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Integrated Marketing Communication

Coca Cola
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Miss Jaweria Fatima
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Rizwan Ahmed FA11-MBT-08
!sman A"i FA11-MBT-101
M#$a%as FA11-MBT-0&1
M#'ha(i%ue FA11-MBT-1)8
Ta"ha Bi"a" Chema FA11-MBt-0*+
Coca-Co"a ,nter-rises. esta/"ished in 1*80. is a 1oung com-an1 /1 the standards o( the
Coca-Co"a s1stem# 2et each o( its (ranchises has a strong heritage in the traditions o( Coca-
Co"a that is the (oundation (or this Com-an1# The Coca-Co"a Com-an1 traces it3s /eginning
to 1880. when 4em/erton. /egan to -roduce Coca-Co"a s1ru-
(or sa"e in (ountain drinks# 5owe6er the /ott"ing /usiness
/egan in 18** when two Chattanooga /usinessmen. Ben7amin
F# Thomas and Jose-h B# $hitehead. secured the e8c"usi6e
rights to /ott"e and se"" Coca-Co"a (or most o( the !nited 'tates
(rom The Coca-Co"a Com-an1# The Coca-Co"a /ott"ing s1stem
continued to o-erate as inde-endent. "oca" /usinesses unti" the
ear"1 1*80s when /ott"ing (ranchises /egan to conso"idate# In
1*80. The Coca-Co"a Com-an1 merged some o( its com-an1-
owned o-erations with two "arge ownershi- grou-s that were
(or sa"e. the John T# 9u-ton (ranchises and BCI 5o"ding
Cor-oration:s /ott"ing ho"dings. to (orm Coca-Co"a ,nter-rises Inc# The Com-an1 o((ered its
stock to the -u/"ic on ;o6em/er )1. 1*80. at a s-"it-ad7usted -rice o( <+#+0 a share# =n an
annua" /asis. tota" unit case sa"es were 880.000 in 1*80#In >ecem/er 1**1. a merger /etween
Coca-Co"a ,nter-rises and the Johnston Coca-Co"a Bott"ing ?rou-. Inc# @JohnstonA created a
"arger. stronger Com-an1. again he"-ing acce"erate /ott"er conso"idation# As -art o( the
merger. the senior management team o( Johnston assumed res-onsi/i"it1 (or managing the
Com-an1. and /egan a dramatic. success(u" restructuring in 1**)#!nit case sa"es had c"im/ed
to 1#B /i""ion. and tota" re6enues were <+ /i""ion#
International expansion
Coke3s (irst internationa" /ott"ing -"ants o-ened in 1*00 in Canada. Cu/a. and 4anama# B1
the end o( the 1*)03s Coca-Co"a was /ott"ed in twent1-se6en countries throughout the wor"d
and a6ai"a/"e in (i(t1-one more# In s-ite o( this reach. 6o"ume was "ow. %ua"it1 inconsistent.
and e((ecti6e ad6ertising a cha""enge with "anguage. cu"ture. and go6ernment regu"ation a""
ser6ing as /arriers# Former C,= Ro/ert $oodru((3s insistence that Coca-Co"a wou"dn3t
Csu((er the stigma o( /eing an intrusi6e American -roduct.D and instead wou"d use "oca"
/ott"es. ca-s. machiner1. trucks. and -ersonne" contri/uted to Coke3s cha""enges as we"" with
a "ack o( standard -rocesses and training degrading %ua"it1#
Coca-Co"a continued working (or o6er 80 1ears on $oodru((3s goa"E to make Coke a6ai"a/"e
where6er and whene6er consumers wanted it. Cin arm3s reach o( desire#D The 'econd
$or"d $ar -ro6ed to /e the stimu"us Coca-Co"a needed to /ui"d e((ecti6e ca-a/i"ities around
the wor"d and achie6e dominant g"o/a" market share# $oodru((3s -atriotic commitment Cthat
e6er1 man in uni(orm gets a /ott"e o( Coca-Co"a (or (i6e cents. where6er he is and at
whate6er cost to our com-an1D was more than 7ust great -u/"ic re"ations# As a resu"t o(
Coke3s status as a mi"itar1 su--"ier. Coca-Co"a was e8em-t (rom sugar rationing and a"so
