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(202) 334-5550
05 05 2014 01 15 03 30
PIP- ProoI in the Pudding
04 01 2013 03 31 2015
Restaurant Total Risk Category 1





Food Establishment Inspection Report
Pursuant to Title 25-A of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations
Bureau of Communitv Hvgiene · Food Safetv & Hvgiene Inspection Services Division · 899 North Capitol Street, NE - 8
Floor · Washington, DC 20002 · 202-535-
Washington, DC 20005

Critical Violations 9 COS 0 R 0
7 COS 0 R 0
CertiIied Food Protection Manager (CFPM)

CFPM Expiration Date: / /
Name oI licensed trash or solid waste contractor
Name oI licensed liquid / grease collections transport
Name oI licensed pest exterminator / contractor
6omp||ance 8tatus COS R
0emonstrat|on of know|edge
lN 0UT N/A 1.Correcl resporse lo quesl|ors
Emp|oyee hea|th
|N 0uT N/A N/0 2.Varagererl aWareress; po||cy preserl
|N 0uT 3.Proper use ol reslr|cl|or ard exc|us|or
Cood hyg|en|c Pract|ces
|N 0uT N/0 1.Proper eal|rg, lasl|rg, dr|r||rg, or looacco use
|N 0uT N/0 5.No d|scrarge lror eyes, rose, ard roulr
Prevent|ng 6ontam|nat|on by hands
|N 0uT N/0 ê.lards c|ear ard proper|y Wasred
|N 0uT N/A N/0 Z.No oare rard corlacl W|lr ready-lo-eal loods or approved
|N 0uT 8.Adequale rardWasr|rg s|r|s proper|y supp||ed ard access|o|e
Approved 8ource
|N 0uT 9.Food oola|red lror approved source
lN 0uT N/A N|0 10.Food rece|ved al proper lerperalure
|N 0uT 11.Food |r good cord|l|or, sale, uradu|leraled
lN 0uT N|A N/0 12.Requ|red records ava||ao|e: sre||sloc| lags, paras|le deslrucl|or
Protect|on from 6ontam|nat|on
|N 0uT N/A 13.Food separaled ard prolecled
lN 0UT N/A 11.Food-corlacl surlaces: c|eared & sar|l|zed
|N 0uT
15.Proper d|spos|l|or ol relurred, prev|ous|y served, record|l|ored,
ard ursale lood
Potent|a||y hazardous Food (T68 Food}
lN 0uT N/A N|0 1ê.Proper coo||rg l|re ard lerperalures
lN 0uT N/A N|0 1Z.Proper rereal|rg procedures lor rol ro|d|rg
lN 0uT N/A N|0 18.Proper coo||rg l|re & lerperalures
|N 0uT N/A N/0 19.Proper rol ro|d|rg lerperalures
lN 0UT N/A 20.Proper co|d ro|d|rg lerperalures
|N 0uT N/A N/0 21.Proper dale rar||rg & d|spos|l|or
lN 0uT N|A N/0 22.T|re as a puo||c rea|lr corlro|: procedures & records
6onsumer Adv|sory
lN 0uT N|A 23.Corsurer adv|sory prov|ded lor raW or urdercoo|ed loods
h|gh|y 8uscept|b|e Popu|at|ons
lN 0uT N|A 21.Pasleur|zed loods used; pror|o|led loods rol ollered
lN 0uT N|A 25.Food add|l|ves: approved & proper|y used
lN 0UT 2ê.Tox|c suoslarces proper|y |derl|l|ed, slored, used
6onformance w|th Approved Procedures
lN 0uT N|A
2Z.Corp||arce W|lr var|arce, spec|a||zed process, ard lACCP
IN ÷ in compliance OUT ÷ not in compliance N/O ÷ not observed
N/A ÷ not applicable COS ÷ corrected on-site R ÷ repeat violation

