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Transform the way you work

Civica Group
2013 Annual Review
Welcome to Civica
Civica is a market leader in specialist systems and business
process services that help front line organisations around
the world to transform the way they work.
We provide software applications, cloud services and
IT-enhanced outsourcing to bring about improved and
more efcient services for our customers.
Above all in the markets we serve, people matter. Combining
exceptional customer focus, experience and commitment,
it is the people of Civica and our culture that sets us apart.
More than
locations around the world
Supplying over
front line service organisations
Compound revenue growth of
over the last 10 years

02 Welcome to Civica
04 Civica at a glance
06 Our vision and strategy
08 Group business highlights
10 Business review and outlook
14 Focus on Markets
16 Local government
18 Education & libraries
20 Health & social care
22 Housing & asset management
24 Public protection
26 Regulated markets
28 International
30 Focus on Services
32 Software & systems
36 Cloud services & outsourcing
40 Focus on People
46 Focus on Finance
48 Financial review
Civica 2013 Annual Review 03

Civica is a strong, stable

and growing partner for
our customers
Civica at a glance
Providing cloud-based services for
A partner for
local government organisations
Delivering to
health & care providers
Helping pension, utility and
support organisations to enhance
services and administration
Providing systems to administer over
90 billion
of funds or expenditure
Every day we help more than
1 million
professionals in their jobs
Streamlining service delivery to
40 million
people and businesses

150 million
documents to enable efcient electronic processes
of the UKs blue light services
schools and libraries
Civica 2013 Annual Review 05

We encourage our people to develop their full potential in an

open and supportive environment, guided by our core values of:
Our vision and strategy
Our goal is to be the leading IT-based services partner in our chosen markets
in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and North America.
Deliver excellent service
through a consistent and
customer-focused approach.
Optimise efficiency in all
areas to deliver maximum
value to all stakeholders.
Deliver stable and profitable
growth through achievement
of market-leading performance
for the Group.
Maintain a culture that
supports our values and
our commitment to the
wider community.
Bring to market innovative
products & services focused
on helping customers to
transform the way they work.
To be the leading IT-based
services partner in our chosen
markets, helping customers to
succeed through our unique
combination of people,
technology and business
process expertise.
Expand our business
process outsourcing
and OnDemand
services to transform
service delivery
and efficiency
for customers.
Develop the use of
our mission-critical
software systems to
automate core
business processes
and deliver greater
efficiency and
reliability for
Extend our cloud and managed services
to help organisations reduce cost and
risk, increase flexibility and speed up
adoption of modern technology.

Customer value
Our people combine in-depth knowledge of our customers business with
expertise in service delivery and technology. With a clear vision to help
customers do more, do better and spend less, we build on that knowledge
to facilitate, improve and ultimately transform a wide range of customer
business processes. Its what makes us the leading provider of our kind.
Borough Council
Award-winning transformation
programme to underpin
a restructured organisation,
deliver innovation and enable
savings of 3 million through
a digital foundation for
core processes.
City Council
Innovative revenues & benets
partnership to improve
services and sustain local jobs
while delivering 1.5 million
savings achieved best council
tax collection performance
in 2013.
Belfast Health
& Social Care Trust
Electronic patient record
and case management system
for 5,000 clinical staff to
enhance the joined-up delivery
of safe, timely and high
quality community health
and social care.
Specialist applications
to automate the delivery
of reliable, responsive
and efcient business
IT systems and services
that deliver new and more
productive ways of working
and efcient models to
harness technology.
Business process services
enabled by automation
which deliver step change
improvements in the cost
and resilience of services.
Civica 2013 Annual Review 07

2013 Group business highlights

For the year ended 30 September 2013
(2012: 201.9 million) (2012: 91.8 million) (2012: 700 million)
Group revenues Recurring revenues Closing order book in excess of
19.9% 42.4
(2012: 18.8%) (2012: 38.0 million) (2012: 97% of EBIT)
EBITDA margin Normalised EBITDA Cash ow from operating activities
2,082 93%
(2012: 1,919) (2012: 93%)
Employees (at 30 September) Employee retention
Note: For key performance indicators see page 53.

North America
4.3 million
(2012: 4.3 million)
Singapore & SE Asia
10.9 million
(2012: 12.0 million)
Revenues by geographical region
United Kingdom
151.3 million
(2012: 140.4 million)
Australia & New Zealand
46.7 million
(2012: 45.2 million)
Civica 2013 Annual Review 09

Simon Downing
Chief Executive Ofcer
Business review and outlook
2013 was another positive year for Civica.
We achieved an excellent nancial and operational
performance and maintained our track record of
growth which is delivering benets for customers,
employees and stakeholders.
As we continue to enhance our market position
the business is well placed as a strong and stable
partner of choice for customers across the
markets we serve.
Focused on service delivery areas of
the public sector and other markets
in the UK and internationally, Civica
products and services are used to
streamline and automate operational
processes, underpin organisational
efciency and deliver transformative
change. During the year we continued to
respond to customer requirements which
include extending the use of technology
and the involvement of partners to
address nancial and service pressures.
Trading results
Group revenues in the year to 30
September grew by 6 per cent to 213.2
million (2012: 201.9 million), led by the
UK business with good organic growth
in local government and in cloud and
managed services and with an increased
presence in health care and education.
increased to 42.4 million
(2012: 38.0 million) supported by
good cash generation which has enabled
sustained investment in our products,
services and resources.
During a period of increasing change
in our markets we continued to grow
both customer and employee numbers.
Underpinned by a clear strategy and
a reputation for domain expertise the
Group made further progress in all areas
of focus including software, cloud-based
services and business process outsourcing.
Revenues from the latter increased by
65 per cent over the previous year with
excellent new wins and a strong pipeline
of opportunities.
We continued to invest in and enhance
the Groups market-leading software
portfolio, and to grow our customer
base through a combination of excellent
retention and new business. This included
new sales for more than 120 customers
including good progress with major
change programmes to help organisations
re-design and digitise their services.
Civica applications also appeared for
the rst time on the UK Governments
G-Cloud procurement framework.
Growth in services saw recurring revenues
increase 7 per cent organically to 98.3
million. Momentum included new provision
for over 100 organisations as we continue
to expand cloud and managed services
activity in response to market demand,
supported by further investment in our
data centre infrastructure. Cloud-based
provision is now the preferred model for
many or our market sectors.
The Group made further excellent progress
in outsourcing particularly in platform-
based BPO for local government where
our compelling proposition of service
improvement and savings has secured a
strong and growing market position for
Civica. Existing partnerships such as at
Gloucester City Council delivered a very
good performance and the Group secured
new agreements including Forest of Dean,
Lambeth Schools and USS, together
with a ground-breaking shared service
partnership in South Worcestershire to
deliver revenues and benets services
and save 3 million for Malvern Hills,
Worcester City and Wychavon councils.
> continued
Civica is one of the best performing players
in the UK public sector market. It is the Groups
stability, domain expertise and closeness to its
customers that set it apart from competitors.
TechMarketView LLP // January 2014
The Group produced a strong performance in 2013 as we continue to deliver sustainable,
protable growth and build a leading market position to support the needs of our customers
and the long-term development of Civica.
* Earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation and amortisation.
Civica 2013 Annual Review 11

