MAHA BHARATA:--
all-blissful Personality. Gita is the very Srimad Bhagavad Gita appeared in
sacred message of that Supreme Lord the midst of Maha Bharata (madhye
Sri Krishna, for the universal Mahmâ Bhmâratam). The Maha Bharata is
deliverance. All the excellent and noble of three kinds. Therefore, Gita's place is
human values are the direct result of in the middle of the battle field of Maha
this God-consciousness. Without Bharata, in the middle of the holy book
genuine God-consciousness, the Maha Bharata and in middle of the holy
mundane world is nothing but a grave land of Mahabharat. All these three
yard. Without spiritual awareness, a Maha Bharatas are sacred due to the
person is blind towards the reality. presence of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in
Spiritual culture in holy company their hearts. Therefore, without knowing
establishes divine love, brotherly Gita, one is unfit to be a worthy citizen
affection towards all others and of Bhmârata Bhoomi. Battle between good
balanced detachment towrds the and vice always ensues in the life of
material world. This alone is the real human beings. Without the knowledge
path of highest universal wellbeing. of Gita, one cannot win the battle of life,

COMMENTARIES OF THE GITA:-- neither he can discharge his righteous

The various God-realised saints duty. The epic Maha Bharata has been
like Sri Shankara, Sri Ramanuja, Sri made holy by the presence of Gita as its
Madhva, Sri Nimbarka, Sri main theme. Bereft of Gita knowledge,
Vishwanatha Chakravarti, Sri Baladeva the study of epics can not yield the
Vidyabhushana etc., have written desired result. The divine book Gita is o
commentaries and explanatory notes on the real glory of our sacred land. Where
the Gita. Gita is just as an endless sky. there is no culture of Gita, people simply
The devotees are like the flying birds. live in irreligion, ignorance, deception
According to the strength and power and selfishness. Our country is bound
of their wings, the various birds fly up to lose its sanctity when the people of
to different heights. No one can claim this land forget and disregard the Gita


and blindly imitate the western culture remain faint and enfeebled like a
of materialism, atheism and fanaticism. motherless orphan.
The knowledge of Gita is synonimous GITA UPHOLDS KRISHNA NAMA
with absolute realism. In the present day SAMKIRTANA:--
world of unprecedented devilishness, If a reader desires to derive true
endless pollutions and catastrophic benefit from the teachings of the Gita,
devastations, the only hope for the he has to sincerely follow the important
younger generation is the sincere P
instructions of Gita. While visualising
practice of Gita culture to save onself the all-devouring cosmic form of the
and to save the universe. Lord, Arjuna mentions that, every
GITA SATISFIES ALL THE GENUINE living entity of this universe becomes liek
QUESTS:-- bewildered and upset by the agency of
Gita provides an ocean of divine the cosmic time which destroys
knowledge to the humanity. Gita everything of this mundane world.
enlightens us about the real nature of Even in such a terrible and colossul
the Supreme Lord, about the individual catastrophic situation, the intimate
souls, about the nature, nescience, the devotees of Lord Krishna remain
goal of life, the human duty, worthy fearless, joyful and immortalised by
activity, true knowledge, the blessed taking recourse to the affectionate
path to immortality, the negative factors singing of the Names and Glories of
to be avoided, divine and demoniac Lord Krishna. This shows that, the
natures and many other subtle and secret faithful chanting of divine Names of the
knowledge about the human life and Lord and sincerely serving Him in holy
about the immortal self. All the worthy association completely roots out all the
knowledge of human and divine o be problems and calamities from the
excellence are the exclusive benediction surface of the earth. Hence, a sincere
of the Gita with their ultimate devotee should regularly chant the
perfections. In one word, without the following Divine Name and follow the
guidance of Bhagavad Gita, all the teachings of the Gita, remaining in holy
branches of worthy human knowledge company.
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare |
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ||
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Sri M.C.Mahesh
(Contd. from October issue) Yaksha's command, and fell in
The br m â hmana rushed to the unconscious.
Pandavas for help and importuned Arjuna came to the lake next, and
them to chase the deer and get back was paralysed on seeing the corpses of
his implements. Strapping their his brothers. He bent down to slake
quivers to their broad shoulders and his thirst, and heard the yaksha's
arming themselves with bows, the warning "Your brothers sipped these
Pandavas followed the deer on foot. magical waters, having trespassed on
The deer teased them mysteriously, pmy
r land. If you drink this water
appearing and vanishing in turn. The without replying to my queries, you too
deer disappeared, and the tantalised will perish."
Pandavas sat under the shade of a giant Arjuna shot a few arrows in the
banyan tree. direction of the voice, but was limp
"Nakula!" called Yudhishthira in with fatigue and drank from the
weariness "I am dying of thirst. Can enchanted pool. A sudden darkness
you climb up the outspreading enveloped him and he fell reeling,
branches of this tree and see whether unconscious.

there is water nearby?" Bheema came next, and thought

Nakula was perched high on the that a r m â kshasa had murdered his
branches of the tree and from this brothers. Overpowered by thirst he le
vantage point could detect a faraway drank in defiance of the yaksha's
lake. Taking his empty quivers with command, and fell.
him, Nakula went to fetch water in Yudhishthira came in search of his
them. He was himself thirsty, and he brothers and was horrified to find their
bent down to drink from the brimming corpses. He bent down to quench his
lake. thirst, when he heard the voice of the
"Stop!" an ethereal voice ng yaksha "Your brothers perished by
shattered forth as if form nowhere, flouting my authority. If you drink
splitting the skies and rippling the from my lake without answering my
waters "I am Yaksha and this placid and questions on metaphysics, psychology
charming lake belongs to me. If you and ethics, you too will die."
drink without solving my riddles, you "To the best of my ability"
will die." Nakula disregarded the answered a humble Yudhishthira "I will
warning and drank and fell in a try to answer your queries. Will you
deathlike swoon. appear before me and let me have a
Yudhishthira sent Sahadeva in vision of your magnificent form?"
search of Nakula, who thought that In front of Yudhishthira stood a
Nakula would have perished of thirst. gruesome colossus, with tawny hair and
Like his twin-brother he too drank crimson eyes. He asked his questions you
from the lake in violation of the in a deep, rumbling voice. "


