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Gabriels Revelation Tablet Translation Now Available on Hartman Website
15.07.2008, by Israel Knohl
The full and complete translation by Hartman Institute Senior Fellow Israel Knohl of the "Gabriel's Revelation" tablet that is so much in the news is
now available hereon the website of Shalom Hartman Institute.
Knohl's translation and interpretation are being discussed worldwide by Christians, Jews, archeologists, theologians, histori ans, and the media.
Click here to see an image of the stone in Time magazine. Click here to see an article in The New York Times, plus another image of the stone with
its owner, antiquities collector David Jeselsohn.
English Translation by Israel Knohl
Col. 1
1. [ ] ..
2. [ ] Lord
3. [ ] . [ ] .
4. [ f]or th[us sa]id the Lo[rd] I have betr[oth]ed you to me,
5. [ ] ..[
6. and I will talk . . [
7. [ ] children of Israel . [?][ ] ...[ ] .
8. son of David [?] [
9. [ ] the word of the Lor[d]
10. [ ] . .. .. .. you have asked [?]
11. [?] Lord you have asked me, so said the God of Hosts
12. [ ] .. from my house Israel and I will talk about the greatness of
13. [Thus] said the Lord, God of Israel, now all the nations
14. enc[amp] on Jerusalem and from it are exi[led]
15. one two three forty Prophets and the elders
16. and the Hasidim. My servant David, ask of Ephraim
17. [that he] place the sign; (this) I ask of you. For thus said
18. the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, my gardens are ripe,
19. My holy thing for Israel. By three days you shall know, for thus said
20. the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel, the evil has been broken
21. before righteousness. Ask me, and I shall tell you, what is this
22. wicked branch, plastered white. You are standing, the angel
23. is supporting you. Do not fear. Blessed is the glory of the Lord God
24. his seat. In a little while, I will shake
25. .. the heavens and the earth. Here is the glory of the Lord God
26. of Hosts, the God of Israel, These are the seven chariots
27. at the gate of Jerusalem and the gates of Judea they will re[st] for
28. my three angels, Michael and all the others, look for
29. your power. So said of the Lord God of Hosts, the God
30. of Israel. One two three four five six
31. [se]ven for my angels.. what is this? He said, the frontlet
32. . [ ] . . and the second chief
33. watches on.. Jerusalem three in the greatness
34. .. three [ ] ..
35. [ ] . . that he saw a man works [
36. that he . [ ] that a sign from Jerusalem
37. I on ...[ ] ashes and a sign of exile ..
38. [s]ign of exile . God sin and see
39. . [ ] Jerusalem said the Lord
40. . That his mist will fill most of the moon
41. [ ] blood that the northerner would become maggoty
42. [ ]abhorrence the diseased spot . in all
43. [ ] . God [
44. [ ] . [?]
Col. 2 (There are no legible words before line 51)
51. with you (or: your nation) .
52. .. the angels [ ] from ... on [ ] ..
53. and tomorrow to they will rest big .. .. ..
54. [by] three days this is what [I have] said He
55. these are [
56. please see the north[erner] enca[mps] [
57. Seal up the blood of the slaughtered of Jerusalem. For thus said the
Lord of Hos[ts]
58. the God of Israel, So said the Lord of Hosts the God of
59. Israel [
60. He will have pity .. His mercy are ne[ar]
61. [ ] blessed ?
62. daughter ?
64. [ ] [ ] beloved ?
65. Three holy ones of the world from.... [ ]
66. [ ] shalom he said, in you we trust [?]
67. Announce him of blood, this is their chariot.
68. Many are those who love the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel
69. Thus said the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel .[?]
70. prophets. I sent to my people my three shepherds. I will say (?)
71. that I have seen bless[ing] . Go say(?)
72. The place for David the servant of the Lord [ ]. ..[ ] .. [ ]
73. The heaven and the earth, blessed [ ]
74. men. Showing steadfast love to thousands . steadfast love. [ ]
75. Three shepherds went out for Israel [ ]
76. If there is a priest, if there are sons of holy ones ....[ ]
77. Who am I? I am Gabriel .. [ ]
78. You will rescue them.. for two [ ] ...[ ]
79. from before of you the three si[g]ns three .. [ ]
80. In three days, live, I Gabriel com[mand] yo[u],
81. prince of the princes, the dung of the rocky crevices [ ]... ..[ ]
82. to the visions (?) their tongue (?) [ ] those who love me
83. to me, from the three, the small one that I took, I Gabriel
84. Lord of Hosts Gd of Is[rael] [
85. then you will stand
86. /
87. world ? /
The entire contents of this translation are Copyright 2008 by Israel Knohl. All rights reserved. Fair use (brief quotations) is permitted. For extensive
quotes, written permission is required. Contact Israel Knohl only for permission.