The Group continued to benet from
balanced operations across markets and
geographies. The UK remains Civicas
largest market with revenues increased
9 per cent in the year to 151.3 million,
representing 71 per cent of overall
turnover. We continued to build on our
track record with existing customers in
core markets with new opportunities
emerging and a growing presence
in education and health care. Civica
also made successful inroads into the
central government sector including
engagements with Transport for London,
the Department for Transport and,
following the end of the nancial year,
the Department for Education.
In a very positive development to
support our continued growth and
the future success of the business the
Group was acquired in May 2013 for
an enterprise value of 390 million by
OMERS Private Equity, the investment
arm of the OMERS pension plan.
Following strong growth over the last
10 years the backing of OMERS, with
assets of more than $60 billion, ensures
Civica has the resources to build on our
plans for the long-term development
of the business under the continued
leadership of the management team.
Civica continued its successful record
of selectively acquiring and integrating
complementary businesses which
enhance our market position and extend
the Groups capability in line with our
vision and strategy.
We successfully completed the
acquisition of education software
provider Corero Business Systems, an
award-winning supplier of nancial,
student and business management
systems in the UK. The business
continued to perform very well post
acquisition and, following the launch
of an integrated education division
in the UK supplying more than 1,000
schools and colleges, the Group is
strongly placed to respond to the
changing needs of the sector.
Following the end of the nancial year,
Civica also acquired the local government
software business from InfoMaster Pty
Limited, a specialist in planning and
development management software for
authorities in Australia, and then in early
2014 acquired Coldharbour Systems Ltd,
a market leader for the UK care sector.
With the strong support of OMERS,
Civica remains very active in reviewing
potential acquisition opportunities to
increase scale and capability in core
markets and adjacent niches.
People & customer service
Our people, their domain expertise
and their commitment to do well for
customers represents a distinctive
strength for Civica which underpins our
performance as an innovative and growing
partner. We continued to expand in 2013,
passing 2,000 employees. We have added
close to 400 people in the last two years
and as the company has grown we have
maintained the focus on developing the
skills and customer service values of our
people. During the year we were delighted
therefore to achieve the prestigious
Investors in People Gold accreditation.
Supported by our increasing scale and
reputation, and with a distinctive culture
which is a strong t for our customers,
Civica continues to attract skilled
individuals with specic market, technical
and operational expertise. During the
year we completed successful and
positive TUPE transfers and following
the end of the nancial year welcomed
111 new employees who joined with
the South Worcestershire Partnership.
The Group has continued with
investments to ensure the company
is a great place to work and to enhance
customer service. These include the
Civica Academy, to support effective
employee development and talent
management, development of graduate
and apprenticeship programmes and
a variety of community and charitable
support under the Civica Foundation.
2013 was a year of growth and
development for Civica and the Group
has continued to win new and innovative
business into 2014. Our clear focus and
consistent, successful delivery have again
provided benets to all stakeholders
and on behalf of the Board I would
like to thank all of our people for their
commitment in producing a market-
leading performance.
Civica is one of the fastest growing
major providers to our markets. We have
an increasing global prole as a market
leader, valued for our combination of
people, technology and business process
expertise. With a resilient business and
well developed strategy, we believe the
Group is extremely well placed as a strong
and stable partner for our customers
as they continue to change the way
they operate in response to rapid and
signicant change.
We remain committed to the ongoing
development of Civica and to sustaining
our track record of controlled, above
market growth which extends over more
than 10 years. With an order book of over
730 million and high levels of recurring
revenues derived from long-term contracts
and the transition of more customer
activities to a managed or outsourced
basis, the Group has good revenue and
earnings visibility.
Given our market position and
investments made during the year, we
remain very positive about the outlook
for the business.
Civica 2013 Annual Review 13

Blending the capability and experience

of a large company with the commitment,
exibility and expertise of a specialist, Civica
is well placed to help customers address
current nancial and service pressures.

Focus on Markets
Making a difference to people and places
Civica 2013 Annual Review 15

Every day our products and services

help professionals across local
government, education, health care,
community protection and regulated
services to deliver responsive services,
reduced costs and better outcomes.

Providing market-leading software systems, cloud services and
specialist outsourcing focused on customer service delivery and
administration, Civica is helping local authorities to maintain
and improve services while spending less.
Local government
1 billion 400 12 million
UK councils supported by Civica of payments processed via the
cloud annually
savings targeted by Luton
Borough Council partnership
The support of our partner Civica is
helping us to explore bold new ground.
Jack Hegarty // Managing Director, Wychavon District Council
Civica 2013 Annual Review 17

Borough Council
Civica is a key partner for Eastbournes
award-winning programme to re-design
services and move to a digital foundation.
Underpinned by paperless working the
transformation is helping to improve
services and save 2 million through
integrated processes, agile working and
efcient multi-channel engagement.
The Future Model programme has
embedded a more customer-centric way
of working. Multi-disciplinary teams
provide citizen-focused services under a
single management structure, supported
by a central customer database, electronic
document management and a digital mail
room which saved more than 350,000
in the rst year.
By empowering staff to deal with
enquiries, Eastbourne has been able to
maintain and improve service levels while
saving up to 20 per cent compared with
original departmental baselines.
Review of operations
Civica maintained its record of growth
in local government, with overall revenues
from the sector increased by 7 per cent.
During a sustained period of change for
local authorities, including signicant
welfare reform, the Group extended its
market position through new contract
wins, further penetration of software
applications into the customer base, and
successful product and service delivery.
Driven by immediate and evolving
customer needs Civica continued to
grow the use of the companys specialist
software while extending the scope and
scale of cloud and business process services.
Excellent progress in outsourcing
included agreements at Forest of Dean
in conjunction with Gloucester City
Council and a strategic shared service
partnership in South Worcestershire to
deliver revenues and benets services
and save 3 million for Malvern Hills,
Worcester City and Wychavon District
Council, creating a centre of excellence
in Pershore.
Existing partnerships performed well,
achieving the best ever council tax
collection for Gloucester City while
delivering annual savings of 220,000.
OnDemand services were provided by
the Severn Centre to 20 authorities
including contracts to deliver Local
Welfare Assistance on behalf of Barnet,
Durham and Hampshire. Following the
end of the nancial year Civica secured
a new agreement with Gloucester to
outsource IT services.
With councils looking to modernise
services and make savings through digital
transformation, Civica continued to develop
the use of its software including integrated
customer service solutions to support
digital engagement and more agile working,
underpinned by automated workow and
document management. The company
extended its transformation programme
at Eastbourne, helping the award-winning
authority move towards a fully digital
foundation, and was also selected as a
supplier to the Wandsworth-led London
Digital Framework.
In addition to signing more than 40
contracts for its market-leading business
systems, Civica delivered new software
on time to implement a high volume of
signicant new legislation. This included
benet capping, which saw the London
Borough of Eneld win a national award
for innovation, the local council tax
reduction system and a new application
for Discretionary Assistance which was
adopted by 28 existing and new customers.
Strong momentum with payment
systems saw more than 30 customers
going live with cloud-based solutions
underpinned by a PCI-compliant data
centre network. New wins for payment
and cash receipting solutions included,
among others, Norwich City Council,
Rushcliffe Borough Council and North
Hertfordshire. Enhancements to improve
customer experience included PayPal
integration and eStore, a self-service
portal providing industry-standard
personalised payment facilities across
council services, including pre-payment.
The opportunity to improve and
automate internal back ofce processes
continued to drive demand for web-based
solutions including, among others, nine new
customers for nance and legal management
systems to streamline operations and
reduce cost and risk, including cost effective
self-service capabilities.

Civica works with schools, academies, colleges and libraries to bring
about improved teaching and learning for the benet of students,
teachers and the community through business and administration
software, exible ICT services and cloud computing.
Education & libraries
900 1 million 12.7 million
schools and colleges provided
with nancial and HR software
students provided with access
to day-to-day applications
people served by pioneering SELMS,
AGMA and SPINE library consortia
We chose Civica quite simply because of the
quality of what they offer and value for money.
David ONeill // ICT Strategy Manager,
Lambeth Children and Young Peoples Service
Civica 2013 Annual Review 19