"What is that supreme power that
makes the sun rise everyday?" "What is most praiseworthy of all
B "The power of brmahman makes the acquisitions?"
sun-god rise in the eastern horizon "Skill--the whole world praises
everyday." dexterity."
"What subtle law makes the sun set "Can you define true mercy for
everyday?" me?"
"The power of dharma or "Wishing the happiness of the
righteousness makes the sun-god set whole of creation--men, animals and
everyday, suffusing the western sky plants---is true mercy."
with his ruddy rays." "What is ignorance, and what is
"The brmâhmanas, devoted to truth rishna sloth?"
and piety and given to the study of the "Being lethargic in the discharge of
Vedas, are akin to the gods. How then one's duties is ignorance."
are they different from the celestials?" "There is a person who is an erudite
"The brmâhmanas are mortal and scholar and is very wealthy. However,
live only for a hundred years. However, the
"Y scriptures look upon him as a corpse g uest
the gods have a subtle body that lasts though society exalts him. Why is this
till the final deluge. The persistence of Th so?"
this mental sheath is portrayed "If a person fails to satiate his manes
anthromorphically in religion as with obsequial libations, or does not
immortality." offer food to a weary guest---he is as
"How are the kshatriyas devoted good as dead...
to the performance of sacrifices If a person fails to sustain the subtle
different from the celestials?" order that directs the functioning of the
"They are prone to fear and this cosmos, by being slack in the
liability cloaks their divine nature." performance of sacrifices to the "
demigods--he is as good as dead....
"What is more weightier and more Se
sustaining than the earth?" And so is a person who does not
"One's mother!" take care of his old and infirm
"Is there anybody who is higher dependants."
than the heavens?" "What makes one a brmâhmana--is
"One's father!" it birth, or learning, or behaviour?"
"Is there any faculty that is fleeter "It is good conduct alone that makes
than the wind?" a person a brmâhmana."
"One's mind reaches distant "Which enemy can never be
objects instantaneously and is fleeter conquered? What constitutes an
than the wind." incurable disease?"
"Is there anything more numerous "Anger can never be suppressed.
than the grass that grow in the Desire is an incurable disease."
meadows?" "Can the practice of righteousness,
"The vanishing thoughts that arise the earning of wealth and enjoyment of
unseen and disappear instantaneously desires go together?"
in the mind of man--these are more "When a wife is of good conduct nt


all three synthesise harmoniously." that have no antidote?"
"Renouncing what does man "These physical endowments and
become agreeable to others? arsenals of weapons cannot take the
Renouncing what will never lead to " place of dharma. My father Pandu had
regret? By giving up what does man two wives, and they should each have
become wealthy?" a son to offer the regular obsequies.
"When a person renounces pride Among the sons of Kunti I am alive to
he becomes agreeable to others, and perpetuate her race. Should not Madri
people find solace in his company. have a son too?"
When anger is given up, a person will "I will never again meet a
never have regrets. By renouncing righteous man like you. All your
avarice a person gains real affluence." brothers will come to life, resuscitated
"What is the most wonderful thing from the hold of death."
on earth?" The Pandava princes awoke from
"Everyday people see thousands their deadly swoon, and found that their
of creatures departing to the abode of tormenting thirst was gone.
death. Paradoxically, they believe Yudhishthira too found a heavenly
themselves to be immortal! Is it not energy course through his body, and his
very strange!" fatigue
e disappeared. He now spoke to
"Is there any one path to the awesome yaksha.
Godhead?" "You are not a mere demigod, for
"The seers are innumerable and a yaksha can never resuscitate the dead.
their preachings are countless.
Will you reveal your celestial identity
However, one's intuition takes a person to me?"
to reality. This can be achieved only The frightening yaksha dissolved
by a determined contemplation on inexplicably, and Yama stood in his
oneself." place, riding a buffalo and brandishing
The yaksha smiled benignly at his noose. The sable god of death and
Yudhishthira and said "You have morality and the final destiny addressed
surpassed me in the understanding of on his son.
the scriptures. I am pleased with your "You have conquered my kingdom
incisive answers --- choose the life of of rectitude and straightforwardness.
one of your brothers as a boon!" There are just three others like you--
Yudhishthira replied, "Well, then let Nala,
." the erstwhile ruler of Nishada,
Nakula of brown skin and broad Seeta who is now in the heavens of
shoulders, who is as proportionate in
Vaikuntha attending on her dear Lord,
form as an ebony tree, come to life!" and that Lord himself---Krishna. Just
"Why do you want the pale and n
by uttering your names the mortals of
listless Nakula to live! Bheema is more Kaliyuga, floundering in the morass of
powerful, and he has squeezed many a transmigration, will attain redemption.
rmâkshasa to death and can crush life Son, ask for another boon!" oson uss
out of the sons of Dhritarashtra. Does "Let the priest have his mortar and
not Arjuna possess celestial weapons fire-sticks back. They were stolen by


