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April 24, 2014   

Showcase Spotlights Top Employee Innovations  

Central Office
by Jim Dickson  
This year’s Innovations Challenge Showcase marked its seventh birthday with a  
new streamlined look. Last year’s two challenges (Tool and Equipment and
ProMO) were combined into a single program with three separate competitions
Districts for tools and equipment, projects and productivity innovations. There
were a total of 54 employee innovations on the floor April 10 at the Springfield
Northwest Expo Center. This also marked the first year the event served as the kickoff
event for the DOMInno Conference with more than 500 employees spending the
Northeast morning investigating new ways to get work done better, faster, cheaper and
Kansas City
The road to the showcase floor started last fall with eight separate competitions
Central across the state. A total of 125 first-round winners were then evaluated by
statewide teams to choose the best for the showcase.
St. Louis
Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger said the event continues to wow him each year. “I
Southwest The Southwest District's snow plow stand was among the tool and was a judge last year,” said Hassinger. “When I left the exhibit hall, I wondered
equipment category winners. This innovation makes the process of what could top that and you filled the exhibit hall again. But we really haven’t
Southeast attaching and detaching the snow plow more safe, quick and simple.
gained anything unless we take these back and put them to work.”

Here are the statewide winners from both challenges:

People’s Choice Award

Porous Backfill (Southeast District) – Traveling Trophy

Tool & Equipment Statewide Winners

LED Panic Lights (St. Louis District) – Individual Cash Awards plus a $10,000 budget transfer
Pipe Liner Winch (Southeast District) – Individual Cash Awards plus a $10,000 budget transfer
Snow Plow Stand (Southwest District) – Individual Cash Awards
Drag Chain Oiler (Kansas City District) – Individual Cash Awards

Productivity Statewide Winners

Customer Contact Map (Statewide Team) – Individual Cash Awards plus a
$10,000 budget transfer
GPS Pavement Markers (Northeast District) – Individual Cash Awards
plus a $10,000 budget transfer
GroupCast (Central District) – Individual Cash Awards
Engine Block Heater Controller (Central District) – Individual Cash

Projects Statewide Winners

LiDAR Vertical Clearances (St. Louis District) – Individual Cash Awards
plus a $10,000 budget transfer
Tablets in Construction (Kansas City District) – Individual Cash Awards
plus a $10,000 budget transfer
Raising Spirit of St. Louis Boulevard (St. Louis District) – Individual Cash
Awards Click on the link above to watch a video recapping the showcase.
Traffic Permitting Database (Traffic and Highway Safety Division) –
Individual Cash Awards

More information on the 2014 Innovations Challenge Showcase is available at http://wwwi/intranet/cr/SolutionsAtWork/Innovationsshowcase2013-

2014.htm. Be sure to watch the video recapping the showcase at the same address (link works for active employees only).

MoDOT's Mantra for Spring: Revive - Recover - Restore  

by Patrick Wood  

Winter is finally over and as temperatures rise it is important to make sure that as a collective team we are performing our best on a daily basis. During 
a presentation at the DOMInno meeting, Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger focused on three keys to success that MoDOT needs to focus on over the coming
months.[4/24/2014 9:24:44 AM]


It is important to take the time to rest. There is always work to be done, but to
make sure that you are productive and focused while at work you need to take
a break. A few days off, or a long weekend with friends and family can help to
alleviate the stress and pressures of work. Supervisors are encouraged to avoid
scheduling meetings on Fridays or Mondays so employees can take long
weekends without the stress of missing critical information.

Winter has been damaging to our roads and fleet. We need to prepare for the
summer construction season and make sure that potholes are filled, delineators
and tabs are replaced, and our fleet has been restored. A single pothole can be
the difference between a satisfied and dissatisfied customer, and it is our job to
provide a world-class transportation system that delights our customers.

Our customers expect road conditions back to normal standards of quality and safety. Over the last several years we have developed best practices to be
efficient and meet our customers' expectations. Those methods are the key to our success. We don't rush, we don't cut corners, and we always take
time to be safe.

MoDOT's direction has not changed. We will continue to take care of our system as well as we can, for as long as we can, with the resources we have.
Safety is a priority and we will be focused on keeping our customers and ourselves safe so we can all go home safe.


Why Revive?  

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while
you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
by Patrick Wood  
As we emerge from a winter that seemed to have no end, it is time to revive and reap the benefits that spring and summer have to offer. It can be easy  
to become so focused on work that we lose sight of family, friends, or even our own interests outside the day-to-day grind. It is high time we take a
moment to revive from work and take a page out of Ferris Bueller’s book and take a day

A day off can simply be taking the time to relax at home, but it can also be a chance to get
out of the house and enjoy a vacation right here in the state of Missouri. Take the
opportunity to be a tourist in your own state!

While many who have lived in Missouri for a long time would say, “there is nothing good to
do in Missouri” have you really looked into what the Show-Me state has to offer?

To see more of what Missouri has to offer this vacation season, go to for
trip ideas, upcoming events, and discounts.


Time Is Running Out to Complete Your Employee  

by Jim Dickson  

There’s less than one week remaining for you to complete the 2014 MoDOT Employee Survey. You can complete survey on paper or use the online  
version at

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Phillips and Associates at, or call
(636) 394-4430.

Your survey answers will be combined with all the other employee responses from across the state. The overall
results will be analyzed at the statewide level as well as all seven districts and the Central Office. The final survey
report will be posted on the department’s intranet in July.

In the months following the final report, our consultant will work with MoDOT senior managers to develop action
plans to address issues identified in the survey.

The deadline for being part of this year’s survey is April 30!

