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Case Study

Case Study
For the purpose of promoting teaching quality and strengthening learning motiva-
tion, Tungnan University applies Web-GIS as the platform to convert the documents
of ecology, culture, and environment into digital information as well as integrate the
local tour features and scenery information with instruction system. As a result, this
platform provides precise spatial data and environmental information with GIS
technologies and user-friendly interface.
Users are able to query geographic locations nearby campus and obtain relevant
eco-cultural information through browsing the website. In addition, students can
obtain the relevant abilities to measure and manipulate by the trainings of data
collection and field survey. Instructors can publish updated data and integrate the
course as well to significantly raise teaching quality and efficiency with the system.
Eco-cultural Web-GIS website, built by WebGIS technologies, enables students,
instructors and the general public to utilize the resources. Instructors can integrate
the platform with courses and help students understand GIS related knowledge by
learning how to navigate and manipulate the map and raise learning motivation.
Moreover, the website also allows general public to browse and query the
information about the tour sites nearby campus.
The webpage function interface of eco-cultural Web-GIS website includes two main
parts: the map display area on the left part and the Google Earth display area on the
right part. The maps on the two parts are displayed simultaneously. While the map
on the left part is zoomed to a certain area, the Google Earth on the right part will be
zoomed to the same position as well, vice versa.
Eco-cultural Web-GIS Website
- The web interface includes two main parts: e-map and Google Earth
- Users can browse, pan and zoom in/out the map by utilizing navigation tools and query the
tourism information by clicking.
- Besides students and instructors, the general public can also use the website as tour guide
Eco-cultural Web-GIS website is the website applying Web GIS technologies and
integrating with tourism resource database. The platform applies Internet
Information Services as the webpage server, Microsoft SQL Server as the database
platform, SuperWebGIS as the map server and combines spatial data with
eco-cultural environment data. Thus, the platform can publish campus navigation
system and local tourism resources as map services to the Internet. Students,
instructors and the general public are able to directly navigate, query related spatial
information and tourism information through browsers, like Internet Explorer, Google
Chrome, etc.
Software Used
- SuperWebGIS
- Microsoft Windows Server 2005
- Microsoft SQL server 2008
- To build a Web-GIS platform to integrate the campus navigation system and tourism
information system of Tungnan University.
- Apply Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SuperWebGIS to integrate WebGIS technologies and
tourism resource database to build up a web platform.
Users can switch to browse the e-map or the satellite image and manipulate the
map functions, like pan, zoom in/out, zoom to full extent, etc. Users can also utilize
query tool to query specific tourism information of locations, such as scenic spot, the
name of store, address, and phone number, etc. Besides the three-dimensional
terrain on Google Earth display interface, the three-dimensional model of campus
buildings created by the students can be added to Google Earth display interface as
well. Therefore, the map display content can be greatly enriched and students can
understand the process of GIS data collecting, managing and displaying by
In conclusion, Eco-cultural Web-GIS website combines the existing navigation
system of campus with tourism resource database, and publishes the spatial
information and tourism information to the Internet as map services style by
Web-GIS technologies. Due to the features mentioned above, front-end users can
directly browse and query information around campus and town through web
browsers. Also, students and instructors can utilize the website as course
references, and the general public can query the website for tour guide as well.
The system will display the tourism information of the area, like name of
store, address, etc while users are clicking the map with query tool.
With this website combined with e-map and
Google Earth 3D map display, students can
further understand GIS by manipulation and
Eco-cultural Web-GIS website, the GIS
platform combines with campus
information, local spatial information, and
tourism resource.
The structure of eco-cultural Web-GIS website.