a playful deer gambolling in the king who would grant them asylum.
woods." Dhaumya advised Yudhishthira on how
"I took the form of a deer and to conduct himself in the court of kings,
brought you here to test your sense of and this passage interwoven in the epic
righteousness. The priest can have his of Vyasa reveals the profound
sacrificial implements back." commonsense of the poet. It reads like
Yama handed over the tinder- a text delineating the patterns of
sticks to Yudhishthira and repeatedly accepted social behaviour. Dhaumya
pressed Yudhishthira to take another left for his hometown, the hospitable
e boon. And the eldest Pandava got the land of Panchala, and the Pandavas and !
boon that he and his brothers and Draupadi sat in conclave and discussed
Draupadi, whose grace could never be about the future course of action.
concealed, would remain unrecognised u Arjuna suggested the names of
during the thirteenth year of exile. many kingdoms where they could spend
Yama forced his spiritual son to the year disguised as menials, and added
take another boon "I won't leave you that the corn-rich kingdom of Matsya
without a final benediction!" ruled by the aged Virata was a suitable "
"I have had enough of earthly place. Virata was a firm and a righteous
possessions from you! Now grant me man, and quite hospitable to guests.
that I will never swerve from the path Yudhishthira endorsed Arjuna's udhishthira endorsed A
of righteousness and peace. Let me not Dproposal, and added that they could not
give way to anger that destroys reason. go to Panchala or Dwaraka as these
I should not covet the wealth of others, were the first places where
and I should never be smitten by envy." Duryodhana's spies would look for
"You want me to bestow on you them. (to be continued)
the virtues that you innately possess!
You are a master of truth and who With Best Compliments from
knows, one day...."
Yudhishthira was intrigued "One SAI RAMANA CANCER TRUST
day.....!" CHENNAI
Yama added with a laudatory sigh
" may conquer death! Time CANCER PATIENTS' CARE
cannot have its hold on virtue, and my
tentacles cannot bind down the self." Our Trust does Free Healing,
Yama smiled as any god would, Counselling
and dissolved into empty space. &
The dreary exile of twelve years Anti-Cancer Initiation
passed like a phantasmal dream. Any stage of treatment
of The crucial thirteenth year of exile Any place of Stay
was about to begin, and the Pandavas
Mail to :
sent back their retinue of ascetics to the
hospitable princes of the land. They or
Cell: 9884017256
decided to spend the year of
concealment in the court of some noble


Sri Nimananda Dasadhikary Sevatirtha

(Contd. from October issue) husband sat for supper she served him
"Great is he who serves, others are low, with a dish of rice without any
No distinction of caste His servie doth make." vegetable. The husband grew angry
The next problem is, who should and called for an explanation. The wife
go to do good to others. The preachers told him that as she had gone to attend
above all must be honest and sincere. his lecture, and as it was too late for
Insincere hearts are dangerous and do the market she could get nothing to
incalculable harm both to themselves, cook. At this her husband retorted that
and to those that hear them. Sincerity she could have easily plucked some
qualifies a man for initiation. The Guru brinjals from their kitchen garden and
initiates a sincere heart, for the prepared them. The wife forthwith told
regulation of his hitherto unregulated him that she after having heard so
life, into the holy order of Divine much against it, promised not to touch
Servants, when he as service unto the hellish thing again in future. The
Krishna and the Guru, does the work husband laughed heartily and said that
of preaching. Before initiation none she was a most foolish woman. Hell
A are qualified for the work, no matter . for those who heard him and not for
whatever his natural endowments him who spoke.
might be. In the matter of preaching The influence of his speech on one
we cannot take the initiative. It must of the audience is thus made clear, and
come from high through the medium that on the rest it is not difficult to
of the Guru. As like begets like so guess. Such preachings make man
sincerity begets sincerity. Insincere incredulous and impervious to further
preahers not only engender insincerity education. Our scriptures have
but endanger sincerity and turn men condemned their preaching by the
sceptic and aetheistic. A story may be insincere. They say:--
told here to illustrate this point. Hear not of Hari if by non-vaishnava
A man was once found addressing be preached:
a huge gathering on the subject of It harms, though holy, like milk as orts
"Brinjal as the human diet." He spoke of snake.
with great eloquence for hours and Preaching must be done as a
concluded his speech saying that service unto Krishna; and only a Guru
brinjal as human diet was most can direct such service otherwise it will
injurious, and that the man who lose its divine character and will be
consumed it would have to reside in in turned into a mere mundane exercise.
hell for as many years as there were Guru is a Divine Representative on
seeds in it. Unhappily his wife was earth. He having no other occupation,
among the audience. She knew that is the only Being who can direct such
her husband did not relish a dish service unto him. "Knock and the door
without brinjal. In order to teach him a of heaven will be opened unto you."
lesson she came home and cooked only But where to knock and how to knock?
rice and nothing else. When her It is Guru who teaches how and where


to knock and it is he again who opens door, promised him protection against
the door and admits the disciple into the the evil influences of these two things.
kingdom of heaven. Hence humble He says --
yourself and heaven will be yours. At my command you be saviour, and save
Sriman Mahaprabhu states r the world,
humbleness as the necessary Never shall the waves of worldliness
qualification of him who desires to be hinder you.
favoured by Krishna, He says -- Pr Such is the influence Guru exerts
God to the humble is very kind; upon those who have the fortune to
The noble, the learned, the rich are proud. submit to Him. They do none harm, and,
The above three classes of people protected as they are by the Divine
are too proud to submit to the will of Shield called Sudarshana, none can do
Guru, and hence the door of heaven them harm. Without such divine
remains shut against them for ever. "No protection their frequent association
man can serve two masters, You cannot with these people engaged in non-God-
serve God and Mammon." Mammon- worship would not have at all been safe.
worship means non-God-worship. The fourth problem is how to do
Seeking of and attachment to learning, good to others. To educate others is a
riches and rank for their own sake is very difficult and psychologically a very
called as Mammon-worship. These knotty problem. But we do not intend
things however are themselves not to enter into the psychological
hellish. The purpose for which they are discussion of it. It is enough here to say
employed determines their quality. If that education must begin more by
they are utilised for the service of God example than by precept. (to be contd..)
they are divine, and if not, they are
hellish. Let therefore the rich employ
their riches, the learned their learning, With Best Compliments from
the noble their rank, the famous their
fame, the great their name, and all
whatever they possess, in the service ROHIT S. SHELAT
of Lord Krishna.
Mammon-worship is as bad as the SHELAT BROTHERS
company of its votaries. Hence a
sincere devotee of Lord Krishna must 20, Kesava Iyer Street
not only not worship Mammon but Park Town, CHENNAI - 600 003
should always shun the company of its
votaries as well, in as much as it not
only does not help him in his mission
but is very likely to cause his deflection
from it. Instances are not rare to show
that the people engaged in God-worship
nd Phone:
have been found to depart from His Off. 2535 2081, 2535 0032
temple to that of Mammon. Hence Fact. 2494 0764
Sriman Mahaprabhu calling upon
Vasudeva, a leper, whom he had healed, e. mail:
to preach His doctrine from door to


