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1. COMPANY PROFILE............................................................................................................... 1
2. DESIGN AND PROCESS CAPABILITY................................................................................ 6
3. QUALITY ASSURANCE SYSTEM......................................................................................... 8
4. MAIN PROCESSING EQUIPMENTS ..................................................
5. BUSINESS LICENSE ..............................................................................
6. TAX REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE...............................................
9. DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTION LICENSE...................................
10. MAIN TESTING EQUIPMENTS ........................................................
11. WORKSHOP12. HYDRAULIC PRODUCTS AND COMPONENTS ............................. 15
12. HYDRAULIC PRODUCTS AND COMPONENTS ........................................................... 15
14. QUALITY CERTIFICATE...................................................................
15. HI-TECH PRODUCTS CERTIFICATE.............................................
16. OTHER CERTIFICATES.....................................................................
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
1. Company Profile
Guangdong Hongyuan Zhongli Power Equipment Co.,Ltd(Referred to as Zhongli
Company)is a enterprise which is expert in Electromechanical Equipments with 50 years
history in manufacturing the Hydraulic Generator Sets since 1958. The registered
capital of the company is RMB1.1 billion yuan. Annual industrial output value is over
RMB3 billion yuan. Pay taxes over RMB10 million yuan. Zhongli Company is a branch of
Guangdong Hongyuan mechanical Electric Co., Ltd. It is an independent legal entity,
independent accounting, and autonomous operation of the production subsidiary.
Zhongli Company is a National High-Tech Enterprise, Governing units of the
branch of Chinese Hydraulic Equipment, One of the Eight-Enterprise in manufacturing
in Hydraulic Generator, Leading enterprise in Hydraulic Equipments in Guangdong
Province, 500 Enterprises in modern industry in Guangdong province, 100 important
fostering business in equipment manufacturing in Guangdong, Integrity demonstration
units in Guangdong Province, Business model in information in Guangdong Province.
Zhongli Company is located in Shiliting, in Shaoguan transportation hub, has
a convenient transportation. Close to the Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou
high-speed railway, Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway, Shao- Gan highway through
the city; 323 State Road,105 State Road, 106 State Road, 107 State Road at this
intersection. Zhongli Company from Shanguan East Railway Station is only 5 kms, There
is No.2 bus directly to the companys door. Shaoguan is the political, economical
and cultural centre in northern Guangdong Province. Also is a national outstanding
tourist cityhas the title of World Natural Heritage and World Geopark Danxiashan.
There are world-famous Buddhist Zen Buddhism Nanhua Temple; Nearly 30 years old Maba
Man Site; There are years after the millenenium Meiling Road; Are known as the first
peak in Guangdong ,the Nanling National Park-shi kang kong. There as the geological
wonders of the Canton Grand Canyon.
Zhongli Company covers an area of 236,600 square meters. It has beautiful
environment, advanced equipments and facilities, advanced management techniques. The
company invested more than RMB3,500,000 to establish Zhongli ERP Information
Management System to achieve the management, design, technology, production, and
procurement, warehousing, finance ,personnel the full range of computer management.
There are about 800 employees in the company among with 230 engineers including 60
intermediate grade and senior engineers, accounted for more than 30 percent of the
employees of the enterprise. Research and development personnel account for 11 percent
of the number of workers .75 percent of the workers have gained the senior technical
The Company is a leading enterprise with hi-tech and advance equipment
manufacturing in hydraulic generator in southern China, especially in Guangdong
Province. There are 11 factory workshops with 6,000-12,000 square meters independently,
more than 700 sets of equipments. The main large heavy equipments are: 16m,12m, 8m,
7m, 6.3m CNC vertical lathe; 14m,10m,9.3m,8m CNC horizontal lathe; 250, tree-axis
four-axis CNC boring machine(used in rotor blade processing), 2 sets of German-CNC
Machining Center,3 CNC gantry milling bed, 100, 80 radial drill, 800T hydraulic
press, 800T puncher, 100tons and 75 tons cranes, high precision universal grinding
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
machine, CNC EDM cutting machine, 3m NC length measuring instrument, 11mx7mx4.5m
annealing furnace and a number of large high-precision and advance equipment.
In order to expand production capacity, exchange production environment and
improve production quality, the company invested millions of dollars for a number of
technology project in recent years, in which has been completed in procurement and
installation of 7.3m CNC vertical lathe and 10m of large heavy horizontal machine.
The completion of large furnace marks that the large riveting piece of heat treatment
is more and more easier in the company. The completed projects are:

