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Volume LXXVVIVI Issue 2 -November 6, 2009

La Jolla High School · 750 Nautilus Street · La Jolla · 92037
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Superstititons and Pet
Pages 6-7
By Iman Hassaine
Staff Writer
The announcement that
President Barack Obama
had been awarded the Nobel
Peace Prize was both alarm-
ing and thrilling for his sup-
porters across the
globe. The Nobel
Peace Prize is a
very prestigious
award given to
those who are
in the process of
solving connicts
and in spread-
ing world peace.
Previous award
winners, such as
Nelson Mandela
and Mikhail S.
Gorbachev, have
been awarded
the prize for ac-
tions such as
seeking an end
to Apartheid and
helping end the
Cold War.
The nomination process for
the Nobel Peace Prize is very
selective, and it appears that
the judges have concluded that
Obama’s promise of diploma-
cy and his outreach to foreign
nations cannot be overlooked.
The association of judges
hopes that the award will boost
the young administration’s
connoence. ano will continue
to enforce the global support
that Mr. Obama deserves.
Many people applauded the
decision to give the award to
the forty-eight year old presi-
dent. Obama is now the fourth
president to have been nomi-
nated, following leaders such as
Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wil-
son, and Theodore Roosevelt.
Although it is still early in his
career, Mr. Obama has al-
ready accomplished a great
deal with his calls for peace,
his interest in cooperating with
various countries, his positions
on climate change, and efforts
toward nuclear disarmament.
Republicans, and a few
democrats, were puzzled upon
hearing the news of Obama’s
award and questioned the No-
bel committee’s choice. Most
argued that Obama received
the prize solely for his stardom
and his speaking skills, rather
than for his genuine achieve-
La Jolla High School history
teacher, Mr. Jones stated, “The
prize is usually given for the ac-
tual accomplishment of some-
thing. Obama has oennitelv
changed the governmental cli-
mate in positive ways, but I be-
lieve a non-political association
was put in charge of making a
very political decision which
degraded the award.”
Similar feelings were ex-
pressed by junior Max Need-
ham. “The choice is a good
decision and Obama will be-
come more respected, but it
seems as if any political leader
can be easily worthy of the
Nobel Peace Prize.”
However, the committee
quickly responded to concerns
by stressing that Obama was
rewarded for his engagements
Money Saving Tips
Page 4
In This Issue
By Ashley Wei
Staff Writer
Three months of sum-
mer vacation and seven
hour school days may be
jeopardized as a result
of President Obama’s
ideas for educational
reform. Obama argues
that the United States
school system is causing
students to fall behind in
education because U.S.
students are not receiv-
ing enough instruction
time, when compared
to other schools around
the globe.
If Obama’s plans are
approved, the nation’s
schools would extend
Hey Vikings!
We want to start off by giving a big thanks to
all who made Homecoming such a great success.
With 830 students attending the dance, it was the
best year yet! The clubs who sold merchandise
at Viking Village. the noat rioers. the stuoents.
teachers, and parent volunteers all did tremen-
dous work to make this night possible, and de-
serve great thanks for their devotion.
Tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th, ASB will
be hosting a beach-clean up at Ocean Beach.
Meet at the pier at 10 am to participate in this
benencial ano lun activitv. ASB will also be spon-
soring a Locks of Love drive to provide hair for
wigs for children with diseases that cause hair loss.
The drive, which will take place in December, will
be advertised in the bulletin and around school,
so be on the look out if you would like to con-
Powderpuff Football is coming up soon. The
game will be during 5th period on December
11th. Look out for sign-ups in the next few weeks;
if you want to be a player or a cheerleader, this
is your opportunity. Any senior football players
interested in coaching should come to the ASB
room to sign up.
The Juniors will be hosting a Parent Dinner
on November 1!th. See the class olncers lor more
One last reminder--students are encouraged
to dispose of their trash in trashcans, or in the
new recycling bins around campus. By recycling
in the new bins, La Jolla students support Urban
Corps, a group of homeless or formerly homeless
youth who use the proceeds of the recycling to
fund their education.
Danielle Daitch
Obama’s Peace Prize
Increased School cont. on pg. 10
the number of hours
a student must attend
each day and shorten
vacations in order to in-
crease the time students
would spend in school.
Obama and Education
Secretary Arne Dun-
can also suggest that
schools should remain
open over the weekend
and act as a safe place
for students to go and
seek help. These chang-
es would allow for an
intensineo learning en-
vironment improving
test scores in math and
science. Many students
are reluctant to accept
these new chang-
“No thanks,” said
sophomore Amy Le-
pis, “There would be
no time for sports or
anything. You’d just go
home, eat and sleep.”
Increased school hours
would bring an amount
of negative change to
the lives of students.
There would be less time
for after-school activities
and the completion of
homework. Yet longer
school days would also
have their benents. The
addition would help
advance education and
level the plaving nelo in
in world affairs; especially
those dealing with dialogue
and negotiation.
“The association obviously
thinks he deserves the award,
and I agree with their choice.
Not many presidents have
been capable of bringing so
much hope to the world,”
sophomore Carmen Quino-
nes said.
Mr. Obama once notineo
of the award was honored
and he described himself as
“very surprised” upon hear-
ing the astounding news. He
stated that the award “deeply
humbled” him. Mr. Obama
has decided to accept the
award on December 10th in
Oslo, Norway, and plans to
donate the prize money of 1.4
million dollars to charity. With
Obama’s popularity continu-
ing to increase both in the U.S.
and overseas, many consider
Obama a worthy winner of
this extraordinary accolade.
The La Jolla High School
Mackenzie Merkel
Brooks Newberrv
Kellv Lin
Dario Aharpour
Halev Cottrell
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Erica Ostroll
Carolina Bellizi
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Angelita Rosal-White
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Heren Alanis
Kianna Anvari
Catherine Brazier
Sarah Devermann
Rose Di Toro
Sequoia Gearv
Rebecca Huntlv-Flavle
Tavlor ]etter
Elvssa Kanter
Christina Kirbv
Amv Liew
Katherine Lunas
Tania Mashkoorv
Kavlee McNeil
]asmine Mossaberi
Wilson Mokiao
Olivia Folger
Norma Ramos
Aioa Saam
Brittnev Schrilt
Kaitlin Shantai
]essica Silvers
Ireoa Spencer
Iman Hassaine
Ashlev Wei
Laura Wells
]essica Wooo
T/· High Tioe. oo o·o froo. i· t/·
ff.iol ·toc·ot o·o·ooo·r f Lo )llo
Hig/ S./l. Uol··· t/·roi·· ot·c.
oioio· o·iog .i.·c io t/· High Tioe
o·log t t/· ioci.icool oot/r. T/·
High Tioe o·l.o·· l·tt·r· ooc oio-
io· fro ·toc·ot· ooc ·toff o·oo·r·. If
.o /o.· o l·tt·r t t/· ·citr. ol·o·· cro
it ff io Ro 501. r gi.· it t oo.
High Tioe ·citr. 1o oo. ol· ·ooil
·oooi··io· t L)HiTic·(.o/..o.
Soooi··io· ·/olc o· t.o·c ooc .ooot
o· ooo.oo·. T/· High Tioe r···r.··
t/· rig/t t r·fo·· oo. oot·riol. Jc.·r-
ti··o·ot· or· o·o·or·c o·r .looo io./.
T oc.·rti·· oit/ t/· High Tioe r t
t oor./o·· o ·oo·.riotio. ol·o·· ·ooil
o· r .oll (858. !5!-3081. ·xt·o·io
!501. I··o·· or· ci·trioot·c ·.·r. for
o··/·. ` oort f t/· High Tioe oo.
o· r·orco.·c oit/ot oritt·o o·roi··io.
Antonia Cereijioo
`.·oo·r 6. !00´
Stoff Jrit·r
Most people are lamiliar
with the lashion oesigner
Ralph Lauren. ano the
brano Folo Ralph Lauren.
which can be louno in vari-
ous oepartment stores ano
Irom the earlv 1970s to
the 1980s Ralph Lauren
grew to become a popu-
lar brano ano has mvriao
stores stretching across
the nation ano all over the
In all the companv`s vears.
it has been praiseo lor its
cachet ano prominence. Its
aos incluoing various voung
ano attractive mooels have
become iconic.
However. the Folo Ralph
Lauren brano`s clean slate
has been threateneo with
accusations ol oistorting
images ol the mooel Iilippa
Hamilton ano Valentina
Both women. equallv
healthv. are arouno size !
ano 5`10 in height. hao their
images oigitallv-altereo ano
oisplaveo in other countries.
Hamilton`s ao was shown
in ]apan. while Zelvaeva`s
new image was louno in a
winoow oisplav in Svonev.
Not onlv oio the new im-
ages look unrealistic ano
emaciateo. but the women`s
waists were smaller than
their heaos.
The whole incioent is ri-
oiculous ano no boov is ac-
tuallv that size bv choice.
It is not healthv ano is por-
traving the wrong ioea to
people.¨ saio sophomore
Nina Keen.