Team Talk  

by Roberta Broeker  
Hello, Team MoDOT! This past Easter weekend, I decided it truly feels like spring. We’ve got blooming redbuds and flowers, and everything is  
turning green. (Except perhaps my yard…that’s not looking so good.) I really enjoy this time of year, and looking over my flower beds to see what
survived the winter that I can identify, and what survived but I can’t remember what it is. During this time, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to[4/24/2014 9:24:44 AM]


Revive, Recover and Restore, in both your personal and MoDOT lives. It HAS been a tough winter and we all need to realize that and take the time to
rest, to heal, and to prepare for whatever comes next. Team MoDOT is all about being game on, but every team member needs a break from time to
time, so make sure you are looking after yourselves.

I have a couple requests to make of your work time, and I know you can
help. The first is my wish to see feedback from all employees through
MoDOT’s employee survey. We haven’t done one since 2010, and Dave, Ed,
Kathy and I believe it is really important. You’ll see an article on this page
about the employee survey, and I want to stress that we want to hear from
every single employee. It’s due April 30, and you’ve got some options for
submitting your responses. Please do. That’s how you can help the
department grow and improve.

My second request is for district or division employees who aren’t attending

an in-person spring meeting this year. During April and May, many MoDOT
districts gather employees together to talk about preparing for the spring and
summer work seasons. These meetings focus on safety, spring operations and
MoDOT’s priorities.

This year, MoDOT created a “virtual” spring meeting, so even if you aren’t
scheduled to attend in person, you can still catch up on what’s going on in
the department. The video is about 25 minutes long, and features a segment Click above to view the virtual meeting.
from yours truly about the state of transportation funding and what that
means for MoDOT employees. You can also hear Ed speak about his Revive, Recover and Restore message, and Kathy speak about all the work we
have to do, even as we talk about a declining construction program. There’s also great information on the department’s focus for spring and summer
operations, new PPE requirements, our safety awards, and changes to the medical plan, among other things.

Check out the virtual meeting video through this YouTube Video link. If you work at a building with a slow Internet connection, you can download
the video to your computer from MoDOT’s FTP site. (By the way, that stands for File Transfer Protocol. My IT folks need to make sure we’re keeping
up with the engineers when it comes to using acronyms!)

I believe in being open to all of your feedback and, at the same time, helping you stay engaged and informed. My requests today are rooted in that
belief, and I hope you understand our communication at MoDOT is always a two way street. Thank you for doing your part. Stay safe and happy


Statewide Events Calendar Pulls It All Together  

by Matt Hiebert  

MoDOT is a big organization. Keeping up with events across the state  

is no easy task, but it’s critical to our success. Knowing “who, what, April 2014
where and when” helps us work together as a team.

With that fact in mind, the Statewide Events Calendar was created.

Located on the customer relations SharePoint site, the Statewide

Events Calendar shows all major MoDOT happenings across the
state month by month (link works for active employees only).

District-wide meetings, events including public and statewide

conferences and holidays, are all color-coded on the calendar for
quick reference. Clicking on the text will expand the view to show
more details.

“This is an excellent tool to get a look at the big picture,” said Mara
Campbell, MoDOT customer relations director. “You can see what’s
coming up months ahead of time and plan accordingly.”

The Statewide Events Calendar is a tool for the entire department.

Any division or district planning an event of organizational interest
can add information. It’s a great way to plan meetings around
holidays or keep your invitation from conflicting with other big

If you want to know more about the Statewide Events Calendar,

contact your customer relations beat driver or district CR staff. They
can help you decide if your event (Soiree? Shindig? Hootenanny?)
belongs on the calendar and give you a hand getting it on there.

Motorcyclists Urged to Drive With Caution This Spring  

by Kelly Jackson  

No one appreciates a warm spring day more than a motorcyclist who's had a bike  
sitting in the garage all winter. As engines rev in anticipation of a beautiful Missouri
scenic ride, the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety wants to encourage riders to[4/24/2014 9:24:44 AM]


keep an eye out for debris, gravel, and rough road conditions that often result after a
hard winter.

As you know, city, county and state road crews are working daily to fill and repair
winter roadway damage. In the meantime it's important to pay special attention to the
roadway conditions when planning a ride.

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than passenger vehicle occupants in crashes.
Therefore, it's very important to always wear proper protective gear, including a DOT
compliant helmet when riding.

For more information on motorcycle safety visit You can also
follow SaveMOLives on Facebook and Twitter.


Fatality Update  


What's Happening  


Chat With the Chief  

Remember to check out Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger's blog post on the Innovations Challenge, DOMinno and the
Future of Funding - Chat With the Chief.

Focus on Prevention  
Are you taking advantage of the no-cost preventative benefits offered to employees through
Coventry Health Care? Surprisingly, many employees aren't.

Check the preventative benefits information on the Central Office page of this edition of
Connections and see why it's important to take advantage of this benefit.

Don't miss the opportunity to live a healthier life with this program.

Manchester Arts Club Annual Photo Contest  

The Manchester Arts Focus 2014 photography competition selected forty winners out of
the 200 photographs of Manchester and St. Louis. Among the submissions are even some
featuring transportation-related photos.

The article with photos can be viewed on News Magazine Network's website - News

More photos can be found on the Manchester Arts Facebook page.

Left, one of the winning photos. Photo by Ronald Gaddis.[4/24/2014 9:24:44 AM]


Stay in the Now!  

If you haven't already, join the nearly 3,000 who have downloaded the MoDOT Now app to their smartphones or tablets.

The information on the app is divided into three sections, MoDOT News, Videos and Other News. Make sure to check each
section every day for new content.

The icon should automatically have loaded to your MoDOT issued smarthphone or tablet, and to your computer desktop. To get
the app for your personal smartphone, go to MoDOT's webpage and click the download for iphone or android.

Don't be left out, join MoDOT Now - iPhone or Android.

Employee Discounts for Summer Fun!  

What's your idea of summer fun? Baseball, roller coasters, pizza? Before you make plans check out the ticket
discounts available to state employees, from Cardinals baseball to Silver Dollar City.

The discounts are offered in conjunction with State Employee Recognition Week in May, but some continue
through summer into the fall - Employee Discounts.

