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Deans Message

I trust that the fall semester was fruitful
and enjoyable. In this inaugural issue of
the new College of Arts and Sciences
newsletter, it is my great pleasure to con-
gratulate Prof. Rochelle Daniel of the De-
partment of Communications and her stu-
dents for an outstanding worldclass pub-
lication. This is an example of the level of
excellence that I have come to expect of
faculty, staff and students in the College. I
would like to devote my greetings to rec-
ognizing excellent achievement in our
College. I am certain the various depart-
ments would provide details of these
achievements in their sections in this

Last semester, our College led the Univer-
sity in grants received, totaling over 1.0
million dollars. Faculty who were respon-
sible for the outstanding achievements
were Dr. Quincy Brown (Computer Sci-
ence), Dr. Sharad Sharma with two awards
(Computer Science) and Dr. Joan Langdon
(Computer Science). Thanks to the initia-
tive and leadership of Dr. George Sochan
(History and Govt) and Dr. Kehbuma
Langmia and Pamela OBrien
(Communications), BSU hosted two out-
standing international conferences during
the semester.

Through her initiative and dedication to
excellence, Dr. Anne Osano (Natural Sci-
ences) led a team to host the best ever
celebration of Food Day, while Dr. Fred
Mills (History and Govt) and Prof. Kala
Richardson (English and Modern Lan-
guages) brought recognition and honor to
BSU through their international engage-
ments. Whereas we lost a prestigious chief
editorialship position, we gained another
when Dr. George Ude (Natural Sciences)
launched international journals devoted to
advancing STEM in Africa. Dr. Bradford
Braden (Natural Sciences) and Dr. Allen


Students Learn to Program Robots

It may look like some kind of docking station for net books, but for students in Bowie State's
first formal robotics course, the roving white cylinders provide a platform to learn the serious
business of programming intelligent systems. Prof. Claude Turner says Special Topics in Ro-
botics is preparing students to program robots like the ones used to repair the oil well that rup-
tured in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The need for intelligent machines to solve problems deep
underwater, in outer space and other places that are dangerous for humans is increasing, says
Turner. Fifteen undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the course during the fall se-
mester. University and Marketing Office


BUILDING . . . .2
CLASSROOM . . . .3
ING . . . 4
14000 Jericho Park Road,
Bowie, Maryland 20715

Mission Statement
The purpose of the CAS News-
letter is to promote the pro-
grams, events, faculty, staff and
students of the College of Arts
and Sciences at Bowie State

Each issue of the newsletter is
distributed at the beginning of
the fall and spring semesters.

Editorial Team
Jasmine Boyer
Tiara White
Tanika Jeffers

Instructor Rochelle R. Daniel

If you have questions or com-
ments about articles that appear
in this newsletter, or suggestions
for content, send an email to

C.A.S. News is published by
students in the Advanced Public
Relations class in the Dept. of
Deans Message, cont

Anderson (Natural Sciences) contin-
ued to expand the laboratory infra-
structure for their research labs,
while Dr. Claude Turner (Computer
Science) led a team to win the pres-
tigious National Center of Excel-
lence in Information Assurance.

On the fine arts front, Dr. Clarence
Knight and his faculty and staff
worked hard toward the completion
of the fabulous Fine and Performing
Arts Center due for opening early
spring semester. Prof. Bob Bartlett
(Fine and Performing Arts) con-

tinued to excel nationally in the
field of theatre, while Dr. Roman
Sznajder (Mathematics) made
prestigious presentations. Quietly,
Dr. Anne Nedd and her team
worked to provide an enhanced
learning environment to students,
while Col. Blackwell worked to
advance the ROTC program.

Of course, these are only a few
examples of excellence that occur
routinely in the College of Arts
and Sciences, for we strive to
succeed, not because of, but in

Take a Seat Campaign for the Arts
Bowie State Universitys Fine and Performing Arts department has moved into a new 123,000 square foot build-
ing. It consists of a 400-seat main theatre, a recital hall that seats 200 people and hosts classes in dance, fine art,
media art, theatre, and music. And Wi-Fi is accessible throughout the entire building.

The Fine and Performing Arts Center is very unique because it has all Steinway pianos which is the top of the line
in the arts field, explains Dr. Clarence Knight, chair of the department. In fact, only three other HBCUs have
them, says Knight. This will build the Universitys status, reputation, and create a great web of networking for
the institution.

The new building is a featured component of the Universitys 2011-2012 Take a Seat Campaign to purchase
needed equipment for the fine and performing arts disciplines such as paint, fabric, film and software. Funds will
also help to launch the grand opening of the Center and provide for ongoing maintenance and programming in the
new building.

Contributors can donate $500 or more to name a seat in the Center for an individual, family, loved one or in honor
of a dear friend or colleague. Dr. Knight says, All donations are greatly appreciated. Those who cannot contribute
a lot can give whatever amount they can to support the campaign, even if it is $10.

The building belongs to us, no matter who started it, it will have a lasting effect well after I am gone from this
place, says Knight.

spite of. We are changing the
way we do business, by striving
to build a culture of excellence, a
culture of scholarship, a culture
of student success, and a culture
of student engagement.