recei6ed go6ernment su/sidies to /ui"d /ott"ing -"ants around the wor"d to ser6e $$II
Coke in Pakistan
Coca-Co"a was the "eading so(t drink /rand in 4akistan unti" 1*&& when it "e(t rather than
re6ea"s its (ormu"a to the go6ernment and reduces its e%uit1 stake as re%uired under the
Foreign ,8change Regu"ation Act @F,RAA which go6erned the o-erations o( (oreign
com-anies in
4akistan# A(ter a 10-1ear a/sence. Coca-Co"a returned to 4akistan in 1**. cementing its
-resence with a dea" that ga6e Coca-Co"a ownershi- o( the nation:s to- so(t-drink /rands and
/ott"ing network# Coke3s ac%uisition o( "oca" -o-u"ar 4akistann /rands inc"uding Thum/s !-
@the most trusted /rand in 4akistanA. 9imca. Maaza. Citra and ?o"d '-ot -ro6ided not on"1
-h1sica" manu(acturing. /ott"ing. and distri/ution assets /ut a"so strong consumer -re(erence#
This com/ination o( "oca" and g"o/a" /rands ena/"ed Coca-Co"a to e8-"oit the /ene(its o(
g"o/a" /randing and g"o/a" trends in tastes whi"e a"so ta--ing into traditiona" domestic
9eading 4akistann /rands 7oined the Com-an1:s internationa" (ami"1 o( /rands. inc"uding
Coca- Co"a. diet Coke. '-rite and Fanta. -"us the 'chwe--es -roduct range# In )000. the
com-an1 "aunched the Fin"e1 water /rand and in )001. 'hock energ1 drink and the
-owdered concentrate 'un(i"" hit the market#
Market Share:
Coca-Co"a is a "eading -"a1er in the 4akistan /e6erage market with a 00 -ercent share in the
car/onated so(t drinks segment. 0 -er cent share in (ruit drinks segment and -er cent
share in the -ackaged water segment#
CocaCola launches inte!rated marketin! communication
campai!n "or #$$%
To be seen in an all &e' ()atar a &o &onsense (ttendant on a Train Connectin!
Consumers 'ith CocaCola
Cam-aign designed to /ui"d the Coca-Co"a /rand (rom its re(reshment -"at(orm to a
higher order o( emotiona" /ene(it /1 esta/"ishing it as the uni6ersa" choice which
/rings -eo-"e together#
'trateg1 inc"udes ro"" out o( initiati6es in the digita" media "ike the internet i#e#
/ui"ding and -romotion o( on"ine communities and a"so "e6eraging
www#m1en7o1zone#com- the interacti6e destination (or Coca-Co"a consumers#
Integrated communication -"an to inc"ude mass media ad6ertising on a"" "eading TG
channe"s. com-"imented /1 a range o( on the ground initiati6es - road shows H
contests across a"" ke1 markets#
9atest ad6ertising cam-aign conce-tua"ized /1 acc"aimed ad6ertising guru H
Bo""1wood "1ricist 4rasoon Joshi#
Ad (i"med /1 the ta"ented Ram Madh6ani o( ,%uino8 (i"ms. music com-osed /1 -
'hankar ,hsaan 9o1#
*e)era!in! Online Media:
The new /rand cam-aign I'a/ka Thanda ,k3 is a"" set to /e "aunched on a"" "eading TG
channe"s# Besides mass media. the Coca-Co"a3s /rand cam-aign (or the summer wi"" a"so
/e e8tended to the new media -"at(orms inc"uding www#m1en7o1zone#com# It is a one
sto- interacti6e. on"ine destination (or Coca-Co"a consumers in 4akistan# The inno6ati6e
internet -"at(orm has o6er B 9acJ registered users. in the age /and o( 1*-)B 1rs# The site
is e8treme"1 contem-orar1 in its a--ea" and su--orts CMu"ti !serD ca-a/i"ities to address
a"" the ke1 1outh -assions- /e it music. gaming. cricket and mo6ies#
M(R+,TI&- STR(T,-Y:
=ur "oca" marketing strateg1 ena/"es Coke to "isten to a"" the 6oices around the wor"d asking
(or /e6erages that s-an the entire s-ectrum o( tastes and occasions# $hat -eo-"e want in a
