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Katherine Howard

b. 1520
m. 1540
d. (ex) 1542
Katherine was the fifth of Henry’s wives and
never gave birth to any chidren. !he was
exec"ted after ony two years of being married to
Henry# after being fo"nd g"ity of committing
Catherine Parr
b. 1512
m. 154$
d. 154%
&atherine was the ast of Henry’s six wives and the ony
one to s"rvive his r"e whist being married to him. !he
was a strong'headed ady who is tho"ght to have argey
inf"enced the ife of Henry’s da"ghter (i)abeth# ater to
become *"een.
+nne of &eves
b. 1515
m. 1540
div. 1540
d. 155,
+nne was married to Henry for a very short time. -t is said
that the .ortrait that was shown to Henry of +nne was
miseading and that when he act"ay met +nne he
tho"ght she was "gy. /he marriage was ann"ed 0"st six
months after.
1ane !eymo"r
b. 150%
m. 15$2
d. 15$,
1ane was the third of Henry’s wives and .erha.s the most
beoved. 1ane gave birth to Henry’s ony mae heir#
(dward# who wo"d one day become 3ing. !he died soon
after his birth after getting i from chid birth. Henry wore
bac3 for three months after her death and is b"ried
beside her at 4indsor &aste.
+nne 5oeyn
b. 15016150,
m. 15$$
d. (ex) 15$2
+nne was the second of Henry’s wives. +nne was one of
&atherine of +ragon’s adies'in'waiting and soon ca"ght
Henry’s attention. !he was the reason for Henry to
se.arate (ngand from 7ome and create the &h"rch of
(ngand so that he co"d divorce and marry +nne. !he
was fo"nd g"ity (atho"gh some sti beieve her to be
innocent) of treason in 15$2 and exec"ted at /ower
&atherine of +ragon
b. 14%5
m. 1509
div. 15$$
d. 15$2
&atherine was Henry’s first wife# and was act"ay married
to Henry’s brother# +rth"r# who died before Henry
became 3ing. !he was a devo"t &athoic and gave birth to
:ary who one day# as *"een# wo"d see3 to ret"rn
(ngand to &athoic r"e. !he divorced Henry in 15$$ and
died $ years ater.
b. 1491# coronation# 1509# d. 154,
Henry became 3ing of (ngand when his
father# Henry ;--# died in 1509. He is
.erha.s one of the most inf"entia
members of the (ngish monarchy in
history. He created the &h"rch of (ngand
after se.arating from &athoicism in 15$2
after the <o.e wo"d not grant him a
divorce. He onged for a son to s"cceed his
throne and many say this is why he had so
many wives as so few co"d .rovide him
with one. He married six times# and had
three chidren who wo"d go on to become
(dward ;-# :ary - and (i)abeth -. He died
in 154, at 4hiteha in =ondon.
Henry ;--
b. 145,# coronation. 14%5# d. 1509
Henry was the first of the /"dor monarchs. He
was made King after his victory over 7ichard ---
at the 5atte of 5osworth# d"bbed the 4ar of the
7oses. /he 4ar had raged between the Ho"ses
of =ancaster (Henry) and >or3 (7ichard) for over
$0 years and when Henry became King he
created what is 3nown as the /"dor 7ose# a mix
of the red rose of =ancaster and the white rose of
>or3. The Tudor Rose
He married (i)abeth of >or3 and they had seven
chidren# inc"ding a son who wo"d become
Henry ;---.
b. 15$,# coronation 154,# d. 155$
(dward ;- was the son of Henry ;--- and
1ane !eymo"r. He was crowned King at the
age of 0"st nine however his reign was to
be c"t short when he fe extremey i at
the age of 15. ?"ring his reign# the
<rotestant reigion grew in (ngand and it
gained s"..ort thro"gho"t the co"ntry. @n
his death bed# he wanted to ens"re that his
<rotestant egacy contin"ed. 4ith this in
mind# he named his co"sin# =ady 1ane
8rey as his s"ccessor. 1ane ony stayed
*"een for nine days before stri..ed of her
tite by (dward’s &athoic haf'sister# :ary.
:ary -
b. 1512# coronation 155$# d. 155%
:ary came to the throne shorty after the
death of her haf'brother (dward ;-. !he
was the da"ghter of Henry ;--- and
&atherine of +ragon. !he was# i3e her
mother before her# a devo"t &athoic and
so"ght to ret"rn (ngand to &athoic r"e.
!he had amost $00 <rotestant s"..orters
b"rned at the sta3e d"ring her reign. !he
married <rince <hii. of !.ain who was
aso &athoic to ens"re that they gave birth
to a &athoic heir. (ngand did not have a
good reationshi. with !.ain and their
marriage was criticised by many. !he
never gave birth to chid and she died in
b. 15$$# coronation 155%# d. 120$
(i)abeth came to the throne in 155% after the
death of her haf'sister :ary -. :ary had
begged (i)abeth to contin"e her &athoic
r"e# however (i)abeth maintained her
<rotestant faith that her father# Henry ;--- had
created. !he is one of (ngand’s most
treas"red monarchs as she r"ed the A8oden
+ge’. -t was so caed beca"se of events
d"ring the timeB i3e !ha3es.eare’s .ays# and
4ater 7aeigh and Crancis ?ra3e’s
discoveries. (i)abeth aso s"ccessf"y
defended (ngand from the !.anish +rmada
and was a h"ge t"rning .oint in the t"rmoi
with &athoic !.ain. !he died in 120$# and at
the time was (ngand’s ongest serving