April Retirements  
Gary W. Fewins – NW – 28 years Connie J. Roadruck – CD – 27 years Ted A. Frieden – SW – 24 years  
Drake D. Tarpley – NW – 28 years Jerry W. Nilges – CD – 29 years Charles K. Gire – SW – 29 years
Larry C. Cornelius – NE – 25 years Timothy M. Shaw – SL – 27 years Jill A. Fetters – SE – 26 years
Herbert L. Lovelace – NE – 28 years Kenneth L. Hollocher – SL – 36 years Jay W. Trammell – SE – 28 years
Lay, Gregory D. – NE – 29 years Jack S. Pate – SW – 10 years Martin A. Brose – CO – 16 years
Ronald E. Cordes – KC – 25 years Ernest D. Doody – SW – 24 years
In Memoriam  
James Durden (active employee) Joe Bright Everette Gordon  
SW District – April 7 former D10 – March 30 former D3 – April 9
James Schwerdtfeger Ernest Derboven Carroll McAfee
CO – March 28 former D2 – March 31 former D10 – April 10
Kenneth Paschal Don Baker Glenn Banks
CO – March 28 former D6 – April 2 former D7 – April 13
Philip Broyles
CO – March 29

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Connections - Central Office

April 24, 2014

MoDOT Helps Students Celebrate Earth Day


Central Office
at Capitol
by Patrick Wood
Celebrations for Earth Day on the Missouri State Capitol lawn have been taking place for the past 20 years. This April
25, MoDOT will be there to encourage students, teachers, and parents to help keep Missouri roadways clean and litter
free. The Earth Day celebration helps MoDOT share information about the Adopt-A-Highway program and the annual
Northeast No MOre Trash! Bash.

Kansas City No MOre Trash! Bash is a state-wide anti-litter campaign that encourages
people to clean up litter across the state. “We have an environmentally
Central themed game for the students to play,” said Stacy Armstrong, roadside
management specialist. “We want everyone to have a good time, but also
St. Louis pick up on the important message we’re sharing with them.”

Southwest Programs like the Trash Bash help to offset the cost of litter clean up and
allow MoDOT and the Missouri Department of Conservation to devote
Southeast resources to other much needed projects.

Littering isn’t just ugly and harmful to the environment. It also hurts the
wildlife of Missouri.

“Birds, fish, turtles and other animals get tangled in litter, such as plastic
six-pack holders and fishing line, and it can kill them,” said Conservation Department No MOre Trash! Coordinator Joe

One such case is the story of Peanut the turtle. When a young turtle
Maintenance Division received this email
crawled into a six-pack ring that stayed around her as she grew, the
trash deformed her shell into the shape of a peanut. Peanut survived, from a customer who called to join the
the ring was removed and she has lived with the Missouri Department Adopt-A-Highway program.
of Conservation as their environmental spokesturtle since 1993. Thank you Margie (Mansager). Mary
(Deaton) did make contact with me shortly
Volunteers are needed across the state to participate in litter cleanup after your email. Sometimes it’s hard to
activities. Participants can report their cleanup efforts and will receive remember that MODOT is part of the
a thank you No MOre Trash! pin specially designed to commemorate
government. I have only contacted MODOT
the 30th birthday of Peanut.
once or twice before by email and I have
For more information about the No MOre Trash! Bash and to learn how received a helpful response the next
to participate, visit business day each time.
Thanks again,Tom

April Health and Safety Tips

Work Zone Awareness
Earlier this month we brought attention to Work Zone Awareness Week, focusing on educating the public about work
zone safety. Motorists will again experience a good deal of road and bridge construction on Missouri highways this year,
so it’s important that they know what to do when they approach a work zone.
As MoDOT employees, we will also be the motorist navigating the work zone, or the worker within the work zone, so
it’s important that we follow the safety guidelines too, so everyone goes home safe.[4/24/2014 9:25:32 AM]

Connections - Central Office

Work Zone Driving Tips

Plan your trip before you begin driving. Use
MoDOT’s Traveler Information Map.
Slow down as you approach a work zone and
turn down your radio.
Obey all posted work zone speed limits.
Merge into the proper lane as soon as
Watch for workers.
Stay alert and read all signs in the work area.
Have patience when traveling through a work
Avoid talking on cell phones and never text
and drive.

Obey the Move Over Law

The Move Over law protects law enforcement, emergency response and MoDOT vehicles (with amber and white
lights flashing) parked on the side of the road.
Motorists are required to slow down or change lanes when approaching these vehicles.
It’s simple, if you see flashing lights on the side of the road; move over to give workers and emergency personnel
plenty of room to stay safe. If you can’t move over on a crowded highway, slow down as you pass them.

Work Zone Safety

There are several things MoDOT employees need to remember to stay safe when working in work zones:
Wear MoDOT-approved, high-visibility safety apparel and PPE while working in work zones. Replace the
apparel when it becomes ineffective.
Don’t take matters into your own hands when dealing with traffic offenders.
Expect the unexpected; don’t assume drivers can see you.
Work within the work zone, and stay alert.
Don’t have your back to traffic. If you must have your back to traffic, use a spotter.
Use buffer spaces when possible.
Make sure work zone devices and signs are in good working order and placed appropriately.
Perform work zone inspections.

Prevention is the Best Defense

Well-Care Visits and Screenings

Protect yourself and your family by taking advantage of your preventive care benefits. For example,
well-care visits for adults, infants and kids are covered 100 percent for most Coventry health plans when
you see in-network medical professionals. (Review your Coventry Certificate of Coverage to determine
whether your health plan provides this coverage.)

Regular checkups and preventive screenings are an important part in finding any potential problems before they really
start. Proper preventive care is also vital in detecting diseases in their early stages, when they are the easiest to treat and

Read more in the Focus on Benefits Newsletter.


Central Office Happenings

Engineering for Non-Engineers
June 4
8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Construction & Materials Lab, Room 201
1617 Missouri Blvd., Jefferson City
By Charlie Nemmers of the University of Missouri

This class covers the fundamentals of transportation engineering,[4/24/2014 9:25:32 AM]

Connections - Central Office

highway and bridge design, construction, operations and maintenance.