The Special Characteristics of the Acharya
Prof. Sri Nishi Kanta Sanyal

(Contd. from October issue) Another speciality of his language

This literary passion has not been consists in the fact that it never submits
content to remain confined to the to cater to the pleasures of those persons
enjoyment of the inexhaustible who are in any way tainted with the
delusions so amply provided by the virus of sensuous inclination. These
ingenuity of physical Nature. In its unhappy people naturally fight shy of
ribald fury it has imagined the his language which measured by the
possibility of enjoying the Divine standard of sensuousness appears to
Power itself after the fashion of Ravana them to be 'dry' and 'un-intelligible'.
in his attempt to abduct the Divine But the language which is the
Consort of Sri Ramachandra. expression of the Absolute possesses
The literary efforts of today have such wonderful beauty that each single
not remained confined within the word of this Acharya serves to lay bare
ample limits provided by the thoughts an inexhaustible mine of the most
and objects of the phenomenal precious truths and helps as a compass
universe. There is a widely prevalent to determine the direction of the
endeavour to drag down into the arena supreme pleasure of Krishna Himself.
of the sensuous efforts of the mundane Another special feature of the
Muse such subjects as the Brindavana language of this extraordinarily
leela the love of Rai-Kanu, Chandidas merciful Teacher is to be found in the
and Vidyapati. fact that his vocabulary is wholly
The same heroic pride that incapable of bearing any secondary
animated Bajrangaji Maharaj himself meaning which may be attempted to be
in sternly opposing the vile intention imported into it by the designing
of Ravana and making him realise that wickedness of any sham interpreter who
his abduction of Sri Seeta Devi was is bent upon wilful distortion by reason
nothing but sheer suicidal folly of any selfish purpose of his own. The
encouraged by Her illusory form, also flow of his language is ever straight and
inspires the sustained efforts of this easy. Its course is so well guarded on
great Acharya who is vigorously both sides that no knave can approach
cutting away by the dignity and power its life giving current from either
of his transcendent language the direction for the purpose of causing the
tangled knots that have been so least defilement to its holy water in
cunningly devised by the misdirected which Krishna Himself delights to
energies of the atheistical world to bind sport.
itself in an eternal thraldom to the most '. The golden stream of his
degrading drudgeries of the senses by compositions begins to sweep
the consolidation and perpetuation of majestically over the world, and the
a false literature fostering the lust of masses of the wreathed lightening of
worldly enjoyments. truths in unison with the dread


mutterings of an endless succession of Krishna by all the senses, the
words that speak in thunder unquenchable longing for the service of
unceasingly manifest themselves most the Divinity, the billion-mouthed hunger
remarkably of all specially at those of the search for Krishna, of this great
moments when an adversary betrays teacher.
the arrogance of making an attack on An outstanding characteristic of
Vishnu and the Vaishnavas or on the the Acharya is his uncompromising
path of eternal revelation through the repudiation of all association with evil.
medium of the transmitted It is his firm resolve to seek Krishna,
transcendental sound. the Truth, by discarding, till the last
On yet another occasion the breath of life, all communion with un-
sources of the billion fountain heads of utruth.
rn It has often seemed to us that the
Truth and his transcendental literary special object of his appearance in this
skills are found to open when the world has been to teach the strictest
assembled people pour out without avoidance of every form of worldliness.
guile their all for the fulfilment of the His character is the living embodiment
wishes that lie behind the mind of Sri of the words of the great seer, 'I will
Chaitanya. never allow the enemy to enter the holy
The disposition of his vocabulary precincts of the dwelling of the Lord,
is verily the faultless display of the rich but ever keep him out of its bounds.'
treasures of Vaikuntha in which every There is absolutely no chance of foisting
single word is an indivisible Koustubha upon him any plan of pseudo harmony
jewel. by compromise between what is and is
The whole character of this not true. He is wholly opposed to the
transcendental teacher of the eternal ideal of the abnormality of the
religion to the view of empiric combination of 'biting the humble straw'
knowledge, wears the terrible aspect of and 'plying the dart' methods described
the dreadful club in the hands of the in the Chaitanya Bhagavat which is so
mighty Bhima. No sooner does empiric popular with the present hypocritical
knowledge make an attempt to flaunt generation. He has dug a deep trench
its haughtiness in its presence than it is which so effectively separates the real
unceremoniously punished like its from the unreal, the servant of the real
prototype Duryodhana by having its from the servant of the unreal, the
Vaishnava from the non-Vaishnava, that
thighs broken by the irresistible blows
no one calling himself his follower can
of the pitiless club. Whenever any one
pass the same with impunity. It is one
intoxicated with the pride of worldly
of the most striking characteristics of
wisdom has endeavoured to gauze the
this Acharya that he effectively
character of this superhuman servant
maintains the separation of the true from
of the transcendental Lord such attempt the false by an un-passable distance. He
has invariably recoiled back on itself affords every facility to the false to be
and broken down hopelessly. Empiric converted to the Truth but never permits
knowledge has been always deceived Pralambhasura or the jackdaw in
by its utter incapacity to understand the peacock's feathers to perform in his
ideal of the transcendental service of dancing halls. (to be contd.)