Large riveting plant put into operation
Heavy rolling machine and put into use
large micro-computer-controlled cutting machine production
3.4m high-precision vertical lathe CNC technology upgrade
8.0m CNC vertical lathe transformation
14m CNC horizontal and 12.5m CNC vertical lathe technology upgrade
purchased a load of 80t 10m heavy-duty CNC horizontal lathe
purchased 7.3m CNC Vertical Lathe
purchased DK7732-based 4-axis EDM
the purchase of a large face lathe suitable for production unit
High-precision three-axis four-axis CNC milling machine and put into use,
the turbine rotor blades with a CNC machining
Co-operated with Shandong Langchao Software Corporation to develop enterprise
ERP system, both inside and outside the enterprise to optimize the allocation of
large annealing furnace 11m 7m 4.5m (burning diesel, operating temperature
up to above 650 )
generator coils clean plant transformation
comprehensive green transformation for factory environment, and built a garden
of green plant
Annual output capacity of the company is over 1,000MW. The company can design
and manufacture the head of 3 to 600 meters with runner diameter of 0.42 ~ 8.00 m,
125 ~ 100,000 KW installed capacity of Axial turbines, Francis turbines, Pelton, Turgo,
tubular shaft and bulb, etc. and hydro-generating unit and its supporting ball valve,
butterfly valve, hydraulic valve, the SCR magnetic devices, power relay, power plant
equipment, electrical control equipment. Especially low-head bulb turbine has become
the main core competitiveness of enterprises and leading products.
Products of low-head bulb turbine are awarded the "Quality reliable product
promotion" certificate by China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association. Zhongli
Company is one of the earliest companies in developing and manufacturing in bulb
turbine unit in domestic country. Its technology and production capacity is in advanced
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
level in domestic country, and is identified in high-tech products and famous
trademarks in Guangdong Province. The bulb turbine unit has become the competitive
and leading product s in the company. Cumulative production volume is ranked No.1 in
this unit. National records of product were created frequently. In 1997, two sets of
bulb turbine unit were made in the company with the largest runner diameter of 5.8
meters in China, installed in Meng Zhou Hydropower Station, Shaoguan, Guangdong
Province. In 2005, two sets of the largest turbine runner diameter of 6.4 meter were
produced in China, installed in Dongsun hydropower station in Guangxi Province. In
2008, four second largest turbine unitswith runner diameter of 7.2 meter were produced
in the company, installed in Chaijiaxia Hydropower Station in Yellow River, Gansu
Province, which is the first bulb turbine power plant in Gansu. In 2010, the products
of the company were installed in Seshan Hydroelectric Plant, is also the first bulb
turbine power station in Vietnam. Our unit run in Kumkoy is also the first bulb turbine
power station in Turkey in 2011.
The core of hydro technology is Hydro turbine runner. The company has always
focused on the introduction of the turbine runner technology, through the technology
transferred with China Institute of Water Resources And Hydropower Research (IWHR),
TRIED, DEC, HEC and other domestic and foreign companies, the company has hundreds
of model of runner at present and invested large money to introduce the recent
development of advanced runner. The runner has high efficiency, small cavitation,
suitable head range, good stability, representing the domestic advanced level. Since
2000, with the production of advanced runner, the company won in bids successfully
in and outside China and the competitive greatly increased.
Technological progress is the driving force of business development.
Innovation is the best way to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Based
on the market demand and hydroelectric power equipment trends, the company sped up
the pace of technological progress in these years. Through the introduction, digestion
and absorption of advanced technology, the company has developed more than 30 new
products and 100 kinds of new processes and new materials. These technological
achievements have effectively promoted the restructuring of enterprise products,
which greatly enhanced the product technology and product quality. Especially in the
last three years, through the efforts of research, completed a total of 17 scientific
and technological achievements, of which 13 national patents are obtained, the rest
of the four scientific and technological achievements have also been declared the
invention or utility model patents, and has received national patent offices The
"notice of acceptance of patent applications."
Follow the modern enterprise management mode, Zhongli Company carry out the
Project Management Responsibility. Project managers responsible for the whole project
process such as contract scheduling, design and manufacturing progress, quality,
shipping, power plant services, production costs and capital return, etc. Since the
implementation of this system, contacting with the owners smoothly, each
implementation of the contract can be reached on time, correctly and completely, and
gained widespread acclaim by the user.

G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
At present, R&D and production planning of Large-scale low-head bulb turbine
generator has been supported by Shanguan Municipal Government. In order to expand
the capacity to meet strong market demand, the company is actively implementing the
"Shaoguan equipment manufacturing restructuring and revitalization plan," plans to
invest over 8 billion yuan in Guanshao industrial park (Zhenjiang District) to build
a R&D and production base of large low-head bulb turbine generator. 16 meter vertical
lathe and 250T cranes and other large special heavy equipment will be in stalled in
it. The annual production capacity of the company is over 1,500MW, the maximum unit
capacity is 300MW, and the output value exceeding 10 billion yuan. Taxes turn to the
State will be over 0.6 billion yuan per year.
The products of the company have strong competitive with a broad market. In
1998, the company passed ISO9001 quality system certificate by China Quality
Certification Centre. The products were elected by China Electrical Equipment
Industrial Association as quality reliable and credible products for six consecutive
years, and attested as " AAA Product of China Quality Credit Enterprise " certification
for five consecutive years by the China Quality Center. The company provided above
3,000 units to the Users in and abroad in 50 years. All kinds of Products are sold
to nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Zhongli companys unit
products are installed in More than 1,000 stations in four major rivers in China -
the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Pearl River and Heilongjiang. More and more products
were exported to Turkey, Albania, Burma,Vietnam, Philippines, Nepal, Guinea and other
countries in recent years.
In recent years, the company won the "Guangdong Outstanding Enterprise",
"Advanced Enterprise of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Hydropower Equipment
Section", "Shaoguan contract and keeping promises units", "Shanguan advanced unit in
striving for famous brand", "Shaoguan outstanding high-tech enterprises "," Shaoguan
model of corporate tax" Shaoguan AAA level employment law unit "," Shaoguan Garden
Unit ".

