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cream of wordflakes
Liliana Negoi
stare people$
it%s not like every day you get to see
me and my army of "hores
marhing boldly along the river of minds
e&posed shamelessly to my mery#
you "on%t see my red light
until it "ill be too late '
and you%ll kno" it%s too late beause
it "ill painfully please you#
ome! "onder at the fle&ibility of my bithes '
after all! ho" often an you admire
the "ay ( make them
t"ist and bend for your pleasure)
my army of "hores ' my army of "ords!
mouthed by all people
sine the beginning of humanity!
trashed and then re*endo"ed "ith po"er!
one moment spit in anger
only to aress your tongue lustfully in the ne&t seond
and molding on the "hims of any human being
+ust for the sake of the meaning#
my army of "hores ' my army of god*like reatures
valened "ith my ba"d mark!
obeying me blindly
for here ( stand$
,-. "ord*tamer! playing from my pungi
the aural refletions of my soul
and pinning to its urves
my army of "hores ' my army of blessings and urses!
my self#
/harvest time% grinned death
staring "ithin me
"ords began to s0uirm
under my frost bitten fingers
and silene fle"
through the raks of my skin
one last token of daylight
ame to radle
in the enter of my iris
and a silky mist aressing my breath
announed the end of autumn#
my voie gre" iiles '
than another '
and soon ( "as the proud sister
of patiene#
but "hen my linden roots
mated those of your oak
"inter mattered
no more1
arved in the bones of time
legions of grains of sand
shape and reshape
the astles of our youth
the "ithered songs
tire to hute
again and again on our voies
ome! take my hand!
let us dig for god
"ithin the lost srolls of
fear and hope!
let us endo" our fabri
"ith the misfortune of time!
pretending that sunrises are romanti
and dusks are "ise
after all!
nobody is to be blamed
for our name being 2NAed
from god%s voie
and for us having to share
lay%s heritage1
the lok hoked
"ith the po"der of my ground thoughts1
you moved our photo
from the fireplae hob *
or "as it never there)$###
( ra"l bak"ards
fumbling for our footsteps
gla3ed "ith truth1
my fingertips braille
imaginary onstellations
ashed in your name *
"hen did ( strip
those layers of "ords)###
no ringed trae around my finger *
a ghost am ()###
vanilla flavored smile *
( kno" it%s here some"here1
behind the ne&t orner of my mind1
45. never "ere6! you sigh
"hile ( nervously turn
my pokets inside*out
in searh for my life1
the emptiness in my palms feels heavy1
( stamp my feet *
4but ( 7N85 "e16
my onfabulated future
is sharding porelainly against
the barren marble1
silene brought under ontrol1
fro3en "e are!
"ithin the nebula of
spoiled immaulay '
pastihe for the unonventional
"inter of our "ords !
sno"ing themselves like
strained flour '
herry trees +e"elry hiding
the dreams of lay
and the broken legs of time#
don%t be afraid of my roots '
they%re only meant to rummage
your tender grounds of sorro"
in searh for living "aters#
neither am ( asking for your "hite
nor for your blak '
but for that preise shade of grey
in "hih my name ould turn rainbo"
for you1
song for Agriope
sounds "ere rising *
hrysalides for the yet unborn
rystalline shivers1
still "ere the "aters!
undead the moonlight *
and aerial "as the alling
of the sound*bender1
and all "ere silent1
.lysium bo"ed
under salty heaviness
and doubled up "ith pain!
unallo"ed to rebirth the lost
yet sounds kept rising *
hrysalides breaking
traing furro"s
in the molten souls that "ere
unshed fire aressed
rimson and blak and golden
and hearts "ere born
"here there had been none
and all "ere rying1
roks blossomed under
the taming ether
e&posing the bones of
anient rainbo"s
and sounds kept rising *
hrysalides blooming
mourning the morning
never to ome1
he "athed her!
lying there in the grass! among flo"ers!
the herry petals overing her slo"ly1
he suddenly reali3ed
ho" s"eet "as the shado"
touhing her
and eah flo"er gently offering
its tribute of death to her
"as no less beautiful
than that "onderful rimson bloom
he himself had helped birth
on her hest1
the netar of that flo"er still on his hands
and the ethereality of the herry*tree shade on his retina!
he "ished to gro" roots
and dra" life from the very earth that she!
his masterpiee!
"as slo"ly
beginning to beome
(%m your 9hir ha*9hirim '
your song of songs1
(%m meant to be the goblet
of your hidden sighs!
the ever reeiver of your dreams
and gatherer of the
shards of your broken heart
(%m to be the mouth
over "hih you%ll al"ays bend
to soothe your thirst for
"hat you thought "as +ust
( am the shado" of your moans
laid*do"n all over my pillo"
as ( forbid your sleep
to see moonlight
( am your torture and your re"ard!
turning you into a believer
and onverting your days
into my nights
( am the touh you long for!
the breath you gasp for!
the sent of your disbelief shattering
and the o"ner of your surrendering!
smiling at your ama3ement beause
you thought ( ouldn%t be1
but ( am
all aboard the jasmine train
metalli trails arry along them
the afterlife sent
of kno"ledge and "ill
no need to pull the emergeny brake '
"e%re all +ust
a splendid soup of souls
from "hih sometimes drops
reep "ithin the spoon of god
and he feeds the earth "ith us
santity overdue '
one in a "hile
:or more than one in a "hile;
e&pired souls
find their "ay by aident
on the shelves of reality!
and "e blame god beause
"e forgot to read the labels
and "e hurt1
but in the end
the thorns on "hih "e prik our fingers
ould be nothing else but
the pins and needles from god%s palm1
my "ords today
lay on the page
like limbs defeated
by inertia
onrete vines
sneaking "ithin the
sounds of ukoo birds!
heavy "ith
residual dignity
and auroral kno"ledge!
my "ords today
an%t die
they%d ra"l and
beg for shado"
and for mud and
for a tongue to ream
their meanings
but sunset ain%t their time
and neither is sunrise
and so! trapped "ithin
the bet"eenness of
seonds and thirds and
the rest of the "orld!
my "ords today
+ust laim the right
to haunt
(%ve earned my right to breathe a long time ago!
the first time "hen your o&ygen
drummed "ithin my lungs#
that%s "hen ( rashed into
the blessing of empty rooms and unearthed meanings!
