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His Excellency Mr.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Secretary General to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NATO Headquarters
Boulevard Leopold III, 1110 Brussels, Belgium
May 6, 2014

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

We are Ukrainians currently living in Italy. Some of us have been living there for a long time, whereas
others were forced to leave Ukraine because of the recent numerous outbreaks of violence and mass riots,
which made it an unsafe place to stay in. Still, we consider Ukraine our motherland and are deeply
concerned about its safety and safety of its citizens, among which there are our beloved ones our
parents, children, brothers and sisters, friends.

The current situation in Ukraine is extremely complicated, and some politicians are getting impatient to
solve it as quickly as possible, no matter what the price of such a quick resolution might be.

On May 4, in her interview to the La Repubblica magazine Italian Minister of Defence Roberta Pinnotti
declared that Italy is ready to send troops to Ukraine, if respective decision is taken on UN level. And
Mrs. Pinnotti is not the only one, who considers military intervention a proper response to the ongoing
crisis - the idea is gaining popularity between EU and US politicians.

The 2013-2014 Ukraine crisis has already become a national tragedy. The society was divided into
several opposing groups, hundreds of Ukrainians were killed, heavily injured or gone missing. Mass
deaths that followed hours of bloody rioting on May 2 in Odessa shocked the entire world. We would like
to express our condolences to every family affected by these events. Our hearts are with them in this time
of sorrow.

We oppose any plan to bring troops into Ukraine. We are convinced that the military intervention will
only escalate the conflict leading to further violence and regard open dialogue with all the sides of the
conflict as the only way to its resolution.

We understand that quick and effective resolution of Ukrainian crisis is in NATO best interest and,
therefore, we urge you, as a leader of NATO, to take all the possible measures and to use all your
influence to ensure that the crisis is resolved by peaceful means without recourse to force.

Ukraine Abroad
Uniting Ukrainians around the world
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