The class is fun, interactive and easy to understand--perfect for those
who are not engineers, but who work with engineers regularly.

Charlie Nemmers is a professional engineer currently serving as

Director of the Transportation Infrastructure Center at the University.
He also leads the research program for a major U.S. corporation in the
field of civil infrastructure. He has been conducting this training with MoDOT (and many other organizations) for over
10 years. Read more - Charlie Nemmers.

Enroll in the class using the LMS Student Center Sign On link (active employees only). Class #24208.

For questions contact Kristen Bagwill - or (573) 751-3941.

See what’s happening on the Mee Zone Blog! (active employees only).

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Connections - Northwest District

April 24, 2014

Winter Inspectors Meeting
Central Office
The winter meeting for the Northwest District's inspectors is a great time for all our construction and materials
inspectors to get together to learn about new techniques, policies and practices, review last year's projects and prepare
for the upcoming construction season. This year the team was very busy with bridge inspections, so the annual winter
Districts meeting came in the spring.

Northwest This year, State Construction and Materials Engineer Dave Ahlvers joined the group at their annual meeting. Some of
the discussion centered around quality management, the new safety job special provisions and testing equipment needs
Northeast for our district. He reviewed what's been working well in each of those areas, what improvements need to be made and
upcoming changes to policies.
Kansas City  


St. Louis



Construction and Materials personnel from

across the district gathered April 1 to
State Construction and Materials Engineer review last year's projects and prepare for
Dave Ahlvers addressed quality this year's construction season, including
management, the new safety JSPs and learning about changes to policies and best
equipment needs at the Winter Inspectors' practices.

Retirement Seminar
Senior Benefit Specialist Mary Jordan and Mariel Hale presented a retirement seminar in the district on April 9. Those
attending were employees and spouses who are within five years of eligibility, but the information presented may be
valuable to all employees. If you have not seen the presentation, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources.

MoDOT employees and their spouses who

Senior Benefit Specialist Mariel Hale walked are within five years of retirement eligibility
employees through the MPERS website, were invited to attend one of two
including a calculator to determine what retirement seminars. The MPERS benefit
their take-home pay will be after they specialists were able to answer questions
retire. and help employees understand how
upcoming changes to the medical benefit
could affect their retirement income.

ADA Facility Improvements

Almost all Northwest District administrative facilities have been upgraded and now meet the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. One of the last projects to meet those goals is the parking lot at the district office.[4/24/2014 9:25:54 AM]

Connections - Northwest District

Work began April 23 to replace the ramp in the middle parking level. All paved lots will then be resurfaced. Parking
will be shifted throughout the project. If you're planning on visiting the district office in the near future, please make
sure to park where you will not impede the contractors. All work should be completed by the end of May.

Contractors began work to rebuild the ramp To break up the existing concrete, a drop
on the middle parking level at the district hammer was used. What the photo cannot
office to comply with ADA standards. capture is the way the pavement bounced,
and then broke, each time the hammer was

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Northwest District

3602 N. Belt Highway

Our mission is to provide a world-class
St. Joseph, MO 64506-1399
transportation experience that delights our
customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri.[4/24/2014 9:25:54 AM]

Connections - Northeast District

April 24, 2014

GPS Marking Team Wins!


Central Office
The Northeast District’s GPS Pavement
Marking Team came away as a winner in the
statewide Innovations Challenge held earlier
Districts this month. The multidisciplinary team won first
place in the Productivity Category for presenting a way
Northwest to more efficiently and accurately mark stripes, both
new and re-stripe on a highway. Jarod Murr and Marisa
Northeast Ellison, employees of the NE District, were winners on
statewide teams.
Kansas City
As Chief Hassinger noted though, all who were selected
Central to attend the Innovations Challenge were winners, and
Holding the winning check (from left to right) are members of he encouraged each district to take back these ideas and
St. Louis the GPS Pavement Markings Team from the NE District. Kevin
begin implementing them. Congratulations to all the
Williams (now working in the St. Louis District), Steve Dickson,
Jon Brewer and Kirk Youngblood are pictured with CFO Roberta teams who represented the Northeast District!
Southwest Broeker, Commissioner Joe Carmichael, and Assistant Chief
Engineer Kathy Harvey. Also on the team were Homer Bussey,
Southeast Brent Merryman and James Davis.

Around the District...

It’s not every day we have the opportunity to be a hero. Yet, when we are called to situations that require heroic actions,
we can embrace the challenge and ultimately change lives. Such is the case for four employees who were recently
recognized with Meritorious Safety Awards for their quick actions while working on the road.

Tim Glasgow and Arney Carroll, Wayland maintenance, were checking roads on Feb. 21, when they came upon a wreck
on US 61. A tractor trailer with a full load was on its side in the median and a 4-door pickup truck was in the median.
They pulled over so Arney could perform traffic control. Tim ran to the pickup to check on the situation. The passenger
was about to get out, but the driver was pinned. Another person standing by noticed a fire in the engine compartment, so
Tim ran back to the MoDOT truck and retrieved the fire extinguisher. He extinguished the fire, then proceeded to pull
on the driver’s side door to pry it open while the passenger and another good Samaritan on scene helped the driver slide
between the seats and escape through the back door. The driver was able to move on his own.

Steve Rench and Bobby Johnston were striping along MO 79 in Hannibal in May 2012, when they witnessed a
motorcycle accident.  One of the first on the scene, they, too, helped in the situation. A letter written by an anonymous
motorist, more than one year after it happened, witnessed the accident and hailed Steve and Bobby as heroes. The letter
was published in full last month in the NE newsletter. 

If you ask any one of these guys why they stopped to help, humbly they will each reply, “It’s just what we do.”
Congratulations, Tim, Arney, Steve and Bobby. Thank you for setting the example not only for other MoDOT
employees, but for mankind.[4/24/2014 9:26:16 AM]

Connections - Northeast District

Tim Glasgow and Arney Carroll were recognized at their

spring meeting and are pictured with District Engineer
Paula Gough, Assistant District Engineer Kevin James and
Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger.