"hile rambling along the orridors
of lassi tragedies
and learning the e&0uisiteness of 4never6#
the eho of that bloody rose
pumped hardly its rhythm into my fingertips
and you filled my veins and vines "ith
the beat of life and the laughter of gods
and ironially enough
that mathed "onderfully my hidden vaults
sugared "ith unyielding sadness#
you dominoed my passion%s tesserae
around your t"isted ma3e
and ( let you! beause the time "as right
for me to start unfolding my oralline tentales!
and ( let you! beause "e both needed it
and "anted it and god$ prayed for it1
and no" all that%s left to do
is to "onder if (%ll ever be able to
kiss the hourglass goodbye and to
let those pinked sands flo" freely and bloodless
along onepts like useless beauty and beautiful
until in some ne&t life
you dam my flo"1
Find yourself a cup of tea; the teapot is
behind you. Now tell me about hundreds of
the tender plains of gravity '
that%s ho" you e&plained to me that day
the reason "hy "ords kept mothing my mind#
you said that blak "asn%t allo"ed
to enter my gates
and that ( should +ust
forget about the logi of fats!
sine alhemy "as natural to me#
you also said
that ( shouldn%t be hasing butterflies
beause there "ere other things
muh happier to fall in my net!
like "ordlings and soulflakes
"hih ( ould easier braid
"ithin my hignon#
4all you have to do
is to remember6! you said#
and so ( listened to you!
"oke up
and poured myself in tiny drops
"ithin that green porelain up!
sliing sunbeams and filtering their bleeding
through my iris and into your palm!
"hile you +ust listened to me
building boulders
no! not blue!
my "ords tonight "ill borro"
some other shade of olor!
beause there%s too muh to see
outside those "indo"s
and blue +ust doesn%t rhyme "ith
your shado"!
no matter my salty shores#
( kno" "hat%s going inside your mind '
you keep "ondering
"hat happened to me1
"ell! if you really "ant to kno" the truth!
sand happened#
someho"! on my "ay to reality!
( learned ho" to shape sand
into onrete rok!
and no" my fingers! no matter ho" slippery!
an tame the gravel grains
flo"ing from your pokets#
( am no" offiially
a sand olletor!
and the proud o"ner
of your mind%s residues#
1and yes! the most stupid volunteer
for reviving 9isyphus1
( kno" that in the morning
all the sand that remained unused
"ill slip behind my eyelids
and provide the perfet prete&t for tears1
but you kno"!
the only thing ( like about tears
is the "ay they hang rainbo"s on your lashes
at the touh of sunlight1
"The river flowed from century to century, and
human affairs play themselves out on its banks.
lay themselves out to be forgotten the ne!t
day, while the river flows on. "
"ilan #undera $ The %nbearable &ightness of
"here an a river flo")
aording to human beliefs
it has to go dro"n itself
into some sort of sea
"here its% fluidity is suddenly
and "here fish don%t are
about points of origin
or having to s"im upstream#
there are rivers that
literally thro" their being
into the universal oblivion!
rossing tombstones made from
asading iridesent foam
and sreaming to anyone "ho
one in a blue moon
may "onder about their impetuousness
4on my "ay to be reyled$6
there are also rivers that
seem to gro" roots
in the bosom of your ga3e!
perfet appearane of stillness!
"ishing probably!
"ith a shade of sorro" under their ripples!
that for one in their lives
the ignorant staring at them
"ould beome a"are
of their need for individuality
and ho" entire pages of their "itnessing
"ill be turning to nothingness
one they go over that li0uid threshold#
eventually though
all rivers are meant to melt
in the arms of some sea
under the prete&t of natural la"s#
but "hen there isn%t suh a sea
or "hen "hat you thought it "as a sea
"as merely a poor puddle!
unable to ontain suh an amount of onsiousness!
then the river
has to birth that sea for itself '
those rivers
ould easily be taken
for gods1
air bridges
he sometimes looked at the sky
digging for o&ygen
"ith a mothy attitude!
yearning to be able to ount
the number of raindrops
from one loud to the ne&t
as if that "ay he ould have
0uantified rainbo"s1
the "ound "as al"ays there!
mathing the shado" of "ords
spilled along the dusty trail '
and he felt it deeply!
espeially during +une mornings!
"hen summer "as barely beginning
to srath his iris1
the taste of infinity
"as muh too easily upped
by his tongue!
and other"orldly
he kept "hispering to the heart*like footprints
4"here you go! my fingers soaked in rimson
+ust to paint your life
a reason16
a "annabe burning bush
gre" last night from my hip bone!
rooted deep "ithin my marro"#
s"eet aident methinks!
sine =oses didn%t haunt my shores lately
in searh for stony truths!
so there%s no point really
in allo"ing that petty shrub
to d"ell on my "ords#
(%ll therefore game its t"igs!
one by one!