Something more to consider
Reti red professor and uni versi ty dean, StanSeidner contendsi n "TheKnohl Hypothesi sand `Hazon Gabri el,`" that i t refl ects the Apocalypti c beliefsof the day, many whi chare foundi n the Dead
Sea Scrol l s, asantecedent andpredictive wri tingsof Chri sti anity. He al so suggested the use of i nfra -red technologi cal applications, si mi lar to what had been utili zed on DeadSea Scroll Material in
the recent past. Chal l engingKnohl`s"Two Messi ahs" theory, Sei dner notedthat, "Knohl srel i ance upon what he calls, the `Gl ori ficati on Hymn,` i n support of a fi rst Messi ah srel ati onshi pwi th
Ki ng Herod, fai ledi n i tsCarbon 14 testi ng. It predatesHerod sascendency to the throne by at l east twel veyearsand asmuc h asone hundred and fi fty si x." However, he doesagree wi th Knohl`s
i nterpretationof the i nscri ption,"to ri se from the dead wi thinthree days."
Yi gal , USA, 16/06/2009 22:52:00
You`re overlooking something
Have you ever read Hosea 6:2? 2 After two dayswi l l he revi ve us: i n the thi rd day he wi l l rai se usup, and we shal l l i vei n hi ssi ght. Thisverse i sn`t about a messi ah. Thi si sabout Ephrai m(The
Ki ngdomof Israel ). Hosea spendsa l ot of ti me tal ki ng about howIsrael (Not Judah. Judahi ssti l l there.) wi l l be restored. 4 O Ephrai m, what shal l I do unto thee? O Judah, what shal l I do unto
thee? for your goodnessi sas a morni ng cl oud, andasthe earl y dewi t goeth away. Again, Ephraim, menti oned at the topof th e tablet. If thi stabl et i sapocl yptic i n nature, then onewoul dexpect
Israel to be restored. It j ust makes more sense that way then to i nsert an i dea about a ressurecti ng messi ah. Had i t not been for Jesus, no one woul d be sayi ng any-thing about someonecoming
Gabriels Revelation Tablet Translation Now Available on Hartman
Website - Shalom Hartman Institute
domi ngo, 4 de mai o de 2014
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Israel to be restored. It j ust makes more sense that way then to i nsert an i dea about a ressurecti ng messi ah. Had i t not been for Jesus, no one woul d be sayi ng any-thing about someonecoming
backfrom the dead.
Ti m M, USA, 08/06/200901:14:00
Filling in the blank spots...
It woul d be i nteresti ngto l ay the text from the stone out i nthe Gematria form (numeri c) andsee i f there i sa patttern to i t. Thismay hel pfi ll i nthe blanks. Is there a Hassi d i n the house ?
Davi d, USA, 05/11/200819:05:00
Very i nteresti ng but I am sure not the onl y one. Asfor the gentl emanreferri ngto thi sasol d gobi ldegookI al so remember Ei nsti eni n l ater yearsreferenci nga possi bl e hi gher bei ng or creator. So
pl ease i f you don`t bel ievethat i sfi nebut l eave the rest of usal one. Why doesi t offend you so much for usto bel i eve i n somethingposi ti vethat givesusstrength and hope?
JamesMi nor, USA, 31/10/2008 00:38:00
There i syet more scri pture to be di scovered! What a bl essi ng. Thankyou for posti ng thi sProfessor Knohl !!
LDSWoman, USA, 18/09/2008 21:09:00
Gabriel`s Revealation
It`s al l about Fai th!
Baruch, U.S., 25/08/200815:21:00
Gabriel`s Revealation
It soundsal ot l i ke Zechari ah actually. Asto the contentionthat 3 daysand ni ghtsthen a resurrecti on i sa Chri sti an i nvent ion, Yeshua himself sai d," AsJonah...
Max Rambow, USA, 16/08/2008 15:44:00
Will the world ever move forward
NowI real i se what Al bert Ei nsti en meant when he spoke of supersti ti ousnonsense,I`m sorry but there i snothi ng enl ightning i n a l oad of old gobil degook
Kevi n Doyl e, Austral ia, 28/07/200809:11:00
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