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Lab 2.

Describing Business and

Organizational Processes
2.1 Teaching objectives
After completing this exercise, you will be able to:

Breakdown Business Process in to Organizational Process

Describe Organizational Processes
2.2 Viewing Top Level Processes

On the highest level of business process description (here: Manage Commercial Offering for
Appliances) a process can be used as container structure the business.
Business processes can be described with a Business Process diagram which can be used for the
following purposes:
Decompose business processes into sub-processes.
Show exchange between a business processes and its environment.
Show why the business process exists.
Show how a business process is implemented.
Note that the business process Provide Appliances to Major Retailers is described by a diagram.
The Provide appliances (from stock) Organizational Process is one possible implementation of
the business process Provide Appliances to Major Retailers.

2.3 Scenario
The purpose of this section is to provide the background information you need to model an
organizational process. In addition to the text below, we also provide a screen capture of the
expected results and step by step instructions to help you create the diagram.
The Provide Appliances (from stock) process takes place as follows: Sales Management
processes orders. In most cases the order is accepted and the Logistics Department organizes the
delivery of the products to the customer. The actual deliver of the products is outsourced to an
independent carrier. The Logistics Department provides the Carrier with the products to be
delivered and a delivery note. The carrier delivers the products and has the customer sign the
delivery note. The signed delivery note is returned to the Logistics Department. When the
Logistics Department has the signed delivery note, it informs the Accounts Department that the
customer can be invoiced.
In some cases Sales Management may require additional information from the customer before
the order can be processed. In other cases, the order may even be refused (e.g. when the customer
does not have an acceptable credit rating).
The completed diagram is shown below. In the following sections we will build this diagram step
by step.
Expected result