Joi n Su rg i - Calr,e Center for Horses at our Open House.

Learn m on] about the cam of your horse ane m eel the~eam that CaJrI hs!lp ...

This ,eve nit lis Ime and open to the' pu 01 ie.

Saturda.y, November 21 ,2009 ~ 1 0::00 am IIUltU 3:00 pm 605 E. B!ioomingdale .Ave.; Brandon, a 33511

FOr mom info rmaton visit au r web site:

SCihedule o.f Events 10:15 Weloome

Dr. Leann KuetJefbeckj Burgi-Gare Center for .Horses

10:3D uI[)OG, My IHome is tame", How Al1h ritiis Oa:L!lI'S" What to Expect, alild! What You Can 1)0 About I~ Donna Durant; Boehringer IngelIJeim

~ 0:50 Rabies-A Tlillel!ess I)i~sease

Dr. Joe DedricK:sof'/! Meriat

~ ~ : ~ 0 Met:! leal arnd Surgical Options Avaiilablle! will Eqllli ne iMortaUty Insurance

Kathy Coyne and Roonda' Mack,

Great American and JetTy Parks lnsflmJICB

11 : 30 Video of the '''Irns and Outs'" 01f [iol'ic SUf'g;ery Dr. Christina Ellis, Surg;·Care Center for Horses

11 :45 Com plimelltary l!u nch and Fac~llity Tours Lunch provided br Surgi· CarB' Center far Horses

1 :01) EEEand WeSit Nliile Virus-Stm a lhreat'!

Di.tllyoll Vaccinate?

Linda Morehouse, Fort D.odge Animal Health

1 : 2D Collintin gl Eg:QiS: Currernlt lests to, Check. for Equi ne IParasiites

Lynne .Johnson". Pfizer Animal Health

1 :40 Undle rstmdiirnQ ·Joiim Disease Kathy MaitlollXj Luitpofd

2:0D Equi ne INILdriti:on BaSiil':s tarry Mac:kj Seminole Food

2: 2D Facillity Tours and IDemoll1stmlions


r.B~""'ll\4~~Ri'CM\ I~~E_UP

~ui~e IDi'liSioo


Su~gi-CaJre Centsrb Horses is Where exper[:encedl pmfessionals"ad\ll8fu::ecl tech n@togy, attention to demil, compassim'l and pe:r:sonall care! come together to ad1ieve exosptioria! ffi~ults.


From tbe BdUOf:

~ feel chnge :iI.p'pr-Ollch illg, 1& ~'n~ certajn it'8 GOnlD.

N,ew shows keep pap'pi,n{,l IIlP, lhea rreal estateis ISDlU illg, back and a new w:i mer season is upon. us •••

~ interpret thes>e separate evel1Jts as

JL) When the going gets wugh. the tough org<lnize new grassroots shows

2) p,ossibl!e< iml iC<!Jlurs of ~ nll)I'OWd eco'nam ~c health

3) n~e btlgitnri!tg ora n~w ycarth,aJ wm bring !1(ilW OI}pOrtll!li~y for ~us <lU

4] Uorse people a~ nats,a seeondwave QfforcdosUlX'S ~s cmi~~cnt andr,:ccz,. hopc i~'s ~ml g'Qi ng to be a c(j:~d~lo'tme~' in .VIOI'tida,

We've got some gl'eat re::ldiillg materia] this munthe il1lnlltt f-m"IlIl's articles, ]eff Wh-thllll:.m's [umping Clinic" We'ndy's lndcor Cirtlllut!le'WlS, a pDelll from 11 reader 1Im~ Chester W'eher & C:hery~. Van DellS!EH:J have ~o~n~(j Quest for WEG.

We're ex'Cit:ed to-add <l new mo:ntnly artide about CentralFlerlda f<'lltl:ilies:in t~'1el:rLlsil'les:s of ~Iorses <ll'lldi $l'mw~l1lg .md thejr Itid,s W~CIQ are on ~he ,,,,...y 00 beoomill1Jl o'~r f~'~lrre gen!em" hOill ofpro~e$s~o'nals. :AFaJn~~y A[fa~v' will begin ~11 Ule" lJ'ecember issue,

N~xt !l1:ontk Cent.ral Florida Eql!!,e$t:l"~an's 2010 Show (iutcll;l! We decid~d~o combine the Show Gu idcOInd I)cccmb er ~ss~,C' of CF BqUCSln~i OIn~!tt~ a si ngic, free ~)ubh,catLoi~ to keep ad\le~1:is ilng costs aJr{m::lllb~f! 1Il' {mr readers wah a fantastn,c guide to keep all year:

Some l"egularnlollllth~y content may be 'i:!'l!:clmledlw make room for" ~n that pertains to showing ill Ce'tIItra,1 F~ol-idn, We expect December to be the bi.ggest. and best j ssue yet, fuUm...-cd by the J<I.nllla.ry ':A.IIII nual AWllrt~~' ~:sslll,e, The ffilwe"~~ celebrate {Jill r first yea.r llnnjYers.ary with another nug>e <Ji'lnwll issue: Stalliofi5 & .Breed~ ng 20 Hl Deadline is ~he 1.5th of m:()l:'Ittl preeedlng issue but don't waU, reserve ad spacee<lrly!


rha n k YO'l!!! {Of N'iJiJtH~1g, ,mil 5UiI}porti ng Centl<li r~o'rida Equestrian, Courtncy 11I1CI'

~ I


~DU' wtlmi~ ,of w~ww.deque$ln!!lil! Iml~.~ M'II ·~hn~· iUf'!I4'f.

(Dm~ 1hij 5101''-~'l' ,on~ Y'K'r Mm~ :& '~mo~ will b.3 ~nJNo!~ fa, D ~JllNllnD! 9i IIIK_ 1sL

I'Ilnnm \'/ill b1l DIIDUnt!d' ~ 'Ih~, ~II~ DM4i!1.

i1 P:A.~IA. 'DF ,MDe DES~:GNEA SPfliIRS '[~I~rlinD !l1'ri!r, ~~il S~5(I~ fi«ti W"lIilnlngll~ ~~1iI! In, II(~~

1 CHARlE'eS aWEiN' J A8 HELMO ~.QiJ)' ~i~d r,om Ptgl'!.1il (!o~~ in f>lJ

(11 0)' $110, ,61 lin CIRr,.IFII,eATiE

,rIQiillrq~in~ ~Qr~jj~ ~ii~~

~'11) $5iO .. '61 F1i (IER1UII'CAUS

1~111 ~in. ~mpi~'.illc

Mdi~o.'(j' p.i:ZM"j'it"O"'"'/J~<l'H ,q~ .. ; .... d

L~lil:rn B~~i!"e~JI: su rtts ;(Barr,ett Farm. in Cilvjedo) O~~ Lonmzo, ewned Il,y Ste,hani!!!' mack

A~r~d~ 1L.:t' ffind'fo.m .:fl;m-I'Il'I~. :1 prP.tI!!!Lp-Ij!r'rr.ri"n~r~

~l.Ipr-!!!~ .1T!!.I3~ D.!il' Ci),ITip4t;tflJI J''Of' iMf!J*", ~.!1 d!r!J!~.

Feanlre Barn." .. , , " .. ,', .•.. It

Jumping Clink"", ", ,,"', S

A Word from Wendy ,' " 6

reawr('1l Business "'" """,,, .. 7

Opil.liom;, ,,"', ,', 7

Show News. __ """',."" __ " .. " .. " ,13:

Quest ForWEG 201.0 "" 9

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Classifleds , , .. ., " , :2 Q

Stab]e Directory "' •.. - -"""",. 22

Ce:nlra!1 'Flolrlda Elq,UeS,lrialnl


Us;ted 0111 P09,e 17

ICO:NVIIIENT HOMIE, IDnlllERr SUBCRIP1'II,O:NS IVlll11111 $30/yr- ] 2: Issues

(o:nill:u:l: ~Irlif.o.@cr~qu,e~~rr,a riI, 00 m


$65/yr 1~'lJpto 20 ma9<lzilles per lI1Iolnlth,ll


n.E E me!nrIbe r:.e.x.d'usi¥e alrM'~ of websHe: digilOiI ver~iorn of IfIlO:glC!!zin8 ovC!~~C!!ble befQw.~ r~ hils ~tore$ or $hOow~. P'WSg ~e,of cClIlIt,el1lt' mul v~de0i5fmm Cllre,ClI equ r nil' ne,Q lth and hoillli ng prQfes$lornob (COMIING SOOt',H)

Pull] i~h~r-r',(ntor. Ad Sales Cfl~rtru~y \'V~i n'li fn~r

~:I),1Jy.ri!ltin 2.009 Geilltt;ll F1Q,nid,~ Eq~L~titi~ n, L.tC All. rights reserved

:I)ri r1ted in Cenrral :I"~orid,a

by Wnitrn.ey Pr,in~ing COml)~n}'; Ov'iedD

• T'h~,INlItMB>rJm'rn'.<:, mnv'~J1I"I (!jJr~ror15 ~r~.milll!!i¥hi~ ill' ~ru: n~riw rli~ ~jGM (I1"(tpio'lrorl5 rJ!tm' ~bJi5!'rcNlliroT{!'Tt1Crn/roI ffi>rid~ .1liIjtl~sjrlO!m mn:1llMioc~" we/Mil!! •• rl'MmI.I'1!tridG liQr.!l1.rtritl~ ~~j~ 1m fl!S/:I':H!'.l!Mhly fo"((Jp.Y1'I$!j~ f'frlil9(!1'll~id",e W ~J'vet'UW~~lrI~~~(I.iI~ r~" iI!~~ !lhfo!:tI~ (Ji~ ~~'JIpoef!JllSfhl!lfo~ ",:101) ~fl'!Jrnd$, f.\Ff~di):l, iIJforJ1W(1if!l [Ir r?-Cws,


Bar[€t~ .Fatm has tkmbled tffile phy5kll~ size of th ~ f<ll"m and h(;!~lI,JlncQnstn .. clli on Oil alar)]!]! covel'el] rUl'Ig ,mc:1 al'ldnaty ~lIrm fad~ uties. Jacqu,eaJnd b!.:t,a~ co-ownersand n ... tners at Banet~ Farm, ten us ... "We are so e).lcuted ahoucthese n():w im p'QVeln~lltcs- We have

wOlmdell'f~ I t1Jew. ga<'ls:sy paddocks a Imd subsea Im- The traun~ ng tee m is made up of four very

UalUy enhance d rldlng rra Us, And yet d~e experleneed an d diverse trainers: ~acq ue

bi.gges~ ~mpad Oml ourtraining and dil-e - 18i1l rrel:il: G,e~~eun bega n rudl~ng in the

experhmce tor our rMers w~H com,e IJarre'tt Farm,. FoxhunU,I'I~ I show horse country

fl',om the comj)~e~uon of our new ~/- ,. of Vurgmlaand Maryland. A~ age

covered ring, It wU Ilbe q 1lI ~te large a we~ • ,!,.,10wn 16 shl} l,V,l!S madl~l~g ynl)Jlng

PSO'x22S'JI. a thurn larger~han name in the riders and shewing and rud:tng

our axlstlng ring, <Ilmd us des~glmel] h,ul1'ter jN1nper pl"Qf~S$lnll.aJ~y il] ~](;!I" SPIOIW tin]~,

to g~V(;! I;tS wnnderful control qV'(;!r '. - .' .... • . . - .as she esrned her BA. degree.

our rootul'l~ year rcuad, H will uld,us.try, .fsabout Sh~ f(lxhl.!Il~d <lind show():d in

also <tl~ow U~ tocreate CQUl'S~S aJl]dJ to enter ~J(Jd(Us'P/. sffilows before

conld utions sl rnl ~ar ~o what Vlf€ meet a new em 1I,Jj~) h~. sh,ow dodi]c$ ttl cnncel]t!<l~():

at dle sJa ow"~ weaJtWnd. The varletyof Olm ~he cle\!e~oprne"in~ of B<fr~[€U .Falfm.

options lmuW aV"du~able for tr-.:l~lmul'Ig wu~1 be ]1] tII](;!~~Jr!y dlaJYs of&rr~tt Parrill.. Jlacql!J!~

a mongthe best in class, WacS the solo tralner, <I Imd Laura WaS .B<i rrett's star junior rude!", qjuaHfying for the All SA {USHF). and A:iPCA Maday f1l1Jals thre e consec!!ltiive j'ears, a mlda~so for the 1JI SI'If' lalent Se-a.rch. She competed! well In al ~

of the finals. winning rubb ens at Madlison SqIJaN Garden a ndthe Pony F~ uals, jacq ~,e re members" "laura was b ornto ride. SiTI,e ~eganrld~ ng shordYLlifter she ~eame cl ~ ow to sneak ol!.H of the house and ,coax a gl'az~ng hors eto stand by me padd ock ~ence as s~e clamored onto l'I~s bare back, W&Jenn she d~d th.aJaJt age ful!J! r I knew the only op~iGI] VlfaS tn bea~h her to rudle. Maybe t&J<t.~ 1m<l.llllrlll eourage and rapport is whatc makes her so €!~b<lordli· na.ry witl'l greel'l or troubled horses,"

In addtuon.these ~.mrrowmel'lts en ~a n.ce ollir abi.lily 1:0 conti n!!le our- foeus on C!1eat!i ng tndlvtduajlzed tl'alnlng for al ~ of ollir rtders, We are big behevees in the classicfundame n· tals of riding. and are practiUoners of baste dressage fOI" an of QI!J!' hunmrs: and JUI]l~}~rsNow V!fut.h the use of our very ~lt1J~ll lie hrnge r]~]gs, Ol!J!f gi~JI]t hUJW fi(;!ld .aJl]di soon Ol!l_, covered t~ Img. we wm be able to ~t~~iille o~ l' expa.IHie,cl fac~lil:ii~s in ffiaJnY<l!)plicatUQllS- This equates ~u grelli:e l' U1St'Otn~'l.i.ilg~u fit o~ l' r~ilers' and !'lames' ~ ndJviduaJ needs.

The covered ring wiU be an enormous adva ml' ta.S~ for oUJrClHel'lts, It w~i I ~e large enough [or two I:ra~ ning areas jo work .si.mUl~taneousllv. wmil Ule addldonal ben,et'irso[ more tta~ls for walks and adldlnuonal bi.g paddocks for longer rumours, we believe the comb rnanen wm tl!";1~~s:laJm ~I]W horse'S with bodies and minds t&J<t~ a.ll'e ~eady a nnd l'Iappy to work, Elarnm farm,. by the very na_tur(;! on~s dJesij~~ll, furt&Je fS ~he health <I.lld Vlf€H be~l'Ig of uts pe'o~)~~ an.d it~ ~]Qrse$, OUI" all'~<ldy weH (;!s·tab· lis&Jea &Ju~ ~:stuc <t p'pwadl wi.U lmuW be pa rtc!Hll"edJ w~th a s~uingtch<lJ let.~ us bring the quality of OUiI"' customers' (hol"':Sleandi I"'Ider) expe r~ence W a who~e new level.