Learning Futures
Civica is working with the London
Borough of Lambeth to deliver Lambeth
Learning Futures, an 8-year ICT partnership
to support approximately 10,000 users
including a refresh programme and
provision of ICT services from the cloud.
Integrated service management is at
the heart of the partnership combining
remote service desk with onsite support.
Schools benet from the exibility of
Civicas modular approach which allows
them to choose additional services,
from virtual desktop infrastructure to
online learning environments. Integration
with the London Grid for Learning gives
students and staff full access to resources
and networks.
Future innovations are expected to
include greater use of mobile technology,
a customised learning portal and
extended services for other primary
and secondary schools.
Review of operations
Civica continued to perform well in
education and libraries during the year,
achieving good growth and a stronger
market position as a result of new
contracts and the successful delivery
of innovative IT services, cloud solutions
and specialist software focused on
improving teaching and learning.
In August 2013 Civica acquired Corero
Business Systems, an award-winning
supplier of accounting, business and
management information systems with
a strong record in helping institutions align
and improve back ofce administration,
nance, HR and payroll functions. The
acquisition extended Civicas position in
the sector, providing a broader capability
across an enlarged customer base of
more than 1,000 UK schools and colleges.
In total the acquired business won
orders from over 250 new academies
and schools during the year to September
2013. It continued to trade well post
acquisition with new contracts including,
among others, St Pirans Multi Academy
Trust and the Leeds Jewish Free School
and, following the end of the nancial
year, was successfully integrated as part
of a re-launched education business
with a distinctive combination of
technology and expertise.
Working alongside schools and colleges
to enhance learning and reduce costs
through exible IT solutions and specialist
services Civica continued to win new
contracts with a broad range of local
authorities, academies, free schools, studio
schools and university technical colleges.
More than 25 new agreements included,
among others, William Perkin Church of
England School, St Birinus School and
Buckinghamshire UTC.
Building on its track record in large-scale
programmes the company signed an
8-year partnership to deliver a new ICT
managed service for Lambeth Schools
to support approximately 10,000 users
with a exible, modular service tailored
for each school. Following the end
of the year, Civica was also selected as
preferred bidder for ARK Schools, one of
the countrys top academy operators.
Supported by employee transfers, the
company continued to deploy virtual
desktop infrastructure, cloud-based
learning platforms and IT services
including more than 30 new schemes
during the summer ahead of the new
school term. Civica has now delivered
ICT programmes on time for 100
Education Funding Agency (EFA) schools.
The Groups exible learning-led model
enables institutions to embed ICT-based
teaching and administration even where
budgets may be limited, supported by
planning, change management and training.
In the libraries sector Civica is a leading
supplier with wide experience across
all types including public, academic and
corporate. As library services look to
address signicant pressures, the Group
secured new contracts including, among
others, East Sussex County Council,
South Lanarkshire and Bolton Libraries,
the latter building on multiple
partnerships within the Association
of Greater Manchester Authorities to
provide a shared system underpinning
services for 1.5 million citizens.
The trend towards consortium solutions
hosted by Civica continued, and following
recent growth the 12-member South East
Library Management (SELMS) consortium,
which operates a common managed IT
system and shared resources, extended
member contracts to 2017.

Civica works with health and social care providers and
commissioners to deliver software and services that streamline
the management of integrated care and improve patient services.
The Group supplies three quarters of NHS Foundation Trusts
together with providers in Wales, Northern Ireland and Canada.
Health & social care
of Acute Trusts using service level
and costing software
NHS Trusts supported by
Civica systems
documents and images scanned annually
140 million
Providing clinicians and administrative staff
with information at the touch of a button
will transform the way patients are treated
and help us make huge savings.
Diane Murphy // Clinical Director of Service Transformation,
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Civica 2013 Annual Review 21

County Durham
& Darlington NHS
Foundation Trust
Civica is working with County Durham &
Darlington, one of the largest integrated
care providers in England, to digitise patient
records and transform the way information
is managed as part of its paperless NHS
strategy to improve patient care and
achieve signicant cost savings.
Adoption of Civicas WinDIP software
provides clinical and administrative
staff with faster access to vital patient
information and enhanced communication
between different teams, helping to
improve clinical decisions and save
valuable time. It ensures that accurate
and up-to-date patient information is
securely accessible from any location.
As well as minimising the risk of lost patient
records through paperless working, the
new system will help to reduce transport,
storage and administrative costs.
Review of operations
Civica delivered an excellent performance
in health & social care during 2013 with
revenues from the sector increased by more
than 40 per cent compared to the previous
year. Improved demand following a period
of signicant structural market change
led to good momentum and a growing
footprint with more than 25 new contracts.
The company continued to win new
customers for its integrated electronic
patient record (EPR) and case management
system for community-based care,
including new deals worth 3 million with
Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation
Trust, Southern Health & Social Care Trust
and Western Health & Social Care Trust.
Together the Southern and Western
Trusts cover ten local government
areas in Northern Ireland. Conrming
the Groups strong position in the
country following success at Belfast,
the agreements demonstrated the
strength and the suitability of the Paris
system for integrated health and social
care, increasingly a focus for Government
strategy for England and Wales.
As a leading provider of service line
reporting, patient level costing, contract
management and commissioning
solutions, Civica continued to make good
progress following NHS re-organisation.
The company grew the number of Trusts,
Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)
and Commissioning Support Units (CSUs)
supplied. Examples included the Royal
Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust,
one of the earliest Foundation Trusts
with a reputation for innovation, which
contracted for SLAM and Cost Master
software to deliver an integrated Service
Line Reporting platform. The NHS North
of England CSU also extended its use
of SLAM which now serves all 13 CCGs
in the North of England region.
With patient-level information and costing
increasingly important in the mental health
sector Civica strengthened its position
with new engagements including, among
others, Northamptonshire Healthcare
NHS Foundation Trust and West London
Mental Health NHS Trust.
The need to digitise health records to
improve services and deliver savings
continues to drive a high level of interest
in document and records management.
Civica grew the use of its market-leading
electronic document software and
digitisation services which is now used
by more than 50 Trusts. New customers
included, among others, Epsom & St
Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust,
South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS
Foundation Trust and County Durham
& Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.
With Government policy supporting
investment in healthcare IT, Civica
remains well placed in line with major
areas of market interest and as Trusts
look to procure technology not delivered
by the erstwhile National Programme.
Following the end of the year Civica
announced another major development
with the acquisition of Coldharbour
Systems, the market leader in the
provision of nancial, accounting, staff
and care management systems for the
UK care sector. Supplying more than
160 providers of residential, community
and nursery care, Coldharbour has a strong
history of helping customers to streamline
nancial processes, control cost and
reduce risk, and the two companies have
a successful record of working together.

A leading partner in social housing, Civica provides a exible IT-based
platform to help organisations deliver improved tenant services with
greater efciency. Similarly, the Groups market-leading solutions drive
cost and utilisation benets for public and private sector eet operators.
Housing & asset management
1 million 3.6 million 250,000
IT-based savings created at Golden
Gates Housing Trust
properties managed using
Civica technology
vehicles maintained and managed
using Tranman software
Over the last ve years our relationship with
our tenants and the way we do business has
transformed for the better. This is in no small
part thanks to Civicas technology and services.
Peter Fitzhenry // Director, Golden Gates Housing Trust
Civica 2013 Annual Review 23

Leeds Federated
Housing Association
Civicas integrated housing system is
helping Leeds Federated to streamline
operations across the organisation
as part of the Associations service
transformation programme to improve
core services and create efciencies.
Replacing software from multiple
vendors, the system has enabled the
Association to centralise operating
processes and enhance management of
all activities including communication
with tenants, planned maintenance,
responsive repairs, rent accounting,
arrears and tenancy supervision.
As well as supporting the delivery of
improved and more efcient services
with better communication between
departments and reduced manual
processing, the system enables Leeds
Federated to capture and analyse key
data across the business and ensure
a high level of service is maintained.
Review of operations
With a clear focus on supporting
improved tenant services the Group
maintained a good performance in the
social housing sector, combining progress
with existing and new customers with
product development and innovation.
During the year Civica launched its
latest technology for the sector,
Housing Cx. The rst fully web-enabled
housing management application, Cx
is a cloud-based solution developed to
help organisations deliver a transformed
customer experience and anticipate
changing demands while achieving
IT-based savings.
Combining a modern interface and
any time, any device accessibility for
applicants, tenants and staff with
integrated customer management,
Cx provides the foundation for
responsive, personalised and efcient
housing services. Initial commitments
included a 7-year contract with Golden
Gates Housing Trust to build on its
successful track record and Railway
Housing Association.
Civica continued to win new customers
including, among others, Basildon Housing
Services and Magenta Housing. Existing
customers also chose to extend services
including the roll out of Tenant Services,
Contractor Integration and CRM solutions
to support evolving business needs and
utilising Civicas open API web services.
These facilitate channel shift and improved
customer service, helping organisations to
change the way they work in response to
social and welfare reform.
The combination of welfare reform, social
trends and nancial constraint is driving
housing associations to change the way
they operate. Technology has a major role
to play and Civica remains well placed to
help organisations adapt through more
agile and IT-enhanced ways of working.
Asset management
Civica provides a range of market-leading
software for eet and vehicle asset
management. During the year the Group
continued to build on its strong position
with existing and new customers, with
new business momentum including,
among others, Helena Partnerships,
Doncaster Council, Nottinghamshire
Police and Cumbria County Council.
The company signed signicant new
agreements with the National Police Air
Service, as part of a programme to save
up to 15 million compared to previous
arrangements for police air support, and
with Babcock Airside for quick delivery of
a system to manage over 3,000 vehicles to
support its contracts with British Airways
and BAA and enable Babcock to achieve
99 per cent critical availability while
reducing costs and delivering CO
Civica continued to deliver innovative
technology, including a touchscreen
application for supermarket chain
Morrisons to improve productivity
in its vehicle maintenance units, a
dashboard for grey eet management
and a self-service pool car booking
system which helped Dumfries &
Galloway Council achieve savings of
more than 280k in the rst year.
Civica works with local authorities, blue light organisations and
government agencies to help safeguard people and places and to
deliver efcient customer services and administration through leading
solutions for regulatory, enforcement and community safety services.
Public protection
90% 240
1.2 million