Zhongli Company can provide customers with the following products:
Pelton turbine unit of runner diameter in 0.32m-2.75m and the capacity to
30MW below.
Francis turbine unit of runner diameter in 0.42m-5.0m and capacity to 100MW
Axial turbine unit of runner diameter in 0.80m-8.0m and the capacity to
50MW below
Tubular turbine unit of runner diameter in 1.80m-8.0m and the capacity to
100MW below.
Auxiliary equipment with the valve unit, excitation devices and metal
structure supporting in use of hydropower station.
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
The technological transformation of various types of power plant mechanical
and electrical equipment

Special Note
The maximum casting, metal structures production, lifting capacity and other
conditions: the metal structure factory use about 10,000 tons of steel each year,
the maximum lifting capacity is 100 tons. The stator frame of 140MW unit was made
in the company and installed in Dongjiang Power Station, Zixing, Hunan province.
Maximum capacity of heat treatment furnace: Electric furnace with oxygen: 1.8m
2.8m 5.3m (150kW) Annealing furnace: 11m 7m 4.5m (burning diesel,
operating temperature up to 650 above).

Address: Shiliting Zhenjiang District,Shaoguan,Guandong Province, PRC
Marketing manager: Liu dao jun
Tel: 0086 751 8851209 Fax:+86 751 8852943
E-mail: or
Mobile: 15976288198
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
2. Design and Process Capability
Brief Introduction of R&D Center, Design Department and Technology Department
"R & D Center" of the company is to develop new products, new processes and
new materials, and is responsible for the promotion, application and transformation
of scientific and technological achievements in projects. R & D center is to complete
not only the everyday product design, but also responsible for tracking, collecting,
sorting the new information about the hydroelectric power equipment products around
the world, to guide new product development direction, organize the projects research
and development activities. Through research and development of the projects, the
company can effectively solve the difficulties and problems in technological
innovation and product development process, improve product technology content and
technical level, and continue to fill technology gaps and continue to replace imported
products, to make the company the leading technical level or forefront of the industry
in domestic industry.
R & D Center is set up in Product Design Department, and is in charge by chief
engineer in Zhongli Company. There are nearly 100 personnel with high level of
technology in R & D Center, composed by the R & D personnel, technicians and artificer.
Several project teams (pictured) with nearly 60 technicians are constituted in
researching and developing in new products, new processes and new materials , while
more than 10 technicians and 30 enginemen with Middle and senior technical positions
mechanic certificate to participate in R & D work.