Of paraluounl: ~ mportan(le to our d~emlltB is~he q l.IaUty o[our staJI


We bel iwe w€! have <til e)lce~)tio~a ~!y~aJlent~d a ad experleaced stan d1edl~.cated to o~:r dlents .• in ~mle with w!hat~hey doand eommttted tD deliver world! class sel"l,l'~ ce w~th ill shared sense of vall]es indudli ng ~ n~egn ~ and teamwork"

A lex Rich'Orosorl & imperiaHJid with ~rui~lerJe.nel.le Holmecs

L. a II,Jj~'" Ba_rr~tt Gu.r'tis I]OW II,JjS~ ~~r hfelong r.udtngexp el'ie.hce thl~ 1m ul'Ig j ~ 1m uOH.amate urs, Inclad trll~ a great groupof riders .from IJI Cf <lndlil:oU~ ns, and her OWml da !lighters Cam ryn, and Sky~ar. La ura ,II'IJ jacq ue are bod\! fascinated by, .!'IS they ea n H,.,., "the unfinite~y var~edlways a nd means to

rudel"S' gil)i3J~s,. So we tntegrate various

ra~e'ts of sports p'Sj1chology and phys~ca~ fttness into oI;L,~r<liinin~~~dll]~ql!J!e's. 'fhe e.htute tralnlng team hows the lJel'lefHs of t~[]l~ wHholl,Jj1" ~]O.S€!S go f<lr blry'nnol th~ rewards of wtnpeUt1i[).h~. .But Laura us; uI~~ql!l[e~yqll!!alifu~d~o [[tii~ize tih~s I!J!Il dersta adi.n.g;.&Javul'Ig apprentlced <l~ the Epona lnternatlonal Stllldy Center tn Arizona w~th be'stse]!~ lng aUilihor' of The 'Tho of Eq !!lUS" U nda Ko,~a nov. I...a~ ra ls one of very few certHiled Kpona ~ mlstn-UCWI'S in the S.ol]theas~ fol"' eqjUiine [OiJdHtated ~ earnlng, S~e offers born glNund and rid ung tirainung that promotes aw<i!len,ess and menl<l~ fttness .for com petlUo.n and ~eYQnd.

N UJI-l'idilmg 1'10 rae-lovers, as well lISexp erlenc(;!di r~diel"s,come to the fan]~o h~lld~t f,'om her i.lms~gliii ~alld sli:u~h.

The Haneu: U'<l.i.hinng team is complemented by di]€! 2(J years of I}XP ~rienc(;! .t~d wonderful patience and killJm. .... ledge of Madyn Kiester;. who ]acq ue .says ~s "s~mp]y me best" at teach" ing YOl]n§,. or unexpel·i.en.eed, 01"' scared rudlel"S ... , ~no one dloes It better.~ Beglnl'lern w~~Qo want ~o shaw under Manlyn's - tUl:elage ~!J qu~dk~y W warl:,,"trot., s~ort a nd long stlnlll P chaJmp~onsll~~~s.

JUlmp:ing C:I'in,ic

Jeff Wirthma n is one o/the na tiOrIS most renound Hunter and E quito tiorJ trainers. He holds an rargf!: ;'R'~j.udges card in the Hunters,. HUrlt SeaU£quitation and Hunter Breeding. He has jud.ged presci,glous horse shows as the Ha,mpton Class,fe, .ASPCA Maday Finals., US'SF Medal.'F'inals, Winter .Equestrian .FesUval and the .National Horseshow at Mad/so'lj Square ,Garden. He sp:edr:dizes rrJ ,[I' .keen eye/a,r matchirw ride.rswith horses that I.f!:aa to continued success both in and out of the show rhlg, Wkthman jkmly believes "Good horses make good riders. ~ fie is a/so an active clinician andserves on severo I national wmmitlEes ~UChCiS the American Hunter Jumper A.:5''sociutio.ri advi~ sory board a.nd the Uri ited States E'questrian Feder:-ation flu nter comm iuee;

The tst pony isa good jumper. The pmw is wear~nguts ears poorly but looks Iil~® hs's ,®nj oying bus job, The rider could shorten her stlrrups a holeand ducks s]ightiy 00 the rigftut, She needs to.keep her heals down and polish her boots,

This pOlilly ls ju:m.p.illigwell.1 would U~e to see a better release. Her posutiQn~srnur, toes turned out Again, ] ftnd her stirrups too short, I'm net a b~;gfa]1[ of breastplates "if it'sthere to preventthe s~ddle from £lipping tIl"y a little piece of robber instead,

The Znd horseis sheeting hislegs out in front hun alU:mugh ~ool.ts to be a good distance. Gould be a better jV!rIllper. U]!® rider is ducktngtothe side and her seat is wmy too fur out of thesaddle, [ do. like her release and her stirrups could be 2 ho]es shorter

I. really don;t know where 00 stan onthts pieture. The pony looks very qu iell:: and prebably does nolI: have much stride. ] don'tcare what type ofhorse show you gn tn- you had be'ttel~ look the part. No hair net, boots that don't tn, She's doesn't rea]~.y look prepared to. snow,. We need to uphold the trrad]tions and standards of our sport.

Send your jumping photos for future d~~i.cs! cl~nic@cfeqUJes:tr:ian",[om


[enelfe Holmcs"SJ naturalathiete, cempletes the R:nrrettme'~I!I1n. jacque emphasises sh,e'us doung a", "s:upel'lb iob bodl riding some of our horses in trahailiig and prep<'lfil'lg Ilide:rs~o show". r enelle's experienee origimr~eo1 iii! the Vilrgin~.a. hOl:'SlC' 'CQWlIDItry ami she j oi IDled dll,e~~am 4 yeat's ago. She malres her res~dence <It the farllI'l wh uGh .pmtwides e[HJfItH:llI5 ~xpetti5e oIDIsiotevhtl!lllilly 24 hnurs 11 dllY

ra,CijlUll and Laura S~~l1ilmOiri:?)e by saJu~g .... ,,, "1'he<llrlazil'lg new I)hysical fad~ utie's of the fiilnl]~et es fecus (J'rI I'ngon:l'I!ls tminh~g. wnule the p1vfQIil.IDIot;!ly ,)ea~fl;ll and inspi ril~r;J cbaractel" oif lGa,wtt r:Olnn h~ll) us 'W<I ~k the talk'. O~l!" gO<'l~ ~s to alwa.ys be what we want @llrr students 00' become, Ol!lr m~SS~:DIl is to discover and r~"'~,<II~h(): ralems {If 'O~I" hGrll~S and ridJ~rll,~o de'!lleh)p the1:u r~dly, and to b?ach~h,e~n to, be wflfUdeJ:l:~ ~ Iii. themselves, We !!::IiiOW nut e'll'eryoIDIe ~elll'il~SUn the s,mne Wliiy andtbereare many rouees to mQr riders' g;o.alls. ~t is: mQrjob whelp them carve' the p.a:tb eo t~ie'~r d mants, aml~o kllIow tlhemse~,,"e~ tihe\wy:'


A Word Irlollm Wenldv


by Wendy Pereita

AS th,e 2(W9 show season dl"aW.~ ttl a do,-~e, many of cmr" feUo:w Ceml"fll Florid~arn~~ ventured Iluntil. to<ltreml~he I ncUoQr CilJ'(;uh, For manly .ut is the omdalend. to the year and fo.r oom!e U is the f<lre\veH to their [unlor careers, Some start (Iff witih lhe Gapi~tal Chane!'lge Hm1!l~ Show ~ n M <l!'ji'land to kick of!' the f.aU t:f'l!l;Ir. "Fhe USE"T' PUllah. t~IDIext on the tour hdd ,a~~he USIIT headqsarters ~ID1 GllIdstOile. N] f~}nm¥ed by HlIl'.lrusl:mrg in PlI, After Harrlsaurg people head bad" southto Ule WasJIi.n,gto,n .~nt:e:r:Ulat~olila~ Horse Show held in d(lwla~owll. Wasbi~~gMl Dc'f'or many the gr,md rumlle is the ~ !tt~r!~attiG~]al Hol:'s~ Show which has th,e fam,o~s· Nat1iGI~a! .1-1 nrse Sl~(jow i ncerpnrared imoul a~,ong with the MlIdllY Punllls~

An of the ~JilOWS a.r,el:Ile~ic~.~(illlisly ULn\,. ro start tUI];'1es are ofijaln,iz:ed. down the 111Ij,n.~t>e with [posted ~)lrde'il's of go and t~le shows have a diffenmt ~~,el re them than any ofth'~ other s:hGws<Jiu:e!~d~d dll!ril]g the yeal~. Ofuenridling mull trnilni~1g times 1I1"e an""~~lItnoriln:ill! C'~vi1illns WDlIM considerte be ilnslIne,lIlld towlIrds the end ,ofthe fan imjjom' ci U'cuit e'll'eryorn,e startste feel the em~ct~: of sleep t~epriV"<lHu.n! n i~ an exper:i!eIKe to be chartshed th,o~~gh,md brings a !l,~W level of ap,piNdat~on to !!\i'ery rider j oV(lIv:ed. MGst e~ryG!]e finish~'S out the sea SOoIDI with 01 f~eli I'Ig Qf accQIlI~"li shsuent t:hough,. evenjt iJ\W8 just silnp:~y ona ~,~el! of S,IlIWViVlIl!

T.l:1e deptil'l olf rJders<'lrl,d. traillJers that we have in (U,ur Centi<ll :Florida area is r,e.aiiy qllite as~onjshing ,OblServii ng t~le rns:ults from t~le shews up thn:JIugh Washi~g~on cert.oli!l~y d~,ctaw:s: th.a~ a VoC'ry ill igJll r.a~iQofawal:d!s travel bllck tOo our hmM,e' area.l hope I~m~o leave lI11y~}ne ou~ bllt: I wOll~:d ~ilke~o lICkI1(}wledge' ~)[)rn.e of Our e~iOO'~

At Capital <Cha~ ~el~.r;le the (il,md Awm.-rlI\ .. re'nt~() a Chase Bogr;lio. who is tl:a~ ned by OGlI~a's teamet QIli uet Hm PlIrm. Gnmd Pony Chllrn.pIUU.III~"'<lS FI'.<Illiklin'::; '['Ower t~<Iil1led bytlii.e Ocala. ~eam ,oflDol'I Stewart Show Sta.bles" Olon's daughter E~'jn wO!s aliso GI'OInd Alnawur Owner Hunter ChaIti,p,uo'lii. riding her Owlii mount Quality ·r~me, MoUy SeweU of Sanbxl's Over The Hull r'aI'UM WlIS thilrd in the !!:ntergung P.rofJessj!tma~. Hlmter Class. Be~n S~Il,'1pkiI1J5 of Se.ahrcezeun Genevll recetved l'iIM1GI~S in the AI'IM~elli r OWl'ler .1 tI mper Div.isiol'l,

On~o ~;lanisb1.l!"g, and wW~ simuiar r~suhs~ Out of (}ver 200r.uders in the ~'k, fInllls we aga~n hilrl two~ol;Hel:l f:Lllishe:rs t"ra~ aed by QLlie~ !-am, Chase Boggio and nanve ncala. rider Mony BfaSW'e,III. H ighPoil'lt J unior ':Iul'lter 'was Ly~!.l eo-teamed by nOll Sttlwan StaMC's, WIG Eqllestrillnulli :Lungw(lodi represented in th,e Chi Ml'en:'s ~l~l'tlper tiivl$iml.

At Wllshing~DIl so farthetrendis on.goung~ IEril'l StewMt Cham.p,ion again .un, tile Amateur Ii lJlT~er Divils~ml r.h<lm~l~OI~ OiIDI another InQlJn~, COllifide~1tnal. BoU'I .lEru~1 and Bell Sumpkins took r~bbo~]s intb(! Amateur Juml)eor.s on ,o~l!!!li~g niEh~,.,w~~h.lIn~he jl.mim's and equuanon yet to come,

We slwl)qlld be pmuJd obn~h~ achi~j,i'emcnts of these .farms <IJ:1,a. riders, whether from yo~ II" bam 0, a~lothe-r as they ~o ~"el)!'~sellt our mgio.n. PI'Dblll:lly lit some show y.olU have competed witjh the.i1Il. Ne1(t t~me you see them gu,,"e' them. aword of congratulanon s forrepire'. seJ:l~ing us wem It is th rmugh tliJei'n" efforts that Will h,w~ such a lev~~ (If q~~ahl!y oompehti(ll]"

W~mc!Y P~roIW (}WI'J'$ ,(ll'Jd' Ql)ero,~s Seubr:eeze Ftlrm '1'Ji[:'~ e ,~!~CC(!S,~Ju{ shlr)W' (md sa~e:~ btlil"jj 1,r)c,rlMd hl G!1'ftt!tloll:l, Fl.. Sbe sesves 0:11 thle fJo(J'!'(l oj tbll Zone·4 jwnper comm,rtte.c mlf) is tI~e (J'Ctino Cbr1f d' !NJ!~ivfDr ,r~ irmJ'o!' {l/'J1d yo.unO' t~{lms,

A~ Wfi! ~FOt ~ f\OclJ~.em 'the IFhytlhm E!alan~~ngl my 1111111'110 wiilh hers Looklit9 ~,h~l:Idl, lookimlg 'f(m .... ~,rd, a Mll:Imltldp!lj~fin91 the< i!JInkMlo'o\fl'lc

When! ride ~ am free, free te 'feel th!! wind, to r-e~1 anythingl, or i'I.otil,ln,g,

Her patienore with me is, insurmcu f1'table whi~5t I Mr,engthien my alds She n{ii!JIIifi!s li'IfI~ witil~ 8 strong tug ..... ih,en, 111'1 too ta ught O:f'I he~ mooith,

. . Then she forg~ves me,

She mns out before a jump, Ill1Ifo\rmingl me my leg i5, tellill1lg her to l1J!m" M.ake u,P yo.m mind IMly!

Then 5heror,gi,"'~ me again"

I (()!!J m~he Mriciies to the fence, Hold ... ~,l'Idl releal!l~ Iiler, allowing her 00 ba$(!llie irmllO tlil@ ~,Ir Illl'tlost my mare ~o (;arry me over andl ,onward toO the huu..! re,

~1'11 r'etu rn5he tmSit5 me to. guide her saMy beyondl, I P<I~ Iil~r wi~!h ~n~ ~~iiT1Q$~ gra~I~l,Jde- andl ~$P~~ .~Ind if70gelher we5Uive for~lle ulitimilile 01 5€lr Caniage,

Clur mlddle ag@lkiilShlp i!S lik~ no,mlll@f,rewardlng"fre@ilnQi,andllo'1llng, TII\~nl-':youl Sinld;:ers. ro~ oo~ng exactly 'you, Ilo'll! ya'1I,

- The Hay Exc:ha~nge

rhe Hay E)!~hangc, ~nc, located in Plant Citty; Fn. was r,(ml1Jded by the G~L5S"l!)~1I .F<I.Uttl,i~y i tI li 996 <Is prlmarilya wholesa~e ol;ldet with a slTn[l1l equine I'~rr;]Jil i~~f1uellC'e, l'OdO!iY, Hh01S become ,om! of Tarn,IM Bay's largest eqlq~l~e ~'Upply OerHer5. The !text ti me you are in tiile PI,mt (ity area c';:t(j'P by and eheek out OlUI" expanded shoWl'ooln\"'tth al1th~ p,rodUC1S yO\! need to ride., ShOWill1 d care fior your eq ~in:e partner We also {;lIny a wide rlilllge of <In inial heahh products, Hl1g~ish and wesreru tack, diog. c;]Jl and a.vL;]J1l supplies and Fo od,.;]Js well [IS, evel1't.h ~!,g for your ram animals, w~ have recendy <l!c~d~d dw Big GIll!m ~gg GriH,m,d S:lltol~er with all U'le ~egg(:es5uries" lI~m'lg with Case Knhre:s:, American West ]eaJ~her go odl~, wan's Active We~II;. Life us Goo d products, Kal.mml ~ewelry, Brey~r"s cellecubles and SOI1iHI!,C~~ IIJl0,e'!