of UK Police forces and Fire services
use systems developed by Civica
public protection and
enforcement customers
people served by hosted call handling
system for Citizens Advice
By redesigning processes and embracing change,
both organisations were able to deliver an ambitious
project to support large front line services.
Mark Grifn // Head of Waste Strategy, London Borough of Hackney
Civica 2013 Annual Review 25

London Borough
of Hackney
Review of operations
The Group works with an extensive
customer base of organisations with
a common focus on public and
environmental protection and at the end
of 2013 established a more integrated
business focused on community protection.
Spanning local authority regulatory,
environmental, land and property
services together with enforcement and
emergency services Civica continued to
build on a strong track record including
new contracts with, among others, the
London Borough of Waltham Forest,
West Yorkshire Police and Humberside
Fire and Rescue Service.
The company maintained a strong record
of project delivery with its integrated
public protection software, for example
for the London Borough of Hackneys
Environmental Quality Information System
(EQuIS). As authorities focus attention
on the savings available through process
automation and customer self-service,
Civica made progress with web access
channels included the introduction of
new Public and Partner Services and
Community Map products.
As the leading provider of applications
to manage the licensing of businesses
and individuals, Civica strengthened
its position with 16 new conversions,
together with successful delivery
of a new hosted system for taxi and
private hire vehicle licensing in London
to help Transport for London and prime
contractor NSL to deliver improved
licensing and compliance.
In addition the company delivered new
software with the focus on supporting
operational efciency. This included a
new dashboard application to provide
improved management information
and reporting adopted by more than
20 customers and a new cloud-based
application to administer the Community
Infrastructure Levy.
Growing use of computerised mapping to
visualise, plan and deliver efcient services
including online self-service continues to
drive interest in geographic information
systems (GIS). Civica extended its position
with existing and new customers including
good progress with mobile GIS. Mobile
applications providing any time, any
device access to live data were provided
for, among others, Cambridgeshire Fire &
Rescue Service to support improved re
risk management and Peterborough City
Council, which implemented a tablet-based
system to help manage ood risk and
drainage assets.
The Groups re risk management
information system helps to maximise
risk reduction and increase productivity
through better management and
targeting of re safety resources and,
as in other sectors, Civica made progress
with a number of re services adopting
new online capabilities.
Civica continued to develop the use of
its front line and back ofce systems with
customers in civil and police enforcement.
An established provider of specialist
police systems, the company was part
of the Vauxhall-led consortium which
won the Association of Chief Police
Ofcers challenge to design the Police
Car of the Future. Incorporating Civicas
automatic number plate recognition
(ANPR) technology with the consortiums
sophisticated in-vehicle computing and
communications the car was designed to
improve the job of front line policing.
Hackney Council has implemented
a new unied waste management,
environmental enforcement and licensing
system developed with Civica. The EQuIS
system has improved service delivery
and saved time through streamlined and
joined up working across 11 service areas.
Recognised at the UK IT Industry
Awards for the best use of collaborative
technology, EQuIS replaced multiple
back ofce applications for commercial
and domestic waste operations. It now
provides a unied system that enables
service teams to track requests, automate
workows and integrate with call centre
and online channels.
Providing a single view of the customer,
the system has facilitated the re-structure
of services, delivering savings on processing
time and virtually eliminating commercial
waste reconciliation errors.

Civica is a growing supplier to regulated service markets
including pension administration, utilities and legal services,
helping organisations to deliver enhanced customer service,
greater productivity and efcient administration.
Regulated markets
users of business critical GIS system
at Yorkshire Water
43 billion
of funds managed using Civicas
pension administration systems
20 million
asset records managed with
geospatial systems
We remain delighted with our choice
of administration system and what we
have achieved to date through its use.
Peter Dyer // Head of Administration, Hymans Robertson
Civica 2013 Annual Review 27

Superannuation Scheme
Civica is working in partnership with the
Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS),
trustee of the largest pension fund for
the higher education sector, to deliver an
increasingly efcient, secure and resilient
ICT infrastructure for the organisation.
USS chose Civica to provide a
scalable, exible and agile cloud-based
infrastructure to ensure the organisation
continues to provide a fast, effective
and secure service to customers.
Consolidation and virtualisation of the
ICT estate will help USS to transform ICT
capabilities and support the growth of its
services while securing cost efciencies.
The two organisations have a successful
history of working together to develop
the pension management software used
by USS and to deliver an improved
service for members.
Review of operations
Civica is established in a number of
regulated service markets including
pension administration, utilities and legal.
With a growing position the Groups
products and services help organisations to
deliver better service, greater productivity
and efcient administration.
Civica maintained good sales-led growth
in the pensions sector across all areas of
Group strategy including owned software,
cloud-based services and outsourcing,
with successful delivery to a broad range
of scheme providers and administrators.
Extending its existing software-based
relationship the Group signed a long
term contract with the Universities
Superannuation Scheme (USS), trustee
of the largest pension fund for higher
education organisations, to virtualise all of
its ICT operations and deliver a exible and
scalable cloud computing infrastructure.
Civicas Universal Pensions Management
software provides for all types of scheme
and is used by some of the largest funds
in the UK. The company was ranked top
systems provider in the 2013 Professional
Pensions Administration Survey.
New contracts included electronic
document management for the Northern
Ireland Local Government Ofcers
superannuation scheme, a cloud-based
solution for a major retailer and a
10-year agreement with the Pension
Protection Fund for an administration
and payroll system to support the
transfer of member services in-house.
Building on a strong track record with
administrators of the Local Government
Pension Scheme, Civica gained further
momentum and following the end of
the companys nancial year, secured
new agreements for Hampshire County
Council, Essex County Council and the
South Yorkshire Pensions Authority.
Infrastructure & utilities
The Group provides geographic information
system (GIS) and asset management
solutions to help improve essential services
such as water management, energy
distribution and transportation.
With increasing business value of
geospatial data for managing assets,
operations, customer contact and
incidents, Civica continued to develop
the use of its web, desktop and mobile
GIS software. Progress included a new
framework agreement with Yorkshire
Water to adopt Civicas latest web-based
solutions, deployment at the London
Legacy Development Corporation
and a contract with the Department
for Regional Development in Northern
Ireland to underpin management of
roads infrastructure.
Used to manage more than 250,000
vehicles, the Groups market-leading eet
management systems also enable cost and
utilisation benets for customers. Civica
continued to respond to customer demand,
for example extending the relationship with
Western Power Distribution to support the
growth of operations across the Midlands
with increased productivity.
Civica delivers practice management, time
recording, billing and case management
systems used by legal teams to streamline
and automate activities. During the year
Civica launched a new client portal for
customers and secured a number of
initial orders, and also acquired the ARMS
business from Revitas.

