Has former henchman of the Texas Medical Board, Keith E Miller MD, met his match?

In testimony under oath today, "the worst medical board member in the country" swore he's never met another doctor like yours truly. Recall that I investigated him after he manipulated the medical board to investigate me for failing to release a single lab report to a single patient in a timely manner. I must have made an impression. In fact, he swore that he is "scared to death" of me. I exposed Miller's conflicts of interest with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and his hired gun testimony for plaintiffs' lawyers, usually against his doctor colleagues, in over a half dozen different states. I exposed his nurse Bridget Yvette Hughes who, although she acknowledged the forgeries of over 50 schedule II narcotics prescriptions, was never arrested, charged, or prosecuted in Shelby County (or anywhere else) nor was she ever disciplined by the nursing board. Although Dr. Miller knew Hughes was fired for forging narcotics prescriptions, he still hired her. He knew she continued her felonious actions while she worked for him. He knew she had agreed in a non-disciplinary order with the nursing board not to portray herself as a nurse practitioner; not only did he do nothing to stop her, he himself portrayed her as a nurse practitioner. On occasions, he was not even physically present in his office when Hughes was illegally performing as a nurse practitioner. Miller was fully aware that Hughes had agreed in an order with the nursing board not to prescribe medications, and he knew she continued to violate her order. Dr. Miller knew that CVS pharmacist Lacory Miller filled Hughes' prescriptions. This is what LectLaw says about aiding and abetting criminal activity: AIDING AND ABETTING - The guilt of a person in a criminal case may be proved without evidence that he personally did every act involved in the commission of the crime charged. The law recognizes that, ordinarily, anything a person can do for himself may also be accomplished through direction of another person as an agent, or by acting together with, or under the direction of, another person or persons in a joint effort. So, if the acts or conduct of an agent, employee or other associate of the person are willfully directed or authorized by the person, or if the person aids and abets another person by willfully joining together with that person in the commission of a crime, then the law holds the person responsible for the conduct of that other person just as though the person had engaged in such conduct himself.x Notice, however, that before any person can be held criminally responsible for the conduct of others it is necessary that the person willfully associate himself in some way with the crime, and willfully participate in it. Mere presence at the scene of a crime and even knowledge that a crime is being committed are not sufficient to establish that a person either directed or aided and abetted the crime.

Questions of the day: Why does Shelby County District Attorney Lynda Russell refuse to

prosecute Miller for aiding and abetting the crimes of Bridget Hughes? Why does the Texas Medical Board refuse to investigate or discipline him? Why do plaintiff attorneys hire him to testify against his colleagues? If you, READER, have been abused or know anyone who has been abused by Keith E Miller MD, former Chairman of the Texas Medical Board Disciplinary Process Review Committee, please contact me at texasphoenix007@gmail.com

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