~fyou are ~ook~l\g :foir q,l~aMy ~eed amI hay and good vari,Cl'ty, head ~nw ourwareneuse where our hi,elildly srnlf is waiti IiIg to answer q iIl,e'St~O~'15 and :iJiI<r~d1J the l.-j,gh~ fee(~ and h1l)' to the rilgM cestomer, We traeel ~u;m!<s NOl'th Ame~;j,ca each Sllll1i~mel" and f;]JU lookLllg for the hay. We SlCl'e hay growil,g i~l th" field aml :it looks great. but \W resel:""'le j~~(~flment on the hay tmti~ it ~s baled and ~re''i(ly fo.t' sh ipme:nt. ~Ut meetsthe needs ohmr customers we buy it Nat just One truckload, but an 'of Hmtd the next yeal~S 'c~'(j'P, as well, W.E p~al1i aheadtn OITt!T censlstent ql;l.a.~ity and IlmttiUon for to p' performance, ln th~s way, we ny to meet the needs of aU our usto:mers for years to (Orne. Stnp In, andwe win ~how you arouudl

Icon BfRNlf'S ~Q' c,ot<l'r jIO!lW n~~ equeslri(:!u e~l?~!U

~A (~ifferel1tki'nd of F~st rood". That's h.GW you wi:J.ld describe 'Bernie's Gmlnnetw Go" in. OYied!o. Bernie's offers a wide var1ety of bon~ellli!ld~ r-oo~~$ :frmn Sam!:widles, Salt'ltis, I[lade from seraech Soups to daHy D~.nl1er IJ:Il~ree S'pedal~,

Oviedo ~blaY' be famous for thejr Chidc..ens, but it is 'n~r!1ie's' Ul~fs famous .for the I<rrgest s:elect~o 11 of homemede Ch~dten S;]Jlads, SEVlENF~.:;iivors m choose f~:(un! "Cusmlner.~ IIl1l[lire our Inmu(, :s:ay's Chef/Owner i1era~ie SChWOIb, who h<lPI)iiy m~$ reqacsts by hjs patrons. S:chwab~s a European tra~ncd Chef who has wo.keu his way tlrlttlll,ghthe (h.itLUttdo area with Res:t.\t~ ra l1t's ~ uk!:: Le Cordon Bleu, Wi.n~er Pin4=, and N~,co~e St. Plerre and! lB~stro C;]Jpp'lIcei 1110. Aftew seml1ig hi s own ~Il:Llbe~"gi noe B~strQ' i~~ 2006, h ~ decided on a quamt sto refn);nt :il1 Oviedo, which used to be occupi ed ~.v CO!.f~ I...a"u ra, 'B:enJie's' is THE Mel'll. Al~ematDve, with hw~thly, quick and alfo r dalb;Je~:no,i~s, Mostly lake Out, but;]Jfew tables .;]JI'e inside and eutside the sWIi~,wh~ch also offers F~l1ie WUl1.e and Beer: ~W~ g;iw I)~ople what they want" Sd~wa~J S<l!YS,. with choices frem hOitlse smoked ni!lrb~C~Le~o Vegeta~d<ln. S.aI<ld5<1ltd Entree,s to delet~b~e Dess>e.Hs<lud Pastrlesl

Not an SeI'Vl'CeS are in·h(lU~e: 'Bernie's' p'mvide:s Ca~ering and Chef SmC\l'uC'£' for all you]' ~vent8, Fmm Dinner for "U'~ ... o to, elaborate Wedding R.ece-pHo,ns, Corporat~ & EqjuestriOlfi. Evemsl- they do it, alll ~o'r a cj.o~~rp eak at 'tne'ur rne~nu vusn wwW", ,md hey,fee~[ree to send!l3cnie yom', 'Bernie's GOlllrmet' lslecoted in O\lt~do, just east of Lockwood Blvd on GR 419'.'1'0\1 can call them<ll 407.9'77Jl!Q1l0 te check daHy SI)edais, nON APPEfIT!

~qlliuGe~n us afull service equine reprodacticn dinUc' establ ushediin 1991(l as OJ! ~OIIl'C'e of high ~md recipient , mares flOr ,er;nbryo tr,mtf>fer, ro(I<l'1, ~q~Lfie.n Is knOWIii

and re-spectednationwide fa'r pmvidill,g ~nno",ativc, C:Ust!(lH!Lz.ed r~prod~~ctiv~ services for the~op nou;h perflOrJfia nee mare (lr staU U~);fI as w.en as (:or pt'vvldi rIg

wen anj !Js~ed, high ,end n::dpient nlliIres fo.r their embryo transfer ,eamlidares, The dD nic f.lilcHky ,offers a broad range (If !'(;lprodu.otion Si~!"!I'~Ct:lS· j,ndud~ ~g intensiw ~wr~ br~~.(::1ing 'natlage'l1ile!t~, ef~~bryo co] ~ectio n, tromsfer, freezi,u,€l <Iud sw~rage, stOll ~ion con.eet~m\, evaJu<ltio,n and custm.lil ~we'pamtuo nl fair shippi ng. as~"le~ l lIS cu~sto'l1I~ st~m()n S,e!illCn rl'eeiling. s~Olilge' and sh Uppil1g, Ad~~it~o~al!y,the cI!in~,c provid!~s local .nnbulmor,y Inal:'e b1:'ecdir!g 1)~,Ul<l!g~~llent ou!d broodma,r~ weiluess .md pn:!vent<ltDYe car,e pmg:mms, !E(llUiGEli'I h,m,s exp<lndea a speda~ize(~ lradith:rnal. ChInese n~edicine .liI1:rlb~lat(H)'pmc~ice t.o 8erveho~'ses with 11 v::iIdety ofmedk[ll needs thmugh{)~~l r~o!,jda. Their N'pl!t<!ti~);1l $ten~s from ,In ~n~~".a\l'e!'ingc{ln]llIiUnenuo qua~ iity; i~nlOv<l;tiQI! a~~d a co~nm'litn'lent W care for the wel.~be;ling <lfld SLlccess ofttl.e l'<llla. the:i.r owners,.

-- - - -- - - - - -- - - - -


ICF .&que:!i:tIf~aliJJ: Suymgional 01' e'xp,1JJud to be,con1Je 'Florida IEiq uestlfjanJ'?

"Yes~ cr Eques:t,~,a n needs to become Florida Eq uestrianl There are so many great farms, shows <lind riders along Witl.l ~beir fa ntastlc horses to cover that you need to expand to cover <I ll of our stories and CO ncerns! We have some ofthe greatest t~ ders 1['[ the country rigbt here in the west CO(lS~ i11::1d gi rlsa nd boys that are w@vktng their hearts out to become ji).ist Hl<e them, We have .~ oh Thomas Eq uestrian Center herem Tam p<l. 'the Tampa. Equestrian Festival follows Wem ngwn <lind the N3t~.01:ilS Cl~P and we have HITS and. ether 'A'~ated shows" Who b eUer to Clover aJI ofthls thall cr Equestrian'? By the way, ~. know alot ofpeopl~ that would ~ove to read yourm.<lgaz~J,1J.®"1 j list ordered ltl" ~StaceyShinn, Sarasota

~ ote from Edaor: Thank you! Yew ,ure officfutly the 1st subscriber: Your int.c(lftst &: (:'nthusiasm is ~pv(ed(Jt(t.d.

"Grleat idea to coyer the entire state," -Dean Hill, S!jl:lcoa:~t Beddill{)

''I levethetdea, Some Inal1), ba rnsa nd horse related <lcti.vut~e:s <lind events" ~Pa[Sy Lamastus;, Oviedo

''You :r~aUy haven't lWC11 begu ntn touch on wlmt and who's here :un Gentra~ Florida. Ou r ]1~g,i{m has so much h i::itory and so many big names th~t sta rted with Or havepassed through C'e~ncnd F'lorid.-a Hunter [umper •. I think you should spend some more 't~ me .mver~ng eur area and peQpl,e before e.x.pal1dtrngw <ll1I ofFL:'


Editor: Thank you Jar YO!N" feedback;' we are coverin,g this topic with (1 /eatrlre story far December's Show Gurde issue. We're also starUug the new mOllth(y article 'Family .Affair' to snore stories of niB Central Florida families whose lives & business re~ol~e ,around horses. The reoi /o'CuswUl b~ (lrl aU! childnm of(!(lchfumJJy~ eh~y m~l.f b~ our next fJe.rJ'~ration of profos~ S~OjlQIs. .

.l thfnkeXl"JJ'rsfon ~.& ineviMble, however; 1 envision Florida HqlU!5trion M have regional segmen [.s [N, C & S). "T"he deprh and amo!Jtl t of con rent wW depend large.{.y upon each .re,g'on's participation so I S!lSP1t'!ct tJie CPL section will be qmte estab·· fishe.d' by n~Qttime:,


MOf1€l mews from Harrisburg D\.?J)lll~ SWph\'?11S'..('\.?Jltl?l'~l~ial farm in Paimecw

~H!~",rii~8~urg W~~ gJ~'8t! 11.1 ~11I1!. m:oO(.Ilj~~ [mGt hiiVll tml8 big ~dm[llli!ng a.r811li1 <is H. r,IIi iil8d forr 4! d~iY~ ~lf<'ilijl;l:mt T'!'h~ ~r~ ilmpGI'\ii~i~11I Wa~ l\lJiW~1 ~h,~ d'IS~ of ritIGr.~ IJresent (Re>clrigores:soll and. Maclaum WlIrd. two world wimri ng riders), ~was1t!1~ i,n Gal'l1JbUel'~ Cillo~~e ,-\!it!ll my client, ~~co~e Stems A/O jl~~mper VDn. i\tom:ic. S~,eye SooP~~@'IiI~ d~~i gJl1~d Il!m~' course <lInd ~"f~l!'ry ~~<lr.i:; Iwa:S ir8<illy G~dtil1lil, NIJ'l. a \iG~y goo~1 eru'<V>tI. sp8(ilalilJ~ \vi~'"&' seems lil~~ 18~li alild i.GSK

Dressage newsfrom Can terbury

Octolb~Ir 3m a:ml <1ft!ll w<'!!~ Ute unaugul'al Ride Lil~,e Dressage ShQW held at (anterbul)'; SCl'l]j];ev~!ry mee horses showed Hp forthe weekend and we were blessed wHIr illi:m WG'II[h~ .. _ [l8~dy Ii:o!':@iT'l; frnrn.1 AlnizJlJin'l ~ruldg8tL A11lilG 'GI'ibbol1l~ J}lilll'Gd [Iff iI b'~~lul~ilfLi.~ G:r~Iiild Proj~ ridiG[ljll h~, b Ui'~8, AI~z,itiil witm ~I 69,362:% .. m1ru8[ rniIJ'[;;lhlill fidlt~ weiJ1e Eri n Brilnkma Ili om ner own horse Imminell.ce seori ng a j"'HI'O 0'% at ~ranl] Uevel and at ti rst level wit!l~ a 72.6,32%.

Nbl~111 iG MG~t~ 11 ~":oreJ .1 ,f)2:.36:S% uiil SOl1l<lJtlur XVI ~~ ~IL P!ti!)';. St. GGorg8~ ~l"Itl. $ml~\vn F!ill~y·r~iill1l~>:t;~"y ~jd i.illg l)ol1l~~UI~ rud~· ttl ~! i LB42% iiiil b1~~ 1I1lrGrnn8tl.i~r~ ~ d<J~~ and Wl]IS the top mare fClnh,e weet(el~dt';aking home a t20@.O>O'pl'uze.Lisa GuUtl1er'S lrorse Rotea' Mil3mtook top gelding award and $2@O.OO.

IG~~ri!iilg ~i!P fJlJ'tIlI~r2 (I I® rid~ fOD!' tmG Rr~'8~ltJII~' Clt;!1I811Jl8 \Iii;;I!& KrtiSluI1I8 Klich i IiIsl~(i IlWOmQ rlidinlll n.;lIJf;~11I v .. ho sw~'ti. tl 69,~5a3 % doul1Ig a fir&t k ... d ~ru8~ltyll~. r,tl,.jjl~r.ll~ rot!l~emrO'rthe Q\eaJtlIvuty and nice Iy ~hQJ1eogrma}hed~s:t. We Ilook forwaNU to seeimg thel11! ~Ir May fQa' the ehellenge,

O.g~ll1Itiz~,. Wlll"ldy ltYw Silid 8VGryDI1I~ {illt!1udil1l/l A"nl1.G C,~jhOOjl~} ~8~'11111~[~ pl'G~~t[~ w~!lh [11G .~h IYw ~rnd @~PG~i~,uy [h~ i!imprmiifGd footung ~rn ilh8 1I'mriTIi lip rGrnJ} A colUpUete Iii!s:t ,O'f wimners ls cndre wehs;i ~ aJtW"ww.c~I]~Irlb~lys~~Q~"

Eiqu.i!ne Conal hosts thei!rfiirs:1t slow

lcn:y Hunc

E[jJ~~lne Corral's ftl~'s~ Open 1I1I:t1irer Schooling S:h.Ollil tioalcpl!mce 0111 &mlrdwy. Ocoo:b-er 1 i,. a~ Sm1iS.lrll1e Q~~ffi~'tel' Horses in Uthh FL W~~at II ~11O~1del'fu~ IlIc~ ... emme! rir:s>t. " HW "thal1lk yO~J!:N to an Ol.!f WDli!fJle·rr;f~IIII~)J)ll.!lrte~~.. We Hjiw~cl]1,'t]l ;;~~ d·(lI~e ~t wi ~hlJ ut the·un. ~ rl'11.e Df 1lI~ ~mv~ he'ell )J)lltlh~lt ~~cle or the "'feJ;i~~~ l~eflJr.e. A cl'lte w~,~ enosen U'~8Jt wOHldn't C'Ol1mctt '.\,rlrJfi other Sh,ClWS, '11lumbers I'Incl rlbbous were ordered and course designsmnd class lists were created, th Is be3fi'l'll.(1 ~S, '~\'e 1IiliTive·dl ~t tlhJe ~~~)J)l"i 8!Toi;IU IJId~ hefore i[,'lY~~;ght, Jb~~~:n\l"ed ~hon!ly by the' Hr!>t triluleT. Pmikiil;g ii!'>~I,!,e~ We'lj"e re~~ized 8!;Jcl ~OIIlI:iD!1i8 d~~m~erecl .~~ tr~~ le~~ ~o!;Jij!;Jl.!edl to arnve, We attrr'fficted dClnblle the aumber of entries expected, Once the fUmy began, till ngs ran S!I:n.Qoth~yj classes moved Quickly as the coor~jl'l'MIffitlon Iletween the ilin!i!O'WiWell ~llJId the ~8te ~fewin~pro'!ieJ, We'~e re~e'iveo;!l ~JOO~l of p(l~:itJiv"e feedh.l.~k- trainers, ricle'l~ ~nclJ par'el1~~ Icwedtlhe Ilow hY' ~tuno~pheIe ~11~d lo'we'f ~Jri~e~. especdalllly~hose t~,aJt worJ! & ~rmdI1. SCI d!itlgeMitly but can't al\,\r:ays aflbrd to compere. I!.QO~l For HpoClmlng December ~od fo~' O~I' Jaml;;}l), sho,lh'. D,~te tro be announced.

W<!11JUQI .sha~·e or see ~"e;(e;l1!~ show results audp'ho~QI.s?· Visit ,our NEW Brag Page on the websiteQiF "'Congri1tul~~e" ellents with a 1(:i1.~s~ol.m tI.e-signed ,r.i~!t disp ~ay ad! Se.flld }'OiI.!Ir .atcri,llil ;to: brllig@ld'e'lJuesttiillih.,(:O •. orllitl:s@dctlil.~lestr~<I.n.oo.nll Brag P'ag~ b" c"Omp.limenarty ~ Inquire otlotA.rt rates jar pr1n t display ads


W~kome m lmr4tb numtll ofQt1estfol' Wli'>G C,OW?l'hl,g Centro,/'.Flmida{fw ~fje :m.wAUtecl1 Pl'I1 WO'l'Jd l~'qtl'estria~l (,'tImes_ We are proud to add Z rl'l!OredfsdplL'1es: Combfrllf!d fJrill/lW & E'l1l1iurnnce, Thl!re are lMro'sprovided/or each undyou'Jl meet our newest W£G hope/tj/s plus get "It I! lures,t up u cue from Hilda Dv,rwhU1i (£IJerrrirlg) W'lO'S wm.peUj19 at f1 W£G qmil,i/h:!1- j'n Pm~ FrWl\Gf1. R'emahli!lY d,iscipUlles w;e Silow Jumpil~[J, Drcssu'[J(t, Plirn • .DI1!SJ>rlfJl1, Vaulting &~ghlh~ am1 we hope to e1l\~mttm'{v covel" a Centm' PJ,Drida (11' .Plm-id'a res.rdent for eocb.

