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Please note that the Staff person
heading up each evening & week-
end activity is listed with each
activity. The personal cell phone
numbers of the SAS staff are listed
above. Please Use discre-
tion in the use of these

June Spirited Adult
Services Newsletter
Contact SAS office
# 636- 534-5264

S.A.S Staff’s cell #’s
Patty Yarrow 636-293-
Shelley Saale 636-
Cindy Burrows 314-
Angela Curtis 636-219-

Come have fun this Summer with SAS! Join us at the garden at the old Cam-
pus on Wednesday mornings for the care and harvesting of veggies. With
the coming of Warm Summer Nights Muny performances are with us again;
so don’t forget to sign up. The free tickets are distributed on a first come first
serve bases with residents limited to one performance a month so remember
to list your priority of Musical Performances and the number of staff attend-
ing. Come fishing at Bush Wildlife and enjoy a day by the lake. A sensory
experience can be relaxing, fun and meaningful so check it out. Celebrate
June Birthdays with us as we also celebrate St. Louis turning 250 this year.
Cheer on the Cardinals with friends as you enjoy a meal at a Sport’s Bar while
we watch the Cardinals play the New York Mets. Visit Six Flags to ride the
rides, watch shows, or play games. Come enjoy a game of Putt Putt or play
the multitude of video games at the Sports Fusion in Chesterfield. Join us on
an adventure as we journey on the Metro link and Bi State Bus to Crown
Candy to have lunch. Watch the River City Rascals start their New Season as
they play against the Grizzlies of Illinois. Join Monsanto volunteers at a wel-
come party at the new building. Come listen to the Moolah Band and enjoy
listening to the sounds of a live band. See the sights riding a trolley in down-
town Saint Louis. Dance away the night at our Summer Dance being held at
Matthias Lot. Hope to see you at the New Building, the old Campus and in the
Community. Remember Church Service and Bible Study will continue to be
held at the Chapel at 2200 Randolph.



Bowling League

Bible Study 6:30
In the Chapel

St. Louis Trolley
Ride. Meet at the New
Building at 8:50 & bring a
sack lunch & drink. Tickets
are $8.00 & nonrefundable
Friendship Circle
Music with Larry &
Shelley 6:30-7:30
Name 5 game
Cooking class
Bowling League
Muny –Billy Elliot-
Meet at Muny at 7:30
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Coffee Social
Spin Baseball


Price Is Right
Bible Study 6:30
In the Chapel

Friendship Circle
Table games 1-2:30

Sensory with Shelly

Exercise with
Richard 10-11:30
Movie 1-2:30
Birthday Party with
Balloon Volleyball
Cooking class
Scrapbook Club
with Angela

Gardening 10-11:30

Bowling League
Bible Study 6:30
In the Chapel

Friendship Circle

Puzzles 1-2:30

Wii Gaming
Movie 1-2:30
Rascals Game with

Bingo 10-11:30
Craft 1-2:30
Evening Bowling
League 6:30-8

Craft 10– 11:30
Horseracing 1-2:30
Evening Bowling
League 6:30-8

Table games
Scrapbook &
Paper Crafts
Tuesday with the
Cardinals & Sherifa

Karaoke 10-11:30
Movie 1-2:30
Cooking class with
Sherifa at 929 Roll-
ing Thunder Drive
in Winghaven Sub-
Monday 2 Friday 6 Thursday 5 Tuesday 3
Tuesday 17

Friday 13 Monday 9 Tuesday 10 Thursday 12 Wednesday 11
Wednesday 18 Thursday 19
Monday 23

Six Flags Outing
Meet at the flagpole
at 9:15. Bring
money for lunch;
$15.00 suggested
Craft with Angela
Tuesday 24 Wednesday 25

Bingo 10-11:30
Wii gaming

Moolah Band with

Bowling League

Bible Study 6:30
In the Chapel

Friendship Circle

Movie 1-2:30

Book Club with Cindy

June 2014
Friday 20

Sports fusion Outing
Meet at the New Building
no later than 9:15 am.
Bring money for lunch
Summer Dance with
Angela at Matthias Lot
Wednesday 4
Monday 16
Thursday 26
Friday 27
Page 3

Church Service and
Communion 11:00
at the Chapel at
2200 Randolph


Church Service
11:00 at the Chapel
at 2200 Randolph

Church Service
11:00 at the Chapel
at 2200 Randolph

Movie Out with
Angela TBA
Saturday 7 Sunday 8
Event Descriptions
Saturday 14 Sunday 15
Saturday 28
6//3 Scrapbook Club– Scrapbookers meet the first Tuesday of every month. Bring
your photos or other momentoes and use the tools provided to create scrapbook pages.
A paper craft will also be available for non-scrapbookers

6/5 Sensory- A sensory experience can be relaxing, fun and meaningful; especially
for people with severe disabilities.
6//6 Movie– We are watching Nut Job; an animated comedy.
6/6 Birthday party- Celebrate June Birthdays with a St Louis theme. St. Louis is
turning 250 this year.

