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InanE~f: the AGENT m* CHARGE OF THE UNITED STATES SECRET SERVICE 9tJF~e oft3avmmmf rmd Pubficflairs 245 M.lrpay Drive* Budding 410, Washingtan, DC 20223



* Oath of21 darmary 2009 off= for csntract IReturnd & R * * Notice to the Clerk of Records
Judicial Notice b
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Oath of 20 January 2009 offer for mntrmt /Returned & R e d d b d

* Judicial Notice @age 2 of21



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R&m "And will to toe best &my abiiity."
President Obama; "And will t the best of my abili o

P r e s i h t O W a : "Pmewe,pratect and defend the cm
States. "

Robertr;: "So help me e d . "
Pm'sidet O b a :'Sb help me Go&"

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to t h e b BHO: "#at 1 will &xGicuPe.. CJ Roberts: "faithfully...the OfF1~3 President of W Uniied Sd.of e BHO : 'fhe W e of President o the United States faitbfullfl f CJRobeW "andl wltotlie besfofmyability... BHO: 'en= !wi ta a&hest o my stiility.. ! f CJ Roberts: *...preserve protectand defend fheCai~stitutioA 8HO: " ". .preseTve protect arro'defend the Cmstifufr"0n the t . of . C Roberts: "So he:^ ybti God" J BHO : *So help me Gad",


U.S: Cadtutioion ArWe 2 Section 1 Clause 8. .. 'I do solernnlv swear tor aHim -- the Offlce of President of the ljnitea States, and I will to the k t of my
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the ~o~wfttutionthe united ~ t a ~ s . " of



Ttit minnteyon d v e any recod, document, paper, proceeding, map, book or o d ~ m thing depOsitea with you, you are commhhg aim= against justice d m Revised S W t s of the United Stam First Section 43 Congms, Sections 5403,5407 aad 5408 totaling up to $9,000 in h w and up to 12 years in prison pm a&hvityaufailtoremrd T i t l e l 8 U S C ~ m 2 0 7 1 atsocaui-kqimpriisonmentand dkplification of&If p u t county attorney toid you not to file any documents like mine, yon are still rsspomible, as I da no acmpt rd-party-intebvenem. Any attorney, district attorney, or q m e parties and do not have a licu~se make a legal detmmhation in to h m the hwydng d am d l t i matter as they do not represent M e and Yau, the oomty c l e do not have the authority to r e p m t hs Me. Should You fail to uphold Your swom o& and +rm your duties I will h v e no choice but to rcwrd aaA€iiaaVit ofC r i m i d Complaint agahtst Your amd Liend a mpy to Your bonding company.


Title I X X 4 ~ , - C W . 4 . CIUMES AGAINST JUSTICE
50 . -3

Every person who w l f l y destroys Mattempts to deshoy, or, with intent to steal or d m y , ilul takes and carries away any mmd, paper, or promding of a c o w of justice, filed or deposited with any c l d or oEcer of so& court, or any papa, or document, o record fled or depasikd i any public ofice, r n or wid^ any judicial or public officer, &dl, withunt rehmce to the vaIue of the record,paper, d o m e d , or procGediag srr taken, pay a h e ofnot more than two thousand dollars, or s * imprisonment, at hard l a b , aot mwe thaa tree ywm, or both: [S* Q 8 54083411,54 t 4.1J Titie =.C - . - CH.4. CRIMES AGAINST msnm h, pablic-ds.)
SC5407. I two or more peasons i my State or Taritory conspire for the purpose ofimpeding f n hindering.o b c h g or defeating,ia any mthed m come ofjustice in any State or Territory, with , intent d q to my citizenthe equd protection of the laws, or to i* him or his property fur lawhlly n wforcin& or att~tllpting enforce, the right of any person, or class of person, to the equal protection of to thelaws, ewhofsochpersonshall beprmishedby a f i n e o f n o t l ~ t b a n ~ e h m d r e d n o r m o r e ~ f i v e thomaad dollam, or by imprkoammt, witb or w i t h u t harrl I&ra wt less than six month nor more tban six years, or by both sueh h e and imprisonmeai. S w 5 9 1977-1991,20042010,5506-5510.1 Tide LXX CIUMES. CK.4. CRIMES AGAINST JUSTICE (Conspiracy to defeat enfammart ofthe laws.)



SEC5408. Evwy officer, having the custody of m m r d , document, paper, or proceding specified i y n e m fifty-fim hundrcd and three,who f m d d d y takes away, o withdraws, or destroys any soah r rwmd, docmmt, paper, or p m c d k g f l d in his OEM depsitsd with him or in his cmtody, shall ie or pay a fine of not more fhan two thougand dollars, or d e r imigrisoammtat bard labor not more than three yms, bo€band W moreaver, Wcit h s office and be foreva d k w a r d disqualified froan holding or i arry ofice u a d a the Govmment of the United S a e . @esbyiug record by oEca in charge.) tts

