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Graduate Programs
This is your time.
Imagine your future.
Expand your possibilities.
Pursue new goals.
Achieve your dreams.
Develop new skills to
take your career upward.
Are you interested in advancing or changing your career? Earn a master’s degree, credential, or certifcate that prepares
you for employment in the felds of business, counseling, psychology, culture and spirituality, educational administration,
teaching, writing, music, or nursing.
ACCELERATED Most master’s degrees can be obtained in one to three years, depending on program requirements,
and most certifcates can be completed in one year.
AFFORDABLE HNU’s tuition is competitive when evaluating similar programs at comparable schools, plus fnancial
aid is available.
ENGAGING Class sizes are small, and students receive one-on-one attention from professors who are active in
their feld. Students have the opportunity to network and engage with classmates pursuing similar
career paths.
FLEXIBLE Most programs meet at night and on weekends, so students can work full time or attend to other
responsibilities during weekdays.
ACCESSIBLE HNU is conveniently located in the Oakland Hills near major freeways making the vibrancy of the
San Francisco Bay Area easily accessible.
At Holy Names University, you will gain new perspectives and develop the skills you need to succeed in your career.
HNU is a small, private university in the Oakland Hills with a nearly 150-year tradition of
making quality education accessible to everyone. Recognized as the most diverse university
in the nation, Holy Names University welcomes all students regardless of race, religion,
gender, or sexual orientation.
The supportive environment encourages students to build meaningful relationships with
classmates, faculty, and members of the broader HNU community.
Guided by the values of the founding Sisters, students experience the intellectual and spiritual
growth they seek and increased commitment to social justice and the common good.
Counseling psychology
students and a guest instructor
practice sand tray therapy
techniques at a community site.
Students interact
with a professor in
one of the many
student study spaces.
Holy Names University offers seven graduate
programs. Most programs provide multiple
master degree and concentration options that
allow students to specialize in their areas of
interest. In addition to the degrees listed below,
students may also earn graduate certifcates or
credentials. Individuals who are interested in
taking a class or two without offcially enrolling
may be admitted as special status students.
Master of Business Administration
Energy and environment management,
fnance, management and leadership,
and marketing
Counseling Psychology
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology/
Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology
(joint degree)
Culture and Spirituality
Master of Arts in Culture and Spirituality
Master of Education
Urban education, special education,
and educational therapy
English: The Writer’s Craft
Master of Arts in English
Creative writing, professional writing,
and teaching writing
Master of Music in Music Education
with Kodály Emphasis
Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy
Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy
Master of Science in Nursing
Family nurse practitioner, nurse educator,
and nursing administration/management
Master of Science in Nursing/Master of
Business Administration (joint degree)
“ Whether you take a course for professional
development or to earn a degree, our
pledge to you is that your experience will
be outstanding.”
Michael Miller
Chair of the Education
Department Kimberly
Mayfeld (middle)
counsels students.
“HNU has a high level of commitment to our Bay
Area communities. The education professionals
who study at HNU are knowledgeable, creative,
and dedicated to enhancing student learning.”
Michael Pachelo
Library Research Services
The Paul J. Cushing Library offers
extensive research resources, including
more than 60 databases that are accessible
on or off campus and thousands of online
scholarly journals.
Career Services
Program directors provide professional
guidance to help students gain an edge
in their careers. The Career Center also
offers advising and assessment.
Financial Aid Services
Financial aid staff are available to answer
questions and guide students.
Academic Support Services
Services include free one-on-one or
group tutoring, study skills workshops,
and academic advising.
Computer Resources
Equipment is available in Edwin A. Heafey
Hall, the HEDCO Technology Center in
Madeline Brennan Hall, and the Paul J.
Cushing Library. PC and MAC labs are
connected with laser printers, and wireless
internet is available.
Writing Studio
The Writing Studio provides support for
all disciplines at all stages of the writing
Counseling Services
Free and confdential individual, couples,
and group counseling is available to
Campus Ministry
Students of diverse cultures, religions,
and beliefs are welcome to grow in their
relationships with others or to attain
the spiritual growth they seek through
community building and social activities.
Student Success: Change What’s Possible
LEARN Discover a personalized educational experience with faculty who know
your name. The small class sizes offer one-on-one interactions and stronger
relationships with professors and peers. Gain new skills and learn from
classmates who bring real-world experience into the courses.
APPLY Apply your skills in the classroom and in clinical and internship settings to
develop as a professional and create a more just and sustainable world.