Hamilton was nreo al-
ter being calleo too over-
weight¨ bv the Folo Ralph
Lauren companv ano too
large to nt into the clothing¨
weighing 120 pounos. Folo
Ralph Lauren savs thev oio
not nre her oue to weight.
but because ol her inabili-
ties to meet contract re-
She was nreo belore the
release ol the ao. ano was
angereo upon viewing the
changeo image ol hersell
which she claims looks like
an extremelv skinnv girl...
not me.¨
The photograph is not a
healthv message to show the
Is it acceptable ano oesir-
able to be that abnormallv
Viewers might start to
think that boov tvpe is nor-
mal ano Hamilton con-
lesses that is her worst lear.
She is concerneo about
the impact the image mav
have on the public.
It inlorms the vouth ano
aoults all arouno the woro
that being that unhealthilv
thin is better.¨ saio junior
Varun Rau.
Folo Ralph Lauren
has taken lull responsibil-
itv ano has apologizeo to
Hamilton. claiming that
the ao releaseo in ]apan
was a mistake. ano not the
approveo¨ image in the
Hamilton`s nnal woros
regaroing the matter were
that ...thev owe American
women an apologv...I`m
verv prouo ol what I look
like. ano I think a role moo-
el shoulo look healthv.¨
It is a sao truth that we
can not relv on mooels to
portrav healthv images ol
Stoff Jrit·r
Blacklace¨ originallv
starteo as a comeov act in
the 1830`s. Manv actors took
up this acting technique to
entertain people bv painting
their laces black ano imitat-
ing Alrican Americans.
Even though views on rac-
ism were challengeo ouring
the 20th centurv. manv co-
meoians continueo to per-
lorm blacklace skits.
Blacklace¨ was even
broaocast on television in
the 1970`s-1981. Although
blacklace originateo in the
U.S.. other countries such as
Britain continueo the traoi-
tion. What was presenteo as
harmless humor was actu-
allv a highlv racist oepiction
ol the Alrican American
population ano is consio-
ereo severelv ollensive to
manv people.
]ust a lew weeks ago. the
ignorance ol some people
was brought to light. In the
Australian program Hev
Hev It`s Saturoav.¨ six men
useo blacklace paint. put on
alro wigs. calleo themselves
the ]ackson ]ive¨ ano pre-
lormeo a comeoic Michael
]ackson tribute.
Most ol the auoience
louno the skit to be amusing.
however. guest juoge Harrv
Connick ]r. oio not. He gave
the group ol a score ol zero
ano later expresseo his con-
cern ano oisapproval ol the
act to the show`s host. Darvl
Somers. Connick explaineo
that what might seem amus-
ing ano entertaining in Aus-
tralia woulo be racist in the
Uniteo States.
I was upset when I hearo
about the incioent involv-
ing blacklace. I woulo have
hao people activelv pro-
test the station ano have it
taken on public television.¨
saio sophomore Dominique
Harrv Connick ]r. was
right when he expresseo
his concerns about the skit.
Connick stateo. I oennitelv
woulo not have agreeo to
assist with juoging il I hao
known this skit was a part ol
the show.¨
Manv Americans expresseo
their concern about the inci-
oent because it is a proouct
ol extremelv close-minoeo-
ness ano racist thinking.
There are some things
vou just oon`t joke about.¨
saio lreshman ]ose Lopez.
It is a travestv that igno-
rance continues to oegraoe
tolerance. Alter all. it is
2009. not 1809. How long
will it be until societv lullv
rejects blatant racism?
)_S_IZL+WUXIZQ[WV"J ·ic·-t-·ic· .ooori·o f t/· ·cit·c Rolo/ Loor·o o/t
(l·ft. ooc o r·golor o/t f t/· oc·l (rig/t..
P/t .ort··. f ooo.i.oc·l·..o
:IKQ[\8I[\QUM["Jo ioog· f t/· Blo./fo.·` groo o t/· ·/o H·. H·.. It`· Sotor-
P/t .ort··. f ooo.oo..o·t.oo
Blacklace¨ Humor
A Stick-v Situation
Fainting racism across the lace ol comeov
`.·oo·r 6. !00´
Imagine this: vou are mino-
ing vour own business. hur-
rieolv attempting to retrieve
vour math book lrom vour
locker belore that secono bell.
However. to oo ths. vou
must nrst peel oll a pair ol lip-
lockeo lovers lrom the lront ol
vour locker.
Not onlv are vou outrageo.
but vou are nghting the urge to
puke all the wav to vour next
Fublic Displavs ol Allection.
No other woros in the Eng-
lish language can conjure up
such repulsive images as these
Couples: contrarv to what
vou mav believe. vou are not
cute.¨ Flease. save the cuo-
oling. hano-holoing. hugging.
ano especiallv sucking-lace
lor behino closeo ooors.
The mental image is bao
enough. but actuallv observ-
ing vour oisplavs ol allection?
Ieel lree to express vour
lononess lor vour sweetheart
in as manv wavs as vou want-
just oo not oo so in public.
Ano. so vou`re not conluseo.
public¨ means anvwhere
where we can see vou. Believe
it or not. stepping onto the
oance noor ooes not grant vou
Ano. vour public oisplavs ol
allection are also not welcome
on the internet.
It`s sale to sav that Iace-
book is a public venue- so stop
posting pictures ol vour latest
hook-up¦ It`s gross.
Save those intimate pictures
lor vour scrapbook. Mavbe
someoav thev will be ol gooo
We single stuoents ol La ]olla
High oo not neeo remino-
ers ol just how single we are.
Flease. have some class. Keep
vour intimate moments pri-
vate. This a oesperate plea to
cease ano oesist.
The hallwavs are tangleo
webs ol hugging ano hano-
holoing pairs. It makes navi-
gation nearlv impossible.
Weaving our wav through a
cluttereo hallwav ol couples is
All the while we victims ol
visual abuse must attempt to
shielo our eves lrom vour sick-
ening spectacle ol amorous
So. belore vou go to embrace
vour beloveo in the mioole ol
the quao or 500 builoing. con-
sioer the leelings ol the rest ol
Rein in those unholv hor-
mones. Take control- ano
spare us the agonv.
Stoff Jrit·r
Vampires. vampires. ano
still more vampires. Iilm
prooucers are creativelv lazv
when it comes to the enter-
tainment inoustrv.
American pop-culture
neeos a new ioea to bite
oll. The same stories ano
character tvpes are reuseo
in everv show. Moviegoers
ano TV auoiences oo not
neeo anv more Bellas ano
Boff. t/· 1oooir· Slo.·r.
which originateo in the
1990`s. helpeo to start the
pop-culture vampire craze.
Less than 10 vears later
Stephanie Mever began
writing the Toilig/t saga.
Tro· Blc ano T/· 1oooir·
Diori··. two TV series. also
recentlv joineo the vampire
I think that everv vampire
show is copving Twilight.
ano it is verv annoving.¨ se-
nior Alexis Kusnir saio.
Manv websites have maoe
their voices hearo bv ois-
plaving their anti vampire¨
sentiment. Twilight plavs a
leaoing role in this respect.
Websites such as: www. ano www. have
been voicing oisapproval ol
America`s vampire obses-
These websites are oeoi-
cateo to point out the er-
rors in the literature ano the
overall absuroitv ol Stepha-
nie Mever`s books.
Although vampires are
major svmbols ol rebellion.
lust. ano power. which voung
aoults crave. the worlo ooes
not neeo to be translormeo
into a vampire obsesseo so-
I oon`t unoerstano how
someone can be so obsesseo
with a book or movie. The
characters are not real. Feo-
ple oo not unoerstano that
it is nction.¨ junior ]ennv
Block saio.
Ians ol the vampire craze
have taken the nctional
characters seriouslv. trans-
lorming them to a major
part ol their oailv lilestvle.
Irom this craze. manv
new prooucts are hitting
the market. In the begin-
ning ol 2010 a new orink
will be introouceo. It is an
energv orink calleo Blooo
Energv Fotion.¨ The orink
looks ano leels like blooo.
but tastes like lruit punch.
The marketing companies
lor this proouct took the
blooo¨ thing to the next
level bv selling this proouct
in a translusion stvle bag.
Another proouct that is
a oirect ollshoot lrom the
vampire craze is the makeup
line calleo Luna Twilight
Feople are also reoesign-
ing the covers ol manv
classic books to make them
look more Twilight inspireo.
How lar will thev go? Hano
painteo Twilight Converse
shoes. vampire oolls. ano
shirts are going too lar.
Vampires movies such as
T/· 1oooir·`· J··i·toot. which
has openeo recentlv. ano
Do.or·o/·r·. the new Dro.olo
movie. ano the rest ol the
Toilig/t series are on the
Web shows have also taken
on the libertv ol aooing at
least one new vampire series
incluoing I <3 1oooir··. The
treno is relentless. There
is even a vampire musical.
available lor purchase on
iTunes. calleo I Ii···c o 1oo-
Ferhaps literature renects
the nation`s temperament.
Feople turn to vampires ano
other mvthical creatures in
times ol economic ano so-
cial turmoil.
Mavbe this helps to ex-
plain the vampire obsession.
Whatever the reason is. peo-
ple neeo to start sucking on
a new ioea.
Get a room
Stoff Jrit·r
In a societv where celeb-
ritv gossip riles the tabloios.
manv Americans are be-
coming obsesseo with the
lives ol tooav`s superstars.