6/7 Volunteer Club- The "Superhero Dash" is a walk/run/roll that raises money
for "Unlimited Play" to build accessible playgrounds for children of all abili-
ties. The Volunteer Club, which is open for anyone to join at anytime, is work-
ing the event so we will be doing something like handing out water bottles to
the participants (for example). This is a morning event, at the time of news-
letter print our exact time shift and station hasn't been assigned so you will be
contacted with those details. The Mueller Sports Complex is down the street
from our Activity Center so we may just meet there. Angela is the group
leader, personal cell is 636-219-4221.

6/7 Trivia Night You don't want to miss this, our very own trivia night!!! Work
as a team to answer the most questions correctly and become the trivia cham-
pions. Bring a snack to share at your table, about eight people. This FUN
night is happening at Church of the Shepherd at 1601 Woodstone Dr. St.
Charles 63304. It is FREE and there will be PRIZES raffled. Questions will be
geared for participating in a variety of ways on lighthearted topics like "name
that tune" so don't hesitate to join us. You can write on your registration that
you wish to be on a team with certain friend(s) or be plugged into a team
when you arrive.

6/10 Six Flags- Come join in on the fun! You don’t have to ride the rides, there
are plenty of things to do at Six Flags, for example, the shows, games and
smaller water rides. It is fun for everyone. Please meet at the New Building
outside of SAS no later than 9:15 am. Bring money for lunch; it is expensive
so plan on bringing 15-20 dollars. Tickets can be paid through Master Charges.

6/10 Craft -Make and take a patriotic craft to use in time for the upcoming July
4th holiday.

6/13 Movie– We are watching The Legend of Hercules; an action adventure.

6/13 River City Rascal Baseball - River City baseball has started a new sea-
son. Tonight they are playing the Grizzlies of Illinois. The theme of the night is
to wear your favorite Halloween costume to the game. Tickets are $11.00 and
we will meet at the park. The game starts at 7:05pm

Pictionary 10-11:30
Wheel of Fortune
Evening Bowling
League 6:30-8

Muny-Tarzan Meet
at the Muny at 7:30

Church Service
11:00 at the Chapel
at 2200 Randolph

Volunteer Club
with Angela. Meet
at the Mueller Sports
Complex for the Super-
hero Dash Time TBA

Trivia Night at The
Church of the Shepard
with Angela & Sherifa
Sunday 1

Sunday 29

Welcome Party to
the New Building
with Sherifa and the
International Volun-
teers from Monsanto

Church Service
11:00 at the Chapel
at 2200 Randolph

Metro Adventure
Meet at 10:00 a.m.
Contact Sherifa for
details # 314-302-

Monday 30
Sunday 22
Saturday 21
Page 4

Important Contact Info.
S.A.S In the Evening & Weekend
Patty Yarrow:
636– 293-3506
 S.A.S During the Day Mon-Fri
Patty Yarrow:
Remember SAS is offering “kits” for a monthly
project or activity to be done in-home. If you
would like to participate in the offered project ask
your home manager to contact Angela Curtis.

.Remember to look for your
club’s color to check out their
Volunter Club
Arts and Entertainement
Sporting About Club
Adventure Club
Garden Club
Descriptions Continued
6/14 Movie Out -Register to come see a movie and you will be
contacted a few days in advance for what show and time are
chosen. Meet at St. Charles 18 and bring money for refresh-
ments and tickets will be handled electronically, you will be
charged $8.25 per ticket (typically).

6/17 Tuesday with the Cardinals -Let's cheer on our National
League Champions as they play the New York Mets. We will
meet at our venue at 6:30, the game starts at 7:15

6/19 Trolley Ride– Ride a trolley to see the sights in downtown
St. Louis. The trolley ride cost is $8.00 and can be paid through
Master charges. The tickets are pre bought so they are non
refundable. Bring a sack lunch and drink .

6/20 Movie– We are watching Saving Mr. Banks; a biography

6/20 Cooking Class-Learn to make a treat that you can take to
your Fourth of July celebration.

6/21 Welcome Party- Join us as we party in our new location
with volunteers from Monsanto.

6/24 Moolah Band- Enjoy the sounds of a live band play-
ing well known songs, you might even sing-along.

6/26 Movie– We’re watching the newest adventure in the
Hobbit series. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
6/26 Book Club- We are meeting at the Spencer Creek Library
and discussing the recent book that we have read. Please come
join us at 6:30p. This month we are going to discuss a trip to the
St. Louis Zoo. It will coordinate with the next book selection.
6/27 Sports Fusion in Chesterfield- Come enjoy a game of Putt
Putt for $6 a person or play the multitude of video games the
Fusion has on hand. We are going to meet at the New Building
no later than 9:15 am. Please bring money for lunch .
6/27 Summer Dance- Dance the night away at this "beach"
themed party taking place at Matthias' Lot; 2645 W. Clay
(where we had our Winter Dance and Halloween Dance).

6/28 Metro Adventure-We are going on an adventure. Using Bi
State and the Metro link we are going to journey to Crown
Candy to have lunch. There will be a block of walking after we
are dropped off by the bus. Cost of the journey and a menu for
Crown Candy will follow. Sherifa is the group leader, phone
number is 314-302-7155

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