Logotype & branding for the youth group of Templo Calvario, a bilingual hispanic church based in Orange County, CA.

Illustrator + Photoshop

Conference Flyer

Youth Camp Flyer

W. Laimon Interiors llc. is a full-service residential design boutique that focuses on their clients personality to give an individual style to spaces. The comunication of the identity was enhaced, using the right visual language for their target group.

Photography + Photoshop + Illustrator + InDesign


business card


Nella’s is a Home Decor Boutique and Antique Shop. The client provided the basic layout of the logo, and adjustments were made to reflect the richness of the products they sell.

Illustrator + Photoshop

business card

Discount Card flyer

christmas postcard parking sign

In english, Volver a Creer, Volver a Vivir is Believe Again, Live Again. Its the theme for a campaign to help people in the city to be in touch with their spirituality as their source of hope. Red symbolizes the life inside ourselves (blood) and the yellow is a representation of the energy that life brings.

Photography + Illustrator + Photoshop


Camilo, 21 years old “I believed again, I laughed again”

graffiti wall
“If I believe again... I will trust again” look for a better future. have joy. smile. seek peace.


“I believed again, I lived again” Paola, 23 years old

poster series

If you believe again, you will... Love. Dream. Laugh. (again) what do you want to do again?

Vinculos Extranos (Strange Connections) is a 3 part indie shortfilm project. All three shorts have connections with each other. One of the goals in the branding of this this project was to create a strong identity using only typography and a maximum of 2 inks to make it affordable for production.


promotional gas station themed booth & uniform cutout

composite poster


Visual Identity for The French Podclass, a french lessons Podcast. Photography + Illustrator + Photoshop

cover artwork

synthesized logo

logo versions and package patterns

Branding for an old fashioned Chocolaterie that makes handmade fine chocolates. The name Cacaito is the diminutive of Cocoa in Spanish. The client was looking for an old fashioned look that would bring childhood memories to their clients (on their late 30’s to mid 50’s) Illustrator

Logotype for Studio D, a Multimedia Production Company based in Orange County, CA Illustrator

Six11 Ministries’ tagline is “connecting to the heart of God” and it’s aimed to Teenagers. The logotype reflects the concept behind the mission and is appropiate for the target group, being flexible enough to be able to cover the early 20s group. Illustrator

Logotype for Of Violence and Vanity, an indie rock band based in Southern Oregon. Illustrator

Postcards & Souvenirs
Illustrator + Photoshop



notebook cover

ADmira is a portal designed for Advertising students and for High School Seniors who are thinking of joining Advertising school

Illustrator + Photoshop + Dreamweaver + Flash

80’s ads



Illustrator + Photoshop + Dreamweaver


zoom! whitening link

general dentistry link

Children’s book Illustration

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