When one is constantlv
being subjecteo to inquiries
such as whether or not Brit-
nev is pregnant again. or il
Speioi reallv tieo the knot.
it is easv to become exces-
sivelv interesteo ano some-
what consumeo bv the latest
celebritv orama.
So. when one ol these
American icons passes awav
manv nno the loss over-
whelming ano personal.
Some ol these oeceaseo
iools nno more staroom
in oeath that thev ever re-
ceiveo while living. while
others mav be luckv to get a
quarter page obituarv in the
weeklv Feople Magazine.¨
It seems the general public
lacks anv consistencv in the
amount ol tribute paio to
their lavorite celebrities.
On ]une 25th. 2009 the
king ol pop¨ was louno
oeao in his house in LA. Iour
months later. Michael ]ack-
son is still brought up oailv.
whether it is in a magazine.
on TV. on the internets top
10 most searcheo kevworos.
or on the raoio where D]`s
have now oecioeo to exces-
sivelv plav his songs lrom
the 90`s.
On top ol that. there is a
movie that openeo recentlv
about M] calleo This Is
I am actuallv reallv excit-
eo to see the new movie. but
I hope we can get a break
lrom all ol it. sometimes it`s
just too much.¨ sophomore
Faul Castelluzzo saio.
Although Michael ]ackson
has passeo awav. his memo-
rv still lives on. Chances are
these memories. whether
thev are ol his increoible
oance moves. or his image
that oistinguishes him lrom
anv other musical artist ol
his time. woulo live on even
without the constant re-
minoing lrom the meoia. It
has been long enough ano
it is time to let go ano move
I will alwavs love Michael
]ackson. but il I hear Beat
It` one more time. I think I
might rip mv hair out.¨ se-
nior Kelsev Rvan saio.
The same oav Michael
]ackson was reporteo oeao.
another icon passeo awav.
Iarrah Iawcett. a lormer
Charlie` Angel. lost her long
nght against cancer. Though
Michael seemeo to steal the
majoritv ol the spotlight.
there was a lair amount ol
tribute ano acknowleoge-
ment given to her lile as an
actress ano as an amazing
American meoia seems to
lack the abilitv to oistinguish
the nne line between exces-
sive tribute ano respectlul
It`s Time to Let Go
I hope we can get
a break lrom all ol
it. sometimes it`s
just too much.
Sucking the life out
of the American
It`s a Vampire Takeover
P/t .ort··. f ooo..orto·t./..o
HIGH TIDE `.·oo·r 6. !00´
Stoff Jrit·r
Thanksgiving is one ol America`s most prizeo holioavs. it is
a time lor lamilies to get together ano enjov a least. It is a time
to remember what vou are thanklul lor ano to appreciate those
arouno vou. But there is a lot more to Thanksgiving than just
turkev ano masheo potatoes. There are manv unique ano inter-
esting lacts about this National Holioav.
Dio vou know...
Stoff Jrit·r
Accoroing to Mothers Against
Drunk Driving MADD one
person is killeo bv a orunk
oriver everv !5 minutes. Also.
three out ol everv ten Ameri-
cans will be involveo in an al-
cohol relateo crash
sometime in their
These are true
ano terrilving sta-
tistics. High school
stuoents contrib-
ute to these num-
bers. at least nine
teenagers oie oue
to alcohol relateo
causes everv oav.
accoroing to the
DUI Iounoation.
Alex Capoz-
za lrom Torrev Fines High
School was one ol the local
stuoents recentlv killeo bv a
orunk oriver. His 17-vear-olo
lrieno was oriving Capozza
ano three others alter orinking
ano partving in Rancho Santa
Ie. The oriver ol the latal roll-
over crash laces manslaughter
ano DUI charges ano coulo
lace jail time.
In America. more voung
people oie lrom alcohol-re-
lateo incioents than lrom all
illicit orugs combineo. accoro-
ing the National Institute on
Alcohol Abuse ano Alcohol-
ism. 2000.
I think oriving unoer the in-
nuence ol orugs or alcohol is a
big problem.¨ lreshman Law-
rence Rano saio. The recent
Torrev Fines accioent shows
not onlv how easv it is to injure
people. but how preventable
similar situations are.¨
When going to a partv. assign
a oesignateo oriver who won`t
orink there ano is willing to
orive home. Il the oriver has
been orinking. oon`t let him
or her orive. Suggest another
oriver. use public transporta-
tion. or call vour parents ano
ask them to pick vou up. Far-
ents will be prouo ol vour oe-
cision to act responsiblv.
Some people think nothing
ol going out orinking without
a oesignateo
oriver. Thev
oon`t see that
oriving unoer
the innuence
coulo not onlv
hurt the oriver
ano passengers.
but also in-
nocent people
on the roao.¨
s o p h o m o r e
]ennv Shoren-
stein saio.
While it helps
to prevent orunk
oriving bv publicallv support-
ing these causes. the problem
reallv comes oown to an inoi-
vioual`s choice to get behino
the wheel while intoxicateo.
The people who choose to
orive unoer the innuence not
onlv put themselves in oanger.
but also enoanger all ol the in-
nocent travelers on the roao.
Drunk Driving
F·otor·· Ecitr
Lookout bovs¦ There have been
several reporteo sightings ol cou-
gars roaming the La ]olla High
campus. ano thev have their eves
on the prize. An alarming num-
ber ol junior ano senior girls are
preving on the lrosh meat¨ here
at L]HS. ano it`s causing quite
the uproar.
A true cougar is an oloer woman
who takes care ol a vounger man.
the cub. both nnanciallv ano oth-
erwise in exchange lor the right
to paraoe the new bov tov arouno
the social scenes. However. at the
high school level. the cougars-in-
training. or pumas.¨ simplv pre-
ler vounger bovs.
Senior Cassie Brazier has been
a cougar ever since she pounceo
on the oating scene. not once has
she oateo an oloer bov.
Once vou go cougar. vou can`t
go back.¨ Brazier saio.
Brazier is not the onlv cougar
on campus. her prioe ol cougars
consists ol senior girls who nirt
relentlesslv with lreshmen bovs
ano girls who stav in San Diego
lor college so thev can keep oat-
ing their high school bovlrienos.
Il vou nno voursell in an un-
wanteo encounter with a cougar.
here are some survival tips. 1
Make voursell seem as olo as pos-
sible. Hobble arouno ano grumble
about arthritis ano MeoiCare. 2
Don`t make eve contact. Cougars
easilv mistake anv eve contact lor
nirtation. 3 Slowlv back awav.
never turning vour back to the
cougar. The cougar mav pounce
il given a view ol vour backsioe.
Americans consume 535 million pounos
ol turkev per thanksgiving? !5 million tur-
kevs are cookeo on Thanksgiving oav.
Benjamin Iranklin wanteo our national
biro to be a turkev.
The heaviest turkev weigheo 8o pounos.
which is approximentlv the size ol a Ger-
man Sheparo.
There was no milk. cheese. breao. butter.
or pumpkin pie at the original Thanksgiv-
ing Dav least.
Turkevs have heart attacks. When the Air
Iorce was conoucting test runs ano break-
ing the souno barrier. nelos ol turkevs
oroppeo oeao.
Congress oio not oeclare Thanksgiving a
national holioav until 19!1.
+W]OIZ[ WV \PM 8ZW_T" C·l·orit. .ogor D·oi Mr· ooc /·r o. t. J·/to
Iot./·r. Oo t/· rig/t. ··oir Co··i· Bro·i·r o··· oit/ /·r ·o/or· o.fri·oc Eri/
P/t .ort··. f ooo..or·olg.rg
P/t .ort··. f
Mo./·o·i· M·r/·l
P/t .ort··. f
IEATURES 5 HIGH TIDE `.·oo·r 6. !00´
P/t· .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
Stoff Jrit·r
Not onlv
am I a
stuol v
r u n -
n i n g
b a c k
lor our
school`s ]u-
nior Varsitv
lootball team.
but I have
mao skills
on the soc-
cer nelo as
well. Mv
s m a l l
s i z e . quick
s p e e o . ano agil-
itv help me avoio
get t i ng tackleo.
I am Hi s p a n i c
ano a sophomore this
vear. ano I come lrom
a big. happv lamilv. I
have three brothers
ano two sisters. Iortu-
natelv. onlv mv oloest
brother. Omar. goes
here. he is a senior
this vear. Mv lavor-
ite class is computers
with Mr. Falm. but I oislike
When I`m not on the loot-
ball or soccer nelo. I am plav-
ing the orums. It`s mv lavorite
instrument. but I`m not in a
bano. I think its reallv cool
when people can plav an
instrument. ano I love being
able to plav one. I like all tvpes
ol musi. Mv lavorite genre is
Latin Rock. ano I like to listen
to Ne-Yo as a solo artist.
I am single. but il the
right girl came along
I`o oennitelv take her
out to get some Ital-
ian looo. Nothing hits
the spot more than a nice
hot. sizzling pizza¦ I mav be
on the shorter sioe. but mv
charisma. sense ol humor.
ano charm make up lor mv
lack ol altituoe. I am a verv
lrienolv person ano love to
have as manv lrienos as pos-
Watching sport games
on the television is just as
exciting as plaving them.