4he finds me * he finds me not16
* "hatever the final ans"er *
until ( deplete myself of its shado"!
for do ( need my sands kept still
by its deepening roots)
first time =oses found me!
( "asn%t even burning *
but it "as da"n!
and sunlight refleted in the myriad de"drops
hanging from some ob"ebs!
so the poor man! blinded by irumstane!
took "ater for fire!
and bo"ed to me in fear1
and no"! by holy inertia!
( am the arrier of ever*abla3e voie!
damned to guide him do"n the mountain!
over and over again!
he%ll have a d>+? vu1
chad invitation ō
" a religion of the art of life."
that%s it!
sit do"n!
the dust "ill listen to your sent
and "ill gently lay on your feathers#
"ath silently the lava river
ra"ling beside you
as iiles of sand gro" from your lashes#
the petals of thoughts
"ithering "ithin your skull
shall fall! one by one!
and turn into rose "ater!
and you an sprinkle that into the four "inds
so that those touhed by the pearly splash
"ould be onverted to ink arabes0ues#
as if pluked from the tasseographi arrousel!
moments birth memories#
reality takes a dip in your mind *
the tea leaves in your up!
having kno"n the olor of life
are no" false heralds of future!
"hy listen to them)
silene is golden *
and you and ( both kno" that
s"ans don%t sing before they die1
and so it goes!
my name raked open
and flo"ers bloomed all over!
olored sepia!
ignoring the dryness of the "eloming grounds
or the hatred of moonlight#
you said
it "as all due to the
milky gush evading from my arotid!
"hy the sand beame mire
and "hy the air "as misty thik '
my body*heat being the perfet atalyst
for that hemial hain reation#
lustered like grapes
on the vines of my ore!
thoughts of you
suddenly shamed the s"eetness of dreams '
( "anted reality!
ra" and bright
and all for myself!
selfishly unaring anymore about aessories1
my fingertips ount pages
masohistially liked of the ink%s memory
the salty fruit
hanging from a +ade branh!
e&haling aromas of sky and purposelessness!
a nihe of life
breahing the ditionary of silene
enrusted "ith pearly leftovers!
Levant flavored silver arro"
rushing through sunset
and turning it into
fire"orks redefined
the night dissolved
in a glass of reggae and smiling eletiism
sampled from the tapestry of my Cartesian soul!
the neessary and suffiient ondition
for lightning to taste like
some obsure spark ompared to
my inner solar e&plosions '
the thorn beause of "hih
my rose is red
and my nightingale alive
suddenly ( don%t feel like ounting anymore1
sometimes ( feel as if
my arms don%t flo" dark enough
to radle your elipse!
and my "orn*out ob"ebs
"oven in the name of your shado"
drip sunlight through their holes1
and ( "onder if my eyelids ould
gro" deently heavy
before my iris bled out
the ash for your ne&t rebirth1
no lih>s! ( promised myself
"hen ( deided to oagulate you
"ithin my bloodstream!
no lih>s! and yet here ( am!
slave to some aneurismal string!
bubble after bubble lining up
to ontour a feline impulse!
barely giving me time
to open "ide my olors
in order to fill them up
"ith rhythm1
onotions flo"
from my ivory
bo&! bre"ed +ust
enough to make
your blood boil
behind the bars
of your blindness
saturated "ith
insomnia *
"hy then "onder
ho" ( manage
to t"ist your brain
around my fingers
and knit myself +e"elry
from your thoughts)
( gro" slaves for
my "ords faster
than the speed of
light * the same light
that may or may not
impress your retina
"ith shreds of rainbo"s!
but after all "hy "ould it
are about your retina
at all)$
june fall
on the horologe
my smile ruified
drips inonlusive dramas
androgynously blue
from above the louds#
sounds ling to my skin
tik*tok*ing my blood flo"
into another
ordinary deluge of 2NA!
unaring of the shores
rumbling under
the "eight of illusion#
sonorous seraphs
dane in the air
perfumed "ith "hite lila
and my attention summer gains'
( an be painfully ordinary
if ( hoose
and ignore the +ailed olors
shakled in my name#
but "hen letters oagulate
into s"eet rystalline formations
( am the first she!
and lo!
the ro"n is shattered1
spiked iambs
(%d never green your red
to make it sound
like gasping sighing mould
e&eedingly e&posed to o&ygen '
if it%s my pain you rave
you%ll have to strive and
searh and dig
and lean the lots of thoughts
that hoke the unloaked
ores "ith human residues '
and even if you round my
sum of ever
useless sreams and
groans "ith pa&vobisums shifting
shapes to sarilegious hissing!
your red! my green ' do
not a rainbo" make if
spilled on never touhed by
seonds@ +a"s blak bo& kept losed
by plasti sre"s
(%m out of "ords
and out of breath
unable to appreiate
the e&0uisite depreiation
of truth
in front of the olorful
desert of
my mind1
"ords that
used to flo" from my pen
no" lay inert
aross my brain%s
and die1
inreasing volumes
of "aste
fill my pokets!
the rays of the sunlight
an%t dissolve
my shado"
and (%m hiding!
in you
from me!
from the eho of my footsteps!
and from the la3iness
of my seonds#
my time is too slo"!