Sri Bhakti Vidagdha Bhagavat Maharaj
(Contd. from October issue) drinking 'Varuni' wine and were without
All the different devatas who clothes. Such a time the great sage
became wounded in that incident Devarshi Narada while chanting the
appeased to Lord Shiva and by the supreme glory of Hari, arrived there.
mercy of Lord Shiva, Daksha got his This two sons of Kubera had
life beheaded by a goat head, chanted bhaktyunmukhi sukriti. As a result of
hymns glorifying Lord Shiva at that that sukriti, Devarshi Narada appeared
time. But in the inner core of his heart to shower his mercy upon them. He

the hostility against Shiva was still noticed Nalakubara and Manigreeva
dwelling (inhibitting) in a latent stage. too
2. much intoxicated with wine, pride,
In his next life he took birth as the son aristocrasy and so many other material life.
of Pracheta and was named Prachetasa disignations. Even by seeing Narada
Daksha. Muni comming in the direction they
Vaishnava aparmâdha from previous neither cared to cover themselves nor
life was the greatest impediment, that they spoke anything to welcome that
did not allow him to receive the mercy great sage. Devarshi Narada considered
of the great sage Devarshi Narada. their distarted and abominable situation
Instead of that he started chastising and thought that in this situation any
Devarshi Narada for advicing his sons mercy will not fruitful on them. At first
to take mendicants attire. Ultimately I have to remove their intoxicatons and
Daksha cursed him that he can never then they will be capable to receive my ns and then they will be capable of recivng myu bon
be able to stay in one place. This boon. Devarshi Narada cursed them not rope
incident clearly proves that if Vaishnava out of anger but out of compassion. reason
aparmâdha inhibits inside the heart of a Immidiately this two boys had taken he
person even from his previous life time birth as twin Arjuna trees in the Gokula bla

he will not be able to receive Sadhu at the courtyard of Sri Nanda Bhavan.
Kripa. By the mercy of Devarshi Narada even
being captivated in the species of plant
In Srimad Bhagavatam 10th canto they could remember their previous life,
10th chapter there is an episode of their uncivilized behaviour, Devarshi's
Nalakubara and Manigreeva. These curse etc. everything.
two are sons of Kubera, who was the
king of Yakshas. Yakshas are a Sri Nanda Maharaj will appear
particular type of devatas and are very after a long time, but since then the two
rich. Kubera is a devotee of Lord Shiva. boys of Kubera in the form of twin
But these two sons of Kubera were Arjuna trees engaged themselves in the
devoid of good manners, became service of the residence of the Vraja.
drunkers and women hunters. Once Sri. Cowes means animals of Vraja used to
they were being surrounded by celestial take rest under the cooling shadow of
damsels, the two brothers were playing these trees, birds used to sit on the twigs
in the holy river Mandakini in of the tree glorifying the Supreme Lord
Himalayas. They were topsyterved by Sri Krishna. (to be continued)


Questions and Answers for a value based living
Sri Gopal Das
(Contd. from November issue) him Darshan, whereas Devotees of the
Q: All the human beings are born other paths go in search of Him to get
as puppets, why are they not dancing His Darshan.
to the tune of their creator? Q: The body depends on the Soul
A: Because they have developed for its existence. The Soul depends on
the false ego in them and they feel they the body for what?
themselves are the masters. A: The Soul depends on the body
Q: In which occupation can all the to evolve itself and go to "Golok".
-h faculties in the body put into service? Q: Should one stay alone or join
A: Only in serving God all the an Ashram to get God Realisation?
faculties in the body could be put into A: Not necessary. Many Devotees
service. Because God has created men have attained God Realisation leading
to serve Him and His Devotees. a family life. Only one's attitude in life
Q: Which is the dearest object for must change. He must know that he is
a worldly person? a part and parcel of the Super Soul and
A: His own body, made up of his mission in life is to go back to his
substances, which he does not want to real home and that the family life is only
see, touch, smell or taste. Even hearing a means to that end.
n of the substances he is made up of, Q: How to become a disciple?
makes him tremble, and he is proud to A: If one wants to become a
identify himself with such a body. disciple he must make a lot of enquiries

Q: Earn to live and live for what? to find out a God realised Mahatma and
A: Earn to live, and live to know become his disciple.
all about God. Q: The Guru in his turn will enroll
Q: Who is the human beings' worst only after putting a would be disciple
enemy? to many tests. Why?
A: He himself is his worst enemy. A: The spiritual path is meant only
His own mind, senses, anger, greed, for those with strong will power. One
lust, passion etc., are his enemies. has to undergo very many obstacles,

Q: The worldly people are very, even from one's own kith and kin to
very busy, dure to what? become one among the creamy layer of
A: The worldly people are very, mankind.
very busy, wasting the precious time Q: What is the worldly path known
of human birth in frivolous pursuits as for those who identify themselves !
having been intoxicated by Lord's with the body ?
Maya. A: For them the worldly path is
Q: Lord Krishna proves that he is known as the path of ignorance or
very fond of His Bhakta. How? avidya.
A: He goes to His Bhata and gives (to be continued)


Sri B.S.Narayan Maharaj

(Contd. from October issue) abnegation. In the following pages, the

If we analyse the human situation, gist of his explanation is provided.
although the human body is very rare 35. TWO KINDS OF ABNEGATION:
and precious, on expiry it turns out to One day Sri Sanatana Goswami
be a most insignificant and obnoxious enquired Lord Chaitanya about the
object in this world. At the death of a
details of balanced abnegation. He
person, this human body gets asked, -- "O Lord! Kindly explain what
transformed into either ash, or into is meant by balanced abnegation. The
worms or into the stool of carnivorous salvationists declare that, all the objects
animals who consume it. Everyone of this material world are despicable
shall hate these three kinds of things. like the 'refuse of a crow' and therefore,
The supreme and eternal wealth for the they are fit to be rejected. They say
living beings is divine love or Krishna that, a recluse becomes great by
Prema. In exchange to such an discarding all kinds of mundane
obnoxious object if you can earn the objects. In this regard, O Lord, I desire
infinite treasure of Krishna Prema by to know about the view and duty of a
the cultivation of devotional culture, pure Vaishnava. Kindly instruct me
who can estimate the limits of your about the right kind of approach
fortune? In such a case you will happen towards the worldly matters." In reply
to be million times more fortunate than to this query the Lord said that,
a person who gains a treasure mine of abnegation is two fold such as
diamonds by spending a few coins. legitimate one and pseudo one, which
This is the real success of human life. has been repeatedly explained by Him.
Those who utilise the human life in 36. PSEUDO ABNEGATION
gaining transitory mundane objets are Elevationists and salvationists
silly fools. when adopt renounced life, due to their
34. ADVICE OF SRI 'PREMA immaturity they tend to imbibe pseudo
VIVARTA': f the abnegation, which result in polluting
Sri Prema Vivarta is the devotional waer their hearts. As they are wanting in
treatise composed by Sri Jagadananda spiritual wisdom, they hold that the
Pandit who was a close associate entire world is insignificant and take
devotee of Lord Sri Chaitanya recourse to an unrealistic ideology of
Mahaprabhu. In the ninth chapter of anti-materialism in the hope of
this book, the venerable author has reaching salvation from the worldly
explained about the details of balanced bondage. The fact is that, the spirit is