I like a lot ol teams in a
wioe varietv ol sports. but
I have to represent San Di-
ego ano sav that the Char-
gers are mv lavorite loot-
ball team. Go Bolts¦
Ano as lor soccer.
Brazil all the
I love
t o
a gooo
time. make
people laugh.
ano I live
lile to the
l ul l es t ¦
G u e s s
Stoff Jrit·r
The Gav Straight Alliance
club. better known as GSA. is
one ol La ]olla
High`s social
ano political
activist clubs
ano serves three
main purposes.
The nrst ano
main goal ol
the club is to
help eno ho-
mophobia both
at La ]olla High
School ano
in San Diego.
Seconolv. it
provioes a sale
place. with re-
spect ano with-
out juogement.
lor anv one who
is gav or an allv.
Lastlv. GSA
raises monev
lor the Hillcrest
Youth Housing
Froject. This
is a home in
the oowntown
area that was
lounoeo bv
the Hillcrest
LGBT Lesbian Gav Bisexual
Transgenoer Center ano is lor
kios that were lorceo to leave
their homes alter coming out
to their parents. Others in the
home are also taken in to pro-
vioe shelter because thev suller
lrom HIV or AIDS.
This vear. GSA is leo bv presi-
oent Lenv Behar. The club has
been arouno lor several vears.
but this is Behar`s nrst vear as
presioent ano he plans on put-
ting a new spin on it.
On the oav ol November
!. 2008. I woke up wonoer-
ing il mv lamilv. lrienos. co-
workers. teachers. or even mv
barista hao voteo against mv
civil rights that oav. To mv ois-
mav. on that oav manv ol the
people closest to me. incluoing
mvsell. instantlv became
secono class citizens.¨
Behar saio. The pas-
sage ol Frop 8 is onlv
one ol the manv events
that shapeo mv views on
the importance ol equal-
itv lor all ano enoing ol
The controversv ol
Froposition 8 has leo
manv stuoents at La
]olla High to realize the
importance ol showing
their support lor the gav
I believe that evervone
has the right to love ano
expression. To be against
this is unhealthv. which is
whv I am a part ol GSA.¨
junior Lex Becker saio.
GSA has alreaov par-
ticipateo in several oil-
lerent events this vear in-
cluoing a nonsexist oance
at UCSD that was lree ol
homophobia ano a pro-
test supporting gav rights
at San Diego High.
Flentv ol lun events are
vet to come. incluoing a guest
speaker lrom SDSU who is
currentlv writing a thesis on
the woro queer.¨
All stuoents are encourageo
to come to the meetings everv
Tuesoav in room 310.
Stoff Jrit·r
Saving monev is easier
saio than oone. ano in this
bao economv. nnoing a job
is tougher than ever. Saving
monev means more than just
cutting back on how manv
times a week vou neeo¨
Ortega`s. or spenoing ten
oollars everv Saturoav night
to go to the movie theatres.
it is being able to manage
vour costs. not cutting them
completelv. When vou have
monev in vour wallet. vou are
tempteo to speno it. Stuoents
are coming up with a varietv
ol techniques to save monev
while still enjoving the things
thev alwavs have.
When I get monev. I auto-
maticallv put it into mv bank
account. that wav I oo not
leel tempteo to speno anv ol
it.¨ sophomore ]D Neri saio.
]D`s technique is a smart in-
vestment but it is onlv one ol
manv wavs to manage vour
economv. nnoing a job
bao economv. nnoing a job
tougher than ever. Saving
is tougher than ever. Saving
means more than just
monev means more than just
back on how manv
cutting back on how manv
a week vou neeo¨
times a week vou neeo¨
a`s. or spenoing ten
Ortega`s. or spenoing ten
everv Saturoav night
oollars everv Saturoav night
to the movie theatres.
to go to the movie theatres.
being able to manage
it is being able to manage
costs. not cutting them
vour costs. not cutting them
completelv. When vou have
completelv. When vou have
in vour wallet. vou are
monev in vour wallet. vou are
tempteo to speno it. Stuoents
tempteo to speno it. Stuoents
coming up with a varietv
are coming up with a varietv
hniques to save monev
ol techniques to save monev
still enjoving the things
while still enjoving the things
wavs have.
thev alwavs have.
When I get monev. I auto-
When I get monev. I auto-
ticallv put it into mv bank
maticallv put it into mv bank
account. that wav I oo not
account. that wav I oo not
tempteo to speno anv ol
leel tempteo to speno anv ol
sophomore ]D Neri saio.
it.¨ sophomore ]D Neri saio.
hnique is a smart in-
]D`s technique is a smart in-
.QOP\QVONWZ-Y]ITQ\a"Pr··ic·ot L·o. B·/or f t/·
Co. Stroig/t Jllioo.· or/· cillig·otl. t ·oc /oo/oio
ot or ·./l.
When vou get monev. keep
onlv ten or twentv oollars ol it
to speno ano put the rest into
a bank account. That wav vou
still have enough to speno on
voursell. but vou alwavs have
more lor later on. Il vou oo
not have a bank account. it
is easv to open one. Go to
vour local bank ano ask to
not onlv open a savings ac-
count. but to open a check-
ing account too so vou can
pull out some ol vour cash
when vou neeo it. Once at
the bank. someone will walk
vou step bv step through
all the policies. how to use
vour account. ano other im-
portant inlormation. Open-
ing up vour own account is
a verv important skill lor
the luture. so whv not start
now? It is a sale place to
keep vour monev ano vou
can access it whenever vou
neeo to.
I like to keep S5 in mv wal-
let at all times lor emergencies.
nothing more ano nothing less.
When I know I onlv have nve
bucks. I oo not have to worrv
about spenoing a lot on useless
things.¨ senior Max Green-
berg saio.
Going out to eat lor lunch
or even buving lunch at school
can aoo up ano turn out to be
verv costlv. Facking vour own
school lunch is much more el-
ncient. healthier. ano cheaper.
Insteao ol buving lunch at
school everv oav. a lrieno sug-
gesteo going to Henrv`s ano
making mv own trail mix.
It nlls vou up. it is oelicious.
ano it`s cheap.¨ senior Danika
Newlee saio.
However. il vou oo eno up
going out to grab a late
night bite. trv some place
where vou know vou can
get a lot ol looo lor a little
Whenever I go out to
eat with mv lrienos I al-
wavs suggest Taco Bell
because their eightv-nine
cent menu is super cheap
ano vou get a lot ol looo
out ol it.¨ senior ]ohn
Walsh saio.
Other local last looo res-
taurants. such as ]ack in
the Box or Ortega`s. have
reasonablv priceo looo as
Driving to school is one
ol the worst wavs to lose mon-
ev. Ol course vou have to be
able to get to school ano back.
but the gas prices are still ris-
ing ano emptving wallets oav
bv oav. Have a close neighbor
who goes to school with vou?
Mv lrieno ano I are neigh-
bors so insteao ol both ol us
oriving to school we carpool.
We alternate orivers ano it
saves us both a lot ol monev.
Not onlv is it reallv lun but it
helps us wake up ano get ener-
gizeo belore school starts. We
are saving the environment
too.¨ senior Tatevik Simavori-
an saio. Tatevik is saving mon-
ev ano gas bv carpooling. how-
ever il vou live close enough to
school. bike or walk¦ It is great
exercise ano vou oo not have
to speno monev on gas.
No matter what. there are
wavs to manage vour monev.
Even il vou get a weeklv al-
lowance lrom Mom ano Dao.
it is gooo to know how to han-
ole vour own monev ano not
blow it all in one oav. Whether
it is exchanging clothes with
lrienos insteao ol buving new
ones. or packing vour own
lunch insteao ol stanoing in
those oreaolul lines. vou can
make vour monev last.
P/t .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
P/t .ort··. f oo·...o
`.·oo·r 6. !00´
Belore I go to sleep. I have to make sure mv
ooor is shut. I have been ooing this ever since
I can remember. Il
I oo not oo this. I
get weiro images ol
a muroerer coming
into mv room ano
trving to kill
me.¨ senior
Avi Salom
I am
v e r v
tious about
throwing salt
over mv shouloer.
Il I spill salt. I automati-
callv reach lor some more salt
to throw over
mv shouloer.
I oo this to
waro oll anv
bao things
that might be
coming mv
wav.¨ English
teacher Ms.
Wira saio.
Stoff Jrit·r
Stoff Jrit·r

When I
walk. I purposelv trv
to stav oll the lines or
cracks. Also. when I am
walking on brick noor.
I have to walk on the
bricks that are going in
the same oirection that
I am. When I was little.
I useo to have a ritual
lor washing mv hanos: nrst in the pool.
then in the showers. then in the
orinking lountain. I woulo orv
mv hanos oll ano repeat this
exactlv 22 times. Thank-
lullv I oon`t oo that anv-
more.¨ junior Victo-
ria Irager saio.
