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Gifted: A Birth Curse Novel

Part One
The Latency



Part Two
Gifted: A Birth Curse Novel
Part One
The Latency

The darkness surrounding her was astounding. This was not the kind of darkness one could
prepare for and definitely not the kind her simple human eyes could become accustomed to.
If not for the first time that night did she wish shed paid more attention to her craft and

There was a thud followed by an odd buzzing sound. The overhead lights flickered on casting
a dull glow in the room.

Where am I? she whispered to herself shaking her head and blinking her eyes rapidly in a
feeble attempt to clear her vision of the spinning room. She could hear whimpers but she
couldnt focus enough to pin point where they were coming from.

Slowly she inched her way towards the only visible door. The overhead lights still flickering
away, casting the room in darkness more than light. The closer she got to the door the more
recognizable the room. Close to the door, she noticed the sobbing brunette leaning
precariously against a wall. The overhead light flickered off again and the only light to speak
of was the red barely peeking through the slightly opened door casting a red glow on the
girl. The girl teetered on the edge of hysterics, her sobbing growing louder drowning out the
ominous beating of Zaharas own heart.

Zahara could taste the tension in the air, something was not right and her forward
movement faltered, her hands shaking and a sick fluttering feeling forming in her stomach.
Definitely not butterflies, more like bats she thought to herself bumping into the shelving to
her right when the girl clasped her stomach and gasped.

The hairs on the back of her neck rose causing a tingling feeling to rush across her skin, down
her arms and settling in her throbbing leg. She didnt notice the pain till then. Pulling herself
off her knees and up to her full height, she braced herself against the shelving ad the
overhead lights once again flickered on. She inched closer to the door favoring her right leg
and inadvertently closer to the sobbing girl.

Gifted: A Birth Curse Novel
Part One
The Latency

A noise in the hallway drew their attention and Zahara caught sight of the girls face.
Milliam? she called out cautiously Linny? Zahara tried again crouching down to her
friends level, Can you hear me?
The girls groaned one hand clutching her stomach and the other moving to her head. Zahara
reached out and placed her hand on Milians shoulder Linny, are you ok? she asked trying
to ignore the slight tremble in her voice. The girls head snapped up, their eyes making
Zahara stumbled back as her friends once gray eyes flashed an eerie green.

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