uncommon with the matter, but it is not surcharged with the transcendental
antagonistic to the matter. The sentiments of divine abode Goloka, and
relationship with the spirit and matter he would reach that abode by
is that, the first one is the body and the cultivating the organs of Gokula Bhakti.
other is its shadow. Shadow cannot be Consequently he becomes fully
opposite to the body. When these liberated from avidya or nescience,
salvationists adopt such defective even when living in this world. Thus
dogma, they lose all kinds of spiritual Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
merits such as, -- devotional service to explained the secret of balanced
Lord Krishna, service to the saints, abnegation to Sri Sanatana Goswami for
tasting of spiritual sweetness etc. As the benefit of all those who intend to
the minds of these pseudo ascetics follow the path of pure devotion.
become dry and sterilised, they fail to 38. DISCARD PSEUDO ABNEGATION:
enjoy the sweetness of divine Name, Dear brothers, outright discard all
divine Form, divine Qualities and kinds of pseudo abnegation and
divine Sports of the Supreme Lord. accommodate balanced abnegation
They always try to keep themselves within your hearts. How foolish it is to
away from all these excellent topics for reject all kinds of material objects!
their imaginary fear of coming under Where will you go by dascarding this
the clutch of nescience and at the end world? Even in forest you can only
they become as inert and worthless like come across matter every where. For
rocks and boulders. appeasing your hunger, you should eat
37. BALANCED ABNEGATION: something, for protecting yourself you
By adopting balanced abnegation, need some shelter. (to be contd.)
one can naturally and easily cultivate
pure devotion, as he shall accept only
such objects and affairs which have
been purified and spiritualised by the
help of Krishna-Bhakti. The heart of
such a fortunate devotee easily becomes
free from the materialistic inertness of
the mundane nature, and attaining the
support of spiritual potency, he enjoys
quick upliftment by the help of the
divine sweetness of transcendental
devotion. Lord Krishna becomes
pleased by the performance of Bhakti
Yoga and fulfils His declaration to
Arjuna that, His devotee shall never
undergo destruction. Life of a person
becomes absolutely fulfilled, when
Lord Krishna becomes pleased upon
him. Such a fortunate devotee gets


Prabhupad Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur
(Contd. from October issue) to be availed by every woman who
Nations judge one another's seriously wants to pass for an up-to-
civilization by the respective sizes of the date beauty. Even the effusions of poets
focal lengths of the biggest and smallest receive the most careful scientific
telescopes, and other scientific preparation for the same reason. Such
appliances in their possession. The is the Age. Such is its craze for
mechanical help is all-important. The improvised uniformity (?) of perfection
more one is able to spend on it, the in every matter.
greater is one's resulting efficiency, That which cannot be retained,
goodness, health, beauty, and what not? that which is bound to grow stale,
--- in this purely commercial age. Good which is to be liked by persons who
looks, good health, strength, a good seek the gratification of their senses,
voice, a charming landscape, every which is made up of ugly
thing worth having, is prospected for constituents, is proclaimed as the
being turned to its full commercial use. goal of the science and art of
But the formula 'struggle for aesthetics. What is natural is not
existence' does not convey the whole regarded as beautiful, on principle.
reason for commercialism. A man can The unscientific is ugly. That which
live and survive on very little. I do not is natural and beautiful is
mean the plain living of today which pronounced abnormal and ugly
has a very different meaning from the unless it is endorsed by the voice of
plain living of a century ago. The the expert.
mischief is that even plain living is also But the physical body and mind
rapidly acquiring the commercial sense. are changeable and perishable. It is
Living without the help of science is not futile to set the standard of beauty for
now-a-days admitted to be plain living all time by reference to them. There is
proper. Science has got hold of this undoubtedly the shadow of the true
matter, as of every other affair of man. principle of beauty, pervading these
A person who aspires after plain living aesthetic attempts of this world. But
must not think of being less artificial the shadow also serves to remind those,
than one who chooses to live high. who are in real earnest in quest of
There is the same worry, trouble, art and beauty, that the substantive principle is
science in both. Nevertheless even not to be found in the natural state in
artificial plain living is coming back to any products of this world, nor can it
'natural' plain living. be found by our present defective
Beauty means what only the sense-organs.
experts judge to be so. The advertised There cannot be well imagined a
beauties accordingly find it increasingly greater shock to the sense of beauty
difficult to live up to the scrutiny of their than the attempt to deck a corpse. The
judges. The help of science and art has endeavour to decorate the things of this