A superstition is a beliel. circumstance or practice that is not baseo on reason or knowleoge that one believes to be true. It is a blinolv accepteo beliel or notion that is not scientincallv proven. Manv superstitions are baseo oll ol olo
stories or tales. usuallv having to oo with religion or magic. Two verv common superstitions are that walking unoer a laooer is bao luck. or that breaking a mirror is breaking vour soul. Manv people grow up with superstitious
parents. ano inherit their beliels. Others believe that il thev oo not believe in the superstition or lollow the rules. something bao will happen to them or thev will live a lile lull ol bao luck.
Obsessive Compulsive Disoroer. also known as OCD. is a psvchiatric oisoroer characterizeo bv obsessive thoughts or actions. OCD is an anxietv oisoroer which olten traps a person into lollowing unusual
routines or thoughts throughout their entire lile. OCD can come in a varietv ol lorms. lrom extremelv milo to overbearinglv severe. Il the oisoroer is severe ano lelt untreateo. it can oestrov a person`s
abilitv to locus or lunction. It can leao to irrational oecisions or cause major stress on a person. The most common cases ol OCD involve washing ano cleaning things over ano over again ano
counting things. such as the number ol steps taken to get to one place. or counting the number ol items in the relrigerator numerous times a oav. Other major OCD cases are repeating
woros ano sentences. horoing. ano constantlv rearranging objects.
Manv people complain about how thev hate when anvone steps on the back ol their shoes. or il a tag is sticking out ol a shirt. A minor annovance that someboov nnos
particularlv oisturbing. more than anv other person leels. is known as a pet peeve. Manv people have a varietv ol pet peeves. but each person`s is oillerent. Fet
peeves oepeno solelv on a person`s attituoes ano cannot be innuenceo bv others. These are minor things that other people mav not be bothereo bv. but
someone else cannot bear to stano. Fet peeves can result in connicting thoughts ano leelings which ultimatelv leao to a tense relationship between
two inoiviouals.
Sweeping sounos¦ The
souno ol something being
swept with a broom re-
allv creeps me out... espe-
ciallv a trampoline. I just
get the chills ano a reallv
weiro leeling whenever I
hear anv kino ol sweeping.
I have to plug mv ears or
walk awav. It`s weiro but there`s nothing I can oo
about it.¨ sophomore Abbi Leib saio.
Some hanos are just reallv sickening. especiallv
the hanos ol guvs. The worst is when nails are too
long ano all oirtv.
The sight ol short.
stubbv nngers re-
allv orives me
crazv ano I can`t
look. Or long ano
scrawnv nngers.¨
junior Sara Ash-
cralt saio.
Y o u
know what
reallv I oon`t
like? Those Frius
Cars. Thev are kino ol
like a snootv car. I mean.
most ol us cannot alloro that
car ano it`s just annoving. Not to
mention those Friuses are slow as
snails going up hills.¨ Mr. Iriberg saio.
n e e o
to have ev-
ervthing super
neat ano organizeo.
Il I am taking notes lor
a class. ano someone
oraws or writes on mv
paper. I have to reoo the
notes. This goes lor notes lor anv ol mv classes. it`s just
one ol mv OCD habits.¨ senior ]ake Shwisberg saio.
I alwavs have to have evervthing shut:
ooors. orawers. closets. curtains etc.. Three
is mv number. I repeat almost anvthing three
times. Il I touch something. like a ooor-
knob. I have to touch it three times. Anoth-
er OCD habit is that I obsess over health. I
am a hvpochonoriac ano germa-phobic. so
I wash mv hanos all the time. All ol these
habits I have oone lor basicallv as long as I
can remem-
ber. I prob-
ablv actuallv
have OCD.¨
l r e s h ma n
T h o m a s
McBee saio.
I wake up belore mv
3:00am alarm goes
oll. ano trv to go back
to sleep. But then mv
heart rate goes up
ano I can`t get back
to sleep ano I have
to get up ano train. I
onlv get a couple ol
hours asleep a night. but I have to get up ano go on
mv run.¨ Mr. Atwell saio.
Stoff Jrit·r

You know when
people have braces ano
looo gets stuck in them alter
thev eat? It`s so gross. It seriouslv
grosses me out when people eat with
their mouths open too... ano when people
get looo on their laces when thev eat sloppilv.
I have never hao braces so I never hao to oeal with
getting looo stuck in them. ano can`t unoerstano what
it`s like.¨ lreshman Billv Fennv saio.
ë|||q Þennq
Sotoh 0shcto)c
066| Le|6
0t. |t|6etg
Joke Shm|s6etg
1homos 0cëee
v|ccot|o |toget
0t. 0cme||
One thing that I am super OCD about is that I can not
have people touch mv lace¦ I
completelv lreak out il some
one pinches mv cheeks. I
woulo have to wash mv lace
right awav. It grosses me out
because people`s hanos leel
oirtv ano oilv.¨ sopho-
more Kailev Iuoge
I am on the Iresh-
man Iootball Team.
Everv game I wear
black with argvle
stitching oress socks.
Il I oon`t then we get
killeo. so I have to
wear the same socks
lor everv game in or-
oer lor us not to lose.¨
lreshman Tvson Youngs saio.
Hew H|¶h |s Yeer Ie|crznrc!
|. Áf!cr zss|¶nc4 hemc-
werk yee...
z. Wr| !c | ! 4ewn |n yeer
|. Whz!´s z p|znncr!
r. Wr| !c | ! en yeer hzn4
1. Yee p|zn yeer wcckcn4...
z. Ihrcc !e feer 4zys |n z4-
|. Whcn | ! remcs
r. Ihc n|¶h! |cferc
|f yee srerc4 |c! wccn 1-Î yee zrc vcry !e|crz||c, $-|| yee zrc rc-
|zrc4, zn4 |2-|5 yee zrc |n!e|crz||c
0s. w|to
I knock on wooo. I never knock just once be-
cause that is not enough. ano I oon`t knock twice
because I leel that the secono one cancels out the
nrst. So. I have to knock three times. I useo to be
mixeo up between three ano thirteen so I thought
that three was an unluckv number. When I thought
three was unluckv. I
woulo make mvsell
knock nve times.
Then I learneo that
thirteen was the un-
luckv number so
it went back oown
to knocking three
times.¨ junior ]illian
Irager saio.
J||||on |toget
1qson ¥oungs
0v| So|om
I am reallv super-
stitious about black
cats. Thev alwavs set
me on eoge ano I am
just reallv creepeo out
bv them. The whole
ioea ol black cats sets
me on eoge because il one crosses
mv path usuallv something bao
happens to me. I just trv
to stav awav lrom them.¨
sophomore ]uliette Garav
Stoff Jrit·r
| . z - J , | - | , r - 2 , 2 . z - | , | - J , r - 2 , J . z - 2 , | - | , r - J , 1 . z - J , | - | , r - 2
J. Yeer !czrhcr srrz!rhcs
!hc rhz|k|ezr4 zn4 yee...
z. Árc znneyc4 |e! fer¶c!
z|ee! | ! ¢e|rk|y
|. P|4n´! cvcn prercss !hc
r. 0c! !hc rh|||s
2. Yeer |enrh rens|s!s ef...
z. Whz!cvcr yee ree|4 f n4
!hz! mern|n¶
|. Yeer esez| |B81 w| !h z
snzrk zn4 wz!cr
r. $emc!h|n¶ ncw zn4 cr-
r| !|n¶
HIGH TIDE `.·oo·r 6. !00´
the water`s surrounoings. Be-
ing able to stano up on a boaro
allows the surler to watch lor
approaching swells or to just
relax ano take in the setting
arouno them. Unlike surnng.
SUF ooes not require waves
in oroer to rioe. Because swells
are not necessarv. SUF-ing can
be oone almost anvwhere. like
oceans. rivers. lakes. or anv
large boov ol water.
What is remarkable about
SUF-ing is that once balance
ano rhvthm are establisheo.
it is extraoroinarilv peacelul
ano laio-back. However. not to
be mistaken lor an easv or lax
workout. SUF requires some
cooroination ano a mooerate
ntness level. It gives core mus-
cles i.e. abs. arms. ano stom-
ach quite a workout.
It gives vou a reallv big
workout in vour arms ano core
area. The surprising workout
lelt in the core is because ol
the neeoeo balance.¨ sopho-
Stoff Jrit·r

With the beach just blocks
awav. surnng is a popular activ-
itv with La ]olla High`s stuoent
boov. However. those who seek
a less aggressive thrill shoulo
turn to stano up paoole boaro-
ing. otherwise known as SUF.
A more tranquil version ol surl-
ing. SUF-ing involves stanoing
on a long boaro ano using a
paoole to glioe across the wa-
t e r ` s
s u r -
e s t
I ` o
h a v e
to sav
is the
b a l -
a n c -
i n g
a n o
i n g. ¨
s a i o
ing can be traceo back to the
earlier oavs in Folvnesia but
the sport`s popularitv originat-
eo in Hawaii. In the earlv o0`s.
the Beach Bovs ol Waikiki
woulo SUF to take pictures ol
tourists learning to surl. giving
the sport another nickname.
Beach Bov surnng.¨ The sport
is currentlv the lastest growing
sport in the UK where there is
a large oemano lor specializeo
SUF equipment.
The aovantage ol SUF-ing
is that it gives a broao view ol
more Daphne Cottrell saio.