Jntroto Combined Driving

C(wrtesy Of www;!'Jlf;wmes-"c;-ofti

lhe WlEiG WDrid Chlll ~npioI1shi.p CDmbined Drivlrlg E:vel1Jt Is :f~}r 'fm,rr-il'l-l'ia:nd' drivers only. lhis mC\liIJIlS that each driver drlves ateam ~f foul' hQI'S1C'.S till ~("n.lg~~o!ll~ the three compctiho ns of til!('! event. lhe til l1~e corn pel1tiol1 s are Drivc.n Dressage, Ma raUw.n and Obstacle Cones Drilling.

I n D'riv~n Dr~ssag,~ as in ridd~n, all o)n~petU»r.s drive the same ~esl<llnd aruim~ged en the qll1lHties of "[reeditH1l1,regldadty of paces, h~rmony, imp~I~i.on. snpplen:C'_",s, .~i!J!htness, and e-.3J5e or n~orwm:e'nt and the: eerrece bending of tbe horses 0]1 the move. The ool:l'Ipetit'.Ql's are also judged on 5ty~e, li.omracy, and ,geneml COIDItrol of thci r horses 01 rid also on thei r dl'css. condi~ion (If tbe bla mess ,<lind wh~de amI lh a pmsentatio.!i oUlte whol.e t.t1muLlt~

lite e'xciting MalilthDn eompetmon ~.llqUil:'eS thcDrivl:l!" to driv~ 01, OOU!"S1~ across co'~nltry, ttl ~est the rutnes:s:, starnj na and trai n il1Jgofthe Horses, and the Drtivillg ski] I, j udgment of pace ,1.11 cl g,encI"al ~10rllCI;nallsh~p nf~he ccmpetitou 'rhe OO\l~."Se is d i",.M,~d illto three S1ect~oins,. wah <I maxlmum anowed. d is:taIlC-e' of 18 km, The Hual sectl~HiI~11dudes ejgh~ marked '0 bstaeles. B~cecdi!lg the ortiIn~~I'll time fOl~ the el~tir!2 COil rse and tbe ti me taken in each of th e obstaeles lncurs penal ~ies,

"The tunal IJfll:rl petition the Ohl~tade -Con e CO!nl.1cbltion, isto test rhefnuess, obedience and suppleness of the norses after the MlIr;Ellihon ami the' :skuH ami co mpetence o,Hhe Com.pC'libc)]"S, The wmp C'titL(I,!!I 1"Cqlui~s~he com~~ehlol' '00 d rive his MHH dmmgh <I twustirlg co~use of tlO.I11CS S:et dOlsebOg.etn,er \",tth balls balanced on top, Goi rng off-coa rse, knocking off a b<'lU or eX(eedl!'lg thcnme JJ~(lwed Oil the course il'lu rs p,('!na~tie$" Final p.~lIdI1g;S; are deterrn il'ledi by thetearu w.uth~he lowes.~ nu mher of penalties, ~luC'l'ugbolut all til ree ,C(lm~)et~t10m;,

Chester Weher:~ Combined Driving

"Willn,~l's tr'O~lI 'O"'W~ c.omph;l'fn!·~

Wen 1I:11:(~wn for b ell'lg a (~I'UWli who, sets goals ,Ill d achicV:C'-~ ~h em, Ocala based 'Weber] et it be

known e .. rlbrun t~,~ yem' that his gl[la~ WillS to Medial at the Wur~d Driv~111I Ch[lmpionsh ips. break therecord and ean~ 3 sevenrh vicwry Weber was 31 so named a 2-00n USEr:' &!I,IC-~· <ll1irl beoom,('! the first S1e¥en,·t~ nle Un i ted Sta:~~s U'i.m (If Ii ~)n:01:" and h~s horse. ~am.tica. wok NaUoltlll I'bUIl-IIt-H<lllU CO'R1bined Draviillg home top nOl'lOrs as t~'1e 20013 farll1.:Hn

ChampIorn" Platrorm!USEF Horse of the Yen

Te'<1 ~n Weber earned [;~q,cky N umber Sev~n W.C'b"r'::; surcesstn cO<!l]I)ined dl'tivi~lg sta rted during the' FOllr-IrI-H,<Ind ~)ri\lln,g Ola~npiol1i- eiJIl'~Y. At 18 yetlm 'old, he wasthe y,o~mg,es~ ship at thc'['{enhuclky Cup and Lexington driver to be' l'Iame'u to til e U.1Il utecl Stares EquesDl"i;ving CI as~ic~1l,.f{8'n~nc1ky, when~ ~I"·[han1 (USIIT) and to qual Lfy for the Wor~d he hamUly\'VQ~~ liyW 1l0illts, beating out Pairs Driving CllOi.n]l)io,~ship, By 1999, W~ber feUow Am'eric<li1 ],~d"er joh nson who was also had won 12 conseeuuve Advanced oomb unedl hop'ul\g for a seventh Will. WebeI" learned high cl rivi,n,g events and then. transiti ened ~u f-o'lilr- 1)I'OIi::;~ rron~ Ed Young, dlcChdd'I~(!ui.l)eoflh~ ln-Hand dri'!,1~n:g,. where ~~ehas rn11adJe aname Ul1iited States Dr:l.ving Tealn, who said Weber for hirn.seJ r ~ In ~~mationally;

has the abllitytc set goalsand focus on them lit addition. to his rigJOIl)Il's (lO.n-1 pet~tion schedwithout gettultg dis:~mC'~e<cl which YOlJJI~g elalms u ~e, Weber llI:cti.\teiy p'ml'lllDtes the sport of is anmcredtble asset for a high pe,fQI'llI'H,ce corabtned Ol'i\l'iing_ ~-!e SCI'"\!C_~ at the highcs~ ath~'e~e, levels of the sport ira thie United Stal:~sllJ(Jue:s~I'ilan Federation (USEfJ. He is currently 0;1 the Board of Directors, the H ig;l.l .PI::J:lmnmnce 1J~·jving Comm iU,e,,", the Nati(l,]a~ ~)rivi ng Co~nm:ineli!, the Safery Comm il1Jee amid he as also Chllim~all ofthe i!ct~ve Athletes COI.'I1luHtee and the [)re_~sage Search Commjttee. le~II'a~ more by v,islting W\ ... wdll~s:~er~ber.~om or ..... ww,20 lOlll itecbweg.blogs])ot.oom.

7:oom Webef" win-s Ke-ntucky Cup m:rfl Lf!iI1inymr:r Driving Clflssj'c-.Oct 2009 iJJmw~lflrte:t;f o!JUPR

'The Kentucky win was an ex~llen~ way for Weber W WI<lip tip 2009., a }''ea:r wh ~cn saw Tea m 'WebcT dominetl rng th:e .FDIJI~ In-Hand divi.sion by winning all events enre~"Cd_ W~b~l· now .~-Ia:s !'lis s:ight"S set o,n the :20 itO World t;t]tLe5trilltl G1111il'f~S .. ndis currently rsnked No, 1 Dl1~he lJSEf'sFom'" Irn·Hmld Se~e<cwl's' Ranking L.~st for W~G- Whikt 2009 has beC'~ a sreUa r y,~tlr for Weber, it ott the heels ·of all equlIlly Sllt"Les:!lflli Ilamt hb:~~dCll~ 2.008, Weber' _~mxessflll~ 200n s!,!mUler ~i1I.mpa~gn in 1::~ll'1)p'" earned him an Indi'll'idua ~ Sliver M'(,!M I in tlll,e ~our-iJ:l-Hiilm~ WOirM Driving Clilampiol1iships in Bees!!, The N.e~hel'l.mds ~ nlllki ng him lh'e fj l"St t!lnel"fcan W eVeJ" ,~ ... in all I nd::ivtdl,l.a,1

Introduction to Endurance

By Car-oJ B~"Clc;!lnl'elJ

ReJOIt1W]Y ~~ew to I~EI. circles, the SpOI't of endurance us a rrua test of IWrseman shi p. COJ.npet1i~ionSre5.ll horsiElllncl I''r tem~~s agai nst a pN'sC'r~bed W~~~1lle eompleted ~ nthe fastest possrble t:ilm~, meeting stl'~ct v,etel'anar" i~n c:dter.i,m, at check puum1ts: thn:m:ghout Ute ride. Courses are usuaUy cross- country with Itill!.lI<!1 obstacles, such as creeks, ditches, roads ;md for'~5ts and can be qulte technlcal. E!1II~ uer disrnnces in the spnrt (lffe~:edl SOC) and 1 (l(l l:n~~e rides . In mm"C l'\f'Cent YC'<II'S 25 mile rides have beenl'l c8JtaJyst~o brh~g new riders into the sport, t'.h:m~ recentl),:, 75 mf~e rallies <Ire b~illg offered lIS a "stepplng swrne~ to the (llndu!Ol!1cc ~istanc~thO!~ wm be ~)at"t of the WHlG 20110.

Co.Lllpethiol1s .iI m gmremed by the A:rl1l,ericllllJ Endurancc ni,de Conf~rel~ce (AE.RC)rl!i I,es. Hll·sancti,on~d cotnp'~litiort$ follow AJE RC guidelines ClOiSdy; n,e e){ceptLoll is fEl. eve nts hnv,e more strin§em nl~.e.s, Sl!C.~ as hol'S,El's I~W! ~s tng down m, a !'esting heartl:'<lte with in 2 H

mntj)wrzd DJ'~ pa1}e 15


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SATURDAY NOV 14TH 9:00 .. 5:00

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Penifs ILe,a.ther lU' . ~ 7111 N Dale Mabry Hlwy Lutz, IF!. 33543

.51.· .... 5. sad.rIIl.ery. :.. .-' .... We!rre IO.'~~ledNOI;:h Of.COUtlly Line Rd." &: South of Hwy~ll

Parker IlErdeir • rise (ln3)~94!9~0909 _ >

- - . p -. Regull.tlif Hours: IYton-Fn: "110-5 ,. Sat & S~n: 10'-2


Pri.zlel~sts .3.wHable for Dale ACaJ,((e'my Showjumping Toumametst

[October 15th. 2m),9. OCi!ll1i.FL)Prhe~uMs are ava iIIable for The 11a~e Academy Show jiUfl1Jpil1ig,t1ame:tl~ tn be held N{~\I' :2 0, 2land 2:2 <It The OCOIIa Bquest:rian Con~ple:>;, O~l.a, FL, T~1e show ~~.m,1! N'S a~hNe·daJ sd]e~hl!~~ of jum~)~r cOIli1p(;'~ib(m of[el~lIig 53{D,OOOun prize I1ilOIll>Cy:

H~gh~ ~glHs in the schedule are the Fut!!lrE!s Pili::.:, 1I1l:d Classics for C~1ilo1jflu'!tl~t and ,lr/AO jumpers. ass ... e~.~ as the HlI~,e' Acadel'llylEqu,esnia~n ProgtaJ.nFit.a~.s, Spe,cial events wiH il'lcl.~de a F.r.h::lay iri,ght ~hibttlOr !J<lrty. V~,p t<lb~es wu~h a Suw:l<IY .Bru~'h. and a COlmtry f<l~1' \lJith [<lInny acuvities,

Centrally lOC<i~C'dlQ d,ownwwn 'OICOIIa. til~e \!Ie-nl!le ~S coulp1r.usedl of !al'ge covered 1Il'ena. ami schoo~ul,gll"ea with MO o!!iMoordllgs fOI' sclaoo~ul,g 111101.11 grassfiel.o1 for the eountry f:mur andvendor areas, Seve~m~. h~ndl"edJ pel'll~,mel]t stalls for sti!lh~tng<il:ld. ~ adocr \'end.or areas a~nd i:w,)ol>C(lfl~I)~eteth.~ [acmt)(,

The show wm benefit na~e- Acatlemy, an il'ldep endent school fm·Pl"l! 1<-12th grade 5rudcn~rlhm rs a 501 C' 3 n!OI]-I)IIofitorg~miz<l~iQIL Hale l!'ClldeIliW is <I. nQ.IIi'·~C'ctal.;, lndependeut sehoel aomeditedl by the NmiOllllll .Assadlltion of ~lto1'B!pe.nd!el]t Schools (NA~ S.), ~he f.lur.ud,<t. Cuul'lcil of ~[J.d.e',pendien~ Sthoul:> (FC~SJ<ll:ld. the F'~o'fuda Kil'ldergartelil. Cotll'ld~ (FJOC), .~ts n~is:sion. ~$ to provide a t:rn(jit~onat v"Jutils-cente:red edm:at~olna"nd develoll Srud~!l~ ded~'<lt~d re a hf~tj me (If lean!~ ng, leaders d(;roowd to t:hc~r civic !,~SI)Qns~biIWes. ,<Llllid Vi8~01lliarics eager to accept the cha~~enges of a g~oba~ soc~ety, IlIimkH~ioll to- the-il: e~ceHem academic program.s. Hale offel.""S 11 varuety of extra currlcular at:tiv~Ues il'ld!lld~ rig an equ,esniO'm Inogrn~iIl t,n~ghtlJy P.III'1 linen, The progrnn.l is geare(j~owa:t'd a weli-wlmdetl ,eques:tri<ll~ education ~1~wrp{lI';;IJti:tlg leOlmi~,g W car!;l[tlr d]!;l hors!;l, ~Jr I)Ony, alo!\l/,l witl] riding ,a,ll,a ool1il~)et~lIig.

We loa!!: fOl'W'al1d t(j, seeIng YOI!I lIt~he- show in Nmrel11lber! [,leaSiB' c0'IJ1md SUSlI11 l3e~nSi[)I1 I Some'r~et SportAn lIt (3:52) 5.28 4763, 01' vill email atsspurrt.<!Ctrllti.. YUl! ~n:Lay 1ib;o visit OlU webs~tle: M~w:,hales.hO\\i'jump~ ng..cQln for pir~z.e ~ ~$t"S, .i'ldvert~$~ ng am~ SI)Ol'lsorship illliomlat:~O:tl. Be s~ro to. reseJ."'\fe your progl'mn aJI. or VIP tOlJ)1~ b!;lfor~ No,vember 10th-

~/n the order of fl"t:lture we can!lot render Dfme!lts to thrJ~je from whom we ,-e·rf!il1f! them. or on Iy seldom, But OU! benf:{rl wt!'

receive m tlst be re~dererJ og,aln. Ut'le for fine, deed /01" deed, ·cent /or ,en t. to somebody- N ~RQ"lph Waj,do E"mer.~on


iBqll!E!,st:rian commU!mity eemes tegetherter ¥'OUII..g eques'triam who s1!lffe·r;e·di 'lraM;ic )'08:8

lE<'ldl of us J.'ti!c<tUs o~ur .)t'CI'!lItla and the horses Ul<'lt ~'1elpe{~ fra~n1I.e' t~u~ person we hoped! W be, .Miadiscm My,ers,. a 16 year oM Hrl<lndo equestri<lll, had 'that sp ectal hOl'se. ,aJ'fettuo:nate~y caned ~1~Qh;t~!l~ aka Ii olden Oil. ,m 111 y.e-<I r old HoI8~eiI1el': Ma,aiSOilli. who is IWnllC' schooled and ,o1l!1a~~y ern rolled in the ~10InOl's pl'Ogmnll at :Br;ev;1rd COI1J1mtmity College 111101. the recipient of 111111111 st;ho!lII'SJml eq~.e5tri!.miillWlII·d;5" worlked tirelessly un rntdUple j ebste Duyner own horse, An. ~vid eq~iestlfl<lll. with drtw<lll.d spirit she fQolmd 1;]oMcm for :$1 '5,Oml [)esp~te flaws in h~s ~nitia~t!'<lil'ling and condit:~on she ~)ul1cllased h i~ni.1l , :2 0 08 andwdCQi~llJC'd ~1iln lIS par~ of tile !fmI1ily, Her goals racluded ShOW311ig ~1Ii Flof.udll 4·&-1 and! USBP mted show:s~ Madison hadllplplUed to the 2:0109 lE!mel.·gti ng A~h~e~es P:rogrlllll held by the USHrAw~~h dtn~d~~n Mela~n~.e' Smitlh Taylor but {~id not malre~he ZO'.ule .. cut S<]dden. but 11O't, j n .Madison's q~~est to llecome a well rcuuded ami e~h:tcat.ed ride!; she bn)\lg~u. t[olld~n to, r~(lI'ida Oc,t.ob~l' 3-4, :2 0 09 to parnclpate illi the Mel:illliie SlIlit:h '[':ii.ylo~: Cliinic being, held! m Heritage Horse S:hmlo's. Mao1isolll arrived w.uthhe'.1' tmirn.e~rBridget IllIIplll.·nta!:Iei!llll~ ng a iJld re1idiy f;or <1l:ly challellii1W' Sh.e' ~'1<ll'Ld~edt1i,,,.o, :[lIU days olr rM.Hng and lean:1~ ng where she "".<lS ro~tinely silllflle(1 O'~lt by Me~anie for her p.axtic~l)ajtioll, deilj,c<lliol1i u tu ril o~t muJ c'Onun~tnt~!lt W ~h,dl~!lg~., l~ndQ~bt· eJly this washer best I'idj ~g ~~l~~I~d.~a,k~~g ~~olme fond lIi~emo'ries of rid~lIig wil~~ an m.ympil1JJll!