r Y K * q w s v x ge
h a fgszxaAvfkc f a*.tewq

world by means of our mundane into entities that do not irresistibly and
resources, is very similar to the attempt unaesthically drag us down to the most
to beautify a dead body. The result is rotten things of this world. It is no true
a foregone conclusion. Our aesthetic poetry that seeks to disguise this fact by
favourite of this moment are discarded the external embellishments of rhythm
at the next in favour of others who also and vocabulary. Such ingenuity can
are replaced by others in their turn. The only amuse those to whom it is a novelty,
king who lives in the most costly style and can do so only till the trick does not
has no more liking for the showy grow stale. It is the logical nemesis of
splendours of his royal state, when they this state of things that commerce is
are not renewed, than the pauper has rapidly getting hold of every department
for his old tattered rags. Familiarity of this make believe aesthetics. The
breeds contempt for all things of this tailor is making man, because strangely
world on account of their inherent enough man wants to be made by him
ugliness which is found out on actual in seeming despair of any better
contact. alternative.
Poets and painters rely upon the This craze for the gaudy baubles
equally futile resources of their limited and trinkets of this world is responsible
imagination for masking the inherent for the repugnance that is exhibited by
ugliness of the conditions of mundane the materialistic thinkers to any serious n

existence. Such imagining is not consideration of the Real Centre of the

intended to lead us to the reality. principle that is distortedly reflected in
Goldsmith truly hit the function of the the aesthetic enterprises of this mundane
worldly poet and artist when he world. The attitude to condemn spiritual
declared that their wisdom consisted aesthetics without a hearing by
in innocently amusing the imagination infatuated reliance on its unwholesome
in this dream of life. The imagination counterfeit, perpetuates our degrading
does not want anything that is not new thraldom to the latter. All the so-called
and also not to its liking, and its liking wealth of mundane fine arts makes their
is ever directed downwards to its appeal to the sensuous nature of man and
prompts ultimately to animality of the
kindred point of the flesh, or the corpse.
gross and subtle varieties. The finest
It is not possible even for the
songs of this world, says Shelley, are
imagination to deceive itself regarding
those that tell of saddest thoughts,
the naturally loathsome character of the
pointing to the hollowness of the
dead body, the ultimate source of its sensuous. But this consolation is only a
inspiration. The imagination of man passing ray. As a matter of fact the song,
is no more competent judge of his real that does not portray new vanities stirs
aesthetic needs than his scientific no emotion.
acumen. Both are directed to mundane The soul is proclaimed by the
objectives which are essentially ugly Shastras to be a transcendental entity
and unwholesome. who is located in a plane that is
There can be no abiding value in absolutely free from all mundane
poetry unless both poet and his grossness and defect of any kind.
surroundings are radically changed . (to be continued)



»y »y TϪ TÁ{∫ÁWÁ{
(Contd. from October issue) speak such excllently pleasant words of
the Vedas which are like of poisonous
The Lord discribes the nature of flowering plant. 42
distracted mind
N˛Á™Án™Áå: ÀƒT|ú∫Á \ã™N˛™|¢˛¬ú¿tÁ™Ω @
ÆÁu™™ÁÊ úÏu…úoÁÊ ƒÁYÊ ú¿ƒtãnÆuƒúu≈Yo:@ uN¿˛ÆÁuƒ∆z §“ÏpÁÊ ßÁzT{≈ƒÆ|TuoÊ ú¿uo @@ 43˛˛
ƒztƒÁt∫oÁ: úÁs| åÁãÆtÀoyuo ƒÁutå:@@ 42˛
Kâmâtmânah svargaparâ
Yâmimâm pushpitâm vâcham
pravadantyavipaschitah | nk kriyâvisheshabahulâm
vedavâdaratah pârtha bhogaishvaryagatim prati || 43
nânyadasteeti vâdinah || 42
N˛Á™Án™Áå: = Their minds attached to f
úÁs| = O Arjuna! , Euƒúu≈Yo = . trivial desires, ÀƒT|ú∫Á: = hanker after
unwise people, ƒztƒÁt∫oÁ:= too much heaven, \ã™N˛™|¢˛¬ú¿tÁ˛ = and speak such
engaged in the extolling portions of apparently sweet words as lead to the
Vedas (without grasping their (eso- cycle of births and deaths, uN¿˛ÆÁuƒ∆z §“ÏpÁÊ
teric) real meaning), ƒÁutå: = argue, b
= and abound in fruitive actions, ßÁzT
Fuo = that, å EãÆoΩ EuÀo = (there is) Lz≈ƒÆ|TuoÊ ú¿uo = leading to enjoyment and
no truth other than the object of en- ' wealth. ˛
joyment (like moksha), ú¿ƒtuão ˛= Their minds attached to trivial
(and) they speak, ÆÁu™™ÁÊ = such, úÏu…úoÁÊ desires hanker after heaven and speak
ƒÁYÊ = excellently pleasent words of such apparently sweet words as lead to
the Vedas which are like a poisonous betr th the cycle of births and deaths and
flowering plant. abound in fruitive actions leading to
O Arjuna! Unwise people too enjoyment and wealth (are not deeply
much engaged in the extoling portions and exclusively concentrated upon
of Vedas (without grasping their God). 43
(esoteric) real meaning) argue that there
is no truth other than the object of ßÁzT{≈ƒÆ|ú¿ÃMoÁåÁÊ oÆÁú”oYzoÃÁ™Ω @
enjoyment (like moksha) and they un √ƃÃÁÆÁun™N˛Á §ÏuÚ: ÙÁáÁ{ å uƒáyÆozz @@44˛


pleasure and pain, gain and loss etc.,
Bogaisvaryaprasaktânâm uånÆÃnƒÀs: = and associate with pure
tayâpahritachetasâm| devotees, uåÆÁz|Tqz™: = desist from quest
vyavasâyâtmikâ buddhih after unattained objects and anxiety for
samâdhau na vidheeyate || 38 preserving the obtained things (because
of your taste for My Bhakti Rasa. This
YzoÃÁÊ = With their minds, Eú”o = is because I, out of affection for My