"ith ant*like movements
the endlessness of
Chronos% arms
until my toes
"ill blissfully touh
your shado"1
asades of pollen
arrying sunlight%s train
in "hirls of gold
she sa"
nature unfolding blessings
at her bare feet
armies of ladybugs
bending the blades of grass!
preparing them to feel
the touh of her soles
she heard
rystal himes shaped
by the river%s "hispers
hoirs of infinity
hanging like ob"ebs
in the hambers of her heart
she looked at sunlight through an orphan leaf
holding it by the petiole!
until she reali3ed sunlight "as looking bak at her
staring at the menagerie of "onders
flo"ing from her eyes
she smiled
revealing the flo"ery essene of her being!
the hroni sound of her pulse
thikening the air#
she kne"
life "as ready for her
sometimes ( +ust run out of olors1
( +ust fail to see enough hues
"hen ( start to paint my brain do"n
in front of you1
and then (%m sared
(%ll +ust beome ordinary1
the ever olorless ( one "as!
long before you dug my psyhe out of gray1
kno"ing the e&at shade of blak
sented "ith my inner treasures!
are simply una"are
of ho" poor Croesus "ould seem
ompared to my filled "ith you
velvet punch
uselessly ra" and ruel '
that%s ho" my AB9 announed me
that blood mapped rossroad1
+ade veins
knitting salty along the tree branhes
"ere sreaming for
"ords sythed from fields of former terror
to srath their shado" along them
and omet ied dust
spread all around the road
made snails snee3e
' bless you$ '
my right sole rushed
uns"eetened lightning
"hile my left heel kept pressing do"n
the nek of the hydra#
my lips touhed the ion
admiring religiously the old obsidian frame
and ignoring the layer of venom
ha3ing the path ahead#
the moon above blakened
and louds spiraled
and angel feathers half*burned
floated sorro"fully do"n"ards1
( opened "ide my eyes1
and it "as only in that grain of sand
that pain birthed to itself
a surrogate of a soul1
sunlight flo"s through my veins in slo" motion!
burning s"eetly inner averns
estati beause of the rush of gold invading them#
your arabes0ued voie!
putting my inner beast to sleep "ith soft hants!
unleashes a spetrum of olors along the hori3on '
"gods would be proud
of the scarlet hues of your name)"
my grounds open
for the festival of rising sents
and ups are filled to the brim
"ith molten sounds
"hile my ga3e rambles gently beyond the torii1
"searching for white, aren*t you+"
blinded by rainbo"s ( blink '
ho" did "hite beome suh a treasure)$
"when pure white became too boring,
sin got invented)"
at the terminal
do ( really need eyes
to tell me that
the bou0uet of
fiery red poppies
"aiting in your hands
for an unkno"n fate
has already kno"n
the aress of your lips
"hispering my name
ribboned in love)
allo" me to state this againC
( ouldn%t are less about
the sour sunset leftovers under my fingernails
tha"ed and smelling like distrust
as long as that henge of yours falls apart
and ( get to touh the unloaked glitter
of the apple seeds rooting under your ribs#
until that happens!
(%m signing off my soul to sleeplessness
and the isabelline tea*up on my table
"ill al"ays bear a shade of uns"eetened hiory tea
like a flavored garland along its border
to remind me of depths to be tasted
and of heights to be lived#
as for you1
guard your serets "ell! if you must!
but kno" that (%m peeling your ego for them1
damn peaok rossing my path1
suddenly the dust on the road "as gold and tile olored
and my mauve silk overed ouh at home
"asn%t that appealing anymore1
( felt the taste of dry "ind
on the roof of my mouth
and my feet started moving!
step by step!
paing the irumferene of the earth
and shaping their tra+etory after the rainbo" above1
( looked bak
:( +ust -A2 to look bak;
and the royal salt layered on my footsteps
began to dissolve
in the "arm "ater
slo"ly emerging through the earth%s raks
and filling my soles% prints#
ountless times
( felt like going bak
and putting my head again
on the plush pillo"!
+ust to dream one more time about
the omfort of original storms
:of ourse that damn dry "ind "asn%t enough!
"hat "ould you e&pet$)
(%m so insatiable at times1;
but eah time
my "i3ard%s voie kept "hispering
louder and louder
4ome home 2orothy!
the most ravishing tornado is "aiting for you in my heart16
,t is always darkest -ust before the .ay
Thomas Fuller
nude pearls onstellating
+ade green blade fingers
drop in slo" motion
on the bosom of muddy sented gloom
fringed "ith silene#
melting shards of yesterday%s perfume
enrust the darkness
+e"eled already "ith
memories of tomorro"
and sand stills for a moment!
e&peting the already kno"n '
you see!
earth needs no religion
for trusting in the reurrene of
sol invitus1
through eah revie!
"ith magma*like agility!
flooding perseverant
the ever empty vessels
of then and no"!
inessantly absorbing "hat falls
from the hand of the giver!
bending the "hy! the ho"! the "hen!
but never the "ho!
0uestions flo" '
"ord sented torture
gasping for air from "ithin
the ore of things!
raving the very essene of
the ertain "hile breathing the maybe!
feeding on rumbs and starving for mountains!
and stubbornly ignoring the thorns
"hile aiming for the roses#
and inevitably!
ans"ers hidden
in the fist of the "ind!
molding under its sometimes harsh aress!
never fail to reah
the tip*tongue of reality
al"ays properly spied
"ith /if only%1
golden hieroglyph
tattooed on sky%s papyrus!
the sun!
smearing some lost louds
"ith rainbo"s!
seeds lambent sheens deep "ithin
the de"drops hanging from
pine*tree needles#
rosin sented seonds ra"l '
up*here time loses meaning
for you and ( '
the only proof of so*alled
as if any of us atually ared about that1
your pupils
trae my urved vitreous refletions
oming to life like some siren song
from the depth of the lake
and silent
you entrust your soul to my ga3e#
should ( dive "ith you among
the reef of "hispers blossoming under our skin
you%d feel my moans teasing you
like 9alome%s veils!
floating like some velvety preiousness
in the thin air#
but for no"!