S d o n 2071. Concealment, ternoval, or mutilation geblmlly
(a) Whoever wiifulIy and unlawfUfly c m c d s , removes, mutilates, obliterab, or d a m p , w attmnpts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and canim away my record, proceeding, map, book, paper, documen5 or other thing, flbd or dtposited with any clak or o f i c a ofany mnd of the United W,or in any public office, or with any jdicia! orpublic o 5 c a ofh e United States, shall be ha under ihs title w imprisoned not more tban kyears, or both
(b) Wh,

M g the wstody ofmy such reed., proceeding, map, book, doarmeat, paper, or other thing, wiIlllly and d a w f d y conads, removes, mutilates, obliterates, fddies, or destroys the same, Bhall be fined unda this title or imprimned mot more than tbrae years, Mhth; d s h d forfeit his office andbe disqualified ftwn ho?di~~g office mdu the United States. As used in any this subsection, the t m u~ffi~e" not include the oftice held by my pason as a reaired officer does ofthe Armed F o m of the United States.

[While the misrcpresentetiw of a m t n fact, pgst or present may eonslim basis ae d for an infof 11 Viad." any act omission o r &ih holves a breach oflewl duty, mo cmf~dencc r justly r e p o d and is injurious m another. or hy which an undue advantage is taken of another, may become the hundation far t o o ~ l m e r rofa matetiid k t i n f of~fraud, aud wtren them is a duty to fact may b equally rts wrongful as t positive misctpnsenhtbn.T x Civ. App. 1943 e. Ruebeck t*, Hrt~tt.171 SW2d 895, Wwmed I v6 S1Ud 7382 I42 T m 167i I50 A. L.R
(Party having supmior knowWge who takes ahan-

of mother's ignoramx of the law t deceiivs him by studied canceatment or mismpremtatiwr can be held reqmo sible fbr that conduct. rex. 1987. FinaSup&. Im v. rfbileneNati~~nul k 726 h SW2d S3A
[We(judge5j have na mom right t decline ttu3 exercise ofjraisdiction which is given, a (thb will include the county court of recodjradgg Victw CariIlo) than lo usurp tha~ which is n d given. The one or the other would be I to the C.nnstitution." Chhm v. 6 Kkut 264. (1821); U.S v. WiIJ, 499 US.2M.I
rWh a governmwa becomes a patw i my imdhp company, i r diva^^ h l f , ( )e a ' n s l far tls tmcenc~ ( the mwactim of dmt cornparry. of its sovereign c b t c r , and t a b that ofa private c m . .-It &ends t a level with t b a with whom it associate o i ~ i fand rakes the c , w which b b g s to its asxxiahts and to the business

which is to be transacted.* &rnk tfUhiledSIata v. PI MI^ ' Bank rlfUmr~iu 22 US.904(lrP24I.J

["The United States as drawee of cdmmemial p p r stands in no dierent light tfian any o h r drawee." "The IJpited S t a t u does business on busirmtss terms.It is not exem@ fKHn the gem1 rules governing the ii@mand duties of drawees by the largmts of its deaIinp and its having& employ agents to do what ifdone by a principal in p m m would kave no mom for dmMW CI@& Mt C h v. United ,SCLICRP.iLS. 36311943),] 318


enforcing mem saaates do m t act judicially, but rninkwialiy, having na o judieial lmulunky, and unlike Corpts o LAW, do not obtainjlPisdition by m i c e of f p mnor even by A m s t and Compelled Appemme." BanueII v. Qrir, 9 HOW& m 336, 34x1

VWant uf jurisdiction may not be cured by mm ofthe ~ ' e s . I ~ i d . t r l r l i i t > n s t " Asstxiation E CL R.323 US 310.3 13.1

[ Judicial Notice ]
1. ["A judgment rendered i violation of due process is void" World Wde VoIKrwagot n W d e r r , 444 US.286,29 I ; National Bmtk v. WiZey, 195 US 257; Penmyer v. Ne_t 95 US 7143

[ ". the .mpkmmtsofdue process must b met Wore the court can properly assert in ,. persomnt j ~ c t i o n " WeZIsFargo v. W e b Fargo,556 F2d 406,416.1
essential of due process of law." [. Notification of legal respnsibiity is w e C o d & v Geaeral Combwdion Co., 269 US 385,3911 .
[. w A ~ w h i c h e i t h e r f o r b i & o r r e q ~ ~ d o ' m g o f m ~ i n ~ s o v a g u e t h a t men ofcommon intelligence must necessarily guess a its meaning and differ as to its t

application, violates the tmntial of due process of law." C o d I y v. General Comimction Co.. 269 U.S. 3 8539I]
[. nWheneverit appears that the court lacks subject matterjuzisdiction, the ant is obliged t dismiss the actiua" Elly v. Coastal Cop., 503 U.S. 131,136-37; U S. v. o Texar, 252 F. Supp 234,2541 n s [. " O n o e ~ c t i o i challenged, the court cannotproceed when it clearly s p p e a ~ s that the court lacks jurisdiction, the court has no authority t reach merits, but, rather o should d i e the & ' Melo v, US, F.2d 10261 m' 505

is no d i d o n to ignore lack o f ~ c t i c m " Joyce v. US, 474 F 26 2151