Sadly 011 he'.r wlIY hOlllle. ahno.-st ten m~ antes from thdr c1eM:i[Ja~iorl, <l.rI.other veh~de dipped the bacl!.: ofth.eir ho~roo~ra.~ler s:e~nd~ ng Ithem fl~ppjng down, t'he ,hj,ghway. Mother, Marion a~l~ MaJdisoin were l:tl.~ure~ and taken by h~hcQ'Pte, ror UJ'g~!lt ~l!eJicall c@I!"lC'with d~" fate orH,olden unknown Wlhellill, H.olden had thal1kfully ~~lIIrvivect ahh,l)ugh.~he- u'Udk@lmi tmf~er\...-en~ deli~o-I!ished!, .. It :ilppelll'ed Ho-ldE!'1Ii may ha:Ye esuped a ~]anid! b!llt siild~y t;wtJ days .~SJter h.c' pas;s''E:,d 1iWily. ~ 0 t]u.c'sUon. a devastated"

Ul'lbe~mowllst to M,ad~$On, she h.adm.adern,any frie:tl!iS<ll Uw din~!c." <ll1id (Iru."Oough laer ~ra~ ne:r Bri(~get ]mparall), everyone sprang, j nto actiQ'~ W ~1~lp hctll the \l;'ounds~h<'lt willi deal'ly follow ~~el" ~!OS8 ,of .Holden" I!l!Irope-<l.IIi. Warmblood St:1illiOl~ Zemnllin, (ewsZ,iCOIlII), andluts OWIle'rs, ·!Evelyn,. lUrich, Sven arnd .fiotiJl'O :ifrd, bl"eeders of !lm<'lzing Wll:I"mMou[Js, irnlllil.ed:i.l'I!ttely uffc!red le, Carlos. a five ye-a r o:.ld. IJ eautifiIJl CneS:tlil:ut: gekltng ~:o Madtsoin.~o f~lmher her rh:lhlg goals, Ullb~l'mownst to' a~t L~ Cark~s <ll~rl ti.old~~ shar~~ sin~i.larb:Ned~ng, a OO!11~Olt to. ~MadiiSlo~], J~S1i<;! PradQ of Plallit Cil;y, who h<ld~r.ail~l2:d OInd showll Le ClII'lo:sfor 8 months aot her ,expense,

gave up her sales OOlMI!ITUS8UO'n to- ens,ul"!~ M.m,rli.solli reeeived le Carlos,

NlIt~mll1ny knowntralnersaed riders, such as Fr:<inkM!I(!:: Madlden Show StaMcof NY, f~aru,M Cho,pp~ ngJ]el'll'lifer ]ola nstol'lor S>o~o Sh~w St.ab~e's of HC. Scott S:t~'W<lrt of Wen~Il,g· ton, }osee and Jack Siwdd~ ~g of [) ,~fu.'VtloJ StOl!bl~s of PA, and We"llh~gW~1!.. ~cm~if~r Pap~>cni!k of NYlInd We-nIllg~(m, ~1<1V>C' 8l!1bllilHrod. g~i ccnific.mme-.sfor trni!ll~ng~essolls for M.m,dison. !:lath ~ n Oc.ml1lllnd Wellilllg~ol1 d!!lr.ung ~h.e' 2:01 10 5e<'l~XlI1J,

Sho ..... tuille Horse SlIle~ has pro'ilide{~ a free (<Imp s:e·SS~()1'I al'ld show h'1l~ n:i,ng, visit [W'WW,S~hO\l,'tjnte~;~orseSa~es,oom)i; L.e C,n'~o$' transp<ll'tation was graciously JOi~ated ~y w'!N1i!.i':Eiquestrian(ion~g~Recrl;l!~t~!'.com; DennO! ,Iolmson ohhe C:one~e Bowmd .~uvitatiQIIi<lll has donased 11 racktrunk and! equipment; Miss')' M'cNeHI, of OGa~:iI,lI gift cel"tt:~fic";1t.e ~or equupR1em; $'liOO wor~h. of e(luesh-jall photos has been prrovitled l1y ]ac.k Ma~ndl'lionl'lfel~ ungto~n; ,I cusrem horne ~o<tter-y vase tron'l w1;V!;l,iI.Bates:Pl)ttery,wm in th;e meu]ory ,of t[Q:~d~~; bl2;aJlQtifu~ cry.sta~ euseom 'brow band fron] SttOlIHon Stoillie'S; ,custl)illill ar~lJolrk ,or Ma,cii SOIli'S horse Holden fmm ~I'~C Smi.d~.; a [I'ee two day c~ul1!icm 'Heritage Herse Shows ,emnplemel]ts of Herutage and .1EI1iI~ch and Lauren MedJl~ n; Insurance [olr l~ ClIr!o.s was pmvicled by Jarn.e M{)Gui[e.,iBol"lI'Iie H;Jv~ n. l.orrajne and :Renee :Roe of Showbo<lt St<lbles, N<lI)les. Flol'id<lOllld. sHe~~t dOIWl"S, The donattens ke>QP ~our,ullQ:ull,

MOidi so~ and her ramiily al'~ s~~~~chk$S O!l th~ Mndl1eSll ,ol11fple'~e equestrian ~~tI;E1l1ge-rs. Just\i'~ewing MlIdisl()l1's Faoe-book p!iigiB' the'.re is lila- question that H olcle.n was supe'.r special,

Madison's goaJ .~5 to, atte~l1d<l rj{~tng ooU.c'ge to pursue a deogre€ ~ n.It:!J~ ine Sc~e'nce and she ~o{lks [on'Van1 to apl)lyn ngfl)lr "" le<lmer jm~ge w~th usm! <It age 211- Mad~sonhas alrea~ ~o~m~d~h~ ,charts hy wi~ming n~apy ohhe<Hi jilldg~ng OOllil~)et3tioIliS, Madjsoln',~ dll'cam is W particilpa~e- lIt the 2010 USHJA !lmC'r;ging At~]lere8 P'.mgrlll1l1ll1d gi\!lern. the s!lIpportt of the a.Dove' tnlil:lel"S lIml c1u'nors. we' f€e'~ (lollfidem sh!e is welJ on .her way to setu~r.ung rh~<lse take I~ule UU:'le to co~ntact by or e-ntOli~~he vau~ous donors a~d thank the'nl for what they ha\l'(ll clotnefof M<ldiso!1, They loo sho~ld he .a.ppla.udcdl flw t~]~ir g~nel1ous gifts ,or ~h>C'~I"~ime al1d t.:illl2'IH.

i.e Cflrtos. Madison Meyers &: trainer.


SUCCElED~and Welli:ngt~Jm Classic Df'iessage present USETfoundatiol11 Holiday Gala fumdra~ser

Lauren .fishl(!( for Phelp~ .Media GrorJp. Inc. In tenr(ltiol'JiUl

Well i.llg~on, FL - S>e' 24, 2009' ~ SUCC~IED@ <lI1JU Wen [ngwn C~<lSSUC Dressage ~vm be hoslii ng an e%c:i ting ,&I{IHday Ga~a r'ulul!'OIis>er on Dec~n]b er 11 - 8: 1l2. 200~', to bene.r:i.~ ~he Uni~d S~<I!les Uqw~str[OIn Th!an~ (US~T) rO~~lld.ati~n" ·Th~ 1}"I~.a win fearul'e some of d"lIe biggest mimes in the equestrian world frem a unique 'COnl.IbLlla~ion o,f disdpl:i nes, an mnflingtogetiler fo:t 01 good C;JJlIIse ,mHI ~ome hoU(~ay f~m, hi. atldiUonw raisirng money :fo:r the USIIT F,o~mda:tion and S1.lpporti~,g the future of the eqmlst-ri<lll sp~)ort.. tlw Uohday Ga~a win als(I hell) f.a n~iJit;'$in need d~!rti ~g the ~101i(lay seasnn by ,c~Uecti~1g dOllatio,n!! for the Wt Mari !TIlE' Coep~ Re~e.rvcchm'ityT"oy.~ [01" Thts,

.He~d lit the Hill Brandon li:ques:trian Cc'ntC.f ~ n Wellillg~l)n.Fl., lhe usn I-!IQlicllllY Ga~~ F!J:n(~r<lis~'r will bean. eQlleSUrU<lll ,ev~'nt: lik€, ~lOiru~ other, 'The ga~<l wUl f~a~,ure acorn bhla" ti 01'1 of Clil~ics, fun demonsrraetons, team OO~m]!iltjtiQns.. and man.}' 1101 iday SII! rpi,iscs from sorn1~ of the top horses 01 nd rtders in the mUIHl'y: T1~e I.i~:t of equestrian stars already signed. up'~a prm rtidp.a~e inchides Sr.eUB'n Peters, Gina Mile-5, Courtney King Dye, David &. &\:;'Ir'J;lIJ O'Corllllwr, Cllles~er Weber, toto:nty ,Robert:>. Kate !..e\lY, Pierre St J'<lC(I~~es. Sa m.ara~ rha St, Jaoq\les.~iawley n~n nett,: lami. ~;~O<lg, Kim Gentry, Cathy· Wieschhoff.r~~.!lne 1OLn~bNdlt.. and Jl..ynn Pa'i n~. S-C'l{era~ odlcr top n.un~S' Oi~' e;,:pecwd~o tII'l.:c part and will s{mn finaHz,c' their plans,

Alo.rngwLth the IDI:('i.ting equestrian perf 01" manCl!3'5" the l-!Iolid1l)' GlIla win f€!atll;re a t,m;temd VI P din:ner !Ind. tmi'lIlorng with a fmtdra U5~ ng ;m~X[on fe<ltllri~ng macny olle--,of-<I-kitl,dh:i.glil {~oHar it:ems, 1hJI<! IhnBrandoll. E(~uesn'ua n Center wi~ ~ also host a special shop~)ing vi~ ~<lJ.g~, fe.a;ttll!ri~~g Welhngwn's fOlvorite w~d(lrs,.~""h,ich ~speereet ~m' lIny lasllnin~~te h,ohcl:ay !} 'U'i,ckets for the USRT' Hol~day Gala Fundralser are on sale now, 'Hekel p.ridl~g will be $ [75 for VIP seati ng pCJrn ight (if VI Pseat~ ng is purdt<lsedfor both njghts tlile price wm De' $,275 [or the Ucket) and c$3 Q for prefierred s~at~llill (per night). There will ile M d~sco<mat for pun:hasiI1Q: 1)I\eJe"l!~~ seat.~ng ~ort';",o nights.

For [u rtther inform;a~iQn and W pl,n:('ha~>t;! hdkets; please eoruaet tie ke t s@we I ~u ngto r1'C la5SL c d reS:liag,e. ('0 m, Inquirles to this email .1Idd~·e5S 5noulcl incllucle, ·USlEiT Funu ra i.5er'" !'I] the slllb~ett Ilne, ['lease' I'IOi~ that ~Mlrtidpal'ltsand (lWcnt-s <ll',e s~lbje~t W

change. .

Face it. 1'0 havea Ul'p' pc'rfQrman(le horse, whether it is fu.r the J\.Utech Wmcld !;qucsrrl'i:il:n Games or UI!I~ loca~ show drCll~~. ym~ need to have a great learn and a superior IlI.Itn-j~ion8J1 progrmn. AUrech parteers wHh feec~ ,c~n~palties around the globe to bril1g~he g lIiillity natural sl~pplements to hlgh pe:tfoon'tt'l<lrJIOO feeds. In'! fact wHit 21 Oir tne'~op 25 feed eompanses htt ~he world now using Allt-ed~ preduets, they set the sta adards ~ ra l1i<lml<lll'lmriUol1a~ so;.lution s for the feed i ndus:try.

One of those oon:i,Pa:niJes is L.a~I,;;'ji'ld N~lti[Hiofi G:roup, I..L£ hi L<lk'€i.<lJn.d, FL, pr{)(!uce.1I of ~he Im'm~ium ~~ne Sijgmlnu"I! Advanc~d Equine HutrLlioll Fomwl<ls- A \.:Je'yi,ngrediel'lt inth(\'se feeds is Alkcch's organic selestem, $cl·Pi!:l1ll@. which is m'~taholized at <Ii h~:gh"r ~evel than acn-organic .SOI!l1.roCCs_ S'e~eniUl~ plays:lI~ll<ljor role in~he funetinn .of thyroid hormnnes wh ~ch affect such physiological fUI,1C~ioIlISllS~

Heart raw (.Ind Cardiac omp!Jt B~athi.n.g R~ re, OtJhz.(Jdon of Rat'> and C~::wlj(11WdroL'fi'S Basal Metabolism, Tissue Growth

Seknil!l!n~ ~s also key in ke~pi!1g, tncnQI'se's OlIT~io:~idill'~t def~[Ises· <I~d ullilmne fUl1cttiQ[! opti!l:lal dlillri~1g exeretse. 11 gl1[)wing, body of scientific evidencesLLppm,.t~ the use of Sel·P~el{® Selen~1:I111 produced by AHtecn, over i:norgmlic soa rces s nell as sod hun selanite, A horse with su mlCn,B'liIt levels of ClJrg:<Jnic seleaiam ;i 11 it-s Mood exercises mere ,effk~,erJdy and nl'CGVe'rs more quk~dbr,. In. uthe:rwords, selemum contri bures ttl li1<1i.nt:a:i.ning the' .hor.;>e'~, ab.uli ~ to f~ ncti.{m optirna.Uy in c(ll'l'l~)etitiol1" recover efl'lclentlY<lnd malnta in peak pe'rforl11lance,

Sel-flex®i s fe,u;lI,!~~d in .a U (If the ~)!'erotl!l!!l] Sjg!l,a,nu,~ bra nod h(l!,s~ f~cds prQdu"~d by Lakel aad Nutl'ili0l1 Gl10up (I..Nl» loc~ted i 0 !.akel'and, i~IOI'~da_ Fo .. n~Q~"e j I1Iformatio n <'Ib(lu~ ~'Hgna.tlJ 11C' produetsandto ftind:ll dealer near yo III , please call lakelmnd N!l~riti,o;n Gn:Hlp fo;r n10re UnfonMa· tione ClIll ton free (BOO) 682 -614-4-. References available 0111 request.