+ust let me embody
the perfet temptation '
the ultimate sun dyed dessert
begging for your tongue to taste it#
one finger you raised *
or at least ( stopped ounting after that one#
you pointed at the enter
of my ra"ling hollo"ness
and said /let there be a prism%#
and suddenly your light refleted itself
angling and urving
and snaking into my farthest orners!
blinding me#
one blinded! you tied my "rists
"ith a shred from my breath
and "hile letting my toes
feel the edge of myself
you said /let there be sight%#
and suddenly ( gre" ne" eyes!
and "as able to inhale the
vastness of the yet untouhed
through the hrysalid "all#
you asked if ( "asn%t tired
of my ooon "arming me up!
but before ( "as able to sound my fears
you merilessly tore it apart!
re+oiing at the sent of my shivers
anigh sunrise#
one finger you raised *
and after piking my first kiss on its tip!
you taught me my o"n definition!
pushing me out of myself
and saying /let there be flight%#
ashen sounds flo"
from the silken ore of noble undergrounds!
lining along silvery ob"ebs
in random patterns#
e&haling fast paed drumbeats!
like ebony ants limbing to surfae
from the heart of d"arven tunnels!
memories marh! "iry!
sribbled in the stalk of
sunlight leafing from our bones#
neither shy! nor ravenous!
rhythms of aniene
laim their toll of agelessness
breeding moss on the roots of "ords '
the past never eases to be alive!
not even if un"anted1
blue light
sharded against ivory "alls *
volatile pereption
of an angel%s "ing beat *
and the anemone sented sound of its ga3e!
pearling through the "indo" pane *
involuntary "itness of my ink flo"1
my silvery "rist bridges
shado"s to the ground!
the angel gone rimson
to my naked page1
innamon e&halations adorning
the ensor%s +ade
are too heavy a burden
for the floating orphan feathers
and so ( up the angel%s tears
behind my eyelid!
mating them "ith my o"n1
a bite of light
sulphurous vapors
"ere peeling the brilliane
of that rystal apple!
purposefully plaed on
the edge of that shist!
liking its glossy surfae
like some poisonous snake tongues1
she looked at the apple
nodding her head *
she had no intention at all
of breaking her teeth this time
"hile aiming for the proverbial bite
+ust for the sake of the story1
and maybe she "ould have remained
loyal to that thought!
if one ray of sunlight
e&ploring the depths of the fruit
hadn%t suddenly revealed its o"n depths!
making her "onder
+ust ho" tasty a rainbo" ould be)$###
swan song
along the edge of the ae of spades
the lae of the past lays "ithered
and "iry
/don*t re-ect me)/
arillon "hispers sifted
over fleshy preiousness
smelling like untimely spring *
e&alted alabaster e&posed on a potter%s "heel!
monarh "ings staining it "ith
"eightless flutter *
/look but don*t touch)/
rests submit to rimson and fading gold *
one last sunset to lik
from the bottom of the +ade up *
spare me the last drop of sunlight *
"ant to so" it in your iris
and then let the rainbo" gently flo"
along your heek1
no rain
blades of ony&
ut the umbilial ord
of sounds and tears
flooding the sea of sorro"
"ith dryness
the eyes of drought
measure "ith pride
the parhed souls
lined up at the gates of the sun
0no water12
the sponge drips only sour blood
on the lips of light
0no roots12
ehoes of salt
"hirl "ithin voies
and sand stays still
the earth sreams
muddy "ith guilt and regrets
"ill arve hieroglyphs
in the stones "e beome
the river ontemplated the dam barring its flo"1
it "as a good dam! the river thought '
after all! it "as able to keep its entire
fluid "orld of sheens and life
from flooding the marshes of ignorane
laying beyond it!
allo"ing only a small flo" of living "ater
to esape through its arefully built holes1
the river kne"
that the reatures from the marshes
had no idea of "hat hid
beneath its still mirror*like fae!
and sometimes this thought
made its "aters bitter "ith sorro"1
and "hen that happened!
vines "oven from the purest darkness
urled and "hirled and threatened to push through the
+ust to spie the seonds "ith
a little bit of salty fear1
and vengeane1
other times
the river felt lonely!
"hen pine needles
arried by the "ind
srathed its tender surfae!
oming to die in its arms1
and the river embraed them
and eased their fading
to neverland1
but al"ays
the river longed for the taste of the sea!
for that silky mi&ture of sents
of bromine and salt and algae and shells!
al"ays "eloming its arrival
and blessing its restless strength
"ith foamy "aves1
a good dam indeed! the river thought1
but not for its patiene1
petrihor prayed for *
blak summer punishing
the seeds of shady vo"s *
earth deemed un"orthy
of lemeny *
poppy goddess
is defending her hthoni pride
against thievish mas0uerades#
the roots of lightning!
stay hidden in velvety darkness *
/spring my daughter bak to surfae$%
sreams 2emeter
but -ades doesn%t are1
pomegranate seals
no" tie the skies
to the molten ore of earth *
reality has no re"ind *
not even for gods1
diaphanous loops s"irling
lang like limpid anklets
to her legs shredding
the rystalline stream '
some said
the evanesent glossy shape
dressing her feet like a seond skin
"ould be the only ever granted to her
pair of glass slippers1
but then she dipped her hand into "ater
and the pentagram of her palm
sanguineous "ith the blood of "ords
turned the river red#
she "alked
and "ater follo"ed her heel!
like a loyal disiple#
she stopped!
and the "aves made room
for her staff to stab the gravel beneath them#
and "hile the sands bled essene of obediene!
