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liber azerate english version

liber falxifer 2
Secrets Superieurs de Le Satan, or, "The
Superior Secrets of Satan."
grant book of dzyan
de vermis misteriis
Bija mantras

Rites of the Antichrist - Art of Spiritual Lawlessness (book)
Print: $41.15
RITES OF THE ANTICHRIST - Art of Spiritual Lawlessness is a book of art created
by Michael W. Ford. Created during ritual workings starting during Hurricane Ike
in Houston, Texas Rites of the Antichrist explores Judeo-christian and Islamic
symbolism of the Adversary incarnate. Michael's ritual working expanded upon the
idea of invoking the spirit of Antichrist - to seek to enlighten, inspire and b
ring wisdom to others. This is obviously contrary to Christian doctrine. Digital
designs and watercolor with blood and reptile remains make up much of this book
. Contains also several articles and ritual workings centered on the topic.

or. Shylah.
Hardcover Print: $39.99
For more than a decade left hand path and dark withcraft expert Michael W. Ford
has labored in the forbidden fields of the dark side of the occult, lit by the p
ale moon of Luciferian ambition and Satanic drive. The first editions of most of
his works are disappearing into private libraries of occult collector's items-a
nd their prices are increasing enormously. With this fact in mind, Luciferian Wi
tchcraft gathers together in one huge compendium many of the shocking rituals an
d bizarre initiation rites of black magick that have established Ford as the mos
t cutting-edge exponent of the left hand path tradition in America today. The bo
ok begins with a lengthy and highly scholarly exposition of the place of the Dra
conic adversary within historical magick. This totally unique, enormous tome, av
ailable now!

ADAMU - Luciferian Sex Magick - Ahriman Edition (book)
Hardcover Print: $32.53
ADAMU is a grimoire of Luciferian Tantra. This path is of the exploration of the
dark recesses of the Mind and Spirit, transforming the self into a vessel of Di
vinity, the Daemonic itself. Found in ADAMU are foundation rituals and theory of
Luciferian Sex Magick, the Forbidden Art of transforming consciousness and body
into a Temple of the Adversarial Spirit, being Samael and Lilith, to initiate t
he self and become a part of the divine by awakening the symbol of Cain, the Fir
st Satanist.features an initiatory study of Ahriman and his Daemonic feminine pa
rtner - Az, the initiatory stream of the Black and Red Serpent in the Yatukih pa
th of Sorcery, Vampiric Sex Magick and ancient Buddhism/Bon Po, including workin
gs and descriptions of Kali and her various mythological guises. Adamu features
numerous discipline-building excercises which will set the focus for serious ini
tiatory practice.