Qllest, '18rl WEG 21110

n~inl!ti2s ofaJ!il'ivaJ at vet ,checks ~'mdJ 11Hl lise of spurs or crops to create r,orn:BJm movement, At the com p~eti.on oteach ride, horses muM: be deemed "fltto ClOntunue~~o receive a (lOrnp~e. tion,

The lop ilO fil'llsMl1Jg horses are eva~uOlJt:ed (lis~uany 1l ffiI[J~ur [rom oornplel~ullJ J for the Best COmld uti. on AW13JI-di,

CO~(lhI:lO!liIlJ;: of dl~ ~](l!fS!;! u~ p!'lr<l']lo~nt, a~ all dllstal1Jces are covered In a s:~ni!l~e dlay; Ve!.:er~narians sanctioned ify the AERC qjUlickl.y evalearethe I]()r.~e's ah ~lity~(l I'~C~V~f' qjUiickJy to 11 resUl1Jg heart rate, then sound aessaad hydlrn· tlon f;:Hcl;ors de ~en[J.i.lle ~ r a. l'Iorse uS JH~o eorttinue, If a ~Drse fails 1:0 rn.e,e~ the head rudle v!;!Wr~,]ar1~Jn!~ criW!fua. theYaJree;;:~1;i[5!;!di from the com p etiUo~,

Mofny horses com p eUng at nstto n'!a~ and i aternadonal ~eve~s ~ave ea r~y show careers, Some centinue to ~ompe~J;lin QtlJ](;!l"dusciplil]!;!s,. .lOressage, fur e){< is extrerne~ ~usdiJ~ for ~a~er<l.1 [lexiM ~H:.y a ad pmp er movement to ,]egotJla:~l:! nlOre technlcal tJ[<I~k Sl}wral event~ ~g competttors use endu ranee to co mJdtlllol1J thei.r horses. OllJe of tffile fi.rst~o realize 111'1e benefits of cross ttri3Jining was Denny !Ern,ersoml, who oo,~ij nlil~s to compete in bmh dL5d~l~ ~'](;!$. S1.~ce ~e first WorM Cl1amplo ~shl p In 1936, USA Ehdurante hes \1\'01'1 '7 limdjvidual <11'1(1 2 1'ei1m Go~d Medals,

llll!l ndreds 0 f End t~ ra ~ce eompetnlons place e'Yery year1'lC"toss AmerH:;-aand are I"1Ip~,dI ~y ~ mI rOl"elgml countries, !Endlur· al~m is OM ohhe fa~ti2st~I"Owiflf;:di,s~~~)linl:!S ill l10me spor'ts todlay;

AER!C S<il!Jct.i.ol!Jed a~nd .FEi~.-S<1.l!JGti.o:ne-d ri.des wu~ I be hJe~d ~ nFloridai from DeClBmlbertthmugh March.

V~sJt mese web.sHes t:or more ~ ~fo: www.arec.otgur\i!.f\¥"W.elldur-<

Dil. Al CapDne? h~ Porttw~1 at E'11mpean Champ,iotrships

Photo Crodit; :P(1lmela Burton

'Che:ryl Van Deusere Endurance

Che.ry~ Van'! Deusen of Central F'Iori.da (an'! Arab~a~ SW)!ft HOI's!;! Brl:!edjer and TEAM USA Su~ver MedlllJ~:ist i3Jt 2009 PalN'1rnerUCami Games In Urll!lguay) and her horses compete ~~ .EndlJr~ ance aMong other d isci p~ines BUC~. as Dressage" Sport Horse Under Sat~dI~e and hi Hand CIa~S!;!S: a nd CO'llIW~ib\'~ Trail R:id~s ~ n adda~ullJ to Arab tallWor.king Hunters a.lm-d ]Uimpem .. ~11J September 2009. Master Rerorter,. one o.f ~er Amlg~o AI'illIbi.i3Jn~s (no.w oWmle,dI amid sffiluwrl lily KatJie Heue mallJ of Orlando, r~oridOi.) l:!aJmed tWQ NaJtliO~lJ1I 1 C~]aJ'npio~~hiW' 2nd leve~ [llJ1ess<tge { A'iI'RallJd A01[R) a~ t~e AlI"3b~a~ NalJl.onal Sp ort llorse ChampJo~shlrs along wH~. <I Top Ten ~ mI 3i-d1 level dressage {4th),

CheTY~ started ~k~ta!N~ r~din~ about a y~!'I'''S ago to !{eep her show horses f~esl'l. Shetakes at ~e<!~~ fo~r ye a rsto bu~ M<I oo!]lp~~ibv~HH) mile horse with the hi3Jsi.s to last for many years, SIn.ce she breeus an of her horses. they are pa r~ of the [i3Jrni Iy so there is an ~ n utiial year of 25-30 mi~e rut~es aRera y,ea.r of showtng as jl!l!.llUQ!f horses Ull Spon. HO!fse<lnd dressage classes, At six. thehorses move !J pjo slow !:In mUe rides foU·owed by Increasing speed on one or l:I.~o loops 1H a ride. It isthen time to determl~e whether me horse has both the phys~ca~ ahilHY to dJo the joh w~llaJIl d tihe IT! (;!fI tal acumen necessary for~he lunger rudles. Some horses are hsppler at SO m ~~e Ii des, w~ ~~e others ~o ok forward 1:0 go'ing longer dlistlm(les. Cheryij. who's fO~ll!IseJ on bull!d~l1Jg slx FHI pa~~I)Qrtedi horses to cr~.atc·aJ .str~,]g ofdgib~e horses for n,e:d y,ear's race, WdS a.1m alternate tnr USA Ea~~ (which won th!;! North American Endumnce ThaIn C~~ Uellge Goldl Medla~ at t~,e WEG ~.nvltatlona~ rldleln I...ex~[lgwn, KY October 1L4th)" Choos~ngi3J representativ,e [0'1' Q~est foil' WEiG 201[0 watS a to~gffil cl'loi~e gilYe.1m dl~ 105 people O[l tJhe 2009 USEr Eml~raJnce R~deif Ranli:"ulmg LUst (ERRL) and '!Ate wm [J1lJ~'y have 6 on the USA sq ll!Iaa for ~ext yeOlir: I mJ GVeri3Jn point si:.;mo1 ungs .on the ERRL she ~s ~mI tfuJe Top len. overall and fuJav~l1Jg mUl~Up~e homes racing fit & ql!Jldfi(;!d ~-5 a vel'"Y .st'Oi)~gfic choice gO~l!Jg jim~O l,l'le se~e'G;ti.o~n rnde's which wlU be hdo1 ne;;:t J~I~e.

Hilda Donahue:


We?'Llt? beenj'olJowing Hilda Sl1lCt? A119<15[, A.t J:a:s.t update the polr wlIscompetj'r,g at a CIC 3 ,.. at Poplar P$~ce in Ueor.q(a Sept, 23-25'fh where they finbhetJ 6th, (For past is~ues, vI.sit www.cfeque:!ltrj.~n..CDm~:mddickon.tfie 'vJit?w my documents on ScriM' butWn.)

0'11 Ocrrob(;!r atfu!. Hno1a. ,& Ex~ra\< .. gal~ce ~ef;t n, to begil n'! tihe~"[ ~ollney to les ]tlou~es t~e r-.m. a n:~.

4- WEG ql!l!<'IJifier ~[] FraJlCl:!, fheirtJ[<I"~£s ~l!Jd~lded stops jim Sc. N].a IIigffilt to AmM€rt£am Q~ dle l!2dlJ., a Wl:!n·des~~o1 n'!$~ ~[l l3~lgi~m and funi3JUy the arrival un Pa!1l on the lSt~. You ca~ find dletaHed dOliUy updates at Vlf'iN"!.v:as~InO'!"'nabona~news.

[!las S; Octob~if U

!EXtrd'ifllg;;lnCe flllJ .. ny arrfved IIlJ .Pau--vmat: <I trIp! He has been traveUJng for B days.,Jam thankfUlI tlhi3Jt Andll"e amid! l am M travel wuth ~ urn to be sure ~e received me necessary attennon a'ldicarc" ]t \o\1as,~sp~cfialJty nice to have Soo!Jt allJt~ KeUi meet up wlt'l'l lUIS; swn adiTlUllis~e:red 1L0 liwrs offllilids W I:!xtJ[<lvag .. mcl:! whHe travelHng from Parts to. .Pi3JU aHm,~i[Jg !EKtlmJV<lg<t.n,ce~o arrive ln prime condlnon,

We are srnh~ed dose to the s~ow groundls,i3Js show' stahnng wm M~1il e ope'netl llllJlil la~€ S'I,II~d!'lY, The sJi;¥lif at Xavii er Ri.d ~Il~ Schoo] 1S friendlly and belpful, Ex~ravaganae has settled ~ ~ ~ln.e, Al'ldire has driven from Or~ami 0 to New Yorki3Jno1lElelgtiUlll to Pa u .. what <I sport ~e hi3JS been and his main focus has been E;x.trav<Igal~C'e"S comfur~" We aN ~ow off for S"(Ime Fr'!lncffil c~j;siMatld mach llJeetled rest,

Day 9, October il6

Mr. E~travagal]C'e' is fe~I~[]~ ql!l!itt;! wdl ~h1s momi.tlg and all offfil is vttalsare Mtm1'l1. '!A'€! walklldl and hand .~a<!1~d for Oi.~ Iwur. W(;! will go fo!"' i3J ~ack and do a dlressage s£hoo~tthus afternoon., It was wry I1Jlce watchll1Jg d'le race horses \II!O["-k elarly~~i.s morning; Extl.'ia\i'l3J§anClB WilS so '!A'€U behaved as ma.ImY g;;lHuped by. Extl."v1!)~<lJnc~ wO!fk(;!d w~11 Loday; !'I Iigiht hack <lllJt~ short tlress<lge Sd'iioOI. An '!i~ta lis are aormal, al1JJ fuJels eating wen. Ihe US horses faccomlng to~~e grooms] are -faUing apart" and our vet, Scott Lal1igto~. has stepped ~n, Let's hope they '''i;!OOVJ;lr hy n~;,:t Wed,~e$da-y. We aT" taking blood every oltffiler day1'ltld sellJenng ut i.1l ~or drug scree~ ~n.g J~st to be sure. I;]e Is 011 good gra.~Il, good .h<ly, legendl, .AdI,equall(,. e~edroly~es" vl~m~ ~s and se~en.IUJm. Tomorrow we wUI work ~]ard~r.

Tll~ Pau CO 4* w~s held on OU. 21st fhrough 2Sfn, Please visit www;cfoqr.olestrlan.cGm In "iew the? r:ri1su,/'t&,

fiUda Dmwlwt?tit. fxtroVi1gmKI? 2009 f'ho,w CrnHf: Shill'Jnor~ Brlnkm~t}



A!8,chll!Q rill'll! 8: I..~m\}er tll~(I(!n~ St.illLclil

.tlmb er Gh:m .~ced :& Tack. [}&W

~ackwm}[ls Vc~ Cli.nk [1<1 i I.~y's I'~'cd &; Pc~ BanringtIlIOo leull :S~~(B"'s Bull Run

C&~<ll S~1i"e rilnt~rb!ll:ry Slllo~v~~n~ce C113zjl~ Tn~II!'a!1o:e [Iwillow reed

C I reus FC<ed &, SUPllly Clermont Eq Fc-ed ·!l:i.Ta~. C:OilSt: to C.oust: Trr-dliler Sales j)'al~'~ rC'~tI 8. F(iI;:DL~

j)1IJ'lIbl~ ZZ ~~'i.~d

I::<I~~ C(]! 1j(I.LUinc

Ij.q,uinc C.oI:1J"iI~

Equine 5Ullp1ll' [I~P'[]it Fannin nill:

r~l'In City

rM'IIl& Pet: (hrl~~et nl'!81~:(ln falTi er O;iorJ~1

rIOI'~d8 Carlfilage fit useum

FOil: Lea F~,r!l1o FO)Kwood SaddleI)' GOmAShows

GOil(''ll1 Grocery :& rt'cd lIull"~ Fecd

UCUll rix :I'c(,t1

Horse &. Hound

Horse Shm,n i,1l} the, Park H(]T:o;;~·c.;,ck & Mi;l1"e Hor:O;;lmeye'rJs, Fe~Q

Hot: to "['Irot ·ua~k

Ie Sadd I,e!"),


h::rl'}, '~r'ks ~IlS~i ranee wile rarm 8;; Feell Mililb~ ~ Fecd

M.~ rj()ll Saddle C~ub M 8:1'S 1~!l<D~n

M ith"'i::~t I~ccd 8" !';ann NelsDn's 1"mi~i!!TS

Ocala !lt~ecleU"S I'e~d (kal.ll Uorrse r~(]<fI~Tties Ol.cQmuio [)I~~~~!!e Ovie~;!{1 r,ew r(HASh(!~"'s

RoekJ ng Horse e¥ents

llu'Frs Sadd le S!H)I" Sffi,dtller of Oriando Schi~rds .Hay if< H"~'Cd sr &11A $hO'w~ Se'm!no~e S~{i!feS Silver S;md~ Sh,(!<w':l

Sll~ itl{~ ~~anch & Ganlcn Span- ~'LI u~clil11l SIJP'fI~!" St()Ck;m~!15 Harness Sullii ruilll feed

Suml'£~ I::quG~tri a n Ccnllcl' l~ck S:n~c:i!; Oealil

T:tcli; SI1!~ck Ov[edQ T,1Jrllok~ Fe~d

'11!nney:s Custtom SaddilG ry "i'oI1lQ,k", F~ecl

The Fee(1 Store

The HOlY E~chilllgc

1'Iw Padd(]ck RcIJ'm Th(]I11,11~ E"!!1!d & I~ay Tro.lCW1' SUIl'I)~

'fmtllug .I?oot

Unit~d ~'~<IIY 1i~~c~

V'Il:lu ~.i-3 Fe~~

Whip, ']1 SPUI' Tack WUdW'QO{\ ~ced

Wimri Illig td:!l~'iadk Wint~'I:' Gilm,en Feeod

lEI'eru i~'.s GOQI"!!li1Jillt to ,Go Dan' l', l)um:1iJJ Treat Miassa.C!e E:qui~en

Elql!lline Cot'ra~

F,ax ILea Fa ~"m

iGf'een. Bli'olil:e Fe,etl &, SadfUe, Harne A,l::ademy

s.<lIUy L H,iIIrve-y. CE.S..M .1"; Maurlicio (;..1I;1'\[:i3." Elan,esterl~o,s l1al~eWalilJd .~'oup S(;:ott 13.nghln, nVM (livi,edio Fa li1!1!i1:y Chh~op'!i'OJ!-c~ml!;:

The Sha.vilngs Bin,

Surgi .. Ca!n'l 'C,enter for IHOIrSieS 'fllieHay fixch3in~e Whffis:pedng Pili m1S .Palr'.Ill.

Whi:tneYP~'i ~fi ng COn~I)IO!iny

i(eli'lJ~~·a.t Florjd<llE:qu.e:stlf'~an is pa~d ro~·tllimugh<ildvel:'il:t .. Wng. - '~elilJ:s'e t!en tliliem, you iJionntil the'fi'IJ thl'ough

080lla'il Florllda Equlislrlan.

Calendar ollEveols


3lHSEJIJ HlJSS:-CllarcO!'!'OlI www.sel1.~.~m

1S~untell' IEC Halll~wee:!'l Hu !'lk)r Pace 'IoWffl.sumtereQlu:eMri8ir'liOOr'l~:er .. oo.m lS1ride D.reSS<!,ye/:Drh,l'i!'lg SS·'O:cala www.SlJtided'ressag,e.Oilgl

!5..:8 CFHJA WJ 'A, 'lOlm,p!lI' W'l'iW.ciihiaonffi

6·7 'GiOtilJA.FQ:Il Cry r.mmsS'hoW' WI!Wi.gohja.ooJl'l

6.<8 !lJSHIJIA Tlaine~S~!l(lPco@iYms 16li.lflal!o Therap(luti:c: Ri:diIilQI Ceiilteil' \WIW.Usflj,cll_Org

7 ,Fillnl ln the' Sul'l WJI SSoOca1<l

\WIW,~adf·~ors~,ooliT1 7SIIIverSancis ICressage SS New Smyrna WW\'I.silve~sa:nd5..0ill

7 Fi~sl C'QlIlst tiIlJ·, Clay Co hirgr1'1lcts 'IoWffl.frrs.ooa5~hu nle~umper,~m

7 fl4BHC Open PI!~<l~!JII~ Show '\!MW,nord'ibrevardhorsemanscIIJD,oom

'7 HSI1r1P WJ @ Wickh'lI1'! Park 'I!I'l'tW,horseShowsiNlthepark.oom

7..:s: ~o>t;:l!ill1lglllflo~e Falill W!lEF HG~~ Triall E!N-IIIiWW. rockinglillorseht,oom

7.8: 'Call!~!!Mtnllry r![lll dr~!l1$<lgll', dtr~vil1!!Jj & pony CilUib le,~rathalt'm WW!N.c;lnlerbyryshO'l'ijplaw,CQIIiI

a Freedom Ride bt A!nlirmal Fall Festiiiiilil !,l.!WI,!,I',fJe-edormide,wrn

12·H'~ Fox. Lea Nov Hf.!l "A~

Zon:e 4 Rnals .& $25.'1<. Grand Prix 'IoWffl.foxf.eel:3Jrm.oom

13·15 SEHJ HlJ SS-lOlIl!'l,f:)<!!