Steve Rench and Bob Johnson, Hannibal maintenance, were  

recognized at the spring meeting. They are pictured with
District Engineer Paula Gough and Assistant Chief Engineer
Kathy Harvey.

Hufsah Golzar, job shadow student with customer

relations, helped Tana Akright out at the CHART Teen
Last week a semi hauling carpet rear-ended a semi hauling
Task Health Fair last Saturday. She and Tana had
milk on west bound I-70. The semi hauling milk was stopped
students of all ages play the Arrive Alive game to win
on the shoulder. These trucks came to a stop nearly a
prizes and learn more about the importance of wearing a
quarter mile after the initial impact, blocking a lane and very
quickly became fully engulfed in flames.  Both NE and
Central Districts responded. The fire department had
difficulty extinguishing the flames as the tires, fuel and
carpet were on fire, so they used foam. There were no
serious injuries that we know of. Once the fire was
extinguished, Russ Automotive worked very quickly to open
lane one. While trying to load the remains of one of the
trucks, what was left of the fuel tank ruptured. Russ applied
absorbent material and booms.  Before the scene was totally
cleared out, there was about seven miles of traffic backed
up. There is significant pavement damage where the fire
was, which will be repaired within the next week under an
emergency contract.

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Customer Relations Manager
Northeast District

Our mission is to provide a world-class

1711 S. Highway 61
transportation experience that delights our
Hannibal, MO 63401
customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri.[4/24/2014 9:26:16 AM]

Connections - Kansas City District

April 24, 2014


Central Office More Than 70 Citizens Join the Discussion

on Route 45
Districts On April 22, more than 70 local citizens attended an open-house public hearing to learn about a collaborative project to
widen Route 45.
Jointly funded between MoDOT, the City of Parkville and Platte County, in 2016,
Northeast MoDOT will continue to widen Route 45 to four lanes from I-435 to Route K.
This project will also include retaining walls along the road, a center median and
Kansas City an additional roundabout. The goal is to increase capacity for more vehicles,
improve intersection safety and increase driver sight distance by flattening the
Central hills.This project is the final phase of work that began in 2008.

St. Louis In addition to widening this important corridor, MoDOT is also building a trail
that begins at Route K and ends at Brink Myers Road. The new trail segment
connects to Southern Platte Pass trail and further expands the network of bicycle and pedestrian trails that enhance the
lifestyle options in Platte County.
Currently in preliminary design phase, road construction is scheduled to begin in
2016. However, residents will see utility work as early as this summer to prepare the
site for road construction.

This hearing was an opportunity to see the designs and get an idea of what the
corridor will look like in the next few years.

Learn more about this project on our website,

KC Brings Home Wins from Innovations

The Statewide Innovations Challenge was held earlier this month in Springfield.  We had six great entries:
Drag Chain Oiler – Chris Coon & Bill Lutgen, Independence Maintenance                             
Tow Plow Salt Deflector - Chris Zurn, Russell Fisher, Andy Dobnikar, Gary Higgs, Harrisonville Maintenance &
General Services       
Multi-Use Nurse Truck - Dennis Pence, Lee’s Summit West Maintenance 
Tablets in Construction, Kyle Frye & James Phlum, Construction Materials
Boots on the Ground – Deborah Hogan, Human Resources
Stripe Enhancer – Dave Eppright, Knob Noster Maintenance

Two of our six entries placed!  Drag Chain Oiler by Bill Lutgen & Chris Coon and Tablets in Construction by
Kyle Frye & James Phlum.  Kyle & James won the $10,000 prize for their work unit.  Over the next year, the district
will begin implementing these innovations in day-to-day activities.  Congratulations and great work to all our teams!

Click here to see photos from the event.

Click here to watch a video of some of the innovations.[4/24/2014 9:26:58 AM]

Connections - Kansas City District

Employees Kyle Frye and James Phlum, pictured center, found Employees Bill Lutgen and Chris Coon, pictured center, are
inventors of the the Drag Chain Oiler, which is designed to
by using APPs on a tablet, employees have the ability to mark apply lubricant/sealer to drag chains on cinder beds. Click
up plans, fill out any form or checklist and store them here to watch a video of this innovation in action.
electronically from the field.

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Connections - Central District

April 24, 2014

Cunningham Tells Close-Call Story to
Central Office
Promote Safe Driving in Work Zones
At MoDOT, safety is our top priority. Columbia Maintenance Crew Leader Kent Cunningham took the time to give
Districts details of a work zone close-call story in a brief video to promote safe driving in work zones. The video can be found
at or can be played online:


Kansas City


St. Louis



Cunningham was helping local law enforcement and emergency responders at the site of a two-vehicle accident in
Columbia, Mo., when the close call incident occurred. As he was setting up the emergency work zone, Cunningham
said he turned around and saw the others on the scene scattering. That's when he noticed the one-ton truck, pulling a
trailer, headed toward him.

"I got on my knees and crouched by the median barrier because I had nowhere else to go," Cunningham said. "By the
time everything happened, I could reach out and touch the tire on the trailer. That's how close he got to me."

Cunningham says he feels very lucky to be alive today. A few more inches and his story might have been different.
Cunningham hopes his story will encourage drivers to slow down and pay attention, especially when driving through
highway work zones.

Just this week, a striping operation in Cole County was struck from behind by a truck that was going too fast in the
work zone and could not stop in time to avoid an accident. Photos of the aftermath of the accident are below. Note the
first frame and the tire tracks as a reminder of how long it truly takes to stop at highway speeds.[4/24/2014 9:27:20 AM]

Connections - Central District

Central District Honored for Innovations

The Central District was well represented in Springfield, during the recent Innovations Challenge Showcase. The Shark
Box Engine Block Heater project, GroupCast and the Customer Contact Map (created by a statewide team that
included two members from the Central District) were three of the big statewide winners.

