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The moral aspect of personality

This aspect of personality has to do with the persons awareness of the difference
between what is wrong or right.
The spiritual aspects of personality
People are generally religious but they differ in what they worship and how the worship.
Physical Attributes of Personality
External Attributes
First impressions are registered when people meet. The external attributes includes the
a. Physical health and hygiene
b. Grooming
c. Accessories
d. Mae up
e. Posture
f. !se of color combination
Physical health and hygiene
Physical hygiene is the maintence of personal cleanliness and sanitation of the body.
a. "rain# pro$ides the brain with good food% enough sleep% fresh air% exercise% relaxation%
and positi$e outloo.
Foods for the brain are:
&. 'ron. (elps deli$er oxygen into the bloodstream
). *it. + deficiency causes mental sluggishness
,. *it " &) deficiency result in impairment of memory
-. *it ") deficiency result in depression% emotional stability% and confusion.
.. " complex $itamin is a ey to memory function.
/. Protein eeps the brain alert
0xercise for the mind are:
&. Planning and organi1ing ideas
). Memori1ing lines in poetry
,. 2earning new languages
-. 3riting about certain sub4ects a few minutes a day
.. 5eading to sharpen mental sills
/. 6e$eloping sills in problem sol$ing through pu11les% scrabble% and computer games.
b. 0xercise
c. 7utrition
Good grooming
Means appropriate clothes on the appropriate occasion% besides being neat and clean in
e$ery detail when it comes to clothing and the self.
a. 6resses
"asic dress# is one that is simply cut with good lines that can be dressed up or down depending
on the occasion or place where it will be worn.
Tips in buying dresses
&. Good fit
). Good wormanship
,. Good material
b. Accessories
Good Posture
't is the state which enables the body to function to the best ad$antage.
Psychology of colors
2inda +lar in her boo +olor Therapy states that there is energy in color which affects our
health comfort% happiness and safety.
6ar dingy colors harm our spirits% morale and physical health.
'nduce inhibition
'nferiority complex and suicide
Thwart de$elopment
9ellow maes one feel happy and cure free
5ed maes a person strong% dynamic% and courageous and is an in$igorating color. Also
associated with blood% rosy chees% or stop traffic sign: also signifies anger and
pro$oes fear.
;range helps the person to be asserti$e.
Green color of nature% promotes the feeling of well#being. 't encourages stability. Green
implies happy and restful associations and natural abundance.
"lac depresses because of its association with death
"lue is soothing. 't connotes royalty and regalness.
7eutral colors lie "eige and gray are for people who feel insecure.
"righter color and $ery light shades are for girls who are less confident.