He got out of the car and walked over to the edge and leaned forward on the heavy

concrete wall and looked off to the horizon. Josh looked across the city of Lancaster from the top
of the Prince Street Parking Garage. Kevin watched Josh walk over in to the wall he watched as
the warm !reeze tugged at Josh"s tan cotton pants and white cotton shirt that looked like a
nurse"s top. #fter a few moments Kevin walked over to him after getting out of the passenger
seat and closing his door. He stood ne$t to Josh and looked out over the city with Josh.
%verywhere there were roof tops surrounded !y the tops of trees rolling up and down with the
hills of the land like waves of a multi&colored ocean frozen in time.
'(here are a lot of them) said Josh.
'*hat"s that+) in,uired Kevin not taking his eyes off the surroundings.
'-hurches everywhere you look there are steeples.)
'.eah there are) concurred Kevin now looking at Josh '/ didn"t know that you were
interested in them.)
'/"m not well /"m interested in people what they think why they think that and how
they have come to think that way.)
'Sounds like a lot of work) said Kevin '*hat do you think+) he asked clumsily '/
mean what do you !elieve+) Kevin finished hoping to get anything to help his friend. He was
!ecoming more and more convinced that Josh had gotten into a cult and they were using him.
'/t"s kind of complicated) answered Josh with a smile after several moments of silence
looking out over the field of trees roof tops and steeples.
Kevin thought carefully and then replied 'Give me a try who knows may!e / will
'0kay) he answered with a smile turning his attention onto Kevin looking right at him
'*hat / !elieve is a !it different !ut similar to all religions. / used to read the story of the (ower
of 1a!el and was fascinated !y it. /t got me thinking. / started reading all the religious te$t that /
could get a hold of and noticed that there were some ma2or similarities as well as differences. #ll
individually seemed to !e flawed or had contradictions.)
'*hat do you mean+)
'Let me put it this way) sighed Josh '*e know that religions have had centuries of
domination !y am!itious greedy persons. 3or e$ample4 %gypt was ruled !y two factions5 the
pharaoh and his entourage and the temple priests. Pharaoh would make the rules decide who got
what and give direction while the priests ran the schools dominated the sciences while feeding
off of the fears of the people. Suddenly a pharaoh comes along named #khenaten who closes the
temples and claims that there is only one god in the form of the #ten and #khenaten is his
chosen representative on earth. 1asically what is happening here is that #khenaten has hi2acked
the religion and has consolidated all of the authority of his land in his hand. 6eligious te$t since
that time is filled with control and manipulation tactics. However there is a consistent theme if
you ignore what appear as man made control power gra! tactics.)
'Such as+) asked Kevin still looking out at the city lain out !eneath them.
'*ell there is a definite thing a!out people taking charge of their own destiny. /n the
(en -ommandments the very first commandment is that there shall !e no other gods !efore God.
(o me that is any hero or idol worship. / mean imagine if the 3rench had decided to follow their
own thoughts instead of putting 7apoleon on a pedestal or the Germans Hitler. 7o government
or leader would mean that people would have to develop themselves !y working out issues on
their own. (hen later in the 0ld (estament Samuel is confronted with a dilemma5 the people of
/srael desire a king and Samuel tries to talk them out of it several times. God doesn"t want any
leaders !etween God and the people.)
'#nd this is in the other religions+) asked Kevin finally looking at Josh seeing that Josh
was still looking out over the city as well.
'.es in a way in /slam 8ohammed is not necessarily a leader or the son of God5 he is a
prophet a teacher an instructor God is the true leader and the Koran is essentially a lesson and
instruction !ook given to 8ohammed !y Ga!riel. *hile in 1uddhism the emphasis is developing
the individual9not that they re2ect the material world !ut that they have released themselves
from the allure the temptation the enslavement of things.)
'So what does this have to do with the (ower of 1a!el story+)
'/ think that what is happening is that people !uilt the tower which represents an easy
ascension to heaven9of course not for the persons doing the actual la!orers !ut for their gods
!efore God the rulers the elite who ordered it !uilt. *hen God strikes it down God is saying
easy answers are not the answer. God is pointing out that there is a way to heaven !ut not
through the cheap and shallow !ut through real personal growth. #ll the persons involved in the
construction of the tower are divided separated !y !eliefs languages.) Josh stopped for a
moment as if reloading his thoughts and started '*hen / was studying different religions /
started noticing certain similarities as / e$plained earlier. / suddenly realized that the division is
the challenge that God had cast down at our feet. :eveloping an understanding reuniting what
was divided overcoming our differences and growing was what was needed to get to heaven.
Placing our faith in others has !een nothing !ut disaster.)
'0thers do you mean leaders+) asked Kevin.
