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Unit Test 10
Answer all thirty questions. There is one mark per question.
1 Choose the five correct words from the box to complete the sentences.
appeal / bribery / crime / discrimination / experiment / fixing / testing / trading
1 A Californian computer medical simulation company has developed a system to predict the
effects of cosmetics on the human skin, cutting the need for animal _______________.
2 Competition officials from around the orld are investigating the global price!
_______________ conspiracy in the air freight industry in hat has become one of the
orld"s biggest cartel probes.
# $uropean defence companies have developed a code of ethics to improve the industry%s
reputation, after allegations of _______________ and corruption in connection ith some
of its biggest players.
& 'he (inancial )ervices Authority said that a lot of price!sensitive announcements by
companies listed in *ondon are preceded by share!price movements suggesting possible
insider _______________.
+ ,aren Carlucci, described as an -exceptional" employee, on her claim for sex
_______________ after telling an employment tribunal her boss sent a sexist e!mail and
had a girlie calendar in his office.
2 Complete these sentences about unethical activities with the missing word. The first
letter is given.
. 'he deaths of residents living near the factory indicated that asbestos could develop into a
problem of environmental p_______________.
/ A former senior tax executive at a City investment bank has been 0ailed for four years for
tax f_______________ involving almost 11.2m of company money.
3 China is the biggest source of c_______________ goods in the orld, and intellectual
property protection is often an issue at trade negotiations and diplomatic exchanges ith
other countries.
2 As a member of the (inancial Action 'ask (orce, )ingapore operates a rigorous regime
against money l_______________ and financing of terrorism.
PHOTOCOPIABLE !010 Pea"s#n L#n$man ELT
14 5usinesses are increasingly concerned about the loss of commercially sensitive information,
either accidentally or through industrial e_______________.
Complete the text with the correct forms in italics.
6 am a fashion designer and 6 ork for Coralie, the 7ancouver!based global clothing retailer.
5y the time 6 8119_______________ 8started / have started9 orking for Coralie in 122+, 6
8129_______________ 8had already been / was already9 in fashion design for almost ten years.
'hen, 0ust like today, our main competitor 81#9_______________ 8was / is9 )treet:ear. :e all
81&9_______________ 8know / knew9 then that )treet:ear 81+9_______________ 8was
receiving / had received9 bad publicity on several occasions for having their clothes made in
seatshops in various Asian countries. 5ut e 81+9_______________ 8didnt know / knew9 that
the company 81.9_______________ 8has been / was9 also involved in other unethical activities.
*ast spring, hen 6 81/9_______________ 8saw / was seeing9 their ne coats and dresses in the
shops, 6 8139_______________ 8had known / knew9 immediately that they
8129_______________ 8were copying / had copied9 them from ours, hich ere due to be
launched the eek after. 'his 8249_______________ 8seemed / had seemed9 to be a clear case
of industrial espionage. :e had to hold a meeting as soon as possible to decide on hat action
to take.
! Complete the sentences with the best form of the verb in brackets. "n each sentence one
verb will be in the past simple and the other in the past perfect.
21 'he manager _______________ 8think9 that it as the ne assistant ho
_______________ 8copy9 the confidential documents.
22 'he company _______________ 8go9 bankrupt by the time the authorities
_______________ 8find out9 it had been employing children.
2# :e _______________ 8be9 surprised to hear that our top sales person _______________
8offer9 expensive gifts to some important customers.
2& ;nce e _______________ 8<uestion9 the ne receptionist, e _______________ 8realise9
e had rongly suspected him.
2+ 5efore the accountant _______________ 8leave9 her office, she made sure she
_______________ 8lock up9 the cabinet here sensitive documents ere kept.
PHOTOCOPIABLE !010 Pea"s#n L#n$man ELT
# $atch the two halves of these phrases. %rite your answers here&
2.___ 2/___ 23___ 22___ #4___
2. *et"s see
2/ *et"s look at it
23 'he next thing to do
22 'here are several ays
#4 =ou could be right,
a9 e could deal ith this.
b9 from another angle.
c9 but it"s a risky strategy.
d9 if e can sort this out.
e9 is fix up a meeting.
PHOTOCOPIABLE !010 Pea"s#n L#n$man ELT