drawn away, osÁ = by such flowery devotee, carry the responsibility, EÁn™ƒÁåΩ
speech, ú¿ÃMoÁåÁÊ = and attached to, = and be engaged in the intelligence
ßÁzT{≈ƒÆ| = only pleasures and wealth, given by Me.
√ƃÃÁÆÁun™N˛Á = one pointed or steadfast,
§ÏuÚ: = knowledge, å uƒáyÆoz = does O Arjuna! The Vedas deal with the
not arise, ÙÁáÁ{ = in their mind. three qualities of maya --- Sattva, Rajas
With their minds drawn away by and Tamas. You be free from Karma
such flowery speech and attached to and Jnana and other topics of three
only pleasures and wealth, one pointed qualities and free from the mundane
or steadfast knowledge does not arise
in their mind. 44 and opposites like pleasure and pain, gain
te and loss etc. and associate with My pure ahu
devotees, desist from quest after
Bhakti transcends the three qualities:
unattained objects and anxity for
It is said here to take recourse to preserving the obtained things (because
only Bhakti Yoga, giving up all of your taste for My Bhakti Rasa). This
sadhanas of dharma, artha, kama and is because I, out of affection for My
moksha. devotee, carry the responsibility and be
engaged in the intelligence given by Me.
fi{TÏlÆuƒ ÆÁ ƒztÁ uåÀfi{TÏlÆÁz ߃Á\|Ïå @ 45
uå˚|ã˚zÁz uånÆÃnnƒÀsÁz uåÆÁz|Tqz™ EÁn™ƒÁåΩ @@ 45 ÆÁƒÁås| GtúÁåz Ã|o: éõ¬ÏoÁztNz˛ @
˛ Traigunyavishayâ vedâ oÁƒÁãÃz| Ï ƒztz Ï §¿Á—™mÀÆ uƒ\Áåo: @@46˛
nistraigunyo bhavârjuna |
Yâvânartha udapâne
nirdvandvo nityasattvastho
sarvatah samplutodake |
niryogakshema âtmavân || 45
tâvânsarveshu vedeshu
brâhmanasya vijânatah || 46
E\|åÏ = O Arjuna! ƒztÁ: = the Vedas,
uƒ ÆÁ: = deal with, fi{TÏlÆ = the three o ÆÁƒÁåΩ Es| = All the purposes are
qualities of maya -- sattva, rajas and served, GtúÁåz = by (different -- some
tamas, ߃ = you be, uåÀfi{TÏlÆ = free wells
ƒÁ are used for cleaning the body after ea
from karma and jnana and other topics passing nature, some others are used for
of three qualities, uå˚|ã˚Áz = (and) free brushing teeth, others are used for
from the mundane opposites like (Cont. in page 24) ∫


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(Cont. from page 22) enjoyer), N˛™|¢˛¬ = of the fruits of
washing clothes, others are used for
washing hair, others are used for bathing, action, ™Á EÀoÏ = let there not be, ÃWΩ:
others are used for drinking water) small = desire for attachment, oz = to you,
pools, ÃÊõ¬ÏoÁztNz˛ = (is fulfilled) by a (single) EN˛™|um = for the dereliction of your
large reservoir of water, Ãʃo:˛ = on all ordained duties.
sides, oÁƒÁåΩ = in the same way all those
results, Ãz |   Ï = in all, ƒz t z   Ï = Vedas To you, the right is only in
(following the different parts of the prescribed duty-- never the fruit there
Vedas), §¿Á—™mÀÆ˛= (are fully attained) by of. Do not be the cause (the enjoyer)
a brahmin, uƒ\Áåo: = who has grasped the of the fruits of action. Let there not
real meaning of the Vedas i.e. the be desire or attachment for the
devotional service of the Supreme Lord. dereliction of your ordained duties. 47
All the purposes are served by
Lord describes how to remain
(different --- some wells are used for
even minded while performing action:
cleaning the body after passing nature, B
some others are used for brushing teeth,
others are used for washing clothes, others ÆÁzTÀs: NÏ˛ª N˛™Á|umÃWΩTÊ nÆMnƒÁ áå`\Æ @
are used washing hair, others are used for uÃÜÆuÃÜÆÁz: ÙÁz ßÓnƒÁ ÙnƒÊ ÆÁzT GXÆoz @@48
bathing, and others are used for drinking
water) small pools is fulfilled by a (single) Yogasthah kuru karmâni
large reservoir of water on all sides. In sangam tyaktvâ dhananjaya |
the same way all those results in all Vedas siddhyasiddhyoh samo bhutvâ
(following the different parts of the samatvam yoga uchyate || 48
Vedas), are fully atained by a brahmin,
who has grasped the real meaning of the
Vedas i.e. the devotional service of the B). áå`\Æ = O Arjuna (winner of
Supreme Lord. 46 wealth)! NϪ = perform, N˛™Á|um = the
Advice to refrain from fruitive ordained duties, ÆÁz T Às: = in a
actions: devotional mood, nÆMnƒÁ = giving up,
ÃWTÊΩ = attachment (for fruits of action), e
N˛™|lÆzƒÁuáN˛Á∫Àoz ™Á ¢˛¬z Ï N˛tÁYå @
ßÓnƒÁ = remaining, Ù: = equal, uÃÚ =
™Á N˛™|¢˛¬“zoÏß|Ó™Á| oz ÃWΩTÁgrizDÀnƒN˛™|um @@ 47 in success, EuÃtΩÜÆÁz: = and failure, ÙnƒÊ
= such evenness of mind, GXÆoz = is
called, ÆÁzT: = yoga.
mâ phaleshu kadâchana |
O Arjuna! Winner of wealth,
mâ karmaphalaheturbhooh
perform the ordained duties in a
mâ te sangostvakarmani || 47
devotional mood giving up or
attachment (for the fruits of action),
oz = To you, EuáN˛Á∫: = the right, N˛™|um
remaining equal in success and
Lƒ = is only in prescribed duty, ™Á N˛tÁYå
failure. Such evenness of mind is
= never, ¢˛¬z Ï = the fruit thereof, ™Á ßÓ:
called yoga. 48
= do not be, “zoÏ: = (the) cause (the (to be continued)


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