LEAD Broaden your perspectives at a university that builds leaders and values
diversity and its enhancement of the classroom and campus experience.
Develop ethical insights within a progressive and inclusive academic
environment to become a leader in your community and feld.
GROW Grow professionally and personally with the support of a welcoming and
encouraging community of educators.
A student receives
guidance in the
Advising Center.
“ My peers and I were treated as professionals
expected to perform at the highest levels.
HNU gives you the tools, encouragement,
and confdence to be successful.”
Tobin Costen
Rocio Garcia is a MSN/MBA student
who has been a RN in the surgery
department at John Muir Medical
Center for nearly 11 years. Below
she describes how the supportive
environment at Holy Names University
stands out against other schools.
What excites you most about HNU?
I am excited by the collaboration and my
relationships with other students at HNU. It is
my friendships with colleagues that keep me
motivated and engaged. While some have
weaknesses in certain classes, the strengths
of others help carry you forward through the
tough moments. We have developed study
groups and motivated each other to get
through assignments—even when it meant
spending entire days in an empty classroom,
sick with a cold, to fnish papers on time. By the
time you reach graduate school, you have high
expectations of yourself and goals to attain.
But, in the process, you learn that you are still
human and can make mistakes. It is the people
you collaborate with that help you realize you
can work through the bumps and still succeed. 
How has the personalized attention
at HNU helped you succeed?
Life happens outside of school. It is inevitable.
Our professors and advisors have always
had an open door and are understanding.
Advisors somehow know your potential even
before you realize it yourself. And it is this
belief in you that motivates you to get back up
and continue on your path—that’s when you
grow and learn something about yourself. Even
after 10 years of being out of school, my advisors
and professors have helped me realize that you
can pick up where you left off, and graduate
school is easier than you think. Sometimes all
you need is for someone to open the door of
opportunity, so you can realize that you can
and deserve to achieve more.
“I am excited by the collaboration and my
relationships with other students at HNU.
It is my friendships with colleagues that
keep me motivated and engaged.”
Rocio Garcia
Nursing students
practice in the Nursing
Simulation Center.
Anne Hinton, ME ’77
Director, Department of Aging and
Adult Services, City and County of
San Francisco
Marcia Lovelace, MA ’84
Librarian, Tehiyah Day School
Sister Juliann Babcock, MA ’85
Prioress, Sisters of St. Benedict of
Our Lady of Grace Monastery
Constance Dalton ’71, MA ’90
Director of Alumni and Development,
St. Anthony Immaculate Conception
and St. James Schools
Dr. Elaine P. Chen-Ramirez,
MBA ’93
Dean, Business, Mathematics, and
Sciences Division, Laney College
Thea G. Donnelly, MA ’93
Therapist, Ross Valley Therapy
Craig B. Snider, MA ’93
Regional Environmental Coordinator,
U.S. Forest Service
Carol Partridge, MA ’95
Missionary, General Board of Global
Ministries, The United Methodist
Carol Gingery, MSN ’97
Assistant Professor, School of
Nursing, Samuel Merritt University
Trevor Parton, MA ‘99
Co-Founder, Centre for Ecology and
Barbara Anderson, MM ’00
Music Instructor, Las Positas College
Hilary Elkin, MSN ’00
Nurse Manager, Veterans Health
Spencer Simpson, MBA ’00
Director of Sales Operations,
Opsware Inc., Hewlett Packard
Joseph Dahman, MSN ’01
Family Nurse Practitioner,
Eisenhower Health Center
Genie Barry, ME ’02
Learning Specialist, Prospect
Sierra School
Limin Chen, MM ’02
Vocal Music Teacher, Hayward
Unifed School District
Private Music Teacher, Achiever
Jackie Kennedy, MBA ’03
Vice President and Senior Relation-
ship Manager, Real Estate Deposit
Services Group of Union Bank
Eowyn Gorman, MA ’04
Life and Fertility Coach, Gorman
Georgia C. Otterson, MA ’07
Nursing Home Administrator, Yukio
Okutsu State Veterans Home
Deborah Rahn, MSN ’07
Director of Infection Control,
St. Bernardine Medical Center
Francisco Ortiz, MM ’08
Music Director, Church of Saint
Brian Raphel, MBA ’10
Vice President and Regional
Manager, Union Bank
German R. Saenz, MSN/MBA ’10
Department Administrator, Kaiser
Foundation Health Plan
David Carter, ME ’11
Transformational Math Coach,
Oakland Unifed School District
Alumni in Action: Changed Lives
Tobin Costen
Master of Business Administration ’08
Tobin Costen serves as a division manager for a
textile recycling company that aims to be proftable
while responsibly managing waste and reuse of
textiles. Costen says he was infuenced by the
culture at HNU to work for a company with strong
values and a commitment to the environment.