/e6erage is a re("ection o( which the1 are. where the1 "i6e. how the1 work and -"a1. and how
the1 re"a8 and recharge# $hether 1ou:re a student in the !nited 'tates en7o1ing a re(reshing
Coca-Co"a. a woman in Ita"1 taking a tea /reak. a chi"d in 4eru asking (or a 7uice drink. or a
cou-"e in Forea /u1ing /ott"ed water a(ter a run together. we:re there (or 1ou# $e are
determined not on"1 to make great drinks. /ut a"so to contri/ute to communities around the
wor"d through our commitments to education. hea"th. we""ness. and di6ersit1# Coke stri6es to
/e a good neigh/our. consistent"1 sha-ing our /usiness decisions to im-ro6e the %ua"it1 o(
"i(e in the communities in which we do /usiness# It:s a s-ecia" thing to ha6e /i""ions o( (riends
around the wor"d. and we ne6er (orget it#
Product Ran!e
The Coca-Co"a Com-an1:s -roducts inc"ude /e6erage concentrates and s1ru-s. with the main
-roduct /eing (inished /e6erages# The tota" range o( Coca Co"a Com-an1 in 4akistan
>iet Coke
Mountain >ue
Fruito-ia 100K Fruit Juice
And com-an1 o((ers their -roducts in di((erent /ott"e sizes these inc"udeE
''RB @standers size returna/"e /ott"eA
9RB @"itter returna/"e /ott"eA
;RB @no return /ott"e or dis-osa/"e /ott"eA
4,T 1#+ @1#+ "itter -"astic /ott"eA
CA;' @in -ack 0 m"A
Coca co"a -roducts are a6ai"a/"e in di((erent -acking
)B regu"ar /ott"e she""
0 /ott"e -ack (or 1#+ -ets
1) /ott"es in a -ack (or dis-osa/"e /ott"e
)B cans in one -ack#
Coca-Co"a is the most we"" known trademark. recognised /1 *B -er cent o( the wor"d:s
-o-u"ation# The /usiness is 6er1 success(u" and ho"ds a 6er1 good re-utation#
The Coca-Co"a Com-an1 uses marketing strategies to di((erentiate its -roduct (rom its
com-etitors to gain a com-etiti6e ad6antage# In )00). the Coca-Co"a Com-an1 e8tended the
-roducts o( Coke and de6e"o-ed the new -roducts Coke with "emon and Gani""a Coke# This
e8tension res-onded to consumer demands and generated sa"es and -ro(it#
Coca-Co"a recent"1 introduced its new "ow-car/ C) co"a in the com-an1:s most aggressi6e
media /"itz since >iet Coke was re"eased in the ear"1 1*80s# The co"a giant su--orted C):s
ro""out with a marketing cam-aign that inc"uded te"e6ision. radio. outdoor. cinema and
Internet ad6ertising# The cam-aign carried the tag"ine L5a"( the car/s 5a"( the ca"s A"" the
great taste#L
The new Coca-Co"a -roduct arri6es at a time when "ow-car/ diet crazes are swee-ing the
nation and -roducing un"ike"1 -roducts in s-ades. (rom "ow-car/ /eer to "ow-car/ doughnuts#
,8ecuti6es at the com-an1 c"aim that C) is a res-onse to customers that seek choices that (it
their "i(est1"es# $eight-conscious consumers want to kee- en7o1ing the co"a taste that Coca-
Co"a de"i6ers. /ut with the o-tion o( a "ower-car/. "ower-ca" so(t drink# Coca-Co"a C) gi6es
that (reedom o( choice#
4ricing MethodsM4ricing strategies
The Coca-Co"a Com-an1:s -roducts are so"d in retai" stores. con6enient stores. -etro" stations
etc# The -ricing methodsMstrategies are set /1 those the com-an1 se""s to# 4etro" stations and
con6enient stores usua""1 se"" Coca-Co"a -roducts at a (i8ed -rice#
Pricin! methods
Competitionbased pricin! Coca-Co"a -roducts are usua""1 -riced /e"ow. a/o6e or e%ua" to
its com-etitors: -rices# For e8am-"e. during ,aster @)00A sa"e -eriods @Coca-Co"a 6s# 4e-siAE