her immolating ga3e melted them
into her ne&t hyaline shoes1
your fingertips trae
on the rumpled blak sateen lingerie
my body%s last night shape!
ivorish and shakled to your senses!
proud dominion of your ga3e#
my then ebony sented moans
pleasured you!
oiling around your smiles
redolent "ith hedonist te&ture#
s0uare after s0uare
you laimed my reign
and ( pretended to not yield too soon!
honoring your skill "ith my lust
but atually embraing my defeat
/blak knight takes "hite 0ueen * hekmate%
!andora"s bo#
for the events in 3apan, "arch 4566
dare pae
the valley of my shado" of death *
measure its depth
"ith sakura sented footsteps
and tell me "hat you think
about the purple sheen of its bitter borders##
the grounds are alive here!
smelling like yesterdays and rushed ehoes!
and angels use it as their mourning yard
these days1
uselessly "ashed *
"aves arrying a"ay 3en gardens *
sunrise paying tolls
but god keeps the hange1
she had otton andy on her lips!
and he ould smell the sugared air
floating around her ha3y smile#
he felt di33y!
+ust like a butterfly
"hirling ra3ily above her mouth
in searh for the velvety s"eetness
reahing his nostrils
"ith eah e&halation of hers#
heartbeats asading in eah seond!
she teased him hildishly!
slo"ly liking that soft pink plumy floss
"hile all he kept "anting
"as for his tongue to replae hers1
once upon a time
reosote sented
her shado" bloomed
parhing eon*valened
grounds '
unholy gold staining
rift filtered sunlight
ioni3ing the
layers of heat
idly slithering over
li3ard skins '
dust glistening
searhing for redemption1
loud "hispers
L8D2 5-(9B.R9
the alling
into the ammonite shell
unthreading her labyrinth
fluid fla"lessness
gro"ing glossy from neural +oints
effloreses into lusters of
glo"ing urls
all around ioni postures of
my ivy is ra"ling sensuous
along your thighs!
linging to the leftovers of
opalesene born from
prior touhes#
piano keys rushed
unaring of the obvious '
( o"n you!
pin you do"n
and melt you
"ithin my heat!
smearing silky s"eet
your name
bending "ith elerity
the "ill of gods
a tired piee of parhment *
my 0uill submitting
"ith masohisti pleasure
to the breath of
blessed sarilege * your ga3e
hindering the death
of starlight!
"ipes my lay ooon of passion
"hile auras blend into
sho+i hidden masks
"ait for their share of
alligraphi applause *
patiene al"ays has been
the attribute of Levant *
the string of hipped
seonds is +ust
another piee of
+e"elry for today1
matured agony
daning purple on the hump of
faithfulness '
you and (
are +ust some other e&oti outfit
for god%s irony!
t"o halves of
not the same "holesomeness!
esaped from the den of the blind
and reurrently hurting our eyes
"ith eah other%s light#
maybe ( o"e it to you!
the shard of hope!
or maybe you o"e it to me!
the grain of belief '
us unshakled from the glassy board of truth
is yet our forbidden sin1
my eyes map starlight ontours
aross your dark iris
and pagan e&posure
binding my torso to heavens '
perfet arh '
smoothness tenderly betrayed
ne" era milked over my body '
your lips ommuning on my sent
and fingertips lima&ing their "ay
in Cartesian searh
your touh ups
my dark saturnalia
and again
time begins to flo"
the sky bruised
"ith the leftovers of a storm!
overing our effloresent fusion
of pheromones and adrenaline!
fades to rimson#
/look, 7dam)/
the rok underneath me!
smiles at the adherent "etness
in slo"*motion#
asades of reurring saltness
spied "ith sunset
blend "ithin your voie#
/us, 8ve)/
and lo!
time mirrors our falling
"hile "e move the earth
"ith no
point of support
ashmere sunlight
softly gla3ing my "indo"
turns into li0uid talismans
the last hanging iile#
hiding your feathered aress
"ithin the layers of my aura
you smile!
pretending time is sugared
and distane +ust a myth#
9will you be mine+* you tenderly ask
smiles surrender to sunbeams
and thoughts rise fiery!
and both of us tease salty sands
dra"ing infinity eights "ith our toes!
hoping to hain those at some point1
9was , ever not yours+* ( "onder
and suddenly our parallels onverge1
my thoughts snaking into ether '
hissing gorgon aura '
"eave ob"ebs into my essene#
hidden passages smelling like terraotta!
hives of legends burned
in the flesh of my resolve!
surrounded by unnatural stones#
dusk falls over my shivering henge '
the rimson shroud of the sun
enrusts my sainthood into night%s aegis!
and again ( dip my sight into farness!
slithering la3ily in my fate%s bosom1
satin "ords
slo"ly hiseling through your
obsidian dreams
seek shelter "ithin my
moss*overed mirage
my shores sare you not!
and effortlessly you turn my being
into your musk sented oasis
daily +ourneying my endlessness
has beome a rite of passage
and you! my beloved devotee!
anhor me into e&istene
broken lines
unholy erement for
obalt blue tears '
/"hy are you looking for me
among the springs of the day)%
you ry a burnt sienna sorro"
and rush my smoke
against your pillo"
"ithered by too many dreams#
/mourn me not!
for "aters annot shakle
ether% you "hisper
inside my upped palms#
your smile!
seemingly ripped from
the shores of hope!
sythes a"ay my aress!
