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Livewood Magic Amulets - our super spells

LiveWood Magic Amulets are super spells and have much more power than our normal
folk magic or "FM" spells. They also adapt themselves to whatever situation you find
yourself in and as such, the results can last a lifetime A!out Livewood...
"ur spells work directly with your su!conscious to help you respond in certain ways. As
your su!conscious is uni#ue to you, look through the spell lists and choose the ones that
feel right for you.
livewood amulets to
guide and protect
you on your...
LA$%agan &uest LA'(ision &uest
LA-.ruidric &uest LA/0oly &uest
LA1&uest for
LA3&uest for
LA4 &uest for a
5etter Life 6 our
most popular LA
magic spell7ot only
helps improve or
change your life
now, !ut keeps on
working year on
year 8n fact, as your
life changes, your
hopes and goals
increase in
magnitude too. The
perfect gift to
yourself or others.
LA$9&uest for
livewood amulets to
help you find and
use YOUR...
LA$$;reative Talent
LA$-A!ility to ,ell
5:< Livewood Amulet 6 %lease input Livewood Amulet
;ode =LA>? @/- $9+ 4) $+'
livewood amulets
to discover and
work with ...
<our 8nner
;hildAsk for
The .ancer
WithinAsk for
The ,inger
WithinAsk for
<our 8ntuitionAsk
for "%*"M%TA*"
The *eal <ouAsk
for "%AL"
The Music in
<ouAsk for
<our 8nner
%eaceAsk for
The "rator
WithinAsk for
The Boddess
WithinAsk for
<our Buardian
AngelAsk for
The Bodhead
WithinAsk for
The Leader
WithinAsk for
The %ower
WithinAsk for
The Artist
WithinAsk for
<our 8nner
FeelingsAsk for
The Writer
WithinAsk for
The Teacher
WithinAsk for
<our 8nner
BuideAsk for
The Actor
WithinAsk for
5:< Livewood Amulet 6 %lease input Livewood Amulet
7ame =Ask For>?
@/- $9+ 4) $+'
sylvan talisman to help you...
;ope with 5eing out of WorkAsk for ,T$
;ope with 5eing :nemployedAsk for
;ope with 7ew TechnologyAsk for ,T) ;ope with 5eing AloneAsk for ,T+
;ope with a .ifficult ,ituationAsk for
;ope with a 5oring ,ituationAsk for
.evelop your 8nner (isionAsk for ,T1
ADpress your 8nner FeeelingsAsk for
Meditate and Bain 8nner ;ontrolAsk for
Meditate and Find the AnswerAsk for
Learn from MeditationAsk for ,T$$ :tilise your 8ntuitionAsk for ,T$$