Through transmission from generation to generation, the technicians in design
and production process department in Zhongli company have the accumulation of design
experience in designing, more and more innovative design products are manufactured
in Zhongli company every year. At present, design products of the company cover the
head from 2m to 600m, rotor diameter from 0.42m to 8.0m, and have thousands of
sets of unit drawings. Design software of CAD and CAPP's three-dimensional design
system of Tianhe Company, Tsinghua University is used in companys design. Hehai
University's "Simulate calculation system of hydropower - mechanical transition in
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
power station" is used in special calculation software. Through the full realization
of electronic drawings, the company can send the technical documentation and
production drawings to each department and factory by companys "ERP" system.
Pre-production preparation can be done quickly and accurately, shortening the
production cycle, and satisfying the user in power plant in construction.
General engineers and Chief engineers in the company have researched and
designed in hydro generators earlier in domestic country, other designers have
designed the unit for more than 5 years experience. Through year after year for
technological innovation, and implementation of the incentive mechanism, any new
technology and valuable utility patents and suggestion shall be rewarded in design
and manufacturing. It is greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of technical staff in
Technology development of bulb turbine unit in the company has been developed
since the late 1980s. After two years of technical preparation, the company undertook
the two power plant equipment supply contract of Renhua, Guangdong province and Dayu
Jiangxi province, the runner diameter is 3m, Bulb turbine production officially
started. In early 1990s, by Shaoguan key projects - Mengzhou Dam hydropower project
launched in, a full set of technology and manufacturing processes of Tianjin Power
Equipment Factory was introduced to Zhongli Company comprehensively to enable
enterprises of rapid technological development. In these 20 years, Zhongli Company
from a comprehensive introduction to the digestion and absorption, to continuous
improvement, unit structure and technology has been developed to the fourth generation,
a combination of domestic bulb unit's technical advantages. Through the absorption
of international advanced technology such as Alstom and GE, Zhongli Company has formed
the bulb unit of product characteristics: full output, high efficiency, low
temperature, compact body and large interior space, easy maintenance, etc. In the
settlement of the oil, water leakage in Kaplan units, such as oil head of the operating
pipeline systems, shaft seal system, it also has its own unique technologies. Product
design in Zhongli Company has always been implementing the "people-oriented, green"
concept, and has been widely recognized by customers as the leader in bulb industry
and a professional manufacturer.
In recent years, the company has done a lot of technical specification work.
In company, each product, all parts and components has become the specification. Its
standardization and the degree of generalization have reached a degree of 30%. It
creates the conditions for the mass production in the future in the company.
As for the unit structure in calculation of finite element simulation, the
engineer in company had been sent to Huazhong University of Science and technology
for advanced study. The ansys software is introduced to the company and complex
modeling calculations will be done. While the use of finite element method in the
company, the key components of fatigue damage and stress is analyzed smoothly. The
science and economy in design is increasing, and it plays an important role in design
of the unit.
Zhongli Company and Langchao Common Software Company developed the ERP
software system suitable for the characteristics of hydropower production. It can
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
optimize the management of resources in operation, design, technology, production and
supply, and it is now in a leading position in the same industry.
The company design department completely realized the electronic design
drawings. Design Department, Technology Division has more than one computer and
large-scale plotter (Hewlett Packard), laser printers and other equipment, network
full access to the ERP software system.
In the process, Zhongli Company as the old state-owned enterprises established
in 1958, from the date of completion of hydropower equipment production, accumulated
50 years of experience in hydropower equipment manufacturing. Conventional units, the
bulb turbine units have a standard unit of all components of process guidance document.
From 200mm thick steel plate forming, welding dissimilar steel has the unique process
methods, and has a large furnace, heat treatment to ensure the quality of structural
parts. Zhongli Company has rich experience in machining from the beginning of 70s.
It has a tool team which is the backbone of the tool team in Shaoguan Mechanical Industry
System. So there is a set of standardized processing methods in the bulb turbine units
such as the large parts machining, stainless steel processing and complex line
processing, etc., so as to effectively ensure the quality of the product.
3. Quality Assurance System
Zhongli Company has passed the ISO quality system certification by CQC Since
1998. For decades, the company always persisted in customer-centric business
philosophy and CODE product idea, clearly the company's quality policy: "strict
management, honor its commitment to ensure quality and customer satisfaction." Through
the strictly implementation of quality system, the quality of products are ensured
in effective and satisfy the requirements of users in power stations.
In the implementation of quality assurance system, the company strengthens
the responsibility of leadership first. Clearly, general manager is the first person
in quality management system. Senior manager in the company directly involved in the
quality management system activities. The company established its quality policy and
quality manual to control the quality and realize the quality objectives.
Senior managers timely access to quality through achievement of the goals
to determine the performance of quality management system, directly participate in
periodic management reviews to grasp the overall situation of the quality system, and
take measures to the inadequate system timely, to ensure the adequacy of resources
in the company.
Secondly, strengthen the quality system construction. The company ensures
the effective implementation of quality system by related system such as the
development of quality policy, quality objectives, quality manual and quality system
of reward and punishment, etc.
More importantly, the company emphasizes its full participation in
implementation of the quality system. Clarify the functions and the responsibilities
of personnel and its relationships, through full participation, the entire quality
system can be operated smoothly in all sectors.
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
The Units Supplied for Power Stations By GDZL
Tubular Turbine Generator units
Hmax Hr