and unpinned from my life
you rise to else"here1
your heek
painfully presses
the skin of my bare shoulder
as if trying to imprint on it
the marks of some anient dane
"e sometimes daned
hearts in hands
s"eetness gla3es seonds '
a rose
forgotten on the floor
envies my lips for touhing you
rimson sounds flo"
along moonlight
my footsteps kiss your eho
and "hat "e share
slo"ly beomes
violins s"oosh ryogeni *
+ade sounds rash
against ebony "alls and
blak marble floors
and smoked spheres tumble do"n
like teary orbs of anthraite
rolling on the heeks of the "ind
lustrous raindrops
evading from the louds% fratures
glide through the air
empty of memories *
shado"s absorbing light
turn time into leftovers
and my heart stays still
my "indo" is suddenly
too small for your rain
and darkness pops inside my ears
like raking rosebuds!
shamelessly e&posing its petals!
thriving on your need for my skin
and on my hunger for you
tangent paths
the tip of my toes
slo"ly sliding on the edge of insanity
flirts "ith the sharp edge of
and my hollo" soul
kno"s nothing else aside
the spie of random sounds
torturing the empty room1
sudden bursts of sparks
too shy to birth fire"orks
leave trails of ash beneath my eyelids
and Aod$
ho" (%d ry my pain out of here1
rose stings "ould no" be
velvet to my numb feet
and poison +ust another
ommunion "ine1
( am
"ith your ga3e
and my solitude!
"hile "ords lose valenes
on their "ay to hell1
on my "ay1
fingertips bleeding sorro"
smear the ether "ith
shado"s of tears
"ind arillons
shred the te&ture of silene
"ith salty la"s!
laying their offering
on naked branhes
the sky hisses '
angel shrouds burn
and again (
helpless kiss
your fears1
so pitures0ue "as the moonrise!
you ' a transluent shado"
against my mistiness1
steaming unborn "ords
aressed the air "ith their
softly "oven edges '
no need "e had
for soni evanesene1
starlight inverted in your ga3e
spun dream*like threads!
aressing your iris "ith an
unblighted s"eetness '
you dared not blink
for fear of fraturing my refletion
on your retina1
your smile!
bursting alkaline
in ontat "ith my
"ondrous silene!
torn the hourglass apart!
and "e beame suspended
eah on the other%s heartstrings!
ontemplating the stillness of
our oneness1
ashen lullabies
glide along the ohre
of mud%s memoirs!
flo"ing themselves into
odorless refletions
of longing and rain1
the sound of
a galloper%s trotting hooves
and the "ithered sent
of some lost love letter
still adorn the road%s stony bones1
silene doesn%t are
"hat it enshrouds!
as long as the path
leads to the past1
/sauvage% you all me!
smiling at my "ill to
undress your serets
your imp ( am!
spiing your nights
"ith rimson!
senting your touh
"ith lust
hungry for moonlight
both of us
"e shame the bed sheets
for not being able to retain
our alling for nighttime
and "hile deeming sands
as un"orthy of our
seonds ent"ined "ith gold!
"e flo" ourselves into fire!
bla3ing butterfly "ings
umber skies float
above the undeided lay
Aaia opening her eyes
blinks to"ards
the hori3on barely born
from a brave tint of gold!
una"are yet of its beauty
a morning star
pinned like a brooh of light
on the anvas of solitude
greets the rising goddess
1and there "as morning! day one1
tell me "hat
burns "ithin the layers
of your shado"!
making it so bright and abounding
in oblivion1
my hand reahing
beholds +ust a spark of
its tender touh!
sliding along its ontour
"ith a masohisti delight1
your silene
adorns my nights
and ( am but a slave to my
lusiously blurred dreams1
"hirls of
of "hirls
of seonds dying
urled "ithin my torso '
right there! beneath the fifth rib '
spied "ith soundless refletions
of 4us61
sort of love
morning flo"s!
shaped * ethereal genesis * from the
ebony ribs of night!
haloed in layers of lay smoke
rising from an old bron3e enser!
like a soft milky .ve
rubbing herself against
the fragrane of a broken mirror
your pupils dilate
and one more you give thanks
for the presene of the forbidden fruit
proving that your senses still funtion
and that you an still "ish for it
and even if at the end of the day
you "ill onlude pathetially
like the proverbial fo&
that sour grapes are too thorny for your throat!
"e both kno" ' you and ( '
that "hat you truly rave
is for you to have been
the donor of my life%s rib
banshee lamenting ' s"eetness denied
no prophets needed to define
the missing
letters fall! one by one!
in a glass half empty
:or half full)$###;
blak air ' literally blak!
and honeyed "ith the mold
romaning the old "alls
and so damn thik
even silene has a hard time
"hen flo"ing through it
among the graves1
burial grounds my thoughts are!
"ith no ghost to haunt them '
eidolon proven "rong
and me e&orised of love
and hemmed "ith solitude
":e who ruled scent ruled the hearts of men."
atrick S;skind $ erfume< The Story of a
arms preventing air
from happening '
a drop of herry
rouge staining her
perfet pallor1
a"e full he "as
in front of her still
inhaling faultlessness
deriving from eah
inh of her being '
him! the odorless1
he traed her
ontours "ith yanoti
lush preiousness
filling his lungs!
and only "hen
her fragrane had
imprinted his
mind%s shroud
he e&haled1
opperish ga3e!