Civicas international business focuses on local government,
library, education and health sectors, with a market-leading
position in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. During the
year the Group continued to build on its strong position.
4,000 300 12,000
schools supplied with systems
and technology
councils supported by Civica
in Australia & New Zealand
library staff supported in their jobs
The opportunity to partner with Civica to become
a leading local government organisation is an
important step in our long-term development plan.
Marnie Williams // Executive Manager, Maribyrnong City Council
Civica 2013 Annual Review 29

Shire of Esperance
Review of operations
International business produced 28 per
cent of Group revenues during the year.
Civica continued to reinforce its substantial
operations and to develop the use of its
software and services, notwithstanding
softer demand in some sectors.
Local government
In Australia and New Zealand more
than 300 councils use Civicas enterprise
applications to deliver responsive and
efcient administration. New contracts
included, among others, Shoalhaven City
Council, Douglas Shire and Maribyrnong
City Council, the latter selecting Civicas
Authority suite to replace eight separate
systems to enable broader transformation.
Momentum with specialist applications
included 14 executive management
system implementations.
The company launched its latest cloud
platform providing a highly scalable,
virtualised, multi-tenant environment.
Successful migrations included Shire
of Esperance which adopted the new
managed cloud service for 15 council
applications including the Authority suite.
Acquisition of the local government
software business of InfoMaster Pty
in October 2013 added to Civicas
substantial portfolio, providing customers
with access to planning and development
management software used by more than
40 authorities.
In the United States, Civica CMI continued to
make good progress with a comprehensive
range of local government software including
income tax collection, nancial and asset
management, payroll and utility billing.
Education & libraries
Civica sustained good momentum in the
schools sector in Australia where it is one
of the leading providers of management
systems and classroom technology.
Progress included doubling the customer
base for its Maze managed service and the
launch of its latest cloud hosting service.
Business wins included a new 5-year
agreement with the Catholic Education
Ofce of Western Australia worth 3.8
million to provide Civicas Education suite
to 150 schools including managed service
delivery in almost half, and a contract with
the Department for Education and Early
Child Development in Victoria for online
teaching tools and attendance software
for use in 1,200 schools.
With libraries under pressure to achieve
greater efciency, the Group launched its
latest technology for the sector. Spydus 9 is
a web-based system with full smartphone
and tablet support to deliver modern
self-service and management capability
for libraries and archives. During the period
more than 30 per cent of customers chose
to adopt the new product.
Building on its track record in South East
Asia the Group signed, among others, an
extension to its outsourcing contract with
the Singapore Ministry of Education and a
new agreement with Nanyang Polytechnic
Library. The rst stage of a new system
for the Singapore National Library Board,
including conversion of 9 million records,
was completed ahead of time, now
processing 1 million loans weekly.
The Group continued to deliver a
good performance with its fully
integrated solution for health insurance
administration, supporting member services
for health fund providers including NIB and
ahm, together with delivery of software to
implement signicant new legislation.
The Shire of Esperance in Western
Australia has moved to Civicas
Cloud platform for the provision of
all strategic IT applications including
the companys Authority local
government enterprise suite.
Civica manages 15 council software
applications via its data centre
environment, from its own market-leading
local government software to Microsoft
Ofce. The Cloud platform delivers
a highly scalable and secure virtualised
environment, providing the foundation
for assured and efcient operations
while eliminating the need to manage
system integration.
Moving to the new service over the course
of a weekend, the Shire has benetted
from enhanced user experience and
performance, underpinning improved
service delivery and efciency.

Focus on Services
Civica 2013 Annual Review 31

Civicas specialist systems and

technology-enhanced outsourcing
services provide the means for customers
to achieve successful outcomes. A unique
combination of people, technology
and business process expertise make
the company a trusted partner for
transformational change in the delivery
and efciency of essential services.

Civica provides a leading range of specialist applications together
with the business process and integration expertise to facilitate the
delivery of streamlined services. Providing the technology platform
to drive cost-efcient and customer-focused ways of working, the
Group achieved strong growth during 2013.
Software & systems
growth in revenues related to
owned software during 2013
professionals use technology
supplied by Civica
1 million 8% 10 million
payment transactions processed
via the cloud annually
Civica 2013 Annual Review 33

A strong track record

Our customers use Civicas specialist business applications for providing essential services.
Every day, they help 1 million professionals around the world to deliver agile services, reduced
costs and better outcomes.
Durham County Council
Following the amalgamation of seven
councils into a new unitary authority,
Civica worked with Durham County
Council to unify discrete operations and
establish a common consolidated system
for the new authority to standardise
revenues, benets and income
management operations across the
county, and with a similar programme
for environmental services.
Durham is the fth largest authority in
the UK, and the consolidated platform
has delivered a range of benets including
improved council tax collection and
better income management.
Building on the companys business
process and technology expertise, Civica
has also delivered OnDemand backlog
processing services to Durham to support
ongoing service delivery.
Belfast Health & Social Care Trust
Civica is working with Belfast Health
and Social Care Trust, one of the UKs
largest Trusts, to enhance the provision
of community health and social care built
upon the foundation of a patient record
and case management system designed
to improve services and efciency
through integrated working.
The Belfast Trust delivers health and
social care services to 340,000 people
across the city as well as specialist
services to all of Northern Ireland.
The Paris EPR system was selected to
support over 5,000 clinical staff at over
120 locations to support the joined-up
delivery of safe, timely and quality care.
The system underpins the Trusts focus
on patient-centred services delivered from
central locations or in the community,
including enhanced information sharing
to improve decision making, risk
management and cost savings.
Sacred Heart College
Sacred Heart College uses Civicas
education suite to manage all aspects
of student records, from pre-enrolment
to alumni tracking, with integrated
nance, billing and fund raising
underpinned by one-time data entry.
The system is helping the college to
transform its management system,
integrating disparate processes into
an efcient college-wide approach and
extending information and access for
teachers, staff and parents both within
and outside of the school.
Giving teachers more exible any time,
any place access to student records,
resources and reports has streamlined work
ows and allowed staff to focus on key
duties to improve teaching and learning.
IT is an integral part of every element of our
service delivery and with support from Civica
we are achieving operational excellence which
means customers can rely on our services.
Alan Harrison // IT Director, Yorkshire Water

At the core of Civica is an in-depth knowledge of our customers business
processes, informed by more than 25 years of experience. Drawing on this
we provide a broad range of market-leading and increasingly cloud-based
systems, which help to streamline and automate service delivery from
agile customer services to efcient back ofce operations.
Multi-Channel Contact Management
Revenues & Benefits Housing Health & Social Care Education Libraries Environment & Planning Blue Light Services Fleet
Finance Procurement HR & Payroll Legal Pensions
Business Functions
Corporate Functions
Maps Workflow Records Payments Documents
Civica 2013 Annual Review 35

Review of operations Digital transformation Cloud solutions

Civica provides a broad portfolio
of software applications for all
aspects of our customers business
from front line service delivery and
customer management to back ofce
administration. Increasingly delivered as
a cloud-based service, these provide the
technology foundation to streamline
and automate core business processes.
With resilient demand for applications
which underpin essential services, Civica
continued to grow the use of its software
including new sales for more than 120
customer organisations. Revenues related
to owned software increased by 8 per cent
during the year.
Civica maintained investment in software
while adding new technology and skills
through acquisitions including Corero
Business Systems, InfoMaster and,
following the end of the year, Coldharbour
Systems. As well as developing systems to
implement signicant new legislation on
time and respond to evolving customer
needs, the company announced innovative
new products including web-based
technology for local government, social
housing and library sectors, mobile working
solutions in health care and the eStore
payment portal.
The potential for IT-based ways of
working to transform customer services
and deliver cost savings is driving
increased focus on the use of digital
technologies and channels to create
more immediate, agile and connected
ways of working.
Civica made good progress during the
year with new developments focused
around citizen engagement, agile working
and automation to help organisations
move to a digital model and a new
generation of efcient multi-channel
services. This included the next stage
of Eastbournes multi-award winning
programme to re-structure the
organisation, re-design services and
create a digital working environment.
Electronic access to records and
documents also underpins transformation
in the health sector and the Group
grew the number of customers for its
document management systems, such
as a Trust-wide deployment for County
Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation
Trust to implement the next stage of its
paperless NHS strategy.
The advantages of private cloud
solutions, where mission-critical software
applications are delivered remotely as
a service, continued to generate interest
across the business. This has become
the predominant model in many areas,
such as the library sector where cloud-
based solutions are used by over 80 per
cent of the global customer base. New
cloud platforms were delivered for local
government and education sectors in
Australia and New Zealand.
An increasing number of organisations
have adopted cloud-based payment
systems, moving to a hosted environment
in order to reduce cost and risk and
ensure compliance with payment card
standards. More than 120 UK local
authorities have now converted.
Through the G-Cloud framework a
number of products and services were
made available on the UKs CloudStore,
and Civica also secured a place on the
Digital Services Framework.
Software and infrastructure services
Civica maintained momentum with a
broad range of software licensing, software
asset management and professional IT
services to help customers in all areas
achieve cost savings and ensure effective
IT asset management.
Civica is transforming the way that local
organisations handle payments by delivering
cloud-based payment systems to manage
transactions securely for more than 120
local authorities. Processing more than 10
million transactions annually, Civicas cloud
solutions ensure efcient management of
payments from all sources around the clock.
Icon e-payments and income management
software supports all payment and income
requirements. Comprising an integrated
suite of browser-based capabilities, the
system provides an efcient multi-channel
solution supported by Payment Card
Industry (PCI) Level 1 data security
accreditation for assurance of online,
call centre and automated payments.
eStore, a public-facing web portal, provides
a shopping basket approach which allows
organisations to set up an online store of
services and goods that can be purchased and
paid by debit or credit card or PayPal account.
Cloud payment systems