Turbine Type Generator Type
y Year
1 Chaijiaxia Lanzhou,gansu 424 10 6.8 GZ995-WP-720 SFWG24-88/7820 2007
2 Xiashang Yudu,Jianxi 312 5.54 4.45 GZ1250b-WP-670 SFWG12-80/7100 2013
3 Dongshun Baishe,Guangxi 212 7.5 4.7 GZ1250a-WP-640 SFWG12-88/7100 2005
4 Yuezhou Yudu,Jiangxi 312 8.0 4.8 GZ1250b-WP-625 SFWG12-72/6430 2012
5 Menzhou Shaoguan,GD 211 8.0 5.3 GZTF08-WP-580 SFWG11-72/6430 1998
6 Shanxiu Fushui,Guangxi 326 16.0 10.5 GZ995a-WP-560 SFWG26-60/6160 2006
7 Baisiyaokuan Yingde,GD 120 12.2 8.4 GZ995a-WP-560 SFWG20-64/6540 2005
8 Mafang Shihui,GD 210 8.3 5.0 GZ1250a-WP-560 SFWG10-76/6450 2004
9 Bingchun Meizhou,GD 210 6.8 4.85 GZ1250a-WP-560 SFWG10-76/6450 2003
10 Chalinghe Zhangjiajie,HN 318 11.7 9.5 GZ995a-WP-530 SFWG18-64/6220 2007
11 Chenjiangko Zixing,Hunan 212.5 8.14 6.3 GZ1250a-WP-530 SFWG12.5-64/5800 2005
12 Sanlong Meizhou,GD 212 8.64 6.9 GZ1250a-WP-500 SFWG12-60/5620 2004
13 Jiangzitian Shaoyang,HN 35.5 7.2 4.2 GZ1250a-WP-480
14 SeSan4A Vietnam 321 17.7 12.2 GZ995a-WP-470 SFWG21-48/5680 2011
15 BoThuoc2 Vietnam 420 17.2 12.0 GZ995a-WP-470 SFWG20-48/5680 2012
16 Dayuandu Hengyang,HN 110 10.45 6.7 GZ995-WP-470 SFWG10-60/5300 2007
17 Danzhu Meizhou,GD 48.5 9.55 6.2 GZTF08-WP-460
18 Hongyan Mianyang 212 9.61 8.9 GZ995-WP-430 SFWG12-52/5080 2008
19 Xizikou Longyan,FJ 210 9.69 8.0 GZ995-WP-420 SFWG10-52/4890 2006
20 Nuomitan Liucheng,GX 16.3 9.83 6.2 GZ1250a-WP-420
21 Liupu Quanzhou,GX 35 6.47 4.8 GZ1250a-WP-420
22 Xiaoxitan Longyou,ZJ 44.5 8.5 4.65 GZ1250a-WP-420
23 Changan Lechang,GD 34.4 6.82 4.2 GZ1250a-WP-420
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
Hmax Hr

Turbine Type Generator Type
y Year
24 Jaqiaosi Yingde,GD 33.2 4.08 3.52 GZ1250a-WP-420
25 Changshan Lechang,GD 34 6.23 4.5 GZTF08-WP-410
26 Keguang2 Jianyou,Sicuan 26.3 8.3 6.4 GZ1250b-WP-400
27 Niulangou Yanjing,Yunnan 212.4 15.2 12.3 GZ995a-WP-380 SFWG12.4-40/4320 2010
28 Batou Meizhou,GD 36 8.85 6.7 GZTF08-WP-380 SFWG6000-44/4160 2000
29 Baolingsi Pingwu,Sichuan 214 19.0 14.0 GZ995a-WP-360 SFWG14-36/4320 2006
30 Chaotouping Sanjian,GX 214 15.5 13.5 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG14-36/4320 2002
31 Nanba Pingwu,Sichuan 212 13.5 12.0 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG12-36/4340 2012
32 Keguang3 Jiangyou,SC 211 12.76 10.8 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG11-40/4320 2010
33 Keguang1 Jiangyou,SC 210 11.92 10.6 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG10-40/4340 2012
34 Binqiaowang Minxian,Gansu 26.5 10.14 8.1 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG6500-44/4320 2008
35 Pailou Huaihua,HN 36.3 9.9 7.8 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG6300-44/4320 2005
36 Yinghua Yingde,GD 16.3 7.5 6.8 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG6300-44/4320 2004
37 Jiedi Chebi,Hubei 25 7.5 6.0 GZ995-WP-360 SFWG5000-44/4320 2009
38 Yangba Mabian,Sichuan 211 13.7 10.2 GZ995a-WP-350 SFWG11-36/4320 2012
39 Xingzhuang Qujiang,GD 34 8.2 5.5 GZ1250a-WP-350 SFWG4000-48/3700 2005
40 Heqiao Yongdeng,Gansu 14.5 6.8 6.0 GZ1250a-WP-350 SFWG4500-48/3700 2008
41 Longyuan Longnan,JX 24 7.0 5.1 GZ1250a-WP-350 SFWG4000-48/3700 2006
42 Jiangkou Shixin,GD 34 6.46 5.1 GZ1250a-WP-350 SFWG4000-48/3700 2003
43 Zhoutian Renhua,GD 34 6.2 5.1 GZ1250a-WP-350 SFWG4000-48/3700 2012
44 Qixingdun Ruyuan,GD 33.9 7.69 5.0 GZ1250a-WP-350 SFWG3900-48/3700 2004
45 Guanxie Shaxian,FJ 33.2 5.2 4.7 GZTF08-WP-350 SFWG3200-48/3700 2000
46 Hengdan Wenxian,Gansu 212.5 19.0 17.2 GZ995a-WP-330 SFWG12.5-30/4050 2007
47 Longtoutan Longnan,JX 210 14.5 12.5 GZ995-WP-330 SFWG10-32/4050 2006
48 Qijiaping Lintao,Gansu 35.5 9.66 8.2 GZ995-WP-330 SFWG5500-40/3700 2009
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
Hmax Hr

