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Ma Ana Arbo

Womans Health Nurse Practitioner

Golden Valley Health Center
797 W. Childs Ave.
Merced, CA 95341

February 10, 2014
Dear Mrs. Arbo:
I am writing to apply for the position of nursing aide. Currently, I am an attending senior at Merced High
School, and am enrolled in the ROP Medical Occupations Program which I will continue to be a
participant in until I graduate.
I have always known I wanted to go into the Medical Field as I grew up around a mother who was and is
currently doctor to this day. I have gone from wanting to be a Veterinarian, to Pediatrician, to a
Gynecologist. Currently I would work as a doctor that helps victims of human trafficking recover both
physically and mentally. My passion is to fight against human trafficking and help the victims as well,
and I feel as if I can combine my passions best by being a healer and an advocate against the crime. I am
a dedicated and enthusiastic student with a GPA of 3.6 and a class rank of 58 out of 571. I have been a
part of Student Body Government for three years and currently hold the position of ASB Secretary. I am
also President of the Interact Club, General Editor of the school newspaper, and am President of the
Book Club (which I founded my Freshman year). I have completed my training in HIPAA Privacy
Compliance, OSHA Rules and Regulations, Bloodborne Pathogens, Vital Signs Assessment, Patient Care
Skills; and am certified in BLS and CPR/First Aid. Most of my out of school time is spent volunteering at
Valley Baptist Church. I am Worship Team Leader there and have been since I was 12 years old. I am one
of the youngest on the team, but have proven myself to be dependable and consistent. So as a result,
the leaders of the church rely on me to help run the team in case of absences, and also depend on me to
send mass emails out to notify the church of any upcoming events. Each step I take both academically
and non-academically work towards my goal of entering the medical field in the future. I think of every
challenge as a stepping stone towards making me a better person for the future.
I would gladly welcome the chance to work with you at Golden Valley Health Centers, and am willing to
discuss any openings you may have for me. I have also included my resume, a completed application,
two letters of recommendation, and official transcripts. If you need to contact me, my number is
Thank you for your consideration,

Rebecca Jean Verona