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If you're lucky enough to reside in the Miami Beach area, neighboring city Aventura FL, opens their

first electronic cigarette vapor store. ust a fe! days ago, the F"A announced their first regulation
proposals for the electronic cigarette manufacturers, !hich manufacture a tobacco free li#uid nicotine
solution that can be vapori$ed and inhaled providing similar effects to smoking a cigarette. %he year &'()
has brought a monumental increase in the number of *apor lounges dedicated to offering a !ide variety of
vapor li#uid flavors and the ability rela+ and sociali$e !ith other *apor patrons.
*ape ,hop, %!in *aporium - .o., officially announces its first offline retail location today in Aventura FL.
%he vapor store features an encompassing selection of e+clusive high end personal vapori$er starter kits,
vapor accessories, and vape M/"'s. %hey are currently featuring vape li#uid brands such as Five 0a!ns,
,pace am, and also, a *egan Friendly, 1on 2M/ organic brand called 3I1" e 1ectar. %hey also carry
high end name brand vapor mods, tanks, and clearomi$ers. %hey feature companies like 4en, 3angertech,
and more. %his location also offers a trendy lounge featuring sports events, video games, poker nights as
!ell as free beverages, coffee and a complimentary glass of !ine to anyone of legal age. Anyone !ho is
interested in a great tasting and satisfying alternative to tobacco should take the time to visit this one of a
kind vape store in Miami FL. ,amples of our vape 5uice are available to try before you buy or 5ust simply
hang out for a !hile and learn about this ne! technology !hich is gro!ing in popularity every day.
%!in *aporium - .o. is dedicated to educating consumers about this relatively ne! technology and arm
them !ith the best vapor technology available. %hey offer vegan friendly, 1on 2M/, organic e li#uid and
are dedicated to only carry brands that store the actual vapor li#uid in glass bottles. 1o plastic bottles for
vapor li#uid !ill be found inside %!in *aporium - .o. vapor store or !ebsite.
67e offer an alternative to smoking tobacco, kno!n for the indisputable associated health risks. /ur
products provide the same e+perience that a smoker is looking for !ithout ever touching a cigarette.6 ,ays
0avle ,tanimirovic 8 .9/ of %!in *aporium - .o.
%he electronic cigarette !as invented in the (:;'s, but it didn't really take off until a decade ago. .urrently,
there are more than &<' brands of 6e cigs6 available. *ape 5uice can come in a !ide variety flavors and
colors, more than a bo!l of fruity pebbles.
%he %obacco *apor 9lectronic .igarette Association estimates about ) million Americans no! use battery
po!ered cigarettes. %hey pro5ect sales of the devices to cross the ( billion mark by the end of this year.
%!in *aporium - .o. &';()
Biscayne Blvd Aventura FL ==(>'
0rivate 9ntrance at &'>th ,t. and Biscayne Blvd