Turbine Type Generator Type
y Year
49 Pingan Lanzhou,Gansu 34 7.2 6.0 GZ995-WP-330 SFWG4000-48/3700 2008
50 Huanglianxi Jishou,Hunan 23.2 7.0 5.3 GZ1250a-WP-320 SFWG3200-44/3700 2008
51 Renminqu Dujiangyan,SC 22 5.0 3.8 GZ1250a-WP-320 SFWG2000-44/3700 2009
52 Kumkoy Turkey 35.75 12.75 9.26 GZ995-WP-300 SFWG5750-36/3500 2009
53 Daping Leshan,SC 15.8 12.55 9.5 GD995-WP-300 SFWG5800-36/3500 2010
54 Shizikou Yingde,GD 32 5.9 4.5 GZTF08-WP-300
55 Yaoshan Renhua,GD 23 6.3 5.5 GZTF08-WP-300
56 Danxia Renhua,GD 23 7.5 6.2 GZ003-WP-300
57 Xiba Leshan,SC 22.5 5.3 4.6 GD1250a-WP-300
58 Tantou Dayu,JX 21.6 6.8 4.5 GZ003-WP-300
59 Wangwu Renhua,GD 21.35 6.5 3.26 GZTF08-WP-300
60 Huanghui Lanzhou,Gansu 35 11.4 9.2 GZ995-WP-280
61 shuangdong Luoding,GD 32 7.3 6.6 GZ006-WZ-275 SFW2000-36/3250 1995
62 Shanfeng Nanxiong,GD 21 4.2 3.8 GZ008-WZ-275 SFW1000-44/2860 2002
63 Longjing Huiyang,GD 30.5 3.1 2.5 GD008-WZ-240 SFW500-52/3250 2003
10.5 2.7 2.4 GD008-WZ-240 SFW500-52/3250 2005
65 GCFY Wongyuan,GD 30.32 2.2 2.1 GD008-WZ-210 SFW320-44/2150 2001
66 Kalecik 1 Turkey 22.6 5.5 GZ995-WP-300
67 Kalecik 2 Turkey
6.5 GZ995-WP-280
68 Kalecik 3 Turkey
8.2 GZ995-WP-280
69 BaThuoc 1 Vietnam 415 13 9 GZ995-WP-480 SFWG15-56/5500 2013

G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
There are 69 power stations and 164 sets of units. The maximum
diameter of the runner of turbine is 7.2m. The largest capacity of the
generatorsingle unit is 26 MW.

Kaplan Type Hydraulic Generator unit
Hmax Hr
Turbine Type Generator Type
y year
1 Shanxin Xingyi,GD 11000 12.6 12 ZD560a-LH-140 SF1000-16/2150 1992
2 Daxi XinfengGD 31000 13.5 12.8 ZD560a-LH-140 SF1000-14/2150 1994
3 Kejiao Xinyi,GD 11250 10.5 9.3 ZD560-LH-140 SF1250-16/2150 2000
4 Kejiao Xinyi,GD 11600 10.5 9.3 ZD560-LH-145 SF1600-16/2600 2000
5 Pintiang Shixing,GD 3320 4.5 4.2 ZDT03-LH-160 SF320-28/2150 2002
6 dongguangqi Renhua,GD 2500 6.3 5.8 ZDT03-LH-160 SF500-24/2150 2003
7 Fengcheng Fengcheng,JX 2630 7.6 7.0 ZD560a-LH-160 SF630-24/2600 1995
8 Liujiadui Yuanyang,YN 23000 24.4 22.7 ZDJP502-LH-160 SF3000-16/2600 2011
9 Hehuatang Shixin,GD 3630 6.3 5.9 ZDA324-LH-180 SF630-28/2150 2004
10 FUshuipei Xinfeng,GD 3500 5.3 4.8 ZDA324-LH-180 SF500-36/2600 1999
11 Jingwan Gaozhou,GD 31600 11.8 11.2 ZDA324-LH-180 SF1600-24/2860 2005
12 Dachong Lianshan,GD 23200 18.5 17 ZDJP502-LH-180 SF3200-20/3250 2003
13 Yuntengdu Hezhou,GX 8400 4.2 3.3 ZDT03-LH-200 SF400-44/2860 2002
14 shihuichong Lechang,GD 3630 5.7 4.7 ZDA324-LH-200 SF630-36/2600 2001
15 Xian Renhua,GD 3650 5.1 4.7 ZD760-LH-200 SF650-36/2600 1991
16 shiji Xishui,Hubei 1800 5.6 5.3 ZD760-LH-200 SF800-28/2600 1990
17 Huazhu Longmen,GD 4800 5.8 5.3 ZD760-LH-200 SF800-28/2600 1987
18 Xiakou Dayu,JX 21250 8.4 8.0 ZD760-LH-200 SF1250-28/2600 1986
19 Hutiao Maoming,GD 22500 13 11.8 ZD560a-LH-225 SF2500-28/3250 1997
20 Daling Xunyang,SX 26300 21.3 19.3 ZDJP502-LH-232 SF6300-24/3300 2008
21 Daling, Xunyang,SX 16300 21.3 19.3 ZZ550-LH-240 SF6300-24/3300 2008
22 Wanglong Xinyi,GD 21250 6.5 6 ZDT03-LH-235 SF1250-36/3300 2003
23 Zhubaoshi Xinyi,GD 21250 6.2 5.5 ZZA324-LH-250 SF1250-44/3300 2001
24 W.wanchuan Tonghua,JL 34000 14.2 13.4 ZZ660-LH-250 SF4000-32/3300 2002
25 Xiangjiaju Wanzhou,CQ 26300 20.6 17.5 ZZ660-LH-250 SF6300-24/3300 2007
26 Shanyangxi Sangzhi,HN 26300 18.6 15.5 ZZ660-LH-260 SF6300-28/3300 2011
27 Tiemai Menyuan,QH 21250 6.8 6.2 ZZ660-LH-275 SF1250-44/3600 2009
28 Guoduwan Baokang,HB 38500 21.8 19.7 ZZ500-LH-275 SF8500-28/4250 1996
29 Huangmaoxi
Yingde,GD 41250
4.8 4.2
ZD760-LH-300 SF1250-48/3250 1988
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
Hmax Hr
Turbine Type Generator Type
y year
30 bianshishan Qujiang,GD 31250 5.2 4.6 ZZA324-LH-300 SF1250-52/3600 1998
31 Liancheng2 Yongdeng,GS 34000 12.5 9.6 ZZ660-LH-300 SF4000-40/3800 2008
32 Nanyu Zhouqu,GS 310000 21.6 18.8 ZZ550-LH-315 SF10-32/4250 2012
33 Hubao Pingle,GX 11600 5.3 4.6 ZD560a-LH-330 SF1600-60/4250 1998
34 zhenguo ZengchengGD 11600 5.5 4.6 ZD560a-LH-330 SF1600-60/4250 1989
35 Zhenguo ZengchengGD 21600 5.5 4.6 ZZ560a-LH-330 SF1600-60/4250 1989
36 Baiyutan Chenzhou,HN 11600 5.8 4.8 ZZ698-LH-335 SF1600-60/4250 1998
37 Shilong Fusong,JL 235000 37.9 33.9 ZZ550-LH-380 SF35-30/6250 2010
38 K-K Burma 237000 38.6 36.2 ZZ550-LJ-380 SF37-30/6250 2009
39 Gezhouba
YIchang,Hubei 120000
27 18.6
ZZ500-LH-410 SF20-40/6500 1995
40 Tianqiao Baode,Shanxi 140000 20.2 19 ZZ660-LH-550 SF40-56/8400 2002

