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The following people have agreed to receive emails

about the log over the summer. If you have questons

feel free to contact one of the individuals below.

CrossRoads Middle School
Mrs. Valek
Ms. Pearson

Chapin Middle School
Ms. Wright
Mrs. Corley

Dutch Fork Middle School
Mrs. Graul
Mrs. Atkinson

Irmo Middle School
Ms. Jensen
Ms. Thacker

District Ofce
Ms. Boissinot

Contact Information
Ideas for My Summer
Math Log

Calculate the amount of the bill and tp at a
Estmate the total bill at the grocery store.
Calculate the average speed on a trip.
Find the unit cost of items at a grocery store
to determine the best buy.
Find the area of your room in square feet
and square inches.
Complete these tasks:
Tasks 1
Tasks 2
Tasks 3
Sharpen your math skills at one or more of the
following websites:
XP Math Games
Cool Math
AAA Math
Math Playground
IXL Math Practce

The list above is a suggested menu of math actv-
ites to choose from. As you enjoy your summer,
record the tme you spend interactng with and
using math. Make sure you record at least ten
hours of actvity. You may repeat an actvity
more than once and you may record it each tme
you play it, but you must do at least three difer-
ent actvites. There is a log inside this brochure
for you to record your math actvites.
Summer Math!

6th, 7th, & 8th
Create a log showing some ways that
you have used math over the
summer. A sample log is inside, or
you may create your own. You
should complete at least at least 10
hours (3 diferent actvites) of work.

Each student may submit a log to
his/her teacher by August 29, 2014.

We use math every day!
What are some ways you use math?
Date Time
Spent (in
Actvity - Please briefy describe the math
Complete at least three diferent actvites.


Math Log
Standards of Mathematcal
The Standards for Mathematcal Practce describe
behaviors that all profcient math students should
These practces will allow students to understand
and apply mathematcs with confdence.

Mathematcally profcient students...

1. make sense of problems and
persevere in solving them.
2. reason abstractly and quanttatvely.
3. construct viable arguments and
critque the reasoning of others.
4. model with mathematcs by applying
the mathematcs they know to solve
problems arising in everyday life,
society, and the workplace.
5. use appropriate tools strategically.
6. communicate, measure and calculate
with precision.
7. look closely to discern a patern or
8. notce if calculatons are repeated,
and look both for general methods
and for shortcuts.