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1.1 Background of the Research
Speaking is one of four basic skills in learning English. When people
communicate to each other, to know information about something by using speaking.
But not all of students can master speaking, they cannot master speaking well,
although speaking is very important in our live, by speaking we can express some
information, an idea, but if the students lack of some vocabulary they cannot speak
and the students fell shy when speak, it same also the students cannot interact with
each other. Because speaking is very difficult in our live so the teachers who teach
the students, the teacher must get the good strategies for solving this problem that is
for improving students speaking performance. Many students of MTs Misbahul
Ulum Paloh, almost of them can speak in English but they cannot able to speak
weather grammatically and ungrammatically. The problem faced by the students in
understanding speaking are the students has lack motivation in speaking, lack of
mastering vocabulary, lack of communication with each other. The students do not
release that English is very important for them, so the students tent to study
vocabulary and good pronunciation in their speaking.
In MTs Misbahul ulum the students can speak in English the reason they can
speak in English because speaking English is an obligation for all the students in
MTs Misbahul Ulum in their daily activity, all of the students must speak in English
language if the students do not want to speak English the students will get the
punishment from the teacher so all of them must speak in English although that is not
in grammatically and ungrammatically, because the researcher was graduated in

Misbahul ulum so the researcher knew that all. In the other school, speaking English
is not for obligation for their student, the student free in speaking so, the students can
use other language because of that their speaking low this is the differences between
MTs Misbahul Ulum and other school.
In improving students speaking in MTs Misbahul Ulum the teacher can teach
several learning strategies, one of the strategies used by the teacher is using minimal
responses the students who lack confidence in their ability to practice with other
while others do the talking. One way to encourage the students to begin to
participate is to help them build up a stock of minimal responses such as
conversation participants use to indicate understanding, agreement, doubt, and other
responses to what another speaker is saying. Having a stock of such responses
enables a learner to focus on what the other participant is saying, without having to
simultaneously plan a response. The goal of leaning strategies are to help the
students become more effective and more enjoyable in learning and the students can
enhance their own comprehension and production of the target language (English).
Improving our English speaking skill will help the students to communicate more
easily and effectively it is very important to build our confidence more.
Finnaly, based on the researcher explanation above the researcher interest to
conduct a research by title An Analysis of the teachers strategies in improving
students speaking performance


1.2 The Problem of the research
Based on the explanation above there are several questions with are necessary
to be solved, the mains problems of the research are:
1. What is the problem faced by the teacher in improving students speaking
2. What are the strategies used by the teacher of MTs Misbahul Ulum Paloh in
improving students speaking performance?
1.3 Purpose of the research
Based on the problem of the research above, the objectives of the research
1. To find out the problem faced by the teacher in improving students speaking
2. To find out the strategies used by the teacher of MTs Misbahul Ulum Paloh in
improving students speaking performance

1.4 Significant of the research
In this research the researcher focuses on analysis teacher strategy of teaching
used by the teacher in Misbahul Ulum Paloh to improving students speaking


1.5 Scope of the research
Theresult of this research is can motivate for the other researchers who are
interested in analyzing and investigating the learning strategies of foreign language
learning. So, the important thing of the study is to help the teachers in choosing exact
strategies in improving students speaking.

1.6 Definition of the key terms
1. Teacher Strategies are specific action taken by teacher to make learning process
easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self directed, more effective in teaching learning.
It means the strategies are the knowledge or art that use by the teacher to get a good
skill especially in speaking skill
2. Speaking performance is the communication or the expressing of something word
in conversation to each other while formal or informal speaking. It means Speaking
is the way of communication between two people or more by using language that
could be understood among them to express someone ideas to other this is as
conversation with each other