Maximum turbine runner diameter is 5.5m, maximum
generating unit capacity is up to 40MW.

Francis Type Hydraulic Generator Units
Hmax Hr

TurbineType Generator Type
1 Shuangyutan Yingde,GD 23200 66.9 59 HLA153-LJ-92 SF3200-10/2600 1999
2 Longjiang Tengchong,YN 11250 32.5 28 HLA112-LJ-100 SF1250-14/2150 1987
3 Qixinghe Fengkai,GD 21600 36.6 33.8 HLA112-LJ-100 SF1600-14/2150 1997
4 Wuzhou Shaoguan,GD 12000 42 38 HLA112-LJ-100 SF2000-14/2150 2000
5 Heyou Lianping,GD 32500 28.2 24.2 HL220-LJ-100 SF2500-12/2600 1992
6 Xuetou Pingshan,SC 33200 58.18 52.1 HLA112-LJ-100 SF3200-12/2600 1992
7 Luowa Zhenning,GZ 23400 60 58 HLA153-LJ-100 SF3400-12/2600 1989
8 Xiangshui Ledong,Hainan 14000 64 58 HLA112-LJ-100 SF4000-12/2600 1985
9 Liusahe Jinghong,YN 24000 76 72 HLD06a-LJ-100 SF4000-10/2600 1993
Yongding,FJ 27500 78 76 HLD41-LJ-100 SF7500-10/2600 1994
11 Maqiao1 Baokang,HB 11600 33 30 HLD74-LJ-110 SF1600-14/2150 1997
12 Jiulian Lianping,GD 22000 36 32 HLD74-LJ-110 SF2000-14/2150 2004
13 Nanche Taihe,JX 43200 35 27 HLA244-LJ-110 SF3200-12/2600 1998
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
Hmax Hr