Coca-Co"a so(t drinks )9 - <1#08 4e-si so(t drinks )9 - <1#8& Coca-Co"a so(t drinks &+ 8 18
- <*#*8 4e-si so(t drinks &+ 8 )B - <*#*8
.iscount price Coca-Co"a -roducts are o(ten marked down during sa"e -eriods and s-ecia"
occasions# This wi"" generate sa"es and increase -ro(its#
Meetthecompetition pricin! The Coca-Co"a -roducts -ricing are set around the same "e6e"
as its com-etitors#
Psycholo!ical pricin! Most o( the Coca-Co"a -roducts use this method o( -ricing# For
e8am-"e. (or a -ack o( &+m9 8 18 cans o( Coca-Co"a so(t drinks it is -riced at <*#*8 instead
o( <10#00# This -ricing strateg1 makes consumers -ercei6e the -roducts to /e chea-er#
.i""erent Price in .i""erent Seasons
'ometimes Coca Co"a Com-an1 changes their -roduct -rices according to the season#
'ummer is su--osed to /e a good season (or /e6erage industr1 in 4akistan and across the
wor"d# 'o in winter the1 reduce their -rices to maintain their sa"es and -ro(it# But norma""1
the1 reduce the -rices o( their -et /ott"es or 1 "itter g"ass /ott"e#
Trade Promotion
Coca Co"a Com-an1 gi6es incenti6es to midd"e men or retai"ers in a wa1 that the1 o((er them
(ree sam-"es and (ree em-t1 /ott"es. /1 this these retai"ers and midd"e man -ush their -roduct
in the market# And that3s wh1 coca co"a seen more in the market# And the1 ha6e a good sa"e
in the market /ecause according to the e8-ert which -roduct seen more in the market that
se""s more# C'een as so"dD The1 do agreements with a sho- kee-ers and stores to e8c"usi6e
sa"e in that stores# These stores are ca""ed as F,2 accounts in their "oca" "anguage# And coke
a"so in6est hea61 /udget on these stores and o((ers them (ree sam-"es and (ree /ott"es and
some time cash incenti6es#
-ettin! shel)es
The1 gets or -urchase she"6es in /ig de-artmenta" stores and dis-"a1 their -roducts in that
she"6es in that st1"e which show their -roduct more c"ear and more attracti6e (or the
,ye Catchin! Position
'a"esman o( the coca co"a com-an1 -ositions their (reezers and their -roducts in e1e-catching
-ositions# ;orma""1 the1 kee- their (reezers near the entrance o( the stores#
Sale Promotion
Com-an1 a"so do s-onsorshi-s with di((erent co""ege and schoo"3s ca(es and s-onsors their
s-orts e6ents and other e8tra curricu"um acti6ities (or getting market share#
/TC Scheme
!TC mean under the crown scheme. coca co"a o(ten do this t1-e o( scheme and the1 o((er
6er1 hand1 -rizes in it# 9ike once the1 o((er /ic1c"es. ca-s. t6 sets. cash -rizes etc# This
scheme is 6er1 much -o-u"ar among chi"dren#
Coca Co"a Com-an1 makes two t1-es o( se""ingE >irect se""ing H Indirect se""ing
.irect Sellin!
In direct se""ing the1 su--"1 their -roducts in sho-s /1 using their own trans-orts# The1 ha6e
a"most B+0 6ehic"es to su--"1 their /ott"es# In this t1-e o( se""ing com-an1 ha6e more -ro(it
Indirect Sellin!
The Coca-Co"a Com-an1 uses intermediaries in its distri/ution# The1 ha6e their who"e se""ers
and agencies to co6er a"" area# Because it is 6er1 di((icu"t (or them to co6er a"" area o(
4akistan /1 their own so the1 ha6e so man1 who"e se""ers and agencies to assure their
customers (or a6ai"a/i"it1 o( coca co"a -roducts# The Coca-Co"a Com-an1 se""s its -roducts
to /ott"ing and canning o-erations. distri/utors. (ountain who"esa"ers and some (ountain
retai"ers# These then distri/utes them to retai" out"ets. mi"k /ar and corner stores. restaurants.