Congratulations to all of us!
Faculty, Staff,
Student Highlights

BSU alumnus Dr. Dionne N.
Curbeam, director of Instruc-
tional Technology at Coppin
State University, has been
awarded the 2011 Blackboard
Catalyst Award for Out-
standing Staff Development.
She earned a B.S. in journal-
ism and Ed.D. in education
leadership from BSU.

The Symphony of Soul band,
led by Prof. Adolph Wright,
participated in the Drumline
competition at Madison
Square Gardens, NY on Dec.
4, 2011.

Dr. Kehbuma Langmia pub-
lished an article in the Jour-
nal of Third World Studies,
The Secret Weapon of Glob-
alization: Chinas activities in
Sub-Saharan Africa.

Prof. Latonya Wrenn, gos-
pel choir director, was the
accompanist for the Black
Nativity presented at the H
Street Playhouse in Washing-
ton, D.C., in December.
Dr. Karen Cook-Bell of the
history department was ap-
pointed chair of Humanities
Sub-Panel for the American
Association of University
Women for the 2012-2013

Dr. M. Sammye Miller was
selected by the Bowie State
University National Alumni
Association as the 2011 Out-
standing Faculty Member.
The award recognizes the
impact and contributions of a
faculty member who exem-
plifies the core values of

Drs. George Acquaah and
Alirio Valbuena will speak
at the 2012 HBCU Confer-
ence at Alabama State Uni-
versity in March.

Washington Post columnist
and author Michelle
Singletary spoke to journal-
ism students in adjunct pro-
fessor Dion Haynes class.
Haynes is the editor for the
Posts Capital Business sec-

Assistant professor Gilbert
E. Pryor, Jr. is a doctoral
candidate at Argosy Univer-
sity. He is in the process of
completing his dissertation,
which focuses on the con-
cerns of faculty with technol-
ogy integration used in the
teaching/learning process.

Dr. George Ude presented
the Biotechnology I and II
Summer Institute in 2011.
The Institute provided labo-
ratory experience for under-
graduate students (especially
minorities) and high school
science teachers in the field
of biotechnology.

Former English lecturer
Irmagard Langmia recently
published a poetry collec-
tion, Visions in My Minds

Recent graduate from the
communications masters
program, Brandon Yancey,
was selected to participate in
Walt Disneys World Col-
lege Program in Orlando,
Top Journalists
Join Communications
Three veteran journalists have
joined the adjunct faculty
ranks in the Communications
department: Derek McGinty,
news anchor, WUSA TV 9; Del
Walters, reporter, National
Public Radio; and Rick Reese,
former producer and news
editor, ABC News.

All three men bring real-life
experience and a wealth of
knowledge to the department,
said Otis Thomas, chair of the
department. He added,
Students will be able to better
secure internships and get rec-
ommendations for jobs in the
broadcast field.

McGinty, who teaches Intro to
Broadcasting, said the class-
room has been enjoyable but
definitely not easy. Last
spring, he was a favorite among
students when he served on the
2nd annual Media Day panel.

Working on the staff is exactly
where I want to be at this phase
of my 35-year broadcast ca-
reer, said Walters. I think it
is important for those of us who
have walked the walk, to teach
others how to talk the talk.

For Reese, Teaching students
has been exciting and challeng-
ing because it requires a differ-
ent set of skills. This semester
he will assist with Metro News,
the capstone course for broad-
cast journalism students.
Upcoming Events
February 2012
8 Spring Convocation

12 U.S. Dept. of State Foreign Policy
Conference for students of HBCUs

March 2012
19 through 23 Spring Break

TBA 3rd Annual Media Day

April 2012
9 13 Advisement Week
16 Founders Day
TBA College of Arts and Sciences
Awards Ceremony

May 2012
10 Reading Day
18 Commencement

September 2012
TBA Social Media Conference

Communications student Lorin Jones
(far left) was the youngest to attend
Build Your Business Conference. She
was accompanied by Prof. Dwight Ellis
(far right).
With a $300,000 grant from the National
Science Foundation, students and faculty
in the Computer Science Dept. simulate
emergency scenarios using new ad-
vanced 3-D equipment.
The 2011 Social Media Conference
presented the evolving media phenome-
non from an academic perspective.
Students Leanne Raley (middle) and Mel-
ody Johnson (right) presented on The Inter-
net, Youth, and Revolution at the 2011
Humanities Technology Conference, moder-
ated by George Sochan of history (left).
The cadets in Military Science in-
creased their mental agility and
honed leadership skills during sum-
mer 2011.

Time to Start Eating Real

On October 24, 2011, the Bowie
State chapter of Minorities in Agri-
culture, National Resources and
Related Sciences presented an event
dedicated to healthy eating habits
and food safety. It was organized by
Assistant Professor of biology Dr.
Anne Osano, who said Unhealthy
eating has become a huge problem
and it is time to start eating real.

The symposium featured scientists
and nutritionists from the USDA
Beltsville Human Nutrition Re-
search Center. Their presentations
covered the effect of certain food on
risk factors of chronic disease, re-
search into the role of nutrients on
disease prevention, safe food han-
dling procedures to reduce contami-
nation, the impact of whole grains in
the diet, and reading and understand-
ing food labels.