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NAME Amanda Bevers DATE ________________

1) TITLE OF LESSON: Introduction to Shakespeare and Elizabethan Theatre

2) CURRICULUM AREA & GRADE LEVEL: English 2 College Prep 10th Grade

3) DATE OF LESSON: Day one of Taming of the Shrew Unit.

CC.10.10. By the end of grade 9, read and comprehend literature, including stories,
dramas, and poems, in the grades 910 text complexity band proficiently,
with scaffolding as needed at the high end of the range.

Listen attentively to stories and informa-tion and identify important details and concepts by using both verbal and
nonverbal responses

6) BIG IDEA ADDRESSED/ENDURING UNDERSTANDING: Why this material is important to teach; how it fits in
with the unit
The content covered in this lesson provides students with historical background and puts the play into context. This also
teaches students about historical theatre forms and traditions. This information is important for students to learn so that
they can put the play into greater context with its background and build new understanding and connections on top of that
base of knowledge.

Who is William Shakespeare?
What is the Globe Theatre?
What is the history of Theatre leading up to Shakespeares time?
Who went to the theatre?
How does theatre today compare to how it was back then?

8) OBJECTIVE(S) OR LEARNING GOAL(S): Choose one: Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor or Language

After the lesson on Shakespeare and Elizabethan theatre students will be able to apply their knowledge of this
historical theatre form by comparing in a short written response how Shakespearean theatre is similar or
different from theatre today.

9) Differentiated strategies, content, and assessment for special needs and English learners as per their learning profiles.
Visuals are used throughout entire instruction and I verbally check for understanding and clarification. New or strange
vocabulary is defined and explained.

10) ASSESSMENT(S): Choose one: Diagnostic - entry level, Formative - progress-monitoring or Summative
Short written response comparing Shakespearean theatre to theatre today.

11) INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES: What the teacher does
1. Students walk into the class and hear music playing that reflects music played in Shakespeares time. On
the Smartboard a slideshow of Shakespearian inspired images plays. I am dressed in an Elizabethan
period costume.
2. Once the bell rings I ask students to take out their writing journals and respond to the question on the
In a five minute quick-write explain what you know about William Shakespeare and his work?
- Have you seen a Shakespearean play before? If so what was it? What did you think of it?
- Have you seen one of his plays referenced in a modern form? Explain.

3. We have a quick discussion about their responses.
4. I begin the Prezi presentation and provide direct instruction while pausing from time to time for students
to take notes on a few things I direct them to.
5. After Prezi Presentation we discuss modern theatre as a class and I have a student volunteer write ideas
or thoughts their peers bring to the discussion on the whiteboard.
6. Students write a short response comparing and/or contrasting modern theatre to Elizabethan theatre.
About half a page required.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES: What the students do
1. Students hear the Shakespearean inspired music playing and see the related images flash across the
smartboard and wonder what is going on today. They see my outfit and wonder why I am dressed that
2. Students respond to question on the board by writing in their journals.
3. Students share and discuss responses.
4. Students watch and listen to the Prezi Presentation and direct instruction and take notes when directed
5. Students brainstorm ideas and thoughts about what modern theatre is like and how it is different or
similar to Elizabethan theatre.
6. Students write a short response about half a page comparing and /or contrasting modern theatre to
Elizabethan theatre.

12) RESOURCES: Attach materials needed to implement the lesson - e.g., power point presentation, text, graphic

-Music in the Time of Shakespeare Playlist on You Tube

-Prezi Presentation on Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre created by Laura Randzarro. (I purchased this and do
not have access to a link only a downloadable)

-Writing Journals

-Smart Board

-White Board and markers

-Picture Slideshow

-Costume maybe some props