TurbineType Generator Type
14 Xiaoyugu Panxian,GZ 26000 80 70 HLD41-LJ-110 SF6000-10/2600 2005
15 Mazihe Jingping,YN 28000 221 218 HL100-LJ-110 SF8000-8/2600 1995
16 Gaotang Zhaoqing 312000 156 153 HLD46-LJ-115 SF12-8/2600 1997
17 Daxiaozuang Xinfeng 22000 35.6 26.5 HLD74-LJ-120 SF2000-18/2600 1999
18 Yuegui Xinyi,GD 22000 30.2 27 HLA244-LJ-120 SF2000-16/2600 2004
19 Beifengshan Xingxin,GD 22500 32.2 27 HLA244-LJ-120 SF2500-16/2600 1992
20 Fucao Xinyi,GD 25000 64 58 HLA153-LJ-120 SF5000-14/2600 1992
21 Datanhe Ruyuan,GD 25000 62.2 57 HLA153-LJ-120 SF5000-14/2600 1997
22 Jiujiedai Chenzhou,HN 26300 154.1 143.2 HLA520-LJ-120 SF6300-10/2600 2003
Diqing,YN 36300 192 183 HL100-LJ-120 SF6300-8/2600 1987
24 Zhuxijiang Xupu,HUnan 35000 56.7 50.0 HLA743-LJ-130 SF5000-14/2600 2009
25 Maduhe Yichang,Hubei 38000 92 87 HLA743-LJ-130 SF8000-10/2600 2008
26 Meifeng A Fengshun,GD 24000 42.0 38.0 HLA551-LJ-135 SF4000-16/2600 2004
27 Meifeng B Fengshun,GD 26000 58.0 48.0 HLA551-LJ-135 SF6000-14/2600 2004
28 Bingying Xinyi,GD 22500 29.5 21 HL240-LJ-140 SF2500-24/2860 1987
29 Yunli Xinyi,GD 22500 26 20.1 HL240-LJ-140 SF2500-24/2860 1987
30 Xiaoguanba
16500 52.6 47.5 HL220-LJ-140 SF6500-16/3300 1973
Yangchun,GD 26500 50.3 47.8 HL220-LJ-140 SF6500-16/3300 1973
Longmen,GD 36500 55 47.5 HL220-LJ-140 SF6500-16/3300 1991
33 Xiongdu Yichang,hubei 36500 58 52.1 HLA112-LJ-140 SF6500-16/3300 1988
34 Nangao Lufeng,GD 31500 265 255 HL100-LJ-140 SF15-8/2600 1981
35 Wangjiashan Jiangkou,GZ 21600 20 17.8 HL310-LJ-145 SF1600-24/2860 1986
36 Baofu Shanghang,FJ 31600 24 22 HLD74-LJ-145 SF1600-24/2860 1996
37 Dongjiang Shenzhen,GD 41600 21.2 19 HL260-LJ-145 SF1600-28/2860 1992
Shixin,GD 22000 23 20.1 HL260-LJ-145 SF1600-28/2860 1985
39 Danzhu Shenzhen,GD 22000 21.8 18.7 HL260-LJ-145 SF2000-24/2860 1985
40 Hutouken Quangnan,JX 22000 22 21.3 HL260-LJ-145 SF2000-24/2860 1986
41 Yunkou Lichuan,Hubei 215000 105 95 HLA630-LJ-145 SF15-12/2600 2008
42 Maqiao Baokang,Hubei 23200 29 25 HLA112-LJ-160 SF3200-24/3250 1991
43 Nam Kong 2 Vietnam 322000 109.3 98.8 HLA743-LJ-160 SF22-12/3600 2013
G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
Hmax Hr

TurbineType Generator Type
44 Yupaojiang Dayao,Yunnan 28000 46.38 41.37
SF8000-18/3300 2009
45 Datanghe Ruyuan,GD 210000 58 50.5 HLD75-LJ-165 SF10-16/3300 1999
46 Diaoyutai Ruyuan,GD 212500 68.5 62 HLD75-LJ-165 SF12.5-16/3300 1998
47 Yangxishui Ruyuan,GD 210000 55.8 48.7 HlA551-LJ-170 SF10-18/3300 2002
48 Hengxi Ruuan,GD 225000 138.6 124 HLA194-LJ-170 SF25-14/3800 2003
49 Yetang Pingwu,SC 213200 60.5 55.0 HLD267-LJ-186 SF13.2-18/3300 2009
50 Dahe Yangjiang,GD 215000 45.8 43 HLD74-LJ-225 SF15-24/5500 1995
51 Liangde Gaozhou,GD 210000 42.5 35.8 HL220-LJ-230 SF10-32/4250 1973
52 Ytan Zhangjiajie,HN 110000 38 34.6 HL220-LJ-230 SF10-32/4250 1993
Laolongkou Huichun,Jiling 28000 30.14 23.5 HLD260( B) - LJ- 24 SF8000-36/4800 2008
Laolongkou Huichun,Jiling 13200 30.14 23.5 HLD260( B) - LJ- 15 SF3200-24/4250 2008
54 Jingjiang Renhua,GD 212500 43.2 34.4 HL240-LJ-250 SF12.5-36/4800 1992
55 Yutan Zhangjiajie,HN 220000 38 34.6 HLA244-LJ-300 SF20-36/5500 1996

Hydraulic Products and Components
hydro-generating unit

G Gu ua an ng gd do on ng g H Ho on ng gy yu ua an n Z Zh ho on ng gl li i P Po ow we er r E Eq qu ui ip pm me en nt t C Co o. ., , L Lt td d B Br ri ie ef f I In nt tr ro od du uc ct ti io on n
Delivery of hydraulic parts

Running turbine
Rotor of hydro- generator