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The Emerging Tech Portfolio

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Company[symbol] Coverage Initiated Current Price 52-week range Mkt Cap ($mil)
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INCUMBENTS Leading researchers in the physical sciences, with big potential for spin-offs and revolutionary breakthroughs
GE [GE] 8/07 $25.82 $21.11-$28.09 $261,230.00
Hewlett-Packard [HPQ] 3/02 29.37 16.03-30.13 56,060.00
IBM [IBM] 3/02 182.73 172.57-215.90 198,420.00
LIFE SCIENCES Companies that are working at the cutting edge of medical technology
Life Technologies [LIFE] 11/05 75.95 56.67-76.03 13,130.00
Nanosphere [NSPH] 11/07 2.54 1.72-4.49 153.21
ELECTRONICS Companies that have corralled the key intellectual property that will be the foundation for next generation electronics
Nanosys [private] 3/02 n/a n/a n/a
ENERGY Companies that are developing high-efficiency, low-cost alternative energy technologies
First Solar [FSLR] 8/07 50.44 24.46-65.99 5,020.00
ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES Tools and instrumentation that enable critical science and technology discoveries
Veeco [VECO] 3/02 37.64 28.23-43.18 1,480.00
FEI Company [FEIC] 1/03 98.26 57.50-99.05 4,100.00
Accelrys [ACCL] 3/02 10.47 7.75-10.59 582.81
INVESTMENT VEHICLES Funds that have investments in promising emerging technology companies
Harris & Harris Group [TINY] 5/02 3.09 2.95-3.94 96.28
PowerShares Lux Nanotech Portfolio [PXN] 8/07 7.92 6.21-8.14 26.53
PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy [PBW] 8/07 6.76 4.11-6.95 215.31
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Stock prices as of January 23, 2014
GE: General Electric declined almost 6% last month after the conglomerate an-
nounced that earnings rose by 4.8% to $4.2B, but results fell short of its goal to
improve operating profit margins in its industrial businesses. The company re-
turned $18.2B to investors in 2013 through dividends and share buybacks, and is
continuing the process of spinning off GE Capital in an IPO later this quarter.
HPQ: Hewlett-Packard registered yet another strong month, gaining 4.7% and
touching a new 52-week high as Bank of America [BAC] upgraded the IT serv-
ices giant to a Buy rating and Citi [C] upped its price target to $40 (from $32).
HP stock soared 104% in 2013 and is now up an additional 7% in 2014.
IBM: Big Blue was unchanged despite disappointing Q4 earnings. While EPS sur-
passed analyst estimates, quarterly revenue logged its steepest decline in four
years. IBM also disclosed that it is set to acquire Aspera, a high-speed data trans-
fer technology provider, for an undisclosed amount.
LIFE: Life Technologies shares continued to advance to hit a fresh 52-week high
as Chinese antitrust regulators cleared the Thermo Fisher Scientific [TMO]
takeover bid for Life Technologies. The Chinas Ministry of Commerce required
that Thermo Fisher sell two units, and lower the prices on two products in the
NSPH: Nanosphere shares soared almost 14% as the molecular diagnostics com-
pany announced that it received clearance from the FDA for its Gram-Negative
Blood Culture test, made 35 new customer placements, and achieved preliminary
revenue of $3.4M for the fourth quarter.
FSLR: First Solar fell more than 9%, dropping for the second straight month after
hitting a 52-week high in November. The largest builder of solar power plants in
the U.S was downgraded from Buy to Sell by Goldman Sachs [GS], with analyst
Brian Lee claiming that First Solar has virtually no exposure in the explosive
rooftop solar panel market.
VECO: Veeco Instruments shares jumped over 18% as Zacks upgraded the LED
and hard-disk drive equipment manufacturer from Underperform to Hold. JP-
Morgan Chase [JPM] also raised its price target for the stock from $31 to $33.50.
FEIC: FEI Company gained more than 9%, hitting a new 52-week high. William
Blair initiated coverage on the nanotools leader with an Outperform rating, and
Stifel Nicolaus [SF] raised its price target from $93 to $104.
ACCL: Accelrys shares gained 9.3% during the month. The lab informatics ven-
dor announced that it settled arbitration with Borealis for $16M. Additionally,
Zacks upgraded shares from Neutral to Outperform.
TINY: Harris & Harris Group gained almost 1% on the month.
PXN: The PowerShares Lux Nanotech Portfolio gained 7.8% during the month.
February 18, 2014 will be the final day of trading for the fund.
PBW: The PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy portfolio gained 9% on the
month. The fund surged more than58% in 2013, and is up an additional 7% in
2014 YTD.
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