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6O Clock: Dry Date water(1/2 lt) + 3 dry dates

Warm Lime water (prefer Honey) Lt.
Normal water (not cold) 1 Lt.
80 Clock Breakfast: 2 glass of water + carrot-1 (or) Khera-1/4 (Every day)
1 to 2 medium size chapathi with veg curry--- Day 1
Sproughts (100g)+1 fruit+ 4 Dates ---Day 2
2 Oil less Dosa (medium size) with ginger chetny + 1 Fruit----Day 3
2 Idli with ginger chetny + 6 soked Badam ----Day 4
3 Bread pec. With omelet+ 1 Fruit ----Day 5
2 Fruit+ 10 Soked badam+ 5 Dates --- Day 6
1 Glass Milk (Every Day)
10 to 11 AM Clock: Fruit/lime water/Buttermilk/coconut water/4 Dates/ Corn/
1 PM Lunch: 2 glass of water+ 1 Caret (Every Day) Day 1,3
1 Meadium Size Chapathi with veg curry + 1glass Butter milk-Day 3
Rice with veg curry (250 g) + 1 glass Butter Milk Day 4
Fruits 1 big bowl + 5 Dates+ 5 Soked Badam+ 1 Butter Milk---Day 5
150g sprouts+1 fruit+4Dates+ 1 glass butter milkDay 6
2 idli (or) 1 dosa with norma chetni + Fruit juice (without sugar & ice)-Day 7
4 To 5 PM: Butter milk/lime watter/milk/fruit/salad/corn/badam milk/ 4 dates/ biscuits 4/
7 PM Dinner: 2 glass of water+ 1/2 khera (Every Day)
2 Boiled Egg white (avoid yoke-yellow inside)+1 fruit+4 soked badamday 1,2
1 pulka with green leaf curry Day 2
150g sprouts+1 fruit+4Dates+ 1 glass butter milkDay 3,4
1 chapatti With egg Curry Day 5
Fruits only-Day 6,7
Before Bed: 1 Glass Butter milk (or) 1 Glass Milk (Every day)
Foods to be avoided:
1. Deep Fried food, oiled food (Sevpuri, Bajji, Parathas, Pickles, Ghee, papad, samosa, Vada
2. Sweets, jam, Cakes, Pastries, puddings, icecreams, chocklets, chewing Gums, Butter,
3. Soft Drinks, Squashes, Sugarcane Juice, Dry Fruits, Peanuts, Coconut and Noodles
4. Mutton, Beef, Pork, Organ Meat and Egg yoke.
5. Canned foods and Forozen Foods (pickles and Sea foods)
Vegetables to Be Avoided:
1. Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yam, Chamadumpa (Colocasia) & Banana
Fruits to Be Avoided:
1. Banana, Mango, Custard Apple, Sapota, Green Grapes, Jack Fruits (Panasa)
Fruits to be taken:
Watermelon, Orange, Sweet lime, apple, Guava, Papaya, Black Grapes, Pomegrate
Musambi and pine apple (2-3 thin slices)
1. Salads ( Vag and Fruit)
2. Lime Juice ( without sugar)
3. Soup (without corn Flour) 2-3 bowls/day
4. Kurmura, Popcorn-1 Bowl/Day
5. Biscuits, Marie Gold/ Digestive Biscuits (5-6/Day)
6. Buttermilk 3-5 Glasses
7. Ragi Java With Buttermilk 1 Glass

Note 1:
Drink pleny of watter (4-5 Liters)
Follow the prescribed meal schedule.
Chew and eat food slowly, Tandoori, Grilled and Boiled (Non-veg)
Dont Eat Gravy, Dont eat egg yoke.
Limit you intake of non veg food
Dont take nap immediately after meal.
Dont skip breakfast
Have at least 3-4 servings of fresh fruits.
Note 2:
Avoid outside food, try to take more Green leaf VEG and include sprouts, oats, fruits and
veg. Dont neglect eggs and milk. And Dont neglect intake in between breakfast to lunch time
and lunch time to snacks time. Each day you should take carbohydrate, and remining (Vitamins,
Take calcium supplements and vitamin capsules weekly- 4 days like multi rich Tab.
Note 3:
At least 1:00 hour cardio like Waking (Power waking), cycling, Row-
crow, swimming, skipping
And 30 min of work out like pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, waits, leg
risings, Bending (side, front),
Lower apps, upper apps (for stomach reduction) Has to do.
Suggestion: Follow the time table as per your conventions of the day. Dont take all at once
you should have 6 to 8 meal with proper workout.

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