13"15 14"15 15

19"22 2.0"22


2:1 2:H2 2:H:2 22 25"28


HSI'liiP WJ @ Canlterbu ry

lo'IW'I,!oI'.ho M::.wm

M~riorl S:ad1cUe IHiJI WWIN.marion~gd'le.wrn

"NIHil. Dressage ;S:S

Ui~~';'11 StableS-Pioe{II@$ Park \'M"W,geocilies..oomi \'ll11$ingll~ml'"$DCI SIFHJA ,Annual ChaMitv Show Wellill9,tO~ 'lNWI'lot~ft1iM()rn

Ha~e Acad~IiI"I'Y ShO'lNj;umllllFlgiGum Ocala E;ques~rian QJmplex www,l1alesh0\'4ull1!ping,oom ,GOI1lJAArrrlUIlI Blllliq~e:l WW\!l,gohja,Qom

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FOil( taa HrJOpen Show www.foxt~!!'I!r1lil.JlJDm

SUDlte"J' lee HlJ& DNssage www.$um(~reQue:"'ri~rIOe'n~er.oom BAHA, H!I.!I SS

Helerl Howartih Park· i?irnle:llas Pllr~ ,AH!AF 4®1h P,Jillil!U!aJ Tihnlt:sglvl!ng MSEFArnbliHailt·,l\JlI!l SlilIow· T'iI'll;p<a. WW\'!,

SJarltlle Up for Sl Jude Traml Ritie WalsingliTl~m IEql!eS1JfiaJll Park w.ww.g€ocilies..coml walsinghamtlorsemaooa®sool Ffeed01lr11 Ri:tle Pre.sellits!

Herrlllia!1l!'l'~ Royall ILl ppizan StaJlio:r!s w.ww.freeaon1ride . .oD,ITl

'OC'ala Shorw'J!U!mplng W~l'1IterSeinles Ot:::a:lll E.qu€s~ri8Jr1 Complex www,oc-aJ!astJollijumpiI1Q,Qom

29 IBa_nnll!'lgtooJl! HII'IlI HU!1lte'r SS· 'M'l'I'I'_barring~Dnh.lIlLOiJm

30 Bannll!'lgtoo!1l HIIIII 'C' Show www_bani"'

3·6 CFI9I.11A WJI 'It' TlIlIlp''''' ~.dliTlja,(;om

!:l Fun in tlileSUIli HI~ SS"Ocalll WWW.6Iearlfaslhorws,oom

!:l Rod::i rig 19!Orse; 3 Pti1l$ !Ii. 5S W1NW.rockitlQl1orsetJl,oom

6 08.rll~rbl,l~y Jlu;$>t JI'ultlp(jrs Wi.'iW.GiltnefDuryshO'Wl)laceJoom

5·6 IN~IFlI),re$sa9e; 00, 'I'I'io'.IW.tlfldressage,ollg

t1·12 SUiC~~" WeJlllingl(lll C~!ls$iic Dressage's usn Ho'liday Ga;la FiUna~i~r www.~ume.ede~'€nt.aJffiI 11"'13 RMI MI:d Fl Dec I WIW_n,J$I'J$l'Jom.~m

1H 3 SIEH!JI HlJI SlHampa, WIW_sel'lj-,com

12 HSIITP H/JI @ Wickham PO!!rk 'M'oIW_oorsesnOWSin1i1epark-,com

12 SW n, D~$sageShow Wlo'IW_swfd<l-,org

t2"~3 Fox !LeO!! lli/'JI Ol~n 'Ch'am,p Show WIW:~o:~leMatm .eem

1~20 RM I M~d Fl Dec II 'M'l'I'I'_ru5tJ$fIom.oom

19 Ca.i1Lerbury's HQ~r:day with Hcrse-s WINW_ca~bUl)'snowplace-,com

The New' :Lo - ... ~,~ --'-~~ 2~~~r~~~~ for The :Flloti~~~~.::;r_""""'1Ir'I1

UlCEUND NlITRmDN 6R(JU~ us Products and Solutions for the Next Generation 'WiWW:./anutri'ion -mu- . com

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W:o,rld Eq!!!lestruC'l n Games~

Kentu.cKy 201 (I

www, deQw;::str~a n. com


En!8lli~h Ridins APPI!l rei for A<i~.dts &, eh i ltil rei'! 813-737-441001

10419 eft 3.9, $() uUl, Lith ia, IF'L 33547

m iC~mlJllWlj~:11 ~,lDt mllJ, m~ I~U~

au bUt SJ~I:,'~n~~u l

IS~.~T_il: '--~n:~II'IIBnIBO Up


.' !N.lI,IltmllJl

m:l"lltltli! R=!M Sj)O~ l!tMli~ to Dro~ J!(m 'rOl' OOrnj)ilUtlOl'l, speeC, recoJlI9:t'l{ rrgm .~ and

hslp you mAXIm12a Y'DUl' ~,

C\"lU iti Q '~CI ,'lChCdull'~ an ,~ppCliiitillfmilt" !),eb ",~nlR..i!alt<en. L!t>tT (Dutc,h 'eTre~t f'l~ssQ9',e) (,61 ~}64~ "H\~Ul' www,Putth-[eIr,e~u,Qm

Sc.Uyl l H,an1ey, C.'E~S~M. T. Non·~!1Ivl.1!l$~V'e BodV l!Iork 1~'Q!r IHQI,r5e~ PhQtQnl~~ ~ij~ht Therap!J! • EqlliTne M(!!~Q~'

Pre-m ie.r H:lil!'lter Jumper Facility Ovenhe Hi'll Farm· making w;inne.r:s

au IllevlZls;, Cenua I ~:Iorida's best keipt SAKret C:om~ ride with the best fF()m II@calllevelto M(s, - De\,ilon and Iindoors,., CoIllYl'mie-l1It IOCJHo:n 11lE!I'u

$R4117atlld 1-4,

Visit ()Ulr website: www.()ti1farffi.(jom 501 0 Thomas, Sta ble Road Sanford, FL 3277 3 1107·32.2.·1912

Sandwiid1e:s ~. D£5sert.s


Dinner EnYPEEs ~ VEgEtar~an BUFFALO • BL~(KENEID

C:a~'Ering &. Pnl:va~~ Part~es MESQUTE BBO- TEIRIY,OK.I

Wine Ct.: ·B€.Er ~~._._.- _. _. _ .. _ .. _. _. -,._. - _. -, -, - _. - -, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ~

.1 !

$ 5 OF I Any ~;~~~: $25

\Mth coupon OnE (OOPGf'lIP€i'" ord€r: Not valid with <:3ffi,1 cdihEf' offErs, 1875 WEST Comfy Road 419, SUi~E tMJO, OlJiEOO,.RloMd~ 32765

Soups • Salads • DEli ~t6ms

C.:E·.V.·~.· '.. "" n· .

- ..... ~ .. Er\ sti-~.

Ct1\CK~(jb 101

:;{!PS'C fP-cM

Chef ServicES'

IDailY Diliorr' ~ at, INIMN:BErniEsGourrn€tToGo..cCfl'l

- and WE arE al;VJaiY5 (J'@~if\Q. NEWFLAVORSI

~ ~ ~_~ ~ ~_~ __ ~ a ~


OVIE.DO FAMILY' • chiropractic

Adva need I Natura I, I R@llief

'. Affordabille caire - with or without iiitnsurance

- Pediatri,c Chiropractic- (olld taser The ra IYY

• Massag,e Ther,apy • ,Spina,ll DeGo,mpression

.' Auto Accii dents • Pa,iin D'o,wn Legs,

., Neck &: IBalck.IP,ain

I mpsove mobilility and balance with Dr, Erk's care pmg ram des~ 9 ned e s)peciia i Iy fo r IEq uestri a rI s, C h ~i ropra ct i c ca re wU III lmproveflexlblllty of your spine for an easier, more relaxed sUtmng position on you r horse, [B,eUer balance equa ~s a smoother ride, g~vilrli,g you a competitive edge and symotom-free enjoyment. We are here for YOLI.

Kille-.l1le p~~I~M~i1d ~~ oiller J!I'[')IJ~ re1FOO5ot1~ for piI)'11'1~11l has a ri~ht tD relll5t' pi)'. (ill){el piI~,"~nl ~r anr ot!l~r _. t:tijl"lll~ioil, {II Irmment \'dli01 i!; a5 a ri'lull gf 3f1I! y,i.~ n 12 l1ou~ of re5JlO"ding III the ~il'terll\l1m~~t for I~ rree, iJi!lI;o\;mtNi ret, Qf ~u(t(l fee ~ct. ~amif)ijjQl1 er IrMtmffit rhl~ o4fer illllnll~ ~~R ~~I'S' ~Qf'I1~tH;lIl, ~itar~ amllor dUlOiTlotl'o-e ill$Ur~n~ laws 9!'1'ffll p~~t of tfeat[Tlflll b~ inese {arrll'f5. ThIS aM11\.ffilenl ~Jlme~B IIjI to i ~jA3 ~lu~whi!1I ma~ be ~5oed fQr)Wr ~f\t '/IsIt \'Of1kh COIn 11I{Iude ~-royllf I'!e(el&.lf)' or ~ppl~al:ft.~ l'!IlIJ llalal'!!e upon rtoIJlJfS~ rrot rtodffillal* ~r (01111 f Ni'p ta~1l on!)' J( ~eas~1)'.

www .. cfequestJriafrl.oom


PhOIO IClas,s,ifiads


6yo 1,6, 111"1 TBMI8~ ge',J,~~l jrlao p~~t. ~~lY of ,slep and 5(;ope, prOOcl to ren, C~II Jenn~ (~07)3W~

SQulhwind P'rimGtdo nna

S rr Welsh mare- COr Champ r",m. Pony Br,eeders '06,. WiDX rails, !iJlld';s ,ou~ qtJIieU;~" Mddelll in wit ~e~Dns, IbeauMul 1lIl0000er, Out {If ~is!'er ~o' dillilil of Sir Dragoo Iby 8anbury Grns:;.. SaIL~ Har;,ey 3D2-9B1-3483 ApCfika


10yo hl2 Hl geld, Very '/er~liI~ will d41 lhe 3,\6" hunters cr ~1MI1~, Gre-at ~$~ hom, ,C'<!l~ ·Joeilliili {A07}312-55B4


A.lfrla~lfijg young IPro~l! 1611 ~I;!'l~g wiltil euper a1lilude.. JmJmps e'o'efljilhingl alildl does 1ea.11 ,dliia~ges_ Ou~ 01 Just '" Charm bll~allll.00£ Grand PID:. Marse, !.mer &iy", who, 'i'lCll1 li\I'OI1):l OIlP Glass ifII T al1llp.a and A10 HDrreaf thte Yeal_ Cent8:ilIliIialr<lim@.~ari~ilI,ne1, .AS!:in91 $9,QOo...oo

Speool YO<Uf ,$YnTlmeri$ il1l b~O!ulif,ul Saratoga GoUlilt~, rNlY, wlliere~h,e IhoiiSe lis lUng.. C1l1l1 Mi3Jtj.M • ''ttle hom!!! htm"i /fiJiif' "fClI alii YiI'ur eqYine prope<r!~- needs,

1 .. 5~ B,:2Bl-lS774_ Idie. R!E agent wliKeller W'illial1i1s Sarralogi3J $:prilil!lS_'slha IHliinilller "IUIe bOBe ta.rm li3dyH IKiEIJILER \IVIlLiAMS R_EAL iI'Y SARA TOGA S,PRING'S WiN'W.Ho:rseFarms4Y,O<!lI"com

15.1 h G roey GElldin g ~tnuI6"yr~ld, greyge'k[YiIll rQ')'all~b[$j ~5:11iigree!il pr,o~b per1et~ b petite ~JiL BealliliflJJ11 PnO'l'eJ, C!J~e jumper, sweeIi. peroolilfJf1y_ ClJJienygoit~ mITe,. aavaleltis and X rails, Sensll1e and ready to ~inish yoor way_ Starlell f.jIM ,(fOSS\s.. loca1ed in Apo,jlI;a. Call Sail\" :m--981-3483,

2008 Su ndowner ,fi!tl16 Wl.BllI N KS: 4H, sr~ 6, GanaraW, Ha)' IPo\!, A'i'ifliil,g, IRarmp, SijlJili l)r",id'ElI', O\iet'$i~1 Drop CivIIn~-Hw & ~<!f, HC~af)' Wood, Gra!1!il'e CQ~!ill.pS, o.Mri~ WtiDs and CeilingS, 6.() Fridge, f',~jJ ~e Balhrwm. DuelOO AK:&. Heal, SUiTOOlfLd Soumd!, Lealtiiai Scta, RaieJy Used, Mme a'l'silable

I $19,900 for ,a, Part- Ti me J'ob in the,

E q III e strian Wor • .::II?

Seeil!dllil~ motiilvated, aJ,ggr-.essiv,e Adv~rtisi~rilg Sales RElps ili:hl!fou~,ollllt Cent!ralll IFI or! cia




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Emai~ resume:

i DUfo@dequestrrian,(. 0 m

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e I::assili ads

FiRie:E!I.J\!N:Cie: IINS11RiUCTOR DerDydiJo'Mil~rained (Mary 1J!Iarnel·Lou[se Serio) raiDcatea Jro.IiiI Maryland, l1urrtseffi,. hunters, t0W !e...e1 dressage, even.~illig, oaSics, star:lilig youlIi{l hwses, andl kids" A-d~~ bac~round in Jun[QFS, Pon !eS, Eqand JumpelS, Stl.di~ under I"nlz: Steclolen trained Icm.gtime USI:Tchef d'equip Ben deJNemath.y O!~ongl others. My IP~es h~ '!\'On rual!ion'<lllyfor ,ov·er 3D yeaus. Will OOn1e~o you, 8011111.. Harvey " Oelt3rJl-981,,~483

Serving the Greater GainesvjUe Area Haul·in Clinic or Mobil,e Service

Vickie Meisenburg, DVM~ CVA 3S2·49S~5040




,Nfunricio Garda. ill:Iru~este'ros and bls Corpomtion G&G Eqaeserian Farm [jLC~, hacY"e: jolaed !tn parraershlp w~thARCHER .FARMSlInd the OWltet Sharrncrn.Exle.r;

11.-1i5 facility Is loeaeed j~~ Arche'l Fl, and is 20 m.~n fron} HITS sbmf.!gnmnds, ARCHER FA_RMS has cuseomized goal orleneed uaining :progrlljm for aspku:.g and seriouscom!pedtors. Fi.dlseruiatbo.1:tdi,,~g. leSsons. saJ.e.s a'fullraini'flg.,fadlity.

