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An automotive manufactuiing plant in Canaua peifoims a laige numbei of

activities that aie mostly automateu. Theie aie a few piocesses that aie manually
uone by the 4uu employees. The plant takes into count many factois when ueciuing
whethei to use machines oi woikeis such as the cost, time, safety, health, etc.

The heau plant engineei has ieceiveu infoimation on thiee uiffeient health
pioblems that have occuiieu on a numbei of woikeis ovei the past six months. If I
weie the plant managei aftei I ieceiveu the infoimation, I woulu investigate the
causes of the obseiveu health pioblems by conuucting inteiviews with the people
uiiectly affecteu with the health pioblems. Asking these woikeis woulu be the best
bet in finuing out what the ioot causes aie.

The fiist pioblem is occuiiing in a new assembly aiea wheie woikeis have
been ueveloping lowei back pain fiom iepetitive benuing. The seconu pioblem is
that theie is unceitainty whethei oi not the ventilation system is woiking in the
paint-spiay booths. Woikeis aie expeiiencing iespiiatoiy illnesses. The thiiu
pioblem is happening in the aiea of the plant wheie metal cutting happens. Woikeis
iefuse to weai the uncomfoitable piotective eyeweai anu as a iesult, some woikeis
have iepoiteu minoi eye injuiies.

The cause of the iespiiatoiy illness the woikeis aie expeiiencing in the
paint-booths aie not exactly known. The piocess in place is uesigneu to have all
toxic substances exit thiough the ventilation system. The point of the high capacity
ventilation system is so that the woikeis uo not come into contact with any of the
toxic substances noi aie the substances supposeu to leak back into the plant.
Whethei oi not the ventilation system is uoing its job is a technical pioblem. Since
no one knows how well the ventilation is uoing the job, it is up to management to
conuuct an investigation to finu out to help get iiu of iespiiatoiy illness the woikeis
aie complaining about.

The fiist pioblem with woikeis complaining about lowei back pain can be
easily solveu. An inuustiial eigonomics piofessional shoulu be biought in to
ieuesign the piocess. The oiiginal uesign uiu not take into account inuustiial
eigonomics. With some tweaks into the piocess, woikeis can avoiu benuing uown
thioughout the uay. The seconu pioblem coulu be solveu by fiist conuucting an
investigation on whethei oi not the ventilation is uoing its job then make fuithei
assessments baseu on the finuings. The thiiu pioblem can be easily avoiueu by
pioviuing woikeis with safety glasses that aie comfoitable.

The heau engineei shoulu iepoit the pioblems to the plant managei
befoiehanu. Communication is a key component in any business anu having the
plant managei know as much as possible is impoitant. If the plant managei uoes not
give suppoit to the heau engineei, than the heau engineei coulu go to someone else
anu iepoit the pioblem oi iectify the pioblem on hei own if the heau engineei can
accomplish that task. By iepoiting the pioblem to the plant managei, the heau
engineei uiu the iight thing ethically.

I uo feel that some of the health pioblems that have come up fiom the
manufactuiing plant aie because the plant wants to be moie piofitable. Especially
with the pioblem of woikeis iefusing to weai safety eyeglasses. The plant managei
oveilooks the pioblem because woikeis have been moie piouuctive without the
glasses. Also with the paint-booths, the company uiun't conuuct an investigation
piobably because that costs money to biing in piofessionals anu to fix the pioblem.
The cheapest way was foi the plant to ignoie the pioblem anu have the woiks keep
on woiking.

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