The Shark Box Engine Block Heater project, whose implementation was initiated by Facilities Operation Supervisor
Phil Hamilton, won an award for its money-saving approach to the regulation of energy to diesel engine block heaters
during winter months. The Shark Box employs both thermostats and timers to reduce electrical use by MoDOT
equipment plugged into 120-volt electrical circuits for the trucks' block heaters. Significant savings in electrical costs
have resulted from this product.

Phil Hamilton is pictured holding his statewide award for the Shark Box innovation at
this year's Innovations Challenge Showcase. Also pictured (from left) are MoDOT Chief
Financial Officer Roberta Broeker, Vice Chair of the Missouri Highways and
Transportation Commission Lloyd J. Carmichael and Assistant Chief Engineer Kathy

The Shark Box was also one of three innovations featured in the MoDOT 2014 Innovations Showcase Video. You can[4/24/2014 9:27:20 AM]

Connections - Central District

check it out at: or view it online:

The Customer Contact Map team, a statewide team that included the Central District's Assistant Engineer Travis
Koestner and Senior Customer Service Representative Scott Smith, collected the top prize for innovations. The purpose
of the Contact Map is to allow quicker reference to MoDOT personnel in a number of districts and divisions across the
state. It is used in Customer Relations to diminish the number of phone transfers and “on hold” times for customers
calling MoDOT. Searches on the map can be done by county, district or roadway across the state. It can be used by
anyone who has access to the MoDOT intranet.

Groupcast, whose implementation was initiated by Maintenance Supervisor James Williams, is a mass communication
tool used by schools to reach numerous people at once. It’s function is to send a mass notification through text, voice
mail and email. Central District is piloting GroupCast for the first time this winter season. The district currently uses
this system for calling in equipment operators for winter events. Instead of calling each operator on different shifts one
by one, once filters are set up in GroupCast a large group (day/night operators, team rotations, etc.) of people can be
reached instantly. The previous system took couple of hours to notify a group of workers. With GroupCast the
notifications are finished within minutes.

Thank you and congratulations to our district employees who helped contribute to these award-winning innovations.

District Customer Service Representative

Participates in Job Shadow Exchange
EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was written by
Janis Gieck, one of the district's customer
service representatives. In this article, she
gives a first-hand account of what it was like
to participate in a job shadow exchange with
maintenance workers. The exchange's purpose
was to allow workers from both departments
to spend the day in the other's shoes and
better understand how the other half goes
about their daily tasks. Here's her story:

You never know how it feels to be in

someone else’s shoes until you are in them.
And I'll tell you, going from a customer
service representative’s shoes to a pair of
maintenance worker’s boots can be a big
difference in shoe size. In fact, I found that a
maintenance worker's boots are awfully big
ones to fill.

My day started by waking up at 4 a.m., which

is very early for me. Both me and my shoes
usually don’t get up that early to go to work.
Especially to work in the roadway and in
unpredictable weather. Honestly, it was almost
impossible to get going, but I pushed myself Central District Maintenance Worker Randall Richardson cuts the
pavement during a pipe replacement on Route T. Richardson was one
because I knew I needed to drive 45 minutes of many maintenance workers from whom Senior Customer Service
to start my day at 6:30 a.m. to work in the Representative Janis Gieck got on-the-job training during a day of  job
field at Versailles with maintenance workers. shadowing.[4/24/2014 9:27:20 AM]

Connections - Central District

When I arrived in Versailles, my day as a maintenance worker began with a safety meeting. We talked about being
safe on the roadway and wearing your personal protective equipment, and then the crew leaders assigned jobs to the
maintenance workers for the day. The two tasks for the day were putting in a culvert pipe on Route T and repairing
edge rutting on Route O. I chose to help with the culvert pipe replacement. I have never seen or couldn’t image how to
replace a pipe under the roadway, but I put on my PPE and headed out into the field to participate in the pipe

I rode with a Crew Leader Robbie Nolting out to Route T for the pipe replacement. Robbie was very knowledgeable of
his duties and told me about all the different types of work in the field. When we arrived at the work zone, the crew
was already set up.

The first thing I noticed was Maintenance Worker Randall Richardson using a machine to cut the pavement. I thought,
"What is going through his mind." So I walked over to ask, and he asked me if I wanted to take over. I thought, "why
not?", so I grabbed the handles and away I went cutting the pavement.

After Randall and I cut the pavement, a backhoe was brought in and it began digging up the roadway. I didn’t think
that Maintenance Supervisor Darren Apperson wanted me in the backhoe, so I just kept my thoughts to myself, and
watched the maintenance worker do his job scooping up the roadway.

I wanted to learn while I was in the field, so I asked Darren what kind of roads a snowplow driver drives during a
snow fight. So Darren took the time to drive me through his routes in Morgan County, so that I could see what kind of
roadways a snowplow operator drives on in the middle of a snowstorm. And wow, some of the roads are very curvy
and the mailboxes sit really close to the road. After seeing first-hand what trials and tribulations a snow plow operator
goes through, I truly understand how difficult their job can be.

As the day ended, I saw some edge rutting repaired, a culvert pipe replaced and experienced the difficult route of a
snowplow driver. It finally was time for me to go home.

I'd recommend that every customer service representative spend a day in the maintenance field. Being in someone
else's shoes for a day helps you gain a new appreciation for how hard it is to walk in them, and a better understanding
of the men and women who do this job every day.

Around the District


This is an "after" photo of what happened when a trash truck forgot to lower its boom
arms and twisted a signal pole like a pretzel and shut down the intersection at Business
Loop 70 and Providence Road in Columbia. It took five skilled Central District workers to
fix the twisted light pole and damaged signals at the location. Despite the extensive[4/24/2014 9:27:20 AM]

Connections - Central District

damage, the district crew got the intersection open again by the end of the day.