6omp||ance 8tatus COS R
8afe Food and water
lN 0uT N|A 28.Pasleur|zed eggs used Wrere requ|red
|N 0uT 29.waler & lce lror approved source
lN 0uT N|A 30.var|arce oola|red lor spec|a||zed process|rg relrods
Food Temperature 6ontro|
|N 0uT
31.Proper coo||rg relrods used; adequale equ|prerl lor
lerperalure corlro|
lN 0uT N/A N|0 32.P|arl lood proper|y coo|ed lor rol ro|d|rg
lN 0uT N/A N|0 33.Approved lraW|rg relrods used
lN 0UT 31.Trerrorelers prov|ded & accurale
Food |dent|f|cat|on
|N 0uT 35.Food proper|y |aoe|ed; or|g|ra| corla|rer
Prevent|on of Food 6ontam|nat|on
lN 0UT 3ê.lrsecls, roderls, & ar|ra|s rol preserl
|N 0uT
3Z.Corlar|ral|or preverled dur|rg lood preparal|or, slorage, &
|N 0uT N/A 38.Persora| c|ear||ress
|N 0uT 39.w|p|rg c|olrs: proper|y used & slored
|N 0uT N/A N/0 10.wasr|rg lru|ls & vegelao|es
Proper Use of Utens||s
|N 0uT 11.lr-use ulers||s: proper|y slored
|N 0uT 12.ulers||s, equ|prerl & ||rers: proper|y slored, dr|ed, & rard|ed
|N 0uT 13.3|rg|e-use/s|rg|e-serv|ce arl|c|es: proper|y slored & used
|N 0uT N/A 11.0|oves used proper|y
Utens||s, Equ|pment, and Vend|ng
lN 0UT
15.Food ard rorlood-corlacl surlaces c|earao|e, proper|y
des|gred, corslrucled, & used
lN 0UT
1ê.wareWasr|rg lac|||l|es: |rsla||ed, ra|rla|red, & used; lesl slr|ps
|N 0uT
1Z.Norlood-corlacl surlaces c|ear
Phys|ca| Fac|||t|es
|N 0uT
18.lol & co|d Waler ava||ao|e; adequale pressure
lN 0UT
19.P|uro|rg |rsla||ed; proper oac|l|oW dev|ces
|N 0uT
50.3eWage & Wasle Waler proper|y d|sposed
|N 0uT
51.To||el lac|||l|es: proper|y corslrucled, supp||ed, & c|eared
|N 0uT 52.0aroage & reluse proper|y d|sposed, lac|||l|es ra|rla|red
lN 0UT
53.Prys|ca| lac|||l|es: |rsla||ed, ra|rla|red, & c|ear
lN 0UT
51.Adequale verl||al|or & ||grl|rg; des|graled areas used
8|x (ô} or more 6R|T|6AL V|0LAT|0N8 that cannot be corrected on s|te dur|ng
the course of the |nspect|on resu|ts |n an automat|c suspens|on and c|osure of a
food estab||shment.
Establishment Name
Address City/State/Zip Code
Telephone E-mail address
Date oI Inspection / / Time In :
Time Out :