The basic equipment neeoeo
to SUF is a boaro. a paoole.
ano a leash. Il planning to
SUF olten. one shoulo make
sure that wax ano oeck grip
also be on hano. Experts sug-
gest that paooles be at least
six to eight inches above the
heao. Also. choosing a proper
leash is crucial. too short ol a
leash coulo result in the boaro
snapping back violentlv alter
a wipeout
ano too
thin ol a
leash coulo
snap unoer
pressure. A
10l t x1´!
in leash
is recom-
Diva. lo-
cateo at
La ]olla
Shores ol-
lers rent-
als ano
lessons in
SUF- i ng.
San Diego
F a o o l e -
boaroi ng
in Mission
Beach is another awesome
place to go when wanting to
SUF-ing is a great wav lor ev-
ervone to enjov the water ano
get a little aoventurous. Novice
SUF surlers can alwavs begin
slowlv ano go with the now ol
the water. Those who wish to
become more involveo in the
sport have the abilitv to join
races or catch waves. SUF-ing
gives people the abilitv to molo
the sport into what suits them
best so thev can orilt along the
waters however thev choose.
SportRIWKH Month
Stoff Jrit·r
IORE¦ La ]olla High`s Var-
sitv Women`s Goll Team has
acquireo a new coach this vear.
Allen Merrvman is a FGA Class
A Goll Frolessional. Although
he is a new aooition to the
women`s team this vear. Mer-
rvman also coaches the men`s
team ouring the spring season.
I think coach has brought
a lot ol gooo things to our
team. ano has taught our
team so much to help us
improve ano succeeo.¨ ju-
nior Lauren Coles saio.
He is a reallv awesome
coach. He knows exactlv how
to nx a bao swing. grip. or shot.¨
lreshman Maura Kanter saio.
Coach Merrvman believes in
his team ano their capabilities.
It is mv pleasure to be the
coach ol such a vital team.¨
Allen Merrvman saio.
The 2009 goll season has
shown the girls that thev
can achieve high rankings in
goll. Iive out ol eight girls
have qualineo lor CII. ano
the team has been inviteo
to plav in Citv Conlerence.
]uliette Garav. sophomore.
is the team`s most valuable
plaver. Garav`s scores average
in the 30`s on a 9-hole course.
In goll. the lewer amount ol
strokes equal the better score.
The rest ol the team consistent-
lv hits between the !0`s o0`s.
Merrvman`s connoence
in the girls is apparent as
he pushes them to win.
His commitment to the team
is apparent in their results. Re-
turning members ol the team
sav that thev see a lot ol im-
provements lrom past seasons.
Flacing 5th out ol the 7
teams in Western League. the
Laov Vikings have proven
their nnesse with their win-
ning recoro ol 10-9 overall.
]uliette Garav. ]asmine
Graze. ano Alexis Tarakjian
will aovance to the Citv Con-
lerece. which starteo this week.
As the season comes to an
eno. the girls have shown
haro work in oroer to achieve
their best goll game. With
help lrom Coach Merrv-
man thev have improveo
their game ano have real-
izeo their true goll potential.
2 u % OI I
an1 A¦ ¦ I· .+i .+ +
( at · ...¦ a· ¡· i ..i
«i t l ·..·
La l.¦ ¦ a Ii .l -.l..¦ I l .· . l.¡ .n¦ i n. at
«««. .a«el ot ll n-. eom
t ·¡. i n Ll I- at .l..l..t l .· an .n¦ i n. 1i . ...nt .

u4u Ga.n.t A·.. Iaelhe B.ael, CA u2!uu | 858.483.u!!!
Stoff Jrit·r

Sometimes it is oilncult lor
people to nno the time to
workout. However. these lour
workout moves onlv take ten
minutes ano will leave anv-
one leeling healthv ano active.
Step 1 ]umping Rope:
Remember plaving jump rope
at recess time back in elemen-
tarv school? Believe it or not.
jumping rope is one ol the best
workouts lor the boov. ]ump
rope lor lour minutes: two min-
utes jumping lorwaro. then two
minutes jumping backwaros.
Step 2 Squats:
Squats are an intense work-
out lor the quaos ano thighs.
ano the great thing about
squats is that thev can be oone
anvwhere¦ Separate vour legs
so that thev are shouloer wioth
apart. then beno vour knees
until thev are about two leet
lrom the grouno ano holo
vour arms straight out. Holo
this position lor one minute
belore resting. Repeat this ex-
ercise three times. Here is a
tip: oo not put more pressure
on one leg or the other. make
sure the weight is balanceo
equallv between vour two legs.
Step 3 Wall-sits:
Grab on to a chair ano place
onlv vour hanos on it. lac-
ing backwaros. Do not beno
vour knees. ano slowlv lower
vour boov so it is onlv a loot
above the grouno. Holo this
position lor one minute. or
until vou leel a burn in vour
aboomen ano upper thighs.
Repeat this two times through-
out vour workout routine.
Step ! The Flank:
This move is simple vet vou
will leel the burn almost im-
meoiatelv. Lav nat on the
noor with vour stomach lac-
ing oown. Slowlv raise vour
boov so that onlv vour arms
ano toes are holoing vour
boov up. Keep vour lorearms
nat on the grouno to ensure
that the elbows are the onlv
part ol the arm maintaining
vour boov weight. Holo this
plank position lor a minute
then slowlv return vour boov
back to the grouno. A little
tip is to keep vour heao raiseo
ano looking straight. Do not
beno the heao oown between
vour arms. it mav leel like less
pressure on vour boov. but it
will strain vour neck muscles.
Work this simple ten min-
ute plan into vour oailv
routine ano vou will have
a nne boov in no time¦
o/t .ort··. f StoocUoPoccl·Sorf.o·t
I.l- I. U.-
N¦..i- I¦i.-..
SFORTS 9 HIGH TIDE `.·oo·r 6. !00´
a bright light on the team ano
looks lorwaro to her upcoming
challenges ano victories.
Meanwhile. running lor the
Vikings on the Girls` Varsitv
Cross Coun-
trv Team are
l r e s h m e n
Megan Car-
roll ano Mele
]ohnson. Be-
cause cross
countrv oe-
manos that
each person
on the team
runs lour to six
miles per oav.
its no ooubt
that Carroll
ano ]ohnson
have a gilt lor
speeo ano enourance.
Carroll has been running
5Ks ano 10Ks since she was
nine ano has. in vears past.
Stoff Jrit·r

What oo Rozel Hernanoez.
Megan Carroll. ano Mele ]ohn-
son have in common? Thev all
possess a gilt lor sports that has
lanoeo them a spot on varsitv
teams as lreshmen.
Rozel is no stranger to high
expectations. Flaving since she
was three vears olo. she has
progresseo to the ranking ol
one ol the top 200 high school
lemale tennis plavers in the
Uniteo States. With all ol her
skill ano expertise. it came as
no surprise that she maoe the
varsitv team.
Most ol the time vou`re
expecteo to oo things ano no
one`s there to help vou.¨ Her-
nanoez saio about being on
the varsitv tennis team.
With a win in the inoivioual
CII competition. Hernanoez is
Stoff Jrit·r
Iootball. baseball. soccer. ano
water polo: all ol these
sports have been oiscusseo
over a million times. but one
sport we have not hearo
ol that olten is sailing.
La ]olla High has intro-
ouceo a new team: the Sail-
ing Team. The team strives to
instill a solio work ethic ano
Corinthian vachting ethics.¨
La ]olla High`s team meets
everv Tuesoav ano Irioav lor
training sessions. Thev scheo-
ule oual meets lor team rac-
ing ano competitions in open
ano closeo neet racing events.
School teams have the op-
portunitv to reach Nation-
als bv competing successlullv
in oistrict Championships.
Sailing Team`s mission is to
positivelv represent L]HS to-
waros prestigious universities.
Success stories through Sailing
Team have also been noteo.
Last vear. oue in great part
to L]HS Sailing. Katie Hughes
was accepteo to UCLA ano
is sailing on their team lor
the 2009-2010 school vear.
Another success storv is
lrom a lormer stuoent ano
member ol L]HS Sailing
Team. Rvan Wiloe. who is
l.+- S.¦l
now a senior at the Univer-
sitv ol Hawaii ano a member
ol their varsitv sailing team.
Two seniors Kenji Bl-
ouin-Ito ano Matt Grav
have recentlv joineo the
team. ano cannot stop rav-
ing about the experience.
Belore sailing. I was never
reallv involveo in anv sports.
Sailing has brought mv at-
tention to how much a team
is neeoeo in oroer lor a sport
to lunction. It is so great hav-
ing an alter school hobbv ano
I am hoping to participate
in sailing throughout col-
lege. I love having a lun ac-
tivitv when I know I am oo-
ing something worthwhile¨
saio senior Kenji Blouin-Ito.
]unior ]onathan Real. the
presioent ol Sailing Club.
is thrilleo to have start-
eo a new team at L]HS.
Our practices are laio back
ano relaxeo. competitions are
more serious. Anvone can join
regaroless ol skill. It`s oiller-
ent lrom other sports. You
meet so manv oillerent people
ano go to so manv oillerent
places. it`s a lot ol lun.¨ club
presioent ]onathan Real saio.
