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Task Analysis and Data

EDSE 443
Fall 2013
Daphnie Peterson
Developing Goals and
Student’s Name
Behavior (observable)
(not on IEP)
Evaluation (what you are measuring)
How frequently will you measure

Prompting Levels Example
Full physical
Partial physical
Write 1 measureable goal
Write 3 measureable objectives
Take the goal OR 1 objective and
develop a Task Analysis
Determine how you would collect data
and make sure you have a Data Key
Task Analysis
What is a Task Analysis
The technique of carefully examining
a particular task to discover the
elements it comprises and the
processes required to perform it.
Task analysis is used most often with
those who have problems mastering
complex behaviors

From: adapted from
Task analysis is…
a process of analyzing and
articulating the kind of learning that
you expect learners to know how to
The steps in completing the task

Tying shoes (longer version)

Pinch the laces.
Pull the laces.
Hang the ends of the laces from the corresponding
sides of the shoe.
Pick up the laces in the corresponding hands.
Lift the laces above the shoe.
Cross the right lace over the left one to form a tepee.
Bring the left lace toward the student.
Pull the left lace through the tepee.
Pull the laces away from one another.
Bend the left lace to form a loop.
Pinch the loop with the left hand.
Bring the right lace over the fingers and around the
Push the right lace through the hole.
Pull the loops away from one another.

"Get ready for math class"
Sit in your assigned seat
Clear desks of unnecessary items.
Place your math book, a pencil, and
your calculator on your desk.
Wait quietly for the instructor to
begin class.
Scoring a Task Analysis
3/8/04 date date date
Sit in your assigned seat VP +
Clear desks of unnecessary
G +
Place your math book, a
pencil, and your calculator
on your desk
I -
Wait quietly for the
instructor to begin class
M -
Key: P = Physical Prompt VP=Verbal Prompt M=Modeling
G= Gestural Prompt I= Independent
Alternate Key: +=completes task -=does not complete task
French Toast

2 pieces of bread
1 egg
2 - tablespoons milk
1 - tablespoon margarine

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Recipes Main Index/Bry-Back Manor

Data Collection