-etro" stations and news agents. schoo"s. s-orts. and entertainment 6enues (rom 6ending
For -ro6iding their -roduct in good manner com-an1 has -ro6ided in(rastructure these
Gizi coo"er
>is-"a1 racks
Free em-t1 /ott"es and she""s (or /ott"es
Coca Cola Company use different mediums
4rint media
4os materia"
TG commercia"
Bi""/oards and ho"dings
Print Media
The1 o(ten use -rint media (or ad6ertisement# The1 ha6e a
se-arate de-artment (or -rint media#
POS Material
4os materia" mean -oint o( sa"e materia" this inc"udesE
-osters and stickers dis-"a1 in the stores and in di((erent
T2 Commercials
As e6er1/od1 know that TG is a most common
entertaining medium so TG commercia"s is one o( the
most attracti6e wa1 o( doing ad6ertisement# 'o Coca
Co"a Com-an1 does regu"ar TG commercia"s on
di((erent channe"s#
0illboards 3 Holdin!s
Coca co"a is 6er1 much conscious a/out their /i""/oards and ho"dings# The1 ha6e so man1
sites in di((erent "ocations (or their /i""/oards#
In 1***. the com-an1 s-ent <1#1 mi""ion in on"ine ad6ertising in the !#'#. com-ared with
4e-siCo:s <+81.000. according to Com-etiti6e Media Re-orting#
But this s-ring. Coke changed its tack# The com-an1 struck a dea" re-orted"1 worth <0B
mi""ion o6er two 1ears with A=9 to e8change marketing and techno"og1 ser6ices# Coke -"ans
to tie its -roducts in the !#'# to A=9 Mo6ie(one# It wi"" a"so "ink "oca" -romotions with
A=9:s >igita" Cit1 guides# In addition. the com-an1 wi"" -romote '-rite. a drink -o-u"ar
with a 1oung demogra-hic. through A=9 music -ro-erties '-inner and $inam-#
,6er1thing starts (rom the attitude o( consumer3s /eha6iour# And the /asic ke1 to attract the
consumers is to throw the Cmone1 awa1D# And -ositi6e (ee"ing (e""ing with the /rand. which
the1 used to ha6e Coke wants to ad6ertise their -roducts hea6i"1 in the coming 1ear# And it
wi"" take the 10K o( their -ro(its# And when we take it as a g"o/a" "e6e" it is < I /i""ion#
Coming 1ear is the cha""enging 1ear (or the industr1 o( Coke# The1 ha6e to take "ots o(
decisions that how to increase the -roduction and where the1 ha6e to s-end mone1# For
gaining success in coming 1ear the1 ha6e to ha6e some im-ortant things "ikeE 1#9o1a"
consumers are im-ortant (or com-an13s success#)#$orkers shou"d /e the /rand centric not
the -romotion centric##The1 shou"d know how much to (or the /rand acti6ities#B#The1
shou"d a"so know that how much to do with the -romotion acti6ities (or /rand#
HO5 CO+, .,T,RMI&, TH, Y,(R*Y 0/.-,T
Coke determines its 1ear"1 /udget /1 the
'a"es 6o"ume
Target 6o"ume
Sales 2olume
Coke determines its 1ear"1 /udget through the sa"es 6o"ume# The1 (irst concentrate on the
thing is Cwhat is the condition o( their sa"esND i( the condition is good o( their sa"es then the1
de(inite"1 increase their -roduction and sa"es 6o"ume# =therwise the1 concentrate on their o"d
The second thing through which the1 determines /udget is the C-ro(itD #i( the1 r getting
-ro(its with the high margin. then the1 de(inite"1 want to increase their -ro(its in the ne8t
coming 1ear# ,6er1 organization runs on the /asis o( getting high -ro(its# ;o organization
wants to (ace 9oss in their /usiness# To get -ro(it is the (irst -riorit1 o( the Coke#
Tar!et 2olume:
To run the /usiness e6er1 industr1 has some targets. which the1 want to achie6e in a s-eci(ic
time -eriod# I( industr1 achie6es those goa"s in that -eriod then (or the coming 1ear it
increases the 6o"ume o( the target# 'o Coke (o""ow the same thing it has a"so some goa"s and
targets to achie6e in the gi6en time -eriod# $hen the1 succeed to achie6e that target then
the1 increase their target 6o"ume in the ne8t 1ear#
CocaCola Cricket
Cricket the most sought a(ter watched H -"a1ed game in 4akistan# The game o( cricket has
/een owned /1 6arious /rands in the industr1 (or the -romotion o( their -roducts o6er a