'.es 2ust look at the world. 8ost of the pro!lems are caused !y us !eing divided. /t is a
world of us versus them. Popes kings presidents governors !osses Jim Jones Hitler #min
7apoleon :avid Koresh and so on are only interested in one thing and that is maintaining their
'1ut what a!out the order and security they give us.)
'(hat is part of the illusion they create to maintain their position.)
'/llusion what are you talking a!out+ *e have laws and structure to our societies. (hese
are real things not an illusion) protested Kevin.
'(hat"s the illusion that we need them to achieve this. .ou don"t think that we are
capa!le of doing this+ (hat is insane5 to !elieve that people are incapa!le of leading themselves
when the answer under the illusion is to create leaders to lead us who are 2ust people as well.
(hey aren"t special !eings with special a!ilities they are people 2ust like the rest of us5 may!e a
little more am!itious a strong need to feed their egos and egocentric far more greedier and their
whole view of e$istence is to maintain their position on top their whole leadership and the
direction of those who follow them is limited to their perception of the earth and their place in it
9not anything that is real. *hy do you think that they tend to hate any criticism even
constructive criticism5 even if it is something that might make things !etter+ /t is all a!out them5
it is all a!out them !eing strong right in charge. #ny ,uestions of them is viewed as a sign of
weakness and they will do what they can to either censor differences of opinion or rally people to
!elieve certain things such as money and material wealth are the answer and ignore the
differences of opinion. (hey twist they manipulate and everyone follows the leader"s vision of
how things should !e. (hey actually !ecome the em!odiment of the country the people and the
economy to the point of !eing seen as a necessity.)
Kevin didn"t know what to say to all of this at first. /t had !een ,uite a lot to digest. /t
seemed to make sense !ut then Kevin remem!ered that one of the articles he read was that the
teachings of cult leaders are very practiced and polished to the point that they are very
convincing. He looked at Josh who was still looking out over the city while leaning forward on
the cement wall. He looked at him as his hair !lew in the !reeze along with his loose fitting
outfit. 3inally without warning without any thought almost totally automatically Kevin asked
'So you don"t think that the leaders of this country represent the interests of their constituents+)
Josh simply smiled and said '/ do / do !elieve one hundred percent that the elected
representatives do represent the interests of their constituents. However / do know that the
opinion the interests of the general pu!lic has !een created and manipulated !y those on top.
(hey do create the laws they do run the schools they do issue licenses and fines to the media
they do tell you what they see as the pro!lems set standards e$press what they see as concerns
and so on. 3or e$ample4 prior to the end of *orld *ar // the Soviets were seen as our
indispensa!le ally !ut then all of a sudden they were our sworn enemy. (hey create what is our
pu!lic opinion and then they run with it.) Seeing that Kevin seemed unconvinced Josh added
'Just look at the official ;nited States history of the <ietnam *ar5 it usually starts with events
immediately following the 3rench pullout of <ietnam in the =>?@"s. / remem!er that one film /
saw in high school5 it !asically shows the north attacking the south out of the !lue and #merica
rushing to the rescue. 1ut then look !ack another fifty years prior to this and the whole picture
unfolds of the horri!le conditions of 3rench -olonial rule and it !ecomes apparent that the war
wasn"t the north attacking the south it was the <ietnamese people determined to get rid of
colonialists and free their country.)
Josh had looked at Kevin the entire time he was saying this. Kevin wasn"t prepared for
Josh"s answer and had decided that he would come !ack to it. He decided to get !ack to Josh"s
religious thoughts. He needed time to research more of what Josh was talking a!out and !e a!le
to ask !etter ,uestions. He needed to know if there were any holes in what Josh was saying. He
needed to know if any of it had any truth. 1ut first he needed to know if he really was dealing
with a cult. He needed to know if there was any connection !etween the community and the
death of the girl.
'So !ack to heaven what are your thoughts on that+) asked Kevin.
'/ don"t know.) Kevin was surprised with this answer.
'.ou don"t know+)
'7o /"m not there.)
'*ell what do you !elieve what does studying all of the te$ts tell you+) asked Kevin.
'/ think that this world is a test) answered Josh '/ think that in order for us to survive on
this planet we needed to evolve with it. /t is sort of like H.G. *ells" A*ar of the *orlds." (here
is an invasion and the human race is losing horri!ly !ut the invaders are van,uished !y the
earth"s diseases. /n order for us to survive here we had to adapt and !e part of the !iome. (he
world is in a constant flu$ it is alive nutrients and !iological material is constantly in need of
!eing stirred up to keep it a!undant and readily for use. #ll of the niches need to !e filled and
alive to accomplish this along with the sun the wind the rain earth,uakes and volcanoes. /n
order to truly !e a!le to survive here you have to !e a part of here.)
'0kay /"m following you) coa$ed Kevin.