License Holder License/Customer No.
License Period / / - / / Type oI Inspection
Establishment Type:
food estab||shment.
1. - No DC certiIied Iood protection manager on duty. No one could
answer basic Iood saIety questions to demonstrate knowledge. Manager
arrived two hours aIter inspection began with DC CFPM ID.
200.3 In addition to the requirements in sections 200.1 and 200.2, eIIective January 1, 2004,
each Iood establishment that qualiIies as a high to moderate risk establishment, as set
out at section 4400.2 (a) - (d), shall employ at least one (1) Iull-time equivalent person
in charge, who is present at the Iood establishment during all hours oI operation, and is
a certiIied Iood protection manager who has shown proIiciency oI required inIormation
by passing a test that is part oI an accredited program recognized by the Department, or
provided by the Department.
14. - Mold is growing inside a reach-in reIrigerator in standing water. The
seals and interiors oI reach-ins have Iood debris. Deli slicer has built up
Iood debris. The ice maker has heavy mineralization.
1900.1 Equipment Iood-contact surIaces, and utensils shall be clean to sight and touch.
20. - Multiple cold Iood items out oI temperature. Establishment is
double panning cold items resulting in inadequate temperature. Also,
chipotle mayo, sliced tomatoes, and lettuce held without temperature
1005.1 Except during preparation, cooking, or cooling, or when time is used as the public
health control as speciIied in section 1009, potentially hazardous Iood shall be
maintained: (b) At 5 degrees C (41 degrees F) or less, except as speciIied in sections
1005.1(c), 1007, 1008 and 1523.
26. - "Rinse Aid" attached to chemical sanitizer line oI three compartment
sink. "Rinse Aid" is not a chemical sanitizer.
3400.1 Poisonous or toxic materials shall be stored so they cannot contaminate Iood,
equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service and single-use articles by: (a) Separating
the poisonous or toxic materials by physically separating or partitioning by a wall or
structure; and (b) Locating the poisonous or toxic materials in an area that is not above
Iood, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service or single-use articles. This
paragraph does not apply to equipment and utensil cleaners and sanitizers that are stored
in warewashing areas Ior availability and convenience iI the materials are stored to
prevent contamination oI Iood, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service and
single-use articles.
34. - No thermometer provided to check Iood temperatures. 1606.1 Food temperature measuring devices shall be provided and readily accessible Ior use in
ensuring attainment and maintenance oI Iood temperatures as speciIied in Subtitle C:
36. - Rodent dropping throughout the establishment. Droppings Iound in
corners and on tables, shelves, cutting boards, and Panini press.
3210.1 (c ) The presence oI insects, rodents, and other pests shall be controlled to minimize their
presence on the premises by: (c) Using methods, iI pests are Iound, such as trapping
devices or other means oI pest control as speciIied in sections 3402, 3410 and 3411.
45. - Sponges in use Ior cleaning. 1405.1 Sponges may not be used in contact with cleaned and sanitized or in-use Iood-contact
45. - Wooden cutting board has deep cracks. 1502.1 Multiuse Iood-contact surIaces shall be: (a) Smooth; (b) Free oI breaks, open seams,
cracks, chips, pits, inclusions, and similar imperIections;
46. - No chemical test strips provided to measure the concentration oI
sanitizing solutions.
1608.1 A test kit or other device that accurately measures the concentration in mg/L oI
sanitizing solutions shall be provided.
46. - Two-compartment sink in use however there is no detergent-
sanitizer in use.
1601.4 BeIore a two (2)-compartment sink is used: (a) The licensee shall have its use approved;
and (b) The nature oI warewashing shall be limited to batch operations Ior cleaning
kitchenware such as between cutting one type oI raw meat and another, or cleanup at the
end oI a shiIt, and: (1) A limited number oI items shall be cleaned; (2) The cleaning
and sanitizing solutions shall be made up immediately beIore use and drained
immediately aIter use; and (3) A detergent-sanitizer shall be used to sanitize and shall
be applied as speciIied in section 1814; or (4) A hot water sanitization immersion step
shall be used as speciIied in section 1909.1(c).
49. - The spray nozzle at the three-compartment sink is in disrepair. The
establishment is using the two-compartment sink as a result.
2400.1 A plumbing system and hoses conveying water shall be constructed and repaired with
approved materials according to the 1996 BOCA Codes and 1999 D.C. Supplements.
53. - Multiple holes in ceiling. 3200.1 The physical Iacilities shall be maintained in good repair.
53. - There are many unnecessary items stored on site. Several pieces oI
equipment are broken or unused.
3213.1 The premises shall be Iree oI: (a) Items that are unnecessary to the operation or
maintenance oI the establishment such as equipment that is nonIunctional or no longer
used; and (b) Litter.
54. - There are multiple missing light bulbs above Iood preparation
3008.1(b) The light intensity shall be: (b) At least two hundred and twenty (220) lux or twenty
(20) Ioot candles: (1) At a surIace where Iood is provided Ior consumer selI-service,
such as buIIets and salad bars, or where Iresh produce or packaged Ioods are sold or
oIIered Ior consumption; (2) Inside equipment such as reach-in and under-counter
reIrigerators; (3) At a distance oI seventy-Iive centimeters (75 cm) or thirty inches (30
in.) above the Iloor in areas used Ior handwashing, warewashing behind a bar, and
equipment and utensil storage, and in toilet rooms.

Item/Location Temp Item/Location Temp Item/Location Temp Item/Location Temp
Hot Water (Handwashing
Chicken salad (Sandwich Prep
Refrigerator) (Cold Holding)
Turkey (Sandwich Prep
Refrigerator) (Cold Holding)
Chicken Breast (Sandwich
Prep Refrigerator) (Cold
Tuna Salad (Sandwich Prep
Refrigerator) (Cold Holding)
Chipotle Mayo (Sandwich Prep
Refrigerator) (Cold Holding)
Turkey Burger (Hot Bar) (Hot
Fried Chicken (Hot Holding
Display Unit) (Hot Holding)
Chicken salad (Cold Buffet)
(Cold Holding)
Beets (Cold Buffet) (Cold
Tomato Basil Soup (Soup
Warmer) (Hot Holding)
Tomatoes sliced (Cold Buffet)
(Cold Holding)
Milk (Refrigerator - beverage)
(Cold Holding)
Turkey (Walk-in Refrigerator)
(Cold Holding)
Cheese (Walk-in Refrigerator)
(Cold Holding)
(Reach-in Refrigerator) (Cold
Inspector Comments:
Summary Suspension (Ìn order for license to be restored, a re-inspection fee of $100 normal business hours or $400 non-business hours must be paid and all
items abated and approved by DOH)
Ìf you have any questions, please call area supervisor Mr. Taylor at 202-442-9037.
Salim Ali 05/05/2014
Person-in-Charge (Signature) (Print) Date

Douglas Dalier 082 05/05/2014
Ìnspector (Signature) (Print) Badge # Date

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