Daniel Medvedov

USA O1 Visa
“for Aliens With Extraordinary Abilites”


Dr. Daniel Medvedov 2014

• Dr. Daniel Medvedov received in 2004 the Visa O1 - granted to “aliens with
extraordinary abilities.” He is an recognized International Expert in the Area of
Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture, Science and Social Healthcare
• His expertise in Mayan Studies as a International Scholar, belongs to the area of
Anthropology and Philosophy of Culture. His acaedmic experience as a
University Professor lasts for some thirty years.
• He is an Author of more tha eight-hundred (800) books, all published in the
• Due to his wide experience and knowledge in both Oriental and Occidental
Culture, he is requiered this year to become a Honorary Advisor for Medicine
Man Holistic Healing Center, based in Miami, FL.
• He is a Honorary Advisor of the Institute of Chinese Medicine of Taipei, Republic
of China (1981)
• The International Institute for Cultural Philosophy of the East-West Essence
Society, located in Taipei, Republic of China, with a branch in California, USA,
was runned by the late Zen Master HH Nan Huai Chin, international authority of
cultural assets. He recognized Daniel Medvedov (1981) as one of the most
important experts in Philosophy of Change, in the world.
• Dr. Daniel Medvedov is a Correspondent Member for the Medical Society of
Surgery of Hand (1979), Caracas, Venezuela, an associated member of the
International Association for Surgery of Hand.
• He is a Honorific Professor of the Hyperion University of Bucarest, Romania
• Invited Professor at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain (1997)
• Former Director of Activities and Director of the Center of Maya Studies of Arts
& Minds Academy, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL (2004-2007)
• Member of Alliance Médicale Internationale, Paris, France (1979)
• Member of the International Acupunture Society, Taipei, China (1979)
• Member of the Acupuncture Society of Sri Lanka (1980)
• Honorary Member od the Writers Association of Venezuela (2012)
• He is an Academic Tutor for more than hundred (100) Undergraduate and
Graduate students Thesis at many national and private universities in Venezuela
• He is the National Experimental University of Yaracuy – UNEY – Proctor
Cultural Representative for Europe, since year 2000
• Fore some five years (1989-1993) he was a Teacher of Physical Education at the
International American School ECA – Caracas, Venezuela, where he was an
Instructor of Presidential Physical Fitness Award, USA
• Tai Chi Master at the Generalitat of Barcelona – Polideportivo Guinardó and
Olympics Vall d’Hebron (2002-2004)
• Tai Chi Master at the Holmes Place Health Center in Madrid (2007-2011)
• Tai Chi Master at BigSmile Health Center in Vienna, Austria (2011-2012)
• At present he is a Reserarch Member at the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid,

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