Civica provides a broad range of cloud and managed services together
with platform-based outsourcing in order to help customers transform
services for the better. Building on the companys reputation for service
and domain expertise the Group continued to extend the scope and
scale of activity during the year with good momentum.
Cloud services & outsourcing
customers rely on managed
services provided by Civica
savings targeted by innovative local
government partnerships
20 million 600,000
transactions processed annually
through Healthstream service for NIB
Civica 2013 Annual Review 37

We needed a managed services partner to ensure

the nationwide resilience and availability of our
infrastructure and make certain that we complied
with DWP requirements within the time frame.
John Quick // CIO, Avanta
A strong track record
Through experienced people who understand service delivery we apply managed services
and IT-enhanced outsourcing to help customers do more, do better and spend less.
South Worcestershire Partnership Avanta Singapore Ministry of Education
Civica is responsible for delivering
outsourced revenues and benets
services for the South Worcestershire
Shared Service in order to sustain local
employment, improve services and deliver
savings of 3 million to Malvern Hills
District Council, Worcester City Council
and Wychavon District Council.
Complementing the skills and experience
of the shared service team with its own
expertise in IT-enabled process improvement,
Civica is helping to introduce new processes
and innovations while driving down costs.
The partnership has also established the
Orchard Centre, a centre of excellence
from which it offers a range of processing
and collection services to support other
councils as they seek to overcome service
and budgetary pressures.
One of the UKs leading employment-
focused training companies, Avanta
selected Civica for an IT outsourcing
agreement to support the growth of its
services while driving down support costs.
Civica provides managed infrastructure
and technical support for up to 80 Job
Centre Plus and other ofces across the
country, supporting Avantas operations
and enabling the organisation to
transform its ICT capabilities.
Civicas exible solution ensured Avanta
was able to migrate rapidly to a private
cloud-based solution delivered as a broad
SLA-based agreement with access to
processing, storage and applications
as a service underpinned by IL3 level
security and ISO 27001 accreditation.
Civica provides a national media resource
library service for over 360 schools and
colleges in Singapore. The service includes
cloud-based library systems, centralised
collection and distribution services and
provision of library stafng, for which Civica
placed staff at more than 250 schools.
Students and educators have benetted
from integration of systems, stafng,
collections and programmes. Standards
have been raised with more consistent
levels across all schools.
In addition to library technology,
collections and stafng, Civica provides
additional programmes consisting of
activities, workshops and events to
ensure effective use of media resource
libraries for time constrained teachers.

With experience of successful partnerships across the markets we
serve, Civica combines business process and operational expertise with
technology know-how to deliver resilient lower cost services. Customers
can tap into innovative services that blend the skills and resources of
public and private to adapt to a new environment.








Civica 2013 Annual Review 39

Review of operations
Combining deep understanding of
customer business processes with
a exible commercial approach, the
provision of outsourced and managed
services is fundamental to Civicas
strategy in order to help customers
achieve immediate savings and transfer
of risk while driving efciency, innovation
and growth.
Activities include platform-based
delivery of local back ofce services
and outsourcing of discrete activities
including collections, assessments and
administration, together with exible
and efcient OnDemand services.
During the year the Group maintained
excellent momentum with increasing
demand from organisations looking to
trusted partners in order to sustain and
improve service delivery and quality.
Outsourcing revenues increased by
73 per cent over the previous year.
Civica extended its market position with
new partnerships aided by software and
automation. In addition to the ground-
breaking South Worcestershire Shared
Service, which saw 111 employees
transfer to Civica in order to deliver
revenues & benets services while saving
3 million for the three councils involved,
new contracts included Forest of Dean
District Council, Lambeth Schools and
the Universities Superannuation Scheme
in the UK, together with extensions
for the Singapore Ministry of Education
and Nanyang Polytechnic Library.
Existing partnerships performed well
including at Gloucester City Council,
where the service achieved the best ever
council tax collection while delivering
substantial savings. At Forest of Dean,
the partnership met all performance
targets while delivering welfare reform
changes, contributing to the authority
winning Most Improved Council of the
Year at the LGC awards.
Civica delivered an expanding range
of services for Luton Borough Council
supported by development of ICT
strategy for the next 5 years to ensure
the service continues to respond to a
changing local government environment.
Building on its service centre foundation,
Civica continued to grow the use of
its OnDemand portfolio of exible
pay-as-you-go processing services.
More than 65 projects were delivered to
20 local authorities, providing capacity
and expertise to manage peak workloads
or short-term resource gaps in order to
maintain performance. New contracts
included delivery of Local Welfare
Assistance on behalf of the London
Borough of Barnet, Hampshire County
Council and Durham Council.
Cloud and managed services
Demand for managed and cloud-based
services continued as organisations look
to improve ways to access applications
and infrastructure and to reduce the
cost and risk of technology ownership.
The Group delivered a good performance
in this area including new provision
for more than 100 organisations.
The ability to deliver applications and
infrastructure remotely is underpinned
by the Groups highly resilient data
centre network operating to ISO 27001.
Operations were supported by a
sustained focus on service improvement
with further investment in employee
development, data centre infrastructure
and new accreditations.
Civica provides outsourced revenues, benets,
welfare rights and counter-fraud services for
Gloucester City Council as part of a wider
process to transform the councils approach
to back ofce and corporate services while
delivering annual savings of 220,000.
Through the partnership Gloucester benets
from resilient services and improved
performance with lower operating costs
as well as an increased ability to innovate
and pilot new ways of working. During
2013 the partnership delivered the best
ever council tax collection for the council.
Creation of the Severn Centre in Gloucester
has also provided a foundation for
outsourced and OnDemand services to
other authorities. Civica provides services to
Forest of Dean Council in conjunction with
Gloucester, and has delivered OnDemand
expertise and resources to 20 councils from
London to East Ayrshire, including new
contracts to deliver Local Welfare Assistance.
City Council

Focus on People
Civica 2013 Annual Review 41

Combining exceptional customer

focus, experience and commitment,
it is the people of Civica and our
culture that sets us apart.