Several Central District employees, including Laurie Wyrick (pictured above),

participated in the No MOre Trash Bash April 17 by cleaning up trash on the district's
Adopt-A-Highway stretch on Route 94 in Callaway County.

The Central District recently began its annual series of spring meetings.  Here, District
Engineer David Silvester (pictured to the left of the screen) updates district workers on
new policies and MoDOT's direction for the future.

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Connections - St. Louis District

April 24, 2014  

St. Louis District’s Work Zone 5K a Success

Central Office by Shaunda White

More than 500 people came out and showed their support or ran/walked at the St. Louis District’s first Work Zone 5K in
Chesterfield on April 12. MoDOT employees along with their families, friends, corporate and private sponsors, gathered at
the event to honor workers that have lost their lives in the line of duty and to create awareness of workers in work zones.
Name Category Time
Northwest Stuart McNeil (MoDOT)  Male Overall 18:41
Sara Nelson Female Overall 21:18
Shane Concannon Male Ages 1-11 24:09
Marjie Ware Female Ages 1-11 37:56
Kansas City
Christian Schoonover Male Ages 12-19 19:20
Alyssa Miller Female Ages 12-19 26:36
Dan Doelling Male Ages 20-29 19:31
Cori Clark Female Ages 20-29 22:31
St. Louis
Roger Anderson Male Ages 30-39 18:56
Southwest Kristen Waddell Female Ages 30-39 21:39
Norm Weiskopf Male Ages 40-49 19:31
Southeast Marisa Ellison (MoDOT) Female Ages 40-49 21:48
James Smith (MoDOT) Male Ages 50-59 23:05
Mark Fresen, (sitting in front row), a previous MoDOT
Kay Piper Female Ages 50-59 26:36
employee that was struck by a motorist in a work
zone, takes a picture with participants that won Mark Bussen Male Ages 60-69 24:00
plaques for their performance in the Work Zone 5K in Barbara Pumm Female Ages 60-69 35:27
Chestefield, MO on April 12,2014.
The event was organized by the St. Louis Fit 4 Life Team and resulted with almost 400 participants registered to run or
walk. All participants received a work zone 5K medal, but the winners also won plaques for completing first.

The races started and finished on the parking lot of the Transportation Management Center, with the 5K route taking
runners and walkers over Interstate 64 and onto the outer roads.

Stuart McNeil, a senior highway designer, completed the 5K with the lowest time overall.

“It was challenging because it was more hilly than what I expected, but I am very pleased with how successful the 5K
event was. It is a great way to promote healthier lifestyles, while also promoting safety of workers on the highways. I am
glad that I had the opportunity to participate,” said McNeil.

The Fit 4 Life Team is already making preparations for the 2015 Work Zone Event. For additional information please
send your inquiries to

St. Louis Group works to boost Employee

by Shaunda White
What exactly will it take to boost employee morale? A team of 13 St. Louis district employees is strategizing to come up
with ideas to do just that.

The quick action team was formed as a suggestion from

the Voice of St. Louis members after receiving numerous
concerns about employee retention within the organization.[4/24/2014 9:28:14 AM]

Connections - St. Louis District

The “Improving Employee Morale” kickoff meeting was

held in March. Since then, the group has questioned
employees throughout the district and received feedback on
improving morale. The next item on the group’s agenda is
to present their plan of action to the St. Louis
Administration Team in late April.

The St. Louis Administration Team will work with the

group to implement short and long term practices that will
address the concerns.

  A selected group of St. Louis employees came together with

employee suggestions from across the district about how to
boost employee morale.

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customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri.[4/24/2014 9:28:14 AM]

Connections - Southwest District

April 24, 2014


Central Office Southwest District at Work




Kansas City  

St. Louis



ONE, TWO, THREE… Equipment Technician ON THE MOVE - Springfield Facility Operations Crew
Supervisor Gary Shisler (left) and Senior Financial
Services Specialist Todd Tyler account for district Worker Matt Hutson replaces MoDOT icon Barrel Bob
assets during the annual audit. (Photo/David
  with Barrel Becky outside the District Office. Barrel
Bob is being placed at various work zones in the
district to draw attention to them and urge drivers to
slow down. (Photo/David Mitchell)


Southwest District Helps Employees

Pursue Healthy Lifestyles
by David Mitchell
MoDOT’s Southwest District is urging employees to live healthier lifestyles and is helping them pursue that goal.

The district is offering a variety of wellness opportunities to employees. Most recently, biometric screenings are being
offered which are a short health examination assessing a person’s risk for disease and other medical conditions.

The screenings check things like blood pressure, cholesterol and


Gary McLarry, District Safety and Health Manager, says the

district offered these screenings for the first time in 2013 when 27
percent of employees took advantage of the tests.

For the first time in February, the district made mammograms

available to female employees. Twenty women visited the mobile
service at the District Office.

McLarry’s goal is to increase participation in these medical

opportunities every year. For him, the motivation is personal.[4/24/2014 9:28:31 AM]

Connections - Southwest District

His dad, who was a smoker from the age of 12, died in their
family's milk barn at the age of 65.
Joplin Construction Inspector Ryan Dingman gets a
flu shot at last year’s employee fair. Flu shots for “My parents had dreams for their 50th anniversary," McLarry said.
employees are one part of the District’s wellness "They didn’t get to enjoy their retirement together.”
program. (Photo/David Mitchell)

He said people, especially men, don't take their personal health as

seriously as they should.

“We want our employees to enjoy life and their family as long as they can.”

McLarry pointed to national studies showing employers who offer wellness programs can see as much as a 25 percent
reduction in areas like sick leave, medical costs and workers compensation claims.

The wellness effort is part of MoDOT’s overall safety emphasis. Employees already have various opportunities to be
trained in first aid and CPR. The goal there is to get every employee trained. Currently, 92 percent of Southwest District
employees are CPR qualified.

In the future, district employees can expect to see efforts to encourage them to exercise more and eat healthier.