SomJ:: of Mauricio's HighH:gh:ts as co;mpelitor are:~

1999 DominkaniEq lle'Str~anfedet'lltiou's (FlED), ID!O!lllinic. ReplWUc., Ridero! the l-eM Award ][999 Dominicamll OlY1npic COmlliluee's,. Domimllkan Repllilblic~ Ridt!t' OfJ/llt! 1e.:u' Award 2:00(11 CSI~C Gtru1 Co~ CttlJUoEcllJtSne, .. Puerto, l,s,t Plac£ .Adult Division

200 ~n CS1! -Bs and 0. ln Emopc, m. p]'epar;1JI:~(]ifi for XIX Cenlm Am.e:rkan. and C;uibberu.lGanlts

lOI)~. CSlr 13 Abano Therme, .. [raly, 5th Plo,ce

2003 "Decorceramtea" GrandPtirx. Gl~a~e:m;a:~a, 2nd Place 2004 "2003" Wodd JumpL~g C~aUe'J:lge fL~aJ. Germany; 41b Piarc 2:006 P1iw:udpation ilIl XX Ceneral A:ull:ericlln & Cadbberul Ganlles~ ColoJl~hia

- 4ti} Plact! Team Clm~#tion for Pnt!rtoRico

As Course Designer:

2009 A.:ss~s~an~ to Coucse Designer .. Gu ilherme Nog~eirn lo.r~, Br:azi~ $40(j. (J(JI); (J{)c'Sr~""~... fil-ellington. .FlmM4, USA, M4t'ch lJJ{}9'

2009 COL1l'SC De,~~,gncr

National Compttl'itio#, Cv!>Jia Riam 1Jqnt!str:ia'l FeJemJ,'i{)rl. ManiJ .and Ap.dl

2009 CUllIIrse Designer

Oe4-1.aJti;mpi~ Clll~!i:$ie,. S5'fJ.tI(}IJ • .fH) .Brookledge Gt"tmd IJrilft., ()cllla, Flbdti4, AI'.ril2{J(J9

2009' Course Designer

.Nation~d Compt!tition, Dominican Etjues:lria:n E'edt!naio,", Jmte 2009

2009 CUlW'8t: Des~glle:r

CSl~n Br:otft()nt ]ntcrt.n:#onal. .4/1;e."( J~.ittg July 2,fJ09

:2009 ee Course Desigaer » Leepoldo Palados JI~go {Ye~} CST' ~ 'l1~()m()nt bltern.atio:md" CSl-,W ftdy 2(J.09

Mauricio is available for coaching, £raining and. Course Design magbgarda@aoLcom, • Mobile: 787 - 243~40451352~.35'9~4149


IUlIdu.til. County

C~nterbul)' 352·472·,6'758

ilcliall'lB Sperthorses :t52·28J·3722

ruu [:>artnern r~u'm .3.12·472·7669

(j'~ea~ Ilcgilmil\g:~ ~,c~~ r;lrrns R\)lting ,Pi£res Vi~~ory Spor~

35:2·33n ·,(J069 352·495-2725 3l36-4i;N liB 352-..ffi3·1220

B.radil!ordi (OUI11~

lEupnlll".ili Stahle:s 904-904-2325

I[\eyanl Cotunty

ArellHleuw 32]·,6.38·<1]'104

CQllmnon Sense rive Oaks S:tahl~ C'l\eener Poi'Stlil'lC'S ~1alm~J~ EC Wdde!llio(lrWtill~ I..lm.eswile Stable Norttli Ilammoct Thunder Oaks Trout Cmek SC

:m·3S5..flr2']6 :tn·452·il041 31~,·n4~SOOB 321-177·41398 321·432-3436 32].266·9292 3:21453-5918 321 -,1}31-1504 :m.-302-HI79

(]tlruS Qcl'tlnty

ln HarJj~any r.".rm 352.631·'1287

'C~a)l' COIIII]I)'

M.m~ l::vtmt EC 904·472·1634

lPeluley ramu EC 904·529·5660

Taylor O<1lks ECJJ Ctr 904·29H3764

TheOal!s R~-'"ndl 904·2H4-7212


I%Ua J)Dliln~ 1"1I1"11rn 904-2137 -1502

IEmpke Eq Center ()04-594-'D220

Hidden Herds Q04-S65- 1471

O~k Havel) 994.-998·4,2:51

Skyway M~dows 904·704·il493

SUllldance farm 9Q4·237-W~O

''Ji'ii.vill Brandl S~b!~s 9Q4·a130·(j@7

HOCl'f Print VaUey Lake L!indsey Eq Or

J~!l'r,li1iaJlldo CQ~llty

C 8: H Ranch 352-75H759

352~! 54-92:58 352-J''\l9-52S8

lilbIbD<.rol!lgJI a::mnry

fu:llllirnlty Faml S1.3..920..q041

&refoot Fmrn BI3·7S4·i]713

Cheval :Ii( 81.3-949·1:370

Ci~'U~~ ()ak~ ~:a1i!11 lPo'il~t ~~~rm C},pM$TraUs I:den OaRs Farm I:q~licroS!:

C<li<lXi' FliIrm~ HawK.H<iJ1,!'~m Hawk5!bmfarm Hidden Me~dow Hidden;5


S:l ::!·3Y'~ ·{](l1l9 81H172-lS] 5 1313·920·5313 81Hi24·6E67 H166-t1!l-,6A)06 813-,6:89-1175 813-~X.26~iB22 727.<!-8 ]~34n 813-'777 .:2061 813·926·2603

Hlin5bOI'il}u~h Caul]l.y I~()mlq,

D~Lib~ro Shw ilrs 7f{l·29ll:'7415

:D@'o'erOaks 313- 752-1'(176

High S~I1l:l@OO~ ,al:l.g.,8:2·2,g~4

KI~~lyn, 1!1c8i3·9I-m:.El544 :K~mes St~br~-s: HiI.3-61.0c7199 .Ki~gslnl1"<l,d~ Far!l1BI~.9c.a. 7'169 MiG1y rilmls813· 7'Sa:{;252

H:i~jng Sta:r R.\ll1(h B13-'92B-SSS7

Shal\Q1II O~k.~ 'tJiI9·2.fi1l·4'040

Sh~_rrorl M~rks 813· 73N %4

Soaring Eagle' ElI3-'920cSQ132

St~ffurd HiUEll:l·if.8'6,El134,2 Stf<lilgJit FOf'LvaroIU3-'926· 12H:5 Tor CaU Farm ,IU3-7!92;Ellf] Tfip!~H IlCEI13·2'65·0nS

Ihufl.i:!i:n Inver

Vern lkach Eq,ctr n2J92H~1I13

Vero BeJ(;h Ritlim.,g 77:2-Si}I-2009

WineIBlIler€!.OC ?72·S67·3E1ti8


ALltmml! St 3 52·2A!,.2·134'~

Carn IJlaIn~h<lrd fujn 382·35NU56

C!errLloll~ S~ddle 35.2-223-7'il69

ITques;r Ctr aeil'lllon~ 352·2-41· 7533

P<1l[-r'D,il~"'Um r:arm 3S2 .... 3046AJ4

Live th.e Dash 352-3&5-1-644:

Lorn Fd~ln 152·2'66,·[)066

McK~1Equine 352-(}o.9 .... 125

OutfllxF..Jimls 352-212-0739

F'<~d\~(ld P;l!~k Sl 321-<tQ!2-4:El:22

Rioddllg St 3S2-(}o.9·9i9182

~l1t'1lbal" Farms 3S.2-429,ElIl.50

South Il.a~~ ~q Cll' %2-5,36.9139

~:llItliil'.rUl eMS st tOO'-6.54--36fj·9

Woden \lV;]lk 35.2.3:8:3-9454


Blue Sky r."l'm954·434-.2 30 .~.

M~ho [lay Fan11 3S2·2U7-18"33

~\lhisiPeti.ll!l J)rellla~ 352-3<i2-6~,9

I1riglitsi[fe Stahle.,!; Cente~tliiil Fann Clerm~.rk Eq~emi<lil'l :6~ Thoorn

~ys:i",n Eq Ctr H!llli~)orts FC1Iurwinfmm

fI idd~~~ H i I~ foq Ctr Snil.m'l!~~aFI1ro S]yJ:l1i;;h Legacy St S:lCJ1':;llnon~ Fann ~reniry Stahles S:lm\V'I~ Tt':lunillg errr Three Ph~S1! farm Wiml.sor [?:ann

'111- i;Jti-Cl2B7 941·723·16l6 ~~H22·~196 9-U-'92B-<ffi52 £;4Il· 745·1292 941·n&5942 9'·1H3<'H;:EI:30 '91411· 716·0'9'70 '9'11 - 746-02H7 941-3,2.2-4151 352-2JO~:· "O{l3 3$2-615-51 1] 351.·5<91-9,61.3 352-24:5-2193 352-5911. -2392

OkQc~bob>c~ ~Og!lty

:F~Dr.i.d.<1 E[~ujl:le Sw; 5 iSl-61<I-.:'.I(I"32

Timber Tl':lce Far~ ElD:3·D34·3JO~6

~~::Jirfi~Ji1 COUIDI~

A U~t of Luck 352· 732· 767~).

Abraca(lJabra [f<lrrm 352·347·1115

Almosl HeaJVeI~ 35N~6HmEl.3

Dli:!ooll,g Horse ~,arun 3,52·B13· 71018:4

~tln¥ Farm 352<3017-75,5,5

Farw.ind5 Sl<Ii:!Jes 352-61S-17:B:H

F.lm.~i:I O.ali:: Farm 352-8(1of-8351

C9iv-1 F~rm 'Gree:lliV'ily S~:ab]es Hldden Lark l>arlll Hul.lm~st ~arm ~n~gl'i"Y Eq Crr

~~~ My Pt~.a~lll'e ~1amhlu~Fmm ~1as~l'pim N'o1ll~a~Q aq Otr Ocala Larup CllJllil!,

352-351-9128 83Et-676-4425 35<2-85<""5151 352·854·840.2 352· 132·5 700 352·245·9235 35,2·591·2:679 352,·465 ·Z5S3 352·5%·43069' 35," 732·2271

OI'3~e COIlIl1i~'

Ashmore Eq Or .JO",HUI4-9.292

AY<l~D;n Ri[lEe 407-87i'-O.J(l1)

B~y HlI~5lEq (Ir 4(17-33<1--5255

CllrislmM Paints 40i-62S,.:nIJ.()'

Cl~s~l!.n Fam~ 40i-83g.-CJ316

Corpor:llte WaDaS 407· 73:9·9397

~I'rol. Eq Cw 407·836·195.5

H:~.Gh l.i:Fc Farl1lS <tQi7-2g(cl·OlIO

Jewel C(H,,~~St<!bl~s 40f·65Hma:

~ftd!)$m.ll::q Ctr 407·2'95 ·2'925

~tG Sport Hor:l"Al's 407·718·33,00

Pa11l~etl o.a~ Aci!.d 407"929<"0970'

SamlhiU Eq elr 4(1j'"65'1--6S,rl

SMW KlSSe-d St~lblestn7 -325-5562 Summer Wi.m:l F~rm 4(17'-491-515,6

S~I,,~el M~5t.[ l'lIr1irnS 1'rndBmmk Ilq CtIr TWi:gbligM Farms Watel"s lEdg~ Wendlo\fI2i1' PLace

·W7-9(19'-160:3 4(17-839'-3752 4(1'·932·038:2 4'017·49'.2·3509 4(17·6 ?'t}·9595

O_'1ceQla CO!ll~ly

Rising S~:r' S1abl~$ 40H~46·S.62 2

Pasco Co~~t}'

COI.mtry' :l..aoe.Am!>s 12 74lMH812

KaUe Acre,s .Riding n7-243"95:9'3

OOC Creek it1Jl1th 8'13-31 (1,- nil

OH....e Bi11l1ch Ra:n.dll 127-7.10'-0215

SliNtdlJMmwk Farms 727-241-5865

PUneUfi.tS ,County

An~il Acres 127·54fi-3478

C1Jlyp!1l(l !la.:!, S~'bks CI\Q~~ Rail~ A~demy EI Ormd.or F,q. Ctll" Elite ~~arm

flrsl Citoioo IlCJ CIT FoX\.,rQOO Farms ~~lWlew St<llbles Ma~e5ti~ Oaks :Eq Cll'"

72,7·537·(1024, 352 ·143· 743,3 ~n 3 -416·0~8'(I 72.7·S;U·5513 n7·54H797 n7·S~MIOOO' 12 7'-48(11" 75Sj' 12:/-564-1710

Pi[( ( .. m.nty ~GOIlt.Ji PineUas Horse 727 ·637 -3022 1t'1l!enwood F:lirlll727 ·787 ·7433

Sky"'ti~'" Farm 721·564·1710

Smlth~rn St<!l' 727·.146·,l371

Step i\Jvnd St;lb~es 797·725·9949

Win.ow'al'd Farms 727-937·3110

P~lk Corunty

'7.Acres S!:hOifJl 1l63-l358-711(1

AloM IEq~t~.l;tnalii 1363-3 ]8-13700

P~.nilmrn IlqtlEs'tri~1II 1l63-64~ .. 2291

Rirlg~ 1\:i~1)~ Tt:ain 863·438·0801

SO!r.!S(lt!i C-Qil;!!!ty

C~rd~W Rand'! 941·37!J·9429

F~rrCmt Farms 941-322"951\:1

F()x Lea FMm 941-4135-0486

Sh~mro[fu. Lee FC1Imls 941.-360-2231

SumlanC"e Eq: C!Jr 303-518-204 7

True Blue Farm 440·1340· 11.HI

S~!llruno~c CQ!I!nty

AP EquC'Strija!l 407 ·415·6230

Ililmu ~aml 407 ·365·5456

IJrltUewoml Farm Eiwokmrilore F'Jnn~ CI .. audia l-IelilHI Farm Croolred Creek Dremn Catrher f'indl}'rnine ~;<lTm fo::( Cry Farl11s G!~$~OlW St<lble$ mddenOaks I.olng'wuoo liiq Ctr M<I[llel,',{Jodi Farms MmdetJri Man!Jt M<lrtill !1~r.IJm

Mel lora 5mb!e~ Over the H iH FafillQ Palma RMbl<lllq Ctr Qu.aH Roost H~umer.; R.MsUc Pine R<inl;h Ri.dgm'o'iiOtl Eq err RtistlillE Q~ks F.'Itnii Seahreeze Farm

Smlll1l.ers,by FnJj~~ Waltcrfurd [G,~~ltillg WUEquestriOlI1

4~7-349-51J74 407-538-4185 407-4U2·M54 407 -341·3342 3:52·:243-i1755 401·6il7 ·M49 407·365·5909 407·26!HU~ 407 <H9<~73Z 4U7 -26!'H)1S1 407 -716-0482 407 -221-5001 407 -366- 2227 407 ·925·441 ., 401·J22·1912 407 ·4,27 -ossn 407·721·6474 407 ·611. 9" 1409 407-971-49S5 407 -679-2271 407 ·3'l-~P:J088 407 -3] 2-5584 407 ·366·5793 253··2] 9· 7321 407 ·'3S~Hi633

St n.lIoIi~ CQ,unty

LIM Slib~es 772-528-0786

RIiMdi[)lI~ Stables 772-461-13489

T~1-B.ah.d Farms 772-H78-4E29

Slilnn~Ba~ CIri.I:I!nty

CyprfiSS Cl'eek 352·793·3495

Slm~t Rid'ing 727 ·234·.5354

nl~ Leigh O~r 352·797 ·9575

Volus!a CoI.mty

Aspen Meadl}1,'t.!; 3136-345-0580

El.I1i.cS5 Head Farm 386·ii76-7363

Cyprm St [q Ctr 31l6·616- U64

Dealers ofQualily Hay Bridles Girths Saddle Pads IRII Helmets Stirrups



Pony Tack

Stf,rmgld C 251b • 54.99 Stmngld C 2x 101b ~ 39.9.9, 501b ~ 183 . .99

EqlliAid 51In • 30.99, 1mb· 55.99 20Jb r 94.99, St1/b r 223.99


1 .... 1"'~II!IINATI[]N .... L RIDINC, ...,EL. ..... ~T ...


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