Children being the basis of the future of any

nation, the literature that is produced for them has to
be more significant. Norton states that the ChL
should be designed in such a way as it opens doors to
discovery and adventures for them (Norton 198!
"#$. %oreover, such literature, when it is translated
especially for children, it will definitely benefit them
with its variety and newness. &t will help them to
have overall development of their personality.
'ariety of cultures, traditions, nations, customs,
rituals, laws, languages, religions and so on will help
the children to develop wholly.
(he nourishment and development of children
depend on not only in reading their local te)ts but
also on reading the te)ts of various cultures and
nations. (he variety of these translated te)ts will not
only provide them en*oyment but also transmit
literary heritage, encourage their understanding,
value cultural heritage and also provide vicarious
e)periences to the future citi+ens of any nation. &t can
even transmit ,nowledge, nurture and e)pand
imagination and stimulate development. (he
,nowledge ac-uired through the reading of such
boo,s helps them develop their social personality.
(hese boo,s even may shape children.s good sense
and s,ill of language, their tase of listening and later
of reading, their ideas about the boo,s, their concepts
of the world and society and poetry along with its
rhyme and rhythm. Children ac-uire the ,nowledge
of the language as they read. (he literature can teach
them new elements of vocabulary, usage and
grammatical structures. /ccording to %ussen,
Conger and 0agan, cognitive development refers to
development related to the processes involved in
perception, memory, reasoning, reflection and insight
(%ussen, Conger and 0agan 199! 1""21"3$. (hey
get to learn through literature the e)periences of other
people who lived before them and are contemporary
to them as well. /nd later, this will be transferred
from one generation to the other. New generations
can certainly en*oy the words of the presiding
generations through reading what the writers of those
generations have written. (hus, the literary heritage
of the society can be preserved (Norton 198! #$.

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