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Figure In the Landscape: Workshops

Explore the historical, conceptual & technical
aspects of painting the figure in nature
!ession 1: "a# 2$, %0 & %1
!ession 2: &une 1$, 20 & 21
!ession %: &ul# 10, 11, & 12
What to expect:
We 'ill (e painting outdoors at )# ho)e in *ello' !prings +#ou 'ill recei,e a
)ap 'ith registration confir)ation- !essions run fro) $.12:00, 'ith a one hour
(reak for lunch, and resu)e at 1:00 until 4:00 "ost da#s 'e 'ill ha,e a group
feed(ack session regarding the da#/s 'ork 0ost is 1120 for adults and 1130 for
students or recent graduates, paid in full at the (eginning of first da#
Workshops 'ill co,er: !eeing color, )ixing color, li)ited palettes, oil painting
techni4ues, painting5dra'ing the figure 6he a(o,e 'ill (e tailored to skill le,el
and indi,idual goals In addition 'e 'ill look at ho' artists past and present deal
'ith the nude in the landscape fro) a technical and conceptual point of ,ie'
Materials List:
French easel7
2 pre.pri)ed +gessoed- panels or stretched can,as )in 12x 14+one for
)orning and one for afternoon-
suppl# (ox or (ackpack +for paints and other )aterials-
% glass 8ars +19.%2o: 8ars 'ork great-
Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits %2 o: This is the only brand of
mineral spirits that I use!
Linseed ;il pt
<ou(le =alette cups >ote: 8ar lids 'ork fine, too
"aster/s ?rush 0leaner or (ar soap for cleaning (rushes-
?ox of surgical glo,es
100@ 0otton rags +old t.shirts 'ork 'ell, 8ust cut into )anagea(le si:es-
s)ock or old shirt
Aat 'ith (ri)+i)portant to see properl# 'ithout glare-
!unscreen or spf clothing
co)forta(le clothes5shoes+no sandals-
(ug spra#+optional-
painting stool+optional-
Water (ottle for drinking
=alette knife.2Bdia)ond
Ctrecht ?asic ?rush !et or:
Dl a carte (rushes:
E inch long.handled flat
1 inch long.handled flat
F % long.handled round
F 9 long.handled round
Paints for beginning painters:
0ad)iu) *ello' Aue.Winton ?rand %G )l tu(e
0o(alt ?lue Aue H H H
Dli:arin 0ri)son H H H
I,or# ?lack H H H
6itaniu) White I it is 'ise to get )ore than one tu(e of 'hite or
e,en the 130 )l
Paints for advanced painters:
0ad)iu) *ello' or Jinc *ello' Aue
0ad)iu) *ello' )ediu)
*ello' ;chre
>apthol Ked Lt
=er) Dli:arin 0ri)son
Cltra)arine ?lue
0erulean ?lue Aue
0o(alt ?lue
<ioxa:ine =urple
=er)anent Lreen
I,or# ?lack
Ka' C)(er
6itaniu) White 130 )l
6he distinction other than fe'er colors for (eginning painters is that the
paint is a slightl# lo'er 4ualit#+less actual pig)ent to filler than higher
grades- (ut fine for learning E,er#one should (e fine 'ith %G )l tu(es
'ith the exception of 'hite 'hich )ight 'ant t'o %G )l tu(es or the 130
)l tu(e Ctrecht (rand is a good pro grade paint (ut are still a good ,alue
Winsor & >e'ton+Winton is a ,alue (rand of W&>-, Li4uitex, Ke)(randt
and La)(lin are also good (rands
Purchasing Materials:
Ctrecht at '''Ctrecthtco)7
0heap &oe/s Drt !tuff at '''cheap8oesco) and
<ick ?lick at '''<ick?lickco)
D couple of <a#ton area suppliers are :
Michaels Arts !rafts
2300 > Fairfield Kd
?ea,ercreek, ;A
+$%G- 4%1.2$40
"nited Art #ducation
G$$ L#ons Kd, <a#ton, ;A 4343$
+$%G- 4%2.94G1
7D French easel has a (uilt in palette and a place to rest #our palette as
'ell as hold #our can,as5panel !o if #ou ha,e a studio easel #ou 'ant to
use, #ou 'ill ha,e to (ring a palette as 'ell as so)ething to hold it 6here
are painter/s (oxes online at suggested retailers a(o,e 'hich ha,e a
palette and storage for paints and (rushes all in one (ox
7 <ick ?lick )a# ha,e )erged 'ith Ctrecht, so if #ou can/t find Ctrecht
online 8ust go to ?lick