"oven from sunlight fibers
and a"e
that "as your gift to me
that day1
tender splendor
and frailty redefined
and ( surrendered1
never have "ords
"hirled more ra3ily around
the kernel of myself
in the need of
reforging the meaning of love1
you taught me
and ( learned
and ( "illingly hained myself
to the foreverness
of motherhood1
your dreams '
tasseography on the bottom
of my offee up
and me
0ueening over
the reminisene of
your desert
dunes of
your unraveled fears
brushed by my breath
"hile your voie
seeks the right pith
for not srathing my name '
did you ever think
that you ould gro"
rainbo"s in my eyes
and ( "ould beome
your perfet oasis)###
fro3en sun
rising beyond the
borders of a hot
offee up
infrared desires '
snapshot of body "eakness
pinned against empty "alls
omple& useless Ereudian
interpretations of dreams
and need for hoolate
morning silene
e&uding "ith the temptation
of breaking iiles
against onrete fury
false smile
gla3ed in lipstik
and oated "ith sorro"
ruthless blades of truth
finally unearthing
the iy roots of
"hat "as and is no more
right as rain
the hyaline splendor of raindrops
rushing on your forehead that night *
steamy aura "oven
for the heat e&haled by my thoughts
traveling your body
pinned do"n on my retina *
almost religiously
( ommuned on your smile
tasting like netar!
and in the bosom of that storm
( "as your perfet tragedienne!
promising to never disappoint!
you *
altar for my lust!
( *
your absolute burnout
uselessly ha3ing seonds1
your glass *
perfet bohemian onfident
for your mind to
fill it "ith my aroma
"hile emptying it
of redness1
ruifying your silene
"ould sound like
the absolute e&use for
flames to happen!
and you%d en+oy!
mirroring my perfume
in your lust1
(%d trae "ith +ust
a fingernail
the pattern of
my breath%s ne&t tango
on your nek!
and pull you out of
your need for
bitter *
feinting solitude
has never been your
strong point and
you kno"
too damn "ell
that ( like my ie
spied "ith kisses1
/kiss me (shtar%! you said!
unaring about
my poisonous touh!
+ust "illing to tango "ith my sounds
until you beame one of them1
t"isted "ords!
turning senses "ithin eah
url of smoke rising from
the ashtray laying bet"een us!
in "hih our igarettes
mated their inder1
madness in slo"*motion
flirting "ith a
delayed! moonless midnight!
obeying the devil%s harmonia
as "e undressed eah other
"ith "anton eyes1
bloody red desire
"orded behind the veils
of a asual onversation1
a stiletto*like glane
promising to steal
the last drop of shame
overing my leavage1
no ha3ed sight!
+ust pulse rushing!
rhyming the "hirling dane
of our refrained lust###
/poise (shtar%! you hissed!
/"e%re being "athed dear%1
no 3one of omfort!
+ust the perfet stage
for us to deploy our
masohisti denial1
you smiled!
amused by my teasing leg
/is it as good for you as it is for me)%
+ust another unans"ered 0uestion
ehoing "ithin our
nightly on*going tango1
she glared
at the fistful of trinkets '
poor bones of her
no" fading memory1
above all those
the fragrane of
kept floating like the
spetrum of death
but "ith a blunt sythe!
eah seond falling like
a graeless hit!
not utting ompletely!
+ust leaving grotes0ue "ounds
laughing painfully bak at her1
/(%m his grapes
and no" (%m too sour%!
she tried to esape her ghost1
but she "as being
purposefully forgotten1
and she kne" that1
your name
slo"ly rumbling
like the moonlight shards
that "ere striving to piere
the ashen meanders of
my "inter solstie
had no hane in front of
the takiness of seonds1
ghostly figments
daning like a horde of
entraned moths
on the tomb of a last ember
in the fireplae!
memories began to fade1
and ( beame as old
as the empty bed "here ( "as lying1
/( feel immortal% she thinks!
trading freedom for eternity
+ust another pair of shakles
slo"ly t"isting her arms
and bending her "ill
to omply to neverendingness
/"hat am ( to be)%
she asks the orale
"aiting for her sentene
as ravens irle the altar
overed in laurel and poison ivy
velvety thorns gro" on her "ishes
and she feels the venom
birthing blood "ithin her voie
/"ho am ( to follo")%
but the "ind doesn%t are#
humanity is too far a"ay no"1
and she%s +ust another +in&
one rest*fallen kiss!
token of the "rethedness
of that sunset veiled deision
she "as neither beauty!
nor asleep anymore1
+ust alone
in the middle of that
inoneivable truth1
4Fudas$6! sreamed her flesh!
as she "as trying uselessly
to ruify his betrayal
on her lost senses% ross1
pain prevailed over void
and suddenly the hant made sense into her ears
41ashes to ashes! dust to dust16
rosa nigra
he la"ed his
bleeding thoughts
against "ords% bosom!
yanide essene of
midnight flo"ing
through his mind%s vaults!
glo"ing magmatially
"ith ehoes of luidity#
no "ay to esape
his inner durane!
+ust losing his breath to
those endlessly onstriting
solitude vines denying
him any hope!
he kne" deep do"n inside him
that the only musi
ever allo"ed to his hearing
"ould be the
solilo0uy of the blak rose
there%s nothing ne" in my palm '
nothing that stars
haven%t seen or been so far#
+ust the same old smile that god
hanged in the orner of his mouth
"henever man entrusted his throes to smoke!
turning one day into sand!
the ne&t day into salt!
depending on some divine "him
t"isting and t"irling
on the edge of frankinense burning
in an overrated milky grail#
blasphemous ( am! ( kno"1
but ( an%t help it#
:not that ( "ish ( ould1;
(%m posing blas>! dear reader!
beause ( kno" that
the temporal dimensions "ere
invented by human beings!
"ho! unable to omprehend the fat
that nothing is lost!
one day applied
the 4"as*is*"ill be6 domino#
and from that moment forth
bones began to break painfully#
so! you see! there is no reason
to "orry about
the evanesent nature of things!
sine from the dust of today%s oblivion
tomorro"@s star is already born1

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