Introduction. Where am I ,now??? Bad reading habits. Maintain Attention While Reading. 3 Tips On How to Improve Your Concentration. Why You Should Read 15 Minutes Every Day. How to Manage Your Time Efficiently.

“Reading is to the mind as aerobic training is to the body.”
By Tony Buzan.

Little story about Tony Buzan.

What’s the meaning of reading???
It’s a visual thinking process.

What’s the importance of reading?
Extracting information:
○ Education. ○ At work. ○ Searching.

Just for reading.

Where am I ,now???
In any learning or self improvement situation, it’s essential to find the true base which you start from. This base form a solid foundation from which you can springboard to your ultimate goals.
Speed reading test. Speed reading level. Comprehension level.

Speed Reading Self Test

Comprehension Level

Speed Reading Levels
Reader 1 2 3 4 5 6 Poor Below Average? Average Functionally literate Top 1 in 100 Top 1 in 1000 Speed wpm 10-100 100-200 200-240 400 800-1000 1000+ Comprehension 30-50% 30-50% 50-70% 70-80% 80%+ 80%+

Educational Level Of Speed Reading

Speed Reading Comprehension Curve

Your reading speed is now:
Reading speed = (number of words / time) WPM.

Your comprehension level is now:
Comprehension level = (no. of right / no. of all)*100 = …….. %

Reading speeds range (1 – 1000) WPM. Average reading speed = (200 – 220 ) WPM.

Bad Reading Habits
Reading at late night.
This time is the least effective . Reader remains unable to understand.

No purpose.
lack of concentration.

Improper environment and location.
Reading in bed (students). Worming rooms (students).

Bad Reading Habits
Reading aloud or pronouncing in head.
Reduces the speed and reading comprehension of a reader.

Unimportant materials. Reading passages in detail.
consumes a lot of time. Should read main ideas. Should use skimming and scanning techniques.

The Best Way to Learn Speed Reading
It is not enough to learn “how to speed read” Being an effective speed reader is more important. It is difficult to learn how to speed read by following the normal learning methods . There are many tips that can make the learning process easy and interesting.

How To Make It Interesting

Knowing the language well. Playing some games. Develop your practice sessions containing 10 to 15 minutes daily.



Knowing the language well
Increase vocabularies.

High reading skills.
Pronunciation. Recognition.

Playing some games
These games are especially designed to help reader in learning how to speed read.

10 to 15 minutes daily practice
Increasing speed level. Increasing comprehension level. There are many software programs and online sources from which a reader can get help.

Maintain Attention While Reading
Almost every one of us faces the problem of loosing focus or getting distracted while reading.
Distractions. people talking, the TV playing, kids crying, colleagues gossiping.

Methods for maintaining attention:
Read words from back to front.

Method for maintaining attention
Read words from back to front. Do this daily for 10-15 minutes or even 30 minutes. Start your practice with small four letter words. Once you find yourself fast in interpreting the words you can slowly move to bigger and more complex words.

3 Tips On How to Improve Your Concentration
Remove Distractions. Give Yourself a Reason to Read, and Develop Genuine Interest. Rest Periodically.

Remove Distractions
Any distraction at all can reduce your reading speed as well as your reading comprehension. Worse, that distraction can get you thinking about other things, and your focus will quickly drift away from what you are reading, onto something irrelevant.

Give Yourself a Reason to Read
Stick that reason firmly in your mind, and think of nothing other than the content of the book. You have to be interested.

Rest Periodically
Reading straight through a book does have the “benefit of the flow” Try stopping at the end of each chapter for a rest. Then, you get a chance to really think about the text. When you come back to the text, you will be even more focus.

Why You Should Read 15 Minutes Every Day
If your reading speed was 200WPM (a full 50WPM below the average reading speed), and if you read for 15 minutes every day 350 days a year (taking 15 days off for whatever reason), by the end of the year you will have read FIFTEEN BOOKS. So think about it: how many books did you read last year?

How to Manage Your Time Efficiently
Proper time management can be one of the hardest things for a person to achieve. Tips for making your time more Efficient:
draw up a time-table . Start your day with your most important job. End your day with something fun. put in the rest of the things you want to do. Do not overload yourself . whenever you feel like you can’t concentrate anymore, just take a break .

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