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Topic: On-line Insurance Verification Seasonal Vehicle Override Process
Bulletin #19-2012
Date Issued: May 23, 2012

PURPOSE: To provide Service Providers with information about an override process that is
being implemented to allow owners of seasonal vehicles whose insurance cannot be verified
electronically, to register their vehicles


Owners of seasonal vehicles are being turned away due to delays in having their
insurance updated on-line.
This new process will allow owners of seasonal vehicles with proof of vehicle insurance to
register their vehicles with a single visit to ServiceOntario.
Please make all staff aware of this new process for owners of seasonal vehicles.

Customer Has Made One Time Insurance
Customer Has Not Made One Time
Insurance Declaration
Contact the Driver and Vehicle Hotline to have
a one-time override (OT override) performed if
the customer:
Has been identified as owning a
seasonal vehicle (i.e. a vehicle that they
only put on the road for part of the year,
such as in the spring/summer);
Has already used the one-time self-
declaration option; and,
Presents valid proof of insurance (i.e.
original/copy/fax/e-mail of pink card
where the start date of coverage is not in
the future and the expiry date has not

Process using the one-time self declaration

Although the system may not be able to verify that the vehicle is not insured, this does not
mean that the vehicle is not insured. Do not tell customers their vehicle is not insured;
instead, tell them that the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) system has not yet been
updated with their information and proceed with the self-declaration or override processes
outlined above.

Customers with seasonal vehicles have been turned away from ServiceOntario centres
because their insurance information could not be verified on-line at the time of their visit.
Insurance company delays in updating the IBC system mean that when ServiceOntario
queries the IBC system, no updated insurance information is available.
Multiple visits to ServiceOntario were required to register their seasonal vehicle.
Some customers may have had to purchase temporary vehicle registration while waiting for
their insurance information to be updated with Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).

Related Communications: Related Communications: Issuer Memos: 28-2010, 42-2010 and
Bulletin #01-2011 regarding the Uninsured Vehicles Project.

Contact: Please contact the Driver and Vehicle Hotline if you have any questions regarding this

Compensation: Compensation will be the same as for Insurance Self Declaration for UVP
Including a Call to Hotline (See Appendix A Issuer Memo 42-2010).

Thank you for your continued co-operation.

Steve Burnett
Director, Private Service Providers Branch

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