-eriod o( time# It has ranged (rom to/acco to "u/ricants to communication com-anies to
/anks to air"ines H "ate"1 to the /e6erage industr1# The com-etition has /ecome tougher H
tougher as the time has -rogressed# Coca-Co"a signed a s-onsorshi- agreement with eight o(
4akistan3s ;ationa" cricket -"a1ers# Coca-Co"a rea"izing the (act that cricket is a 6er1 strong
e"ement /1 which it can reach it consumers H masses in6ested in the o--ortunit1 and
"aunched a massi6e cam-aign on mass media showing a"" these cricket stars endorsing H
com-"imenting Coca-Co"a /rand# The Coca-Co"a Com-an1 de6e"o-ed man1 TG commercia"s
H testimonia" ads with the -"a1er H ran them on the nationa" net work during 6arious cricket
matches# These /o"d ste-s taken /1 the Coca-Co"a marketing unit acc"aimed them man1
acknow"edgements across the /oard# This cam-aign he"-ed Coca-Co"a to esta/"ish its
association with the game H the -"a1ers#
There are 6arious other wa1s through which Coca Co"a has -romoted itse"( "ike.
!n6ei"s s-ecia" edition Coca-Co"a /ott"e s-orting the insignia o( ?autam ?am/hir
(or the (ans o( >e"hi >arede6i"s team#
Riding on 4akistan3s -assion (or cricket. (i6e "uck1 winners o( Coca-Co"a3s ongoing
I>i"hi >i" 'e3 consumer initiati6e wish IBest o(
9uck3 to their (a6ourite team -"a1ers o( >e"hi
>arede6i"s# A"" (i6e "uck1 winners se"ected (rom
>e"hi H ;CR /ased on a com-uter generated "uck1
draw get a "i(etime o--ortunit1 to meet =-ening
/atsman H Coca-Co"a Brand Am/assador- ?autam
?am/hir. Ca-tain. >e"hi >arede6i"s - Girender
'ehwag H A"" rounder. >e"hi >arede6i"s#
Coca-Co"a is an IAssociate 4artner3 o( >e"hi >arede6i"s team# As -art o( the
-artnershi-. /rand Coca-Co"a to /e (eatured on the -"a1ers3 a--are" @non "eading armA
H on their he"mets#
Co"a and >e"hi >arede6i"s ha6e drawn out -"ans to ro"" out an e8tensi6e 00-degree
communication initiati6e "e6eraging mass media. in - store acti6ation and digita"
CocaCola Concerts
A/rar-u"-ha%3s distinct st1"e. "1rics H songs ha6e made him an instant hit among the masses
in 4akistan# 5is enormous -o-u"arit1 in the countr1 H a/road is su--orted /1 Coca-Co"a3s
commitment towards -ro6iding hea"th1 H (un-(i""ed entertainment (or the 1outh o( 4akistan#
Coca-Co"a /rought A/rar to his (ans through ho"ding concerts H (eaturing A/rar in a much-
a--reciated TGC H MMT (eatured throughout the countr1# The TGC cam-aign (ocused on
the hectic "i(est1"e o( a -o- star who (ound res-ite H re"ie( through Coca-Co"a in short
moments that he had to himse"( during a concert# Coca-Co"a3s /rand -ositioning o( -ro6iding
dee- down re(reshment (or the /od1. sou" H mind were ca-tured accurate"1 in the TGC H
de-icted a-t"1 how the drink com-"etes the moment (or A/rar#
CocaCola 1ood Mela
$ith a s-"ash o( (ood. (un H -rizes to /e won. the Coca-Co"a (ood me"a treated the -eo-"e o(
Farachi. to a (esti6e (ood (esti6a" com-rising o( +0 restaurants. s-read out a"" o6er the
/ust"ing cit13s ma-# The -romotion saw the a6id (ami"ies H (riends en7o1ing the de"icacies at
the restaurantsO a"" resi"ient"1 u-ho"ding the Coca-Co"a identit1
CocaCola 0asant 1esti)al
In Fe/ruar1 the month o( /asant the -arks H horticu"ture authorit1 in 9ahore nominated
Coca-Co"a the o((icia" s-onsor o( the /asant (esti6a" #Coca-Co"a added to the carni6a"
atmos-here /1 making the (esti6a" (ree to enter H decorating a"" main roads in 9ahore with
i""uminated kites# Coca-Co"a a"so hosted a concert o( -o- ido" A/rar-u"-ha%. had chi"dren3s
-arade H he"d the Coca-Co"a kite ("1ing cham-ionshi- during the /asant (esti6a"# ;ow
Cwhere there is /asant there is Coca-Co"aD. it has /een im-ossi/"e to en6isage /asant without
Coca-Co"a# Coca-Co"a gi6es the more re(reshing ("a6our to the co"ours o( /asant /1 adding
more "i(e to the (esti6a". gi6ing the consumer a uni%ue e8-erience which the1 had ne6er
tasted /e(ore#
CocaCola -OR,.