Costen enjoyed the real-world experience
provided by faculty and other students in his HNU
business classes. “My peers and I were treated as
professionals expected to perform at the highest
level. HNU gives you the tools, encouragement,
and confdence to be successful,” he says.
“ HNU attracted me because of the
community of close knit, goal-oriented
minds. Te school’s diversity and small
class sizes, as well as the gifted faculty
and beautiful campus, made me feel that
there was no other place I would rather
continue my education.”
Alumni Refections
Rita Alway has always been passionate about music education, but before starting
the master’s program in music at Holy Names University, she had few practical
teaching skills. HNU’s music program has instilled in her the skills she needs to be
Alway now teaches music at Aspire Berkley Maynard Academy, a charter school in
Oakland. Students in her class learn vocal technique, music literacy, and singing
games and folk songs from around the world. She also teaches recorder and
guitar to older students.
When searching for a master’s program in music, HNU stood out because of the
personal attention students receive. “Everyone I spoke to went out of their way
to be helpful and answer my questions. They made me feel welcome before I had
even applied. Once I did more research about Kodály pedagogy and HNU’s music
program, I discovered that it was an excellent ft for me,” she said.
“ One of the best aspects of HNU’s music program is the small
classes and personal attention. All of my second-year classes had
only four people, so I was able to work closely with my classmates
and my professor. I have grown tremendously as a musician and a
teacher, and I will use the skills I have gained throughout my career.”
Rita Alway
Master of Music in Music Education
with Kodály Emphasis ’13
Letteria Fletcher
Master of Arts in
Counseling Psychology/
Master of Arts in Forensic
Psychology ’08
Mary Orlando
Master of Arts in Culture
and Spirituality ’06

Mary Orlando is an educator
at the Villa Montessori
School in Arizona. She has
served as a lead teacher for
31 years and assistant head
of the school for six years.
Montessori is an educational
system that weaves the
story of the universe into the
curriculum, creating a strong
bond between each child
and the earth and nature.
“Te Sophia experience
integrated within
me the path of the
universe on which I
was already walking.
In each class meeting,
this path developed
more depth and
breadth. All of it I
brought back to my
students together
with my own joy
and enthusiasm for
learning and life.”
Letteria Fletcher obtained
both her undergraduate and
master’s degree at HNU.
She is a licensed marriage
and family therapist and the
clinical director of the Youth
Engagement Advocacy
Housing (YEAH) program for
homeless young adults in
Berkeley. She runs a private
practice and a consulting
practice working with
local public agencies and
nonprofts on issues relating
to homelessness. Formerly
homeless, Fletcher’s journey
to professional success began
at the Next Step Learning
Center, an adult literary
program run by the Sisters. 
“Te Sisters worked
with me one-on-one.
Tey turned every
small victory into an
opportunity. Tat’s
why it is so important
to have somebody
who believes in you
and can help you craft
a diferent vision for
your future.”
Even though Wacheera A. Davis was working in a leadership
role prior to attending HNU, Davis felt she needed more
from her nursing career and education.
She graduated with a joint nursing and business master’s
degree in 2006, and now serves as a nursing supervisor at
Kaiser Permanente. Her responsibilities include overseeing
staff to ensure the highest quality of care and compliance
with regulations, designing and evaluating processes to
improve patient care, and coordinating shifts to maintain
appropriate staffng.
“ Attending HNU was a life changing experience
for me. I became well rounded and began to
realize my responsibilities as a professional
nurse and a human being. I was able to gain the
theoretical knowledge associated with being an
efective leader and change agent.”
Wacheera A. Davis
Master of Science in Nursing/
Master of Business Administration ’06
Blaze Farrar
Master of Arts in
English ’10
Blaze Farrar works at the
University of California
Offce of the President for
a federally funded grant
program that provides
professional development
support for middle school
staff. The goal of the
program is to create a
culture and curriculum
that emphasizes college.
While in the Writer’s Craft
program she focused on
creative writing, but she
also strengthened her
professional and teaching
writing skills.