'*ith this in mind we evolved with the other animals. *e are animals5 however with
the com!ined lessons of all of the te$ts we are given a challenge to evolve even further9to
!ecome human. / think that this is where nirvana karma reincarnation comes from. /f you pass
the tests you are moved up. /n other words if you were a low pay la!orer you do well and pass
the tests learn the lessons you move up to !e part of a wealthy family and are tempted even
'(empted even further+)
'*ill you do wonderful things with your position or will you like many regress !ack to
the !asics of !eing an animal and think of only yourself think yourself a!ove others or will you
reach out to make a difference+)
'#nd that is it+) asked Kevin trying hard to understand.
'7o) said Josh with a smile as he continued '/ think once you pass all of the tests and
actually grow you move on to another plane of e$istence closer to the almighty. (hink of it kind
of like graduating to the ne$t class. (here you are tested even more with new challenges that
will cause even more growth without the insanity of the previous e$istence. %ventually you
grow to a point that you are reunited with the almighty !ut you have to grow. .ou can"t 2ust go
through the motions or donate to a charity you have to grow and develop.)
'*hat a!out prayer and worship+)
'*hat a!out it+ %ven Jesus set the e$ample !y learning and trying to teach others to
develop9church is man made.)
'*hat a!out Hell+) asked Kevin '.ou didn"t mention anything a!out Hell.)
'*hy would /+ *hy would there ever need to !e a Hell+ *hy would God ever need to
create one+ /t would !e a waste and redundant) replied Josh '*ith all of the pettiness greed
egos narrow focus and need to accumulate things to fill the holes in your soul why would God
ever need to create a Hell when we have already done a wonderful 2o! creating one here on this
earth+ 7o need for a Hell if you fuck up you are 2ust reincarnated here over and over until you
get it.)
'(his is what they teach you at this community this is what the leader teaches you+)
'7o no no) responded Josh ,uickly with a little laugh '*e don"t have a leader there is
no indoctrination no mind control. /t is actually the opposite everyone is encouraged to e$plore
and learn. 8any are taking college courses and doing research on their own.)
'*hat are they researching Josh+)
'*hatever strikes their interests5 some are studying !otany and horticulture they like
farming and growing crops some are studying social sciences such as history psychology social
studies economics and so on others are studying arts and crafts. 0ne guy start learning to play a
guitar a!out a year ago and now he and others have a !and and are composing some interesting
music. (here are many learning carpentry plum!ing electricity while others are learning
healthcare9there are two doctors and five nurses so far and there are those who are developing
their culinary arts. %very now and then various individuals give classes to others in the
community. 7othing is forced and it is all voluntary9they learn what is of interests to them. /
have taken an interest in social studies mainly theology. (his is all something that / thought of
myself !ased on what / read and yes / have given talks to the others a!out it. / like the talks and
teaching others5 it really helps you to learn more a!out what you are teaching and helps you to
!ecome far more confident.)
'/s there any organized religion in the community+)
'7o people 2ust do what they want. (here are ,uite a few atheists there as well !ut
interestingly they study religion with me. (hey say it helps them to understand how and why
people think the way they do. /t gives insights into their hopes their fears. #lso even if it isn"t
written !y a god it is the knowledge of the ancients and represents a lot of wisdom when you are
a!le to sort through the power and control factors added in !y am!itious greedy people.)
'So there is nothing Satanistic going on+)
'Let me e$plain something to you) said Josh seriously '(here is only one group of true
Satanists and that is the -hristian -hurch.)
'*hat are you talking a!out+) asked Kevin a !it surprised !y Josh"s statement.
'#s far as / know the only truly organized and recognized religion that worships Satan is
the -hristian faith. (hey are the only ones who talk a!out salvation and the only way you can !e
saved is if there is something to !e saved from which is Satan.)
Kevin realizing that this was going nowhere to helping him with his investigation into the
death of the girl decided to call it a day. He was happy with what Josh had told him. He !elieved
that he had more of an insight into the cult. He hoped to talk to the group and it would !e some
help in rescuing and deprogramming Josh when the time came.
'Hey look / have to get going. Supper will !e on the ta!le soon and / need to get home)
said Kevin without warning.
'0h /"m sorry was it something / said+) asked Josh thinking that from the attitude of his
old friend that he might have offended him.
'7o seriously everything you said was of interest and / en2oy talking to you as always
!ut the missus gets upset if / am late for dinner. %specially after she works hard to prepare
something homemade9she takes a lot of delight in her creations) replied Kevin ending with a
smile as he thought of Jennifer.
Josh looked out over the city one more time and !reathed in deeply as he said '/t is a
nice view from up here.)
'.es it is. / never noticed it !efore !ut when / come down here / usually park on the
lower levels) confessed with a smile.
'Let"s get you home) offered Josh as he started to head for the parked car.
Kevin followed.