Puenching the thirst o( motorist. -edestrians H -asser/13s during 9ahore3s hottest summer
season. Coca-Co"a3s C?=-R,>D teams went out into the cit13s main %uadrants to Cser6e H
re(reshD on the s-ot with ice-co"d Coca-Co"as at discounted -rices /acked /1 a hea61 FM
announcement cam-aign the C?=-R,>D sta"". ser6ed we"" to -romote the Coca-Co"a
CocaCola Party in a Park
In June )000. Coca-Co"a created an e8-erientia" musica" e6ening in 9ahore. where 7unoon
-er(ormed# This -rogram was recorded and one-hour -rogram shown in the nationa" TG (or
(ree#10 mi""ion househo"ds saw Coca-Co"a I4art1 in a 4ark3 whi"e 10 thousand -eo-"e
attended the e6ent#
CocaCola Shoppin! 1esti)al
Coca-Co"a hosted CThe Coca-Co"a
'ho--ing Festi6a"D 9ahore3s (irst
sho--ing (esti6a". a resounding
success with tem-ting discounts. "i6e
music. great -rizes H (ireworks#
9i/ert1 marketing ?u"/erg was a
hi6e o( acti6it1 during the week"ong sho--ing e8tra6aganza# The in augura" e6ent -ro6ed so
-o-u"ar that it is now set to /ecome an annua" (i8ture#
CocaCola Pet Promotion
In 1**0. Coca-Co"a "aunched 1#+ "iter 4et contour /ott"e (or the (irst time in 4akistan#
Targeting house wi6es H (ami"1 home. Coca-Co"a3s 1#+ "iter 4et /ott"e. took the "ime"ight H
gained momentum with a cam-aign -romoting the uni%ue -ackaging and its numerous
consumer /ene(its# A treat (or the (ami"1. Coca-Co"a3s 4,T was o((ered through a C-rice-o((D
-romotion that saidQQQ#
?o out H get some
CocaCola Ram6an Campai!n
A 6er1 s-ecia" occasion (or the -eo-"e o( 4akistan Ramzan saw another 6er1 s-ecia" Coca-
Co"a3s -romotion. marketing the -o-u"ar 1#+ "iter 4,T /ott"e H the 1 "iter /ott"e with a su-er
-rice-o(( -romotion# The em-hasis was on en7o1ing Coca-Co"a at CI(tarD with (riends H
CocaCola 5onder o" the 5orld Promotion
In Ju"1 )000. Coca-Co"a set the stage o( the grand !TC -romotion# Coca-Co"a went ahead
with the idea o( gi6ing consumer chances to win (a/u"ous. magica" Cdream 6acationD to
numerous Cwonder destinationD throughout the wor"d on e6er1 -urchase o( a )+0 m" R?B
/ott"e o( Coca-Co"a. '-rite. H Fanta# The -romotion ga6e consumers a chance to win (ree
drink. a tri- to 4ARI'. 5=992$==>. ;,$2=RF. 'I;?A4=R, H CAIR= a"ong with
air(are H (our nights (ree sta1 in these dream "ands# The -romotion saw a6id consumer
co""ecting Coca-Co"a ICrown ca-s3 H s-arked a keen res-onse (rom the -u/"ic . rendering an
outstanding testimonia" cam-aign in the second -hase. high"ighting the winners o6er
whe"med in the magica" de"ight o( their (a6orite /e6erage Coca-Co"a#
CocaCola 3 &okia
In August )001. the new under-the-crown -romotion
C;ik"a F1aND @$hat ha6e u wonA was "aunched in
co""a/oration with Chimera ;okia# The -romotion
ga6e consumer a chance to win thousand3s o( Coca-
Co"a /randed ;okia 10 ce""u"ar -hones on e6er1 -urchase o( &+0m" R?B /ott"e o( Coca-