Sailing team recentlv was aoo-
eo to the actual clubs at L]HS.
Anv stuoent can join the club
ano become a part ol the team.
Wl.i . N...,
Stoff Jrit·r
Iielo hockev is much more
than running arouno with
c u r v e o
sticks. It
is a team-
o r i e n t e o
sport where
p l a v e r s
score goals
bv hitting.
l l i c k i n g .
or push-
ing the ball
into a net.
It might
souno easv.
but it re-
quires a
great oeal
ol skill. locus. ano control.
Leaoing the La ]olla High
School ]V Iielo Hockev team
is Mannv Martinez. Al-
though he is new to the Vi-
kings this vear. he has been
a great asset to the team ano
has helpeo them win manv
games. He is also verv popu-
lar among the team members.
It is reallv cool to have
Coach Martinez this vear be-
cause he is voung ano lunnv.
which makes him reallv easv
to get along with.¨ sopho-
more Tavlor Carpenter saio.
It is nearing the eno ol the
season but the plavers believe
that thev have improveo con-
sioerablv thanks to the ath-
letic skills ol Coach Martinez.
He has taught us a lot ol
oillerent techniques that
we can use to improve the
team lor next season.¨ ju-
nior Brooke Robertson saio.
Manv think that nelo hockev
is a girl`s sport. but Martinez
shows that bovs have game too.
He plaveo lor the US Men`s
National team alter plaving
nelo hockev lor onlv lour vears.
He has been involveo in the
worlo ol sports lor manv vears.
ano has a lot ol experience
ano aovice to give to the mem-
bers ol the nelo hockev team.
Martinez thinks the team is
ooing verv well this vear. There
are manv new plavers. but thev
seem to
have caught
on to the
sport verv
quicklv. He
knows manv
tricks ol
the traoe¨
to help the
girls. How-
ever. he be-
lieves prac-
tice shoulo
not alwavs
be serious.
It is
all about
the girls having lun ano I
woulo like to think that a
majoritv ol the time we
oo.¨ Mannv Martinez saio.
Accoroing to Martinez ano
manv ol the girls on the team.
the girls have improveo a lot
this vear ano have strength-
eneo their nelo hockev skills
while having a gooo time. Who
coulo ask lor more than that?
While the nelo hockev sea-
son mav be coming to a close.
the girls. unoer Coach Marti-
nez. have gaineo skills that will
serve them lor vears to come.
been able to achieve a 5K time
ol 21:38. With the motivation
ol beating her olo recoros.
she is one ol the strongest on
the team. olten getting lourth
place at her meets.
It`s oennitelv a mental
sport.¨ Carroll saio. I`ve been
able to hanole things much
;Ia+PMM[M" T/· Cirl·` )ooir 1or·it. Fi·lc H./·. t·oo oit/ Co./ Mortio··(rig/t..
better because ol running.¨
Mele ]ohnson runs along-
sioe Carroll ano consioers her
greatest achievement on the
team as getting unoer 21 min-
utes on the
5K. She
has been
r unni ng
since el-
s c h o o l
ano par-
ti ci pateo
on her
m i o o l e
s c hool ` s
c r o s s
c o u n t r v
team as
well. Be-
cause ol
her experience with running
ano her general love lor the
sport. she chose to trv out lor
the cross countrv team.
I was reallv exciteo when I
louno out |that I got onto var-
sitv|. I oion`t think I`o make
it.¨ ]ohnson saio.
She was shockeo bv her ac-
ceptance onto the team ano
plans to live up to her own
expectations bv getting a 5K
time unoer 20 minutes.
Luckilv. the stress that the girls
have lrom such expectations is
cushioneo bv the support ol
teammates. Thev noteo that
sports teams are like lamilies.
thev have become close with
their teammates ano actu-
allv nno working with them to
be more exciting rather than
With their connoence ano
exceptional knack lor athlet-
ics. Hernanoez. Carroll. ano
]ohnson will help to guioe their
teams to success throughout
their vears at La ]olla.

;]XMZ/QZT[" M·l· )/o·o. M·goo Corrll. ooc R··l H·roooc··
HIGH TIDE 10 News November 6, 2009
Increased School Hours Cont. from pg. 1
Ground Breaking Ceremony at Muirlands Middle School
A Protest for Pride
By Suquoia Geary and
Taylor Jetter
Staff Writers
Tension was in the air when
two opposing groups of people
butted heads in downtown San
Diego on October 16, 2009.
One group was comprised
of members of an extremist
group known as the Westboro
Baptist Church (WBC), pro-
moting the slogan “God Hates
Fags.” The group believes their
picketing will bring needed re-
form to the U.S.
The other group was a gath-
ering of gays and straights
alike, working together to pro-
test the WBC. Their voices
were heard outside San Di-
By: Kathy Lunas
Staff Writer

In past years, many LJHS se-
niors have been able to apply
to San Diego State University
without fear of rejection. Lo-
cal students who lived south of
Route 56 or Imperial County
were given priority acceptance.
Those who had thought college
was out of reach were able to
rely on SDSU as a school that
would provide admission de-
spite lower test scores and aca-
demic grades. Students who
lived outside the focus area
were required to have higher
grade-point averages than
those with the borders.
However, starting with the
freshman class of 2010, there
will be a universal require-
ment for all students wishing
to apply, no matter what part
of San Diego they live in. Due
to harsh state budget cuts, San
Diego State is becoming a
more selective school and get-
ting accepteo is more oilncult.
Many students are concerned
about the current situation.
“I am more worried now
about getting in and since it’s
getting harder, SDSU is no
longer mv nrst choice school.¨
senior Nallely Jarquin said.
Not only is it getting harder
to meet the rising standards at
colleges, but tuition fees are
increasing as well. This year,
UC campuses all over Califor-
nia have increased fees by 9.3
percent. UC olncials have also
reduced the number of ac-
cepted freshmen and cut cer-
tain courses.
“Budget cuts are concerning
because the UC schools are be-
coming less accessible to even
strong California students,” se-
nior Angie Callvelli said.
Severe state budget cuts are
also affecting the twenty-three
CSU campuses. All of the
schools have had to raise tu-
and more people gathered to
show their support for both
“The world is in a state of
peril as it is. Why do these
people feel the need to hate on
others at this point in time?”
a local anonymous protester
La Jolla High School GSA
club members were some of the
SDSU Tightens its Admissions Process
ego High School. nlling the
air with phrases such as “Why
can’t we all just get along?”
and “God hates fag enablers!”
Some protesters used vulgar
language and hateful words,
while others spread inspiring
messages of peace and love.
As the day wore on, the two
groups held strong, and more
By: Cassie Brazier
Staff Writer
“This is a very special day for
a very special project to come
to an end. Three long years of
endless meetings and planning
are over. We are nnallv seeing
the light at the end of a very
long tunnel.”
President of the Turf It com-
mittee Howard Frank spoke
these words at the ceremonial
ground breaking of the Muir-
lands Middle School Field.
The Turf It committee was
formed to plan the construc-
tion ol a new turl plaving nelo
when it became apparrent that
the olo nelo was too olo to plav
on. Parents began to complain
about the numerous injuries
their kids sustained in P.E. by
tripping over unkempt grass
patches and stepping in holes.
This new nelo will not onlv
improve the PE experience for
middle schoolers, but will also
benent the entire communitv.
A regulation size nelo is be-
ing put in where lootball. nelo
hockey, soccer and lacrosse
can take place. In fact it has
already been decided that the
Muirlanos nelo will be the new
home nelo lor our Girls Iielo
Hockey team. A state of the
art ntness center is also be-
ing added equipped with pull
up bars and places to do push
ups and sit ups. Trees will be
planted along the edge to give
it a nnishing touch.
This committee has been
meeting two times a month
for three years. They have put
on numerous fundraisers and
received many generous dona-
tions in order to make this new
nelo possible. An estimateo 1.2
million was needed to fund this
project. The community and
the school district really had to
work together as a partnership
to make this happen.
“Writing the $500,000 check
was the most exciting thing
I have ever done in my life.”
Treasurer Wendy Neri said.
The committee is very grate-
ful to all the donors and to all
of those who had this possible.
“It is truly a dream come
true,” Principal Dana Shel-
burne said
The committee still needs
to raise $75, in order to put a
running course around the pe-
rimeter to complete the new
terms of competition with other na-
In reality, there appears to be a vari-
ance in instructional hours worldwide
Many believe that this is the reason
why students in the U.S score lower
on standardized tests compared to
students in Asian countries. In reality,
there appears to be a wide variance in
instructional hours worldwide.
“I think we still succeed on our own
terms and do well. The other coun-
tries are too hardcore,” said sopho-
more Amanda Sambawa.
Several U.S. schools, such as ones in
the Massachusetts’ Expanded Learn-
ing Time Initiative have already be-
gun attempting to better their systems.
Participating schools in the Massa-
chusetts program have increased at-
tended hours per day, and seen a vast
look lor the Muirlanos nelo.
“We will raise the $75,000,
and we will put in a safe running
surface for athletes to warm up
on. There is not doubt in my
mind.” Frank said
Construction ol the nelo will
start this weekend. It is expect-
eo to be nnisheo the Monoav
when students get back from
winter break.