Informed by a clear vision our core values of knowledge,
integrity and action are built into everything we do.
Our people & our values
Civica is committed to integrity
and consistently high professional
standards. We are straightforward,
open and fair in all we do, to ensure
we remain trusted to make and
deliver promises and to respond to
the needs of our customers, partners
and colleagues.
We are committed to developing and
applying our knowledge and expertise
in order to translate business needs into
positive outcomes. Through experience
and understanding we focus on
anticipating requirements and adapting
to change in order to help organisations
improve their performance. We aim to be
sought after by customers and colleagues
for our insight and informed capability.
Focused on our customers and
combining experience with initiative,
we are committed to delivering
meaningful results in a timely manner.
We aim to nd new and better ways
of doing things supported by effective
change management, and to do whatever
it takes to help our customers, colleagues
and partners achieve their objectives.
Civica 2013 Annual Review 43

Corporate responsibility
Focused around employees, customers
and communities, corporate responsibility
is integral to our business activity. During
the year we continued to increase internal
awareness and involvement in specic
activities and to progress existing and new
programmes in order to contribute to an
improved environment both internally
and externally. Under the auspices of the
Civica Foundation an increasing number
of people initiated and took part in
charitable activities, from the Tour de
Civica bike ride to emergency appeals
following the Philippines typhoon and
the bushre crisis in New South Wales.
Civica seeks to recruit, retain and
develop people with the vision, ability
and approach to succeed for our
customers and to support and equip
them through our employee programmes
to create a knowledgeable, fully engaged
and well regarded workforce. Employment
policies and procedures actively support
our culture and values.
We aim to develop Civica constantly as
a positive and enjoyable place to work
and to invest in initiatives that ensure
we remain an employer of choice. This is
demonstrated by a high level of retention
well above the industry average. During
2013 the Group gained the Investors
in People (IIP) Gold accreditation,
which is held by less than 4 per cent of
IIP organisations. The award endorses
employee practices and recognises our
focus on providing excellent service and
taking the business forward through the
development, support and engagement
of our people.
Civica continued to invest in a programme
of effective internal communications
across the Group to build engagement
and support and ensure employees
understand our company strategy and
activities. Activities range from weekly
updates and immediate social channels
to regular briengs and cross-company
forums. A high level of sharing and
feedback is encouraged through regular
Listening Boards, suggestion schemes
and employee surveys. Use of modern
technology has also improved business
communications and reduced travel
through instant messaging, video
communication and desktop sharing.
Our annual Employee Awards programme
recognises and rewards the contribution
of individuals and teams in making an
outstanding contribution to our progress
and in demonstrating Civica values in
action. A record 313 nominations were
made in 2013.
Sustained new intake during the year
contributed to a rise in employee
numbers of almost 400 in the last two
years. With further strong progress in
outsourcing and a history of effective
acquisitions, our successful approach
resulted in smooth transitions with
extremely positive feedback from those
teams and individuals involved. This
again underpinned a strong performance
on new contracts including the South
Worcestershire Partnership following
TUPE transfer of 111 employees.
The business continued to encourage
inter-company transfers and promotion
to share knowledge and good practice in
support of growth and to retain key skills.
Civica also extended its programme to
support stronger emphasis on recruitment
of graduates and modern apprentices.
Civica Academy
Civicas learning academy provides a
wide range of training, development and
talent management to support our people
through their careers and to deliver a
competitive edge in meeting customer
needs. We operate formal training together
with mentor-based and networking
programmes to ensure deep understanding
of the markets and customers we serve
with particular focus around creating
customer service excellence and innovation.
Our highly successful Raising the Bar
management programme provides
leadership skills to support Civicas growth,
motivate our teams and drive continuous
improvement. The programme includes
cross-functional projects to address
specic business issues.
Key programmes also include First
Impressions for new starters, Customer
First to ensure a consistent approach
to service and support excellence, and
Top Gear, which supports business
development teams in bringing IT-based
solutions to our customers. More than
300 people have attended continuous
improvement workshops this year, which
has led to demonstrable improvements
across the business.
> continued
The willingness to do well for customers,
colleagues and communities is characteristic
of Civicas culture. Acting responsibly is
embedded in our approach to business.

The Group provides a competitive benets
package for employees augmented by
a range of elements including an employee
discount scheme, externally managed
condential assistance helpline and a
programme to support individual health
and wellbeing. All employees can also
purchase extra holiday entitlement.
Civica is committed to sound and fair
business practices including zero tolerance
on anti-corruption. Prevention, deterrence
and detection of fraud or bribery is the
responsibility of all and the company
encourages employees to report any
suspicion in condence.
Operational excellence
Civica is committed to maintaining high
standards and the Civica Management
System encompasses our approach to
environment, quality and health and
safety. During the year the business
achieved ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001
standards for quality management
and health & safety respectively for
each of our UK sites, adding to existing
accreditations including ISO 27001
(information security) and ISO 14001
(environmental) standards.
The Group also launched a global
operational excellence programme to
ensure consistent best practice in support
of the continued growth and ambition
of the company. Focused on three main
areas systems and processes, business
development and resources and
underpinned by a central project ofce,
the initiative also provides an opportunity
for employee growth, development
and recognition.
Civica Foundation
Run by volunteers from across the
business, the Civica Foundation provides
a focal point for our charitable and
community support. Initiatives are
targeted at making a positive difference
through using our skills, presence and
enthusiasm through individual and group
projects that reect Civicas expertise,
supported and funded via individual
and company initiatives.
The Foundation is integrated into company
activities including a management challenge
within the Raising the Bar programme
which produces cross-company projects.
The company also operates Donate a Day
whereby Civica employees are able to take a
day out from work to support local charities
or communities, and Pennies from Heaven,
through which staff can donate the pence
from their monthly salary to charity.
While Civica works with customers to
help deliver effective and efcient services
that transform services for the better,
going beyond this to share our expertise
in support of communities is an important
aspect of our corporate responsibility.
The Group remains active with community
schemes with employees and teams
from across the company devising and
taking part in a wide range of charitable
initiatives. Main charities supported in the
UK include the Princes Trust, Action for
Children, Water for Kids and Shelter.
Civica recognises that operating
our business has an impact on the
environment and that it is important to
conduct activities in a sensitive manner.
The Group is committed to a process
of continuous review and improvement
and to work with customers, suppliers,
partners and employees in order to
recognise and reduce the impact
operations have upon the environment.
As well as improving the way we deliver
services through the use of efcient
technology Civica works with customers
to develop innovative technology-based
services that help reduce property and
power requirements and corresponding
environmental impact. In particular digital
engagement and electronic document
management, exible working and
cloud-based services employing leading
energy efciency technology can all have
a signicant impact on lowering power
consumption and carbon emissions, as
well as delivering major cost savings in the
requirements for ofce space, printing and
consumables through paperless working
and managed or outsourced service.
Our audit revealed the organisations excellent and
on-going commitment to not only implementing
and continually improving the management system,
but to making it a part of day-to-day operations.
Civica 2013 Annual Review 45

Civica Foundation highlights

In June 2013 a team of Civica employees
undertook a cycle ride with a difference.
Over the course of 5 days the team,
which included a mix of seasoned and not
so experienced cyclists, covered almost
500 miles in a bid to visit each of our UK
ofces and raise money for Action for
Children and Shelter along the way.
Starting in the south east and visiting
London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester
and Leeds, the Tour de Civica raised more
than 10,000. The team was supported by
many more colleagues around the ofces,
driving support vehicles, baking snacks
and treats, donating their weekly fruit
delivery, handling logistics and keeping
everyone informed.
Tour de Civica
Civica team supports creation of Liverpool allotment. Ongoing fundraising efforts support the provision
of clean water in Africa.
Civica supports writing talents of young Singaporeans
with landmark annual competition.
Since launching Donate-a-Day,
a signicant number of employees
have used the scheme to support
a registered charity of their choice.
Activities have included training to
become a voluntary Progression Mentor
for the Princes Trust, organising the
summer garden party fundraiser for
St Giles Hospice in Licheld, and
developing activity materials for 6-18
year olds for the Scouts Japan Jamboree
Contingent Service Team, which supports
3,500 young people from the UK
attending the 4-yearly cultural Jamboree
in the tented city at Kirara-hama.
The Group supports charity Water for
Kids through a number of individual and
company initiatives, including a donation
for every employee who has completed
the Sunday Times Best Companies survey
over the last 6 years. This year members
of our Public Protection user group took
the opportunity to raise funds during
their conference and, matched by the
Civica Foundation, the money went
to support projects in Zambia, Uganda,
Kenya and Sierra Leone to avoid the
need for women and children to travel
long distances for clean water.
Alongside its ground-breaking library
contracts in Singapore with the Ministry
of Education and the National Library
Board, Civica holds an annual creative
writing competition to showcase the
writing talent of young Singaporeans.
The latest competition had over 350
entries with winning stories highlighted
at a showcase event and featured in the
third book in our Tales of S series, which
is included in school library catalogues.
The Group also held a competition
for students to re-design their library
including presenting marketing and
project plans, and with the winners
securing S$30,000 for their school.