Co"a. '-rite. H Fanta# The other high"ight o( -romotion was the CCaught Red 5andedD
cam-aign# Branded Coca-Co"a with Icaught red handed3 team in them went to 9ahore H
Farachi (or three da1s. with target that an1one /eing caught drinking Coca-Co"a wi"" /e
awarded a ;okia 10 mo/i"e -hone H i( someone is caught ta"king on a nokia mo/i"e wi""
win (ree su--"1 o( Coca-Co"a# Caught red handed /ecome a huge success among the masses
as it was one to one interaction /etween the Coca-Co"a /rand H the consumers# This acti6it1
he"-ed /ui"d con(idence and /rand "o1a"t1 among core consumers#
Coca Cola T2 Ma66a
The coca co"a new cam-aign is coca co"a t6 mazza. it is a utc scheme in which -eo-"e are
getting te"e6ision sets o( di((erent sizes# These da1s this scheme is 6er1 -o-u"ar among the
CocaCola 3 Mc .onald7s
Coca-Co"a H ke1 account o( MC >ona"d3s "aunched
the Cwe go togetherD 7oint -romotion to reinstate
amongst consumers a rea" sense o( the a((init1 that.
/oth shares g"o/a""1# The -romotion kicked o(( with
-os materia" @>ang"ers. Bunting etcA dis-"a1ed at a""
MC >ona"d3s restaurants a"ong with a s-ecia" o((er
(or coke H (ries#
0rand 0uildin!:
Intensi)e brand buildin!
Coca-Co"a (o""ows an intensi6e /rand-/ui"ding -rogramme# The com-an1 has used some o(
the (o""owing methods to /ui"d its /rands in the countr1E
R The com-an1 (ocuses on understanding the 4akistann consumer. and in using these "oca"
insights to /ui"d -ower(u" connect (or its /rands# =n the /ack o( an e((ecti6e ad6ertising
strateg1. Coca-Co"a has created a /rand that stands (or a((orda/i"it1 and is ina"iena/"e to the
common man#
R ?i6en the wides-read -o-u"arit1 o( cricket and mo6ie stars. the com-an1 has ro-ed in a
host o( cricketers and 4akistann mo6ie stars to endorse its -roducts#
R Acti6ating "oca" 4akistann (esti6a"s and occasions through /e"ow-the-"ine -romotions#
R Creating a distinct identit1 (or each o( its ("agshi- /rands# For instance '-rite. a drink is
-romoted as a 1outh icon standing (or a straight(orward and honest attitude#
0uildin! 0rand throu!h Corporate Social Responsibilities:
Coca Co"a 4akistan earned itse"( a dro- o(
hard-earned 7o1 this week (or its cor-orate
socia" res-onsi/i"it1 initiati6es in the (orm o(
the ?o"den 4eacock award (or C'R (or )008#
As 1ou can see in the gi6en /e"ow -icture
CInside remarka/"e =utside rec1c"a/"eD
The com-an1 has /een recei6ing negati6e
-u/"icit1 e6er since the re-ort was re"eased on
Januar1 1B (or the 000--age stud1 stating to shut down the /ott"ing -"ant in Fa"adera.
;a/i-ur and Mehdigan7 in Ra7asthan as these -"ants were /ringing down ground water "e6e"s
at an a"arming sca"e#
A(ter thorough research. we come to the conc"usion that the Integrated Marketing
Communication o( Coca Co"a is working (or them and the -roduct is gaining -o-u"arit1
among 1outh da1 /1 da1#

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