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Our trip to Fort Santiago, Intramuros, Manila last February 10, 2012 was a really
educational trip. We learned a lot of things regarding this place. We did not expect that
this place is so historic and so wonderful. Now, we realized that there are still a lot of
beautiful places in the Philippines that we should see. Not only that it is beautiful but
also in a sense that it tells many stories about the history and culture of our beloved
Me and my classmates arrived at the place at about 10 oclock in the morning.
We rested for a while and take a deep breath of the fresh air that surrounds the place.
After a while, we begun to go around the place and enjoyed the beautiful sights inside
the Fort Santiago. We noticed that this place is built with stone structures and will really
stand whatever storm may come.
We entered the Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier, built in 1663 houses the
Intramuros Visitors Center which provides information to all visitors. We were able to
watch and get a glimpse of what places we are going to see because of a historic video
of Intramuros and exhibit chambers for everyone to see. Another place inside Fort
Santiago is the Museum Shop which offers the visitors and other tourists items based
on the Intramuros antique collecton, souvenir items bearing the stamp of the rich culture
of old Manila. There are books, fans, porcelain sets, coffee mugs, bookmarks and
much more item. I wished I could buy if only I had extra money.
After doing a window shop of the beautiful souvenir items, we pay a visit to the
shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, a quaint chapel in the Reducto de San Francisco
Javier which was constructed in 1773. We did a short prayer.
We take a rest for a while in the Parks, Promenades and Picnic Areas. This is a
very relaxing place. We sat on the gardens of Plaza Moriones and enjoyed the sight of
green grasses and fresh air.
The Rizal Shrine was also a remarkable place in the Fort Santiago. This is the
place where Dr. Jose Rizal was confined during his trial for sedition. Inside the Rizal
Shrine is a museum where momentoes of the hero can be viewed. It is so nice to see
the wardrove, the old books, old money, the lamp and other things that we have read
and will remember about our national hero. Its so amazing to see the Mi Ultimo Adios
written on the floor and of course, the beautiful paintings of Dr. Rizal.
The Baluarte de San Barbara built in 16
century, now houses the Rizaliana
Furniture Exhibit. We also visited the Almacenes Realis which is the Royal Sorehouses
used by colonial military forces during the Spanish, American and Japanese occupation.
We have also seen the replica of the pre-war Manila streetcars. Me and my
classmates would want to try this car but it is not allowed to be used. We can only
imagine how the system of transportation they had before.
We really enjoyed what we have seen inside the Fort Santiago. It is worth a trip.
I would like to invite my parents and my brother to come here and experience the joy
and I am sure like me, they will feel proud to be a Filipino.

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