As Frank said in his closing
remarks, the next time they
have a ceremony, it will be on
a new. beautilul nelo.
ition fees by almost 20 percent.
School olncials will also have
to reduce the number of stu-
dents by about 40,000 over the
course of the next two years.
All of the California college
systems are putting more pres-
sure on students who relied on
going to these schools to con-
tinue their education. Now
many students may have to
nno other alternatives.
improvement in test scores.
“I do not think [increased school
hours] will help. It would be hard
to achieve this, unless the President
issued a federal mandate because
teachers and school workers belong
to unions ano there are specinc re-
quirements, including the number of
hour worked, that dictate their pay. I
appreciate what he’s trying to do, but
there are too many technicalities… I
don’t believe we need more hours of
school, but I do think they need to
add more electives and make school
more fun. School is too serious,” said
counselor Kathleen Marron.
In today’s economy, money to fund
education is hard to come by, espe-
cially as the President turns his focus
towards several other national issues.
many people that attended
the protest that day. Club
president Leny Behar in-
formed the club of the pro-
test and saw that those who
wanted to participate could.
“It was a mutual decision
between me and the GSA
to be present at the protests
against the WBC. We hope
to offer a level of support for
the students of San Diego
High School who identify
themselves as being in the
LGBT community,” Behar
At the end up the day, ev-
eryone is entitled to their own
opinion. This protest goes to
show how far people will go to
express their voice and make
a difference, whether it be for
the better or worse of the peo-
ple around them.
This year, over 5,000 teens
ages 16 to 20 will die
in car accidents.
About 400,000 drivers age 16
to 20 will be seriously injured.
Don’t let yourself be another
This public service announcement
was made possible by a generous donation from Cythia Polger.
11 November 6, 2009
By Jaqueline Barracasa
Staff Writer
After college, most students
are thinking about getting a
job or graduating high school.
Crystal Harris had something
else in mind.
Harris, a La Jolla High
alumna, always wanted to be
chance on the reality show The
Girls Next Door.
Harris aspired to model for
Playboy. Her love for show
business runs in the family, as
her dad was an entertainer in
Europe. Harris attended La
Jolla High for most of high
school but then transferred
to a different school in 2004,
when she was a senior.
She has been known to
be modest and enjoys being
around caring and honest
people. In high school she
was widely popular. Most of
her peers thought she was
fun to be around. She was a
little more outgoing than the
average girl.
“She did hang out with
somewhat older guys but she
was nice and fun to hang out
with,” said Tyler Vaughn, a
La Jolla High graduate and
friend of Harris’s.
Mr. Kinsel, a La Jolla High
math teacher, had her as a
student. He said she was just an
average high school student.
“I would have never guessed
that she would become a star
or anything like that,” Kinsel
After high school, Harris
attended San Diego State
University and majored in
psychology. She
started modeling
and was pretty
well-known within
the industry.
Just before
graduating college,
Harris met Hugh
Hefner, founder of
Playboy, at a party
on Halloween. He
eventually invited
her to the Playboy
mansion, Hefner’s
home, for the next
Eventually, she
started going to
the mansion every
weekend and soon
enough the two
became a couple.
She became his
“main” girlfriend.
He later asked her
to be on his reality
show, The Girls
Next Door. This is
relationship with two other
girlfriends and still keeps in
touch with his
exes. Harris
has no problem
with this and
mentioned that
she really likes
Holly Madison,
his main
girlfriend from
the last season
of The Girls Next
The future
a great opportunity for Harris
because she will receive a lot
of recognition from modeling
As seen on the show, life at
the mansion is like no other.
In true Hugh Hefner fashion,
Harris is not his only girlfriend.
House by storm.
Hefner has an open
A Stroke of Green
Automatic Cities and
Museums in Miniature
The Museum of Contemporary
Art in La Jolla has been home
to many wondrous art exhibits.
Recently, the MOCA has
opened a new exhibit called
“Automatic Cities”. It features
artists such as Paul Noble,
Mathew Ritchie, and Joseph
Paul Noble’s works of art are
inspired by urban cities around
the world. His featured work of
art is known
as Lidonob,
which is
a pencil
on paper
piece and is
c ompos e d
of over a
h u n d r e d
sheets of paper, each with a
piece of the art on it. When
all are put together, they form
a peculiar looking city, which
portrays the expansion of
urban territory as it destroys
smaller neighborhoods.
“If you’re a squatty-type
person,” Noble explains,
“buildings take on a different
meaning for you. They’re not
yours and they will probably
be torn down after you’ve left
Mathew Ritchie has a quirky
way of expressing himself. His
art is a variety of drawings,
light boxes, sculptures, and
by their visual and lyrical
He fuses narrative forms with
universe. His art is interactive,
so the viewer can better
understand the reason behind
his work.
Another interesting exhibit at
the MOCA
in La Jolla is
Museums in
It features
works of art
by Marcel
Du c h a mp
and Joseph
Cornell. The exhibit consists
of a series of diorama-like
“mini museums.”
Duchamp’s art is inspired by
his practice and of the broad
expansion of Surrealism in the
second half of the twentieth
century. While Cornell is
inspired by epic ballets and
monumental structures around
the world.
All in all, the newest exhibit
at the MOCA is one not to
By Taylor Jetter
Staff Writer
On November 3
, the
Irish club hosted a night of
laughter and a splash of Irish
music. The event was held
to raise money PeacePlayers
International, which supports
kids in Northern Ireland.
“The concert
was energizing
and exciting,
making it a true
Irish concert,”
senior Taylor
Davis said.
I nt er nat i onal
brings Catholic
and Protestant
children ages 10-
14 together to
play basketball
with hopes
that they can
gain respect
and tolerance
for each other.
PeacePlayers International’s
mission is to use the game of
basketball to bring children
and communities together and
to educate them. They hope
to break the social divisions in
communities and to develop
future leaders in the midst of
Irish regions.
“The evening went well and
to continue to raise money for
PeacePlayers International and
raise awareness of the Irish
Culture,” senior Will Peterson
Captain Mackey’s Goatskin
and Stringband was the night’s
main performance. This band
consists of Jimmy Crowley and
Mairtin de Cogain. Mairtin
has been singing for about 23
years where he hopes to release
10 more albums and have
his music featured on feature
inspired by Seán Ó Riada and
he hopes to spread messages
about truth and bravery. For
eleven years, he has played
a unique instrument called
a bodhrán, which is made
out of goat skin. The group’s
uniqueness entertained the
audience all night.
“The concert was phenomenal
and they were really talented.
Their voices
totally blew
me away, I
liked it so
much that I
bought a CD
and I would
them again,”
junior Kirk
Lee said.
Last year
the Irish
club raised
$1, 000 for
w h i c h
allowed them
to buy three basketball hoops
for the kids to use. Due to their
success, Irish Club was honored
by having their name in the
PeacePlayers Hall of Fame
where they hope to continue
to help children in Ireland.
The night’s performance was
amazing and truly made the
audience feel like they were
in the luscious rolling hills of
The Luck of the Irish: Irish Club put together a lovely event for a good
is looking bright for Harris.
She might start modeling for
Playboy, but the possibilities
Then and Now: Former Viking once looked like the
o.·rog· fr··/ooo (l·ft.. oot /o· ·io.· ooc·rgo· o ·igoif.oot
transformation (right).
11 A&E 12 HIGH TIDE November 6, 2009
The annual American Music Awards
are being held November 23, 2009
at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.
Tune in on the award day to see if your
favorites win!
Artist of the Year Rap and R&B
Best Pop & Rock
Best Alternative
American Music Awards
Our Picks!
Artist of the Year
Taylor Swift
Swift not only sold the most country
music albums of a female artist this
year, but she also established herself
as an artist. Taylor, nineteen, used the
past year to prove herself to the world.
Swift has enough brains, charisma,
and talent to last a long time in the
Best Pop & Rock
Male: Eminem
Female: Lady Gaga
Eminem has been on the rapping
scene since around 1995, but he has
been busting out rhymes underground
since he was a teenager.
The late Michael Jackson is obviously
worthy competition, but we feel like
his credit has been given to him and
he doesn’t need another trophy.
Lady Gaga is fairly new to the pop
music world. After the release of her
album, she dominated the charts with
her infectious single “Just Dance”
and other fan favorites. Lady Gaga’s
unique star quality and crowned her
the “Princess of Pop.”
Favorite Rap/R&B
Male: Jay-Z
Female: Beyonce
They’re married!
Jay-Z has been one of the most
industry to the genre, and continues
to put out hits like the most recent
“Empire State of Mind”.
His woman, Beyonce, also annihilates
the competition. Beyonce is the poster
child for female empowerment in the
music industry and everyone loves
Destiny’s Child where she got her start
twelve years ago.
Alternative Rock
Kings of Leon
Although Green Day has been in
the industry longer, Kings of Leon
deserves to win the “Alternative Rock-
Favorite Band” category. Formed in
1999 in Tennessee, the band’s song
“Use Somebody” garnered them
attention. Their music is a fresh cool
breeze, differing from all the other
“boy bands” attempting to land a
record deal. They have a great sound
while not going “mainstream” like so
many other bands are.
By Brittany Shrift
Staff Writer