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Rod Olson: Coaches of Excellence - Motivating 21

Century Athletes (

Its what you learn after you know it all that separates the great coaches from the average ones. John Wooden
One coach will impact more people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime. Miami University Study
Athletes run the H.S. and these athletes listen to us.

3 Ps: Purpose, Process, and Payoff
Coach our job is to help an individual or team get to a level that they cannot get to by themselves.

The Three Dimensional Coach
Level 1 Coach treat players like objects, focus only on fundamentals and strategies of the game. Strength, power,
technique, speed, quickness, biomechanics Coach the sport, not the kids.. 85% of coaches are level 1.
Level 2 Coach Coach the mind of the athlete, psychology. Superficial motivation.
Level 3 Coach Capture the heart of the athlete, develop relationships. Intrinsic motivation. These connections allow
the fundamentals to be taught and learned more effectively and allow the psychology to gain real traction. Player
EFFORT and ATTITUDE improves and affects all facets of the team and sport.

Under 15 yr olds, 56 million kids play sports
15 yr olds, 7 million kids play sports, 49 million are quitting.
They are being told when they get to H.S., if its too hard-go ahead and quit.

Benefits of 3-D Coaching
1. Players learn quicker, more attentive.
2. Higher physical compliance, harder workers.
3. Shorter rehab.
4. More adaptable to change.
5. Increased creativity.
6. Deeper relationship between coach and athlete.

What a Coach Of Excellence IS
The same person in Sport and at home and at work.
Keeps perspective that it is STILL sports, makes it fun!
Prioritizes Developing Servant Leaders.
A coach with a Shepherd mentality

What a Coach Of Excellence IS NOT
A Coach who is scoreboard driven.
A soft and passive coach.
A source of empty praise.
A Coach who doesnt demand Excellence.
COE Motivation

(Pursue-PersistBased upon Relationship)

(Belief they can Perform Skill)

(Optimal Degree of Energythe ZONE)

(Perceptual Narrowing)

(The Window to an Athletes Soul)


Level 3
Level 2
Level 3
The 3 Non-Negotiables of a 21
Century Coach of Excellence
1. Creates a climate where people are valued over productivity.
2. Understands that proper feedback is key to maximizing potentioal.
*knowledge of Process vs. a knowledge of Results
3. Speaks Greatness into others.
True Helpful Inspiring Necessary Kind

What is a players job?
ATTITUDE & EFFORT to control the only two things they CAN control.
Your own kids at school, attitude and effort is all they can control.

Mistakes admit it, fix it, and dont repeat it. Can control. My Bad is not admitting it.
Admit it, dont blame others, dont make excuses.
Dont create a climate of fear where kids are afraid to mess up.

Entitlement has overtaken character
Video games zero consequences for failure, hit reset. Cheat codes, to get to higher levels without earning it.
Youth Sports everybody gets a trophy. People expect to be rewarded for doing nothing.
Verbal skills not as good today, kids text all the time.

Kids today are starving for relationships.

Great Coach easy to please, difficult to satisfy. Progress is pleasing, mastery is satisfying.

The key to great leadership is to capture their hearts!
They dont care how much you know until they know how much you care.
95% of motivation lies in relationship (motivation = relationship).
Kids must feel safe, secure, and significant.
How do your back-ups feel about you as a coach? Not your starters its easy for them to like you.
Cares about the person, not just the player.

1. Be Relationship Driven
Value people over productivity Jerry Moore
Coaches #1 in divorce

2. Proper Feedback
You are either coaching thator you are allowing it to happen Sid Gillman
Life and death are in the power of the tongue Solomon
If you have to use profanity and sarcasm to coach, you arent that good of a coach. Improve your skills.
We aspire to what people tell us we are.
Feedback = knowledge of the Process vs. knowledge of the Result
Dont restate the result you lost the game!
This is effortless coaching tackle him!, catch the ball!, block him!
Knowledge of Process have to be expert of fundamentals
3:1 ratio of positive to negative feedback. You dont have to like reality but you have to deal with it. We coach
our kids, real kids, not the ones in our imagination.
Coach what they CAN do, not what they CANT do.
Great coaches are great flaw spotters, they can see the small thing that is causing big problems.

3. Speak Greatness
Give them a vision.
Sarcasm Greek: tearing of the flesh
Word Choices take the word BUT out of your vocabulary.
Replace the word BUT with the word NOW.
You blitzed the right gap BUT you ran right by him! = You blitzed the right gap NOW see the ball and make the
play! (progress)
Dont say, have a great day. That is passive. Say, make it a great day.

THINK dont say something unless it is

Not just to your players, but to your family.

What will your legacy be?