“I appreciated the
generosity of faculty
members with their
time inside and outside
of class. It’s difcult to
maintain perspective
when you’re in the
middle of writing,
so having feedback
that is thoughtful
and supportive—yet
challenging—is a
wonderful thing.”
Michael Pachelo
Master of Education ’11
Michael Pachelo is a special
education teacher who
specializes in working with
students with autism. He
has worked with children
in grades one to three at
the Oakland Unifed School
District, and he is serving
as a high school teacher for
San Leandro Unifed School
District. Pachelo says that
going back to school was
about more than obtaining
a degree, and he was drawn
to HNU because of the
small class sizes, individual
attention, and fexibility.
“HNU is fexible. I was
able to teach during
the day while taking
classes at night. Also,
professors encourage
you to investigate per-
sonal interests. I had
overwhelming support
to investigate my
interest in educational
technology, which I
now use to enhance
my teaching.”
Tuition and Fees (2013–2014)
Holy Names University is one of the most competitively
priced private universities in the San Francisco Bay
Area. Most master’s students apply for federal fnan-
cial aid by completing the FAFSA (free application
for federal student aid), which can be found at The FAFSA is free and may
qualify students for federal loans. The HNU code
for the FAFSA is 001183.
Cost per unit: $866 for graduate courses
$626 for undergraduate courses
Campus fee: $215 per fall/spring semester
$45 per summer semester
Eligible students may qualify for some scholarships.
For more information on scholarships and student
fnancial assistance, please call the graduate
admissions director at 510.436.1317.
Special Status Students
Interested in taking a few classes without offcially
enrolling? As a special status student, you may take a
class to grow professionally, strengthen your academic
qualifcations, or enrich your life experience. Tuition
for special status students is based on the number of
class units.
Admissions and Enrollment
Committed to exemplary teaching and the growth of students, Holy Names University seeks
those who have the desire and ability to succeed and who achieve their best in a supportive and
encouraging environment.
Application Process
Graduate programs require that students
submit the following application documents:
Graduate application form
(complete online at
Offcial transcripts from all colleges and
universities attended
Personal statement
Two letters of recommendation
Additional documents and tests may be
required for some programs
Holy Names University accepts international
students into all of its graduate programs.
International applicants are individuals who
are a citizen of a country other than the United
States and need a visa in order to study or live
in the U.S.
For specifc information on the application
process for domestic and international
students, contact an enrollment counselor
at 1.800.430.1321.
Admission Requirements
There are no application deadlines for most
graduate programs at HNU. Application
materials are processed and reviewed as
space allows, and students may begin classes
throughout the year. Those interested in
obtaining a master’s degree or certifcate in
nursing should contact an enrollment counselor
for information on application deadlines.
The University considers broad criteria when
determining whether prospective students
would be a good ft with the HNU community
and does not require that applicants take
the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)
or Graduate Management Admission Test
(GMAT). Graduate programs have the following
A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
conferred by an accredited institution of
higher education is required.
A minimum GPA of 2.6 is required for the total
undergraduate program, with a 3.0 GPA in a
student’s major and any subsequent graduate
work. Specifc programs may have higher GPA
Some prerequisite examinations and courses
are specifed for particular felds of study.
Some programs also require interviews or
To view admission requirements for specifc
programs, view the program inserts or visit
Come to an Information Session.
Find your inspiration at HNU.
Make your dreams a reality.
Founded: 1868
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)
Campus: 60 wooded acres in the hills of Oakland, California
Graduate Student/Faculty Ratio*: 11:1
Total Enrollment*: 1,343
Full-Time Faculty with Highest Degrees in their Field*: 90%
Institutes, Centers, and Programs:
Early Admit Program
Kodály Center for Music Education
Kodály Summer Institute
Nursing Simulation Center
Raskob Learning Institute and Day School
Sophia Center
Sophia Summer Institute
Suzuki Piano Summer Institute
Upward Bound
Valley Center for the Performing Arts
Campus Highlights:
Member of Colleges of Distinction
HNU Athletics – NCAA Division II candidate
VA Yellow Ribbon Program participant
Special Recognitions:
U.S. News and World Report presents HNU with
highest diversity score for 2012–2013
Online College Database recognizes HNU as leading
post-secondary institution for education professionals
Accessible and free parking
Business support services such as copiers and printers
Free ftness center and pool privileges
Discounts to plays, recitals, and special events
Free entry to sporting events
*2012–2013 academic year
3500 Mountain Boulevard I Oakland, California 94619