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Jordan Johnson <jjohns15@samford.

Mar 31

Inviting Email:

Hi Mrs. Raven,

This is Ms. Johnson, Jay's teacher. I would like to take the opportunity to
invite you to a parent-teacher conference tomorrow anytime from 11:20-
11:40 in the morning to discuss Jay's development in my class. I have
attached an agenda of what I would like to discuss with you. The
appointment will only take about 10 minutes and I would love to see you

We will be meeting in the Orlean Bullard Beeson School of Education on
the third floor.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Ms. Johnson

Name: Jay Raven
Grade: 2nd
Date: April 1, 2014
Teacher: Ms. Johnson
Science- enjoys it and seems totally engaged in the class during this timereally
enjoys learning about animals
Reading- enjoys reading nonfiction books on his own, when he pays attention to the
task at hand he is successful
Technology- loves working on iPads (especially the games)

Student Needs Observed by the Teacher:
Math concepts typically progress, but only after outbursts and anxiety episodes;
gives up easily and becomes frustrated
Writing lack of interest unless writing about science topics
Behavior- aggressive behavior; lack of focus and attention; outbursts frequently;
isolated and bullied by peers

Goals for Student:
Continue to engage in Science topics and discussions
Increase interest in different Writing topics as well as Reading.
Increase confidence in new Math conceptseliminate frustrations.
Work on outbursts and aggressive behavior towards his peers.

What I am going to do in the Classroom/At School:
Continue to foster his interest in Science and animals and use it to get him
interested in other topics
Encourage him when he is struggling with new conceptsmaking sure that he
knows that he is capable of understanding and mastering new skills.
Deal with his outbursts one-on-one; not putting him on the spot in front of the
entire class and all of his peers
What Parent(s) should do at Home:
Be an encouragement for Jaymake sure he knows he is supported by his family
Read to him daily so that he can learn about new topics and grow his love for
Encourage him not to be aggressive towards his classmates; watch out for
aggressive behavior at home

Follow-up Email:

Hi Mrs. Raven,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you stopping by
yesterday on your lunch break. I am so glad that we got to discuss Jay'
development in the classroom and that we are now on the same page so
we can join together in helping him. Below is the counselor's contact
information that we had discussed during the conference. I will go ahead
and email her for you and get Jay setup with her. But feel free to email her
with any concerns as well.

Mrs. Wallace

I have also attached some resources that might be helpful in Jay's coping
during this time. I hope you find these helpful!

As far as his math is concerned, I really think that if you could look over his
homework with him every night before he goes to bed that would really be
beneficial for him. I have also attached some great websites that have
some online math games that he might enjoy since he loves video games
so much.

Thank you again so much for taking time out of your busy schedule!

All the best,
Ms. Johnson

Coping Websites:

Math Websites:

Parent-Teacher Conference Reflection:

This was such good practice for us becoming teachers. It was really good
for us to get comfortable dealing with situations that we cannot control. As teachers
we are going to have to deal with situations where students are going through tough
times at home and that will lead to struggles in the classroom.
For me, I think that I could have been better prepared for advice for the
parent. Once, I found out that the parents were going through a divorce and that is
why Jays grades and social behavior was sufferingI drew a blank and had no idea
how to handle the situation. It really flustered me and all the things I had written
down kind of went out the window because I felt like I had no way to relate to the
situation. If I had to do it over again I would have prepared for several scenarios
and been able to better assist Mrs. Raven.
But, overall I think that this was a great learning experience for all of us and
what we should expect when going into a conference with a parent. It can be hard
to find a balance between trying to help and trying to overtake their role as a parent.
But, that is something that we have learn as teachers and I think that this mock
conference was a great stepping stone for us as growing teachers.