Safety and Traffic Congestion Relief is the
Aim of Glenstone Avenue Widening Project
by Angela Eden
A project to widen Glenstone Avenue to six lanes – three lanes in
each direction – between Battlefield Road and James River
Freeway (Route 60) has its focus on improving safety and relieving
traffic congestion along a very busy stretch of the road that carries
Business 65 traffic in southeast Springfield.

Construction of the improvements began this week.

Assistant District Engineer Dan Salisbury says one of the biggest

goals of the project is relieving traffic backups on westbound James
River Freeway at the Glenstone Avenue interchange.

“When people are on a high speed route, they don’t expect to have
to just stop and that’s what’s happening here,” Salisbury said. “It’s
New configuration of Glenstone Avenue (Bus. Loop
just not safe.” 65) and Republic Road in Springfield.
The project will eliminate a traffic signal just north of the
Glenstone Avenue/James River Freeway interchange at Republic Court which causes traffic backups at times.

Republic Road on the east side of Glenstone Avenue will be routed along Luster Avenue to Independence Street. This will
make the Independence Street intersection a four-legged intersection.

Republic Court as it’s called on the west side of Glenstone Avenue will become a right-out/right-in entrance only to allow
customers to continue to reach businesses in the area.

District Traffic Engineer Joe Rickman says the improvements will mean reduced traffic congestion along the entire corridor
from Battlefield Road to James River Freeway.

“It will improve traffic flow by shortening the queues at the signals including during heavy traffic times,” Rickman said.

During construction, drivers can expect nighttime lane closings between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. Drivers may also experience
narrowed business entrances, but people will be able to get into and out of the businesses during the project.

Maps of the project are available here.[4/24/2014 9:28:31 AM]

Connections - Southwest District

Project Basics:

Prime Contractor: Journagan Construction Company, Springfield

Construction Cost: $5 million
Completion: Late November 2014
Partnership: City of Springfield

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Connections - Southeast District

April 24, 2014

Congrats to SE District Innovations
Central Office
Challenge Winners!
Two of the Southeast District’s Innovations Challenge entries
Districts were named winners at the recent statewide showcase.

Northwest The Southeast District’s pipe liner received top honors in the
Tools and Equipment category, as well as a $10,000 check. In
Northeast addition, the People’s Choice award went to the Southeast
District’s porous backfill process.
Kansas City
The pipe liner winch was invented to assist in pulling pipe
Central liners through corrugated metal pipe (CMP). The 12-ton winch
is mounted to the boom of the backhoe. The winch has a
St. Louis rotating cable pulley that allows liners to be pulled through Members of the pipe liner winch team accept a $10,000
CMP in almost any direction. The innovation helps crews check for their help in making the workplace safer and
Southwest perform the task more safely, as well as improving efficiency improving efficiency.

and making the best use of taxpayers’ dollars.

The porous backfill process includes using porous backfill to
mitigate the continuous settlement issues often associated with
bridges without attached approach slabs. This innovation
improves the quality of these projects by eliminating bumps
and providing a smoother driving surface.

Congratulations to the SE District Innovations Challenge

participants and winners! To view more information regarding
the SE District’s innovations, please click here to visit our
SharePoint site.

Photo (left): The Southeast District's porous backfill process

received the People's Choice Award.
Better Roads Highlights Doris Dumey
Many MoDOT employees may know Doris Dumey through her
work as executive assistant to Southeast District Engineer Mark
Shelton. But Doris is also well-known for her passion for

Doris has earned her A, B, C, and D licenses as well as her

Coach, I.A.D. Instructor and PRO Ratings. In addition to
serving as an active member of the Southeast Missouri
Skydiving Club and an instructor, she also has participated in a
number of special jumps involving everything from an inflatable
raft to Mr. Potato Head.

Recently, Better Roads featured a story about Doris and her

skydiving experiences. To read the complete article or watch a
Lou Sanborn, licensed D1, presents Doris Dumey with video of her jump at the Cape Girardeau Air Festival, check out
certificates for her 1000th jump and completing 12 Tina Grady Barbaccia’s article in Better Roads at
hours of free-fall. Doris is licensed D27000. Photo
courtesy of Doris Dumey.[4/24/2014 9:28:55 AM]

Connections - Southeast District

KFVS12 Helps Raise Work Zone Awareness
During National Work Zone Awareness Week, KFVS12’s Holly
Brantley visited with Area Engineer Brian Okenfuss to learn
more about the dangers in work zones and what drivers can do
to help.

The interview focused on Missouri’s Move Over Law that

requires motorists to slow down or change lanes when
approaching these vehicles and now includes MoDOT vehicles
parked with amber and white lights flashing.

Photo: Click the video on the left to view KFVS12's story on

Missouri's Move Over Law and the dangers of work zones or visit

2014 Long-Term Safety Award Recipients
During the 2014 spring employee meetings, the Southeast District took time to honor this year’s long-term safety award
recipients. Photos are available at

Thanks to the employees below for making our workplace a safer place!
Joe Crum   Jessie Fulton  
Lloyd Crewse Mike Moon  
Russell Divine Willie Hawkins
James Neal Audie Pulliam
Nathan Reed Darrell Emery
Wayne Shaver Donald Tinkle
Jerry Spencer Gary Ricker
Randy Sanders Jeff Mabury
Mike Hensley Lee Byes
Curt Baldridge Keith Elliot
Chris Medley Tracee Stotts
Jesse Williams Wade Lacey
Don Counts Robert Reed
Kevin Davidson Brian Long
Don Hills Bryon Davonport
Billy Wells Don Crites
Rodney Wiles Doug Glaser
John Wood Forrest House
Kenneth Adkins Gary King
Martin Elliott Jeff Amelunke
Ron Bollinger Joseph Allgier
Dewayne Robey Mike Crannick
Steve Limbaugh Donnie Edgar
Theo Morris Carl Schwent
Tommy Burgess John Tutt
Mike Hyslop Patty Pogue
Darius Dowdy Ron Cook
Jerry Friese
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