Focus on Finance
Civica 2013 Annual Review 47

Civica extended its unbroken track record

of protable growth during 2013 with a
strong performance particularly in UK local
government and managed services and with
increased scale and capability in health and
education sectors. Group revenues increased
6 per cent to 213 million and visibility
of earnings also improved with good
order book growth and recurring revenues
increased by 7 per cent to 98 million.

Financial review
Phill Rowland
Chief Financial Officer
During 2013 Civica delivered a very positive
result both nancially and operationally. Our
ability to achieve controlled growth ahead of
the market demonstrates the resilience of our
business model and the value we deliver to
customers as a strong and stable partner.
Civica 2013 Annual Review 49

With the acquisition of the Civica Group in May 2013, comparative pro forma information has been shown for the Group for the full year to 30 September 2013.
Consolidated nancial statements for the Group are available at Companies House.
Group turnover
up 6% to
213.2 million
Improved quality of earnings with
recurring revenues up 7% to
98.3 million
Closing order book
increased to over
730 million
Gross prot margin
improved to
Excellent cash generation
amounting to
98% of EBIT
increased to
42.4 million
Business growth driving increase
in employees by 8% to
Investment in outsourcing
with BPS revenues increased by
Acquisition of Corero
Business Systems
to expand capability
2013 highlights
Group overview
Pro forma
Year ended 30 Sep 13

Year ended 30 Sep 12

Year ended 30 Sep 11
Cost of sales
Gross prot
Administration expenses
Cashow from operating activities
2,082 1,919 1,635

Operating results
In the year to 30 September 2013 the
Group continued its long track record of
sustained growth as customers continued
to invest in Civicas software and services
to deliver business critical processes.
Driven by strong organic growth in the
UK the Group increased revenues by
6 per cent to 213.2 million (2012:
201.9 million), delivering an excellent
8 per cent compound annual growth rate
from 2010 to 2013. UK revenues increased
to 151.3 million (2012: 140.4 million).
During the period gross prot increased
to 156.1 million with gross margins
improved to 73 per cent of revenue as
we continued to focus on the efcient
delivery of software, cloud and business
process outsourcing across our customer
base. Earnings before interest, taxation,
depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA)
increased by 12 per cent to 42.4 million
(2012: 38.0 million), representing a
19.9 per cent margin on sales.
Due to customer demand for our software
and services, the group experienced
strong organic growth in IPR and further
penetration of cloud-based solutions,
driving an increase in revenues associated
with owned software by 8 per cent to
185.7 million (2012: 172.1 million).
This was supported by strong cash
generation from operating activities
amounting to 98 per cent of EBIT. The
Group nished the year with cash in the
bank of 32.9 million (2012: 27.1 million).
Our pipeline of opportunities to support
business growth has continued to expand
across our all areas of our business.
In particular, further migration of our
customers to cloud-based solutions and
demand for business process outsourcing
solutions has continued to support business
growth, as customer requirements to
balance service delivery amidst tightening
budgetary constraints continues.
The combination of growth signicantly
ahead of market growth rates together
with improved visibility of earnings
through long-term recurring revenues
which increased by more than 7 per cent
in the year to 98.3 million strengthened
the groups nancial and market position.
With a growing order book in excess
of 730 million at the end of the period, the
Group has a strong foundation from which
to continue to grow into 2014 and beyond.
During the year Civica completed the
acquisition of Corero Business Systems
in the UK, broadening our specialist
capability and market presence in
education with the addition of Coreros
portfolio of nancial, student and business
management software which is used by
900 schools and colleges. Immediately
following the end of the nancial year
we also acquired the local government
software business of InfoMaster Pty
Limited in Australia.
We continue to focus on identifying
complementary acquisitions which will
enhance the groups capabilities across
our key end markets, so we can continue
to provide an increasing range of software
and services to our customers.
Due to the continued growth of the group
both organically and through acquisition,
we are constantly reviewing the processes
necessary to underpin efcient delivery
to customers as well as our back ofce
processes. This is key to ensure that we are
able to support the growth of the group in
a scaleable and controlled way, identify best
practice and manage risk appropriately.
Segmental analysis
The Group continued to maintain a
balanced portfolio of activity across
markets and geographies, with Local
Government the largest business segment
producing 52 per cent of total gross
margin. The majority of activity continues
to be derived from the UK public sector,
while approximately 35 per cent of
gross prot is derived from the Groups
international operations in Australia, New
Zealand, Singapore and North America,
through a mixture of owned software
applications and support through to full
business process outsourcing contracts.
Company Country Date Sector Comments
Corero Business Systems UK August 2013 Education Extended presence in the sector,
subsequently launched integrated
education division with broad
product and service offering for
schools and colleges.
Acquisitions during the period
Civica 2013 Annual Review 51

65% UK
35% International
52% Local government
22% Education
10% Housing & asset management
9% Health & social care
7% Other
Corporate governance
and risk management
The Group continues to operate a strong
framework of corporate governance across
the business to ensure the successful
delivery of business outcomes in line with
our strategy and priorities, management
of risk and focus on delivery of excellent
service to our customers. This framework is
managed through the following components.
Group Board
The Group Board is responsible for
the overall strategy of the Group and
the effective management of risk and
performance. It meets on a monthly basis
to review business performance in line with
Group strategy and to ensure that risks are
appropriately managed, including major
bids and acquisitions. The performance
review is closely aligned to the key
priorities set out on page 7 in respect
of nancial performance, products and
services, customer service, people and the
environment, and operational efciency.
Business planning is conducted on an
annual basis, again in line with the strategy
and key priorities, and is signed off by the
Board. The Board has an equal balance of
executive and non-executive directors.
Executive Management Board
The Executive Management Board
consists of the executive Group Board
members, the divisional managing
directors and Group business development,
HR, technology, product strategy and
marketing directors. It meets on a monthly
basis to discuss strategic business issues
and the effective management of risk and
opportunity across the business.
Monthly business reviews
Each unit within the Group is subject
to a monthly business review by the
executive Group Board members to assess
the nancial and operational performance
and business risks, review the nancial
projections and review working capital
management and cashow performance.
The nancial and operational key
performance indicators in each business
are closely aligned to the ve key priorities
of the Group as highlighted above. Specic
business risks are identied and mitigated
through this process.
Commercial and legal controls
All acquisition, capital investment
and business development activity is
controlled through a methodical process
of qualication, review and approval,
which is dependent upon both value
and complexity to ensure appropriate
management of business risk and effective
use of business resources.
The Group operates a number of dened
contribution pension schemes, as well as
operating a dened benet scheme and
being a participating employer in two
further dened benet pension schemes.
All of the dened benet pension schemes
are now closed to new entrants.
Gross prot by geography Gross prot by end market

For the year ended 30 September 2013
Owned software & related equipment
Third party software & services
Implementation & consulting services
Recurring support, managed services and BPS

Cost of sales

Gross prot
Owned software & related equipment
Third party software & services
Implementation & consulting services
Recurring support, managed services and BPS

Direct staff costs
Technical & management


General & administration
Property & corporate costs









Pro forma








Trading performance
Civica 2013 Annual Review 53

Gross prot
Increased by 10%
2010-2013 CAGR 10%
Key performance indicators
Overall turnover
Increased by 6%
2010-2013 CAGR 8%
Recurring revenues
Increased by 7%
2010-2013 CAGR 11%
Turnover related
to own software
Increased by 8%
2010-2013 CAGR 10%
Cashow from
operating activities
Increased by 13%
2010-2013 CAGR 13%
Normalised EBITDA
Increased by 12%
2010-2013 CAGR 9%
All gures are in millions.

Group turnover

Unbroken record of growth
The Group has achieved an unbroken record of growth
over more than ten years, with a compound annual
growth rate in revenue of 9 per cent since 2003.
Civica works with front line service organisations
to facilitate, improve and wholly transform a wide
range of customer business activities through
a distinctive combination of people, technology
and business process expertise.
Civica 2013 Annual Review 55

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